Good start

January 18, 2022

Saw the Wolf full moon last night, and this morning, spied a cardinal on the fence post, and watched a mediocre sunrise. Pretty good start to the day. Of course I also looked to the Heavens and thanked God for allowing me another day to enjoy.

As happens around here, today the high will be around 40 today and then the temps drop into the deep freeze for a while. We won’t get anywhere near record cold but we’ve noticed that when the weather guessers on TV talk of cold weather they usually talk ‘feels like’ temperature and not the actual temperature.

What we can’t figure out is are they trying to convince us that climate change is a priority that our government needs to throw copious amounts of money at to fix, or themselves? From personal experience, when the government says they have to spend money to fix something that isn’t broken, they usually end up breaking it and blame the break on someone else.

I did get a few pictures of the full moon and will share after they are uploaded, if they turn out ok. Finally, I’ve only had two cups of coffee this morning so there may be spelling or other errors in this post. That is intention for those who look for such things and take pride in pointing them out.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it looks to be good one here. Now I need more coffee.

Why me Lord?

January 5, 2022

Yes, that old Kris Kristoffersen standard is running through my head again. We’ll explain. You may remember we mentioned the furnace went out Sunday night and the temperature got down to 63 degrees in the house before our furnace guy fixed it.

Well, yesterday the wife and I were kicking back in the front room watching TV and I had to either get up or fall asleep. I chose getting up and when I did the wife said it felt chilly. Checked the thermostat on the way to a pizza and it read 66 degrees. It was set at 71.

So the wife calls the furnace repair place, explains our problem, and is quickly told they can get to us Thursday afternoon. The wife then mentioned she was disabled so someone showed up about 7:30 last night and said it was the gas valve. Put in on I told the technician. Then he said the company doesn’t stock said valve but can get it from a jobber even after hours.

Go for it he was told and that was when he told me there was a $100 fee, that we would have to pay to have said jobber open his business after hours to get the part. I know this works in a similar way with car parts so told him to go for it. This morning the furnace is still working.

We can only hope this fix lasts longer than the last one. Enjoy our Wednesday as it means we’re half way through whatever is going to hit us this week. Now I need coffee.

Good intentions

January 4, 2022

Had the idea of keeping the early posting going but my luck ran out. We did manage to get all our running done yesterday and even went later out to see the meteor shower that is supposed to be visible yet tonight. Problem was, I forgot an oldfart nap in between.

Things went good dropping off and picking up the wife from rehab so we heading to the home medical place so the wife could get some new attachment for the oxygen concentrator. Being it was the first day after the new years holiday things went about as quick as molasses in January. Still not a problem at this point, except for the fact that every dog and his brother seemed to swarm to the same shopping center.

When she finally came back out we stopped at a gas station so I could get more cancer sticks and that’s when things went downhill. The idiots came out in droves and one even blocked the exit displaying his worst driving habits when snow is on the ground. When the way was cleared we were on our way again to mail off a package at the UPS place.

In that parking lot, again packed with idiots, so many people we trying to back out of their parking spaces it looked like an old Keystone Kops movie! Naturally, the lot wasn’t plowed and there was no handicap entry to the business available. With me following holding a big box to be shipped the wife slipped on the curb and went down.

She wasn’t hurt so I threw the package down and helped her up. When we got inside the store everyone was concerned about her well being as she rested and I went to the counter. We got the package on its way and she held onto my arm as we slid our way back to the car. After helping her get in the car it was time to head home.

Of course that was when every vehicle within 40 feet of ours decided to back up and cause a jam. That finally got straightened out so we could leave by the nearest exit. Then, after supper, I decided to go outside and relax with nature. Later I went back out to see if any meteors were visible and knew the troubles weren’t over for the day. It started to cloud up yet I stayed out.

Around 0230 you couldn’t see Orion in the sky so my brain told me my feet were cold and no meteors would be seen anyway. So I went back inside and gave up for the day. I’m a little gun shy today and the post is late.

Enjoy our Tuesday since it’s here. Now I need more coffee.

Out with old…

December 30, 2021

We’re at that time of year where people will start thinking of their New Years resolutions. Usually this involves someone saying they are going to stop doing something like smoking, or start doing something like working out. Gyms love this time of year as membership goes up while bars aren’t too crazy about the idea as some don’t occupy their usual bar stool.

That changes after a week or two and things get back to the SSDD mentality. The gyms go mostly unvisited by the new members while the old denizens of the bars come back to fold. And life goes on. Fireworks will go off at midnight and the new year will get a toast to better days.

This year may be a bit different however as there will be some who stay up to make sure the old year leaves without a fight. So many things went FUBAR in 2021 that we don’t know anyone who would like a repeat. As the saying goes, time will tell.

We used to say it can’t get any worse but have found some take that as a challenge. Enjoy our Thursday since it’s here. Now for more coffee.

Didn’t miss

December 29, 2021

The snow that was supposed to go north didn’t miss us. We ended up with somewhere between 2 and 4 inches of white fluffy love from above brightening up the landscape. And we have a few more snowy days ahead before the new year. It has been an interesting year.

Got up early, started drinking coffee, and finally decided some bacon and eggs would go good with the coffee. And it did. So now that I’ve had my coffee and breakfast it’s time to get ready to shovel the white fluffy love from above. Didn’t get it done yesterday as the forecast said it would melt, it didn’t. I’m not falling for that again.

