It keeps going, and going…

April 19, 2017

and going. The tale of our wayward Alderman is now at the
stage where the city council has to get involved. I can’t be
the only one amazed that the other members of the council who
were interviewed pulled a Sargaent Schultz again. “I knew

We’re not saying they’re flat out lying, but in most work
environments that involve a lot of people, it is hard to think
there weren’t at least rumors floating around. So after all
those willing to be interviewed denied prior knowledge, they
now have some work to do.

The city council can give 32 days notice and hold a special
election at a cost of about $30,000. If this is done the winner
of said special election would have to run again in November as
the term is up in January.

The city council could just appoint someone within 40 days,
unless there is a primary. They would then need a 60 day
notice. And whomever they appoint would have to run in the
November election to keep the seat.

As happens with our “transparent” city government, we doubt
anyone will know anything until something is released to the
media. Some who live here on the east coast of Iowa in our
tree lined city on the river should remember the drill.

At any rate, it will be an interesting few days until somebody
says something that amounts to nothing on the subject. Until
then, enjoy our Wednesday. The weekend will be here and gone
before we know it.
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Interesting times

April 18, 2017

If you live here on the east coast of Iowa in our little
community called the Quad Cities, you may have heard Davenport
is short one Alderman tonight. We’re sure it will make the 10
o’clock news on our local TV channels if you haven’t.

3rd Ward Alderman Bill Boom resigned earlier today after being
found guilty of lying to a federal grand jury. Since that leaves
us with 9 Alderman, we’d almost bet there will be a special
election for a replacement.

When he is sentenced later this year, Boom could face 1-5
years in prison, up to a $250,000 fine, and other penalties.
Boom had been on the city council for almost 10 years and a
bar owner in the west end.

We can’t begin to know his intentions for doing this or what
his sentence would involve. Rumor has it he will get probation.
We’ll wait and see. Some will probably party tonight while
others will wonder why this happened.

We do live in interesting times.
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Here’s what happened

October 15, 2016


You may have noticed I wasn’t around yesterday. Well I had no access to a computer as the lady who follows me around kidnapped me. I was informed that if I did not want to take up permanent residence in the dog house I would cruise around northern Iowa.

The lady who follows me around is sleeping and I am typing this on a laptop I found while locked in the trunk. Don’t worry, I do have bottled water and a bag of cotton candy snack balls for nourishment.
Something tells me I will be released from said trunk to start cruising again soon and may be back at Casa Cruiser later today.

It hasn’t been too bad cruising the back roads and seeing the more rural parts of Iowa. I also noticed birds in prey in the sky a lot more than one would in town hoping they weren’t looking for me. I even managed to get a few a pictures which I will process when home.

Since it is Saturday, and if I make home today, we’ll do a Sunday snicker post later. If we don’t make it back I’ll make a list of my demands for release and a pizza. Until then, enjoy the weekend.
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Never a dull moment

October 9, 2016


We do live in interesting times. The information highway is
flooded with news of just how crazy our society has gotten
and usually biased in some way.

We heard of the two police officers killed in Palm Beach and
the officer in Chicago that was assaulted by a guy on PCP
and wonder where we went wrong. Today we had our own bit of
excitement here on the east coast of Iowa.

I was loading recent pictures onto the computer when I heard
three loud, and fairly close, gunshots followed by the wail
of sirens just a few minutes later. The commotion woke the
wife up and she came down to ask if had heard the shots.

The wife thought the shots came from the south but I wasn’t
so sure. Turns out the shots were fired at a house just 3
lots west of us. The picture above shows a squad car that the
blocked the alley at our driveway.

Later the doorbell rang and I went out to meet an officer
who asked me a few basic questions. She was professional and
wrote down what was said. As she was leaving I told her to
stay safe and she looked at me like I grew another head.

She left her card and told me to call her if we had any
problems or remembered anything that could help and went on
her way. We still don’t know if anybody was hit but realize
she couldn’t tell us if there was.

If we don’t back the blue, get our country back, and elect
judges who will enforce the law, the future isn’t looking
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Interesting house

September 28, 2016

Ever been by an old house and never give a thought to the
old adage ‘if those walls could talk?’. A car club we used to
be members of met in the carriage house of the Deere-Wiman
house. The carriage house is neat, the view from atop the
bluff is amazing, and the Deere-Wiman house is a local

The following 11 minute video may not change your vacation
plans, but it could open your mind to what a mansion looked
like in 1872. Or it could bore you, but we hope not. This
house is located in Moline, Illinois.

If you think this a place you’d like to visit, or just want
more information go here.

The link above is for the Butterworth Center and the Deere-
Wiman house. Standing a block apart they are both worthy of
visit if you like old houses, history, or something you don’t
see every day. The pipe organs in these houses alone are
works of art.

So enjoy the virtual tour and enjoy our Wednesday. Besides
being the only one we get this week it also signifies we have
one less day until the weekend.
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Our town

September 12, 2016


Our fine city has been called everything from Iowa’s
Armpit to Iowa’s Front Porch and just about anything else
in the book. A once a rowdy riverboat town, itt has been
slowly gentrified until it no longer resembles the town of
bygone days.

The Around Iowa site did a piece on the old home town so
we’ll share it along with some comments. The article lists
6 reasons to visit here.

Since the story above wants people to visit our fine city
it does leave out some things. Like our two truck eating
bridges, red light and speed cameras, or our beautiful
sky-bridge to nowhere.

Davenport is on the east coast of Iowa where the mighty
Mississippi river runs east to west and home of the first
railroad bridge to cross the same. Davenport has roughly
100,000 residents and is part of the Quad Cities which is
actually made up of five cities.

Some older denizens may tell you the bread slicer was
invented here and/or the Dred Scott decision was signed
here. Amenities abound and we have almost as many churches
as we do taverns.

If you’re ever in the area you should check us out. And
now I go in search of something that resembles a pizza.
Enjoy the day.
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Mystery solved!

September 1, 2016


If you visit this site regularly, you may remember when I
mentioned being awakened by a rattling door. Well early
this morning I found the source of said rattling and it
did not involve a door, any wild critters, spirits, or
Hilary Clinton. This tale does have a cat in it.

For a little background, I’ve always liked a good sound
system. Years before I hooked up surround sound to our TV,
I bought two of the biggest speakers I’d ever seen that
weren’t set up on a sound stage. I had them hooked up to
my turn table until it was requested that I dismantle my
dream sound system.

This request came from the neighbors and our friendly
local police department due to so many complaints. One
speaker I installed in my office and hooked up to an AM
radio while the other speaker was pushed between the
loveseat and the bay windows.

Yep, you guessed it. One of the wifes’ cats started using
the front of said speaker for a nocturnal scratching post.
On the carpeted floor the big speaker had just enough give
to rock and roll while said cat was scratching the hell
out of the front which caused it to bang back against the

Even though the wife won’t believe it, I was happy to
discover I’m not getting crazier. I’m going to bring in my
two-wheel dolly in the morning and remove the offending
sound device to my office so it can play with its brother.
I may even hook both of them up to some equipment and just
keep the volumne low.

Or not. I don’t need the neighbors mad at me again. So
another problem is solved and we await the next one to see
if our diagnostic skills are still honed razor sharp or have
gotten rusty from being idle. Gotta love a happy ending.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday as the weekend is almost
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