Of cars, movies, pumkins, and cheese

October 31, 2013

It’s still raining, it’s Halloween, and we
have candy left over. That can mean only one
thing. Party!

No, it means we’re thinking about cars again.
Since Halloween and cars go together we’ll
add a few pictures.




And one picture of a scary movie coming out


It wouldn’t be Halloween with out jack-o-



As I am still recuperating from our mini-
vacation, regular posting will resume

I’ve been told that when we go out to eat
I eat like a child. Everyone else seems to
know I’m going to order the cheeseburger
and fries before I do.

So when we stopped at Perkins yesterday and
scanned the menu I ordered, you guessed it,
a Grown-up grilled cheese!

Big change huh? When I read swiss and colby
cheese and six slices of bacon on parmesan
bread grilled to perfection I was sold.

And the plus for me was I saw no green on the
plate. With a cheeseburger there is usually
lettuce and pickles on the plate and I never
know what to do with them.

Kind of like a nudist who gives up smoking,
I don’t know what to do with hands.
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