Smelling the peanuts

June 26, 2013

We will forewarn you that this post may
be offensive to liberals, tax and spend
aficionados, and those who don’t understand
common sense.

That being said, we count ourselves
among the lucky because we found peanuts
on sale and have stocked up.

With the upcoming circus over the gaming
license we believe peanut prices will

So let’s open the tent flap and take a
little look.

We see the Iowa Gaming Board, the RDA
who holds the license, the proposed future
owner, and our Mayor.

All believe they are the Ringmaster
and therein lies the problem.

The Gaming Board wants to issue a new
license, the RDA wants said license, the
proposed owner wants what the others do,
and our Mayor believes he is an equal

But the license is issued to the County
and not the City. This lessens the
importance of the Mayor in the equation.

Things have gotten to the point that
rumors abound as to the fact that the
Casino does not have to be located in our
fair city.

And the Mayor seems to think that he is
the only one who can close the deal.

He has stated he won’t make negotiations
easy for the proposed owner and wants as
much money as possible for the city.

Most common sense folk look at this as
a situation where a developer wants to
come in, build a Casino with no government
monies, give tons of money at the city per
year, and pay property taxes to boot.

Were we running the show we would smile
all the way to the bank, give the developer
a key to they city, and make him Grand
Marshall of the parade!

But our Mayor thinks the city needs a
bigger cut of the pie.

Nothing says welcome to our fair city
like telling the world you’re going to
gouge a business that wants to locate

We don’t pretend to know how things
will play out, but we don’t have a monkey
in this zoo either.

Once the deal is done, regardless of
where the Casino ends up, we may have
more on the subject.
Comments are always welcome.