Casual day

October 18, 2017

Had a visit with Dad this morning and we enjoyed a good chat.
Not many subjects were missed as we talked about our names, the
wildfires, food, health, and misconceptions. We even covered
John Deere and their recent lawsuit over colors.

At one point I even mentioned that the scaffolding was coming
down on the steeple of the church near us but the cross wasn’t
back on top. The cross was taken off before the steeple was
re-roofed and when the rigging was up never gave it much

The critters got fed while the rest of the chores are on hold
due to my lack of interest. It’s just too nice a day to work it
away. Time may be spent with the camera, or a nap, whichever
sounds more interesting when the time arrives.

I also found out the lady who follows me around got tickets
online to see “Only the Brave” Friday afternoon. She even
claims we have reserved seats. Many can’t believe that I have
not set foot in movie theater since the first Harry Potter
movie came out.

Never cared for watching movies inside and cell phone usage
has not changed my mind. So at 12:30 Friday afternoon we will
be in our reserved seats to view the 2 hour and 13 minute movie
along with others who attend. When that is over I’ll go back to
my mantra of ‘I can wait until they show it on TV’.

Enjoy our Wednesday, it’s a beautiful day here. Now I need
another cup of coffee and some leftover pizza.
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Thinking back

October 12, 2017

I just got the wife off to work and noticed it started to
drizzle. You know how that goes, not a hard enough rain to get
soaked yet sets a chill in your bones. But Autumn is here with
the leaves changing color, the drop in temperature, and the
steely gray skies.

Christmas displays are starting to pop up and the Holloween
candy is overflowing the aisles. On the east coast of Iowa that
means time to get the snow removal gear in order. Depending on
who one listens to we will either have a dry mild winter or
a cold snowy one.

This is also the time of year that shifts my mind into over-
drive and it moves faster than my fingers can type. We’ll try
to keep up. We’re entering the season when comfort food seems
more important than any other and the holidays start coming.
At least since I retired they let me sit at the adult table.

It shouldn’t be long before the migratory birds start heading
south to their winter homes along with folks who love the area
more than they like our winters. They usually come back once
it warms again.

And this time of year reminds me of days on the farm when the
chores came before anything else and TV was a luxury. If we
watched and hour of TV in one sitting, it was a holiday. And as
I joke with our youngest, the TV had living black and white.
When color TVs became affordable we’d adjust the rabbit ears
until we marvelled at how life like the shows had become.

Now, I’m out of coffee and the leftover pizza along with the
doughnut holes on the table are calling for me. Enjoy our
Thursday. Before we know it the weekend will be here.
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Some days…

October 8, 2017

life just sucks the jelly right out of your doughnut. And
yesterday was just such a day. Grumpy because I hadn’t seen the
man in moon for a few days, I decided to lighten my mood by
chatting with him last night.

The day was going pretty good until I noticed my desktop was
moving at the speed of a dial up modem. Then a message from our
youngest informed me he was receiving Hollywood gossip from my
email and wondered what was going on. So was I as that isn’t
something I would normally do.

Turns out settings and passwords had been changed and the
computer had been hacked. While the culprit hasn’t been located
yet the computer is again working like it should and has been
since about 3 am.

So about midnight I went out and took some pictures of the
moon, had a chat about trivial things, and cooled off. The talk
was just what was needed and gave me time to catch a second
wind to do battle with the hacker. I will locate the computer
they used to hack me and if it is a school or business will
inform them that their system may be compromised.

Thanks Kenny, I would have caught it but your message lit a
fire under me to get it done. And now we’re going to enjoy
some thick cut pork chops, corn, and potato salad for an early
supper. Enjoy the rest of our Sunday as tomorrow starts the
work week for some.
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Rambling thoughts

October 4, 2017

Our son called last night to inform me he had hit a deer on
the road to the reservation. Thankfully no one was hurt with
the exception of deer. The car was derivable after the accident,
but being a Saturn some of plastic fender didn’t look so hot.

We got some of the rain that was forecast and it looks like
there will be more to come yet this week. After the rain the sun
came out to dry things off. Almost reminded me of Hawaii in the

This morning I went to visit Dad to catch up on what happened
while we were cruising and visiting other family members in
Idaho. According to the Antique Farmer nothing happened while we
were gone of any significance. My brother was in the hospital
and released during our cruise and if we understand correctly
he is doing better.

The feral kittens have made their appearance once I started
feeding them again and the birds have also came back. We’re
getting back into the same stuff different day phase now. The
wife left for work and I’m trying to catch up on the honey do

And I took a walk down memory lane about how things have
changed over the last 30 years as our anniversary is coming in
December. While my eating habits haven’t changed, the hours
have. Back then I could work a 12 hour day, come home and mow
the lawn, then go out to the garage and work until midnight on
the latest project.

