Of kittens and other things

May 26, 2020

When the wife first looked at this picture she said the kitten
looked mad. This was new to me as I never equated cats with any
emotion, just instincts. Or perhaps said kitten was just having a
rough day.

This picture is more about what I think of instinct. It looks
like the one kitten is going to slap the other one to get its
attention. Or the playful kitten could be mad also.

And I was thinking about the climate change people who claim we
are going to kill ourselves if we don’t stop using fossil fuels
and will be incinerated by the intolerable heat of our own
making. But they evidently forget that the hottest day ever
recorded in America happened over 100 years ago.

In 1913, the temperature in Death Valley hit 134 degrees. This
record has not been broken since.

Then we have the Covid-19 virus that seems to have some politicians
salivating at the chance of more power over the citizens. But here’s
the deal, this is America. If someone doesn’t want to wear a mask in
public it should be their right to do so.

If you wear a mask and believe everyone else should, just stay 6
feet away from the one not wearing a mask. When the dust settles on
this page of history I believe it will be said we overreacted. It
will be no worse than the flu.

Enjoy our Tuesday and remember, solid waste pick up will be a day
late because of the holiday. No for some more coffee.
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Kittens all over

May 18, 2020

Our feral cat population has grown recently with the addition of
at least 5 kittens. Our neighbor and myself agreed it would be great
if said kittens stayed the same size and looked as cute as they do
now. We also know that won’t happen.

Case it point, this little one looks like it wants to break out and
taste freedom. Also looks like an ornery one. Time will tell.

This one just looks a little lost. They are all small now and a bit
skittish. Lucky for me Mama cat wants to get petted when she sees
me taking pictures and that relaxes the kittens.

This one just looks like trouble. Seems to sit by itself and watch
the world go by. And yet, it doesn’t look very happy to me.

This young one is always getting caught on something. A branch, a
fence, a tight spot or whatever. It’s really fun to watch.

And this little critter is the hardest to get a shot of as it’s in
the shop behind a glass door. We’ll keep trying to get a better shot
but with the rain it’s hard to clean the glass to get a better one.

That’s what kept me busy over the weekend, between the raindrops.
No complaints from this end, but the kittens may be getting tired
of me sneaking around.

Enjoy our Monday and hope it isn’t raining where you’re at. Now for
some coffee and breakfast.
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Coming soon

May 9, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers on this Mother’s Day Eve. We know
this year things will be different but we hope you enjoy your day.

Here on the east coast of Iowa we had a frost warning last night as
the lows were right at 30 degrees. This had many with gardens out
covering up the flowers and plants so they wouldn’t lose them. One
has to admit it has been an interesting year so far.

When I went out about 5 am this morning there were already cats
lined up waiting for me to fill the food bowls. I usually do that
around 6 but went out to see if the moon was still visible. It was.
It was also a bit nippy out.

Haven’t been down by the river lately and miss the sights, sounds,
and smells on associates with being near the Mississippi. Things like
seeing the eagles soaring near Arsenal Island, hearing the steady
drone of the diesel engines as towboats struggle upriver, and the
unmistakable odor of the Mississippi River itself.

One day soon I’ll make it over to one of my favorite spots that
overlooks the river and get a few pictures, stop by the overlook in
the west end, and head down to Credit Island to see what’s new.
When that happens we’ll post a few pictures if we get some good

And we’re into May already, the 5th month of the year and named
for the Greek Goddess Maia. So, what’s going on in May you ask? Here
are few thing being celebrated this month.

May is National ALS Awareness Month, Bicycle Month, National Burger
Month, National Foster Care Month, Mental Health Awareness Month,
National Military Appreciation Month, and Older Americans Month to
name a few things.

This week is also National Nurse’s Week honoring those who help us
get better. Now it’s time to end this rambling discourse and get
something done outside, even if it’s wrong. Enjoy our Saturday.
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Going to try again

May 4, 2020

Yesterday started out with pink clouds in the sky and ended with
enough cloud cover that I couldn’t get a decent shot of the moon
when I went out last night. Woke up thinking I was going to get a
lotdone and ended getting a few pictures.

Patches was doing her best grumpy cat impressionthat brought us a
smile. She seems to think she’s the queen of something.

Even this one, who we haven’t named yet, had an attitude. Don’t
know if it was the 70 degree day or the fresh mowed lawn.

