Upcoming eclipse

May 13, 2022

If you are a fan of such things, are awake to see it, and the clouds don’t get in the way, we can watch the Full Blood Super Moon AND the first total lunar eclipse of 2022. The other total lunar eclipse will happen on November 8th. A super moon occurs when the full moon is at perigee, or its closest to the earth for the month.

Total lunar eclipses occur when the whole moon passes through the innermost portion of Earths shadow, known as the umbra. During these types of eclipses earth blocks all direct sunlight from reaching the moon. The earth blocks the sunlight and gives the moon an orangish red color while all sunlight is blocked.

If you’re on the east coast of Iowa the eclipse should start around 8:32 pm on May 15th and end around 1:50 am on May 16th for a total duration of 5 hours and 19 minutes. If you are elsewhere, you should be here anyway. Or just figure in your time zone and you’ll be close enough.

Said lunar eclipse will make the moon appear red at times, hence the blood moon. We saw the last one and about mid-eclipse it did look red. This eclipse will also be visible in parts of Asia, Australia, northern and eastern Europe, and most of South America.

We going to hope for the best and plan for the worst. We’ll have the camera batteries charged up for best case, and a frozen pizza ready for the oven in the worst case. That’s what we know, and now you do also. Enjoy our Friday. Now for some coffee.

Expensive circus

March 7, 2022

Don’t shoot the messenger for the message. This post is about what ‘experts’ believe is going to happen in our near future and not written in stone. These views are not necessarily the beliefs of this blogger.

This cardinal preening just looked so bent out of shape it reminded me of what’s going on around us. On Saturday we had a high around 70, severe thurderstorms, wind, hail, and tornadoes here in Iowa. Then overnight we got about an inch of snow! That’s wild weather, even for the east coast of Iowa.

But what made us think that the political circus is back, and it’s going to get expensive is two recent pieces of news seen yesterday. News came yesterday that oil prices hit a 13 year high of $126.64 a barrel as gas prices topped $4 a gallon for the first time since 2008. As we know, gas prices have been steadily rising for last 60 days and the immediate future doesn’t look so hot either.

Gas prices hit $5 a gallon in San Francisco last Thursday, and Dan Dicker, who is an energy strategist, says gas prices could hit $6.50 to $7 a gallon. We hope he’s wrong yet fear he’s right.

Then came more bad news we feel the same about. On a recent Tucker Carlson show on Fox News, the owner of Blue Diamond Farming Company here in Iowa has said we should get ready for our grocery bills to go up by $1,000 a month, AND the possibility of empty shelves again. Don’t know about you but we think that’s going to hurt the monthly budget if true.

Reasons for the increase include the fact that the cost of nitrogen has tripled since last year while the price of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer had doubled. A majority of these come from Russia. This farmer also claims failed energy policies and environmental, social, and governance policies don’t help, then stated this could be called the food crisis of the Green New Deal.

Enjoy our Monday since it’s here. Now I need coffee while we can still afford it.

Burning up

September 15, 2020

The other day this black squirrel was looking all over the yard for
some treats he’d buried earlier. Have noticed a few of his friends
with walnuts in the their mouths as they ran for cover. Looks like
the critters are gearing up for winter.

Have also noticed the sky has gone hazy and we’re told that is from
the fires out west. Also told said conditions aren’t good for those
who have breathing issues. Thanks 2020.

Read an article about those fires which said not that long ago a
fire of 10,000 acres was rare. Now there’s one in California that is
50,000 acres. As we’ve said before the cause of these fires lay at
the feet of our government. Yes, government is blaming ‘climate

Well, shortly before Clinton left office he limited the ability of
our Forest Service to thin out dense foliage and downed trees. He
also introduced the Roadless Rule to restrict use of existing roads
and construction of new roads on the 49 million acres of National
Forest. This was all an extension of the Northwest Forest Plan of
1994 to prevent forests from being over-logged.

Ten years before that, the Fish and Wildlife Service placed the
northern spotted owl on the Endangered Species Act which ham stringed timber harvests. This resulted in an 80% decline in the amount of timber removed.

Sounds like good plans you say? Well…. Logging allowed fire breaks
which helped lessen the damage done by fires. When dense over growth and fallen trees are not removed they become kindling. And removing the roads makes it almost impossible for firefighters to get to some fires.

