It’s a start

April 6, 2020

We will forewarn liberals, progressives, those that need “safe
spaces”, those without common sense, and others, that this post is
not for you. If you continue reading we are not responsible for
your hurt feelings, filled up coloring books, or the depletion of
tissues. This is an opinion piece and it will not gel with yours.

That being said, we’re tired of the 24/7 mainstream coverage of the
corona virus, Pelosi and her flying monkeys, and all the other BS
being throw at us by those who can’t preach on their accomplishments
and feel the need to drag others down to their level.

We’ve all probably seen the latest attempt by Pelosi and others to
have Trump investigated for his handling of the virus. They don’t
remember they were trying to impeach Trump while he already working
on the problem earlier this year?

And did you notice we never hear their solution or what they would
have done differently? They have been too busy pushing their own
agenda to get Trump impeached to worry about something like this.
Well, we believe we have an answer to the problem that would bring
back bi-partisanship and unite the parties.

If we are truly in an emergency situation all bills passed by the
House and Senate should only address the emergency and not include
any pet projects or paybacks to campaign contributors. Once the
emergency is officially declared over the parties could go back to
business as usual.

Politicians should relieve no pay until the emergency is over and
any who complain about it fined. If this is good enough for ‘we
the people’, it should be good enough for them.

And finally, there should be no elections held, by mail, at the
polls, or otherwise, until this emergency is over. If we can’t do
anything else I’ll waive my right to vote until we’re safe. Those in
office would keep their job, minus a paycheck, until we’re over this.

This is my opinion and yours may differ, but this old redneck is
getting tired of the dog and pony show. If you have a better idea,
we’d love to hear it.

Enjoy our Monday as we will.
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The insanity continues

April 4, 2020

Been busy lately and the time has been flying by while finding out
my body has gotten older. Thought to remove some volunteer trees and odd brush that have popped up and found out I’m not as young as I thought I was.

Was also left speechless for the first time since Christ rode a
bicycle. Went out on the porch to see what was going on and spotted
this possum chowing down on the cat food! When I opened the porch
door to scare the critter away, it hissed at me.

So I called the wife to take a look and she asked “how did that
possum get there?”. Well I sure didn’t know and wasn’t about to ask
after the hissing. The critter had some more food until something
in the alley scared it away.

Got another surprise later when a robin in the neighbors yard stuck
his butt in the air and spread his tail feathers. Don’t know what
he was trying to do but there wasn’t another bird in sight so don’t
think it was a mating ritual.

Yet seeing these things while outside didn’t seem as strange as all
the hype going around about the virus. I watch a bit of early
morning local news and a Perry Mason re-run later. Much more than
that and I’m tempted to throw my coffee mug through the TV screen.

We’ll end this here as somebody drank my coffee and I need a refill.
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Our take

March 30, 2020

The other morning I listened to the local news and weather on the
TV and was told the rain had left the area. Imagine my surprise when
I stepped outside to see this and feel the wind gusts that spiked at
50 mph! This time they got it right though as it didn’t rain.

And it was interesting to watch the birds try to fly with that much
wind. They either stayed in one place or took off like a rocket.
Usually birds are sitting on the branches of nearby trees, but not
yesterday. The only critters stirring were the feral cats.

We like to say we’re self isolating due to the corona virus yet we
discovered that we don’t get out much anyway. I visit Dad on Tuesday
and we go grocery shopping on Friday. We did go out to eat before
the virus hit but with all our favorite spots closing we just stay

And we talk more, the wife and I. We found out we actually get along,
even in stressful times. Some are saying this event will result in
a lot of divorces while others claim there will be a baby boom. We’ll
just have to wait and see.

Another bonus is we’ve quit watching the main stream media and only
watch local news. The 24/7 coverage of the medias take on the virus
just got to be too much to take.

Enjoy our Monday as it means we’ve lived to see another day. Now for
some coffee and pizza rolls.
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Still confused

March 24, 2020

This whole viurs mess has me more confused now than when it started. I blame the media coverage 24/7 for my confusion and will give a few reasons why.

In 2015 Bill Gates warned of a pandemic like we’re going through now.
He also outlined how we could lessen the effect on our population.
Not many paid attention then but are wishing they did now.

Then comes the update that people who don’t know they have the virus, keep going until they get over it while infecting others who don’t know they have it who infect others.