I could do all that now but it would take a week and several
naps to get it done. I still believe getting older beats the
alternative hands down. So enjoy our Wednesday as I know we
will, after a nap and a pizza.
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Here we go again

October 1, 2017

I had good intentions of doing an early post until reality
hit. Slept in only to realize the cupboard was bare, not even a
Snicker’s bar to found anywhere. On the plus side, we have
enough coffee to last us for another month.

After the cruise to the grocery store to stock up on all that
we didn’t have and coming back to unload it, I was told we were
taking a cruise to my mother-in-laws place. Not a problem, got
her tablet up and running while killing a wasp that somehow
managed to get inside her apartment.

Accomplishing that, and after a short visit we were headed
back home, or so I thought. The lady that follows me around
decided we should stop and eat before heading home. And now we
are finally back home for the day. So I thought this a good
time to share some pictures.

One of the feral kittens let me know he didn’t appreciate me
not telling someone to feed them while we were gone. He kept
his distance, even after I put out fresh food and water.

As we were headed home from our trip the skies over Nebraska
seemed to all be laying down. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Critters were out in force on the cruise home so we’ll share a
few of them. We saw some good looking horses along the way.

As we were cruising down the highway of life I noticed a herd
of animals ahead and alerted the wife. When asked what they
were I replied they were mutant horses who survived a nuclear
blast. As we got closer I noticed my mistake. I believe they
are Alpacas.

Then we came upon a horse who looked like he lived in heaven.

Almost immediately after entering entering western Iowa we
saw a sight we never grow tired of. High corn with a cloud
filled sky for a back drop.

After crossing the bridge spanning the Missouri river into
western Iowa on I-80 you find this overpass, complete with
statuary, as you enter Sioux City.

Not sure if I like the art but it does make you think. And
finally, the wind turbines. In Iowa it seems like we just as
many of these as we have cornfields.

That’s a little of our past few days and after uploading the
pictures from my flash drive we’ll share more. Hope you are
having a great Sunday as we are recovering from vacation.
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Making time

September 29, 2017

We left Rawlins, Wyoming early this morning and arrived in
Paxton, Nebraska a few hours ago where we will spend the night.
When we left it was so foggy you couldn’t see past the hood of
the car so I kept it at 80 mph and the fog lights on.

After running through fog for most the way across Wyoming we
ran into a drizzle and some clouds that looked like they could
open up and rain our on cruise. Everything has gone right today
and shortly we will leave our room to dine at Ole’s Steakhouse
& Saloon. They have some of the best cheeseburgers I have ever
consumed and are located within a half mile of our motel.

Once again the lady that follows me around took all the pictures
and I haven’t asked if I can share them yet, but may post
later if see agrees. With a little cropping and slight touch up
most came out great so I hope she does.

Tomorrow afternoon we will arrive back home and posts will
return to a semblance of normalcy on Sunday. Or at least as
close to normal as I can get. We consider the trip an
overwhelming success and plan on doing it again. Perhaps as
early as next year.

But around this time tomorrow, or a little later, we will
unpack the trunk for the last time on this trip and see if
the critters missed us. The cat probably won’t want much to
do with us, but we’ll see. And I can do a Sunday snicker
post from home again.

Enjoy the rest of our Friday, we’re leaving for a cheeseburger
and fries with plenty of coffee.
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Late, late update

September 29, 2017

Well, we are in our motel room in Rawlins, Wyoming. I was an
hour ahead of schedule to make it here when the stuff hit the
fan. The lady that follows me around believes in a GPS box that
is called TomTom, yet sounds like a lady.

We passed a sign that said 39 miles to Rawlins when the black
talking box said turn south for 40 miles. 76 miles later we came
to a one horse town that had a gas station, gassed up, and
followed the directions of this talking box.

Ended up on a gravel road looking at a vacant lot when this
silly box proclaimed “you have reached your destination”. It was
at this point I told the lady who follows me around to unplug
the box while we drove the 70 some miles back to the point we
were 39 miles away from our real destination.

I was not a happy camper. The motel we booked is vastly over
promoted and not what was claimed. The mountain view is there,
if you stand on the very edge of the parking lot and look
behind the motel. Of course the rooms have no widows facing the

Tomorrow, sans GPS, we head for Paxton, Nebraska for our last
night in a motel before arriving home Saturday. Enjoy our
Friday and we hope it wasn’t as stressful as ours.
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