Short one

October 16, 2018

It’s another fine day here on the east coast of Iowa and we’re
not complaining. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and once
it got above freezing enjoyable. Yeah, nothing wrong here today.

Went to visit Dad this morning and had a good talk and a great
visit. Left him in good spirits with enough doughnuts to last
him a few days and his TV working again. We even have our
internet and phone back. I’m not going to jinx it by saying
about time.

The wife and I went out to have lunch and managed to find a
parking spot close to our destination. There are days when that
just doesn’t happen. When asked how I want burger cooked I say
“burn it” and usually end up with the burger cooked anywhere
from rare to medium. This time, while not burnt, it was close
enough for me.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to get some of the yard work done as
it needs it. If I don’t there is always Thursday. So enjoy our
Tuesday as we will. Now I need more coffee as I’m still trying
to wear the kitten out.
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October 11, 2018

After our last rain that dumped over 2 inches of water in less
than 8 hours I checked the basement and found it dry. Not one to
look a gift horse in the mouth it was quickly forgotten. Until

After breakfast I decided to do dishes as we don’t have a fancy
dishwasher. That was when I noticed the hot water tap was only
producing warm water. I knew that meant the rainwater had found
a path to our basement. When I finished said dishes a quick trip
downstairs proved me right.

Now the dishes are drying in the rack and the water is out of
our basement awaiting a fan to dry things out even further. I
should have the water heater up and running later today or else
tomorrow. Then the floors will get swept and mopped in
preparation of the next time.

Soon things will get cool enough that the basement won’t be a
problem until the snow melts in the spring. And to think, I was
going to clear some brush today as our low was in the 30s last
night. And the lawn needs going over one more time before the
first frost also.

Gotta love a challenge. Tomorrow we’ll see if our grocery store
got a supply of my of pizzas in and if not I may look into a
case of ramen noodles. Enjoy our Thursday as I’m sure we will
once the basement runs out of water. Now for more coffee.
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October 4, 2018

Here on the east coast of Iowa we have many sayings about the
weather. One that’s proven true lately is ‘if you don’t like the
weather stick around, it’ll change’. Yesterday the sky was a
dingy white and the high got near 90 degrees with humidity off
the charts.

This morning when I went out to feed the feral cats it was
around 50 degrees with low humidity. Didn’t take long for me to
wake up once outside. Not sure what, if anything, that means but
I have a feeling we’re going to have a snowy winter.

We didn’t get many pictures yesterday due to the gloomy skies
so will try to get some today while the sun is out. The leaves
are changing color and we hope to get a few shots of that while
out and about.

Personally, I can’t wait for colder temperatures as that’s when
the eagles start meeting on the river. There are times you can
venture to the banks of the Mississippi and see more eagles than
you can count. Some do an official count but I don’t have enough
fingers and toes for that job.

On another note, the Presidential Alert went out yesterday and
we were led to believe it would only involve smart phones, You
can imagine my surprise when I opened my old flip phone and saw
the notice that I had received the alert. With all the other
alerts that go out I don’t see the need for another.

At any rate, enjoy our Thursday as we will. And now I need more
coffee to face the rest of our day.
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The last one?

October 3, 2018

We heard on the local morning news that a little north of us on
the east coast of Iowa the Monarch butterfly migration had made
a stop. Not thinking much about it we got on with our routine
until later when I stepped outside with the camera.

Not too far out of the door the critter above showed up and
agreed to pose for some pictures. A grand looking creature that
had me wondering how something this small could migrate to
Mexico and back. Hop on a south bound bird?

The butterfly seemed to fall asleep for a short time with wings
pulled together but it didn’t last long. Soon enough this one
just up and fluttered off in a somewhat southerly direction. What
I thought was odd was that said butterfly was all alone. I
thought they migrated in groups.

