Quick update

November 13, 2019

Like most of the country it has been cold around here on the east
coast of Iowa which doesn’t help my ventures outside in search of
critters to photograph. In the last three days all I’ve seen are the
feral cats and one cardinal.

Of course when the cardinal was seen the camera was on my computer desk. Just ran out to do a quick errand and didn’t expect to need it. On the upside, there is always a next time.

We may even get a little snow later tonight although it’s not
supposed to be much. We’ve already had over 9 inches of the white
fluffy love from above and that’s enough for now. And I know this is
another late post, but at least I’m getting it out now.

Had a talk with our youngest yesterday who said he was in the dog
house. Guess he called me for all the experience I have. We had a
good chat before hanging up. Tomorrow we’ll try to get a post out
earlier and see how that works. Hope it’s doable.

Enjoy our Wednesday night as we will and keep warm if it’s cold
where you’re at. Now for more coffee and something for my sweet
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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2019

Although here on the east coast of Iowa we will have 5 inches of
white fluffy love from above on the ground before the snow ends this
afternoon, the little ones will still be Trick or Treating tonight. It
looks, and feels, more like Christmas today.

The trees look flocked and grass is covered while the roads are
slushy right now. And life goes on. It just means we have to wear
boots instead of our house slippers when we go outside. It did look
like a Norman Rockwell painting when I went out earlier to feed the
feral cats, clear the driveway and get a few pictures.

Don’t want to overdo anything while I’m recuperating but also can’t
sit still. Might as well get it all done at once and come back in.
So far so good. I did get over to see Dad yesterday and glad I did.
When he opened the door and saw me with a bag of donuts he broke
out in a big grin and said he didn’t expect to see me.

Through the rumor mill he had heard I was in the hospital so I had to explain that I went to emergency room and was only there for about 4 hours. Then I made coffee and we sat in the kitchen and we had a good chat. I stayed a little longer than normal and when I got home the wife jumped my butt.

She claimed I wasn’t usually late getting back and she thought I had
a relapse. Didn’t happen, but I do appreciate her for worrying about
my health more than I do. Enjoy Halloween as it’s here.
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Liking it!

October 29, 2019

This is what it looked like outside this morning when I took a peek
before venturing out. Last Sunday as the cats were grazing after being
fed, a turkey vulture was circling the neighborhood while wrens chased
each other around the old pine tree.

Have to love the weather. It was predicted, up to an inch of white
fluffy love from above but none was to stick to roadways or sidewalks.
Yeah, I think the roads didn’t get the memo they were supposed to be
warm enough to melt the snow.

No complaints here though. As always, the falling white fluffy love
from above is fun to watch and makes me smile. It’s covering the
litter and other man-made scars on the landscape and turning
everything white.

And we may get another round the night before Halloween. Those who get paid to look important on our TV news and guess what the weather is going to do say it may be bigger than this one! We’re ready. Not quite up to able yet, but working on it.

Was out twice yesterday feeding the critters and will be again today.
Should even make it over to Dads this week for a visit. It may be
snowing a little but we don’t have to worry about mosquitoes.

Enjoy our Tuesday wherever you are.
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Changing seasons

October 11, 2019

Had todays post figured out earlier and was all set to pound it out on
the keyboard until we pulled in the driveway after our weekly cruise to
the grocery store. As we stepped out the car I noticed movement just
above our roof and was surprised to see an adult turkey vulture flying
just above the rooftop.

It was drizzling with temperatures in the 40s and windy yet I kept my eyes to the sky. The wife asked what I was looking so told her to wait a minute and look at our roof. The vulture cleared our roof and got even lower before rising to clear the neighbors trees. Of course the camera was in the house, the house was locked, and said vulture was gone before I could grab my keys off my belt loop.

But what a sight. Then we carried the groceries in the house and got
out of the cold drizzle.

Yesterday was good also as the critters were out perhaps knowing it
would be the last warm day for a while. These two European starlings
appeared to be mad at something and were staring it down.

Not to be outdone, and in another part of the same tree, this robin
and starling were looking in the same direction as the other two. Not
sure what they saw but it kept them busy so I get a couple shots.

