May 24, 2019

The much forecast thunder storm rolled through about an hour ago and once again we were not impressed. As a matter of fact I was outside with camera in hand trying to get some shots of the lightning before it got too wet.

We’ve seen the weather forecasters so much lately we feel as it we know them. It even looks like the flood is going to pay another visit soon. If the wife was working I’d be out on the porch sleeping on hammock so I could hear the rain.

This batch of storms appears to have spread across the country and several areas got a soaking, we even have tornado warnings for later today. I’ll be checking the basement for water and napping in between so will miss a lot of the forecasts and warnings. Don’t think I’ll be missing much.

Earlier the local weatherman compared warnings and watches to cookies! He pointed out that all the ingredients to make the cookies on the counter is like a watch and the baked cookies are like a warning. Lord love a duck! Have we gotten that stupid as a society that things have to explained with cookies?

At any rate be careful if you’re having severe weather. Things can go from bad to worse in a heartbeat. Enjoy our Friday as it is the start of a 3-day weekend for some. Now I need some coffee to stay awake until we get back from buying groceries.
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Catching a break

May 22, 2019

The wet weather has moved on and we’re already warmer this morning than we were all day yesterday. When the rain stopped we had 60 mph sustained winds for over 30 minutes that rattled the windows in our 110 year old house. Surprisingly, no downed trees or loss of power around our house either.

Oklahoma got hit for sure and we’ve seen videos of tornadoes, flooded roads, and damaged buildings. Not sure what other states got hit with but we haven’t heard much about fatalities and hope that number is low. Here we may have another flood with all the recent rain.

With all that going on I noticed several little green pine cones growing on the pine out back and was reminded that no matter what we get hit with things will get back to normal at some point. It’s funny how some people don’t know, or care enough to find out, that crazy weather has been around longer than we have.

We talked about that during my visit with Dad and he said he’d been through droughts, floods, record heat and record cold, tornadoes, the great depression, and had gotten wet more than a few times. His take is we setting up for a drought which is hard to swallow as wet as everything is around here. That being said, as far off as some weather forecasters have been he could be right.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it means we’re half way through the work week. Now for coffee so I have the strength to push the mower around later.
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Odds and ends

May 21, 2019

You got to love this weather we’re having. Some states in the central part of our country are getting tornadoes and enough rain to fill a basement, while we get an inch of rain and a breeze. Of course our low was in the 40s. Who knows what will hit us later in the week as starting tomorrow the highs will be around 80 again.

At least most of our yard got mowed yesterday before the liquid love from above started falling again. The remainder should get done during a break in the rain today. The entire yard would have gotten mowed if it wasn’t for our battery powered lawn mower running out of juice before I did.

If you have ever tried to mow an eight foot embankment with a 4-cycle mower you’ll know why we tried battery power. And we’ll keep using it until it quits running at which time we may go to plan B. Just pave the bank and paint it green. Works for me.

And I did see some wildlife yesterday but didn’t have the camera along. Heard geese before seeing them flying over, a hawk circled above looking for lunch, and a cardinal stayed still long enough I could have drawn him if I had a sketch pad and pencil. Of course when I ran inside to grab the camera nothing was moving.

So if you’re thinking severe weather may come your way keeping your TV or radio on may inform you where the nasty weather is. If the sun is shining where you’re at get out and enjoy it. Have a great Tuesday as we can’t change it anyway. Now for some coffee.
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Of cats and the moon

May 17, 2019

I got a chance to see the moon the other night and it didn’t disappoint. Also told the feral cats the moon would be out later and one got so excited he decided to start watching early. Don’t know if he saw the moon later or not but gave him a ‘e’ for effort.

Tomorrow night, Saturday, May 18th, the Blue Flower Full Moon will make an appearance to those with clear skies. Some don’t name full moons, but it is a tradition that goes back to Colonial times. Perhaps even farther.

The moon won’t actually look blue nor like a flower. A blue is just the second full moon that occurs in any calendar month. Some other names this moon was called are Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon.

