They live among us

April 19, 2018

The cardinal was in his tree singing his heart out while the
sun shined down from an almost cloudless sky. Other critters
were doing what they do while our world is going crazy.

If we heard correctly, the Governor of New York gave the right
to vote to 35,000 recently released felons by executive order.
That just sounds wrong on so many levels we’ll leave it at that.

Then we read of a former Oregon City School District teacher’s
aide got sentenced to 28 years in prison for producing child
pornography. In one case this involved an infant and a very
young child. To read the story, go here.

That was followed by a story about a former elementary school
teacher who was sentenced to 5 years for possessing child
pornography involving young girls. To learn more about this one,
go here.

And if that wasn’t enough ICE agents arrested 33 for human
rights violations. Those arrested included 4 Chinese individuals
for conducting forced abortions and sterilizations; a former
intelligence office who tortured dozens in Central America; a
soldier in Central America who guided the military to a
specific village to kill the residents; an intelligence officer
from the Middle East whose surveillance led to arrest, torture,
and murder; and a leader in East Africa who used violence to
force victims into female genitalia Mutilation. More can be
found about this group here.

With all that going on, I’ll stick with the wildlife. Enjoy
our Thursday as it’s the last one this week. Now for more
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Thinking all over the place

April 17, 2018

I made the mistake of buying a newspaper Sunday and after
perusing said paper felt like the $4 would have been better
spent elsewhere. After the wife got up and read the paper later
she said the same thing.

We just heard former First Lady Barbara Bush has passed away,
she was 92. Our condolences to the family. Perhaps TV coverage
of that will slow the Trump lawyer bull the media has been

There was a black squirrel bouncing around the back yard that
must have been looking for goodies he buried in the yard. As I
get older I appreciate the enthusiasm. When we see him again we
might get a picture.

Since I found a Rural Farming channel on the TV I have watched
the tractor auction about 6 more times. Don’t know if that means
I’m hooked or just like tractors.

Dad was in good spirits today and on the mend. Turns out he has
pneumonia and his medicine is doing a good job of getting rid of
it. Tractors came up during the visit but in my defense he
brought the subject up.

Finally, by the sound of it we are going to get a few inches of
snow tomorrow along with some rain and freezing rain. We are
hoping for the best while preparing for the worst as we had a
high of 50 today.

Enjoy our Wednesday as the working folks are halfway to the
weekend and we retired folk are observing just another day. Now
I need more coffee.
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Tractor distractions

April 4, 2018


We have been missing in action for a full day but have now
returned. Yesterday the skies were as gray as the hull of a Navy
Destroyer and the drizzle constant. So while no pictures were
taken it is safe to say I got wet.

When the sky clouds over and it drizzled hard enough to have
the windshield wipers on the world is a different place. Sounds
are muted and colors fade while the wipers add an almost
hypnotic soundtrack.

Then came news of the Gone Farmin’ Auction hosted by Mecum
Auctions. The event runs from April 5-7, 2018, at the
Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport, Iowa and will have
at least 400 tractors and one Clydesdale horse.

One of the stars of the auction is a 1967 John Deere 4020
Standard. A 1938 Minnepolis-Moline UDLX and a 1922 Waterloo Boy
Model N will go across the block with no reserve. There is also
a 1910 International Model F roadster in the auction.

There will be John Deere, International, Moline, Cockshutt,
Minneapolis-Moline, Case, Rumely, Hart-Parr, Caterpillar, Ford,
McCormick-Deering, Oliver Hart-Parr, Oliver, Farmall, Sheppard,
Lamborghini, Allis-Chalmers and more brands of farm equipment.

If you wish to see all the lots up for auction go here.

Now that this is written I may not be so distracted. I even
dreamt I was a John Deere Model A last night. The wife claims
I was snoring, but it was a vivid dream. Enjoy our Wednesday as
we won’t get another like it this week.
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Plenty to celebrate

April 2, 2018

On this the 2nd day of April we’ll share some things about the
month you may not know. It’s the fourth month of the year in the
Gregorian calendar, the first of four months to have only 30
days, and the second of five months to have less than 31 days.

The birthstone for April is the diamond, the birth flower is
the daisy, while Aries and Taurus are the zodiac signs for the
month. It is a month filled with observances and causes and
we’ll list a few of them.

April is Arab Heritage Month, Cancer Control Month, Confederate
History Month, Jazz Appreciation Month, National Poetry Month,
National Prevent Child Abuse Month, National Volunteer Month,
Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, Fresh Florida Tomato Month,
National Food Month, National Grilled Cheese Month, National
Soft Pretzel Month, and National Soyfoods Month to name a few.

This, the first full week of April is National Library Week,
National Public Health Week, And National Public Safety
Telecommunicators Week.

