Little stroll and a few cats

January 13, 2021

Overslept again and this is late but my head has been in the clouds as I walked down memory lane and remembered the country I grew up in. Not sure what happened but we sure don’t live there now. Growing up family, school, and chores came first with church required on weekends. Families at supper together and it always started with somebody saying grace.

But it was much more than that. We were proud of our country, flew the flag, helped family and neighbors when needed, didn’t lock our houses or even our cars, and politicians got along. We voted for the best ideas, not by party line, and basically got along. There was no offer for a free lunch because we knew nothing is actually free. Not sure where all this hate came from, or the idea that big government is a good idea, but honestly believe this started to change after JFK was assassinated.

We oldfarts saw the country we grew up in after 9/11. On 9/12 flags blew in the wind across the country and any hate was forgotten. We worked as one nation without thought of race, religion, sexual orientation, or political party. We were once again ‘one nation under God’. Too bad we couldn’t stay that way.

Thought I’d end this with a few pictures of the feral cats as it brings me back to a better mood. One of the last times I saw this one he would fit in the palm of your hand. Seeing him grown up and looking good makes me smile.

This sassy lady still has the bright colorings of her youth. Always thought the color would fade with age but so far she’s proving me wrong. Good looking cat though.

Finally, this is Patches with her winter coat. We’ve fed her since she was weaned and enjoy her daily visits. She likes to get her ears scratched and comes right up so I can do so. She doesn’t look impressed in the picture.

Enjoy our Wednesday as I’m sure there’s a camel in an office somewhere. Now for more coffee and a bite to eat. Comments are always welcome.

Thinking again

December 19, 2020

A little late, but the critters are fed, the wife is home, and a dream from last night had me waltzing down memory lane again. In this dream we were at a small town somewhere, in the rain, and people seemed amazed that over 300 people showed up for the celebration. A young man named Sam and myself had volunteered to help out with the festivities.

When it started raining we tried to direct people to the exits in an orderly manner with varying degrees of success. Then the rain quit, a giant rainbow appeared, and people got calmer. A traffic jam occurred in the imaginary small town after the festival as everyone tried to leave at once. Even that wasn’t bad as people stayed calm and waited for their turn in line.

Which reminded me of our recent trip. Some things came to mind that weren’t remembered before the dream. One is that we noticed it seemed every small town had a Dollar General store. Being on the two-lane blacktop we’d start looking for the yellow and black signs as soon as we hit the town limits! It almost turned into a game.

Something else we noticed in the small towns across three states was due to the fact that something was missing. Litter. Living in a city of 100,000 we’re just used to seeing it. Can’t remember a single small town we went through that had any litter. That made us wonder; are they neater in small towns, or have the common sense not to throw things out the car window while driving along?

Finally, we noticed the dirt, or mud, on the cars and trucks. Here in our part of Iowa a muddy truck will usually have black mud splashed down the side or sometimes a white grime from a gravel road. Further south we saw several cars and trucks splashed with red dirt. For some reason that got our attention. We’ll end this here and prepare for tomorrows snicker.

Enjoy our Saturday as tomorrow is only a dream away. Now for coffee and a few donuts. Comments are always welcome.

The dream

September 19, 2020

picture from Hemmings

I awoke from a dream so real this morning I could smell the cigarette
smoke and stale beer. In the dream three of us were bar hopping in a 1952 Willys Aero Ace as shown above. Among those of us in the Willys, and drinking, I was the only one still alive.

By that I mean my Mom, brother, and myself, decided to take a
totally trashed Willys that rode like it had three square wheels
and visit some dives with honkeytonk jukeboxes. Said bars even had
the jar of pickled boiled eggs sitting in front of the taps.

For some reason I was designated driver of the wayward Willys and
both the beer and peanuts tasted stale. We started at a skid row bar
where I made sure to get cigarettes out of the machine to ensure I
didn’t run out.

Then the dream got strange. At least to me it got stranger than
drinking with two dead relatives and driving a car none of us ever
had, but I digress. We ended up at a place that had the shortest bar
we’d ever seen. It was long enough for four bar stools and filled
up as soon as the three of us sat down.

The juke box was full of songs by Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, Lefty
Frizzell, Hank Williams, and more. But this bar entered the Twilight
Zone when we noticed the ‘bottomless’ beer glasses. No matter how
long you sipped your beer the glass never got empty and the beer
stayed cold.

That’s when I woke up and realized it was just a dream. After all,
I haven’t had a beer since 1987! But it was good to spend time with
Mom and John again even if it wasn’t real.

