Got er done

May 11, 2018

Usually I’m a last minute shopper, you know the type. Christmas
Eve is early enough for Christmas shopping and the like. But
today I broke that habit and can proudly say I got the wife a
gift for Mother’s Day. And no, she’s not my mother but is the
mother of our youngest. Now I can get the lawn mowed tomorrow.

It’s like how I don’t celebrate birthdays anymore, instead I
celebrate the anniversary of the first time I was slapped. Got
so mad I yelled then didn’t speak to anyone for a few years.
Yeah, I can be that stubborn. But I digress.

Today I went to a place I sometimes go to when looking for a
gift for the wife and no, it wasn’t Auto Zone. I approached the
sales counter and before I could say anything the clerk said
“Aren’t you a little early?”.

I won’t divulge what I bought her as the wife occasionally
reads this blog. Pretty sure she’ll like it though and I know I
do as I got a good deal. Guess we’ll find out Sunday. If there
is no post on Mother’s Day, I bombed. It’s hard to put out a
post when I’m in the dog house.

And a hint for the guys, if you shop early the stores aren’t
as busy. All that said enjoy our Friday as that means we made
it through another week. Now I’m thinking more coffee and a few
cheeseburgers to charge my batteries depleted by the shopping.
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Going to be great

April 20, 2017

As the sun went down on another beautiful day in Iowa I hoped
people around the world could view it. So if you didn’t get a
chance to see one where you’re at, we’ll share ours.

Many things happened in our history on this day, April 20th,
which is the 110th day of the year. And that means only 255
more days until 2018. Here are a few of the things that
happened on this date.

In 1826, Major Gordon Long was the first non-Muslim to enter

In 1836 the United States Congress passed an act that created
the Wisconsin Territory.

The Civil Rights Act of 1871 became law.

On this date in 1902 Marie and Pierre Curie isolated the
radioactive element radium chloride.

1914 saw 19 men, women, and children killed in the Ludlow
Massacre during a coal miners strike in Colorado.

In 1946 the League of Nations dissolves and gives most of its
power to the United Nations.

And in 1972, Apollo 16 lands on the moon. The mission
commander was John Young.

Adolf Hitler was born on this date in 1889 and Bram Stoker
died on this date in 1912.

If you’re in a mood to party here are some holidays to
celebrate today.

Today is: Lima Bean Respect Day, National Cheddar Fries Day,
National High Five Day, National Pineapple Upside-down Cake
Day, National Pot Smokers Day, and National Look Alike Day to
name a few.

For these reasons, and because I didn’t see my name in the
obituaries, it’s going to be a great day. Enjoy our Thursday.
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Easter thoughts

April 17, 2017

Even Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had thoughts of Easter when he
penned the following:

Twas Easter Sunday
The full-blossomed trees
Filled all the air with
Fragrance and with joy.

Here on the east coast of Iowa we had just such a day with a
warm breeze rippling across the grass and causing the trees to
wave. But is it the weather and fragrance that makes us joyful
or is it Easter itself?

I do know that I am filled with enough ham and potato salad to
last me awhile. And even though it was a religious holiday, I
mowed the lawn again and detailed the car. Even chatted with a
long haul trucker who was visiting neighbors.

As happens sometimes, I even took time to read and as I was
doing that the Easter beagle dropped off goodie bags. Well,
actually Ronnie and Todd did. Along with the goodie bags was
what I at first looked like a piece of polished aluminum
diamond plate.

The cogs in the old braincase went into overdrive and I
thought of making a gauge panel out of it, until I picked it
up. Then I thought it was mat to set my laptop on. Wrong. The
wife snickered and told me it was an envelope and I should open
it. I had never seen a chrome envelope before and didn’t know
what to expect.

I was pleasantly surprised when I reached inside and pulled out
a birthday card. So I want to thank Ronnie and Todd for the
bag, the card, and a new shiny thing to play with.

Hope your Easter was a good one. We now are in into Monday
and that means only 4 more days to another weekend.
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Off topic

November 10, 2016

With all the talk concerning the results of our election we
have decided to take a different route and talk of many
things, or at least a few.


