Stop it!

August 25, 2016


While it was bound to happen, I was still shocked when I
read the State University of New York (SUNY) now offers a
course called ‘Stop White People’. It seems Residential
Assistants (RAs) are now receiving some ‘special’ training.

The mission of said class is to give the RAs an overview
of disabilities in higher education. The purpose is to
help others take the next step step in understanding
diversity, privilege, and the society we function within.

Have we, as a society, been dumbed down to the extent
that such a course isn’t laughable? Nobody needs to be
taught there is a difference between between races,
religions, or even beliefs. If one has a brain they can
see and hear said differences.

If you feel you are at a disadvantage, work harder. If
you don’t have tons of money, get a job and work your way
through school. I will say again, the only white people
who cause you any grief are in Washington, D.C., and in
Statehouses around our country.

I don’t care what your skin color, religious beliefs, or
political affiliation is, if you blame your problems on
the general white population you are a whiny loser. The
only person who has absolute control over your life and
its outcome is you.

And if you start a sentences with ‘I can’t do it because
of’, you are the problem not me. That being said, life
isn’t fair. Never has been never will be. It is what YOU
make of it. If the groups pulling this nonsense don’t
figure that out soon this division of our people will be
the downfall of our country.
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Wrestling with politics

August 3, 2016

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The latest race for president reminds us of professional
wrestling. How can that be you ask? If you used to watch
the tag team events of years back you know of what I

The match would start with two wrestlers in the ring until
a member of one team distracted the referee while his
remaining team mates would all jump in the ring to pound
on their opponent. The team mate of poundee would try to
step into the ring and the conveniently placed ref would shoo
him back to his corner. And while all this was going on the
announcer would opine about the wrestler down on the mat
needing medical attention and/or possibly would never get
in the ring again.

In round two, the formally almost pronounced dead wrestler
would jump into the ring and beat his two his three
opponents after returning from the dead. This election is
doing the same thing.

If one gets on the internet, several sites will declare
Hilary is getting bad news over emails that could end her
run. Other sites boldly proclaim Trump a racist with an
abrasive attitude toward women so he’s out.

It would be funny if it was movie. And as near as we can
tell, the only thing bad about Trump that the Democrats
can honestly say is that he is not a career politician.
While they may find that terrifying we find it refreshing.

Hilary, on the other hand, just keeps telling more lies
to cover up the lies she uttered before while trying to
save her political butt. We won’t know if the election is
rigged until after the election, but it is fun to watch.
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It’s possible

July 31, 2016


After getting the chores done while having another cup of
coffee, my mind wandered off again. Nothing new there, but
this time it came back with an interesting take on the
climate change crazies.

What if our climate is changing, but not because of the
politically correct greenhouse gases? What if the very
solution to the problem, is the problem? What if the
climate change Al Gore and others have been predicting
forever is their fault?

It could be the wind turbines that are slicing and dicing
the bald eagles are causing a shift in our wind patterns
thus blowing things places they have never been before.
After all, there is now a lot wind where there used to be

Then we have the exalted by the climate change movement
solar panels. Seems to me that when the sun is hitting
these pieces of glass and plastic it would have to bounce
off and produce heat. The ozone layer won’t let the added
man-made heat escape so we have a hot time in the city.

Add to that the fact that it’s an election year and all
the candidates’ speeches, the media verbally discussing
said speeches, then all the rebuttals put that much more
hot air into our atmosphere.

Yet Obama wants to add another tax to gasoline because it
is the culprit? If we run out of energy it won’t be because
of gasoline, our air conditioners, or refrigerators. It
will be because the wind turbines quit turning, as the solar
panels and the “green” power plants can’t keep up with
demand like the old ones did.
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Of Democrats and pelicans

July 28, 2016

Some may wonder how that anomaly came about, and if you
bear with me I’ll explain. Today as I was outside with my
camera looking for anything interesting to shoot, I saw the
biggest flock of American White Pelicans I’ve ever seen.

a 056

This was shortly after seeing Pelosi’s blub about non-
college educated white men being the problem with America
and the Democrat party. Now, the American White Pelican is
the second largest bird in America that can have a body
length of 5 feet 8 inches, a wingspan of 8 foot 4 inches,
and can weigh up to 30 pounds. The only bird here bigger
is the California Condor.

