Looking back

April 25, 2019

Yesterday I posted a picture with the post and think I forgot to say where the picture was taken so I’ll do it now. The picture was taken in a little city park in Mountain Home, Idaho. With the mountains in the background we could see why they called it Mountain Home.

This picture was taken in September of 2017 inside an inter-active museum type place in Boise, Idaho. You could pull yourself up to the ceiling in a chair, see all kinds of sharks, walk over a virtual pond full of fish, and make giant bubbles.

The wife, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter are looking at the start of a giant bubble in the contraption that made them. I got lucky and ended up with a decent picture of the bubble and the ladies. Our granddaughter looked like she was trying to figure out how the magic happened.

Our youngest did the driving as I can’t stand driving in a place with much over 100,000 people living there and Boise was triple that. It just seems to me, in this day and age, everybody is in a hurry. No wonder some people don’t even notice what’s around them.

Even on two-lane black top roads people are zooming past like they’re volunteer firemen on the way to a fire. Can’t remember how many times I heard people say, you could have made it out there a day sooner. I’m retired, the wife is on vacation, not in any hurry, and there’s no emergency. Why sweat arrival time?

On one trip we left Interstate 80 to take the black top to Montana because the wife had never been there. We spent two days there and after went through the western part of Yellowstone park on two-lane roads until we hit Idaho.

At any rate, enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is only a dream away and my coffee is only a room away.
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Quite the sight

September 6, 2018

Today we cruised into Oklahoma City with the intent of seeing the
memorial on the former site of the Murruh Building. You may
remember news of the bombing in 1995. To actually see the
memorial is chilling.

As you walk from the entrance near the museum you notice the
reflecting pool with the empty seats on the other side. Each
“chair” represents one of the 168 who perished in the bombing.
Hard to believe this peaceful setting was once the scene of such

This structure sits on the northern end and a similar one with
9:03 on it at the southern end. We had the chance to talk to a
park ranger who was full of information and very helpful with any
questions we had.

In the northeast portion of the memorial this plaque and tree
stand. It is a good sized Elm and after reading the plaque it
seems even more impressive. We would have visited the museum but
time was tight. Just another reminder that freedom isn’t free.

Enjoy our Thursday as we will with this portion of our vacation
drawing to a close. Friday may be our last day in the Sooner State
with Saturday seeing us cruising back to Iowa. Now I need more
coffee to finish editing some pictures.
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There’s a convention going on?

July 26, 2016


Before we begin we’d like to mention that tomorrow is
National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day becaus we have
a sneaking suspicion that it will not be brought up at the
DNC convention nor mentioned in the liberal media covering
the same. Please remember that as of earlier this month we
have still have over 7,800 MIA from this war.

I do not know what goes on at these national conventions
because it has been my belief that that is where the heavy
duty bull shipping kicks in. The lies and the promises both
grow in number and people who normally stab each other in
the back, pat each other on the back and extoll their
candidates non-existant virtues.

It’s like a attending a Procrastinators Anonymous meeting
except people show up. We don’t need the syrupy sweet butt
kissing or the pre-planned outrage at opponents. Of course
in our technology addicted society one cannot completely
escape the event. Coverage and snippets are on the local
news, the radio stations, and the information highway.

The good Lord willing and I’m still around, I’d rather
just jump to the election and be done with it. The daily
polls and interviews are not watched in our house. To us
the answer is simple. Either you want the corruption in
government to continue or you will vote for the candidate
who is neither a career politician or a lawyer.
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December 30, 2015

tf 001

On this, the day before the eve of a new year, we would
like to thank everyone who has stopped by and those who
have commented on our humble blog.

The picture above was taken with the same camera while
standing in the same spot as the other picture we posted
of this steeple. The more we play with this camera, the
better we like it.

Since we have returned to our little slice of Heaven
on the east coast of Iowa there have been two shots
fired calls and three arrests. Great to be home.

This year for us has been one big pleasant experience
after another that we hope will continue into the new year.
Reunited with family, reasonably good health, and a
granddaughter are a few of the highlights.

I took my first vacation in 14 years with the lady who
follows me around to mountainous areas of our country
I hadn’t seen before, and another year of wedded bliss
has past.

