Strange Sunday

November 13, 2017

I didn’t wake up grouchy yesterday, I let her sleep in. The
night before we watched the guy who throws darts at a weather
map to tell him what the weather is going to be. He said warmer
and rain for Sunday and I thought nothing about it when I awoke
to gray skies.

But imagine my surprise when I glanced outside and saw snow!
Yes, big white fluffy love from above when the thermometer
pointed to 37 degrees! It snowed for most of the morning and
I was waiting for enough to stick so I could start the
snow blower.

When the lady who follows me around got up I suggested going
out and catching snowflakes on our tongues. That would be a no.
I was even told I was too happy to see the first snowfall. But
this is the same woman who tells me normal people don’t talk to
their food or critters!

She may have gotten tired of me grinning, dancing around, and
jumping up and down half the day waiting for the snow to stick.
It never did but that didn’t curb my enthusiasm. This morning
the fog is getting pretty thick and those with the darts say it
will stay that way until around 10 am.

That’s ok. Fog’s fun too. It has a whole different feel than
a clear day which can help the imagination play tricks. We hope
you’re enjoying the weather where you are as much as we’re
enjoying ours. Be careful on this Monday the 13th, and now I’m
going for another cup of coffee.
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Armistice Day storm

November 11, 2017

We’ve been told for some time now that climate change is going
to end mankind as we know it. Gloom and doom are predicted. We
seem to forget history along the way, and thus, are doomed to
repeat it. In my lifetime we’ve heard of impending ice ages and
heat waves beyond belief.

None of which came to be. These threats did manage to raise
the cost of certain things while not changing anything. We were
being manipulated then as now. Dad talks about the record
breaking heat wave in the summer of 1937, we’ll talk of another
weather event.

Veteran’s Day used to be called Armistice Day and on November
11th, 1940 a super-storm came through Iowa and other parts of
the country. Global Warming? On that November day in 1940, it
was 58 degrees at 9 am.! Parades were being held in celebration
of the holiday, hunters were in the field, and it looked to be
a picture perfect holiday.

During the local parade the bands wind instruments froze when
the temperature dropped to 33 degrees in about a half hour. The
storm hit the Pacific northwest with near hurricane force winds
and didn’t weaken as it raced east. The storm inhaled moisture
from the Gulf of Mexico and cold air from Canada to become a

The winds that hit that day were called “the winds of hell”
and it is said they reached 70 mph. And then came the blizzard.
Two trains collided, hunters died in the field, boats and
freighters sank on Lake Michigan killing 66 sailors, one million
Thanksgiving turkeys died, and Collegeville, Minnesota
saw 27 inches of snow fall.

The storm tracked from Des Moines to Eau Clair, and the
pressure dropped to around 29 inches of Mercury. When it was
over it was discovered the storm had cut a 1,000 mile wide
path through the middle of our country.

The reason a storm warning wasn’t issued was because the
Midwest headquarters of the government forecaster in Chicago
wasn’t staffed overnight to track the storm. With today’s
advanced technology we hope this couldn’t happen again.

So don’t tell us how climate change is going to cause severe
weather changes and what we have to give up to stop it. Look to
the past for the answers.

Enjoy our Veteran’s Day.
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Fall’s here

October 25, 2017

We got used to the good weather we’ve been blessed with but
are now going to get hit with a dose of reality. Fall has stumbled
and fell. It could get interesting.

Yesterday we heard a few snow flakes might be in store for us
here on the east coast of Iowa Saturday, but now come guesses
from those who guess the weather that most of the state could
see snow that sticks.

Add in temperatures in the low 30s at night and anything can
happen. We’ll just handle what we get, or don’t get. A talk
with Dad earlier had us agreeing the weather could go either
way this winter and there will be snow.

Dad was happy his physical therapy has ended as it’s been a
year with no improvement to his hand. His feelings are that if
things haven’t improved over a year they won’t. If he’s ok with
that so are we.

And after a late night pizza binge I had a dream about a bad
storm. The roof didn’t leak but somehow the water kept spraying
up through the floor. When I went down to check, it was raining
in the basement! Must have been cloudy down there.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it’s the day our newspapers are bigger
because they’re full of ads and we’re halfway through the week.
Now I’ve have some leftover pizza and donut holes to address.
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Dreary day thoughts

October 22, 2017

We don’t know about where you’re at but it’s raining here on
the east coast of Iowa and has been for a while. And since it
is wet out I decided to embellish my coffee with some jumbo
deli donuts to ease the discomfort.