First, Happy 241st Birthday to the United States Marine Corp!
Congratulations and many more.

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and we plan on being present at the
parade. If you have some free time, and if your town has a
parade, you should try to attend if you haven’t in the past.

This Monday, November 14, we will have a chance to see the
full moon. It is said to be the biggest, brightest super moon
since 1948. Provided the east coast of Iowa isn’t shrouded in
fog or clouds we will try to get some photos.

And of course we have Thanksgiving coming up. Parades, foot-
ball, and feasts will be the order of the day even if some
think there is nothing to be thankful for after the election.

I disagree. Woke up breathing, didn’t see my name in the
obituaries, and have had a few cups of coffee. Still was able
to go out and take a few pictures, and we can pretty much do
as we like. As long as it’s legal.

If we have family and friends, a roof over our heads and
enough food and coffee, I’ll thank my God. So enjoy your day
and remember tomorrow is a holiday for some.
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Just a thought

April 30, 2016


Sunday is the first day of the month of May which was
named for the Roman goddess Maia, who was in charge of
the growth of plants. On May 1st, May Day, people used
to crown the May queen, dance around maypoles, and
celebrate the rebirth of spring.

Some early settlers would make May baskets filled with
flowers and/or treats to leave on a neighbors doorstep.
Said gift giver would place the basket then ring the
door bell and run. The recipient of said basket would
then try to catch the gift giver, and if the giver was
caught, a kiss ensued.

America has seen many things happen on May 1st, which
some call the real Labor Day and customs have changed.
Today May Day is seen more as a day of protests aimed
at immigration reform. Most of the old practices have
gone the way of the buggy whip and we often wonder if
that is a good thing.

I’m sure that in today’s politically correct society
someone would be offended by such and idea and deem the
practice racist, sexist, or elitist. At any rate, we
hope you enjoy our upcoming May Day.
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The scoop

December 6, 2015


You may have noticed the sporatic postings lately,
and the reason for that is I’ve been too pooped to
pop. When I go to gatherings in enclosed spaces my
immune system reminds me it’s non-existant.

Since Thanksgiving and Christmas happen during the
colder months here it is hard to have an outside
gathering. I’m thankful it doesn’t happen every
time and wouldn’t change things if it did.

I should be doing better in a few days and return
to regular postings. Until Saturday. We have a
house sitter lined up and are leaving for Idaho to
be there when our granddaughter is born.

Since I’m taking a laptop that I haven’t used
much, posting again may be off and on. Not sure
when we will return other than it will probably be
after Christmas.

So, the good Lord willing, the weather co-operates,
and we can get an internet connection, we’ll have
some stories to tell and pictures to share.
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Happy November

November 1, 2015

November came around so fast we didn’t have time
to put up the decorations or prepare a post. Seems
like only last month it was April! Time to mention
a few things about the new month.


November is National Caregivers Month. They help
us when we’re sick, watch over loved ones, and
miss holidays at home. And they do so selfishly and
by choice. A big thank you to all caregivers.

It is also the month that some of choose to
exercise our right to vote. Seems sad that the
majority of eligible voters usually don’t. Those
of us who do often pick what appears as the lessor
of two evils.

Here in our little plot on the east coast of Iowa
we vote in the city election Tuesday to see who
will run the town for another two years. We’ll only
vote for three positions; the mayor, alderman-at-
large, and our ward alderman.

Construction makes it harder to get a few polling
places and several we talked to said they aren’t
even going to bother voting. We’ll be voting for
those we think will do best job for all of us, and
we urge you to vote.

Veteran’s Day is the 11th and there will probably
be speeches, parades, and get togethers across our
nation. Those who haven’t served have trouble
remembering just what Armed Forces Day, Veterans
Day, and Memorial Day are actually honoring. The
short and handy meme below will help.


Another event happening this month is Thanksgiving
and we await its arrival. The wife usually works
but we always manage something to celebrate the
occasion. Online rumors abound that the government
is going to rename the holiday.

We don’t care if our government comes up with a
replacement title, it will always be Thanksgiving
to us. Happy November! We hope you will enjoy it
as much as I know we will.
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