Hot one

July 19, 2019

Yesterday around noon I was sagging like the little bird in the picture. With a heat index of around 100, I decided it was the perfect day to trim Dads hedges. The chore took about three hours, three bottles of water, a glass of ice cold lemonade, and several bandages.

Needed the liquid for the heat and the bandages for several cuts, scrapes, and tears to my arms from the tight fit in places. As skinny as I am I had a hard time even getting behind some bushes to trim. It got so bad I was pulling the extension cord and my hand slipped because it was covered in blood.

So it was into the house to rinse the hand off and see what was bleeding. Ended up my hand wasn’t cut at all and the blood came from three places on my wrist where the skin got pulled off. I was just getting ready to go back out when Dads caregiver saw my arm and insisted on putting band-aids on the bleeding parts.

I told her said band-aids wouldn’t stay on because I was sweating too much, but she held her ground. After she applied the band-aids it was back outside to continue making the hedges shorter. And after five minutes the band-aids fell off.

So today my arms are sore and colorful, but the hedges are lower and Dads happy so that’s what counts. I also know when they need trimming again I won’t do it when it’s this hot.

Enjoy our Friday as we know what that means. Now I need more coffee and something to eat.
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After the 4th

July 5, 2019

Didn’t get any pictures of the fireworks from our citys fireworks display on the 3rd as we couldn’t see them this year so thought we’d share a few here that we got last night.

These were taken from our backyard and in the alley and are fireworks set off by neighbors. When some of these go off it sounds like a cannon going off and sometimes catch you by surprise. I prefer seeing the fireworks at a distance but take what I get. What we got was a lot better than expected.

Once the fireworks began the lady who follows me around came outside and watched with me. We were both trying to look in all directions at once as we were surrounded by fireworks. A little later I’ll check to see how many fireworks fragments ended up on our roof.

Finally, Dad called yesterday and we talked for a little bit. After I answered he asked what day it was. I told him it was Thursday, July 4th and he let out his breath and said ‘good!’ I then found out he was worried about a doctors appointment he has on the 8th.

The call lasted just over 2 minutes and was one of the longest talks over the phone we’ve had. He just doesn’t say much when on the phone. Enjoy our Friday now that the 4th is out of the way. After about a dozen more cups of coffee I should get going today.
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June 25, 2019

Birds were out along with the sun this morning as I got ready to go over and visit Dad. After he had breakfast we made small talk until he began to talk about his time in the Navy. And I learned something.

He said his ship was in the harbor when General MacArthur, aboard the USS Missouri signed the surrender agreement with Japan on September 5th, 1945 just outside Tokyo.

He could see the ship from his but not see the actual signing. He talked of his time as a Gunners Mate and that he had crossed the ocean 3 times during his service. When the war ended he got assigned to a cargo ship and said they pushed all the cargo overboard, brought home-ward board soldiers aboard, and took them home.

And we talked of those we met while serving and those who didn’t come back. One of his brothers didn’t make it back and was buried over there. we laughed about boot camp and how some got sea sick when the ship left the port.

Actually I learned a lot. This was the first time he talked of his time during the war in such detail and I savored every word. I don’t know why he finally decided to open up yet am extremely grateful that he did. When I left we were both smiling.

Enjoy our Tuesday as hump day is only a dream away. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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Interesting days

June 18, 2019

A few nights ago the sky got colorful before sunset and the rain started again. I knew the moon wouldn’t be visible so with all the gnats buzzing around came back in.

After the drizzle yesterday some crows got together in an old oak tree to preen and survey their domain. The sky was white yet everything appeared to be in shadows making for an interesting day.

After coming home from jury duty this little guy was perched on a lower roof and looked like he was on guard duty. He just sat there and watched until I was on the porch like I didn’t belong or something.

This morning was a good day in a strange way. When I pulled into the donut shop parking lot the ladies at the counter were putting my order together before I even got to the counter. First time that’s happened but I’m not complaining.

Then went over to Dads and had a good long visit. Before the care giver got there we were making plans to remodel his bathroom. He thought his recliner was too far away and wanted to put it in his bathroom. Of course then we’d have to move his TV in there also.

