Just one of those days

January 11, 2019

Yesterday the sky was blue and the birds were out. Today I’ve
been running since I got up. Yesterday I marveled at seeing
European starlings and crows in the same tree while today it
took all I had not to strangle a cat!

Yes, it’s been one of those days. After waking up this morning
I wandered into the kitchen and before the coffee was even done
one of the wife’s older cats decided to use her laptop bag as a
litter box. The bag is history but I did manage to save the
computer and most of the contents of said bag.

So after getting a late start on our errands a new one was
added to the list. We had to find a laptop bag that didn’t smell
as gamey as the old one. I didn’t realize there were so many
different sizes and types of bags for laptops. We learned not to
trust what you read on labels also.

The wife said her laptop was a 17 inch. Wally World only had
one bag with a tag that stated it fit a 17 inch laptop. So she
got it and after an hour running the rest the errands we were
back at home. This is when we learned not to trust the labels.

Although her laptop fit in the bag we couldn’t zip the bag
shut. I guess technically the laptop did fit and just assumed
that the bag would also close. At least everything else went
smoothly once we got the problems sorted.

And we have snow coming tonight, even though it doesn’t look
to be a bad storm. If all we get is 3 inches I’m going to feel
cheated. It’s hardly worth it to get my gear on and machinery
out for less than a foot. I’ll manage anyway.

So enjoy our Friday as that means the weekend gets here just in
time for the snow. Now I need more coffee while enjoying the
calm before the storm.
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Got lucky

November 30, 2018

Woke up yesterday and when I looked out the back door this male
cardinal was perched along the fence. So I ran to the office,
grabbed my camera, went back out and got lucky as he was still

As I looked in the other direction this female was having a
snack on a branch of a bush. Hard to get lucky twice but I
wasn’t arguing. I had a smile on my face.

That’s when I saw the male cardinal land in the bushes a short
distance from the female. Too bad I don’t play the lottery when
on a roll like that. It ended up being a great day too.

A little later we ran some errands and while there was nothing
of interest to me in the camera department of Wally World we
did find a secret ingredient to make a batch of gorp later. And
that even turned out good.

I was still grinning at midnight trying to figure out what I
wanted for a snack. So I got lucky again when I found some
leftover chili. Sometimes the clean living pays off. The lady
who follows me around would roll her eyes at about this point
but I’m used to it.

Tomorrow will be the first day of December and that means that
winter will officially start in 21 days. It will be interesting to see
if the forecasters are right with their long range predictions.

Enjoy our Friday as it’s the last we’ll see for a month. Now I
need more coffee and snack.
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Crazy day

June 6, 2018

I jumped up out a sound sleep when our burglar alarm went off
around 5 am this morning and went in search of an intruder. None
were found but I did find out our power went for a short time and
the alarm goes off when the lights come back on.

Then the wife got home from work and it was obvious she didn’t
feel so hot. She had a doctors appointment so went there. About
a half hour after she I got a call from her saying she was
driving home so I could drive her to the E.R.

Three hours later the hospital decided to admit her for a few
days to get her back on par. We did find out she doesn’t have a
kidney infection about 15 syllables long and impossible for
someone not in the medical profession to pronounce or spell.

Since she was nodding off from the medications and being up all
night I chose to come home to grab some things she needs and a
bite to eat, call her Mom to let her know, and check the
critters. As soon as this is finished along with some leftover
pizza, I’m on the road again.

So posting may get sporadic again until she’s home but I’ll
make an effort to at least post a short update. So enjoy our
Wednesday as we will. The wife will some rest and will be back
to normal self in no time. Now to finish my pizza from last
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Good intentions

January 17, 2018

After ingesting several cups of coffee and some french toast an
idea sprung into my head. Take the wifes car to the car wash and
give it a good bath. After all, the windchill had risen to -17
below. What could go wrong.

Choosing the car wash closest to us made sense until I had
pulled into the bay with a pocket full of quarters. Turned out I
hadn’t noticed that said car wash was open on one end. Thinking
my odds were decent that the wind wasn’t coming from the
direction of the open end I jammed in some quarters and began.

The car is now clean but it turns out the odds were against me
and the wind was blowing through the open side of the bay. Not
one to give up, I kept going until all the crud was off the car.
That’s when I noticed the one flaw in my thinking.

Yes, the car looked more like an ice cube than a vehicle due to
the wind and chilly temperatures. And I also noticed that this
evil wind had blown the overspray all over me and I resembled a
pop sickle! So I started the car to let the defrosters clear the
windows and waited.

