Guns, burnouts, shows and more

November 29, 2012

We’re going to mix things up a little bit
and hope you enjoy it. We’re not sure where
this post is headed, but we welcome you to
cruise along with us. And thank you to the
friends who supplied some of the links.

November 30 through December 2 is the
Premier Firearms Auction at the Rock
Island Auction Company. Featured items
include, but are not limited to; part II
of the Gateway Collection, the Bobby Smith
Estate Collection of Colts, the Anthony
Urbanowski Collection of Smith & Wesson,
four Ulrich engraved Winchester rifles,
and eight Colt Patersons.

There is also a collection of Class III
arms including several Thompson machine
guns. For more information go to the link

Here are a couple of posters about car events.
Torque Fest will be in May 2013, and the
Mooneyes poster is about their Christmas
event this year.

Most of us have seen a Willys wagon or
two, this picture just shows two versions
of the same vehicle.

The requisite burnout video-

A different kind of racing-

And a look at Craig Jackson’s multi-
million dollar garage-

And the end.

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