We expect a deluge of junk mail, robo-calls, and a lot
promises from candidates who want our vote. Most of
said promises won’t be kept and many of us won’t see
another politician until the next election cycle. As far
as we’re concerned, the elections can’t get here fast

Many make New Year’s resolutions they know they won’t
keep, the wife and do not. We just wish everyone good
health and happiness. If you can’t have that, and don’t
want to feel like a dog in pajamas, start looking for
something to blame it on.

And Happy New Year to all!
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It’s time

December 24, 2015


All good things must come to an end and so we say goodbye to family here in Idaho and start the cruise back to Iowa. A gut feeling and the National Weather service tell myself and the lady who follows me around to head east.

We believe we control our lives while in fact we are at the mercy of many factors. Weather being the big one in this case. A section of the route through the mountains known as the canyon has been closed for days and was just reopened today.

Since we don’t own a flying car a clear passage through said mountains is vital to our return to our home on the east coast of Iowa. This looks like the best time for the 1,600+ mile cruise back home. By this time tomorrow we should be Wyoming.

We enjoyed our visits with family, made some new friends, had fantastic meals, and marveled at the majestic mountains that surround us. Gifts have been given, talk was enlightening, and many coffee beans were sacrificed for our benefit. We even saw the inside of a laundromat for the first time in decades!

Being a realist, I also realize the wife is planning our next vacation. And after a mere 14 years of discussion we will load up whatever we have and head out again. I had a feeling after our first vacation 14 years ago that she’d make a habit of it. Love will make you do crazy things.

But you can’t ship bull to an old bull shipper, I am a homeboy and home is Iowa. When I see the beauty of the mountains I also see a cornfield, when I see the Snake river I see the mighty
Mississippi, and as much as I treasure our time with family here I miss talking to Dad.
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What a day

December 21, 2015

God must have a good sense of humor. I checked the weather last night, and early this morning, and the forecast was clear skies. Yet when I glanced outside this morning the snow was blowing sideways! All was not lost though as around noon the skies cleared and we finally got a few good pictures of some of the mountains.



After we got back we walked to the roadhouse for supper. The roadhouse has signs all over inside, but one in particular just cracks me up. I haven’t figured out why, except I like the attitude.


Courtney came to serve us and bring plenty of black coffee. And that’s when God’s sense of humor appeared once again. Knowing the portions this place serves I thought I had outsmarted them by ordering off the children’s menu. I ordered the Junior Dub Burger and fries thinking I would walk away after the meal not feeling as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey.

DSC00001 (1)

The “junior” burger came on plate bigger than a 15 inch hubcap. I finished it, and just as I did Courtney came back to ask us if we wanted dessert! We’ve had their meals, no way could we finish a dessert. We declined and the wife asked for a doggy bag as she couldn’t finish her “pounder”.

When all is said and done, I think my anniversary went way better than the wife’s. We’ll stay to spend Christmas with the kids before heading back to Iowa Sunday. We don’t know what kind of weather we’ll run into on the way home but can’t change it either. Feel free to click on any pictures to see them full size.
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The 2nd half of day 7

December 18, 2015


This afternoon we decided to cruise in the rain to Boise and check it out. To this old country boy it was to too congested with too many cars and people. A discussion on the way there set our course. We would go to Cabella’s first as I needed some glove liners and then on to ShopKo so the lady that follows me around could look at the Black Hills gold.

As happens with plans this one had some twists and turns. Their aquarium was neat, but too dark for pictures so we stopped watching the water critters and went in search of what I needed. As we made our way across the huge store the lady who follows me around spotted some bigger critters.




We managed to get her away from the critters and found my gear, with a few extra things, and left for her destination of choice. And although Shopko had no critters, guns, fishing gear, outdoor gear, or other neat stuff like that I did manage to buy her an anniversary gift. She still swears our anniversary is on the 20th and I say the 21st, but my back-up expert on all things marital passed away a few years ago.

I see nothing wrong with celebrating both days and she insists it is only the 20th. So when we got back we ordered a Fatty’s 20 inch pizza and soon lost interest in debating the issue. I have a sneaking suspicion the subject will come up again. Through it all we kept the shiny side and hope you do also.
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