Been nice

December 3, 2021

Even the cardinals were out enjoying the day yesterday. This guy was trying to hide behind a volunteer red oak while picking seeds off the ground. And the week has been nice with warm days and cool nights for a few days. If it wasn’t for a few really cloudy days we’d say it was a perfect week.

In about an hour we’ll head out to get some groceries and pay too much. If this is what build back better looks like, no thanks. It is a necessary evil though as we have to eat and people frown on hunting in town. We even have a river a mile away, but the water is so nasty we wouldn’t eat anything that came out of it.

After we get that done, provided it’s light outside, we’ll go out and get some more work done on the bushes. It’s amazing how much heavier things feel at 70 years old than they did at 40, and the fact a nap may be necessary after the exertion.

Hard to believe its December already as the year went by so fast. At any rate, enjoy our Friday and the weekend. Now for some coffee.

We’re late

December 1, 2021

Some days we wonder if it pays to get out bed. Was outside at 0400 hours enjoying a smoke with the cool 30 degree temperatures and everything looked great. Went out again at 0600 and discovered a dead raccoon in the middle of our back yard.

Didn’t see any obvious injuries and that got me wondering what did the raccoon in. Since it was a younger one I ruled out health problems which left that the raccoon could have been poisoned. Of course some might say it’s Covid, but not this redneck.

Did manage to get a picture of the woodpecker shared above. Watched him pecking the hell out of old tree then suddenly go to the neighbors gutter. Watched for a while as the bird tried to get something out of the leaf guard with no success. He eventually went to the open end and actually got in the gutter searching for food.

That’s how the day started, now have some running to do before getting the chain saw out to clear a little more brush. Should be done by noon, could take as long as until dark, or may change my mind before the running is done.

Enjoy our Wednesday, and the first day of December. Now for some more coffee.

It’s funny sometimes

November 29, 2021

Had another brilliant idea that fizzled out. After having a pizza with my coffee last night I decided to turn in early and get a good nights sleep. It’s funny sometimes how these ideas sound so good in your head yet fall apart when put into practice.

Pulled the covers over me a little after 2100 hours, 9 pm to those who don’t do military time, and thought I’d sleep until around 0400 in preparation of a busy day today. Of course when I did get up it was actually 0200 hours and I was wide awake. Should know better by now.

But for some reason another idea actually worked out yesterday. Decided to go back through my picture albums to see if I had forgotten to downsize any and save some memory on the computer. Came across a file from a few months ago that was as downloaded, and huge. Thought at first they were all stinkers until I got to looking.

Turns out there are some good shots in the folder and at some point today I will get them downsized and share a few at a later date. One group in particular has a shot of a buzzard flying close to a small airplane. The bird looks gigantic in the shots compared to the plane. Reminded me of some of the old sci-fi movies of years ago.

Shortly it will be time to feed the feral cats and glance to the sky to see what there is to see. Enjoy our Monday. Now for some pizza, donut holes, and coffee.

Confusing start

November 27, 2021

Was out earlier getting a picture of the sunrise when I got distracted. Yeah, it was all Lil Bits’ fault. She came up and wanted attention so I set down the camera so I could pet her. By the time the camera was back in hand, sunrise was over.

That was what got me thinking. How strange would it be if cats were as big as horses? We’d know when they wanted some attention and they would be interesting as house pets at that size. Would we be able to ride them like a horse or would we become their new chew toy?

Since this train of thought was a useful as an emergency brake on a kayak, I switched gears and moved on. That’s when I noticed one could see the moon trying to peek out behind the clouds but not getting ahead of the game.

Then I was wondering that if there were a man in a moon, what would the earth look like to him from up there? Would we be a blurry blob through his telescope? About that time my cigarette burned down and was trying to sear my fingers and ended my distractions. It was fun while it lasted.

Enjoy our Saturday as the weekend is here and Black Friday is behind us. Now for some coffee.

Moving on

November 26, 2021

Thanksgiving is over and the food induced comas should have passed by now so it’s time for Black Friday sales to grab the attention of some. We don’t participate in the annual event and only saw a reason to do so once, when we got our first computer complete with the latest dial-up modem.

Just got back in from checking on the moon and feeding the feral cats which made me glad we don’t go out early for the sales. The temperatures hovered around 14 degrees with a ‘feels like’ temperature of 6. Unless they are giving away 1948 Chevys to the first 20 people to get inside we’ll stay home.

In a little over an hour we will venture out for groceries as we have to eat and keep the critters fed although we’re not even enthused about that. Hope they have my Chester’s Hot Fries this time as Cheetos Flaming Hot corn curls just aren’t the same. The store does have 50 donut holes for $5, so there is that.

Enjoy our Friday, even it’s a little cold where you are. Now for some coffee.


November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving is only a dream away. Soon we should feel like the critter pictured above and be swearing off food, at least short term. And we are thankful that we’ve seen another year go by and we’re still in reasonably good health.

