December 13, 2022

In a plan to discover what could be up, I decided to see what the mainstream media had to say yesterday. I’d been running with the thought that it wouldn’t be long after the mid-term election that politics would turn into a circus again. Well, one source informed me we’re having a triple threat with Covid, the flu, and another respiratory bug and masks may be mandatory again while another stated that a recent study showed the masks didn’t work against the virus.

Not to be outdone, foreign news from Qatar proclaimed a problem with the dreaded camel flu and was complete with a picture of camels wearing stocking caps over their faces! That made us think that nobody makes an N-95 mask big enough for a camel. Then another source stated 24 people were shot in Chicago over the last weekend with I believe 6 fatalities. We know that can’t be true because Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

By now I’ve about bitten my tongue in half by keeping it in cheek. We could go on but think you can figure it out without us. So, if you’re having a real good day, check out the media and get a laugh. Just do it in small doses so you don’t get overloaded with the bull they’re shipping. Enjoy our Tuesday.

Thinking again

November 14, 2022

The weekend is over, we got a few snowflakes, and the feral cats have been eating a lot. That got me thinking about something I read a while back, and recently. The articles stated that, in theory, spiders could kill every human on earth in a year. That just didn’t ring true to me so I wondered.

One problem with that is, wouldn’t people start taking precautions after others started dying? Most people would start killing any spider they saw, and unless millions banded together most could handle the attack. We do know a few who couldn’t kill a spider, even if it meant dying themselves but the numbers can’t be that high.

And since we know just enough to be dangerous about feral cats, wouldn’t they just eat the spiders? Not sure how many feral cats there are in the world so it may be a challenge. Even if the cats only ate 10% of the homicidal spiders it would have to make a difference. At least it should better the odds of some of us not becoming dinner.

What about birds? They eat bugs and perhaps could dine on few. I’ve seen a few birds who are pretty good at catching bugs and they don’t let them go once they got them. Weird subject yet I can’t help how my brain works. If nothing else it would really help those businesses who sell pesticides. So enjoy our Monday, and don’t think about spiders anymore.

Almost over

November 9, 2022

We’re almost to the point where we won’t get mailers from candidates or see political ads on TV. It may take a while to count the votes and get things sorted out, but we are on the downhill side. Haven’t watched results yet as too many media people were all too happy to call the races for their favorites in the past, and they’re not always right.

Honestly, I don’t think much will change yet hope they do. We have had a dysfunctional government for too long now for a quick fix. When things fester over time things can’t be cleaned up until the people really want it to and our country is too divided right now. As the saying goes, I’ll expect the worse but hope for the best. Or at least a small change.

I’ve always gotten a kick out of actors and politicians as they both expect to be noticed when they do the jobs they were hired to do. Actors want awards and politicians want to get reelected. I’ll reserve judgement until after the results are in to tell you what I really think. I’m sure the talking heads on TV will disagree, but it looked like SSDD to me. Time will tell. Enjoy our Wednesday since it’s here anyway.

Today’s the day

November 8, 2022

It’s time to get out and vote. Everyone who eligible to vote should get out and do so, then we’ll stop the political ads and robocalls for a year or so before the next campaign begins. We don’t care who you vote for, which political party, or anything else so long as you vote. This should be an interesting mid-term.

Missed the eclipse of the moon last night and we’re told there won’t be another until 2025. The reason was I plan to be around in 2025 to miss that one, and I have pictures of others from the past. After a busy day yesterday, my eyes wouldn’t stay open that late. In hindsight, I could have laid down sooner and got up earlier.

One final thing. Yesterday I got a call about the open enrollment for Medicare and took a short survey. The questions weren’t invasive and didn’t give much information that could be used by a hacker. The last question was “how old are you currently?”. I replied that I was 71. That’s when the lady taking the poll said, “you don’t sound 71?”. I almost asked her what 71 sounds like but had a good laugh anyway.

Enjoy our Tuesday and get out and vote.


November 7, 2022

Over the weekend I saw more cardinals that I have in years. There is an old adage that says when you see a cardinal in means someone in Heaven is thinking about you. That got me wondering why so many were thinking about me. I haven’t been in trouble since Christ rode a bicycle. Since I don’t believe in coincidences I wondered.

Could it be that they know something I don’t? Most cardinals seen appeared to have an attitude and when glancing my way gave me a ‘holier than thou’ stare. While I liked watching the birds this weekend, I felt as though they were judging me. I haven’t been cussing, haven’t went back to drinking, and still don’t gamble.

But as mentioned earlier, I hadn’t seen this many cardinals in one place, at the same time, in years. Could it be the warmer weather we’ve had lately? I’m not sure as we’ve had warm spells before, and they didn’t congregate in the back yard. I just couldn’t figure it out. It could be sign, or a fluke.

Whatever the answer is, the birds are healthy, they keep me busy buying seed and keeping the feeder full, and I do like to watch them when they are around. Guess the answer is to put up with them and don’t read too much into the fact that there are a bunch of them this year. Enjoy our Monday and remember to vote tomorrow.

The call

November 4, 2022

Got a phone call yesterday that I thought had faded into oblivion. Checking caller ID I noticed it was a local number and answered without a thought. Some guy from India garbled my name and asked if that was me. I replied that it was me and was told I had to answer ‘yes’. Then he mangled my address and asked if it was correct. I told him that was where I lived and was reminded that I had to answer ‘yes’.