One of the feral kittens was practicing feline yoga and seemed calm. She held this pose for so long I almost thought something happened to her leg.

While the kitten was doing her workout this little black squirrel
tackled a walnut just feet away. Not sure where the walnut tree is
but am going to investigate when the drizzle quits. What can I say,
I like walnuts too.

That’s a little of what’s been going on here on the east coast of Iowa. We’ll share more pictures as we get them. Enjoy our Friday as that means the weekend is here. Now for some more coffee before I go back out to see if the liquid love from above stopped.
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No more news

October 2, 2019

I was all set to vent today but decided to wait until tomorrow and do
a Thursday rant instead. So I found this picture that I uploaded
yesterday that for some some reason I feel is calming. And since
every time the TV gets turned on we run across some non-news that
rates a special report I’m going back to watching re-runs of Perry

It’s been raining here on the east coast of Iowa but not as bad as
other areas in the state and I still find myself outside watching the
liquid love fall from above. It’s more calming that being forced to
listen as the drivel continues in the media.

The feral kittens, who are almost full grown now, are getting more
used to us every day and the dark tiger has taken to following me
around as I wander with the camera looking for a Kodak moment. To
top things off Mama cat looks pregnant again.

We also have a cat who is in heat and waits to start yowling until
my head hits the pillow and resumes as soon as I get out bed. Good
thing I’m not a violent man. Not sure what today will bring but am
ready to give it all.

We will forewarn those among us who need safe spaces that they may
not find tomorrows post to their liking. They can either stock up on
coloring books or look elsewhere tomorrow for something to read.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it’s the last day without an ‘r’ in it for a
while. Now I need some coffee, breakfast, and to practice my Tai Chi
and get calm again.
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The storm

September 28, 2019

We did have a sunrise yesterday but it wasn’t the most colorful as
too many clouds got in the way. At least it stayed light enough to see
where you were going for a while.

As mentioned yesterday we got soaked unloading the groceries from the car so as soon as we got them put away I grabbed the camera and went outside. It looked like the shot above. Didn’t get any pictures of the lightening as the camera and myself would have gotten wetter if I did.

The day wasn’t a total loss and I got a few more pictures after the
rain stopped. Not the clearest put I think they show how much power
is in the birds wings. It was certainly fun to watch the critter take

And I got this one just after sunrise that looked to have an evil
face in it lit up like a jack-o-lantern. Freely admit to standing there
and watching the clouds make the face change for longer than I should

The storm of the century seemed to cut us some slack here on the east coast of Iowa, but it did have its moments. When I woke up at zero dark thirty this morning and after my first cup of coffee it was time to check the basement. It was dry!

Of course another cup of coffee was needed to celebrate that fact and
a Twix ice cream bar for breakfast. The wife thought that a strange
choice for breakfast and couldn’t understand the need for a treat.
But, being the trooper she is, she had one with me.

Enjoy our Saturday as we will.
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What a difference

September 27, 2019

Yesterday looked like the picture above with clouds and enough blue
to let light trickle down from above. Today I went out early, before
sunrise, and knew today was not going to be as nice. A short time
later the sun was trying to peek out through the small slots between
the clouds.

When we got to the grocery store there was still some light filtering
down, but when we went to put the bags in the trunk it looked like
night had fallen. Lightening was flashing to the north and south and
the rain had just started falling.

By the time we got back home the liquid love from above had us soaked before we got the groceries in the house. And it’s supposed to be this way all day. That’s alright as we need some liquid love from above from time to time to keep the weeds growing.

A good day to stay inside with a cup of coffee and think about
the things that need to get done. When it’s too nice out it’s
hard to stay inside and get the little job done.

I have a feeling the sump pump will be working overtime later at the
rate it’s coming down. But we need rain and the feeling one gets when
you step outside after the rain stops and smell the freshness. Almost
like rain is Mother Natures washing machine for our planet.

What a difference a day makes. We liked yesterday and are going to
relax and watch the liquid love fall. Should be an interesting day.
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