Unless he was an outcast or criminal of some kind making a
getaway hiding in plain sight. Still not sure of what to make of
his lone wolf attitude but as mentioned he was a colorful little

I expected to see more today as the high is going to be in the
80s with a southerly wind. Perhaps they’ve moved on until next
year so it was a good to get a couple of pictures of the last

Enjoy our Wednesday as that means the middle of work week for
those still employed and just another day to those of us who
have retired. Since I splurged for breakfast at Hardee’s I need
more coffee to wash it down.
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Another strange one

October 2, 2018

Yesterday we thought we should have built an ark. The skies to
the south did not look promising during most of the day. Storms
were predicted but ended up north of our place on the east coast
of Iowa.

The skies to the west sent confusing signals with patches of
deep blue between the clouds. We’ve been through many storms
over the years and many cloudy days yet we didn’t know what to
make of the conflicting clouds.

To the north the outlook didn’t get any better. No thunder or
lightening yet a sight to behold. At noon it looked akin to dusk
when one ventured out and we did so often. There are times when
you can tell that storms were on the way but that wasn’t the case
all day.

Looking east you could tell a jet passed over as the skies in
this direction also told a confusing tale. The clouds hung
around and the humidity was high and still the rain didn’t come.

Even the birds were taking shelter under the leaves. And yet
the rain didn’t come until much later and didn’t amount to much
considering the display God put on in the sky. Since we have rain
chances much of this week it will make yard work an effort to get
things done between the drops.

Today looks to be about the same as yesterday but cooler. We
don’t believe rain is in the forecast today so the lawn mower
may get fired up if things dry out. Oh yeah, it did rain. Just
not the gully washer we thought.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we will as soon as I have more coffee and
a bunch of waffles.
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Changing the rules

September 27, 2018

Out and about yesterday some birds in the old gnarled oak tree
caught my attention and a few of the pictures turned out ok.
This was just before sunset and lent a reddish tint to the birds
and tree.

A little lower in the tree a woodpecker sat enjoying the sunset
much as I was doing. This critter just sat there without making
a racket, or sawdust, out of the tree. Since it was about sun
down I figured Woody must have pecked the trees earlier in the

Then the almost full moon came out and with a clear sky it was
natures night-light. Not bright enough to read by yet shedding
enough light to ensure not tripping over unseen obstacles. Even
had a short talk with Monte (the man in the moon).

It got down in the 40s last night so after driving the neighbor
crazy waltzing around the block looking for a good angle I came
back inside and finished some chores that didn’t get done when
I had my camera outside.

Then I tried playing by the rules. I thought if I stayed awake
longer it would mean a later awakening in the morning so the
news would be over before I got up. Wrong. Went to bed at 1:30
am and woke up refreshed at 5 am.

Just goes to show when you think you know all the rules there’s
always someone who changes the rules without informing you. I
guess sleep is overrated anyway. Enjoy our Thursday as we will
as soon as my brain starts working and wife gets home. I need
more coffee to help that process.
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No what?

September 26, 2018

We were told we’d have no internet, phone, and cable tv from
midnight last night to six this morning. No big deal as I could
still watch Perry Mason then sleep through some of the outage.
It is now nine a.m. and we are still without internet, phone,
and cable tv. When the services are working again we’ll get this
on the blog.

On another note, we mentioned a large bird was perched in the
old oak tree across the alley and here is some of the pictures.
Looks to be a hawk looking at me as I was focusing the camera.
As mentioned the bird sat there quite a while and must have been
looking for an early lunch.

Even a low flying jet didn’t seem to bother the bird when I
was ready to cover my ears to cut down on the noise. This plane
appeared to fly right over the tree where said hawk was sitting
and our yard where I was standing with my mouth open.

After the jet passed and things settled down the hawk decided
a higher perch was in order and reached a branch with a better
view. He sat there looking for lunch as I thought, what a
majestic looking creature.

Then he took off like his tail was on fire as I tried to keep
this feathered rocket in the the picture and the picture in
focus. The bird flew south and I lost track of the critter when
trees got in the way. But it was a sight to see.

And now it seems our services are up and running again so I’ll
post this and let you see the hawk. Enjoy our Wednesday as we
will now we’re back in the right century. Now for some coffee.
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