We don’t need it

May 18, 2018

Ok I get it. Tomorrow there is going to be a Royal Wedding over
in England. That said does it really take the whole week for the
talking heads to cover if the brides father will be there, what
kind of hats the ladies will be wearing, or how to drink tea the
proper English way?

We’ve had the ongoing volcano in Hawaii, a tornado in southern
Idaho, wildfires, a couple school shootings and much more that
the talking heads didn’t talk about. At least the little bit of
the nonsense I watched. So the TV is off again until said
talking heads report some news or a race comes on.

We don’t need no stinking TV anyway and I’ll tell you why.

When I walked off the back porch I saw this critter on a down
spout and while I’m sure it wasn’t building a nest it was busy.
Since I’m allergic to their stings I give them a wide berth

Then I heard a racket in the sky above and saw this beauty
making its way south to Illinois. As loud as it was on the
ground I wondered what it sounded like up close.

Then I saw these at the end of the neighbors fence to the north
and thought the colors just seem to go together. No birds that I
could see but I’m sure there are plenty around.

To the east the sky looked like a picture postcard. Not sure
what it would say though.

And finally, to the west the sky was sending mixed messages
and we’re not sure what they were. It looked almost like you
fall in and never stop dropping.

So we don’t need the TV thank you as we’ll keep enjoying what
God decides to share with us. Enjoy our Friday as it looks to
be a good one.
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What was it?

May 16, 2018

Outside the other day I noticed this wad of fur, feathers,
space dust, or whatever it is hanging from an overhead wire that
crosses our yard. Before I focused it looked like an insect of
some sort until it came in clearer.

One neighbor lady came outside her place and told me the sky
wasn’t going to change just because I was staring at it. So I
told her I wasn’t looking at the sky but the phone line with the
fuzz attached. She shook her head and voiced a few ‘tut’s before
asking what was so interesting.

So I told her it looked like a bug and it moved when the wind
gusted like it was alive. She just shook her head and went back
inside her house while I continued to watch whatever it was that
caught my interest.

Perhaps it is just a collection of things that the wind wove
together and stuck to the line yet I still wondered; what is it?
It didn’t fly off, continued to move in the breeze and was still
there when I lost interest. But it was gone this morning.

So I didn’t know what it was, where it came from, or where it
went after the object got tired of hanging on the wire. It did
resemble a fishing fly but had no hook, and looked like an
insect yet had no wings. This bothered my for a while.

After all, if it wasn’t there the next day could it clog the
intake on my mower or weed wacker? Was it an alien being sent to
scout out locations for a mass landing? What was it?

I can honestly say I don’t know what it was or where it went
and have moved on to other things. Just this morning I noticed
my battery powered lawn mower runs out of power at about the
same time I do. Then I put it on the charger and get myself some
ice cold lemonade. Works for me.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’re about halfway through the week. Now
I need some more coffee.
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A new day

May 14, 2018

Yesterday was Mother’s Day so we had dinner with my Mother-in-
Law. All went well, everyone ended up full, and we all had a
good time.

Today I put off mowing the lawn again as I had a feeling it was
going to rain before I could finish. When you have a battery
powered lawn mower you don’t want to mow in the rain.

So I grabbed the camera and ventured outside anyway. Saw this
squirrel scampering around an oak tree about 75 foot up and got
a shot. It looked almost like he was lunching on leaves. He
stayed up there longer than my patience lasted.

The I spotted this yellow and black critter almost on the
ground. He wasn’t buzzing around but preferred to walk his way
up the plant. He was also there longer than I cared to watch and
earned an E for effort. He really wanted that flower.

This little guy looked like he wanted to sample the cracked
corn before the rain. He actually tried some before moving on.
Not sure if he had a problem with corn or was on a quest for
something tastier.

Later he found some bird seed over by some hostas and chowed
down. Made we wondered if he tried the hostas also as they had
that chewed on look.

About that time it started raining pretty hard so I put down
the camera and went back out to watch the storm. And sure
enough, after about a half hour the rain just stopped. So I
grabbed the camera and saw these feral cats playing on a
felled tree in a neighboring lot.

So enjoy the pictures, and our Monday. I’m going for some
coffee and a burrito as I forgot lunch again.
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What I saw

May 9, 2018

The other night the western sky looked like this just after sun
set. Yes, there are power lines running through the shot but it
was the best shot I could get and I’m happy with it.

