Quick update

May 25, 2019

Late yesterday afternoon the western sky looked like this about a half hour before sunset. There was a tornado about 80 miles away and when the storm did come I was sound asleep. After this is posted I’ll check the basement in case I slept through a good one.

Earlier in the day I spotted this little critter just sitting there enjoying the day. Not sure if he found what he was looking for put he flew off before I ran out of patience.

If not busy pumping out the basement I may watch the race at Charlotte Motor Speedway a little later today and turn up the surround sound. The wife is out of town until Monday morning so there isn’t anybody to complain about the ‘racket’ coming out of the speakers. And if it gets too loud I’m sure the neighbors will let me know.

Monday is Memorial Day when we honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I know we’ll have a moment of silence here to remember and give a nod to our God also. If you have a flag, Monday would be a good day to display it.

Enjoy our Saturday unless you hate the day, then by all means be grumpy. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza to get the day going.
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Odds and ends

May 21, 2019

You got to love this weather we’re having. Some states in the central part of our country are getting tornadoes and enough rain to fill a basement, while we get an inch of rain and a breeze. Of course our low was in the 40s. Who knows what will hit us later in the week as starting tomorrow the highs will be around 80 again.

At least most of our yard got mowed yesterday before the liquid love from above started falling again. The remainder should get done during a break in the rain today. The entire yard would have gotten mowed if it wasn’t for our battery powered lawn mower running out of juice before I did.

If you have ever tried to mow an eight foot embankment with a 4-cycle mower you’ll know why we tried battery power. And we’ll keep using it until it quits running at which time we may go to plan B. Just pave the bank and paint it green. Works for me.

And I did see some wildlife yesterday but didn’t have the camera along. Heard geese before seeing them flying over, a hawk circled above looking for lunch, and a cardinal stayed still long enough I could have drawn him if I had a sketch pad and pencil. Of course when I ran inside to grab the camera nothing was moving.

So if you’re thinking severe weather may come your way keeping your TV or radio on may inform you where the nasty weather is. If the sun is shining where you’re at get out and enjoy it. Have a great Tuesday as we can’t change it anyway. Now for some coffee.
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Weather and politics

May 20, 2019

We finally got a break from the rain and the temperatures dropped like a rock. Other parts of the country won’t be so lucky today as severe weather is forecast for parts of our nation. States that have already been hit by severe weather will see it again.

Some would say that the bad weather is due to climate change and we’re all going to die. News flash, life is a fatal ordeal. Nobody makes it out alive or if anybody has they’re not talking. Yet those who wish to micro-manage our lives want us to believe they can save us from ourselves.

Being among those who believe we don’t need saving and the whole man-made climate change is nothing more than verbal voodoo, I get amused. I can honestly say that I think if any laws are passed concerning the subject it will only succeed in leaving us with less of our hard earned money in our possession.

Once things settle down, weather wise, the talking heads will move on to another crusade to save us from something else and lighten our billfolds. Nothing new there but we’ll give them an ‘e’ for effort. I don’t think much is going to change in my lifetime anyway. Makes one wonder how we got anything done before politicians took over and screwed things up.

Enjoy our Monday and our new week. Now I hear the coffee pot calling my name and feel the need to answer the call.
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Of cats and the moon

May 17, 2019

I got a chance to see the moon the other night and it didn’t disappoint. Also told the feral cats the moon would be out later and one got so excited he decided to start watching early. Don’t know if he saw the moon later or not but gave him a ‘e’ for effort.

Tomorrow night, Saturday, May 18th, the Blue Flower Full Moon will make an appearance to those with clear skies. Some don’t name full moons, but it is a tradition that goes back to Colonial times. Perhaps even farther.

The moon won’t actually look blue nor like a flower. A blue is just the second full moon that occurs in any calendar month. Some other names this moon was called are Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon.

If you believe the folklore, May’s Full Moon marks a time of increased fertility, warmer temperatures, the end of frosts, and flowers in bloom. More folklore claims that clothes washed for the first time during the Full Moon won’t last long. But the Full Moon is a great time to accept a marriage proposal.