The fact that these large, plump birds can fly in huge
groups high enough to look like dots from the ground had
impressed me more than any Democrat at their convention.
The Democrats had to pay people to fill seats so their
agenda would seem more popular than it really is.

Pelicans must just hook up, agree to find an air current
and spread their wings. These majestic birds spend their
summers in Canada and winter in Mexico and the southern U.S.
That alone makes them smarter than myself because I summer
and winter right here in Iowa.

Democrats on the other hand tell us that the problem is
the police, guns, racism, Christianity, and we non-college
educated white males. They forget we are ones who built the
country, keep it running, protected it when asked, and pay
taxes like everyone else. For that reason, and several others.
I’ll watch the pelicans fly over when their in town and not
the politicians.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Enjoy the day,
the weekend starts tomorrow.
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It’s a crazy country

July 27, 2016


I’m too pooped to pop and feel great about it. More got
done today than I thought possible and in another hour I
call it a day a lay the body horizontal.

And all the while I’ve been sweating something kept
reminding me about the travesty of calling the Democratic
National Convention the Democratic Convention. There is
nothing democratic about the Democrat Party.

Those of us who disagree with their agendas have been
called every name in the book and members of their own
party are thrown under the bus when it’s convienent. They
want our guns, they have almost gutted religious freedom,
while they demand we let our daughters and wives use public
rest rooms that may have men inside.

The truth will stand no matter how many lies are told to
counter it, you will not take our guns, and we will follow
our religions. Our children and spouses will be kept safe,
You would do well to remember the real reason the 2nd
Amendment was written and why is was the 2nd and not
10th or 12th.

The very name alone makes every person who attends this
current convention a hypocrite. You build a wall around the
outside perimeter of the event and another wall around the
podium while calling Trump racist for want to build a wall
along our souther borders. You claim voter I.D. is a racist
idea but require a photo I.D. to gain admission to your

I’ll stay here with folks who have common sense, do what
they say they will, and aren’t afraid to tell you what they
think. You can have your convention.
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There’s a convention going on?

July 26, 2016


Before we begin we’d like to mention that tomorrow is
National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day becaus we have
a sneaking suspicion that it will not be brought up at the
DNC convention nor mentioned in the liberal media covering
the same. Please remember that as of earlier this month we
have still have over 7,800 MIA from this war.

I do not know what goes on at these national conventions
because it has been my belief that that is where the heavy
duty bull shipping kicks in. The lies and the promises both
grow in number and people who normally stab each other in
the back, pat each other on the back and extoll their
candidates non-existant virtues.

It’s like a attending a Procrastinators Anonymous meeting
except people show up. We don’t need the syrupy sweet butt
kissing or the pre-planned outrage at opponents. Of course
in our technology addicted society one cannot completely
escape the event. Coverage and snippets are on the local
news, the radio stations, and the information highway.

The good Lord willing and I’m still around, I’d rather
just jump to the election and be done with it. The daily
polls and interviews are not watched in our house. To us
the answer is simple. Either you want the corruption in
government to continue or you will vote for the candidate
who is neither a career politician or a lawyer.
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Side tracked

July 22, 2016


I took this picture yesterday and it got me thinking. I
didn’t realize the bird got in the shot until the photo
was on the computer and I thought I had to be first to
have a picture of an airplane and a bird.

But recent talk of plagiarism got my head out of the
clouds and sanity returned. I had forgotten that I honestly
believe there are no new ideas, just a way to state things

I cannot believe the audacity of some people who believe
they have actually had an original thought. With the
exception of phrases like “politically correct” this just
isn’t so. When governments make up new words it isn’t a
good thing.

Why do we have to be so nice to everyone? Who says we
can’t say whats on our minds anymore? When did our country
turn into a pity pot? And many more questions come to mind
yet the answer is simple.

Big government, backed by big pharma and other like minded
mega corporations want us to be silent. If we are afraid of
being labeled racist, sexist, homophobic, or whatever the
current accusations are we are not a problem.

Our debt is up, gun control has been an utter failure, our
schools have turned into indoctrination centers, and the
talking heads have convinced the weak minded that have the
right to anything they want.

And even these ideas aren’t original. It isn’t even novel
that most of us sit back while all this is going on and say
nothing. It is exactly what said talking heads predicted
would happen. The thought isn’t depressing, or even
original, but it is the idea the picture gave me.

I go now in search of some supplies, but remember to enjoy
your Friday. It’s the only one we get this week.
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