You’re welcome

April 28, 2022

There was no super early post this morning as I put the time to better use. Went to bed early and solved one of the world’s biggest problems. Think about it, in this time of inflation, unrest, and a general malaise an idea came to me to end all these problems; make the world a happier place, and solve all the worries that bother us now.

During this time of ever rising prices and a supply shortage this idea would put a smile on the face of all who see, and use it. The world doesn’t need a Biden 2024 t-shirt, more rainbow flags, a new pope, or less violence. It only needs my new invention, patent pending. No, the world needs a robotic brick and we’ll explain why.

This remote controlled brick would not only glide over any surface but also fly, and we’ll call it ‘Bob’. The possibilities are endless. Want to end war as we know it? Send in Bob. The enemy would be so busy dodging flying bricks they wouldn’t have time to shoot. Oil shortage? Bob runs on batteries and could zip over to the local store and pick up your six pack using no gas.

Worried about climate change. Bob is climate friendly and puts no greenhouse gases into our air! The possibilities are endless. Don’t like doing yard work? Just hook Bob up to your riding mower and turn it into a giant remote controlled lawn trimming machine. And how about during boring speeches or declarations or war? Just use Bob and a few passes over the heads of the people and said speeches would be forgotten.

I could go on but I don’t like to brag. You can thank me later. Enjoy our Thursday as it’s here anyway. Now for some coffee and Corn Pops.

A little rant

April 7, 2022

We don’t have any new pictures, aren’t quite feeling human yet, and need about a dozen more cups of coffee before being able to talk. So it seems like the time to act like a grouchy old veteran and rant. We will say that what’s written below are our thoughts on matters and may not be the same as yours. So in now particular order, we’ll begin.

You may have heard of the recent mass shooting in California and how our feckless politicians are hard at work to protect us from ourselves. Their solution to the problem they created? More gun control laws. The problem we have with that is it won’t solve anything and will once again penalize average citizens who have done nothing wrong.

If we heard correctly, the one person in custody for said shooting is a violent repeat offender who was let out of prison 7 years early, against the district attorneys recommendation that he not be released because the prisoner would get violent again if released. To anyone with common sense, this means the problem is judicial and not firearms.

The law should be unbiased and repeat offenders should never be released early. Yet at some point the judicial branch of government has become political and with so many outs for the suspect it is almost laughable. We don’t know when things changed but it wasn’t always like this. It has turned into a farce and whichever political party has the pull with the judge will get their way.

That being said, there are honest, un-biased judges out there and they don’t get the news coverage that the bigger cases get. It’s just politicians wanting more face time with a camera so they can smirk and say they told us so. We’ll stop there for today and mention we may some pictures tomorrow to share.

Enjoy our Thursday. Now to get some coffee.

Expensive circus

March 7, 2022

Don’t shoot the messenger for the message. This post is about what ‘experts’ believe is going to happen in our near future and not written in stone. These views are not necessarily the beliefs of this blogger.

This cardinal preening just looked so bent out of shape it reminded me of what’s going on around us. On Saturday we had a high around 70, severe thurderstorms, wind, hail, and tornadoes here in Iowa. Then overnight we got about an inch of snow! That’s wild weather, even for the east coast of Iowa.

But what made us think that the political circus is back, and it’s going to get expensive is two recent pieces of news seen yesterday. News came yesterday that oil prices hit a 13 year high of $126.64 a barrel as gas prices topped $4 a gallon for the first time since 2008. As we know, gas prices have been steadily rising for last 60 days and the immediate future doesn’t look so hot either.

Gas prices hit $5 a gallon in San Francisco last Thursday, and Dan Dicker, who is an energy strategist, says gas prices could hit $6.50 to $7 a gallon. We hope he’s wrong yet fear he’s right.

Then came more bad news we feel the same about. On a recent Tucker Carlson show on Fox News, the owner of Blue Diamond Farming Company here in Iowa has said we should get ready for our grocery bills to go up by $1,000 a month, AND the possibility of empty shelves again. Don’t know about you but we think that’s going to hurt the monthly budget if true.

Reasons for the increase include the fact that the cost of nitrogen has tripled since last year while the price of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer had doubled. A majority of these come from Russia. This farmer also claims failed energy policies and environmental, social, and governance policies don’t help, then stated this could be called the food crisis of the Green New Deal.

