Just thinking

May 20, 2017

Here on the east coast of Iowa it’s been raining and sometimes
that makes me think of fireworks. Actually it makes me think of
the impact local politicians have over the use of fireworks.

It is now legal to buy consumer grade fireworks in our fine
state while giving some “power” to cities to restrict or ban
the fireworks. Our city council can’t decide to act or leave
it as is.

Fireworks have been illegal in Iowa as long as I can remember
yet last year the police responded to 550 calls relating to
fireworks. The majority of these calls in June and July. Yet
there are those who claim those numbers are going to climb now
that fireworks are legal, and hospital emergency rooms will be
overtaken with injuries.

The problem is, if I understand correctly, the police have to
witness someone lighting off the fireworks and not just accuse
someone in the crowd of onlookers. It is an illegal act that
too many people get away with. Around the 4th of July we can’t
even see an intersection for all the smoke, and the noise is

Why is our city council even wasting the time to discus the
possible ban? It won’t stop the fireworks from goin off, and
the number of calls won’t drop. Political correctness at its

We’ll still have a snicker post later but as mentioned, I was
just thinking. Enjoy our Saturday.
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Beautiful day

May 19, 2017

When we started our errands today it was 30 degrees colder
than yesterday and pouring rain. We got soaked twice but I’m
grinning ear to ear because it’s a beautiful day. After 17 days
in the hospital Dad is back home.

We were with him until around 10:30 this morning and a short
time later he was back in his recliner living large. He’ll need
24 hour a day assistance, but in his own house. He’s happy,
we’re happy, and a little rain won’t change that.

I’m not even upset that my agreeing to another pneumonia shot
backfired. Yesterday. I didn’t even feel the nurse stick me
with the syringe so I thought the pain wouldn’t come. I woke up
this morning with that arm feeling like somebody wailed on it
with a baseball bat. That didn’t put a damper on the day

Even the constant nonsense called network news couldn’t get me
yelling at the TV today, I just shut it off. I may not even
turn it back on later tonight when Perry Mason comes on. I can
take no more of the insane accusations leveled against our

It is a little hard to believe that our fellow citizens are
believing the bull the media is shipping. If Trump is so
unpopular, how did he get elected? He said he would drain the
swamp, is doing so, and the career politicians are running
scared. That tells me the president is doing exactly what he
said he would.

Enjoy our Friday and don’t worry about the weather.
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Another non-event

May 18, 2017

The weather guessers and media were busy last night predicting
doom and gloom with sever thunderstorm warnings and tornado
warnings so frequent in made watching television a chore. We
were told high winds, pea sized hail, heavy rains, lots of thunder
and lightning, and a tornado were heading our way and to seek

So of course I grabbed my camera and went outside to get some
amazing pictures of the monster storm. And it never appeared.
We did have wind, some rain, and few distant rumbles of thunder
with the occasional lightning. The end of a branch blew onto
our garage roof, our garbage bin blew over, and an hour after
the rain the streets were mostly dry. The damage has been

This morning we stopped by to see Dad and he did great during
his rehab session before we left for my doctors appointment. I
saw a different doctor than our family doctor, but things went
as expected.

I got a shot, x-rays and tests are ordered, and I now have 3
prescriptions to fill instead of one. They also asked me to
return in 6 weeks to discuss the results of the tests and how
the new medicine is working.

We’ll see. Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is only a dream
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It’s here

May 17, 2017

The roses are popping out all over and a storm is coming a
little later today which can only mean summer is officially
here. Of course all that also means the weeds are growing
faster than the grass and flowers. We’ll soon be busy in the
yard again.

While visiting Dad today he had a drop in his blood pressure
that worried the medical staff. One minute he was there and
talking and the next the lights were on but nobody was home.
His pressure did come back up after they got him back in bed
and the staff didn’t seem overly concerned.

If fact, they mentioned he may be discharged Friday if he does
good in the therapy sessions. I couldn’t help but laugh when it
was mentioned that part of his therapy involves sitting at a
computer. I could just picture him looking for a pencil and

After we got home a colorful little wren posed for a portrait
and I’ll share that.

