Back to work

May 17, 2021

If you haven’t noticed, the weekend is over. We made up for lost time over the weekend as we haven’t really went anywhere since this whole covid mess started. Saturday after we finished our running we stopped by the Steel Plow for a little lunch and I did it again.

Not real hungry I ordered from the pick 2 menu and thought a light lunch would soon be on the table. Turned out the BLT sandwich was not the half sandwich I’d imagined but 8 pieces of bacon and all the fixings on Texas toast. For the soup I chose chili thinking it would be a cup of soup only to get a good sized bowl. Don’t know about the wife but I waddled out. Not complaining either as it was all good.

Sunday dawned without me as I overslept big time. Like to say I jumped out of bed and hit it hard right from the git go, but can’t honestly do that. Spent an hour slurping coffee, taking my meds, and being in a state of suspended confusion. The cats were fed and watered and it was a Sunday. Did manage to get some things checked off the to do list anyway.

So all that done we ordered a pizza to pick up and were surprised again. Thought someone had filled the pizza box with quarters as it was heavier than usual, and when home found the reason. This pizza had toppings about 2 inches thick and even the crust was perfect. They even put in a lot of hot taco sauce packets as they know us by now.

Woke up this morning to the pitter patter of rain and we’re told it will continue for a while. At least we’ll have healthy weeds with all the rain. Now I need to get moving to work off all the weekend binge food. Enjoy our Monday as new challenges await. Now for more coffee. Comments are always welcome.

Shopping with oldfarts

March 21, 2020

Yesterday got away from me as I thought it a good time to change a
few things. Now we have a full trash bin but said changes are done.
Even got a picture of a bird who seemed surprised I got so close
before I took this shot.

Yesterday morning the wife had some things to do at work in the a.m.
so we thought we’d try grocery shopping this morning. The store opened at 7 am for senior citizens and those with health issues so we went at 7.

Thing I forgot is all the other oldfarts get up early and the place
was packed! Even had a policeman by the carts to make sure you were
old and/or sick. Once inside we noticed the produce section was
overflowing, the shelves with everything else, not so much.

We were told the store wouldn’t honor the print ad, the meat section
was low, and only one package of toilet paper to a family. We did
find a pound of ground bison for $9 but the pickings were slim. Even
the cat food was running low.

Nobody has to tell me we have this virus thing going around, but
what we saw this morning was crazy. That said, we have to remain calm and remember we will pull this and it shouldn’t last long. So don’t buy 30 when you only need 5 so someone else can get some.

Enjoy our Saturday as it seems like it will be a good one. Now for
some coffee.
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Short update

February 17, 2020

Well it’s Presidents Day, the Daytona 500 had a rain delay so the
remainder of the race shown this afternoon, and it’s raining here on
the east coast of Iowa. Perhaps the rain will melt the rest of the
snow from our yards.

Yesterday was my Mother-in-laws birthday so her, the wife and I, my sister-in-law, and niece went out for breakfast. The wife and her Mom always get a laugh out of my order. Every time we go to breakfast I have biscuits and gravy and see nothing funny about it but it gets them giggling.

I order that because I like it and unlike some choices it doesn’t
contain something I don’t like. And it gives them a smile so that is
a bonus.

Tomorrow I’ll go over and visit Dad and see what’s new there. He may
have good tale to tell. In the mean time I’ll keep plugging along
with a few chores that didn’t get done yesterday.

Enjoy our Monday because it’s here and we can change that anyway.
Now for more coffee.
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Of good days

January 24, 2020

Yesterday the birds thought it was great too. We were gifted with
over 2 inches of white fluffy love from above with slightly warmer
temperatures and even the shoveling was not a problem. It was just a
perfect winter day.

Today we got the errands run and more shoveling done before I took
the wife to a local place to eat. If you haven’t been to the Steel
Plow you should give a try. I would recommend the bison burger and the wife now likes the seafood mac and cheese. Both were great.

Now that all that’s done we have a little more snow in the forecast.
Less than inch isn’t a problem for us as the car has all-wheel-drive
and I know how to use the shovel. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

The feral cat I brought indoors during the cold has gotten used to
being inside and has become friendlier than it was outside. With a
little more time to adjust we think she’ll do well. I believe the
wife named her “Missy”.