We even have a pot of beef stew simmering for later, enough
coffee, and TV reception so we’re good to go. Nothing like a
rainy day to justify gnawing on donuts while drinking more
coffee and watching the race. If we have any donuts left by
race time.

Donuts must be like socks in the dryer. You open the lid and
wonder where they went. The lady who follows me around always
points the finger at me and does not accept my plea that we
must have mice. I guess I should wipe my face before stating
my defense.

I think these dreary days help us appreciate the sunny days.
Even though dark days can hold their own special beauty it
seems sunny days are often passed over too. All too often we
hear ‘it’s too nice to be outside’. I don’t think it’s ever too
nice, or too bad, to be outside.

And even today I’ll be out several times just to have a look
around. The birds may be in the tree and squirrels preparing
for winter. So enjoy our Sunday as it’s the last day we get
this week. Now I need a refill in my cup and a donut is calling
my name.
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Thinking back

October 12, 2017

I just got the wife off to work and noticed it started to
drizzle. You know how that goes, not a hard enough rain to get
soaked yet sets a chill in your bones. But Autumn is here with
the leaves changing color, the drop in temperature, and the
steely gray skies.

Christmas displays are starting to pop up and the Holloween
candy is overflowing the aisles. On the east coast of Iowa that
means time to get the snow removal gear in order. Depending on
who one listens to we will either have a dry mild winter or
a cold snowy one.

This is also the time of year that shifts my mind into over-
drive and it moves faster than my fingers can type. We’ll try
to keep up. We’re entering the season when comfort food seems
more important than any other and the holidays start coming.
At least since I retired they let me sit at the adult table.

It shouldn’t be long before the migratory birds start heading
south to their winter homes along with folks who love the area
more than they like our winters. They usually come back once
it warms again.

And this time of year reminds me of days on the farm when the
chores came before anything else and TV was a luxury. If we
watched and hour of TV in one sitting, it was a holiday. And as
I joke with our youngest, the TV had living black and white.
When color TVs became affordable we’d adjust the rabbit ears
until we marvelled at how life like the shows had become.

Now, I’m out of coffee and the leftover pizza along with the
doughnut holes on the table are calling for me. Enjoy our
Thursday. Before we know it the weekend will be here.
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Making time

September 29, 2017

We left Rawlins, Wyoming early this morning and arrived in
Paxton, Nebraska a few hours ago where we will spend the night.
When we left it was so foggy you couldn’t see past the hood of
the car so I kept it at 80 mph and the fog lights on.

After running through fog for most the way across Wyoming we
ran into a drizzle and some clouds that looked like they could
open up and rain our on cruise. Everything has gone right today
and shortly we will leave our room to dine at Ole’s Steakhouse
& Saloon. They have some of the best cheeseburgers I have ever
consumed and are located within a half mile of our motel.

Once again the lady that follows me around took all the pictures
and I haven’t asked if I can share them yet, but may post
later if see agrees. With a little cropping and slight touch up
most came out great so I hope she does.

Tomorrow afternoon we will arrive back home and posts will
return to a semblance of normalcy on Sunday. Or at least as
close to normal as I can get. We consider the trip an
overwhelming success and plan on doing it again. Perhaps as
early as next year.

But around this time tomorrow, or a little later, we will
unpack the trunk for the last time on this trip and see if
the critters missed us. The cat probably won’t want much to
do with us, but we’ll see. And I can do a Sunday snicker
post from home again.

Enjoy the rest of our Friday, we’re leaving for a cheeseburger
and fries with plenty of coffee.
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Strange days

September 22, 2017

We left Billings, Montana at 7 am in the rain and just south of
Bozeman, Montana we hit snow all the way through West Yellowstone,
Wyoming. Then it cleared up until we hit rain and heavy fog in

But we made it to Mountain Home, Idaho a little after 4 pm, got
our motel room, and ate at a local eatery. After what seemed a
good idea turned into a 200 mile cruise on a snowy 2-lane black
top, I don’t think we’ll try that again.

I only did it this time because the lady that has been following
me around mentioned she had never seen Yellowstone Park. Hey,
we’re on vacation, had the time, and it was kind of on the way.
Nobody mentioned we might run into a blizzard!

The lady who follows me around took pictures as I was a little
busy manning the wheel on the curvy mountain roads. It was
something to see though, and she can say we were in 3 different
states in 8 hours.

The Fusion did everything I asked of it and we did find out
that it would climb mountain roads at close to 100 mph and not
miss a beat. Now I’m taking a break as my arms feel as if I
flew out here.

Enjoy our Friday and you know we will.
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