Things change

March 18, 2019

This past Saturday started great and warmed up nicely before things cooled down and later the snow came. Those who tell us what our weather will be predicted a dusting to an inch or two of white fluffy love from above but it wasn’t a problem as these same people told us it would get back in the 40s Sunday.

We awoke yesterday to discover a winter wonderland and were amazed at the beauty of all we surveyed. Since we knew the sight would only be around for a short time we got some pictures. Everything was covered with around 3 inches of snow by early morning.

By mornings end the snow was all but gone and the critters out an about. Not sure what of bird this is, but it was soaring over the neighborhood looking for something. Whatever it is the sight of this creature circling in the clear sky was something to see.

Somehow that was perfect ending to the snow arriving, then melting quickly once the sun came up. The bird hung in the sky for quite a while yet I didn’t have a great lens to get more pictures as he got further away each time each time he looped around.

So I decided to put the camera up, get some chores done, and the pics uploaded to the computer. By the time all was said and done I remembered it was St. Patrick’s Day. There are worse ways to spend the holiday and we were reminded that when it comes to the weather, things change.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the rest of our lives.
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Getting ready

February 22, 2019

I’m going to take the wife to shortly but after getting our grocery shopping done we noticed this cardinal sitting in what we thought was a peaceful setting. It isn’t really, but it did look that way when we glanced over there..

A few squirrels were out and about, this one looked to be praying or else thought he was a Zen master. Not sure which but he was entertaining to watch. He and his buddies must like the warmer weather we’ll be having for a few days.

At the far end of the yard the Darth Vader of cats wes watching all the action. He never moved yet his eyes took in everything. It might have felt creepy to some but we know he’s just having some fun.

And the snow here is looking like it’s plastic coated as we had the snow followed by freezing rain which gives it a whole new look. It looks, and is, slick. With the thermometer getting up near 40 today perhaps we’ll have less of this as tonight we’re predicted to get rain followed by snow.

Since our politicians have learned the art of vocal voodoo I believe they should work on making woodpeckers bigger. We’ve had one hammering away at a nearby tree and only see a small red dot when we try to zoom in on it. If our politicians would pass a law to make them bigger, we’d appreciate it.

Enjoy our Friday as we will after I have my cheeseburger with pepper-jack cheese and the wife her soup.
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Seen worse

January 31, 2019

Picture from the Iowa Historical Society

Since we are supposed to be over 40 degrees warmer tomorrow and
even warmer for a few days after that I thought one more mention
of winter of 1936 is in order. Some called it the “telephone
wire winter” due to a newspaper article by Jim Pollack that said
Lloyd Keller walked from Clarksville to his job at a college in
Cedar Falls with drifts so tall he touched telephone wires.

For a 36 day stretch that spanned January and February the
average temperature was -2.4 degrees. There was so much snow the
plows couldn’t move it, trains couldn’t push it out-of-the-way
to operate, businesses closed, and ice on the Iowa river near
Rock Falls was 42 inches thick.

About half of all wildlife died, livestock doubled their feed
intake along with drinking more water, farmers couldn’t get
their milk and eggs to market. mail wasn’t delivered, and there
was a coal shortage.

All during the Great Depression. This all happened after a hot
summer in 1936 and before a hot summer in 1937.

We have handled a short cold spell and above average snowfall
this go-round but feel it safe to say we’ve seen worse. And
people will do what has been done in the past and knuckle down
to get it done. Just please don’t pray for warmer weather as God
has a sense of humor and I don’t want a string of 100 degree
summer days coming up.

Enjoy our Thursday and keep warm if you’re still getting bit
by the Polar Vortex. Now I’m having more coffee while I make a
big omelet to keep up my strength.
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Squirrel weather

January 23, 2019

The forecasted rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow storm has
passed and we ended up with 7 inches of the white fluffy love
from above on top of a layer of ice. Why is that squirrel
weather you ask? Because during the snow I noticed more of the
bushy tailed critters out than I have in a long time. So we’ll
show a few.

