The weekend

January 14, 2019

When the white fluffy love from above quit falling we had
almost six and one half inches on the ground. I also felt my age
after shoveling and running the snow thrower over it. The snow
got moved from where I didn’t want it to where I didn’t care if
it was there and later my body said to not do that again.

Sunday morning I woke to pains in places I didn’t know I had
and a feeling the classified ads might have a snowplow with my
name on it. I almost bought one years ago then remembered that
we don’t get snow every year and when we do it isn’t always wet
and heavy.

I also have a project for this summer. I’m going to restore the
old Montgomery Ward self-propelled 2-stage snow blower. I should
have it completed in time for a winter we get no snow, but it
sure will look fancy.

And after all that the people who guess what the weather is
going to be in few days claim it will get just warm enough to
melt the snow! We’ll believe it when we see it. While we’re
waiting to see how that works out I be back out a little later
moving a move snow and cussing the plow truck drivers who
insist on blocking the end of our alley after I have cleared
it of snow.

Enjoy our Monday on this, the 14th day of our new year. Now I
need some coffee and doughnut hole for the strength to go back
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Getting it

January 12, 2019

The white fluffy love from above has arrived. We had 2 inches
on the ground early this morning and the snow is supposed to
continue into the evening. The forecast has been updated from
2-3 inches to 5-7 and we’re just watching it float down on us
from above.

I was out shoveling earlier and can say it is a wet, heavy,
snow. Now I’m warming up and waiting to hear the snow plow go by
before doing another pass. It isn’t too cold either so moving
the snow from where I don’t want it to where I don’t mind it
should be easy-going.

Used the shovel already, put mink oil on my boots, and have the
snow thrower ready to go. All that is needed now is the ambition
to go out and get it done. We’ll make it at some point.

So enjoy our Saturday and this short post as I have to use
the power of positive thinking and get back out there.
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Comfort food

December 29, 2018

Once again God has proven he has a sense of humor. At least
here on the east coast of Iowa. Just a few short days ago our
high was in the 50s and the low was almost 40. Yesterday we had
freezing drizzle which turned to snow and todays high won’t
make it out of the 20s.

We didn’t get enough white fluffy love from above to blanket
all the blemishes but just enough to blow against curbs and
settle in places of most resistance to the wind. Makes we wish
we had gotten a few more inches.

Now we’re back to weather when comfort food works the best. A
meal that warms the body, fills the stomach, puts a smile on
ones face when finished and the kitchen smells great. We’ll
have such a meal as soon as this post is finished and the soup
is made.

Today we’re thinking potato and cheese soup with hot corn bread
on the side. The thought of a bowl full of potatoes, carrots,
onions, a little corn, some ham, and a lot of cheddar has me
feeling warmer already. If the soup turns out as good as I think
it will we will share the recipe.

I’d rather have some gorp but can’t find one ingredient that is
really need to make it and the wife wants to try the cheese soup.
So we’re having the soup. Now that I’ve said that, au gratin
potatoes sound good too. Lord knows we have enough cheese in the
house to survive an apocalypse.

Enjoy our Saturday even though it means the weekend will be
over in what feels like a few hours. And we have soup to make
and coffee to drink.
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March 24, 2018

On this, the 4th day of spring, we here on the east coast of
Iowa are under a winter storm watch. Those who guess how much
white fluffy love from above ends up on the ground are saying
between 6 and 12+ inches of snow and we even had thunder-snow.

Which means either Mother Nature really is bi-polar, God does
have a sense of humor, or both. At any rate, when this is done
I’ll be out shoveling and enjoying the wonder of a new snow. The
snow is covering the plants that were just beginning to poke
through the ground while everything looks fresh.

By the middle of next week the snow will be a memory and the
wet roads testament to the fickle nature of weather. Shortly we
will be in tornado season so lawn chairs will be checked to
ensure they still hold our weight in case one gets close.