Of course today is a lot colder than it was yesterday and what did melt has froze. Will find out if the snow has an ice crust on top, turned to solid ice, or stayed just snowed. We have the gear for all the mentioned but may not have the ambition. Time will tell. So if you see this oldfart laying in the snow, I’m not making snow angels. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

Enjoy our Wednesday if you like. Now for more coffee before going outside.

It’s ongoing

December 28, 2021

Yesterday the birds were out playing but are nowhere to be seen this morning. Believe they must have listened to weather forecast and are as confused as I am. We are told a winter weather advisory is in affect today as we could get snow, followed by freezing rain, followed by rain.

Or, the snow may not make it to the ground, the freezing rain could pass us by, but we may see rain. We realize the forecast on our local TV station covers a good portion of north east and east central Iowa, and that we could see some weather today, but don’t see the need for advisories of weather that doesn’t happen.

Keep people informed, just leave us out of it. I’m out there and if it’s raining, I get wet. We can see the logic behind the warnings for severe weather yet wonder where this ends. We already have actual temperatures, wind chills, and feels like temperatures in the forecasts. We even have different threat levels with the advisories and warnings.

After reading this far you may think we have a dislike of the meteorologists on TV who guess what our weather might be. Actually, we find these people amusing and entertaining. On some later post we may get into what we believe the reason for the dumbing down of the weather forecasts that confuse some of us oldfarts.

Enjoy our Tuesday with Christmas in the rear view mirror. Now I need coffee.

After the fact

December 27, 2021

Here’s hoping everyone had a good Christmas as we had a great one. We even made it to Christmas Eve mass. Well, almost. The wife really wanted to go but didn’t feel up to it, but due to the wonder of modern technology we were able to watch on TV. Not the service I remember as it wasn’t in Latin.

One of our neighbors getting into a yelling match, with their windows open, couldn’t ruin the day and it put a smile on my face. Some things just don’t change. We even had great weather for Christmas with things warming up for both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Today we’re going to start out ok with a possibility of snow in the near future.

Snow was about the only thing missing and not a big deal. Read somewhere we get a white Christmas here about 40% of the time. Don’t know how true that is yet it sounds right. We did get a thunderstorm last night that I watched for a while. Told the wife I was out listening to the lightning and had to rib me about my choice of words.

What can I say, I’m just a guy who photographs penguins when they fly over Iowa. Enjoy our Monday as it’s here anyway. Now I need coffee.

Getting the spirit back

December 23, 2021

Yes, we’re a little late but feel it’s worth the wait this time. For the first time in the history of this blog this is the first post to come to you live from the basement penthouse of Casa Cruiser! Don’t get up here often as the view is distracting yet feel with Christmas so close it is appropriate.

The table holds several hot rod magazines and a chew toy and water bowl are under the table in hope the Christmas beagle leaves us some circus peanuts this year. After all, I’ve been good. Not all year, and certainly not nice at times, but most days that end in a y. We can only hope.

And it doesn’t look like this year will feature a white Christmas as the people who guess the weather on our TV tell us it’s going to be a little too warm. And we’re ok with that. I remember when I came home from the service in the 70s. It was right after Christmas and it was 65 degrees out.

The wifes cats even left us a present. Kind of. One of them decided it would be a good idea to get sick on our kitchen table. And of course she even left part of her surprise on the TV remote. But it’s all cleaned up, disinfected, and wiped down now, which is another reason for the late post.

May even venture out in search of some fresh circus peanuts and not the stale ones you could make bullets out of. Enjoy our Thursday as Christmas is just around the corner. Now for more coffee.

Still crazy

December 22, 2021

Here we are, almost Christmas and things aren’t making any more sense than before. In case you haven’t heard, we have a virus going around the world and politicians are getting crazy again. In January of this year the Great Barrington Declaration was published and not many knew about it.

The declaration is one of around 400 studies that all found lockdowns, shelter in place, school closures, masks and mask mandates have failed to reduce deaths or slow the spread of the virus. Yet our government continues to push, or threaten us with, all of the above. Of course Fauci declared these studies as nonsense.

These studies also show that governmental lock downs, closures, and mask requirements will cause problems that will take decades, or more, to repair. Undiagnosed illnesses which may result in deaths, depression, anxiety, suicides, and drug overdoses to name a few.

On top of that the government refuses to let doctors use known drugs to treat those with the virus and are brow beating those who do. And the last time we checked, using the CDC’s own numbers, 79% of those currently infected with the virus have been vaccinated. Perhaps the government should be working on lowering gas prices and inflation instead.

Enjoy our Wednesday. Now for some coffee.

Day 2

December 21, 2021

It’s day 2 of our anniversary celebration and it hasn’t started out well. Woke up and wished the wife a happy anniversary and she replied with ‘happy winter solstice’! Guess the honeymoon is over yet I expected as much.

A little later we’re going to the DOT to see if the wife can get a handicap card for her car. As someone who doesn’t have a good track record with the DOT, and doesn’t understand why appointments are necessary, it should be interesting. Perhaps I can wait in the car and not jinx her chances. We’ll find out.

I remember when I went out to get a title changed and plates for a car I just bought. That involved getting something notarized, several trips to see the person who sold me the car, and myself almost winding up in over with my “attitude”. Guess I can’t help myself. Finally had our youngest son go in and try his luck and he came out with title and plates a short time later.

We can only hope the wife has better luck. Christmas is right around the corner so we’ll wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Please remember the reason for the season. Now to get ready for our cruise to the DOT. Enjoy our Tuesday.