We don’t need it

May 18, 2018

Ok I get it. Tomorrow there is going to be a Royal Wedding over
in England. That said does it really take the whole week for the
talking heads to cover if the brides father will be there, what
kind of hats the ladies will be wearing, or how to drink tea the
proper English way?

We’ve had the ongoing volcano in Hawaii, a tornado in southern
Idaho, wildfires, a couple school shootings and much more that
the talking heads didn’t talk about. At least the little bit of
the nonsense I watched. So the TV is off again until said
talking heads report some news or a race comes on.

We don’t need no stinking TV anyway and I’ll tell you why.

When I walked off the back porch I saw this critter on a down
spout and while I’m sure it wasn’t building a nest it was busy.
Since I’m allergic to their stings I give them a wide berth

Then I heard a racket in the sky above and saw this beauty
making its way south to Illinois. As loud as it was on the
ground I wondered what it sounded like up close.

Then I saw these at the end of the neighbors fence to the north
and thought the colors just seem to go together. No birds that I
could see but I’m sure there are plenty around.

To the east the sky looked like a picture postcard. Not sure
what it would say though.

And finally, to the west the sky was sending mixed messages
and we’re not sure what they were. It looked almost like you
fall in and never stop dropping.

So we don’t need the TV thank you as we’ll keep enjoying what
God decides to share with us. Enjoy our Friday as it looks to
be a good one.
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Day dreaming

May 15, 2018

Sometimes I wonder about us. By us I mean humans and that
mysterious part of us called the brain. The fact that we can
still dream while basically unconscious amazes me. We are sound
asleep but can be wakened by noises, temperature change, and
bad dreams.

Sometimes when we sleep we have dreams that are so pleasant we
wake up with a grin and nightmares so bad we come up swinging.
Yet we sleep through it. As someone who remembers at least part
of these dreams or nightmares, I wake up thinking ‘where did
that come from’.

Some have dreams of falling yet never hit bottom, dreams of
being chased but never caught, and similar ones where we wake up
before we know for sure what happened. What would happen if we
did crash and burn? Would it kill us in our sleep or cause a
heart attack? I guess we’ll never know.

The pleasant dreams are another thing altogether. Meeting kin
who are no longer living, rainbow and unicorns type dreams. Have
you ever wondered why you have nice dreams? We do the same thing
most days yet when we rest we may have a dream or a nightmare.

These can occur even during a nap and not during regular
sleeping hours so it isn’t the length of the snooze that causes
dreams. One wonders; are these nocturnal events the result of
livening up a dull day, tamping down a wild one, or just part
of who we are?

We don’t know the answers but it does make one ponder on a day
that’s too wet to mow. Enjoy our Tuesday as we’re halfway
through the month. Now I need some coffee and a cheeseburger.
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What I saw

May 9, 2018

The other night the western sky looked like this just after sun
set. Yes, there are power lines running through the shot but it
was the best shot I could get and I’m happy with it.

After the overnight rains the sky to the south looked like this
today and made the steeple seem tiny. Since the lawn was too wet
to mow again I just looked at the sights and dandelions. They’ll
be gone again for a few days shortly anyway.

Even in the first picture you can see the crispness of the
yellow, the almost metallic colors of the fly, and even the
different shades of green. In the larger picture you can see
most of that plus the delicate wings of the fly and the fluffy
center of the dandelion.

Most people would probably only see a weed and want to get rid
of it but I guess I see something different when I look. That
could mean I’m crazy but I see the beauty in this common weed.
And if I did pull the dandelions I’d make wine and hard telling
what I’d see then.

Enjoy our Wednesday as I’ve been. It means the work week is
halfway done. Now I need some coffee before I head back outside.


May 8, 2018

Went over to visit to Dad this morning with some donuts. We
were having a good talk but when I got ready to go I noticed his
lawn could use mowing. He said he had a mower that hadn’t been
run yet this year so I took a look.

After 557 pulls on the rope it still hadn’t started. Thought
I’d pull the spark plug and perhaps get it going that way. Found
out he doesn’t have a spark plug wrench so the mower was pushed
into the garage and I told him I’m bring my mower over tomorrow
and mow his yard.