We may as well enjoy it because we can’t change it. Enjoy our
Saturday as we’ll do another snicker post later in the day. Now
I need some coffee and chili-mac to prepare for the shoveling
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That’s it!

February 14, 2018

No more mister nice guy. I am reclaiming the title of the
most unromantic man in the world. As I shuffled out the door last
night to get the car ready for the wife to go to work, something
happened that changed my way of thinking.

I know her car doesn’t like me. At times the car won’t unlock
when I press the car touch pad, the seat is always so far
forward my knees hit the steering wheel, and I can’t keep the
car at the speed limit on the highway.

So what happened you ask? Well, since tomorrow is Valentine’s
Day, and since I’ve done it every time I get the car ready for
her, I bent in to kiss her goodbye. That’s when I changed my

As I bent in to give her said kiss her evil car dropped a ton
of snow down my back! I mean a major snowfall. Snow in the hood
of my jacket, snow inside the jacket, snow inside my sweatshirt,
and yes, snow all the way down to my skivvies!

After the wife got done laughing and we had our kiss I waddled
back into the house looking like a flattened Hostess Snowball.
A closer look showed me the jacket hood was full of snow and as
I started stripping off clothes in the kitchen I discovered the
snow had even made it inside my boots.

After drying off, getting dressed in dry clothes, and mopping
up the lake on the kitchen floor I drank about 4 cups of coffee
so I didn’t get hypothermia. And if that’s what being romantic
is all about, count me out.

Enjoy our Wednesday, and for you romantics Happy Valentine’s
Day. This realist is going for more coffee to warm up.
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Feeling my age

February 9, 2018

As I sit here hurting in places I didn’t know I had places from
removing more snow, I got to thinking of something mentioned in
an earlier post. I had mentioned that when the wife took her car
in for an oil change the dealer suggested several things that
should be done at 30,000 miles.

These included a transmission flush, a fuel injector flush,
a coolant flush, a brake flush, PTU service, and rear
differential flush that totaled $910 on the estimate. Our
youngest informed me the PTU is the power transfer unit, which
I think is akin to a transfer case in a 4×4.

Since then research has told me the PTU isn’t factory sealed,
can leak, and may fail if driven under low fluid conditions. As
someone who is both old school and a tightwad this seems like
overkill to me. Some make sense to have done and others don’t.
But since I know way more about 50+ year old vehicles than I do
new ones we’ll probably have some of the work done.

Especially since we may be taking another vacation later this
year. She has owned the car for about 14 months and it worked
flawlessly on our trip last year, yet it may be better to get some
things looked at.

To show you how much I pay attention, I just found out today
the car has air-conditioned seats! Really? The heated steering
wheel had amazed for months; but air-conditioned seats? I’d
still rather drive a 48′ with manual steering, transmission,
and brakes! Of course with a stock drivetrain I wouldn’t want
to drive it to California either.

We’ll make up our minds before the vacation rolls around just
in case. Enjoy our Friday as it’s the last one we’ll get this
week. Now I need something for my aching back and more caffeine.
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Shoveling it

February 6, 2018

I didn’t make it over to Dads today but did manage a phone call
to let him know I’d stop over tomorrow. He was in good spirits
and took the news well. Since a visit with him didn’t work out
it seemed like a good time to get the rest of the shoveling

When the white fluffy love from above falls in January waiting
for it to melt usually isn’t an option. I decided to start at
the end of the alley as a feeling told me there would be a snow
tsunami from the city plowing the street.

This one was a doozy. I still think they import snow from
another neighborhood just to put it at the end of our alley.
Five inches of snow becomes a foot tall and three-foot wide.
But the street does looks nice.

When the snow lets up later this week we may even get more
pictures taken. As for now shoveling takes more out of me than
it used to and I feel a short nap coming on. We’re looking into
a few things for possible posts and have a Sunday snicker later
this week that is one of the best we’ve heard in a while.

Enjoy our Tuesday as here on the east coast of Iowa we have
more white fluffy love from above in the forecast and we hope it
is only an inch.
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