It’s here

May 17, 2017

The roses are popping out all over and a storm is coming a
little later today which can only mean summer is officially
here. Of course all that also means the weeds are growing
faster than the grass and flowers. We’ll soon be busy in the
yard again.

While visiting Dad today he had a drop in his blood pressure
that worried the medical staff. One minute he was there and
talking and the next the lights were on but nobody was home.
His pressure did come back up after they got him back in bed
and the staff didn’t seem overly concerned.

If fact, they mentioned he may be discharged Friday if he does
good in the therapy sessions. I couldn’t help but laugh when it
was mentioned that part of his therapy involves sitting at a
computer. I could just picture him looking for a pencil and

After we got home a colorful little wren posed for a portrait
and I’ll share that.

And to top it all off, I’ve been behaving myself. I have a
doctors appointment tomorrow and have started drinking more
water. The wife wasn’t buying the bull I was shipping when I
stated I had 3 bottles of water this morning.

Technically I opened 3 but only took a gulp out of each one.
I’ll finish the rest this week. After all, we have to walk
before we run. Enjoy our Wednesday, we’re halfway to the
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Tuesday thoughts

May 16, 2017

Been over to visit Dad and I’m ready to do something even if
it’s wrong. Dad is doing better and the swelling finally went
down so he can move his arm without pain. He still gets a
little frustrated eating with his left hand but when the going
got tough he just picked up his pancake with his left hand and
finished it.

Before I left I got him a warm wash cloth so he could clean up
a little before therapy started. And his stitches come out
today too. Looks like he might be on schedule to get discharged
Friday and go home.

I took a little time to smell the roses yesterday even though
they are just starting to bud out.

The critters were out in force so I asked a few to pose so I
get their picture. They looked like this.

Now I think I’ll go out and smell the roses while thinking of
what kind of trouble to get into. Enjoy our Tuesday.
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Good intentions

May 9, 2017

We stopped by to see Dad today and he had nurses in the room
doing what nurses do when you’re their patient. We waited
outside the room until I couldn’t take it anymore. Wasn’t mad
at the nurses but I’d had a bad night and didn’t want to end
up in the adjoining room.

By the banter I could hear just outside the door Dad was in
good spirits and medical staff wasn’t alarmed so we could
always come back. At some point we all need a doctor, a lawyer,
a policeman, or a banker more than a visit from family. After
we got back home I noticed some critters around and told the
wife I’d try to sneak up on them and take a picture.

I noticed a tiny little red headed bird that was trying to
eat the whole yard. This was one busy critter.

Then a black and gold, fuzzy-headed critter lit on the fence.

A morning dove landed near some dandelions. Usually I find
them unattractive birds, but this one changed my mind.

Finally, what must have been a direct kin of the fuzzy-headed
fence hopper was pacing through the grass like an expectant
father in a waiting room.

Hours could have be spent just observing our neighborhood
creatures yet some chores and the never finished honey do
list awaits. Enjoy our Tuesday. It’s beautiful here after
last nights rain. Now I’ll find a Snicker’s ice cream bar to
keep up my strength then get busy until it’s pizza time.
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Busy times

April 18, 2017

Since the running is done, time for a post. We stopped by to
visit with Dad and had a nice talk before heading to get some
odds and ends done. The wife wanted to send a package while I
needed some things myself.

After spending what seemed like an hour to get the package on
its way we went to the farm supply store to check some things
off my list. It’s scary how I know my way around the new store
already, but in no time we had bird feed, furnace filters, and
a rake handle.

I went back outside after we got home and spotted what I
assumed was a dead butterfly. It looked pretty tore up and
wasn’t moving so I snapped a picture and bent down to pick it
up. That’s when it took off like it was on fire.

Never did figure out what happened to the little critter, but
it could still fly. That reminded of few days ago when I saw a
yellow bird and got a picture of it.

Still don’t know what kind of bird it is, but thought it neat.
Must be my month to keep guessing. We may get rain tonight and
tomorrow so we’ll take in the perfect day until it does. Enjoy
our Tuesday. It will only seem like a week until the weekend
gets here.
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It’s time

April 12, 2017

Since today is such a great day I’ve decided the yard work
will get done today. Many days are filled with history but as
mentioned I think today is going to be great.

On this date in 1776 the North Carolina Provincial Congress
authorized its delegation to vote for independence from
Britain. And also on this date the battle of Fort Pillow took
place in 1864. During this battle Confederate forces killed
most of the African American soldiers who surrendered. Then
in 1945 the U.S. Ninth Army crossed the Elbe River to reach

So on this day full of history I will venture out and mow the
lawn. Besides, when I look out and can only see a birds head
because of the high grass, the time has come. I guess I could
wait until it gets as high as a squirrels eye.

Even the birds are giving me dirty looks and hop around in
groups so the don’t get lost in the lawn. Calling the yard a
wetlands didn’t work, we can’t have a bird sanctuary in town,
and the city won’t let me call it prairie grass. Such is my

When I go outside the wife will be notified to come looking
for me if I’m not back in a few hours. On the bright side,
there may be treasure hiding in that there tall grass. Enjoy
our Wednesday, we’re halfway to the weekend.
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Another day…

April 11, 2017

another late post. Good intentions failed me again and a
curious mind led me astray. After going over to visit Dad first
thing this morning, number one on the agenda was to mow the
lawn. Yeah, it’s on my list for tomorrow now.

When I go outside the camera goes with me. Sometimes there’s
absolutely nothing that catches my eye and other times I rack
up 50 shots before I know it. Today was the later. So many
different critters to photograph and so little time to focus.

One of these critters is the yellow eyed bird above. He was
joined by a red tailed hawk, an eagle, 4 cardinals, 2 robins,
a blue jay, and some crows. And that was just this morning.

So after uploading the pictures I decided to straighten the
office. I thought real hard until I came to the conclusion that
if I organize the office I wouldn’t be able to find anything.
That brought me up lunch.

Since I was worn out from my busy morning I just took the wife
to one of our favorite spots so she could get a salad while I
consumed a burger with double pepper jack cheese. We left full
and smiling as I looked forward to the afternoon.

Before she went up to get some sleep, the wife turned the TV
on to an episode of NCIS that I hadn’t seen. You know where
this going. Now supper time is almost here and as worn out as
I am I’ll probably just make a pizza. I’ll need the energy to
mow the lawn tomorrow.

Enjoy our Tuesday, it’s the only one we get this week.
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Late edition

April 4, 2017

I don’t know why it is, but it seems to me the older I get the
more the subject of age comes up. During a visit with Dad today
he said he was blessed to have lived 91 years and that in a few
months he will be 92.

He gets around pretty well with the help of his cane, still
has his driver’s license and drives, and is sharp as a tack
most days. He also claims I don’t know what it’s like to be
91 and he’s right. I still don’t know how to act my age let
alone his.

Here on the east coast of Iowa we had a peek at some blue in
the skies this morning before the clouds came in an took away
the sun. The forecast for tomorrow is rain and a possible 1-3
inches of snow. Then this weekend a 70 degree high temperature.
What a great place to live!

One of these days I’m going to watch a “news” program from
start to finish and see if I’m missing anything. I don’t think
that is the case but am willing to watch to find out.

And that is going to wrap up this late edition of what should
have been posted this morning. I don’t consider it
procrastinating when I’m enjoying the day. We hope you enjoy
the first Tuesday in April. That is so special they had
elections across the river.

And now I need an ice cream cone to keep me going until my
late night pizza.
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