This critter was atop a tall stump and just sitting there. At
the time ice could be seen dripping from the rails. He must have
been the lookout. At any rate he sat there the entire time I was

In a nearby stand of trees this critter has his mouth full and
looked to be enjoying the day . Not sure why he’s hugging the
tree as it wasn’t yet slick out.

The same squirrel ventured out on a branch so he could have his
lunch and get a better look at the camera. None of the squirrels
appear scared or cold but were going about their business.

Finally, this one seemed to have a good idea. The dip in the
snow was a windbreak and he was almost hidden by the surrounding
brush. He too was keeping a weary eye on movements around him.

Also saw a murder of crows in a nearby tree but the lighting
was off to get a decent picture. So when I finish this I’ll get
the gear on and try to clear a path to a big lump of white that
looks like it might be hiding the wifes car underneath.

Enjoy our Wednesday as the middle of the week is a good time to
get the driveways and walks shoveled. Now I have to have coffee
before going out to remove the snow.
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The weekend

January 14, 2019

When the white fluffy love from above quit falling we had
almost six and one half inches on the ground. I also felt my age
after shoveling and running the snow thrower over it. The snow
got moved from where I didn’t want it to where I didn’t care if
it was there and later my body said to not do that again.

Sunday morning I woke to pains in places I didn’t know I had
and a feeling the classified ads might have a snowplow with my
name on it. I almost bought one years ago then remembered that
we don’t get snow every year and when we do it isn’t always wet
and heavy.

I also have a project for this summer. I’m going to restore the
old Montgomery Ward self-propelled 2-stage snow blower. I should
have it completed in time for a winter we get no snow, but it
sure will look fancy.

And after all that the people who guess what the weather is
going to be in few days claim it will get just warm enough to
melt the snow! We’ll believe it when we see it. While we’re
waiting to see how that works out I be back out a little later
moving a move snow and cussing the plow truck drivers who
insist on blocking the end of our alley after I have cleared
it of snow.

Enjoy our Monday on this, the 14th day of our new year. Now I
need some coffee and doughnut hole for the strength to go back
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Getting it

January 12, 2019

The white fluffy love from above has arrived. We had 2 inches
on the ground early this morning and the snow is supposed to
continue into the evening. The forecast has been updated from
2-3 inches to 5-7 and we’re just watching it float down on us
from above.

I was out shoveling earlier and can say it is a wet, heavy,
snow. Now I’m warming up and waiting to hear the snow plow go by
before doing another pass. It isn’t too cold either so moving
the snow from where I don’t want it to where I don’t mind it
should be easy-going.

Used the shovel already, put mink oil on my boots, and have the
snow thrower ready to go. All that is needed now is the ambition
to go out and get it done. We’ll make it at some point.

So enjoy our Saturday and this short post as I have to use
the power of positive thinking and get back out there.
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Comfort food

December 29, 2018

Once again God has proven he has a sense of humor. At least
here on the east coast of Iowa. Just a few short days ago our
high was in the 50s and the low was almost 40. Yesterday we had
freezing drizzle which turned to snow and todays high won’t
make it out of the 20s.

We didn’t get enough white fluffy love from above to blanket
all the blemishes but just enough to blow against curbs and
settle in places of most resistance to the wind. Makes we wish
we had gotten a few more inches.

Now we’re back to weather when comfort food works the best. A
meal that warms the body, fills the stomach, puts a smile on
ones face when finished and the kitchen smells great. We’ll
have such a meal as soon as this post is finished and the soup
is made.

Today we’re thinking potato and cheese soup with hot corn bread
on the side. The thought of a bowl full of potatoes, carrots,
onions, a little corn, some ham, and a lot of cheddar has me
feeling warmer already. If the soup turns out as good as I think
it will we will share the recipe.

I’d rather have some gorp but can’t find one ingredient that is
really need to make it and the wife wants to try the cheese soup.
So we’re having the soup. Now that I’ve said that, au gratin
potatoes sound good too. Lord knows we have enough cheese in the
house to survive an apocalypse.

Enjoy our Saturday even though it means the weekend will be
over in what feels like a few hours. And we have soup to make
and coffee to drink.
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