Bad day

July 20, 2018

You’ve probably heard that Iowa was hit by as many as 27
tornadoes yesterday and reports of injuries and damages are
still coming in. From what we’ve heard the damages were mostly
in the central part of our state.

In Pella a Vermeer plant had major damage and some empolyees
went sent to the hospital with injuries. The plant that makes
agricultural and industrial equipment is closed to assess the

In Marshalltown around 10 people were injured and thankfully
none critically. Several buildings were damaged and clean up
will take some time. The tornado even took the top of the clock
tower off, which laded in the street.

In Bondurant it was much the same. Downed trees, damaged
houses, and clean up and repair. Other cities and other towns
were hit as well. The affected areas are asking that gawkers go
elsewhere to allow medical, law enforcement, and clean up crews
full entry.

Our hearts goes out to those impacted and prayers have been
sent. Enjoy our Friday as it will only feel like a couple hours
before the weekend is gone. Now for some coffee.
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What the?

July 17, 2018

I’ll forewarn the few Liberals who read this post that this
contains my opinion on sensitive matters which may offend
you. It is not meant to be racist, sexist, or part of a right
wing extremist campaign. If this opinion offends you, please
take a deep breath and find safe space elsewhere.

As some of us know new Medicare cards are being sent out and I
just got mine. Silly me, I assumed it would just be a copy of
the old card sent out because the paper card gets worn out in
billfolds. So I set the old card next to the new and they were
not the same.

The old card had name, Social Security number, what plans one
is eligible for, and when you signed up. The entire card was in
English. The new card no longer has my Social Security number,
that has been replaced with a slightly longer code with letters
and numbers.

And the new card is sub-titled in Spanish! With the new card
Name has been replaced with Name/Nombre and so on. Even the
cover letter from the Department of Health of Human Services is
bi-lingual in English and Spanish.

But the other piece of paper in the envelope really frosted my
tomato. Thinking this second sheet explained a little more about
the changes I was not a happy camper when I read the header
which stated ‘Help in other languages’. Huh?

Yes it appears you can call 1-800-MEDICARE and get help in
Armenian, Chinese, French, German, Haitian Creole, Italian,
Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, and

I may be old school, but this bugs me. If you have lived here
long enough to pay in for enough quarters to be eligible shouldn’t
you be speaking English anyway? No wonder there aren’t many cost
of living increases.

On top of being government run, which we know is not cost
effective, our government sees fit to hire interpreters in case
someone calls who doesn’t speak English? I’d keep my old all
English card but the number wouldn’t work anymore.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for some coffee and a Snicker’s.

Just some thoughts

July 13, 2018

At the grocery store the guy bagging our purchases asked me if
we found everything and I replied that if we didn’t we should
have. For some reason he must have thought that was the funniest
thing he’d heard all morning as he was still chuckling when he
finished bagging and wished us a good day.

We are thinking of cruising to the “World’s Biggest Truckstop”
tomorrow to experience the Trucker’s Jamboree. Nothing like
walking through acres of shined up, chromed out, show trucks
during a hot spell. There’s only a 50% chance of rain so that
means the odds are just as good it won’t.

If it isn’t pouring down rain we’ll be there. Plenty of sharp
dressed trucks, good food, live music, and events you can’t see
anywhere else. Things like guys pulling an antique semi tracker
with a rope up a slight incline while being timed. Last year just
watching made me sweat more.

And I’ve been missing calls on my cell phone for a while now
and decided today was a good time to figure out why. Sitting at
the kitchen table I flipped open the phone only to discover a
missed call 4 minutes earlier. My thought was that since said
cell phone was older than dirt the ringer just quit.

The phone company has been after me for 3 years to get a smart
phone. They claim I’m past due. I don’t like upgrading or want
a smart phone. I just get tired of trying to talk to anyone at
at our local cell phone provider. They try to sell me a phone
that does everything but wash the car while I tell them I want
a flip phone without a camera.

All that said, I did manage to get the ringer going once again,
and yes, it rings when someone calls. No music or sound effects
for me. What’s wrong with a phone that rings?

