Of chickens, tractors, and butterflies

August 15, 2018

I was late for my visit with Dad yesterday but once I got there
we laughed almost the entire time. A couple of the highlights
were him explaining that when farmers got their first tractors
they would get to end of the field, yell “whoa” and run into a
creek or the ditch; the other was one time grandpa bought a
truckload of 2-week-old chickens.

According to Dad the farmers were so used to horses they
forgot to stop the tractors and started to panic when the
voice command didn’t stop the tractor.

The farm wasn’t set up for tiny chickens so Grandpa put all
the chicks in a spare bedroom of the farmhouse and told Grandma
not to open the door. Of course she didn’t listen, the chicks
made a break for freedom, and hours were spent rounding them all
up and getting them back in the room.

When I got back home after the visit, butterflies were all over
the neighborhood. Mostly Monarchs yet with a couple of dozen
flying around only one sat long enough to snap decent pictures.
I’m still working of getting pictures of them in flight but
these critters have no flight pattern that I could find.

Today we get rain and we need it. That may sound odd to those
experiencing flooding but it’s the truth. Things have dried out
some here on the east coast of Iowa and the weeds need some
water so they can pester us anew. It’s natures cycle of life.

So Enjoy our Wednesday, AKA the middle of the work week. Now I
need more coffee and a thick bacon sandwich.
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Winding down the weekend

August 12, 2018

Yesterday the lady who follows me around and myself cruised
about 80 north to a city you can see three states from yet we
didn’t go up the elevator to look. We went shopping for some
needed things for our upcoming trip before having lunch at a
local eatery.

We managed to get what we needed and some things we didn’t and
called the cruise a success. And that got me thinking about
spiders. Not my favorite subject but sometimes it is amazing to
watch them build a web.

I must have spent an hour watching this industrious creature
double the size of her web. So naturally I took some pictures
and decided to share them here. From what little I know about
these creatures I believe they are beneficial when outside and
not much of a bother inside as a rule.

Hard to believe more Horror Films aren’t made with these strange
looking critters. As far as being scary to me, they are not.
I’m not sure how I’d feel about jumping spiders if I was caught
unawares they are in a separate category. As long as they don’t
get as big as brown bears I’ll leave them alone.

The lawn was going to get mowed today until I decide to wait
until tomorrow. Since this web goes from the grass to the bushes
I’ll tell the spider it has another day before moving on as I
don’t feel like mowing around the web.

Enjoy our Sunday as it’s the last one we get this week while
Monday is only a dream away. And now, I need more coffee.
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What would it be like

August 10, 2018

This little critter was out to greet us this morning when we
got back from getting our groceries. One we call mama cat cut
him off at the pass as she must have thought she needed more

Yesterday we spied the butterfly and thought it looked like a
selfie was in order. After resizing the picture I noticed there
was also a fly on a leaf to the left of the butterfly. I don’t
think either will mind being in the same shot.

Little did I know that this picture would keep me up half the
night. You may wonder how a simple picture could cause a
sleepless night and I’ll try to explain.

After getting the pictures on the computer and sizing them to
make uploading faster I noticed how small the fly was next
to the larger butterfly. Almost like going to an air show and
seeing a Douglas Dauntless next to a C-130.

And that got me wondering what would it be like if the fly was
as big as the butterfly and the butterfly was the size of the
fly. Some flies are noisy enough at their current size but I
imagined the buzzing if they were 10 times larger than their
current size.

Of course the colorful butterfly would be harder to photograph
if they were as small as a fly. Which caused me to wonder if the
fly would become more aggressive in a larger body or stay the
same noisy pest as the original size version. About this time a
glance of the clock told me it was 03:30 and we get to the
grocery store at 07:00.

Enjoy our Friday as it means the weekend is here. Now I need
a lot more coffee to stay awake.
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Nothing new

August 9, 2018

We didn’t get a post out yesterday and not for lack of interest
or trying. It was the brain fart that wouldn’t go away. Now
we’ll talk of the meteor showers. Which meteor showers you ask?
The Perseid meteor shower.

We’re told the best days for seeing meteors in August 11th
through the 13th and the best time to watch is midnight until
the early morning hours. Since the moon will be missing on these
days the meteors should be easy to spot.

These meteor showers can last weeks but start gradually and fall
in number as times goes on. The Perseid meteor shower is also
an annual event which some like to watch while others like to
sleep through.

