Enjoy our day

June 18, 2017

Happy Father’s Day!


May 29, 2017

This Memorial Day here on the east coast of Iowa we take the
time to remember all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The
numbers keep getting larger as those of us lucky enough to
still be here realize all too well.

At our little hut on the hill we are lucky, or cursed, as we
can hear the bugle calls from the Arsenal when the wind is
blowing just so. We like to be outside towards end of day to
hear “tattoo” and “taps”.

It’s an eerie experience with the bugle call carrying the
sound about a mile and half through the trees and up the hill
to send chills down our backs and remind us that freedom isn’t
free. I can almost imagine those buried in the National
Cemetery there standing in ghostly silhouette as they salute.

During your day please take a moment to remember those who
gave their all.

Just thinking

May 20, 2017

Here on the east coast of Iowa it’s been raining and sometimes
that makes me think of fireworks. Actually it makes me think of
the impact local politicians have over the use of fireworks.

It is now legal to buy consumer grade fireworks in our fine
state while giving some “power” to cities to restrict or ban
the fireworks. Our city council can’t decide to act or leave
it as is.

Fireworks have been illegal in Iowa as long as I can remember
yet last year the police responded to 550 calls relating to
fireworks. The majority of these calls in June and July. Yet
there are those who claim those numbers are going to climb now
that fireworks are legal, and hospital emergency rooms will be
overtaken with injuries.

The problem is, if I understand correctly, the police have to
witness someone lighting off the fireworks and not just accuse
someone in the crowd of onlookers. It is an illegal act that
too many people get away with. Around the 4th of July we can’t
even see an intersection for all the smoke, and the noise is

Why is our city council even wasting the time to discus the
possible ban? It won’t stop the fireworks from goin off, and
the number of calls won’t drop. Political correctness at its

We’ll still have a snicker post later but as mentioned, I was
just thinking. Enjoy our Saturday.
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Great days

February 14, 2017


I reflected on our Valentine’s Day and decided it was just
about perfect as the sky turned purple when the sun dipped
below the horizon.

Time spent with the wife, a nice visit with Dad, and I even
got a few lucky shots with the camera. Some days go better
than others.


We had a hawk sitting in an old oak tree who must have been
waiting for lunch. He was busy looking all over our little
part of the east coast of Iowa before taking flight to pick up
his carry out.


Never saw where he ended up but he seemed in a hurry to get
there. I hope it wasn’t somebody’s’ pet as he was a big one.
Guess I didn’t realize hawks got that big.

I took the wife out to lunch yesterday for Valentine’s Day,
we had breakfast together today, and we’ll take her mother out
tomorrow for breakfast on her birthday. I guess it looks like
the whole week is going to go great.

So enjoy our Tuesday for tomorrow is hump day and one step
closer to the weekend. Now I think I’ll make some peppermint
tea while searching for a missing pizza that needs a friend.
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Just some facts

February 13, 2017


Happy Valentine’s Day! We know it’s tomorrow but celebrated
early as the wife has today off. Yesterday Ronnie stopped by
with goodie bags for the occassion and we wish to thank her
again. That said we’ll add some little known, and worthless
facts, about the day.

Did you know Bing Crosby had an album titled “St. Valentine’s
Day” released in 1946? The album reached number 8 on the
Billboard list of best selling albums in February 1949.

History buffs may remember the Valentine’s Day of 1929. At
10:30 am seven men were murdered in a garage at 2122 North
Clark Street in Chicago in what has been known ever since as
the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

The first valentine was also surrounded by violence. Saint
Valentine of Rome was imprisoned because he performed weddings
for soldiers who were forbidden by law to marry and for
minitering to Christians. As legend goes St. Valentine healed
the daughter of his jailer and before his execution wrote her
a letter and signed it “Your Valentine”.

In 18th century England the practice of lovers giving cards,
candy, and flowers became common. In Europe St. Valentine’s
Keys were given to lovers as an invitation to unlock the
giver’s heart.

Yet St. Valentine is not the patron saint of love, Saint
Anthony is. So if you want to give your sweetie a card on
St. Anthony Day, that would be June 13. And now I hear the
call of the lonely bacon cheeseburger pizza aksing for help.
Enjoy the rest of your Monday.
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Time flies

December 31, 2016


This will be the last post until next year. The very next
sunrise we see will occur next year. Yes, this time tomorrow
we will have to remember to put a different ending of the date
on any forms or checks we fill out.

Looking back on 2016 we have no regrets and will make no
resolutions for 2017 because we tend not to stick to them
anyway. As we look back on this year we realized we didn’t
get everything on our wish list done, but we did manage to get
something done.

The wife now knows my hair isn’t getting grey I’m going
chrome, and I found out it no longer works to say it doesn’t
cost anything to look. We don’t have everything we want yet
we have everything we need and that is a blessing in itself.

An old friend stopped by today and we walked a ways down
memory lane which mostly involved cars. He was down in the
dumps that he can no longer work on them like we used to and
I was amazed we lived through the antics of our youth.

Some are worried about what 2017 will bring, we are not. We
hold no sway over what the next president and legislators do
or know what the future may bring. I will just tell life to
hit me with it’s best shot and carry on, and the wife will
continue to grab the dash when I say hold on.

Have a very happy New Year and we’ll do the same.
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Christmas wish

December 24, 2016


We waited until late to post this so Christmas Eve would be
that much closer. Earlier we were out picking up odds and
ends and noticed that everyone was smiling and polite to one

Being from Iowa we know our residents are usually friendly,
but as Christmas draws nears it kicks things up a notch. No
competitive shopping like some days. This brings us to our
Christmas wish. It doesn’t cost anything, it shouldn’t hurt,
and you may just feel better later.

Our wish for Christmas is that when people get together for
this joyous holiday they put their petty differences, real or
imagined slights, and inflated egos to just get along. It is
only for a day.

If that doesn’t apply to you we also would like everyone to
put away their smart phones, unless they’re taking a picture,
and actually converse with others. It must be a generational
thing but I can’t understand why someone would go anothers
house only to sit on the couch and stare at a screen.

That said, we wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year. Now I have some leftover pizza that must be
eaten before it goes bad. It’s already 5 hours old.
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