And to top it all off, I’ve been behaving myself. I have a
doctors appointment tomorrow and have started drinking more
water. The wife wasn’t buying the bull I was shipping when I
stated I had 3 bottles of water this morning.

Technically I opened 3 but only took a gulp out of each one.
I’ll finish the rest this week. After all, we have to walk
before we run. Enjoy our Wednesday, we’re halfway to the
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Almost back to normal

May 15, 2017

Plans made are looking good and I may even finish the chores
early. Saw Dad again this morning while he was resting to get
ready for therapy and he was in good spirits. Then we came home
and I got the mowing done.

Here on the east coast of Iowa we are experiencing a car theft
epidemic. Earlier this month the total was around 250 for the
year. People are leaving their cars running while they pop into
the convenience store and the thief jumps in and takes the car.

In other cases cars were stolen from driveways. These cars
were unlocked with the keys in the car. Police feel the
culprits are juveniles doing it for kicks. And there have been
some thefts of things left in the cars.

We haven’t heard of a problem in our neighborhood with car
thefts, but our neighbor did catch some kids breaking into his
garage. Lucky for them he was in a good mood.

Ror those going to Genesis West and use the Lombard
Street parking lots, the entrance near Marquette Street is
closed due to a water main break. The entrance off Washington
Street is open on Lombard.

I guess I can always add knock down the spider web in the
picture above if I get too far ahead on chores, but I like how
the picture turned out and may want another. We’ll see.

Enjoy our Monday as after today, it only seems like there are
four days in our work week tomorrow morning. I need to hydrate
myself after the mowing and I believe a Snicker’s ice cream bar
is just the way to do it.
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Getting ready

May 14, 2017

We’re gearing up for a busy week. The wife goes back to work,
Dad may get out of the hospital Friday, I’ve still got half the
lawn to mow, and I picked up a small chore while we had lunch
with the wife’s Mom.

I hope we can accomplish everything on the list by weeks end.
If not, that’s what next week is for. I am also going to make
the long awaited doctors appointment. Seems like I just went
three years ago and I’m getting pestered to go again.

It’s ironic that when I go the doctor, he orders tests and
has me come back when the test results are in. Every time this
has happened he says the results look good, just keep doing
what you’re doing.

He knows I’m still smoking, eat like a teenager, don’t get
enough sleep, and don’t much care to drink proper fluids. Why
can’t I just keep doing what I’m doing, pat myself on the back
every couple of years, and save the cost of the doctors visits?
I’d probably have enough saved for an ocean cruise in about
thirty years.

Of course I’d be 96. But I’d be a healthy 96 and probably only
look 102. Before all that an appointment will be made and kept.
I’ll give Doc one more shot.

Enjoy our Sunday, the work week is only a dream away. We’ll be
ready. And Happy Mother’s Day to all!
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Thoughts on a good day

May 12, 2017

We decided to get groceries as usual this morning then visit
Dad. It was discovered feeding critters can get expensive but
we like the critters. After we got back and the groceries were
put in their proper places we timed it so we could go to therapy
with Dad.

When that was finished and we were back in the room a nurse ,or
someone in uniform, came and asked if I were Dad’s brother.
Acting outraged I told her I was his oldest son. She stepped in
it further when she said, ‘it’s just that he (Dad) looks so

Of course I had to come back with ‘and I look so old?’ She had
a good comeback and said we ‘looked alike’. Personally, I don’t
see it but others have made the same comment. About that time
his lunch came and the lady left. It was fun while it lasted.

Now we’re back home and I’ve had my fill of Chips Ahoy! Next
on the agenda is to try and tame the grass out front. Not sure
the lawn mower will survive but I’m willing to try. Later I’ll
cook up a couple steaks with all the fixings and call it day. It
isn’t pizza, but I make the sacrifice when the wife gets a day

Enjoy our Friday and weekend. The weather here on the east
coast of Iowa is supposed to nice and if the lawn doesn’t get
mowed today it will be there tomorrow.
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