Moon shots

April 9, 2020

Went out to get a picture of the full super moon on the 7th and the
picture above shows what was where should have been. Not a total
loss as the thunder and lightening was a sight to see and hear.

Last night the moon could be seen and still looked full to me so I
took pictures at different settings to see what the difference would
be. This picture is close to how bright the moon was. All pictures
are taken without a tripod.

All pictures are also manual focus so clarity might vary between
shots. These pictures are meant to show the difference settings
make and as such may not be suitable for framing.

With this shot I doubled the shutter speed and while darker, it does
show more detail. Even though the moon was brighter than this I like
this shot better.

So I doubled the shutter speed again and it came out like this. No
other settings were changed and the pictures were taken within a few
minutes of each other. Amazing what changing one setting can do.

On the top picture the f-stop was 5.6, the ISO was 250, and shutter
speed was 1/250 of a second. In the middle picture the shutter speed
was bumped up to 1/500 of a second, and the bottom 1/1000.

Enjoy our Thursday as we will. Now I need more coffee as my cup has
a hole in it.
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It got wet quick

March 28, 2020

Earlier yesterday these two were out trying their best to ignore
each other, or at least it looked that way. The morning was cloudy
yet the critters were out and about.

Later it opened up and poured with thunder so intense it rattled
the windows. After a short nap a news flash came across the TV
screen that said when the storm hit we got over 2 inches of rain
in a half hour and almost 4 inches total.

This morning, still tired after an hour long nap I knew the
basement had to be checked for water. That came back positive. So
turned on the sump pump, got the squeegee, and sucked it up. Went
down an hour later and more seeped in and the process was repeated.

So thought I’d get this post out before going back down to check
when another hour has passed. The water keeps seeping in through
3 or 4 drainings usually before it stops so I figure the last
pumping will probably be around 4 am.

This wouldn’t be such a big deal but if the water gets over an
inch and half said water gets into the water heater. I just can’t
see letting the water heater get flooded as that takes up more of
the day and isn’t good for the water heater.

For now the thunder and lightning has stopped along with the rain,
and we’re OK with that. Enjoy our Saturday as we will after the
clean up. Now for some coffee.
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Super Moon thoughts

March 9, 2020

Went out last night and got a picture of the Full Worm Super Moon and
I’m glad I did as today it has been, and will be, raining. Don’t
think things will clear up enough to get a picture tonight. We’ll have
to wait and see.

Not going over to Dads tomorrow but will wait until Wednesday as the
wife needs the car and I’m not walking that far. Since he liked the
chili I’m going to take over some cheesy potato soup for him to try.

Been wondering what’s going on in Washington as things seem quiet
and that usually foretells of bad news. Either they’re thinking
something up and trying to sneak it by us, or they already did
something they don’t want us to know about.

It’s a given that politicians will play the blame game when the
feces hits the rotating cooling device. Talk is cheap, we’re ready
for some action. Don’t think we’ll see any unless pretend indignation
and finger pointing count.

Finally, we’re not sure what it means, but the wife’s cats have been
extra cuddly today. Since they don’t get outside it can’t be the rain.
I just know the cats have almost tripped me about a dozen times
today instead of the usual 3 or 4.

Enjoy our Monday as this work week ends with a Friday the 13th. Now
for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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The storm that wasn’t

February 26, 2020

Wouldn’t want to be one of the professional weather guessers around
here after the recent ‘winter storm’ warnings fizzled out and said
storm ended up miles to the south of us. Every TV channel had a guy
doing the weather saying it was going to be a bad with some forecasts
saying rain, then up to 10 inches of snow, then high winds causing

And… we got nothing. The pavement didn’t even get wet! On April
1st we’d all get a good laugh out of it, but not so much now. Our
poor snow blower is feeling neglected. I go out to the garage and
check on it every so often to make sure it didn’t run away from home.

Since we didn’t get the predicted storm I went over to Dads yesterday
and brought along some chili I had made and donuts. He was like a kid
in a candy store. He’s 94 and had to tell me again that he’s been
hungry for chili and hadn’t had any for a while. He forgot he’d told
me that the last two visits.

But he’s still living in his own home, gets around pretty good, and
can remember things that happened in the late 30s like it was
yesterday. It was a good visit and I hope he enjoys his chili.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now I
need to refill my coffee as somebody drank it.
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What luck

February 13, 2020

The scan on the desktop took 2 days and said there is nothing wrong with it but it still won’t let me log in. So I got the laptop going again to post while I pull my hair out. Since the desktop has Windows 7, guess it’s about time to get a newer operating system if I can’t figure it out.

In other news, the wife and I have been eating healthy the last few days and it dammed near killed me! Well not really, but I was going through pizza withdrawal with all the vegetables. Have now decided to go back on my pizza routine and leave the healthy eating to the wife. We’ll keep you posted on how that works.

Also went over to Dads today and had a good chat. We talked of all kinds of things from the winter of 36′, old John Deere tractors, and he even hinted if I made some chili he’d like some. His caregiver got me laughing when she asked me about being self-employed. She was thinking of doing it herself until I told her a little of what all was involved.

The caregiver also mentioned how much she hates Trump and wants someone in the Oval Office that would fix the economy. I replied I thought the economy was doing good and she agreed but said she couldn’t give Trump credit for that. She’s welcome to her opinion.

And we got some white fluffy love above and are supposed to get more into tomorrow before the temperatures here on the east coast of Iowa drop into the deep freeze. Might as say enjoy our Thursday as we’ll be there in another hour anyway. Now for more coffee and some pizza rolls.
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Some days…

January 22, 2020

Every time I tried to post yesterday it got interrupted so today I’m
just going to get it done. I went over to Dads but stopped to take in
the view above before arriving. I needed a little calming down.

So then I hear the Governor wants to give us a tax cut on our state
income tax. Every time I hear such a statement I cringe. Sure enough,
the state wants to “give” us a tax cut but is looking at raising our
sales tax. Be nice if we got a cut some time that didn’t get added
right back on somewhere else.

Today we learned our city wants to raise our property taxes 4.37%.
The city is going to have a meeting early next month to explain why
and answer the publics questions. I’m still working on getting them
to quit plowing shut the end of our alley AFTER we shovel it.

And for the next 2 days we’re forcast to get some white fluffy love
from above. Not supposed to amount to much here on the east of Iowa and be a light snow. That’s better than the ice covered snow we have now. If it stays in the 30s some of the white stuff might just melt away on its own.

Some days it gets crazy while other days are boring.

So enjoy the weather as we can’t change it anyway and have a great
Wednesday night. Now for more coffee and some pizza rolls.
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January 18, 2020

You may have noticed I haven’t been here since the start of the week
and I apologize. While the bug on the computer is gone I caught one
myself and am just now getting over it. Sometimes things just hit
us when we aren’t expecting them.

This was a strange experience as I went from sleeping around four
hours a night to sleeping twenty! Hope the old sleeping schedule comes back soon. Posts haven’t been written, chores haven’t been done, and snow hasn’t been shoveled.

But being on the mend feels pretty good. And I’d like to thank the
wife, who I know worries about me, for putting up with me when I am
sick. I am not a cheerful person to be around during such times. So
thank you dear.

Between yesterday and today we got around 5 inches of white fluffy
love from above, some sleet, and topped it off with freezing rain. I
did manage to get outside and get a path to car shoveled and the car
cleared last night before the wife went to work.

Today went out and tried to do some more but that didn’t end well. Have you ever tried to shovel ice? Felt like the shovel was full of car batteries. On that happy note I’ll end this and wish everyone well. Now for some more coffee before I get to the chores.
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