After the overnight rains the sky to the south looked like this
today and made the steeple seem tiny. Since the lawn was too wet
to mow again I just looked at the sights and dandelions. They’ll
be gone again for a few days shortly anyway.

Even in the first picture you can see the crispness of the
yellow, the almost metallic colors of the fly, and even the
different shades of green. In the larger picture you can see
most of that plus the delicate wings of the fly and the fluffy
center of the dandelion.

Most people would probably only see a weed and want to get rid
of it but I guess I see something different when I look. That
could mean I’m crazy but I see the beauty in this common weed.
And if I did pull the dandelions I’d make wine and hard telling
what I’d see then.

Enjoy our Wednesday as I’ve been. It means the work week is
halfway done. Now I need some coffee before I head back outside.

That’s my story

May 6, 2018

I usually don’t post on Sunday lately so thought I’d explain
why. When you go outside and look to the Heavens to see sights
like the picture above it can be awe inspiring. Too many shapes,
colors and contrasts for my old brain to process.

Then I spotted this high headed robin and got confused. Are the
heads on these birds supposed to be this tall? I thought not. In
the 2nd shot he is arguing with another robin whose head looks
normal. Never did figure it out.

Then I zoomed in on a dandelion and found a spider had photo-
bombed the picture. Would have sworn it wasn’t there when I took
the picture but cannot deny it’s there. Can’t tell if the spider
is smiling or not.

The sky was ever changing and every time you’d look up a
different picture would emerge. Not sure if this could be blamed
on the slight chance of rain, an act of God, or chem trails but
enjoyed it anyway. And that is why I usually don’t post on
Sundays. I’m just too busy enjoying the things around us.

Enjoy the rest of our Sunday as the work week is only a dream
away. Now for coffee and a Snicker’s.
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Brainless days

May 2, 2018

The day started with cloudy skies, a little wind, and the
humidity was so high you’d sweat buckets outside. So I decided
it would be a great day to get some inside jobs done. The
problem was while my body was ready to have at it my mind
decided to take a day off.

I opened windows and had fans running but the house was still
as hot and humid as outside. Even though my brain was nowhere to
be found I decided what we needed was another fan to cool the
house so the wife and I went to the farm supply store to find a

After some searching we found one we thought would work and we
wouldn’t need an electrical engineering degree to figure out. I
didn’t realize it’s hard to find a window fan without a remote
control. As a society we have gotten lazy.

We bought this technological marvel and once home unwrapped it,
sat it in the window, and discovered the cord was about a foot
to short to reach the outlet. Since I didn’t want to run
extension cords to trip over another plan was devised and said
fan was moved to another room where the cord did reach the

Turned the fan on only to discover it didn’t help keep the
hot, humid air out. And then it hit me. Take the fans out of
the windows, shut the windows, and turn on the central air.
That worked! But heh, even without my brain working the problem
was solved.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we are now that I figured how we could
cool off. Now I need more coffee and a pizza and I can handle
that with one brain tied behind my back.
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On May Day

May 1, 2018

Today is May Day and we thought it time for a little history of the
day. Ancient Celts called the event “Beltane”, the day halfway
between spring and summer. Young people were paired with a mate
and if the courtship continued the wedding would be held six
weeks later on June’s Midsummer’s Day.

The dance around the Maypole had a whole different meaning back
then. As happens the Maypole has been sometimes banned over the
eons usually because those who did the banning believed those
who did the Maypole dance were taking part in fertility rites.
Others banned it because of it’s pagan origins and the dance
inspired bawdy revelry.

Maypole dances today are choreographed and are something to
see. The multi colored ribbons circling the pole as the dancers
weave and twirl are usually done in historic areas today.

There are many May Day traditions and we’ll mention a few here.
Farmers plant corn, cucumbers, and turnips today. Kids can go
barefoot on May Day for the time, beekeepers move bees, and
fishermen expect to catch fish today.

Some groups crown a May Queen and neighbors might leave baskets
of of flowers on each other’s doorstep, and in Hawaii today is
called Lei Day.

Lore has it if a maiden gathers dew before sunup and sprinkles
her face with it, she will enjoy luck and youthful beauty for
the rest the year.

So enjoy our May Day and I’ll get some more coffee.
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