We mentioned that there would be no moon and of course that
isn’t entirely true. The waning crescent moon rises before dawn
and won’t interfere with a meteor watch. If you haven’t done
much star gazing and the like, you should allow your eyes at
least 20 minutes to adjust to the darkness once outside.

So, if you can’t look at critters during the late night you may
as well look to heavens where you just might see meteors racing
across the sky at the rate of 50 to 60 per hour. And if you’re
wondering what the picture of a butterfly at the top of this
post has to do with this post, we’ll explain.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the post we just liked it.
Enjoy our Thursday as it means we’re getting closer to the
weekend. Now for some more coffee.
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Friday figuring

August 3, 2018

Yesterday I awoke feeling like a 98-year-old man who just got
run over by a milk truck. When that happens I worry for a bit as
I don’t drink milk. So I went out with the camera and saw the
rays of the Sun coming through the clouds and instantly felt

When I looked down this butterfly was sitting there and he made
me laugh. There’s something about a little critter with an
attitude that causes a smile. With his jaw jutting out he looks
like he thinks he could whoop the world, if given the chance and
no birds spotted him looking for a tasty treat.

So after seeing the sky and the insect with the attitude I was
feeling better. The sky has been prettier and the leaf the
butterfly perched on looked a little worse for wear but one
finds beauty in the strangest places. It was almost like someone
was sending me a sign which caused a song to stick in my head.
Yeah, I was humming “Don’t worry, be happy” the rest the day.

Later this turkey vulture was circling the area and amongst the
clouds this bird looked much better than they do close up. If
you’ve ever run across one dining on road kill you know what we
mean. I probably should have got a clearer shot but felt I’d used
up all the luck earlier.

I didn’t spend the entire day outside, the chores I should have
got done yesterday are on the list for today, but retirement
does have its advantages. Enjoy our Friday as it’s the last one
we get this week. Now for some coffee, a little pizza, and
perhaps another stroll outside.
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Something is up

August 1, 2018

After hearing all the bull being shipped concerning some recent
events it’s time to let some ideas loose and see if anything
sticks. Not sure where this is headed but bear with me and we’ll
all get through this together.

The wildfires are being blamed on “Climate Change” while the
people stating such drivel keep a straight face. I do not accept
their opinion and will try to explain why.

In California they’ve denied access to irrigation to people who
need it, the government sprays these forests that are on fire
with an insecticide that is flammable, people are building
houses and entire sub-divisions abutting the forests, and the
natural fire breaks that used to be there were removed in the
name of conservation to stop erosion. Yet the fires are caused
by climate change?

On another topic, here throughout Iowa we’ve had a rash of
young girls go missing. We don’t know the numbers but it is
happening many times more than an average year. With recent
talks of human trafficking this is a scary trend.

And I saw a meme somewhere that said that 7% of American adults
think chocolate milk comes from brown cows and 44% of Millennials
believe Socialism is better than what we currently have. Not
really sure how true this is but it does explain a few things.

You can draw your own conclusions and I ask that you remember
these are my opinion and may not follow everyone else’s thoughts
on the matters addressed. Enjoy our Wednesday as it means we’re
halfway to weekend. Now I need more coffee and bacon sandwich
about a foot thick.
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Just another day in paradise

July 31, 2018

The little beauty above flew by low enough and was nice enough
to pose for a picture. Not sure where it was going but it seemed
in a hurry to get there. I often wonder why people fly with all
the restrictions put on them and the chance of having to get
searched to even get on the plane.

While pondering that I noticed the magnificent specimen above
and began to wonder if I didn’t mow it over next time I mow what
it would become. Probably a weed, but interesting on no
doubt. We’ll know tomorrow if it survives mowing.

Not to be outdone, the sky caught my eye and I noticed a
pattern of etch-a-sketch and finger painting. Whatever it was
I kept watching until my eyes crossed then moved on.

And the Mississippi Valley Fair starts today with Kids Day. I
was going back and forth as to attending until the morning news
stated that fair-goers should allow extra time as everyone
entering the gate would be searched.

Some think it’s a great idea while I believe it to be as dumb
as a glass outhouse. Another subject we’ll have to wait for the
outcome to see how we feel about it. I just know when we heard
about the search at the gate my response was Oh hell no!

It would take the security people doing the searches about 20
minutes for me to empty my pockets and even longer to explain
why I carry so many things on my person.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s the first one this week. As for
myself, nothing wrong with me that a gallon of coffee and some
leftover pizza won’t fix.
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