Who will kill the children?

October 29, 2014

A friend passed along a blog post and we felt
compelled to reply to the subject of said post. The
blog is The College Fix, and the headline
is “Trending: More College Students Support Post-
Birth Abortion”.

We have a problem with that. Before birth it is
abortion, after birth it is murder. Some quoted in
the article even state they think it is OK to kill
a child if said child is under 5 years old as
respondents don’t consider them persons until then.

Abortion activists on our college campuses have a
notion that it is alright to kill babies because
somehow we don’t become human until we are self
aware. Most agree that happens at 4 years of age.

Peter Singer said of babies “they are not persons.
.. therefore the life of a newborn is of less value
than the life of a pig, a dog, or a chimpanzee.”

What! Are you crazy! Call it infanticide or by
any other name you wish but this is murder. Here
is a video of woman defending it.

She states she isn’t against killing the child
after birth under certain conditions claiming it
falls under ‘women’s rights’. After birth wouldn’t
the baby have any rights?

Is this what is being taught to our children and
grandchildren in colleges today? Is there that big
a gap in the generational divide? We throw a fit if
somebody kills a kitten and there are young people
out there who believe women should be allowed to
kill their babies.

Well, babies grow up to be adults. And we sincerely
hope the adults who grew up to be anti-abortion
keep up the pressure to inform the unknowing.
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