Burning up

September 15, 2020

The other day this black squirrel was looking all over the yard for
some treats he’d buried earlier. Have noticed a few of his friends
with walnuts in the their mouths as they ran for cover. Looks like
the critters are gearing up for winter.

Have also noticed the sky has gone hazy and we’re told that is from
the fires out west. Also told said conditions aren’t good for those
who have breathing issues. Thanks 2020.

Read an article about those fires which said not that long ago a
fire of 10,000 acres was rare. Now there’s one in California that is
50,000 acres. As we’ve said before the cause of these fires lay at
the feet of our government. Yes, government is blaming ‘climate

Well, shortly before Clinton left office he limited the ability of
our Forest Service to thin out dense foliage and downed trees. He
also introduced the Roadless Rule to restrict use of existing roads
and construction of new roads on the 49 million acres of National
Forest. This was all an extension of the Northwest Forest Plan of
1994 to prevent forests from being over-logged.

Ten years before that, the Fish and Wildlife Service placed the
northern spotted owl on the Endangered Species Act which ham stringed timber harvests. This resulted in an 80% decline in the amount of timber removed.

Sounds like good plans you say? Well…. Logging allowed fire breaks
which helped lessen the damage done by fires. When dense over growth and fallen trees are not removed they become kindling. And removing the roads makes it almost impossible for firefighters to get to some fires.

We think you get the idea. We only hope the people who live there
see the light soon and speak out about this mismanagement of

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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The voting dilemma

August 20, 2020

Had some things come up that needed attention and didn’t get a chance to post yesterday but the issues are now resolved. Sometimes things just take a little longer when we get older.

Lately Democrats have been pushing ‘vote by mail’ and saying it’s
the same as an absentee ballot. Turns out there are differences
between the two and we’ll try to explain them as we remember.

Basically, an absentee ballot must be requested and when received
the signature is checked against your voter registration card to
ensure the voter did fill it out. The signature must match to be

Vote by mail forms can be filled out and signed by anyone, not
necessarily the voter and isn’t checked for authenticity before
being counted. It is not the same as an absentee ballot for the
reasons stated above and is more prone to fraud.

Our state doesn’t do the ‘vote by mail’ but we did receive a
request form for an absentee ballot to “prevent the spread of
COVID-19”. On said form we must include either driver’s license
number or our four digit voter pin number.

Once we fill the form out and mail it an absentee ballot will be
sent to us to fill out. Seems silly to me. We used an absentee
ballot once when we knew we would be traveling on election day.

It is our right to go to the polls to vote and we wish to exercise
that right. If grocery and big box stores are safe for us to use,
so should the polls.

Enjoy our Thursday. Now I need coffee.
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Just pointing out

August 7, 2020

Been trying to do this post for some time and have had brain farts
that freeze my fingers on the keyboard. Today I will attempt to finish
it to share.

In 1918 the United States had a population of 103,208,000,
World War I would last until November of 1918, and the Spanish
Influenza Pandemic hit the world. It was called the Spanish flu as
Spain was neutral in the war meaning it could report on the world wide
severity of the outbreak.

The influenza infected 500 million people worldwide, or about one
third of the world population. Of those more than 50 million died,
675,000 in the U.S. Generally speaking, the fatality rate for the
Spanish flu was said to be 2%.

Citizens were ordered to wear masks while schools, theaters, and
businesses were shuttered and makeshift morgues were needed. This
strain of the flu was extremely virulent with little or no immunity
and spread quickly. Some may remember the 2009 H1N1 pandemic
which was considered swine flu.

There were no known cures and the Surgeon General and Journal of
the American Medical Association all recommended the use of aspirin.
Medical professionals advised patients to take up to 30 grams a day,
which we now know is toxic. Today a dose above 4 grams is
considered unsafe.

The economy took a hit with businesses shut down, mail delivery and
garbage pickup was crippled, farms didn’t have enough workers to
harvest crops, and health departments closed. In San Fransisco people
were fined $5 if caught in public not wearing a mask.

Long terms affects of the response to the epidemic were mental
health issues, alcoholism, and the economy. Somebody should be
thinking outside the box on how to keep that happening this time
around. You may remember Prohibition made alcoholic beverages illegal in 1920, and by the end of the 1920s the Great Depression hit.

Each year more than 200,000 Americans are hospitalized for flu
related complications and anywhere between 3,000 and 49,000 die. The young, elderly, pregnant women,and those with medical conditions are at higher risk.

So now we have the Covid-19 and who knows what the after affects
of that will be. Not really worried about the virus just wondering
what it’s going to cost our kids.