Enjoy our Saturday. Now for more coffee and leftover pizza.
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What a visit!

July 30, 2020


Went over to visit Dad yesterday a little apprehensive about how
he was doing. He was feeling a lot better and we were both smiling
when I left. While his short term memory is almost gone, he does
remember things that happened years ago.

He asked if a friend was still living who used to take a roll of
nickels to the Casino. When his roll of nickels was in the slot
machine he’d leave. The Casino wasn’t going to get all his money! And
he has passed away.

He asked about my old drinking buddy who would walk into a bar and shout “anybody in here Wanna fight?” If anyone said yes they’d step outside and get it on. Far as I know he moved out of state. We still remain friends even though I quit drinking in 1987.

Then he told the story of a neighbor in the old neighborhood. Lived
across the street from the folks and raised chickens for eggs. The
guy thought he’d pull a prank and put a live chicken on the enclosed
porch. When the neighbor came around later he was surprised the
chicken was gone.

When said neighbor asked what happened to the chicken, Dad said ‘we ate it’. Dad couldn’t believe the guy didn’t think he knew what to do with a chicken. Dad said, just wrung its neck, plucked it, and ate it. The Antique Farmer wasn’t an antique then, but it was known he did farm.

Then it was time to leave so we said our goodbyes as he sank back
in his recliner with a big smile on his face. Times like these will
be remembered until I’m gone.

Enjoy our Thursday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now I
need more coffee.
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Looking back

July 27, 2020

This wasn’t meant to be an afternoon post but I kept changing between two different ideas and lost my train of thought. As my body gets older it seems if I don’t act on something while it’s fresh in my mind the thought vanishes.

Decided to go with a story on when I first started my contracting
business instead of the other, more serious, thought. 45 years ago I
ran an ad to drum up business and the first person who answered
said ad was a lady 30 years my senior. This lady was also the last
person I worked for before retirement.

Over the years we became friends and would often take her along to
Cruise-Ins and other such events. We’d all have supper then walk
around and look at the cars. I remember the first time she went
along when I asked her what she thought of the cruise.

‘Lordy, I sure don’t remember the cars being that colorful when
they were new’ was her response. Over the decades it got to the
point she didn’t want to go along anymore and although it saddened
us, we respected her decision.

Things almost ended with a fight between her son and myself when he
called and told me to make her go. I got a little irate over that and
told him I would not kidnap his mother to go out with us. Not long
after that conversation he put her in a nursing home. We would visit
her even though she didn’t remember us.

She died not long after being put in the home yet working with this
lady was by far the highlight of my time in business. All we have now
are memories and I’m glad to at least have that.

Enjoy our Monday as another week of 2020 begins. Now I need more
coffee and some tacos.
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Memory Lane 2.0

July 17, 2020

Got to thinking about how things have changed since I was a lad in
50s and early 60s. We had no cell phones, computers, electronic
games, and stores closed on Sunday. We went to church on Sunday and ate what was on the table or did without. We got whopping and had to pick the switch; there were no time outs, and going out to eat out was a special event. Everybody would stand a face the flag during the National Anthem.

After homework we had chores to do, sat down to dinner as a family,
then watched one of 3 channels on the black and white TV. We didn’t have air-conditioning or gas furnaces. We had a fan when it hot and were in the basement to shovel coal to keep the heat on when
it was cold.

We weren’t rich, but we were happy. We never got bored as we always had something to do. In the summer we topped onions or worked the corn while winter meant making money shoveling walks. Go to the swimming pool? That was a luxury and you could swim in the river for free. Of course after swimming in the river you needed a bath to get rid of the smell.

Some say that was a hard life, but I can’t figure out why. It gave
us the notion that hard work pays off and set priorities that still
exist today. I remember well as I ponder what the hell happened while we were all busy building our lives.

Next we’ll hear somebody took the gravel out of Memory Lane and
replaced it with cement. Enjoy our Friday while keeping cool. Now
for more coffee and some pizza.
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On the sea again

July 8, 2020

Went over to visit Dad this morning and he was in a talking mood.
Usually it’s a good day if he talks in spurts of more than two
sylables. He talked so much he had to stop and catch his breath.
That doesn’t happen often.

He said his ship was in the port when the peace pact with Japan
was signed to end WW I. The ship all the dignitaries were on was
visible from the deck of his ship.

Then he went on about star shells being fired out of the big guns
and other things concerning the guns. And he mentioned he crossed
the Atlantic Ocean three times. Not sure how that worked as his
memory isn’t what it used to me, but he stuck with three times.

