Cruising while thinking

January 22, 2018

We are supposed to get rain or snow tonight and will experience
a cool down for a while here. That makes me think of coffee and
as I was cruising the information highway on a straight shot of
two lane blacktop I came across a link to a tale behind a new

In my youth many a shot of Jack Daniel’s old No 7 ended up
warming my insides and turning my brain into something akin to
a monkeys. 30 years have past since my last drink but I remember
it well.

What does that have to do with coffee you ask? While cruising
I discovered that Jack Daniel’s is now making coffee and while
it is non-alcoholic the coffee is said to smell and taste like
whiskey. The claim is when you drink it hints of caramel and
vanilla will caress your taste buds.

The coffee should hit stores soon. It won’t be a cheap coffee
as an 8.8 ounce can will run $21.95. Or if you just want to
try it to see if you like it, a 1.5 ounce bag is $6.95. And it
comes in decaf and caffeinated.

You can go to Jack Daniel’s Coffee website to learn more if you
are so inclined. At the bottom of the link is a list of where
you can buy the product now. Iowa isn’t listed. Even though
flavored coffees aren’t my favorite, this is one I might try.

Sometimes it pays to cruise the information highway. Enjoy the
rest of our Monday.
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Some thoughts

January 21, 2018

It’s all over but the crying, or partying. The 2018 edition of
the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction is over. About 1,700
vehicles sold for over $113 million with 37 hours of TV

Some highlights from Saturday were when former President George
W. Bush got on stage to help Jay Leno talk up a 2018 Chevrolet
Carbon 65 Corvette that sold for $1.4 million and raised
Barrett-Jackson funds raised for charity to over $100 million.
All proceeds went to a charity to help wounded veterans.

Then Ron Pratte donated a new 2017 Ford GT to the Evernham
Family Racing for a Reason that sold for $2.5 million and then
Pratte gave another $50,000 to the charity. The charity is to
help those with autism.

Craig and Caroline Jackson donated a 1988 35th Anniversary
Corvette to kick off “Driven Hearts” a charity in honor of Dave
Ressler of the extended Barrett-Jackson family. The car was
bought and resold three times for a total of $350,000 for the

Not all things sold at this auction are cars and in this
category lot #9499 caught our eye. A transportation themed
carousel made in Germany in 1957 by Wilhelm Hennecke brought a
record breaking $557,750. The carousel is fully functioning and
has 27 different cars, bikes, trucks and other transportation
themed vehicles instead of horses.

Now that the auction is over I can go back to not watching much
TV and perhaps even getting some things done. Enjoy our Sunday as
that means a new day is only a dream away.
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Auction thoughts

January 19, 2018

After watching hours of the Scottsdale auction today I came to
the same conclusion as other years. Some people have more money
than sense. Being the start of the weekend most cars brought six
figure prices.

A good example of this is the 2019 Bullit Mustang that went for
$300,000 to a charity picked by Steve McQueens son. The first
car built, a good cause, and every penny went to the charity.

Some of us remember the Charger from the Fast and the Furious.
It was one of the cars built and had a small block chevy with a
single 4 barrel under the non-functioning blower. It brought in
$140,000. That was either for bragging rights or somebody
doesn’t work hard enough for their money.

In todays auction the restored cars kept up with the muscle
cars, resto-rods, and custom builds. That seemed like a good
thing to this humble observer. Tomorrow the gloves will come off
and the prices will escalate. It will be interesting to see a
vehicle hit $1 million.

If you get the Velocity channel you may want to tune in
starting at around 3 pm again tomorrow. Or, coverage goes until
until 3 am tonight also.

Enjoy the rest of our Friday as it’s the last one we get this
week. Now I need some more coffee.
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Almost forgot

January 18, 2018

We are well into the first month of 2018 so here are a few
things January is known for. The January birthstone is garnet
and the flower is the cottage pink. It is National Codependecy
Month, National Mentoring Month, National Healthy Weight
Awareness Month, Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month,
and Stalking Awareness Month to name a few.

Yet being a car guy I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this
weekends indoor Rod & Custom Show at the QCCA Expo Center in
Rock Island, Illinois. And the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction.

After watching the Scottsdale auction on TV for a few days, when
the chance arises, it looks like rods and muscle cars are showing
bigger numbers than the antiques and classics. Of course, those
of us who regularly follow this auction know the big numbers will
come this weekend.