Even Oscar, the broke-tailed alley cat, was strutting down the
alley giving everyone and everything the eye. According to our
neighbor the tail got broken in a fight with another tomcat.

And the neighbors dog was eyeing the area like he owned it. Guess
he got tired of barking at the cats on the other side of the fence.

Was watching this European starling who kept opening his mouth but
no sound came out. The bird would hold his bill open like this for
5 minutes at a time. Even though they are invasive birds and take
things from other birds they can be fun to watch.

We also had a visit from a technician from the cable company to
install new cable boxes that do just about everything but talk. We
can give voice commands to the TV also but that seems like overkill
to me. Kids today don’t understand growing up before remotes were

So today is the day I try to get done what I should have got done
yesterday. Wish me luck. Now for some coffee before doing something,
even if it’s wrong.
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In focus

April 21, 2020

Been hearing a woodpecker but hadn’t been able to locate him. About
10 years ago it was easy, look in the neighbors tree and you would
find it. Then the tree got cut down and I’ve been looking ever since.
Turns out he’s in a tree a couple of lots away and has moved west.

This robin was easier to spot but didn’t hang around long. The
orange on him really stands out beside the green buds on the new growth trees to our north. Not sure what he was looking at, but he was a lot closer than the woodpecker.

When I glanced south this little guy on a nearby rooftop was looking for something and doing so intently. He seemed healthy and did fly away after a short time. This roof is a hangout for several different types of birds.

Then looking down, a bumble bee was buzzing around doing whatever
bees do.

Wasn’t prepared for how fast their wings move and thought a shutter
speed of 1/1,000th of a second would be fast enough. And the wings
came out blurry. Next time we’ll speed it up.

These pictures were all taken in our neighborhood respecting the
safe distance rules, the property of others, and the safety of
critters in mind.

This is late, we know it, and have no excuse. It’s just been one
of those days. As always I figured better late than never. Enjoy our
Tuesday as it’s almost over now.
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April snow

April 18, 2020

Thursday started out with sights like this to put a smile on your
face. The feral cats were playing their games, the flowers were in
bloom, birds were building nests, and one wondered if the forecast
of snow was a reality.

It was. Friday morning looked a bit different than the previous
one. When the snow stopped Friday we had 3.5 inches that stayed on
the grass and trees but seemed to miss the pavement. At least most of the pavement as part of our driveway had about 2 inches of slush on it.

Now our snowfall total for April is around 7 inches and the normal
is .9 inches. Yet we can rest easy because the weather guy claimed
there will be no more snow this April.

And we went to the grocery store Thursday as the wife got called
into work early then told to show up at the regular time. So we tried
the grocery store at 6:30 pm on said Thursday. I thought with the
snow advisory it would be packed and was surprised to find less
people there than on a Friday morning.

That threw my game off and I woke up this morning thinking it was
Sunday. So my jeans are on, the feral cats will get food and water
shortly, and the local news starts later. Now I have an extra day to
get things done.

Whatever day it is where you’re at, enjoy it. As for me, I have some
coffee to drink and leftover pizza to eat.
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Think snow

April 16, 2020

After a visit with Dad yesterday it was time to get some pictures
and see what was going on. Found out that the snow was on the tulips. Glad I got the shot as later the snow was gone. Now comes word from those who get on our TVs to tell us what they think the weather is going do are predicting 4-6 inches of white fluffy love from above tonight.

Then the icicles hanging on the eaves started dripping and I took
a picture just as a drop was ready to leave the icicle and fall to
the ground. It was warming up.

Three hours later this robin was strutting across a driveway that
was snow free and almost all the snow was history. Not sure what the
bird was looking for but hope he found it.

When I cruised over to Dads the Donut Shop was still closed so I
stopped at a grocery store and picked him up some store bought donuts and donut holes. Glad I did because as soon as the bag hit the table he was digging one out.

I know the feeling. It was another great visit and after breakfast
we went into his front room so he could get ready for his nap. I
mentioned his upcoming June birthday and he informed me he was no
longing having any birthdays.

He claimed that after having 94 birthdays he didn’t have to have
them anymore. We’ll just have to wait and see. At least he still
has his sense of humor.

Enjoy our Thursday as tomorrow will be just another day in
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