It’s official

February 12, 2018

This past Sunday in our little portion of the east coast of
Iowa we broke a record set in 1868. We had measurable snow for
eight days in row breaking the old record by a full day. We
also have 14 inches of snow on the ground because of it.

I’m just glad that when all was said and done we have over a
foot of snow. And just in time for the warm up on Wednesday when
we could see 40 degree highs. That may cause some sloppy

And it’s good for the farmers as well. The snow will melt
slowly as spring arrives and put much needed moisture into the
fields. Yet with all that snow we are still about a foot below
normal. We’ll take it. Our snow shovel is worn down to the nub.

This could not have ended on a better day as that means we have
today to celebrate and not shovel. What’s to celebrate you ask?
If you have a minute we’ll tell you.

February 12th, 2018 is Lincoln’s birthday, National Lost Penny
Day, Hug Day, National Plum Pudding Day, NAACP Day, National
Freedom to Marry Day, Clean Out Your Computer Day, Oatmeal
Monday, Oglethrope Day, Paul Bunyan Day, Safety Pup Day, Sexual
and Reproductive Heath Day, and Shrove Monday.

So even though it may seem like just another Monday, it could
be a party in a plain brown wrapper. Enjoy our Monday, pick a
holiday, and enjoy our beautiful day.
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Guess again

February 8, 2018

We had a snow emergency declared overnight and didn’t get any
snow. Now we have another snow emergency announced and the
people on TV who guess the weather are getting sneakier. We
figured out long ago that said ‘forecasters’ don’t look out a
window when they make their predictions, but come on.

“We could get as little as 1-3 inches, 4-5 inches is more
likely, and depending on which way the weather band moves it
could be as much as 8-10 inches.” Schools may be closed tomorrow
and driving will be hazardous in the morning possible into the
evening commute.

If I heard correctly, snow is supposed to start this afternoon.
Well, I hope the rest the forecast is more accurate. As you can
see in picture above, it’s snowing now!

My aching back has one more go-round with the shoveling, so hit
me with your best shot. Let’s aim for a foot of snow. I have
enough pizza to last another day and enough coffee to get me
through Easter.

All this going on around here and parts east while Idaho is
seeing record warmth. Highs in the 60s? Send it east. Speaking
of east, if you live east of Iowa you’ll probably get snow too.
Just keep warm and don’t panic. Come July we’ll all talk about
how we survived this winter.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is just a dream and some
white fluffy love from above away. Now I need to refill my
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We know

February 5, 2018

This is late getting here and there was no post yesterday. It
all started with what we thought was a great idea and didn’t end
the way intended. You may not believe this, but it all started
with a pizza.

Our favorite pizza emporium was called Saturday for a large
taco pizza and things went according to plan until I arrived at
said emporium to pick up our pizza. Every pizza we’d ordered
before was on a circle of cardboard and a white paper bag was
tented over the top. Yet this time it was in a box!

Figuring it could be the practice of putting different pizzas
in different containers it was decided to wait until we got
home to pass judgement. Then came the second surprise. Every
pizza we’ve ordered before was cut into strips with a single
cut through the middle. This pizza was cut into wedges!

First the box, then cutting it different, we wondered what else
could possible go wrong. We ate ourselves almost to the point of
a pizza induced coma then napped a good portion of the rest of
the afternoon away. And when we awoke there was still half a
pizza left! I’ve got to go into training.

Then this morning, knowing we were going to get at least five
inches of white fluffy love from above by tonight, I decided to
run some errands. We were in dire need of bird feed, donut
holes, and cigarettes. I noticed that when such weather events
are forecast in advance that most people go to the store for
milk, bread, and toilet paper.

I don’t normally pay attention to what people buy yet noticed
this time as the store was packed and my cart seemed the only
one not to include these items. I didn’t ask the reason as all
were looking at my cart full of bird feed. Perhaps next time.

I’ll be busy shoveling in a bit, and again later, and again
even later. So enjoy our Monday as here on the east coast of
Iowa the falling snow and blanket of white on the ground makes
a peaceful scene.
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Cruising while thinking

January 22, 2018

We are supposed to get rain or snow tonight and will experience
a cool down for a while here. That makes me think of coffee and
as I was cruising the information highway on a straight shot of
two lane blacktop I came across a link to a tale behind a new

In my youth many a shot of Jack Daniel’s old No 7 ended up
warming my insides and turning my brain into something akin to
a monkeys. 30 years have past since my last drink but I remember
it well.

What does that have to do with coffee you ask? While cruising
I discovered that Jack Daniel’s is now making coffee and while
it is non-alcoholic the coffee is said to smell and taste like
whiskey. The claim is when you drink it hints of caramel and
vanilla will caress your taste buds.

