Thinking again

November 14, 2022

The weekend is over, we got a few snowflakes, and the feral cats have been eating a lot. That got me thinking about something I read a while back, and recently. The articles stated that, in theory, spiders could kill every human on earth in a year. That just didn’t ring true to me so I wondered.

One problem with that is, wouldn’t people start taking precautions after others started dying? Most people would start killing any spider they saw, and unless millions banded together most could handle the attack. We do know a few who couldn’t kill a spider, even if it meant dying themselves but the numbers can’t be that high.

And since we know just enough to be dangerous about feral cats, wouldn’t they just eat the spiders? Not sure how many feral cats there are in the world so it may be a challenge. Even if the cats only ate 10% of the homicidal spiders it would have to make a difference. At least it should better the odds of some of us not becoming dinner.

What about birds? They eat bugs and perhaps could dine on few. I’ve seen a few birds who are pretty good at catching bugs and they don’t let them go once they got them. Weird subject yet I can’t help how my brain works. If nothing else it would really help those businesses who sell pesticides. So enjoy our Monday, and don’t think about spiders anymore.

Almost over

November 9, 2022

We’re almost to the point where we won’t get mailers from candidates or see political ads on TV. It may take a while to count the votes and get things sorted out, but we are on the downhill side. Haven’t watched results yet as too many media people were all too happy to call the races for their favorites in the past, and they’re not always right.

Honestly, I don’t think much will change yet hope they do. We have had a dysfunctional government for too long now for a quick fix. When things fester over time things can’t be cleaned up until the people really want it to and our country is too divided right now. As the saying goes, I’ll expect the worse but hope for the best. Or at least a small change.

I’ve always gotten a kick out of actors and politicians as they both expect to be noticed when they do the jobs they were hired to do. Actors want awards and politicians want to get reelected. I’ll reserve judgement until after the results are in to tell you what I really think. I’m sure the talking heads on TV will disagree, but it looked like SSDD to me. Time will tell. Enjoy our Wednesday since it’s here anyway.

What if?

November 3, 2022

We’re going to play the Devil’s advocate for the sake of this post. The post may be a work of fiction, a partial truth, or the whole truth. You can decide after you’ve read it, just don’t get worked up about it. If you get angered by this post perhaps you should look for a blog that has a safe room and coloring books.

What if the COVID-19 outbreak was planned and a trial run was done just before the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland on October, 18, 2019? And what if Bill Gates was one the backers? You may remember the theme for the forum was “Globalization 4.0: Shaping A Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” What if it was all about population control?

What if the vaccine was designed to make you sick? The general consensus is that the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting, or spreading, the virus. The group many used to look to for answers, the CDC, showed the incidence of myocarditis after vaccination is 3 to 5 times higher for young men than a year ago.

So, what if this virus scare has been an attempt at population control? An attempt to remove those who don’t belong to organizations and go to these meetings? And what if some of the jabs we’ve seen politicians get weren’t the vaccine and those who actually got the vaccine are now regretting it?

Nah, guess it’s just a coincidence. After all, the politicians and media say that’s not what happened. Enjoy our Thursday.

We wondered

October 27, 2022

This nest has been in this tree for a few years now and the neighbor and myself have been wondering what lives in it. Last year we really got confused when cotton batting was added. We kept watching but never saw a critter near this nest, until yesterday and I must say it was a bit of a letdown.

This is the critter I saw bringing small twigs into the nest. The neighbor and myself both thought of owls, possibly a hawk, or even Mourning doves, but a squirrel never crossed our minds. Unless the squirrel just took over an abandoned nest. At least we know what’s up there now.

We even saw a relative of the one adding to the nest. This one was just running around looking for any missed walnuts in the trees and on the ground. It’s funny how the groundhogs and raccoons are getting fat but the squirrels all look trim as an Olympic swimmer.

Took this picture because the cardinal looked like somebody pissed in his cereal. Not sure what his problem was, but he was even staring down cats!

Finally, this guy gave up on getting a seat in the bird feeder and just ate on the stump. There is enough seed spilled that he wouldn’t go hungry any time soon. Not sure where the mate was. Enjoy our Thursday as now Friday is only a dream away.

Smoke and mirrors

October 25, 2022

Covid-19 is in the news and once again the fingers are pointing at Dr. Fauci. The Lancet COVID-19 Commission, a task force that looked into the origins of Covid-19 for 22 months, found that it was probably laboratory generated and the technology was the result of gain-of-function research funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

The synthetic fingerprint found in this variant leads back to Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, NIH-funded gain-of-function research and in cooperation with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. You may remember that Dr. Fauci was the head of NIH at the time this all started.

