Fair weather Navy?

January 10, 2018

A recent opinion piece in the Navy Times leads me to believe we
have been very lucky we haven’t had more collisions and fatal
mistakes than we have.

In the opinion of the author, a 2nd class petty officer, the
problems lie with the higher ups. In a policy based modern Navy
the E-5 believes the problem lies with civilian officials or
high-ranking Navy personnel who haven’t performed the tasks they
make the policy about.

And also the claim that the Chiefs care more about looking good
than being good. Perhaps this modern Navy forgot the Admirals
Law. Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do

To paint the entire Navy with the same brush does an injustice
to all. There are good non-coms just as there are good sailors.
Some commissioned officers are inspiring while others make you
bite your tongue.

And the military does run on rules which means somebody has to
make the rules. We don’t always agree with them. These days
everyone is looking for a solution. Why not go back to the Blue
Book and see what it says. I’ll bet I wouldn’t recognize it
since 40 years have past since my discharge.

We don’t know the answer as we don’t have all the facts. Now
isn’t the time for rash judgements based on scuttlebutt. The
problems are there and we hope they will be adressed.

Now I need more coffee while I’m ponder the 1 pound Snickers
bar and if it is a single serving. Enjoy our Wednesday.
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Thoughts on day 2

January 2, 2018

Last night I ventured outside to get a picture of the full moon
that was shrouded in the frigid air. Since it was a clear night
one would think a clear photo would be easy to achieve. And
since the air temperature was only -17 degrees, and the wife was
asleep, the man in the moon and myself had a chat.

We again talked of many things and even debated a few. Like the
laws of man, until we became stuck on speed limits. The man in
the moon firmly believed in the practice, myself not so much.
He stated that like other laws speed limits kept us safe. To
which I stated that if they are to keep us safe why did
different states have different speed limits?

Here in Iowa it’s 65 mph on most of the interstate yet if one
cruises west the speed limit jumps to 80 mph. We still have
accidents here with the lower speed limits. I honestly believe
that this is due to the fact that distractions are far more
often the cause than speed.

I have lightened my heavy right foot as I aged but still admit
that it is really hard to drive 55. Since we never came to an
agreement we agreed to disagree and left the issue there. So I
asked a personal question. Why is the moon so dark some nights
and others brighter than the stars? His answer surprised me.

He stated that the reason he was so bright some nights is
because his mother called him son and he just felt brighter.
Enjoy our second day of the new year and if it’s clear tonight
I’ll be out later trying to get a better shot.
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Last dance

December 31, 2017

Since today is last day and last month of the year and soon
people will be celebrating a new year with a new dance, it felt
fitting to do this now.

The February edition of Motor Trend magazine arrived in the
mail yesterday and was set aside until a short while ago when
there was time to peruse it properly. You may notice the text at
the bottom of the picture which says “Supersized Subaru
3 rows 19 cupholders.

Naturally I assumed it referenced a 19 passenger SUV type
vehicle that looked like a station wagon on steroids. After a
quick read of article inside it was discovered the 2019 Subaru
Ascent would carry 7 or 8 passengers. Which made me wonder if it
had so many cupholders because it didn’t have any other options.

Turns out it will be the biggest vehicle Subaru ever made and
will be powered by a 2.4 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine
with a variable speed transmission about the size of a Toyota
Highlander, Ford Explorer, or Nissan Pathfinder. Prices will
start around $30,000 and the American version will be made in
Lafayette, Indiana.

It can tow 5,000 pounds, has Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive, and
has a smart rearview mirror that gives the option of camera
views. It has power outlets, Wi-Fi, and 8 USB ports to reduce
the need for seat mounted DVD screens. The vehicle also has
ledges in the front for phones, Starlink for connectivity, Apple
Car Play, Android Auto, a Harman Kardon stereo, and the earlier
mentioned 19 cupholders.

All this leaves me with a couple questions. Do all those
features allow for any time to drive the thing? And; what in
the hell do 8 people need 19 cupholders for?

Enjoy our Sunday for tomorrow is a new day of a new month in
a new year.
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Better late than never

December 27, 2017

Welcome to another afternoon addition of my wandering mind. I
got up early enough to do a morning version and got distracted,
again. It got so bright in the kitchen from the sunny day that
awaited outside I had to go out and savor the moment.