Enjoy the rest of our Friday as here locally there’s an indoor car
show at the Expo Center this weekend. Think we’ll pass this time.
Now for some coffee and pizza rolls.
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Just some thoughts

January 1, 2020

If you were lucky enough to have a King’s Food Host near you when
growing up, and were cheap like me, you may remember the Cheese
Frenchee sandwich. To some a deep-fried cheese sandwich might not
sound appetizing but I loved them in my wrecker driving days.

Don’t know what newspaper this was in or the author, but it sounds
close to what I remember. If this sounds like a good snack to you
please use the recipe and let us know what you think.

2019 ended on a good note and so far 2020 has been pretty good also. Got a call from my brother and we caught up a bit on what was going on with each other. Then our youngest called and had a good chat with him too. He was getting ready to go to his in-laws for black-eyed peas and corn bread.

Right around midnight the wife called from work to wish me a happy new year and we had a short talk. Was expecting more fireworks than actually went off. It was a quiet start to the new year for a change.

In 2018 I told 2019 to hit me with its best shot. I believe that was
taken as a challenge and did not repeat it this year. I’ll just go
along to get along this year. Because of that I’m thinking it’s only
63 days until Spring.

It was mentioned earlier that I don’t make resolutions on the new
year. Don’t make them any other time either. Seems as I get older and
time speeds up there is no time for resolutions. About as close as I
can get to that is to say we’ll keep taking pictures and share them

Enjoy our first Wednesday of 2020. Now I need more coffee and a
snack before things get crazy.
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Good food, same old luck

November 27, 2019

We had our turkey and all the trimmings yesterday in an early
celebration of Thanksgiving as the wife works the holiday. Of course
the mashed potatoes and gravy kept calling me so I had to have 4 big
servings before pushing the plate away.

Went out to feed the feral cats this morning and the fickle finger
of fate pointed my way again. Just as I opened the door a cardinal
was again perched on the fence and my camera was inside on the
computer hutch. Knowing the bird would be gone by the time I went
back inside and grabbed the camera the cats got fed first.

When that was gone one look was all it took to realize the fence
was empty where the cardinal used to be. Looking at nearby trees and
bushes confirmed it, no bird. No sense hanging around as the day is
windy and temps are dropping. Sooner or later said birds will sit
still long enough to get a picture.

We haven’t got any snow here but did get some good thunderstorms last night. The lightening lit up the night sky like flash bulbs on a fashion runway and the thunder had a throaty rumble. Not sure
how much rain we got but the cat food dish had a half inch of water in it.

Enjoy our Thanksgiving Eve and remember those who work the holidays to keep us free, safe, and healthy. If you’re having a good spread on the holiday thank a farmer, and as we’re doing so in peace thank those who fight to keep us free.

Now for some more coffee and perhaps some leftover potatoes.
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Of strange dreams

September 5, 2019

Late yesterday afternoon went to see if the moon was visible in the
blue sky, get a picture, and have a chat. After returning inside I
realized I hadn’t eaten anything so fried up a couple cheeseburgers.
Add a Coke, a big helping of potato chips, and a Snicker’s ice cream
bar and it was the perfect meal.

The food made me drowsy so I turned in early at 8 pm. Decided a good nights sleep was in order and woke up refreshed but noticed it was still dark out. Thinking it was early morning I made coffee but when I looked at the clock it displayed 11:15 pm.

But all was not wasted as I had a dream that needed to be thought
about. In the dream I built another vehicle, a Model A pickup this
time. And this one was different as it had no windows. Everywhere a
window opening should be was covered with metal.

It was a masterpiece. Until I tried to drive it. Plans of putting
rubber bumpers all around the truck was quickly dismissed as I
imagined that while said bumpers may prevent some body damage the
owners of vehicles hit might get a bit angry.

So another path was taken. I enrolled in the Roy Orbison School of
Driving for the Blind. When that didn’t work a periscope was rigged
that stuck out of top and swiveled. This worked reasonably well but
still left a huge blind spot.

