Can’t go back?

March 24, 2017

I know this post is late again but it was such a beautiful day
here on the east coast of Iowa it forced me outside. The high
got up to 81 and that broke a record set in 1937. Tonight we’ll
get rain and the low is supposed to be 46, but I’ll be back out
there anyway after the wife goes to work.

Thoughts of Dad filled my head as I worked and snapped an
occasional picture. He is usually a quiet man until you bring
up something about the farm. One of his favorite subjects when
he gets on a roll is the summer of 1937. He claims it’s the
hottest summer he’s ever seen.

The farm house had no running water and certainly never had
air conditioning. One fan was supposed to cool the whole house.
So, in the summer of 1937, everybody slept on the porch because
it was cooler. According to him that went on all summer.

When I visited Tuesday I mentioned a plat book from 1930 that
was found online which had Grandpa’s name listed along with the
number of acres. For some reason that got him going again. His
face lit up like a young lad as he talked about neighbors and
some of their habits.

Up the gravel road to the east was an old lady who liked to
sit in the cornfield. She didn’t disturb the corn and was
friendly enough when he and his brothers walked by. And that’s
where he left it.

Then he mentioned a local character, who I also remembered, that
didn’t leave his farm house without a pocket pint in every
pocket of his coveralls. At that time it was a dry county but
this character always swore his bottles were dry when he finished
for the day.

People say you can’t, or shouldn’t go back. But the look on
Dad’s face while talking about the good old days told me that
at times it’s good for your soul.

Have a great Friday, the weekend has begun. If we use it
wisely it might even seem to last a couple days.
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Thoughts on the weather

March 14, 2017

For a change it was fun watching the local morning news today
as they stumbled over commenting how everyone was surprised
that the weather forecast was so far off. The talking heads
that give their opinion said the snow is done during last
nights broadcast and I woke up to an additional inch of fluffy
white love from above covering everything that had been swept,
shoveled, or had melted yesterday.

A person can listen to news broadcast of the day locally but
as sure as God made little green apples the weather is going to
do whatever it wants. Evidently the people who do these
programs forget the weather doesn’t watch their channel.

Warnings were given about possible black ice later when the
sun goes down and the temperatures drop back to single digits.
At first I think, “how dumb do they think we are?’ Then I
remember the amusing times watching people trying to get their
cars up the hill out front. For a reason I could never figure
out some of these drivers seem to think flooring the gas pedal
will get them up the hill.

When I went over to Dads this morning a broom was thrown in
the trunk so I could sweep his sidewalks, porches, and the
driveway. When finished I went in for chat and we talked about
2 cylinder John Deere tractors. Of course he had to throw in
that they used have to walk six miles, uphill, through snow
drifts taller than they were to get to school.

So all in all, it has been a great day here on the east coast
of Iowa. Our thoughts are with those in the northeast who may
get hit with a couple feet of snow and high winds. Enjoy the
rest of our Tuesday.
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Odds and ends

March 13, 2017

Well we got 7 inches of white fluffy love from above here on
the east coast of Iowa and I don’t think the birds enjoy it as
much as I do. Didn’t even bother firing up the snowblower
either. This was a strange snow as grassy areas got the full 7
inches while roads and sidewalks ended up with about 3.

Since I live in Iowa again this question doesn’t pop up much
but it sure did in my traveling days. It never failed when I
was out of state and somebody asked me where I was from they’d
immediately ask if I knew their friend who used to live here. I
don’t even know everybody in town let alone in the state.

And I was having a great Sunday until the wife reminded me it
was Monday. No, a smart phone wouldn’t help. I’ll keep my flip
phone. Life just seems simpler that way.

Watching the local news one of the stars of the program was
talking about how great ethanol is and why it’s good for us
too. Of course our state is for it, we grow corn! I just
couldn’t believe they got away with broadcasting that many bold
face lies.

Yesterday this flock of geese appeared to be following the
jetliner west. It had me wondering if they didn’t know where
they were going or just thought it was mama. Wish the picture
was better but I couldn’t zoom in closer and keep both in the

Finally, the wife and I have been having a discussion over who
snores. She claims I do yet when I wake her up so she can get
ready for work the windows are rattling. I can now say the
answer is at hand and should be in mailbox shortly. See below
for my solution to the problem.

Enjoy your Monday or whatever day you think it is. Since I had
beer batter cod and french fries for lunch, supper will involve
a toasted pizza with all the toppings I can fit on top.
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Different days

February 28, 2017

Either God is telling St. Peter to hold his beer or Mother
Nature has a playful side. Yesterday the high was in the 50s,
today we’re supposed to set a high record of around 65, and
tomorrow night the low is going to be in the 20s. Then by
Sunday the high is going to be back in the 60s.