We won’t be seeing the moon tonight and tomorrow doesn’t look promising due to storms in the area. If it doesn’t rain we’ll try our best to get a picture and share it. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Enjoy our Friday as it looks to be a good one here even with the weather forecast. Now I need more coffee and some leftover pizza to engergize myself for the day.
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Flood dreams

May 3, 2019

We have a new record flood in both height and duration but at least no rain is forecast until next week. Our basement is now dry, the door bell is working again, and the mowing will start after we let the lawn dry out. Back to life as normal here in Davenport on the east coast of Iowa.

We haven’t taken any pictures of said flood as we’ve been a little busy with other things. Perhaps later I’ll sneak over to my favorite spot overlooking the river and see if we can get some from a different perspective.

When I laid down last night after my midnight pizza a few hours sleep was all that was needed. But in a dream we decided to go to a hotel in the flood zone and watch the flood from a third floor window. Since it was one of my dreams this wasn’t a normal hotel.

The building started life as a tractor factory then later bought and converted to a different kind of hotel. The first floor had the lobby, a restaurant, a few rooms, and a pool. But the entire second story was a garage run by the AAA.

No, not the American Automobile Association. This garage was run by the Amish Automobile Association! Cameras weren’t permitted inside of this garage or I’d have taken some. Let’s just say some of their tools gave one thought.

In our third flood room we could hear work being done in the garage below us so I got even less sleep than usual. Not sure if they got any repeat customers but it did make for an interesting stay.

Enjoy our Friday. Now I need more coffee and the leftover pizza to get ready to greet the sunrise.
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Could be a record

May 2, 2019

From Q.C. Drone

Well this has certainly been an interesting week. With the flood and the rains we’ve been having for a while now it looks like we’re in it for the long haul. Yesterday the flood was tied for the 3rd highest flood in our history and today it jumped to 2nd.

It may even take over the #1 spot before all is said and done. Water keeps coming up in the basement so that has to be pumped out once an hour so it doesn’t get into our water heater and furnace while outside work is put on hold.

Our oldest and his lovely wife dropped off a May Day goodie bag for each of us yesterday and I didn’t even know it until much later. Thanks Ronnie and Todd.

Turns out the doorbell decided to quit chiming again so I’ll be working on that later. I guess there really isn’t any rest for the wicked. At least we have a few dry days in the extended forecast which should settle things down.

We haven’t been down by the river to see how bad it really is but have been by my favorite little creek and know it was almost out of its banks. That little portion of Duck Creek looked more like a small river than the usual calm of the creek.

And with that, it’s time to run and get some supplies and get busy again. Enjoy our Thursday and that means the weekend is only a dream away. Now for some more coffee before getting the chores done.
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Early evening edition

April 30, 2019

Yes I know this is really late, but what a great day. Had a good visit with Dad and talked about everything from hand clutches on some old tractors to a few of the cars I’ve had over the years and a lot more. We also got more rain.

Picture from Q.C. Drone

I pumped out the basement several times and came back upstairs about the time the news of the breach of the Hesco barriers downtown broke. Hesco barriers are basically big metal cages filled with sand bags and covered with plastic. They are meant to be temporary.

Now, 38 days with major flood levels later, the temporary barriers failed. People in the area had seconds to act before the area was covered with water. Luckily there were no fatalities and the area was evacuated by boat.

The rains aren’t helping the river go down either as the crest is supposed to about a foot higher than it is now. The president called our city leaders to offer assistance as did our Governor. Things may get interesting.

On top of all that I went to basement about an hour ago to pump out more water and found out the sump pump went on strike. No problem, a quick trip to the farm supply store and we’re back in business. I now have a few moments to get this out and eat before checking the basement yet again.

Plus, there’s more rain on the way. Things could get interesting around here if this keeps up. And after all this calms down we’ll need to find a herd of goats for the lawn or ruin the mower trying to get through it.

Enjoy what’s left of our Tuesday as we will if the basement stays dry for longer than a hour. Now for more coffee and some supper.
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