Better late than never

December 27, 2017

Welcome to another afternoon addition of my wandering mind. I
got up early enough to do a morning version and got distracted,
again. It got so bright in the kitchen from the sunny day that
awaited outside I had to go out and savor the moment.

Then whatever drive by media talking heads program the wife was
watching on TV distracted me. One of the talking heads stated
that 40% of all returns the stores receive end up in the trash.
Said talking head further stated that this was due to open
packaging or broken merchandise returned.

I always thought if a store took back broken items it was a
warranty issue. No wonder I think everything costs too much. It
was then I tuned the program out and noticed our goody box still
had goodies inside. That was more temptation than I could bear
with my sweet tooth.

Later I went over to visit with Dad and had a good chat. I hung
around until he wanted a nap to get ready for his noon nap. So,
I got the critters fed, greeted the day, spoke with Dad, and
everything else fell by the wayside.

It’s looking like we’ll be dealing with snow for a few days
here on the east coast of Iowa and I’m hoping that will cut down
on the distractions. I figure there’s a 50/50 chance of that
happening. If they are dull dreary days, nothing shiny catches
my eye, the critters aren’t out searching for food, and I don’t

Enjoy our first post Christmas Wednesday.
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Our dilemma

December 20, 2017

30 years ago today the lady in this picture married someone
who looked a lot like me. 30 years ago tomorrow I married
someone who looks a lot like the lady in the picture. Now,
after all that time, she claims just because she has a
marriage license that states we got married today it our
anniversary today.

I always inform her I have a club newsletter that states
tomorrow is our anniversary yet she claims her license trumps my
newsletter. I’ve even explained that government documents, like
marriage licenses, can be forged but car club newsletter can’t.

After all this time one would think her mind could be changed
but this is not the case. The woman is as stubborn as I am! I’m
sure if we live long enough one of us will give in, but I’m not
holding my breath either.

So I’d like to wish the wife a happy 30th anniversary today
and the same to myself tomorrow. As to hoping we see another 30,
I’d be 96 years old if I survive so I wouldn’t know it was our
anniversary anyway.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we have so far. Now I need some coffee
and some leftover pizza.
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A little bit of everything

December 18, 2017

Yesterday we volunteered for a local charity, met some family
and friends, we even had a good laugh or two. One lady at the
event, who claimed she hadn’t met me before, had a couple things
to say that made me chuckle.

One was ‘I though you were 5 foot six inches tall’ and couldn’t
believe I measured six foot even. Which made me wonder, if she
hadn’t met me before, how did know how tall she thought I was?
Then she asked if I was my sons grandfather! I knew I didn’t
feel well but didn’t think that fact made look 26 years older.

Shortly after that happened another lady asked me if I went to
‘the Gallery’. When I asked her what the Gallery was she said
it was a bar. So when told I quit drinking in 1987, I thought
perhaps she’d say ‘congratulations’ when instead she uttered
‘I wasn’t even born yet’.

Doing our thing, she followed me in line and added that the
reason she asked was because a guy who came into the bar looked
just like me. I was about to offer my condolences to the poor
guy when she added that it wasn’t meant as an insult because he
was good guy.

All went well and I’m pretty sure this outlaw didn’t get into
any trouble, but I haven’t heard the scuttlebutt yet. We had a
good time, the group made 260 boxes filled with goodies for kids
in the Hospital, and I got coffee to boot. It was an evening
filled with a little bit of everything. Thanks Ronnie.

Our weather is supposed to remain mild for a few more days
before the cold temperatures make a return. There is even a
possibility of some fluffy white love from above for our Christmas.
Enjoy our Monday and that way we can get closer to the weekend.
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What a week

November 29, 2017

Just got back from visiting Dad, getting some Christmas
decorations out of his attic, and checking the breaker box in
the basement. Didn’t find everything he wanted but found enough
to make him happy.

Monday as I went outside to watch the sunset I noticed a huge
bird in a neighbors tree that turned out to be a full grown
hawk, and yesterday I got pictures of 12 different cardinals
who were spread around our yard.

Both nights had great sunsets and clear skies to view the
moon. The wife goes back to 3rd shift next week, and I have
enough pizza and Snickers to last a while. Even heard the
bugle on the Arsenal at lights out last night.