The coffee should hit stores soon. It won’t be a cheap coffee
as an 8.8 ounce can will run $21.95. Or if you just want to
try it to see if you like it, a 1.5 ounce bag is $6.95. And it
comes in decaf and caffeinated.

You can go to Jack Daniel’s Coffee website to learn more if you
are so inclined. At the bottom of the link is a list of where
you can buy the product now. Iowa isn’t listed. Even though
flavored coffees aren’t my favorite, this is one I might try.

Sometimes it pays to cruise the information highway. Enjoy the
rest of our Monday.
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Good intentions

January 17, 2018

After ingesting several cups of coffee and some french toast an
idea sprung into my head. Take the wifes car to the car wash and
give it a good bath. After all, the windchill had risen to -17
below. What could go wrong.

Choosing the car wash closest to us made sense until I had
pulled into the bay with a pocket full of quarters. Turned out I
hadn’t noticed that said car wash was open on one end. Thinking
my odds were decent that the wind wasn’t coming from the
direction of the open end I jammed in some quarters and began.

The car is now clean but it turns out the odds were against me
and the wind was blowing through the open side of the bay. Not
one to give up, I kept going until all the crud was off the car.
That’s when I noticed the one flaw in my thinking.

Yes, the car looked more like an ice cube than a vehicle due to
the wind and chilly temperatures. And I also noticed that this
evil wind had blown the overspray all over me and I resembled a
pop sickle! So I started the car to let the defrosters clear the
windows and waited.

This got rid of the ice on the windows and we now had a clean,
but icy vehicle. That’s when I found out high pressure water and
cold temperatures cause the electronics to go beserk. I was now
locked out and the touch panel to open the doors didn’t work. I
did use the remote and got back in before realizing my frozen
jeans might drip on the heated leather seat.

I did bring an old towel along to wipe down the now frozen
body so it was put on the seat to contain any dripping from my
defrosting jeans. When the car was back in the driveway I took
off my glasses and looked the car over. It did appear that even
the ice stuck to the car was clean and that was good enough at
that point.

Next time the car gets a bath it will be at an automated car
wash. Enjoy our Wednesday as we are. Now that I have dry clothes
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Keeping Monday real

January 15, 2018

We got the gift of fluffy of white love from above again and
the people who guess the weather by throwing darts at a weather
map missed again. It was predicted we’d get 2 inches or more and
after the fact were informed we got 1.6 inches here on the our
part of the east coast of Iowa.

The problem with that is twofold. Said TV station is 4 blocks
from our house yet we only got an inch tops, and they were wrong
again. So we’ll share some pictures to illustrate how bad the
snowfall wasn’t.

These wrens and other small birds don’t look to us like they
are standing in 2 inches of snow. The picture would look very
different if they were. And no, I don’t shovel around the bird

This happy black feral cat seemed to enjoy the white fluffy love
from above almost as much as I do. He was even smiling before I
took the picture.

Not all the critters liked the snow. This cardinal kept hopping
around as if he thought he was a bunny rabbit. Or it could have
just been his idea of having fun. We’ll let you decide that one.

Regardless of how much we got, it’s now cleared off the drive
way, alley, and sidewalks. Enjoy our Monday. Rumor is we only
get one this week. Now I need more coffee.
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Snowfall on Sunday thoughts

January 14, 2018

The white fluffy love from above is going to be a few inches
deep when it stops falling and the temperatures are dropping as
well here on the east coast of Iowa. The computer problems are
fixed, and perhaps I can get this out now.

Our youngest son called from Idaho where they dodged a foot of
snow and we talked of the Kissimee Mecum auction. We were both
waiting for the roadster pickup from Happy Days to cross the
block and both missed it. If our computer decides to keep going
this time we’ll try and see if the little yellow Model A truck

And the local news just ran a program on the car thefts in our
area and stated 848 cars were stolen in our fair city last year.
Mostly by juveniles who know they won’t get into trouble for
doing so. These kids that are stealing cars and getting caught
are as young as 10 years old!

Most thefts occur because people leave their cars running to
warm them up or don’t lock them and leave a key inside. In one
case the car was locked but a hidden spare house key was found
outside and used to enter the house the steal a purse with the
car keys in them. Please keep you vehicles locked and bring in
spare house keys. Give the spare key to neighbor you trust.

And we may have a warm up on the way for the weekend. Not a
big one, but highs above freezing anyway. Enjoy the rest of our
Sunday as we will. Now I need more coffee and a TV that doesn’t
show re-runs 24/7.
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