Sunday was Easter and April Fool’s Day, today is International
Children’s Book Day, Wednesday is National Day of Hope and next
Wednesday is the International Day of Pink.

We didn’t add all the events and observances because there are
so many we would need to write a book. Those not included above
were not left out intentionally as we just mentioned a few that
interested us. Which reminds me, its National Welding Month

Looks like we have a lot to celebrate this month. So enjoy our
Monday as it’s the first one in April. Now for more coffee.

Amazing people

April 1, 2018

What if I told you a motorcycle rider going for the land speed
record crashed at 343 mph? Some would think said rider didn’t
survive while others would assume the rider was in for a long
hospital stay. Truth is, she walked away with only minor
injuries and did get checked for a possible concussion.

This rider was Valerie Thompson and she was born on April 17,
1967. She is a seven-time motorcycle land speed record holder
and a charter member of the Mohave Magnum 200 MPH Club.

The motorcycle is a stream-liner, but is still a motorcycle.
Early this past March Thompson was in Australia at the Lake
Gairdner World Speed Trials when her bike crashed, at 343 mph,
and spread the wreckage almost a mile over the course.

This lady is still going to make an attempt at the land speed
record of 376.363 mph. After all, she walked away from the
wreck. To make the tale stranger than fiction, the bike was
designed to protect the driver in crashes at speeds of up to 345

Enjoy the remainder of our Easter Sunday. We’ll be having
leftover ham for a while and it was worth it. Now for more
coffee and ham sandwich.
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March 4, 2018

I just finished looking over H.R.5087, the Assault Weapons Ban
of 2018, which has been referred to the House Committee of the
Judiciary on February 26 of this year.

Said purpose of this bill is to regulate the importation,
manufacture, possession, sale or transfer of assault weapons,
and for other purposes. Huh? If this is indeed in response to
the uproar to keep our kids safe from school shootings, we have
some questions.

First, for no other reason that it makes no sense in stopping
the school shootings, is why the ban on semi-automatic assault
weapons with missile launchers and grenade launchers? And if
these are popular with those who shoot up schools why haven’t
we heard of it before now?

The ban on assault weapons is painted with a pretty big brush.
By definition this is an attempted ban on much more than
assault rifles. The bill states a semiautomatic assault weapon
means any of the following:

A semiautomic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable
magazine and any of the following; pistol grip, forward grip,
folding, telescoping or detachable stock, a grenade launcher or
a rocket launcher, a barrel shroud, a threaded barrel.

A semiautomatic pistol that has the capacity to accept a
detachable magazine and any of the following: threaded barrel,
second pistol grip, barrel shroud, the capacity to accept a
detachable magazine at some location outside of pistol grip, a
semiautomic version of an automatic firearm, a semiautomatic
pistol with fixed magazine that has the capacity to accept more
than 10 rounds.

A semiautomatic shotgun that has any of the following: a
folding, telescoping or detachable stock, a pistol grip, a fixed
magazine with a capacity to accept more than 5 rounds, the
ability to accept a detachable magazine, a forward grip, a
grenade launcher or missile launcher.

I did see the Marlin 22 rifle with tubular magazine was
exempted as an assault weapon though. The link at the top of
this post will take you to the official text of the bill if
you wish to learn more.

We may be wrong but we’re calling this attempted gun grab that
will do nothing to stop any shooting while costing law-obiding
citizens more.

Enjoy our Sunday as the work week is only a dream away.
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We’re number 1?

March 1, 2018

Talk here in Iowa has been about the fact that on February 27,
2018, U.S. News & World Report ranked Iowa the best state in
the United States.

And it’s said they are the global authority on rankings. This
involved evaluating our 50 states across 77 metrics with
thousands of data points in eight categories. They are: health
care, education, economy, opportunity, infrastructure, crime and
corrections, fiscal stability, and quality of life.

Truth be told, we didn’t want the secret to get out. If you
don’t mind a harsh winter occasionally it is a great place to
live. So let’s look at a few of the reasons our politicians are
now patting themselves on the back.

Iowa ranks 3rd in healthcare which is up 2 spots from 2017.

Iowa ranks 5th in education, up 3 from last year.

We rank 17th in economy and that’s up 13 places since 2017.

In opportunity we are at 4th, up 2 from 2017.

With infrastructure we’re number 1, up 15 slots from last year.

Quality of life is a new category for 2018 and I’m not sure
where we rank there. I do know last year we were the 6th best
state. As some one who was born here and came back after my
Navy hitch, I have a hard time believing we’re first in the
infrastructure category. But that’s just my opinion.

So if you’re thinking of moving out of your state and are in
search of another to call home we’d recommend Missouri or

Enjoy the rest of our Thursday as it is almost gone. Now I’m
up for a pot of coffee and a pizza.
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