So I chopped the top to allow 4 inch tall windows all around and believed the problem was solved. It was not. The cab was now so short I couldn’t get skinny old body into it, but it did look sharp. It may be for sale in my next dream.

Enjoy our Thursday as it means we’re that much closer to the weekend. Now I need more coffee to solve the problem.
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A couple things I noticed

August 23, 2019

Dorothy was right, “there’s no place like home!” We had a great trip
and loved being with the kids and our granddaughter but it does feel
good to be home. We noticed a couple of things, one made us laugh
and the other made me mad. We’ll mention both.

First is the fact that I’m a country boy and can’t change that. The
wife laughed when I told her that when we went to Texas de Brazil to
eat I knew I was in trouble when I saw three forks and two goblets at
each place setting. I’m a much more simple man.

I mean no disrespect to the place or its employees, but I don’t need
servers to bring the meat to the table and cut it in front of me. Rich
folk love me at these places when I ask ‘what the hell is that?’
Hey, I’m laughing right with them, but don’t put anything in mouth
unless I know what it is and the only way to find out is ask.

This picture is the reason I was mad and sad at the same time. We’re
at a city park with nice pond filled with wildlife and some Bozo has
to throw their burger wrapper into the water. After seeing this we
noticed beer and pop cans, plastic bags, and other trash in the pond.
I was half tempted to wade out and get the trash off the turtle.

We noticed trash bins about 25 feet away and people are so lazy they
can’t do the right thing. It’s a sad part of our civilization that some
ruin things for others. Didn’t ruin our vacation yet that doesn’t make
it right.

Enjoy our Friday as we need to stock on groceries and fix my low pizza

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Day seven

August 19, 2019

Yesterday was one of those days when you just felt like sitting
on the porch a while watching a wasp pull its spider prey up the
wall. It had rained earlier and we thought that might mean a
break in the heat wave.

Turned out Mother Nature was just playing with us. Before we
left the motel we noticed this Tesla parked right up next to the
door. They are all electric and the car was getting a charge. This
is the first one I’ve seen and have to admit it is a sharp looker.

Since it was Sunday everyone decided a cook out would be a good
idea and after getting supplies, the smoker was lit. Turned out to
be quite a feast, and I helped. Well, I watched Ken grill all the
meat anyway.

When we arrived at the kids house there was an emergency of sorts
and a run to a local clinic was made. Seems our granddaughter
thought it would be a good idea to stick a small toy up her nose
and nobody could figure out how to remove it.

Turned out alright as said toy came out at the clinic without any
medical intervention. It’s always something, but it made for an
interesting day. The wife had another problem with her blood sugar
level but we noticed right away and got her back to normal in no

And we sat and talked of how good fried okra is when it’s done
right, getting older, working when older, and life in general.
It’s nice to just kick back, have a great meal, and watch the sun
set at the end of a hot summer day.

Enjoy our Monday as we will. We’ll be leaving Wednesday so we’ll
try to fit in a few more interesting places to visit before then.
Now I go in search of more coffee.
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Uncle Bill is where?

April 22, 2019

Before we get to the main point of this thought we’d share a mediocre picture of the moon from the other night. It has not been edited other than a simple crop and the colors are how myself and the camera saw them.

Now on to what really confused me yesterday and made me wonder if there is even a need. Washington state is set to pass a bill that would allow human composting. I saw an article yesterday that made the claim.

And in home gardens no less! The very thought makes me shudder. Billed as a ecologically friendly death-care option the law could go into effect as early as May 1st if the Governor signs the bill. Much like when the debacle over how many genders there are began, I’m one confused redneck.

Do we really need “natural organic reduction” funeral homes? It is not comforting to me to know that properly composted human remains are safe enough to use in household gardens. I’ll just say that when my time comes I won’t be fertilizing any tomatoes. Unless said tomatoes grow in the cemetery.

Cremation reduces the body mass and can be spread over the deceased favorite place but don’t nourish the soil when strewn upon it. Washington state has the right to do as it wishes but this sounds a little to far out there for me.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s going to be another nice one here on the east coast of Iowa.
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