Nothing new there and if the lows don’t get into the minus
column we don’t worry. It doesn’t seem to bother the birds any
either. But yesterday was an interesting day. The birds were
gathered around the bird feeder and all were having a good


As I was enjoying the different birds playing nice together
another bird entered the picture. A hawk swooped down, grabbed
one of the little birds, and flew off to a nearby tree to have
his lunch. I guess I never realized that birds eat birds.


My first thought was to get a gun and shoot the hawk. But his
prey was already dead and we do live in town. The remaining
smaller birds all took cover and didn’t peek back out for
about an hour. Things looked to be back to normal, minus one

Later, the sky did things that some say only happen in Iowa.
I don’t know about that but it was a sight to see. Pictures
don’t do it justice but here’s one to give you an idea.


I spent so much time marveling at nature I didn’t get the
car washed, which turned out alright because heavy rain is in
the forecast for today. And I grilled some thick country style
ribs that turned out great. We didn’t have any barbecue sauce
so I used salsa and I might forget the barbecue sauce next

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s the last one we’ll see this month.
Now I have some leftover ribs that need taking care of.
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Of great days

February 22, 2017


We are just ending up another record breaking, picture
perfect day here on the east coast of Iowa. Seen all kinds of
critters and the tulips are popping out of the ground. From
what we hear though, tomorrow is another day, and will be
around 20 degrees cooler working its way to Saturday when snow
is in the forecast.


Even our friendly neighborhood hawk put in an appearance
looking for new friends. Even the wifes’ cat caught the spring
fever. She didn’t get ambitious or anything, just got caught up
in the great weather.


We even spotted our first robin of the year. He didn’t look
like a happy camper sitting atop the neighbors roof waiting
for the southerly winds to die down. It was breezy.


I knew it must have been a great day as the wife even came
outside a couple times and I didn’t even have a phone call.
The days of highs in the 70s are behind us now until later in
the year but it was sure fun enjoying it while it lasted.

The way things are going I may go out and get some pictures
of the stars. The night sky will be clear, the winds should
die down, and if I wait long enough I know it will get dark.
We even had a healthy supper of fish with wild rice and
vegetables. I’m stocking up on pizza Friday.

So enjoy the rest of today, we hope you had a great one also.
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February 19, 2017


Our weekend is almost done. That doesn’t surprise us because
here the weather weather was perfect so we had a lot of things
to do and not enough time to get them done. Still working on

Now the weather guessers on TV are talking possible snow for
next weekend. I think we should vote on just keeping the high
temperatures in the 70s instead. But it is still winter so we’ll
take whatever we get.

In an earlier post I stated we would not be watching NASCAR
this year with all the rule changes. But we did watch the
challenge at Daytona today and if that is what the rest of
the racing season will be like, we’ll go back to drag racing.

Having glanced at the rules we knew there would be a “break”
somewhere in the race and that happened at lap 25. What we
didn’t expect was the rule that if your car has to go to the
garage you are out of the race.

We could not make any sense out of that one. If your crew
gets it back together and the race is still on you should be
able to get back in. I see a lot more DNFs (did not finish)
under the race results. It just doesn’t make sense.

With the Nationals coming back to Cordova, and the indoor car
show in Monticello this weekend, we may be there instead of
watching NASCAR. We’ll see. Hoping you had a great weekend and
are ready for Monday. Now I’m hungry for tacos and will round
up eight or ten.
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A day that makes you smile

February 17, 2017

The weather guesser on TV was a little off. 63 was forecast
and the high today was 75. Then he had the audacity to claim
he low balled it so people would be happy! The critters were
out in force and we even got a shot of one flying over.


Birds weren’t the only critters in abundance either. A little
squirrel was hopping about when an alley cat thought he
resembled lunch. The little squirrel looked like he was
praying when he made it to the tree.



After the run for groceries I was outside all day and enjoyed
it. Even got some yard work done, the car detailed, and the
feeders filled. The pictures were a bonus. What a day. Even if
this is only really warm day we get for a while it put smile
on my face.

Even had an old friend contact me. We’ve got together once
since high school and he’s still on the east coast. It was
good to catch up and remember old times and our fast cars.
Then came the sunset. Another great day that ended on
a happy note.


Enjoy your weekend. We should protest for a 5 day weekend.
There’s a plan we could get behind. Keep the shiny side up.
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