Then whatever drive by media talking heads program the wife was
watching on TV distracted me. One of the talking heads stated
that 40% of all returns the stores receive end up in the trash.
Said talking head further stated that this was due to open
packaging or broken merchandise returned.

I always thought if a store took back broken items it was a
warranty issue. No wonder I think everything costs too much. It
was then I tuned the program out and noticed our goody box still
had goodies inside. That was more temptation than I could bear
with my sweet tooth.

Later I went over to visit with Dad and had a good chat. I hung
around until he wanted a nap to get ready for his noon nap. So,
I got the critters fed, greeted the day, spoke with Dad, and
everything else fell by the wayside.

It’s looking like we’ll be dealing with snow for a few days
here on the east coast of Iowa and I’m hoping that will cut down
on the distractions. I figure there’s a 50/50 chance of that
happening. If they are dull dreary days, nothing shiny catches
my eye, the critters aren’t out searching for food, and I don’t

Enjoy our first post Christmas Wednesday.
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Post Christmas thoughts

December 26, 2017

I know this post is late, but it’s a beautiful day and I’ve
been outside enjoying it. White fluffy love from above covers
the landscape and the temperature just hit a balmy 5 degrees.
The only downside is I have a song stuck in my head.

I’ll try the ‘Happy Birthday’ trick and that should fix the fly
in the ointment. We hope your Christmas was a special as ours
turned out to be and we heard at some stores the Valentine’s
Day displays are up. But we still have the spirit.

We even took a trip down memory lane to past winters and the
things we did in our youth. My stroll involved ice skating for
miles on frozen cricks (creeks to the city folk), and sledding
down the steep hills in the area. One particularly snowy winter
we even built and igloo in the back yard and spent hours inside
amazed that it didn’t crumble down on us.

The lady who follows me around still calls me crazy, but who
doesn’t go outside when the wind chill is below zero to take
pictures of icecicles dangling from the eaves? If that makes me
crazy I thank God he’s allowed to be me. And Him and myself
have no problem with that.

I just don’t see the sense in trying to be someone I’m not. So
enjoy our first post Christmas Tuesday as I know we are. Now, I
need more coffee as I am a quart low.
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Our dilemma

December 20, 2017

30 years ago today the lady in this picture married someone
who looked a lot like me. 30 years ago tomorrow I married
someone who looks a lot like the lady in the picture. Now,
after all that time, she claims just because she has a
marriage license that states we got married today it our
anniversary today.

I always inform her I have a club newsletter that states
tomorrow is our anniversary yet she claims her license trumps my
newsletter. I’ve even explained that government documents, like
marriage licenses, can be forged but car club newsletter can’t.

After all this time one would think her mind could be changed
but this is not the case. The woman is as stubborn as I am! I’m
sure if we live long enough one of us will give in, but I’m not
holding my breath either.

So I’d like to wish the wife a happy 30th anniversary today
and the same to myself tomorrow. As to hoping we see another 30,
I’d be 96 years old if I survive so I wouldn’t know it was our
anniversary anyway.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we have so far. Now I need some coffee
and some leftover pizza.
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Just some thoughts

December 7, 2017

Today is Remember Pearl Harbor Day. We must never forget.

Since most of the chores are done it’s time to sit down and
put pencil to paper so to speak. Now that the feral cats, wild
birds, squirrels and other critters are fed; Dads broken fence
is removed awaiting a new section of fence to replace and
another chat with him over, I have the time.

The cardinals were out today along with most of the feral cats
which was interesting to watch. When I came back in the score
was birds 1, cats 0. The birds were more interested in having
lunch than being lunch.

When I left this morning the wind chills were in the single
digits which made me glad it didn’t take long to dismantle the
fence. After I got inside Dads house he was looking out his
front door for the morning paper so I volunteered to go and see
if I could find it.

It was way off to one side almost hidden in the bushes. They
can’t even put the paper on the porch for a 92 year old man?
And no, it is not an enclosed porch.

Our city leaders seem bound and determined to mess up our
riverfront park and add some private/public partnerships in
the mix. If I remember correctly these would be restaurants.
All in effort to make our city on the east coast of Iowa a

We who live here know how that works. Our skybridge to
nowhere was going to make us a destination and we all see how
that turned out. We see nothing wrong with leaving it a park
complete with grass and trees minus the glitz.

Enjoy our Thursday as we won’t get another until next week.
Now I need some more coffee and a Snickers.
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