And by the time I got home and looked looked like a better
day to mow. So the mower got loaded in the trunk and a couple
bottles of water on the floor before going back over and mowing
the lawn. Now at least his yard looks good again.

Back home the mower had to come back out of the trunk and put
back in the shop. It’s funny how mowers get heavier after you
use them. I miss my truck.

The wife finally got the recall notice on her Fusion. Although
I can’t imagine why, the recall letter said it would take around
4 hours to replace the faulty steering wheel nut. It sure would
not have taken that long back in the days of wing windows.

Finally, I’m going to attempt to get some pictures taken today.
The last few days there wasn’t enough time to do it but now I’m
on a break and willing to give it a shot. The worse that can
happen is that I’ll find nothing to focus on.

Enjoy our Tuesday as tomorrow will be here before we know it.
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That’s my story

May 6, 2018

I usually don’t post on Sunday lately so thought I’d explain
why. When you go outside and look to the Heavens to see sights
like the picture above it can be awe inspiring. Too many shapes,
colors and contrasts for my old brain to process.

Then I spotted this high headed robin and got confused. Are the
heads on these birds supposed to be this tall? I thought not. In
the 2nd shot he is arguing with another robin whose head looks
normal. Never did figure it out.

Then I zoomed in on a dandelion and found a spider had photo-
bombed the picture. Would have sworn it wasn’t there when I took
the picture but cannot deny it’s there. Can’t tell if the spider
is smiling or not.

The sky was ever changing and every time you’d look up a
different picture would emerge. Not sure if this could be blamed
on the slight chance of rain, an act of God, or chem trails but
enjoyed it anyway. And that is why I usually don’t post on
Sundays. I’m just too busy enjoying the things around us.

Enjoy the rest of our Sunday as the work week is only a dream
away. Now for coffee and a Snicker’s.
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What happened?

May 3, 2018

I made the mistake of paying attention to the TV news that left
me feeling like the cat above. He looks as if he wants to tell
someone to stop the nonsense. The event also reminded me why I
don’t watch the news.

There was a guy who claimed to be a candidate for president in
2020 who wanted to give every American family $1,000 a month. He
was smart enough to quip that it would give an extra $12,000 a
year to the families but didn’t mention how to pay for it.

Then a segment on texting while driving came on and some kid
said he might stop texting behind the wheel if we paid him not
to. Why not just stop so you don’t end up stupid and dead?

The Boy Scouts aren’t the Boy Scouts anymore but the Girl
Scouts are still the Girl Scouts and some aren’t happy with
that. It seems people are fine with girls joining the Boy
Scouts but we sensed some anger in the folks who were wondering
what would happen to the boys who wanted to be Girl Scouts.

Lord love a duck. I may be just a redneck oldfart, but I know
the answer to this problem. The solution is look down inside
the front of your pants and join the group with the name that
matches your equipment.

I feel a sudden urge to join the cat, on my back and rolling
around the alley. Enjoy our Thursday as the working folk only
have to work another day to get a couple off. Now I need some
coffee and a few burritos.
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Of interesting times

April 16, 2018

We’ve been getting snow here in the Hawkeye State and it
doesn’t look like we’ll get back to normal weather until the end
of the month. The people complaining they’ve had enough of
winter while calling this Apriluary will be the first to whine
that it’s too hot in a few short months.

Birds had a different take on our weather. Some got out and
braved the cold rain that preceded the snow while others were
huddled together under the eaves to keep dry.

But a day before the snow we got a picture of a daffodil that
didn’t seem bothered by the upcoming weather alert that told of
snow. It’s still there and doesn’t look any worse for wear after
the cold snap.

As someone who remember when some swimming pools were called
Natatoriums and cars has wing windows, a little snow doesn’t
bother me in the least. Been there, done that, still have the

No, it’s not January 106th. No weather records were broken
because of extreme cold or snowfall and we’ve only lost power
twice. People look at me like I’m crazy when I ask them how
they are on this beautiful day.

Yet it is a beautiful day if I wake up breathing regardless of
the weather and I thank God for giving me the gift of another
day. I guess those who think I’m crazy believe the day is owed
to them.

Enjoy our Monday as we have more snow in the forecast for
Wednesday and Thursday. Now I need a refill on my coffee and a
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