And all of sudden virurs “experts” come out of the wood work with
opinions that range from not helping the problem to completely

As it that wasn’t enough, both parties in the Senate worked on a
bill that would help with the problem before Nancy Pelosi flew in
on her broom and stopped it. Suddenly Democrats, who helped write
the bill and were for it, said it was terrible and blamed the

Now said bill that would have cost about $1.5 trillion is dead and
Pelosi came up with version which will run us $2.5 trillion and has
more pork in it than Iowa. The first bill makes a lot more sense than
the latter. It contained funding for payments to citizens, beefing up
unemployment, helping the small business loan program, hospitals,
vaccines, money for the CDC, Veteran’s healthcare, education, FEMA,
and airports.

TownHall has a list of some things in Nancys new bill; a bailout of
of debt for the Postal service, required early voting, required same
day voter registration, provisions on official time for union
collective bargaining, full offset of airline emissions by 2025,
publication and reporting of greenhouse gas statistics for individual
flights, retirement plans for community newspaper workers, Federal
$15 minimum wage, study on climate change migration efforts, and
permanent paid leave.

Really? That almost makes the virus look petty.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s here anyway. Now for some coffee and
leftover pizza.
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Late recap

March 23, 2020

Yesterday the TV weatherman, who throws darts at a weather map for his forecasts, said 1 possibly 2 inches of snow before the day was done. 3.4 inches later we had us a winter wonderland that I loved and the wife grumbled about.

So I went out this morning and got some pictures of what it looks
like before it all melts away. Since the temperatures today are
supposed to be mid-40s and 50s by Wednesday, it won’t be long
before the snow is gone. It was fun while it lasted.

As a matter of fact, I went out a few minutes ago and most of the
white fluffy love from above was gone. But we have the pictures. And
with things almost back to normal in our household the wife and I are
still talking!

Today she had some more work related things to do and since I was by myself, the TV was turned off and the camera grabbed before heading outside to listen to the birds singing and smell the freshness in the air. It was great.

We also heard this morning that Moline, Illinois, which is right
across the Mississippi River from us only got 1.7 inches of snow. At
least we do it up right in Iowa.

So enjoy the rest of our Monday and the weather where you’re at.
Now for some coffee and pizza rolls.
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Shopping with oldfarts

March 21, 2020

Yesterday got away from me as I thought it a good time to change a
few things. Now we have a full trash bin but said changes are done.
Even got a picture of a bird who seemed surprised I got so close
before I took this shot.

Yesterday morning the wife had some things to do at work in the a.m.
so we thought we’d try grocery shopping this morning. The store opened at 7 am for senior citizens and those with health issues so we went at 7.

Thing I forgot is all the other oldfarts get up early and the place
was packed! Even had a policeman by the carts to make sure you were
old and/or sick. Once inside we noticed the produce section was
overflowing, the shelves with everything else, not so much.

We were told the store wouldn’t honor the print ad, the meat section
was low, and only one package of toilet paper to a family. We did
find a pound of ground bison for $9 but the pickings were slim. Even
the cat food was running low.

Nobody has to tell me we have this virus thing going around, but
what we saw this morning was crazy. That said, we have to remain calm and remember we will pull this and it shouldn’t last long. So don’t buy 30 when you only need 5 so someone else can get some.

Enjoy our Saturday as it seems like it will be a good one. Now for
some coffee.
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2020

Even though this St. Patrick’s Day will be different for all of us with
the bar closings we hope you find a way to enjoy it. Back in our drinking days we never went on this day as we considered Amateur night.

Right now it might even be hard to find any corned beef or cabbage
for those so inclined but there are other ways to celebrate. We don’t
know any but you can use your imagination and come up with something.

Our oldest posted a picture yesterday of what the store shelves
looked like when they went grocery shopping. Empty is the best
description that comes to mind. Things are getting crazy.

Talked to our youngest today and he said when they went grocery
shopping they couldn’t even find any milk or eggs in their little part
of Oklahoma. To those buying much more than they can use, stop it!
There are others who have children, are elderly, and otherwise need
supplies too.

This is going to be short as the more I write the more worked up I
get so to all I’ll say just take a deep breath and calm down. It’s
not the end of the world, and if it is all your hoarded groceries
will spoil before there is anyone around to notice.

Now for some coffee and breakfast.
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