September 30, 2016


We’ll mention 4 different subjects now, two that touch our
heartstrings and 2 that walk on the fighting side of me. We
feel it only right to mention the two we like first.

This Saturday, October 1st, is the Toys for Tots cruise-in
at NorthPark Mall hosted by the River Valley Classics. Hours
are 5-9 pm, Santa will be there, and the event goes on rain
or shine. If you don’t want your show car to get wet stop by
in your daily driver and drop off a toy.

Then the tale of Shanna and her daughters. She is a
single mother raising two girls who both have a rare
neuromuscular disease. A gofundme account was started last
year and still has a long way to go to reach the goal. Please
go to the link, read their story, and donate if you can.

Ok, now the things that frost my tomato. I never thought in
my lifetime that the U.S. Navy with do away with enlisted
ratings to make the Navy more “gender neutral” and to avoid
offending anyone. I know the radar man rate changed to
operations specialist, but now there won’t be a master at
arms or electricians mate either? This whole touchy, feely,
nonsense has gone to far. It’s the military not Romper Room!

Finally, we got a call this morning that really rubbed me
the wrong way. Caller I.D. just said ‘Austin, Tx’ and the
message started with “This is the IRS and we are suing you”.
Really? I have about a buck 2.98 in my bank account and
almost as much in ready cash which means I have enough to
stay retired until tomorrow.

These scams always make me mad for two reasons. The first is
somebody will fall this nonsense and give them money, and
second because they make me mad. To the caller from Austin,
Tx: please call back. We weren’t home before and would like to
discuss your problem.

And now, even though the wife and I shared a pizza last night
I am hungry for another. Enjoy your Friday and upcoming week
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Not watching

September 26, 2016


Unless you have just awakened from a coma, you know the
first presidential debate of this go round is tonight. If you
have visited here long enough you also know we will not be
among the viewers.

Once again our country is at a crossroad and the direction
the majority decides to go will affect our future for

We believe there are three types of people in the race to
elect the next president. There are patriots, non-patriots,
and mushrooms. Others exist but we believe they are sub-sets
of the above mentioned groups. Bear with us and we’ll explain.

The patriot groups includes, but is not limited to those who
believe the oath they took never expires, anyone willing to
fight to keep our country free, and those who care enough to
seek the truth and not accept the rumors.

The non-patriot group includes, but is not limited to the
rioters, those who want something for nothing, and those who
do not respect our flag.

The last group is easier to define. We call them mushrooms
because they thrive when kept in the dark and fed a bunch of

Said groups have been around since before our country was a
country. That being said, we now believe patriots are in danger
of losing the top spot to one, or both, of the others. We are
getting tired of the talk. Talk is cheap, and we need a lot
less talk and a lot more action.

Watch the debate if you must, just don’t update us on that
dog and pony show. I think I hear some leftover pizza calling
for first aid and I want to be first on the scene. Enjoy your
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Why is it?

September 21, 2016


We must forewarn liberals, progressives, and anyone believing
they need a safe space that this post is not for you. If you
are one the above continue reading at your own risk as we
can guarantee you will be offended by the following thoughts.

Most know of liberal arts and for those who don’t we’ll
explain it in our own way. I have no intimate knowledge of
said arts, yet if I understand it correctly they involve
college studies intended to provide general knowledge and to
help elevate intellectual capacities as opposed to vocational
or professional skills. Or people who don’t like working with
their hands.

Which brings us to the point of this post. What happened to
the conservative arts? They just never seemed to take off.
Many have written opinions of what they should be but nobody
has taken the next step. There are those among us who like
working with our hands and would consider a office job hell
on earth.

We have vocational schools yet they aren’t listed as the
schools of the conservative arts. For those of us who seek
an opposite of liberal/progressive style of higher education
the pickings are slim. What is there for us who find that
environment alien to what we believe?

Are there dedicated schools who agree with our take on
smaller government, our traditional morals, and belief in
a free market economy? A few say yes yet still we wonder.
Some say Hillsdale College tops the list of such institutions.

After all, someone has to have the training to do what some
won’t, or can’t do. If some intelligent soul can’t figure out
why water is all over the floor they call a plumber. Many
can’t live without a car but don’t even know how to open the
hood. At times like that these people would need someone who
could benefit from conservative arts.

One would think that those who have studied the liberal arts
would welcome such institutions. After all, there are those
among us who enjoy making a living while using our hands AND
our minds.

Disagree if you must, but choices made us who we are and
our little part of the world wouldn’t be the same without
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What happened?

