An observation

October 27, 2013


At the recent forum for the candidates
running to get city council seats we
noticed a few things we’ll mention here.

Lest you think we took this lightly, we
applied Occam’s razor to come to
these conclusions.

Mayoral contender Phil Yerington stated the
police and fire departments needed more staff
and he felt the police department lobby should
be open 24/7.

Incumbent Mayor Bill Gluba responded that our
police department is accredited both by state and
federally, and no other city in the area keeps
police department lobbies open all night.


To which Yerington suggested, let’s be the
first. There were no further comments from
the Mayor.


Mayoral contender Keith Meyer opined that
some local police were crooked and that he
had gotten 3 parking tickets for parking
in his own lot.

Mayor Gluba replied that if you didn’t break
the law you didn’t have to worry about the

It later came out that the $225 tickets were
dismissed because Keith was parked on his own


We also heard how much our crime rate has
dropped, but on the way downtown recently
we passed a military green armored vehicle.
At first we thought it was National Guard
but it had our police department markings.

If crime is down over 50% why does the police
department need an armored vehicle?

Contender for Alderman-at-Large Dale Gilmour
mentioned the citizens were paying for a
Ferris wheel at the ball park because rent
paid by the team owner for use of the ball
park is given back to said owner.

The rent is supposedly $385,000 a year. But
the city gives $300,000 back for maintenance
and pays $60,000 for a private trash removal
service. We noticed none of the incumbents
denied this.

The Mayor did loudly declare that the ball
park was voted best minor league park in the
nation, but not that Dale was wrong.


Keith banging the piano keys while Barney
was yakking on and on… priceless.
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