Enjoy our Monday since it’s here. Now I need coffee while we can still afford it.

What if…

December 13, 2021

Before we get to the main reason for this post we need to mention a few things. First, our thoughts are with those affected by the tornadoes. The other is a forewarning about said post. This post is just a few thoughts about what may happen in the not too distant future. Some will see nothing wrong with the post while others will be offended. We ask that you remember that before shooting the messenger.

We’ve all heard the rumors about Trump running for various offices for a while now but with a recent rash of events seen listed in the drive by media, we have another take on what could be going on. We don’t watch national news yet have heard that Hilary Clinton is being fawned over and the networks even advertised she would be reading her acceptance speech for 2016.

Which begs the question why now? The woman has hardly been heard from for a few years and is now relevant again? Many are speculating she will run for president again in 2024. We say what if she doesn’t run president but instead runs for a House seat? If Democrats keep the majority in the House in 2022 that would put her in line for the presidency sooner and without having to get elected.

If she were elected, and did become speaker of the House, she would be in line should Biden be declared incompetent. Then, if Harris was removed she could become president by default. If you don’t believe that could happen please explain to us again how Biden got elected.

Something going on…

April 22, 2021

The cat above has a look we know all too well. We see it every morning when looking in the mirror. A look that says ‘what planet do you come from?’ Riots are now protests and it’s alright to burn down entire city blocks with immunity. Where protests block streets and roads while destroying other peoples property. Don’t these mental midgets realize they won?

The policeman was tried and convicted, you got what you said you wanted, and yet you continue to destroy the city around you. And there are calls for more violence, more criminals let out of prison, and less police. Never once wondering why the powers that be want to divide our country. Could it be they want to keep the people arguing to hide what they’re doing in plain sight?

If these rioters are being paid to riot someone should follow the money trail. Bet some of us could figure it out for ourselves but that would only be speculation. Doesn’t anyone consider that with the great unifier in office we have more mass shootings, more protests, more illegal aliens, a lot more national debt, and more crime than before he took office? Just asking for a friend.

Don’t know the answers just know it’s getting old and doesn’t pass the smell test. That’s my opinion, you’re welcome to yours. Enjoy our Thursday and it means the weekend is but a dream away. Now for some coffee and breakfast. Comments are always welcome.

April 8, 2021

There are days when we shine like the brightest stars and days when we fizzle out. Yesterday was a lazy day. Rain off and on for a good part of the day and it was just gray enough to make it seem like night was fast approaching. So it was decided I’d take a casual day from retirement and do nothing.

Worked out pretty good if I do say so myself as absolutely nothing got done. Well, a lot of thinking got done with no action to fix any of the problems solved. They were just put in the rotating file and left to wait for a better day. Today started out about the same and we’re told rain is on the way. Difference is, today something will get done even if it’s wrong.

Since Tomorrow is my birthday the dreaded question came up. Yep, the wife asked what I wanted for my birthday. She didn’t accept my first answer so I switched the second before it had a chance to leave my mouth. Basically knew I wouldn’t get world peace anyway. Yet the question gets harder every year and since I’ll be 70 tomorrow it was a tough one.

Speaking for myself, as I get older more doesn’t seem like the great answer as it did in my youth. Getting older I realize that all I have will have to be gone through by somebody once I’m gone. All the tools, toys, and everything else will turn from gold to someone elses’ junk. So what I’d like to see tomorrow is nothing more than everyone having a good day.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is only a dream away. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Clock’s ticking

March 31, 2021

Slept half the day away this morning, it’s almost April, and am beginning to believe the old tale about time speeds up as we get older. Never was one for sleeping in, or getting eight hours a night, and when I ask the wife to get me up if I’m still sleeping when gets home, her reply is I look so peaceful sleeping. Except for the occasional fight while sleeping being at peace is a good option.

And we have Easter Sunday coming up. This one might be different than most in our past. Are churches even open to the public or do they video on social media? My how things have changed. This whole virus debacle has allowed our control driven government to control even more of our lives than at any point I can remember. What happened to the land of the free?