September 20, 2016


I don’t watch a lot of television. Perry Mason might make it
on my watch list, but there are no “news” programs, talk
shows, or reality shows on said list. The reason for this is
simple, none of them have any semblance of reality or

Occasionally I will open a news page on the information
highway knowing it’s also a gamble what is read is true. In
our modern, politically correct society, is seems even the
news is biased to ensure nobody s feelings are hurt. And that
got me thinking.

When did we go from the have the fight, shake hands after
and go about your business to people needing “safe” spaces
because their feelings are hurt? We have gone from a time
when the best three got trophies to everybody who enters gets

Yes all citizens have rights. But those claiming their
rights have somehow been violated forget a few important things.
With rights come responsibility. Said rights are guaranteed
to us as written, not your interpretation of what you think
they should be. And nobody owes you anything.

If all you whining hypocrites want to know where the problem
really is, look in the mirror. You are the one who has been
buying the bull that they shipped you. If you really want to
find the truth, educate yourself don’t buy their version just
because they have the same political party or they sound

Stop the bull and look at what’s going on while you’re busy
thinking about your hurt feelings. We could all get a hell
of lot more done, in less time, if we put our alleged
differences aside and worked together. Just saying.
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September 14, 2016

Today’s post is sponsored by Dr. Batty’s For Your Health
Asthma Cigarettes.


Innovations are a funny thing, much like fads. What is
considered latest and greatest in one era isn’t even talked
about decades later. Much like Dr. Batty’s cigarettes. I’m
sure the FDA would not approve his cigarettes today as a

Other innovations that made life more enjoyable are now
combined into one gadget. Growing up we didn’t have a
computer but we did have transistor AM radios, calculators,
and black and white TVs. Now one doesn’t even need said
computer as the new smart phones have all the functions of
the above in one small device.

Bicycles have been around since the 1800s and have had many
stages of development. The industry has advanced through the
use of ball bearings, chain driven sprockets, tension spoke
wheels, and pneumatic tires. Enthusiasts have added gasoline
engines, electric motors, jet engines, and even sails.

By now you are probably wondering where I’m going with this,
so here it is. As I was cruising the information highway I
came across a website that extolled the virtues of a hemp
based pedal electric vehicle with three wheels and removable

It is called the PEBL, seats two, has a top speed of 20
mph, and prices start at around $6,000. The Better Bike has
a hemp and soy composite body, reverse and cruise control,
full lighting, is fully enclosed, and as mentioned can seat
two adults.

At first I thought it was a Smart Car on a diet! I found
this an interesting concept and if you’d like to see the
web page, or are interesting in learning more, go here.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.
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Solemn anniversary

September 10, 2016


Tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of 9/11. A day America
was of one mind in its collective grief without regard for
race, creed, religion, or political affiliation. Those who
watch events unfold on TV did so with tears on their faces.

We untied in our compassion to comfort the grieving, in
our resolve to clean up the devastation, and to locate and
deal with those responsible. There were no demands for
‘safe spaces’ because there were no safe spaces. There was
no flag burning because the sight of the flag being raised
in the rubble made us all proud.

Please take a moment out of your day tomorrow to observe
a minute of silence and remember. Thanks to those who will
and we understand those who won’t.
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Stormy weather

August 31, 2016

1 016

Things are getting a little crazy here on the east coast
of Iowa, and the rest of the state for that matter. Yes
our little slice of Heaven is being threatened by those
who want to take our guns.

I’m sure Democrat Senator Matt McCoy would be the first
to argue they don’t want our guns, they just think that
we don’t need to have a semi-automatic assault-style
weapon. To that we say, it is the Bill of Rights not the
Bill of Suggestions.

Senator McCoy believes we should have a national ban on
the semi-automatic weapons like those used to kill people
in a night club not long ago. Just because Democrats have
26 of the 50 seats in our state senate these types of
ideas come spewing forth.

We do not condone the bull you’re shipping and the
number of seats in the Senate could change in November. If
Democrats lose 4 contested seats there will be no majority.
The politically correct crowd may opine that the ban of
semi-automatic weapons is a public safety issue and we
citizens have no reason to own them.

Here’s the deal, we don’t need or ask your permission. We
have the rights given us. And we did notice, Senator McCoy,
that you try to ram this bill through in a year you are
not up for re-election. We have a better idea, pass
Constitutional carry.

I don’t believe this bill has a chance of passing, but it
does show the lengths Democrats are willing to go in their
quest to micro-manage our lives. Now I’m going to take
some pictures and round up a pizza. Enjoy your Wednesday
and smile. It takes less muscles than frowning and people
will wonder what you’re up to.
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