Crying shame

July 21, 2020

Yeah, I’m late again. But I got to thinking and lost track of
time. Got up and grabbed a glass of water from under the tap and
some more for coffee and didn’t realize how blessed we are. With all
these ‘protesters’ shouting how some of us are so downtrodden and
oppressed sometimes one needs a wake up call.

First, a little background. The Navajo Nation is a territory that
covers about 17,544,500 acres in northwestern Arizona, southeastern
Utah, and northwestern New Mexico with a population of 173,667 as
of the last census. The land size is bigger than 10 of our states.

As many as 40% of the Navajo Nation don’t have running water, paved
roads, or access to amenities like grocery stores or health care. In
the entire area there are only 12 healthcare centers and 13 grocery
stores while many have no access to transportation. And they’ve had
8,593 cases of Covid 19 with 422 deaths as of July 19th.

The man who runs the only funeral home in the western part of said
the Navajo Nation is overwhelmed to the point that he hired more staff, got a freezer trailer to store bodies, and has been running out of caskets every week.

If you have a half hour, and don’t mind sitting through a short
commercial at the beginning, this video is eye opening. If anyone
is oppressed in our country, it is Native Americans, and that’s
a crying shame.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now I need more coffee.
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What if?

July 13, 2020

It’s no secret I’ve stood against this dog and pony show called the
Covid-19 pandemic. Hasn’t made sense to me from the beginning nor does it now. The flu of 2018 had more fatalities at this point than the virus does now. But what if we could cut down on the number of fatalities with a cure that has existed for 20 years?

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Richard Bartlett we hope you do. His
cure for Covid-19 is readily available, reasonably priced, in no
danger of running out, and can make patients feel better after the
first treatment.

Oh yeah, it can also be used on everyone from premature babies to
the elderly with no side effects. Still think this whole media blitz
is real? I usually don’t have videos here but will in this case. If
you have 30 minutes watch and listen.

After watching the video myself I believe we, the American people,
are owed an apology from those who keep hiding cures and positive news from us including the media. Stop using the ‘data’ that supports your agenda, forget a vaccine, and lets get back to normal.

Let’s get the word out. Oh yeah, if you watch the video you will also
learn the flu is going around now also. I hadn’t heard that until I
watched the video. And I am not receiving any compensation for the
mention of this from either Dr. Bartlett of Debbie Georgatos.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for some more coffee.

Thursday rant on Friday

June 26, 2020

I was going to post about the homemade weed killer today but since
the results were not great decided to take a different path. Even
though I avoid the media on TV one can’t escape it on the internet.

So here’s what I’ve learned over the last couple days:

The country western group Lady Antebellum changed their name to
Lady A so it isn’t racist.

A group of Texas realtors will not use the term “Master” when
referring to bedrooms and baths as that is racist.

Disneyland will change its Splash Mountain from a “Song of the
South” to a princess theme.

AOC wants to take houses away from property owners to make things

And in one part of country, the LGBT added a P, for Pedosexual.

Lord love a duck! It’s official, some people here have lost what
little sense they had. This is just a few of the stranger blurbs I’ve
seen and by no means all.

Lady A can call themselves whatever they want as a lot of what I
hear lately doesn’t sound like country music to me anyway. I’ll keep
listening to the oldies.

“Song of the South” is a classic and think there would be a bigger
uproar in changing to a ‘white privilege’ princess theme might make
things worse.

If realtors won’t call it master bedroom, are they going to call it
the adult bedroom now? Or the larger bedroom with attached bath?

AOC can want ‘fairness’ all she wants but I’m sure we’re not the
only homeowners who would say hell no to that idea. Why don’t these
brain dead politicians just come out and say they want to change our
country from a Constitutional Federation to Socialism.

The LGBT group adding pedophiles doesn’t surprise me nor make me a happy camper. As my dear departed mother used to say “you can want in one hand, shit in the other, and you know which one will be full”.

Instead of all these groups demanding special attention why doesn’t
everybody get together and work on the real problems. Like people
out of work, businesses losing money or closing, and how to make
our country better when this virus is gone than it was before it
got here.

I’ll end it there and hope you have a great Friday. Now I’m having
more coffee and some leftover pizza.
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Stay calm…

June 8, 2020

One has to wonder why the protests continue. It started with wanting
justice for George Floyd. All officers involved have been arrested
and charged while awaiting trail. Now we keep hearing shouts of
black lives matter. Lord love a duck.

Let’s try to explain something that most are forgetting. I did a
post on this issue a while back and found incidents such as started
the protests and riots occur about .0027% of the time. Yes, they
shouldn’t happen at all, but they do.

