Mixed feelings

May 27, 2020

Picture of Dad holding my brother, and myself in the foreground.

My younger brother would have been 67 today. In October of 2018 he
went into the hospital for a heart operation and never woke up. When
we went into his room after the operation and spoke with him, even
though he couldn’t respond, it didn’t look good.

I remembered all the times we’d cruise in one of our cars and the
trouble we used to get into. Now we’re left with the memories. Hope
they have cruises in Heaven John.

Later this morning I’ll go over to see Dad and have a chat. It’s been
over a month and we both miss the talks. Why a month you ask? First
the wife got exposed to the Covid-19 at work and we quarantined for
two weeks and when that was almost up, Dad got exposed.

But we didn’t get sick and our visits can resume. Dad will turn 95
in June and I have to keep reminding myself he doesn’t celebrate
birthdays anymore. As many as he’s had I told him he doesn’t have to
have birthdays if doesn’t want to.

Whatever we talk about I’m sure we’ll end our chat with smiles on
our faces. Tomorrow we may share a few pictures. Enjoy our
Wednesday as we will. Now I need coffee.
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Letting you know

May 22, 2020

You may have noticed I’ve been missing the last few days and I
figured it time to check in. Been under the weather, not with
the Covid-19, and am on the mend. This time it’s severe fatigue
because of my bad lungs.

My get up and go has got up and went. Don’t like sleeping more than being awake, or not getting things done that need to be done. Hopefully in another day I’ll be getting better and just keep going.

In the mean time, please just bear with me and we’ll all get
through this together.

Kittens all over

May 18, 2020

Our feral cat population has grown recently with the addition of
at least 5 kittens. Our neighbor and myself agreed it would be great
if said kittens stayed the same size and looked as cute as they do
now. We also know that won’t happen.

Case it point, this little one looks like it wants to break out and
taste freedom. Also looks like an ornery one. Time will tell.

This one just looks a little lost. They are all small now and a bit
skittish. Lucky for me Mama cat wants to get petted when she sees
me taking pictures and that relaxes the kittens.

This one just looks like trouble. Seems to sit by itself and watch
the world go by. And yet, it doesn’t look very happy to me.

This young one is always getting caught on something. A branch, a
fence, a tight spot or whatever. It’s really fun to watch.

And this little critter is the hardest to get a shot of as it’s in
the shop behind a glass door. We’ll keep trying to get a better shot
but with the rain it’s hard to clean the glass to get a better one.

That’s what kept me busy over the weekend, between the raindrops.
No complaints from this end, but the kittens may be getting tired
of me sneaking around.

Enjoy our Monday and hope it isn’t raining where you’re at. Now for
some coffee and breakfast.
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Never a dull moment

May 16, 2020

Not long ago, as I was dreaming of yelling at kids to get off the
lawn, a loud crash woke me. With catlike reflexes I jumped up, got a
pair jeans on, and was ready to see what happened in less than 10
minutes. Hey, at my age that ain’t bad.

No cars had run into our house and it was in one piece so I went
to front door and saw a wrecked car in the middle of the street. On
top of being groggy I was confused. The nearest vehicle was about 20
feet away and a nearby telephone pole wasn’t damaged yet the front
end of the car was gone and steam was coming out.

So I found some footwear and ventured out. The car had hit a half-
ton pickup parked on the street and pushed it uphill about 15 feet!
Soon the neighborhood was lit up with red and blue flashing lights
and spotlights made the scene look like daytime.

When paramedics and police arrived the car was empty, still
steaming, and leaking fluid all over. The driver was nowhere to be
found and the tow truck just left with the wrecked car. Don’t know
if the car was stolen or the driver drunk, but I’m done sleeping
for tonight.

I did learn something from this experience though, I should start
practicing getting my jeans on to cut down on the time it takes
to get outside. It’s on a list.

Enjoy our Saturday as the show is over and everyone went home.
Now for some coffee and a donut.
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Cruising memory lane

May 14, 2020

Recently our youngest asked me to look for a picture of a car that
we last saw in 2010. Between the two of us we spent about 48 hours
looking and came up with 3 pictures. While the car isn’t included in
these pictures, take a look at what car shows and cruise ins looked
like 10 years ago.

The first is a well-known local car and we have no idea if it is
still around or not. When the shows and cruises open up again we’ll
ask around.

The second picture is of the VooDoo Hellion which I believe was out
of VooDoo Larrys shop. I do remember it had a crowd around all day
as it was a looker.

The blue Model A I honestly don’t remember but I liked the looks of
it so included it here.

The purple A was at the first TorqueFest in Farley, Iowa. Things
have changed since 2010 and the shows just kept coming until the
virus hit. Things will get going again but if you get garage fever
we hope these pictures help.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is just a dream away and more
businesses in Iowa will open up tomorrow. Now for some coffee and a
bite to eat.
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Another day….

May 13, 2020

Lately my computer has gone out more than I have. Another glitch
that I believe is fixed unless it acts up again. Nothing much has
been going on the last few days but we did get a few pictures and
we’ll share some now.

This little guy was perched on a power line and looked as it he
thought himself a much bigger bird. Soon he flew off to other sites
and different lines.

The moon was still out at 6 am this morning and we got a shot before
the sun out-shined it. Since it was daylight the man in the moon didn’t
feel like talking so I came back in and made some coffee.

After the coffee I went back out and saw this critter way up in the
sky. If it wasn’t so bright out we’d know for sure what it was, but
I’m guessing a pelican or a stork. Great way to start the day.

I’m now at the point I almost enjoy watching TV news in short spurts.
Today some governors were saying they didn’t want to open their
states as the number of positive cases are up.

But the the talking heads break in and state that we are doing many
more tests now than even a short time ago. Well if more tests are done there will be more people proven positive. Time to quit playing games and let the people decide.

Just remember that in Texas you’re 16 times more likely to get hit
by lightening than die of the corona virus. On that happy note we’ll
end this post and hope you enjoy our Wednesday. Now for more coffee.
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May 11, 2020

The last full moon could have picked a better night to arrive. Here
on the east coast of Iowa the clouds just didn’t want to move on and
made for some frustrating photography.

And once again we watched a small portion of the Today show before
searching for a rerun of some series we didn’t watch when it was in

Don’t know when the practice started but we are getting tired of Al
Roker telling us how many millions of people are affected by a cold
front, severe weather, or rain. We know he pushes the global climate
change ideals but we’ll watch something else.

It amazes me how many people have a hard time believing I don’t
spend hours watching TV. To me there is nothing on during the day that is interesting, too many ‘reality’ shows on later, and talk shows being aired from the homes of the hosts and guests.

Then I get to wondering when the government became the answer to all our problems. Most people used to want smaller government with less interference in our daily life, not more. Not sure where that is heading but have a feeling I won’t like it.

Our founding fathers must be spinning in the graves. That being said,
let’s move on. Shortly I’m heading outside to try and get some yard
work done before the rain hits us again. Our battery powered lawn
mower doesn’t do well in the rain.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the rest of lives. Now
for some coffee.
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