This got rid of the ice on the windows and we now had a clean,
but icy vehicle. That’s when I found out high pressure water and
cold temperatures cause the electronics to go beserk. I was now
locked out and the touch panel to open the doors didn’t work. I
did use the remote and got back in before realizing my frozen
jeans might drip on the heated leather seat.

I did bring an old towel along to wipe down the now frozen
body so it was put on the seat to contain any dripping from my
defrosting jeans. When the car was back in the driveway I took
off my glasses and looked the car over. It did appear that even
the ice stuck to the car was clean and that was good enough at
that point.

Next time the car gets a bath it will be at an automated car
wash. Enjoy our Wednesday as we are. Now that I have dry clothes
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Time flies

April 13, 2017

Yesterday the lawn got mowed and a lot of little things I’d
been putting off were finished so it looked like smooth
sailing for today. Two different weather guessers on our TV
told us we’d have rain through Saturday.

When I came in the house the wife mentioned the cable box was
making some funny noises and didn’t appreciate my comment about
perhaps a comedy was on. Later I did a closer inspection only
to discover the cat decided to upchuck on the circuits and fry
the unit.

I had good intentions of an early post today after running to
the local cable office to get a box that worked. They took the
old box from which I removed any outside evidence of a pet
disaster, handed us a different one, and we headed home.

Thinking I could hook up the box and get to a post I carefully
connected the wires, cables, and power cord only to discover
the replacement box didn’t work either. After trying the lazy
box in a few different outlets, I pronounced it dead.

A quick call to the cable company and we were on our way again
to the local office to replace the replacement box with another
replacement box. Oddly, it worked. It was then I realized it
going on noon and I hadn’t had breakfast or my coffee.

So the post is late but I haven’t slipped into a homicidal
rage against the cat, but I did have some coffee. Since it
isn’t raining I’m heading out to clear some brush which should
go better than the cable box.

So enjoy our Thursday as it puts us a little closer to the
weekend. Now I’m going to get a salami sandwich and a Coke.
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That feeling

January 28, 2016

The one you get when the errands are all ran and you
get back home only to discover you lost your house


A friend stopped over last night for a visit so I
thought it strange that he would call today. When
I picked up the phone he explained that when he got
back home his keys were missing and he wondered if
I had found them. I had not.

He knows I have only lost my keys once and thought
it was because I put mine on a carabiner and hang
them on a belt loop just like I did when the Navy
was my employer. He was of the belief that I began
putting my keys on my belt loop after I lost them.

So I explained that I had been using a carabiner
for decades and they have never failed me. That
being said, it didn’t fail me the only time I
lost my keys either. My belt loop did.

Of course it had to happen when we were working
out of town on a demolition job which made the
retrieval of said keys more interesting. But get
them back I did and I haven’t lost them since.

He still hasn’t found his keys and I’ve done
what I can from this end. The kitchen has been
checked and my new tactical flashlight worked
great while hunting outside. They aren’t here.

But as someone who has lost keys before I know
what it feels like and hope he finds them at
his place.
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Bad moon rising?

July 19, 2015


I believe we used up all the bad luck for our
household today and am glad to see it coming to an
end. The day went reasonably smooth until I decided
I would cook supper.

Not sure what to prepare I opened one cupboard in
hopes inspiration would strike. Instead an almost
full bottle of Worcestershire sauce jumped from the
top shelf, landed on the counter, then broke and
quickly got all over the white counter, the white
walls, the white toaster, my red shirt, my blue
jeans, and my white sneakers.

Like a team the wife and I sprung into action as
I grabbed all the broken glass I could see and she
wretched the paper towels out of the holder. Then
I quickly went to sink, took off my shirt and ran
water over it to hopefully save the shirt. That was
when I noticed my jeans had also fallen victim so
I stripped them off to rinse out the sauce.

But standing there in my skivvies and socks I
didn’t realize said jeans were at a perfect angle
to act as a conduit and direct the water from the
jeans to my socks. Now while I am running around in
just my skivvies slipping on the wet floor the wife
started laughing.

Then I declared “it’s a good thing we don’t have
any babies in the house today” and we both started
howling. So I put on another pair of jeans and a
shirt and it was decided tacos would be nice. When
the meat was just about done I splashed hot grease
on my second shirt of the day and discovered it was
hot enough to be cooked done.

I left the wife to shred the lettuce so I could
change into shirt number 3 of the day, finished
preparing the tacos, and we ate. I am now watching
my 6 until such time as I crawl into bed. We’re
now thinking of putting in brown counter-tops.
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