Enjoy our Friday as we won’t see another one for a week. Now
I need more coffee and some leftover pizza.
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Just a few

July 2, 2018

Lately the weather has been in the news because of the heat and
flooding, along with kids getting stabbed at a birthday party in
Boise, and politicians acting goofier than usual, so we thought
it time for a little distraction and will share some pictures.

This feral cat has been hanging around and I call him Popeye
because he just has the look. Something in those eyes just
shout “We Own the Seas”.

And we found out this one is good at tracking ants. He’ll keep
busy staying on the trail of a single ant so we call him the
bounty hunter.

I really wanted a picture of a soaring eagle in the clouds but
had to settle for this turkey buzzard as the eagles weren’t out
and about. We can just pretend he’s an eagle.

The sunset last night was as good as we’ve seen in a long time
so we ran with it. Yes, there are power lines in the way but it
was colorful.

Finally, with the 4th of July right around the corner, some
fireworks as seen from our backyard set off by neighbors. We’ll
try to some better ones tomorrow.

Enjoy our Monday and stay cool. Here on the east coast of Iowa
we’re getting a short break from the heat but it will be back.
After all, it is summer. Now I need some coffee.
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Lot of water

July 1, 2018

Des Moines, Iowa is having a tough time. Due to the heavy
rainfall streets and some highways are under water, several
cars got stuck trying to drive through standing water, and the
property damage will take days to figure out.

At least one older man was swept away by floodwaters, a Hobby
Lobby building was lost, a Hy-Vee store and other buildings
have 2 feet plus of standing water in them. Water rescues are
underway for some trapped motorists and the fire department
can’t even get to others, and at least 14,000 people are without

Even the Iowa State Fairgrounds had running water through it
during the Goodguy’s Midwest Car Show.

Des Moines was not the only city impacted by the storm and Iowa
wasn’t the only state, we just hear more about it. Before long
the tale will be told and more areas mentioned. We hope everyone
remains calm. You are in our thoughts today.
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Just a couple events

June 22, 2018

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned upcoming events on
Friday so here are a couple to think about. One is in Minnesota
and the other in Iowa.

The first is the Minnesota Street Rod Association (MRSA)
sponsored 45th Annual Back to the Fifties Weekend at the
Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, Minnesota. It runs from
today through Sunday and last year had over 11,000 vehicles
registered for the show.

We’re told this show is one that some don’t even see all the
cars at the event even though they spend the whole weekend
trying. One of these years we might even make it up there to
check it out.

If you’re around eastern Iowa around Labor Day, you may want to
head towards Mt. Pleasant and take in the Midwest Old Threshers
Reunion. This event runs from August 30th through September 3rd.

We won’t make this event as we’ll be cruising west toward
Idaho if everything works out. That said this is more for those
who want to know what it was like back in the day. Over the
weekend you can see horse pulls, the Cavalcade of Power on the
track, concerts, museums, steam tractors, take a trip around the
grounds on a train, and get some good eats and souvenirs too.

If you wish to know more click on the links and get the
information from the source. Enjoy our Friday as we will now
that rain stopped and the basements’ dry. Now for some more
coffee and some much needed sunshine.
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Great weather for ducks

June 21, 2018

Yesterday was a day we’ll remember as we are ready to build an
ark due to the heavy rainfall here. Rivers and cricks are out of
their banks, streets are flooded, and many basements have become
swimming pools. We even had a tornado warning.

So here shortly I’ll be pulling on my rubber boots and going to
the basement to start the sump pump and pump out the water so
the water heater doesn’t float away. A storm like this hit in
the early 90s so we know what to expect.

With all this rain the weeds are growing like, well, weeds. As
soon as things dry out the yard will need attention also. And in
a few weeks this storm will be mostly forgotten and a new topic
of discussion will take its place.

On the plus side we haven’t heard of anyone being hurt even
though there were some rescues of people stranded after trying
to drive through standing water and getting stuck. One day soon
the sun will come back out to dry things out and the farmers
needed the rain for their crops.

Now I’m heading to the basement to remove the wading pool and
dry the floor. Enjoy our Thursday as that means the weekend is
just a dream away.
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