And here’s why, members of our police forces are humans and humans
make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Now the Minneapolis city leaders
claim they have a veto proof margin to disband the police in their
city. That is like banning all drivers for a drunk driver fatality.

This is looking more and more like a plot to ensure our president
doesn’t get re-elected and to start baby steps toward socialism. I
am not going to be shamed for being born white, get any vaccines
associated with the virus hoax, or give up my guns.

People need to take a deep breath and remember, you can love your
country while not liking your government. If you don’t like the
way things are being handled, vote new people in. From city
government all the way to Congress.

I didn’t mention the president as they have term limits already in
place. Personally, I think all our forms of government should have
8 year terms and no retirement unless they pay into it. Right now,
until I hear chants of “American Lives Matter” my beliefs will stay
as they are.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for some coffee and snack.
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It’s official…

May 19, 2020

Common sense is never going to make a come back in our lifetime. Not
saying that to hear myself talk, only to state a fact. Don’t believe
me? I’ll try to explain.

We now have all these doctors and scientists telling us we have to
wait for a vaccine to solve the virus problem. When said vaccine does
appear, it will have to be taken with every new outbreak, and then be
told the vaccine wasn’t meant for the current strain but will help
ease symptoms. All that from people who can’t find a cure for the
common cold or flu.

We have governors who think they’ve been appointed King and shut down entire states while telling us it’s for own good. This morning one said that if businesses break his ‘rule’ they would be charged and fined, which is better than losing their license. Wait, what?

So much for land of the free, home of the brave. And what about all
these numbers they keep throwing at us? Here in Iowa we’re told so
many thousand have the Covid-19 and a couple hundred died from it.
But, those counted as having it have been tested. How about adding
‘out of 3 million residents in the state’.

Unless everybody gets tested, the numbers are useless. Unless all
those who died get tested, those numbers are useless. And what about the masks? Wear them, don’t wear them, and if you do wear them they get old real quick. I will not wear one nor visit a business that tells me I have to.

Why is our President getting so much flak over this when it’s the
Governors who are running the show right now? If people what to get
mad at someone, get mad at your Governor. We’ll say again, the
government is not the answer, it’s the problem.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for more coffee before I do some chores.
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Bull shipping

April 28, 2020

Read an article from WND that states lockdowns weaken immunity and
that cure is worse than the disease. The 2 physicians with advanced
degrees in microbiology claim sheltering in place actually weakens
our immune system.

The doctors say the fatality rate for this disease is one-tenth
of 1%. They are also pushing the herd immunity concept and question
the lock down in California where the fatality rate is 0.03%. Which
begs the question: why the lock downs?

You can click on the link to read the article, and it is an
interesting read. Of course those who have medical issues already
should take precaution when around others, 96% of people who do
get the virus have no lasting problems.

Much as I hate to admit it, Biden was right. He said the cure would
be worse than the disease. Our economy has definitely taken a hit and
it will be years recovering and our taxes will be going up to pay for
stimulus monies being spent.

All this makes one wonder, why isolate people and cause them to lose
their businesses and jobs, then give them money to ease their pain?
Is big pharma behind this so most of us don’t get the full immunity
and need a yearly vaccine?

We don’t know the answer but do know it’s time for the government
to stop shipping the bull and look at reality. It’s time to stop
the nonsense and let Americans do what they do best, go back to
work and make the money to live a decent life.

Don’t look at the man behind the curtain pulling the levers, just
believe what we tell you. I’m calling it bull! Your opinion may vary
from mine, but you can’t argue with facts.

Enjoy our Tuesday as I need more coffee.
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Enough is enough!

April 13, 2020

This whole corona virus nonsense makes as much sense to me as the
car manufacturers putting dials in place of shifters in our cars. So
far this ‘pandemic’ just hasn’t lived up to its name. While peaking
in some areas the numbers still aren’t as high as we were told they
would be.

It feels almost like when a business goes out of business and has a
big sale. Prices get inflated and a discount offered but when you
look at the final cost, it’s the same as everywhere else. Our
government has gone power crazy.

Even if we wanted to peacefully assemble we could be fined or
arrested during these crazy times, our religious rights have been
violated, and our economy severly battered. Vacations? Surely you
jest. We can’t even be with dying relatives when we want to be.

Those making all these laws and medical experts alike readily admit
they don’t know much about this virus while ordering us not to go
out. Even criminals took a hit as people everywhere are already
wearing masks.

Time to let those who are healthy go back to work and start to
recover from their loses while those of us with health issues will
stay home. If we wish to. And it’s past time to remind Congress,
Governors, Mayors, and others that they work for us.

And the dials for shifters? Lets get rid of them too.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for some coffee and leftover.
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