It’s not looking like we’ll make the indoor show this year even
though the weather has calmed down. If you are thinking of going
to see the mobile eye candy the top link above has hours and
information. The Barrett-Jackson link is specific to the
Scottsdale auction.

And now that you know as much as we do, we’ll wish you an
enjoyable Thursday evening and a pleasant Friday. Time for a
coffee and pizza break.
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Good intentions

January 17, 2018

After ingesting several cups of coffee and some french toast an
idea sprung into my head. Take the wifes car to the car wash and
give it a good bath. After all, the windchill had risen to -17
below. What could go wrong.

Choosing the car wash closest to us made sense until I had
pulled into the bay with a pocket full of quarters. Turned out I
hadn’t noticed that said car wash was open on one end. Thinking
my odds were decent that the wind wasn’t coming from the
direction of the open end I jammed in some quarters and began.

The car is now clean but it turns out the odds were against me
and the wind was blowing through the open side of the bay. Not
one to give up, I kept going until all the crud was off the car.
That’s when I noticed the one flaw in my thinking.

Yes, the car looked more like an ice cube than a vehicle due to
the wind and chilly temperatures. And I also noticed that this
evil wind had blown the overspray all over me and I resembled a
pop sickle! So I started the car to let the defrosters clear the
windows and waited.

This got rid of the ice on the windows and we now had a clean,
but icy vehicle. That’s when I found out high pressure water and
cold temperatures cause the electronics to go beserk. I was now
locked out and the touch panel to open the doors didn’t work. I
did use the remote and got back in before realizing my frozen
jeans might drip on the heated leather seat.

I did bring an old towel along to wipe down the now frozen
body so it was put on the seat to contain any dripping from my
defrosting jeans. When the car was back in the driveway I took
off my glasses and looked the car over. It did appear that even
the ice stuck to the car was clean and that was good enough at
that point.

Next time the car gets a bath it will be at an automated car
wash. Enjoy our Wednesday as we are. Now that I have dry clothes
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Wasted days?

January 16, 2018

The sun has set on another beautiful day here on the east coast
of Iowa. And I remember I forgot to do a post, among other
things. Although a lot of things got done a lot more didn’t and
my to do list is as long as it was this morning.

But at least my ruminating mind got a work out pondering the
many wonders of life. Like how do the birds know when I’m going
to feed them? It’s never at the exact same time every day and
yet when I go out they’re in the bushes waiting for the goodies.

Or does a 1953 Massey-Harris really look like a Ford tractor?
Here are a picture of each for comparison.

from the old tractor pictures site.

picture taken by MJCdetroit

There are similarities though I haven’t had much time to
research which came first. Never should have looked at the
picture of the Massey this morning.

And how can I go all day without remembering to eat? Pigging
out at midnight may not be good for the body but does soothe
the soul, at least in my case.

But now as the night grows later these are thoughts for another
day as the body says feed me. So I’ll close this early, eat my
pizza later, and try to get back on a schedule for the posts.
Barring any distraction tomorrow.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we have wrung every minute out of it we
can. Now for more coffee and a pizza.
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Keeping Monday real

January 15, 2018

We got the gift of fluffy of white love from above again and
the people who guess the weather by throwing darts at a weather
map missed again. It was predicted we’d get 2 inches or more and
after the fact were informed we got 1.6 inches here on the our
part of the east coast of Iowa.

The problem with that is twofold. Said TV station is 4 blocks
from our house yet we only got an inch tops, and they were wrong
again. So we’ll share some pictures to illustrate how bad the
snowfall wasn’t.

These wrens and other small birds don’t look to us like they
are standing in 2 inches of snow. The picture would look very
different if they were. And no, I don’t shovel around the bird

This happy black feral cat seemed to enjoy the white fluffy love
from above almost as much as I do. He was even smiling before I
took the picture.

Not all the critters liked the snow. This cardinal kept hopping
around as if he thought he was a bunny rabbit. Or it could have
just been his idea of having fun. We’ll let you decide that one.

Regardless of how much we got, it’s now cleared off the drive
way, alley, and sidewalks. Enjoy our Monday. Rumor is we only
get one this week. Now I need more coffee.
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