We talked about the 4th of July and how it has gotten so noisy
now and his neighbor sneaking outside to set off firecrackers
at odd hours. We were both in good spirits when I left and I was
smiling long after I got back home.

So I let my guard down, sat on the couch after my return, and
promptly nodded off. This heat just doesn’t agree with me anymore.
After an hour nap I woke up hungry and thought it a little early
for pizza.

So I had 2 cheeseburgers thinking it would be healthier than what
usually makes it to my stomach. I even had them on toasted wheat
bread instead of a bun. Can’t get much healthier than that. Not sure
how long I can keep eating healthy, but hear it’s good for us.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. Now I need more coffee.
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A few things

March 3, 2020


Our prayers go out to all those affected by last nights torndao in

Today is super Tuesday and we’ve been told that whoever wins tonight will have a solid lead on the others. If we miss the coverage now it can be seen tomorrow morning on the news shows then. Of course this happens on the night we like to watch a couple shows on TV and the local channels are covering the event.

No great loss there, just an inconvenient. If you live in one the
states involved in super Tuesday please go vote if you are so
inclined. We’ll wait and see who is ahead when the dust settles.

Went over to visit Dad today and he was in a rare talkative mood. He
joined the Navy in 1942 and said it was because he didn’t want to get
drafted. He also said he was in port in Okinawa, Japan, when the peace agreement was signed.

He mentioned how rough the Atlantic Ocean can get and how the ship
would bounce around when the going got tough. I mentioned the time
we sailed through a Typhoon and that wasn’t a smooth sail either. He
also claimed he crossed the Atlantic 3 times.

I didn’t catch it at the time, but wouldn’t you be back in Japan if
you crossed 3 times? Going to ask him next week. He also said the
chili I took over was great and I could bring more over any time.
Guess more chili is on the menu soon.

Enjoy what’s left of our Tuesday and we hope you’re getting decent
weather where you are. Now for some coffee and a pizza.
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Just some thoughts

January 1, 2020

If you were lucky enough to have a King’s Food Host near you when
growing up, and were cheap like me, you may remember the Cheese
Frenchee sandwich. To some a deep-fried cheese sandwich might not
sound appetizing but I loved them in my wrecker driving days.

Don’t know what newspaper this was in or the author, but it sounds
close to what I remember. If this sounds like a good snack to you
please use the recipe and let us know what you think.

2019 ended on a good note and so far 2020 has been pretty good also. Got a call from my brother and we caught up a bit on what was going on with each other. Then our youngest called and had a good chat with him too. He was getting ready to go to his in-laws for black-eyed peas and corn bread.

Right around midnight the wife called from work to wish me a happy new year and we had a short talk. Was expecting more fireworks than actually went off. It was a quiet start to the new year for a change.

In 2018 I told 2019 to hit me with its best shot. I believe that was
taken as a challenge and did not repeat it this year. I’ll just go
along to get along this year. Because of that I’m thinking it’s only
63 days until Spring.

It was mentioned earlier that I don’t make resolutions on the new
year. Don’t make them any other time either. Seems as I get older and
time speeds up there is no time for resolutions. About as close as I
can get to that is to say we’ll keep taking pictures and share them

Enjoy our first Wednesday of 2020. Now I need more coffee and a
snack before things get crazy.
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The trip

December 12, 2019

I got distracted and took a long walk down memory lane to a trip
from many years ago. The interstate highways weren’t done and the
best way to get from here to most places west was Route 66. So the
family took the mother road to California.

One afternoon we stopped in Flagstaff, Arizona for the night and I
remember it being warm enough we were shorts and t-shirts yet the
guy behind the counter handed out blankets and explained how to
turn the heaters on in the rooms.

Being a young lad I thought he was crazy and saw no need to pay
attention to his speech. My mind changed after dark when it got
colder than well diggers butt and I couldn’t remember how to turn
the gas powered heater on.

We finally got the heater going, and used the blankets he handed
out earlier. When we got to California my Grandpa suggested us guys
all go fishing. We were all for that so he hitched up his boat and
took us out on the ocean to fish.

Ran into a school of halibut and before we knew it had a boat full
of the strange looking fishes. Later that day we had a cookout and
I haven’t eaten so much fish before or after. It was quite a trip
and now, 55 years later, I still remember how much fun we had.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means Friday is just a dream away. And
since somebody drained my coffee cup, I need a refill.
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