Red flags went up and word came from Fauci that the virus came from bats and not a laboratory. Studies cited by the media showed there were about 47,000 wild animals from 38 species sold in the Wuhan markets between May 2017 and November 2019. It was admitted that no evidence was found that any animals had the virus. We all know how that turned out with the ‘fact checkers’ and paid ‘experts’
who would deny anything if paid enough.

We may never know the whole truth, at least in my lifetime. Or we could believe in coincidences. Enjoy our Tuesday.

Good intentions

October 21, 2022

I got something stuck in my craw yesterday and was going to do a post on it. Started out with an article about a doctor in England who said the covid vaccine is causing heart problems and deaths in young men. Then I started looking for deaths of young men and found too many to just be averages.

Then I came across an article that said the CDC is back on the vaccine for school children thing again, and that got confusing. It wasn’t a mandate nor implying that schools require vaccines, just that they should. The CDC has not been long on the truth lately and some believe it has turned into a joke ever since they changed the meaning of ‘vaccine’.

With the ‘truth’ police out there it’s hard to get a straight answer on sensitive issues such as this one. I’m going to keep looking as I find this interesting. After all, we’ve been told that children are not usually infected with the virus and have light symptoms if they are. Now they want to see more home schooling if this goes any further.

We do live in interesting times. Enjoy our Friday.


October 12, 2022

As happens every election cycle, the circus is back and if those running are to be believed, nobody is worth voting for. One party is declaring their opponents want to take away all womens rights while the other claims their opponents want to tax us into poverty.

Not my circus, not my monkeys, but we all know a few of the clowns. This would be a good time for somebody to run on getting term limits passed and doing it. We know common sense has left the building and has been replaced with ‘fact checkers’ whose drivel we are supposed to believe without doubt.

Humanity has reached the point where some will believe anything they’re told while others are too lazy to do their own fact checking. Today, many want instant results and with the push of a few buttons take the first item to turn up as gospel and search no farther. Others claim the dreaded, it must be true because I saw it on TV. Lord love a duck.

The politicians have many worked up about some imagined slight to their race, religion, and even political party. The days of adult conversation without one getting mad has gone the way of common sense. We don’t have an answer but sure wish we did.

All that said, I’m going out and enjoying the outdoors. Enjoy our Wednesday.

Good start

September 17, 2022

Once again, the squirrels are gathering walnuts for the upcoming winter. They’ve been using the power lines like an interstate highway and they’re moving a lot of walnuts. Others have been busy digging in the yard looking for where they left the goodies last time.

Signs are pointing to a cold winter, and we hope those signs are wrong. Sometimes after a hot summer we end up getting a frigid winter with lots of snow and I just have a gut feeling we are in for such a season. Time to check the snow blower and make sure we have some gas for it.

In other news, the Nitro Nationals are ending today at Tulsa Raceway so if you’re in the area, and like gassers, you should pay them a visit. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. It does get loud. And finally, the Elmer’s Toy Museum auction will end today. We believe today the cars and motorcycles will cross the block and this place has plenty of both.

Enjoy our Saturday as it snuck in while we were sleeping.

Making progress

September 16, 2022

I noticed I’d been on the pity pot since the wife died and although it may be considered normal, I don’t like it. One always has questions after the passing of a loved one that usually go unanswered, but yesterday I decided not to be among those ask.

Our printer hasn’t worked in ages, and for some unknown reason hasn’t been replaced. It turned into an excuse as I found myself saying ‘I can’t print out that form because we don’t have a printer’. The person I was talking to would then say that they could print a copy out for me. Problem solved. Except it wasn’t, it was passed on to another.

So, I went out and bought a brand-new printer and will install it after my running is done for the day. Doing this also helped with my vow to walk more as I intentionally went to a store I had never been to before knowing I’d have to walk all over to find anything. They don’t call them big box stores for nothing.

And I looked online at the Elmer’s Toy Museum auction site and will look for results when they are posted. I did notice four pedal cars that went for around $100,000! A little too rich for this tightwad. When the totals are posted we’ll let you know.

Enjoy our Friday as it has started out nice here.

Getting there

September 6, 2022

Yes, we know this is late. Even though some had a three-day weekend I kept busy and got a lot done. While I don’t believe settling the wifes estate will ever be done, great progress was made over the holiday and I wore myself out.

The picture above shows that fall is indeed here even though the cross on the steeple is blurry. It’s that way because I focused on the trees in all their glory. And yes, I got a few pictures on a break between the action. If we get them all uploaded we’ll share any worth sharing soon.

Yesterday even the weather co-operated with highs only reaching into the 70s. I had windows open all day and a fan to spread the climate change all through the house. The ragweed count had me wheezing like an old steam engine with a boiler leak or more would have gotten done.

Now is the time to remember that if you drive your car often, now is the time to fill up the tank. We aren’t alone in thinking that after the election prices will be going back up. Enjoy our Tuesday and remember that garbage and recycle will be a day late due to the holiday.