I don’t know why there were so many cardinals around but am
glad they chose our yard to party in. The ones in the pine tree
made for some great seasonal shots. The red birds in the green
tree were almost like Christmas, all that was missing was the
snow on the branches.

Also read that when one sees 12 of anything in mature,
according to Native American lore, it means good luck will find
you in 12 hours, 12 days, or 12 months. I’m waiting for me pot
of gold as you read this.

It’s a fine day when the good in ones life far outweighs the
bad and if this is a streak, I’m running with it. Enjoy our
Wednesday as that means we’re halfway to the weekend. Now, I
need more coffee and a Snickers to complete the morning.
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Missing hours

October 30, 2017

Here it is Monday morning and I realized there was no Sunday
post. Sorry about that. The weekend raced by so fast we didn’t
sense its passing until it was gone. I’d like to say it was
because eating healthy, exercising, practicing Tai Chi, taking
pictures, and watching the race all take time.

But I can’t. It was just one of those days when you wake up
and the next thing you know it’s time for bed. Days like that
are a good thing sometimes, even if we come out of them feeling
a bit like Rip Van Winkle.

We would like to thank Ronnie and Todd for the Halloween
goody bags, and everyone who called or stopped by this past
weekend. It is appreciated.

Today we’ll keep busy in an effort to offset what didn’t get
done yesterday. Sounds like a plan. And if that doesn’t work
we’ll formulate a plan B.

The wife informed me before she left for work that we had
another shooting about 3 blocks from our house last night. It
isn’t even a full moon yet. Here in our little berg on the east
coast of Iowa, shots fired calls are on the increase. This is
not acceptable.

All that said, enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the
rest of our lives. Now I need a caffeine infusion and a sugar


Fall’s here

October 25, 2017

We got used to the good weather we’ve been blessed with but
are now going to get hit with a dose of reality. Fall has stumbled
and fell. It could get interesting.

Yesterday we heard a few snow flakes might be in store for us
here on the east coast of Iowa Saturday, but now come guesses
from those who guess the weather that most of the state could
see snow that sticks.

Add in temperatures in the low 30s at night and anything can
happen. We’ll just handle what we get, or don’t get. A talk
with Dad earlier had us agreeing the weather could go either
way this winter and there will be snow.

Dad was happy his physical therapy has ended as it’s been a
year with no improvement to his hand. His feelings are that if
things haven’t improved over a year they won’t. If he’s ok with
that so are we.

And after a late night pizza binge I had a dream about a bad
storm. The roof didn’t leak but somehow the water kept spraying
up through the floor. When I went down to check, it was raining
in the basement! Must have been cloudy down there.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it’s the day our newspapers are bigger
because they’re full of ads and we’re halfway through the week.
Now I’ve have some leftover pizza and donut holes to address.
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We know it’s late…

October 20, 2017

but I wanted to wait until after we saw “Only the Brave” at our
local super cinema. Since I’m not big on movie theaters we’ll
start with the fact that I saw “Love Story” at a Drive-In when
it came out, next came “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s
Stone” in 2001, and today “Only the Brave”. So I’m probably
good now until around 2040 if the good Lord lets me hang around
that long.

As for this movie, all I can say is WOW! I was a little
handicapped knowing something of the tale before we walked in
but was still impressed. The move stayed close to all I’ve read
written by Amanda Marsh and others, with some creative add-ons,
that rang true to us.

What did surprise me was the sound. Everything seemed
amplified to one good ear including helicopters flying over
and fire trucks racing to the fire. And I’m glad we didn’t go
see it in 3-D. Seeing a full sized bear, on fire, running out
of the screen and into my lap would have been a bit much.

We went to the matinee, paid over $10 for an iced tea and a
Coke, and saw more trailers for upcoming attractions than I
thought possible. It was still worth the hassle of having the lady who follows me around dragging me to the theater.

The only word that comes to mind after this movie is ‘real’.
It felt right. The lady who follows me had her eyes start
leaking at certain points. Josh Brolin played Eric Marsh and
Jennifer Connelly played Amanda Marsh, and the entire cast
just seemed to make the movie better.

Can’t say I’d go again as that’s not my thing yet have no
regrets seeing it today. Now we wait until it comes to the
small screen to see how much that changes the movie. Enjoy
our Friday as I know we will. I’m stocked up on pizza,
Snicker’s, and critter food so we’re good.
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