My Mother-in-law is still in the hospital with a non-Covid related issue and is getting better. Not sure when she’ll be discharged but things are looking good. And our local hospital has a new policy concerning visitors. I realize they don’t want to spread the virus but cannot figure out the one visitor a day policy. Even having one visitor in the morning and one in the afternoon doesn’t too dangerous to this old redneck.

Which begs the question; when will we get back to normal? Or at least the old standard of normal. This whole event has not affected the wildlife, as far as we can see. Plenty of birds singing, the feral cats are doing good, and the four legged critters that come out at night haven’t disappeared. Time will tell.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’re halfway to the weekend. Now for coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Giving it a shot

March 29, 2021

Just when you think you think you think you have things all lined up, things go FUBAR and you have start again. We took the oxygen concentrator over to my Mother-in-laws the other day in the hopes it would make her life a little easier. Learned this morning that she is in the hospital again with unrelated issues. The wife is on her way to visit and find out what said issues are.

On another note, heard Biden said that veterans and ex-police officers are the cause of the rise in white supremacy. Lord love a duck! With all the bull being shipped out of Washington that has to be at the top of the pile. I’m not in a good mood anyway since I found out coffee prices are going up, again. The politicians we have wouldn’t know the first thing about the average American, how we live, or what we want. If they did we’d have term limits.

As a veteran I find Bidens’ statement beyond stupid. Just more proof that the man is brain dead and should not be trying to lead our country. But as someone said a long time ago, if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it. Thank God we still have some people around who can still think for themselves and see through the push to dumb down our country. I neither want nor need governments help and would be happy as a clam if many of them just went away.

Enjoy our Monday. Now I need coffee while we can afford it. Comments are always welcome.


March 19, 2021

We will forewarn those who are easily offended, those who believe the government only wants to help us, and others buying the bull being shipped, that this post may not be for you. We will not be responsible for any health issues that arise if these people continue reading this post.

But before the post, a quick mention of something of interest to us. There has been talk of who would replace Rush Limbaugh, or at least take over his time slot on the radio. Don’t believe anyone could replace him but someone has been tagged to take over the time slot. Starting in late April Dan Bongino will fill the 3 hours of talk radio formally occupied by Rush. We follow his podcasts and look forward the seeing him on the radio.

Not sure how many know this but earlier this month Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense, ordered a global stand down of the United States Navy. The reason for said stand down? Training to “recognize and combat extremism”. Seems like a good idea and has a nice ring to ring it. After all, the mandated training was ‘to understand the damaging effects of extremism and to develop ways to stop it’.

Problem is the training only covered extremism defined as “supremacist” beliefs. So instead of focusing on terrorist groups, gangs, and the various other groups of like minded people they chose to study white supremacists? We shut down an entire branch of our Armed Forces for that? I thought it was crazy when they said no moustaches or beards. Then, tattoos had to be covered and G-rated. Lord love a duck! We’ve gone insane.

Would be interesting to hear the final cost of this woke dog and pony show. Bet if that became public it would raise a few eyebrows. So you can sleep soundly in your beds tonight knowing the United Stated Navy has now been training in supremacist recognition.

Enjoy our Friday as we will. Now for some coffee to get ready to run errands a little later. Comments are always welcome.

The crazy bus

March 12, 2021

Feels like we’re all on the crazy bus and Pelosi is at the wheel. Don’t know what happened to the country I grew up in, but I’d like it back. We didn’t wear masks in the country I grew up in, unless we were going to rob someone. Same can be said about locking down entire states in a failed attempt to stop a virus that most have over a 99% chance of surviving.

In the country I grew up in we didn’t have fences with razor wire and the National Guard in our nations Capitol nor the rabid politicians who labor under the delusion that they run us. We don’t have a legislature where debate shows the way to a solution that helps our country and its people. Those who disagree what one party proposes are attacked and calls for riots in the street ensue.

Common sense has gone the way of Elvis and rational thought has left the building replaced by an agenda that many find hard to believe is allowed to continue. One needs to look no farther than the recently passed stimulus bill of which only 9% of the monies goes to covid related issues. Now these same people want to infringe of our gun rights. We will say again, stop trying to take our rights away while letting crime rates rise and work on issues that need work.

Our children and grandchildren will pay for this mass overstepping of politicians power, and that’s a crying shame.