We think you get the idea. We only hope the people who live there
see the light soon and speak out about this mismanagement of

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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The mess we’re in

August 27, 2020

We’ve noticed with all the nonsense connected to Covid-19, our
animal kingdom is coming out in force. Seen more critters this year
than in quite some time. And now the WHO is getting on the climate
change band wagon trying to confuse us even more.

We’ve had ‘experts’ telling how many hoops we’d have to jump through and how high. How many businesses would have to close, and even when we can get together and with how many people. Then we wait while researchers work on a vaccine that may not work, or even be needed.

Politicians have gone crazy, the news doesn’t really report any real
news, and our justice system is broken. I have also noticed that none
of this affects the animal kingdom. Critters, at least here on the
east coast of Iowa, abound.

We are being told up is down, wrong is right, and rioters are
merely peaceful protesters. And mail in voting is an honest way for
dead for dead Democrats to vote. No problem here. Yeah right, and
I’m a legend in my own mind.

Those of us who know we’re being spoon fed a bunch of BS can’t
protest as we have responsibilities. Obviously, those who are
protesting don’t. Don’t have an answer for the dilemma nor solution. Do believe that if this nonsense continues there is going to be a lot of bloodshed if it continues.

Enjoy our Thursday. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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The voting dilemma

August 20, 2020

Had some things come up that needed attention and didn’t get a chance to post yesterday but the issues are now resolved. Sometimes things just take a little longer when we get older.

Lately Democrats have been pushing ‘vote by mail’ and saying it’s
the same as an absentee ballot. Turns out there are differences
between the two and we’ll try to explain them as we remember.

Basically, an absentee ballot must be requested and when received
the signature is checked against your voter registration card to
ensure the voter did fill it out. The signature must match to be

Vote by mail forms can be filled out and signed by anyone, not
necessarily the voter and isn’t checked for authenticity before
being counted. It is not the same as an absentee ballot for the
reasons stated above and is more prone to fraud.

Our state doesn’t do the ‘vote by mail’ but we did receive a
request form for an absentee ballot to “prevent the spread of
COVID-19”. On said form we must include either driver’s license
number or our four digit voter pin number.

Once we fill the form out and mail it an absentee ballot will be
sent to us to fill out. Seems silly to me. We used an absentee
ballot once when we knew we would be traveling on election day.

It is our right to go to the polls to vote and we wish to exercise
that right. If grocery and big box stores are safe for us to use,
so should the polls.

Enjoy our Thursday. Now I need coffee.
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Unnecessary evil

August 18, 2020

We heard there was a convention last night with some well known
speakers filling peoples heads with nonsense. Don’t watch these
political conventions for the same reason I don’t watch the news.
The wife doesn’t like me throwing my coffee mug at the TV.

Quit watching most things involving elections decades ago and don’t
feel I’ve missed much. In todays plugged in society you can’t get
away from it. People still see something about these events on their
cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices anyway.

Don’t get internet on my flip phone and still hear from those who
think a text will change who I’ll vote for. And we can’t stop them
from doing so. Seems a strange way to do business to this old fart.

Why does it take tens of millions of dollars to get someone elected
as president? I believe a better way to handle it would be to have
two televised debates and give the money raised to causes that really
need it. We have many.

Another thing about these conventions is that the candidates get up
in front of the mics and tell people how they are going to fix the
problems that exist in their minds. Yet some have been in various
positions to get something done and haven’t for decades.

Pretty sure the media will be gushing over the brilliant speakers
who only told the truth when they stated their names. Of course fact
checking is one-sided in todays America. And if someone could figure
out to stop the political robo-calls I’d be impressed.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for more coffee and some left-over pizza.
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The aftermath

August 15, 2020

Was going to do this earlier but heard thunder and went outside to
see what the Lord was going to smite us with today. The way this year
has been going it could have been everything, or nothing. Turns out
it was the later. Just a summer storm.

While out I noticed some leaves floating down from the trees. Won’t
be long before we’re raking them up. Don’t know about anyone else,
but I’m getting tired of all the nonsense that happened this year.