After I told him that wasn’t going to happen, he asked if I’d been to Ohio or Russia lately. Knowing where he was going with this, I told him I had been to the grocery store and was told I had to answer ‘yes or no’. He then stated both locations had opened my email account and he could fix the problem if I gave him remote access to my computer. He seemed to experience breathing problems when I told him that wasn’t going to happen.

We talked a little longer before he got the hint I wasn’t going to give him access to the computer. He stated that since I wouldn’t give him permission to ‘fix’ my computer remotely, I would be responsible for any problems that came my way on the computer. I told him that’s what I’ve been doing since I got it and will continue to do. Never heard any more so I have to assume the problem fixed itself. Funny how that works.

Enjoy our Friday.

What if?

November 3, 2022

We’re going to play the Devil’s advocate for the sake of this post. The post may be a work of fiction, a partial truth, or the whole truth. You can decide after you’ve read it, just don’t get worked up about it. If you get angered by this post perhaps you should look for a blog that has a safe room and coloring books.

What if the COVID-19 outbreak was planned and a trial run was done just before the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland on October, 18, 2019? And what if Bill Gates was one the backers? You may remember the theme for the forum was “Globalization 4.0: Shaping A Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” What if it was all about population control?

What if the vaccine was designed to make you sick? The general consensus is that the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting, or spreading, the virus. The group many used to look to for answers, the CDC, showed the incidence of myocarditis after vaccination is 3 to 5 times higher for young men than a year ago.

So, what if this virus scare has been an attempt at population control? An attempt to remove those who don’t belong to organizations and go to these meetings? And what if some of the jabs we’ve seen politicians get weren’t the vaccine and those who actually got the vaccine are now regretting it?

Nah, guess it’s just a coincidence. After all, the politicians and media say that’s not what happened. Enjoy our Thursday.

Made it

October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween! If you’re reading this and I wrote it, we made it to another holiday that most enjoy. Thought we’d share some pictures we got yesterday that may, or may not, put you in the right frame of mind for the day.

The day started for me before it got fully light out. These geese flew over before the sun kissed the horizon. We didn’t mind and the silhouettes put us in the mood for Halloween. They must not be in a hurry to leave as they were headed northwest.

It was a cloudy day that seemed to want to stay that way and made taking pictures a little more challenging. That didn’t bother this guy who got down amongst the fallen leaves to have his breakfast. He’s a fine looking specimen.

Can’t remember the name of this bird, but they are fun to watch. This one landed on the side of the stump and decided he’d rather hike than fly. He must have walked up and down the stump a dozen times before flying off and we smiled the whole time we watched.

It can’t be Halloween without a black cat and Little Bit was the model. She wasn’t a very cooperative model, but she’s the only black cat around so we took a shot. We’ll attempt to get a better shot today.

Finally, as day progressed to night the sunset was amazing. Makes us with we lived somewhere with a clear view to the west, yet we thought this was a decent picture. The clouds made it that much more interesting, and we like the shot, even with the power line cutting across the bottom.

Enjoy our Monday, and Halloween.

Think pink

October 29, 2022

We know this is late, and the flower pictured isn’t pink, but we work with what we got and we’ll explain why we’re late after a short disclosure. We would like to state that we do not know Mr. Pelosi and harbor no bad feelings against him. We also wish him a speedy recovery from his injuries sustained during a break in at his home. But we also can have some fun.

When we first heard of an attack on the husband of the speaker of the House we grabbed the key fob and jumped in the car. We went to Lowes for some pink paint and a paint brush. Thinking was that since someone had the audacity to attack the spouse of a high-ranking Democrat politicians would overreact. Not one to wait for signs things were going to go fubar, I got the paint.

Spent last night and up until a short while ago painting all my hammers pink. After all it stands to reason that if politicians go after gun rights following a shooting, hammer rights will be in the sights after a hammer attack. Being a former general contractor, I have a lot of hammers. These tools may look scary to those unfamiliar with them and some even of the names spread fear among the unknowing.

I have air hammers, sledgehammers, claw hammers, ball-peen hammers, body hammers, dead-blow hammers. and even a couple that use 22 caliber blanks to shoot nails into concrete to name a few. Not wanting to lose any of these tools I decided to paint every one of them pink. Then if the government bans hammers I can call them wall hangings. I even made up a couple of ‘Barbie’ stickers to put on the scary hammers so I could call them toys.

Some may think I have jumped the gun on this, but worse case I’ll have the worlds largest collection of pink hammers. Even if someone follows my lead and paints their hammers pink, I’m still the first. Enjoy our Saturday.


October 28, 2022

Yesterday, the day started with this view to the east. The Heavens looked like a wildfire complete with smoke and a little bit of clear sky to give one hope. And the day got better as it went along. The wild birds at the feeder made for a colorful day and a little later, flocks of geese nosily made their way across the sky.

Today I had a plan. Up at 0500, out for a smoke and to feed the herd of feral cats, a shower, then a quick run to the grocery to pay too much for what I needed. All but the last went smooth as silk before the bottom fell out. Usually, I’m in and out of grocery store in 10 minutes and cruising back home shortly after that.

The cashier at the only open register was having a problem with a little old lady who had a coupon. Not a handful of coupons like some but a single coupon. Thinking this was a small matter and would be resolved quickly, I got in line. It was not resolved quickly, and the little old lady was still standing her ground, so the store opened another register. Still thinking it wouldn’t be long now I stayed in line until the other cashier came over and told me to go her register.

After checking out I glanced back and the little old lady was still waiting to get the coupon taken off her purchase! Spent an hour instead of the usual half hour with the round trip. Looking back, nobody got hurt and I still have to work on my temper. Enjoy our Friday as it’s Halloween weekend.