Since we were that far along he’d thought it would be a good idea to knock out one wall so there’d be room for the dancing girls. He’s been on kick where he claims dancing girls were on their way but the bus broke down. Maybe next time they’ll show up.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s been a good one here. Now for more coffee.
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Moon watching

June 14, 2019

Today is Flag Day, Sunday is Father’s Day, and there will be a full moon Sunday night. To top off all that there will be a live band tonight at the Nova Reunion car show at Jumer’s Casino in Rock Island, Illinois. If you want to go the music starts at 7 pm.

We have Flag Day to celebrate legally making the flag ours on June 14, 1777 in a resolution of our 2nd Congress. And President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that established June 14 as Flag Day in 1911.

An early ‘Happy Father’s Day!’ to all the fathers out there. This day celebrates the contributions that fathers, and father figures, make. The holiday has celebrated in Europe since the Middle Ages.

A full moon will greet those who are outside, with clear skies, on Father’s Day night as mentioned. Almost like the icing on the cake. Not sure of what this full moon is called but the previews, like the picture above, promise it will be a good one.

Shortly we’ll cruise to get our errands done as time ran out yesterday. I did end up with a store bought hair cut so now people can see I actually do have ears. It worked out good though as told the lady cutting my hair to just cut the gray hairs out and leave the rest. I was a little afraid she wouldn’t stop until I was bald!

So enjoy our Friday as it means the weekend is here. Now for more coffee before the running starts.
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Of busy days

June 13, 2019

Today we’ve been busier than usual and still have more running to do.
But when all is said and done the wife will have her hair styled and I will get my ears lowered. Not sure I’m ready for a haircut that will let me see my ears again and yet am told there’s a first time for everything.

Last night the planet Jupiter was closest to the earth and I couldn’t get a picture because of the clouds. I did get a picture of the moon when it peeked out between the clouds and may share that later.

I even made it over to Dads today to drop off his Father’s Day gift and card. He was joking around and said he was only accepting gifts that were one of a kind. I told him I could guarantee it was the only one like it in world.

The wife and I took the picture above and had it engraved in 3-D inside a crystal cube. We had seen the videos but were not prepared when the gift arrived. It was everything we’d hoped it be, and more. Dad even took it out the box and looked at it from different angles for quite some time.

Then he put it back in the box, covered it with his forearms, and said nobody else could look at it because it was his. After a little bit he took his arms away and did allow others to look while keeping a sharp eye on them. After the visit we left again as I took the wife out to lunch.

In less than hour I’ll be in a barber chair and wife will be getting her hair done, Then when we get home part of the lawn still needs mowed. No rest for the wicked I guess. So enjoy our Thursday as it’s one day closer to the weekend. Now to get a cup of coffee before the haircut.
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Clean living

June 10, 2019

Last night, since the wife was out of town, I decided to go out and talk with the moon longer than usual. Problem was he was dancing with the clouds and I didn’t want to interrupt. But I did get a picture.

This morning I woke up with fewer than normal sore joints and took that as a sign it was going to be a great day. Had my coffee and took my meds before the wife got home so we could talk a bit. She surprised me with Kindle Fire for Father’s Day which I took as another good sign.

Then I went to go in the office and it all fell apart. I turned the knob, pulled on the door, and nothing happened. Yes, the knob turned but the striker didn’t. Since I put the lock set in around 1994 it was time to replace it. Luckily the door opened into the dining room so I removed the hinges and got the door open that way.

Thinking I may have a striker sitting around I headed to the basement in hopes said striker would be there. Imagine my surprise when I spotted a new lock set on a shelf beside the stairs! So I took the old lock set out , put the new in, rehung the door and was back in business.

The wife might roll her eyes, but I think it was all due to clean living and a little bit of good luck. If I still went with my old ways things might not have gone so smoothly. My temper did flare a bit, only because I don’t like surprises. But the lock got fixed and this post got out.

Enjoy our Monday or hate it if you must. Now I need some coffee so I can get a late start on mowing.
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