Also heard Cedar Rapids had the highest winds in Iowa at 116 mph and the National Guard is there to help where needed. People who could got help to help those impacted by the storm. Neighbors, friends, and even strangers were out in force.

Those who couldn’t help donated, and those who couldn’t do either
appreciated the help. Paying most volunteers is a no-no, but homemade
cookies were accepted. Perhaps that’s why we didn’t make the news

No people huddled together asking ‘who’s going to help us?’, just
everybody pulling together because we can. Good to see people
working together toward a common goal instead of inciting violence
and making demands. This is what America is about.

Enjoy our Saturday. No for more coffee before getting busy again.
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August 13, 2020

At around 1400 hours Monday all hell broke loose throughout parts of
the mid-west, and we have been without power until a short time ago.
Described as a ‘land hurricane’ or derecho. Derecho is Spanish for
“straight” or straight-line winds.

We had a constant wind of 50+ mph with gust up to around 100 mph
which caused a lot of damage. 1 million acres of corn were destroyed
and fallen trees caused wide-spread power outages. I watched from the driveway and could hardly believe it. We had an emergency declared.

Through it all I were great sunsets, more stars than I’ve ever seen
in town, and I believe the space station fly over. All that said, I’m
glad the power is back on.

So this update will be a short one, to let everyone know I didn’t
forget or get lazy, I couldn’t post until now. After I upload the
pictures from the camera we’ll share some of the pictures of the
damage in our neighborhood.

Getting prepared

August 8, 2020

Was just thinking about what a year this had been. It started out
like any other before everything went sideways. We’ve had the virus,
a Congress that can’t get along, riots, rains, storms, hornets, heat
and more. Now it looks like we can add fear of election tampering
with the mail in ballots to the list.

Thankfully we are on the downhill side and we’ll soon see 2021. And
I wonder if things are going to get better, or if this will be the
new normal. It’s to the point I’m thinking of going back to school.

No, not the brick and mortor kind. I’m planning on getting another
copy of ‘The Bouncer’s Guide to Barroom Brawling’ and reading it
until it sinks in. After all, one never knows what is around the

Earlier I mentioned the riots and we heard news two elderly ladies
were attacked by the rioters. One had paint thrown on her while
the rioters yelled obscenities and the other got hit in the face
with a paint can. Since I will turn 70 next year I figured having
some knowledge of barroom brawling may help.

I had tried to find a much rarer book that I had used in the past
but had no luck. It seems ‘Beefy Jennets Book of Barroom Brawling’
had been out of print too long. I still remember rule #1: never
punch a drunk in the stomach because it’s hard to fight with puke in
your eyes.

Since I do not have, nor will I get, a permit to carry a firearm a
refresher course in self defense couldn’t hurt. Getting a permit to
carry wouldn’t be a problem, other than I believe it is an
infringement of my 2nd Ammendment rights and Constitutional carry
hasn’t passed the Statehouse yet.

We’ll see what the rest of the year brings and play it by ear.
Enjoy our Saturday as it’s pizza day here at Casa Cruisers.
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Mad mushroom

August 1, 2020

There are many of us who are feeling like mushrooms again. You know,
left in the dark and fed crap. Nothing new there as those we vote
into office get to a point that they think they know what our country
needs whether we agree or not.

This Covid-19 thing has went FUBAR and the blame falls on our media
and politicians. Almost like they can’t tell the truth because it
doesn’t fit with their agenda. And since when is stating the said
truth a lie?

We do have a virus going around, and it does infect about 2% of our
population, but people have a 99.7% chance of getting over it with
no long lasting side effects. If doctors who actually treat us tell
us a drug works they should not be censured for doing so.

It’s easy to see why some want a vaccine instead of a cure. The
company that gets the contract would stand to make $15 billion for
doing so. And one has to wonder how a drug that has been approved
for decades is suddenly dangerous to use.

Been looking into this a while now and have come to the belief that
something isn’t right. Looks almost like a conspiracy to get us all
pissed about what’s going on when the finger pointers are to blame.
I get it, they don’t want Trump to get back in. Don’t look at who
they’re pointing to as the problem, look behind the curtain for the
person pulling the strings.

That said, have a great Saturday and weekend. Now for coffee while
I grill some brats.
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