Lucky days

April 24, 2018

Since I’m outside a lot and I usually have a camera around
somewhere, I get some pictures. My usual response when a friend
comments on a picture is that I got lucky and they reply that I
must get lucky a lot.

Case in point happened at sundown yesterday when I went back
out with the camera and witnessed the sunset. Earlier it had
clouded up and you could barely make out the sun in the sky but
there are times when clouds make a sunset interesting.

And the clouds did add something to the sunset. If you looked
to the west you were not disappointed. The sunset lasted long
enough that I could move around just enough to get some shots
I was happy with and not leave the neighborhood.

Since I was happy with the sunset pics a trip out later got
us a nice shot of the moon. When you see sights like these it
makes the midnight pizza taste even better. And after a visit
with Dad I’ve been out again but haven’t uploaded the pictures
taken yet but I should luck out on a couple of them

Enjoy our Tuesday as the local doughnut shop was open this
morning and a few doughnuts put a smile on my face that hasn’t
faded yet. Now I need more coffee to wash down the Snicker’s I
just had.
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Picture perfect day

April 20, 2018

Been hearing bird calls like we were invaded by several new
species of birds and today I found the culprit. It is the bird
pictured above, the brown thrasher. They deliberately sing
phrases and repeat them twice.

But what I found interesting is that this bird has the largest
documented song repertoire of all North American birds with
over 1,100 song types. No wonder I couldn’t find all those birds
I was hearing.

And I caught the moon out last night and thought the picture
turned out pretty good so we’ll share it too. If it had been a
full moon we’d need a bigger camera.

This morning a healthy looking squirrel was out digging for
goodies in the neighbors yard while the day was warming up. Not
sure if he found anything but it kept him busy most of the day.

Days like this put a smile on my face and I even learned a
little about the brown thrush. Yeah it’s great when there’s a
blue sky, critters are running around, and we have a freezer
full of pizza. Enjoy your Friday as we have, tomorrow is
Saturday so I’ll mow the lawn. Now I need to check my coffee mug
for a small hole as it keeps coming up empty.
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They live among us

April 19, 2018

The cardinal was in his tree singing his heart out while the
sun shined down from an almost cloudless sky. Other critters
were doing what they do while our world is going crazy.

If we heard correctly, the Governor of New York gave the right
to vote to 35,000 recently released felons by executive order.
That just sounds wrong on so many levels we’ll leave it at that.

Then we read of a former Oregon City School District teacher’s
aide got sentenced to 28 years in prison for producing child
pornography. In one case this involved an infant and a very
young child. To read the story, go here.

That was followed by a story about a former elementary school
teacher who was sentenced to 5 years for possessing child
pornography involving young girls. To learn more about this one,
go here.

And if that wasn’t enough ICE agents arrested 33 for human
rights violations. Those arrested included 4 Chinese individuals
for conducting forced abortions and sterilizations; a former
intelligence office who tortured dozens in Central America; a
soldier in Central America who guided the military to a
specific village to kill the residents; an intelligence officer
from the Middle East whose surveillance led to arrest, torture,
and murder; and a leader in East Africa who used violence to
force victims into female genitalia Mutilation. More can be
found about this group here.

With all that going on, I’ll stick with the wildlife. Enjoy
our Thursday as it’s the last one this week. Now for more
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April 18, 2018

I heard the bells ringing in a nearby church and realized yet
another day got away from me. Nothing new there yet I’m hoping
this isn’t the beginnings of a trend.

Was still day dreaming last night as the sun said a colorful
goodbye to the day. The picture was taken in our backyard and
has a lot of things cluttering it up, but I like it.

This is the poor excuse for a squirrel that has been bouncing
around our area for a while now. If they had Olympic competition
for critters this one could take the gold for back flips.

And doves were all over the neighborhood, like this one on a
nearby roof. It can’t be our one little bird feeder that brings
all these critters in and we doubt it’s the weather. When we
figure it out we’ll let you know.

The weather forecasts have missed the mark again. Perhaps we
will send a suggestion to the TV station that those who predict
the weather get a room with a window. It might help.

Finally, we tried something new at lunch and the wife and I
both enjoyed it. Because she’s on a Keto diet I fried up a few
inch think steaks them smothered them in a mushroom garlic
sauce that turned out great. It will never replace pizza for
me but will be in the top 10 favorites.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. I’m going in search of a cup
of coffee.
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Thinking all over the place

April 17, 2018

I made the mistake of buying a newspaper Sunday and after
perusing said paper felt like the $4 would have been better
spent elsewhere. After the wife got up and read the paper later
she said the same thing.

We just heard former First Lady Barbara Bush has passed away,
she was 92. Our condolences to the family. Perhaps TV coverage
of that will slow the Trump lawyer bull the media has been

There was a black squirrel bouncing around the back yard that
must have been looking for goodies he buried in the yard. As I
get older I appreciate the enthusiasm. When we see him again we
might get a picture.

Since I found a Rural Farming channel on the TV I have watched
the tractor auction about 6 more times. Don’t know if that means
I’m hooked or just like tractors.

Dad was in good spirits today and on the mend. Turns out he has
pneumonia and his medicine is doing a good job of getting rid of
it. Tractors came up during the visit but in my defense he
brought the subject up.

Finally, by the sound of it we are going to get a few inches of
snow tomorrow along with some rain and freezing rain. We are
hoping for the best while preparing for the worst as we had a
high of 50 today.

Enjoy our Wednesday as the working folks are halfway to the
weekend and we retired folk are observing just another day. Now
I need more coffee.
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Of interesting times

April 16, 2018

We’ve been getting snow here in the Hawkeye State and it
doesn’t look like we’ll get back to normal weather until the end
of the month. The people complaining they’ve had enough of
winter while calling this Apriluary will be the first to whine
that it’s too hot in a few short months.

Birds had a different take on our weather. Some got out and
braved the cold rain that preceded the snow while others were
huddled together under the eaves to keep dry.

But a day before the snow we got a picture of a daffodil that
didn’t seem bothered by the upcoming weather alert that told of
snow. It’s still there and doesn’t look any worse for wear after
the cold snap.

As someone who remember when some swimming pools were called
Natatoriums and cars has wing windows, a little snow doesn’t
bother me in the least. Been there, done that, still have the

No, it’s not January 106th. No weather records were broken
because of extreme cold or snowfall and we’ve only lost power
twice. People look at me like I’m crazy when I ask them how
they are on this beautiful day.

Yet it is a beautiful day if I wake up breathing regardless of
the weather and I thank God for giving me the gift of another
day. I guess those who think I’m crazy believe the day is owed
to them.

Enjoy our Monday as we have more snow in the forecast for
Wednesday and Thursday. Now I need a refill on my coffee and a
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Why I prefer wildlife

April 13, 2018