If you believe the folklore, May’s Full Moon marks a time of increased fertility, warmer temperatures, the end of frosts, and flowers in bloom. More folklore claims that clothes washed for the first time during the Full Moon won’t last long. But the Full Moon is a great time to accept a marriage proposal.

We won’t be seeing the moon tonight and tomorrow doesn’t look promising due to storms in the area. If it doesn’t rain we’ll try our best to get a picture and share it. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Enjoy our Friday as it looks to be a good one here even with the weather forecast. Now I need more coffee and some leftover pizza to engergize myself for the day.
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Could be a record

May 2, 2019

From Q.C. Drone

Well this has certainly been an interesting week. With the flood and the rains we’ve been having for a while now it looks like we’re in it for the long haul. Yesterday the flood was tied for the 3rd highest flood in our history and today it jumped to 2nd.

It may even take over the #1 spot before all is said and done. Water keeps coming up in the basement so that has to be pumped out once an hour so it doesn’t get into our water heater and furnace while outside work is put on hold.

Our oldest and his lovely wife dropped off a May Day goodie bag for each of us yesterday and I didn’t even know it until much later. Thanks Ronnie and Todd.

Turns out the doorbell decided to quit chiming again so I’ll be working on that later. I guess there really isn’t any rest for the wicked. At least we have a few dry days in the extended forecast which should settle things down.

We haven’t been down by the river to see how bad it really is but have been by my favorite little creek and know it was almost out of its banks. That little portion of Duck Creek looked more like a small river than the usual calm of the creek.

And with that, it’s time to run and get some supplies and get busy again. Enjoy our Thursday and that means the weekend is only a dream away. Now for some more coffee before getting the chores done.
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Soggy day

April 29, 2019

We got so much rain during the storms overnight a hippo was seen at a local parking ramp. Ok, it wasn’t that bad and the picture is actually from our trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo, but what a rain storm! Here on our portion of the east coast of Iowa we got 2 inches of rain overnight and there are even some power outages in the area.

We here are not claiming it’s due to global climate change, it’s just a soggy day and we’ve seen worse. We also know it won’t help the flooding which has been at major flood stage for a record number of days. But we’ve been there, done that, and have the t-shirt.

Some people foretell of doom and gloom at times like this but we look on the bright side. I woke up breathing again and can’t mow the yard in this slop. It will be a little taller when things dry out but we’ll get it done. The storm knocked the local TV station off the air for about a half hour and people who live in low-lying areas might have some problems and we wish them well.

I will be checking the basement and hope I don’t find a hippo or a swimming pool, although that would be something different. If there isn’t any water I’ll check later and if the water is over the sump pump I may go buy a kayak to survey the damage.

Enjoy our Monday as the new week begins. Now I need more coffee and the ad from the farm supply store to price kayaks.
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What’s the odds?

April 27, 2019

I chose this picture of the Highway to Heaven for todays post even though it isn’t a two lane road and doesn’t have anything to do with the post. I just like the picture.

A little later today the wife is going to cruise about 100 miles north for work while the area is supposed to get hit with up to 8 inches of snow, cold temperatures, and high wind gusts. Here in our portion of the east coast of Iowa we’re supposed to get rain ending with some possible snow.

The snow is possibility aand the low here tonight is supposed to be 28 degrees with wind gusts over 40 mph. I wouldn’t mind a little white fluffy love from above if the wife wasn’t going to be driving into the heavy stuff. At any rate it shouldn’t stick to the pavement and dresses things up sticking to lawns and trees.

Since she is traveling for work the wife will take the four lane divided highway. If she chooses not to do so we know some two lane blacktop roads that take longer but have some great views. Perhaps we’ll save them for the summer.

All that said, one has to wonder about this snow storm in late April. What’s the odds of this happening? Between that and it being about 25 degrees colder than average leads me to believe we have to turn all the wind turbines the other way.

Now I’m going out in the rain to feed the critters before breakfast and a lot more coffee. Enjoy our Saturday as the weekend is half over
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