Was all set to do this post an hour ago when the computer informed me we had no internet access. This happens and when it does our landline usually goes out too. Sure enough, when I checked the phone was dead. So after rebooting a few times and checking settings we got it back up and running. Oh yeah, the phone is working again also.

Today we’re going to get some things done, starting with a trip to the farm supply store for a few needed items, then on to the yard to get rid of some brush that volunteered to grow where we didn’t want it. Hope to get most of that done today before a cold front moves in tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

And since it’s a little warmer today we’ll try and get some pictures of various birds and critters should they decide to come out and play. If we’re lucky we’ll share a few as soon as we upload them. But remember, we’re almost to Thanksgiving Day and that thought puts a smile on our face anyway. Enjoy our Wednesday. Now for some coffee.

Great start

November 23, 2021

Been outside since around midnight and thought it a great start to what will be a great day. The sunrise was amazing and the picture above is not of todays sunrise as it was too cold for me to feel comfortable taking the camera out. Yet when we wake up breathing it is always a good day.

Earlier the sky was clear as stars were plentiful and Orion could be seen in its entirety. Even the moon was shining down to spread some cheer. We know, it was 20 degrees outside at that time, but what a view! We could wake up to those sights with a grin every time.

And it sounds like they have a person in custody over the killing and injuring of so many during the parade in Wisconsin. 5 counts of intentional homicide if we heard correctly. We hope they throw the book at the guy.

And Turkey Day is fast approaching. We hope everyone is getting in the spirit of the holiday. With everything going on lately it will be a nice change. Enjoy our Tuesday as we will. Now for some more coffee.

Crying shame

November 22, 2021

Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to those impacted by the events ending the parade in Wisconsin. Last we heard 5 are dead and 40 injured after a vehicle broke through a barricade and ran over several people in the parade.

Details are still sketchy and probably will be for some time as an investigation is ongoing. There are rumors floating around saying everything from a terrorist attack to the driver panicked after police shot at the vehicle, to it was an intentional act by a crazed individual. We don’t pretend to know and will wait until official word is given.

Until such time we won’t speculate nor form an opinion on the matter as this is so far outside the norm there are no previous events like it to explain it. That we know of anyway. No matter the outcome we would not want to be the driver of that vehicle.

Enjoy our Monday since it’s here and puts us one day closer to Turkey Day. Now for some coffee.

Ups and downs

November 18, 2021

Fall has fell on the mid-west as our high temperatures go up and down like a yo-yo and the winds blow the falling leaves everywhere. Yeah, winter is just around the corner. Nature is changing right before our eyes if we just take the time to look.

Have noticed the birds are more active looking for food and that there are more of them. After cutting some brush back the birds who usually dine around them just moved closer to the front yard to gather there instead. The old pine tree looks lonely most days as the birds don’t roost on it anymore.

Even the European starlings have taken a liking to a neighbors tree and moved in. Yesterday we counted over 100 starlings in that tree and more circling for a landing. At least they haven’t run off the other birds, yet. We hope it stays that way.

Also noticed it’s about 20 colder outside than it was this time yesterday. Yesterday was about that much colder than the day before and yet tomorrow should be about 20 degrees warmer. Once again the weather is up and down and can’t settle on one number. Believe it’s going to be one those years.

Enjoy our Thursday as Friday is only a dream away. Now for more coffee.

So far, so good

November 16, 2021

Been trying out my new jacket for a few days now in rain, snow, cold, and even colder conditions. Since the clothing line this jacket is a part of is only sold at Bass Pro Shops and Cabella’s some may not recognize the brand. But ended up buying a Red Head Brand Company Silent Stalker trophy jacket featuring thermolite insulation and the bone dry membrane.

When it first arrived we thought the company had shipped the wrong jacket as it looked, and felt, like a hooded sweatshirt. Just could not figure out how such a jacket could keep my dry and block the wind. But of course, I forgot about how far technology has come when it comes to outdoor wear. And boy howdy have things changed.

This jacket features a 100% polyester tricot shell, which is designed to get wet over a Bone-Dry 100% waterproof, windproof, breathable membrane with zoned Thermolite micro insulation with 200 gsm in the torso and 150 gsm in the sleeves. It also has a three-way adjustable, insulated hood, large cargo pockets for storage, and a drop tail on the jacket to keep the wind and rain from going under the jacket. It also features true timber camo.

Now a little history. In 1856 Red Head made its first product, which was a heavy-duty canvas wagon cover. Once pioneers were settled in their new homes in the west and quit using the wagons as a home they recycled the canvas into clothes. The company then got into clothing and the rest, as they say, is history. Sadly, the clothes are no longer made here in America, but it this jacket holds up half as well as the jeans I bought, I’ll be happy.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it looks to be another good one. Now for some coffee.