If this country still had balls

June 30, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed, our country is going
to hell in a hand-basket. This has been going of for
some time now but seems to have escalated under
this administration.

People have been dreaming up rights that are not
rights and sissifying our country. Yet we, the
majority sit around texting friends and watching
videos of cats while the foundation of our country
is being destroyed.

We should never be afraid of our government or
throw up our hands in surrender when things look
bleak. Christians are still a majority and if we
stood up and just said NO our message would be

Happiness is not a right, the pursuit of happiness
is. Our faith is a right given us in the first
amendment, if that offends you don’t come to our

In the 1964 Memorial Edition of Profiles in
Courage, page 264, is the following:

“For in a democracy, every citizen, regardless of his
interest in politics, ‘hold office'; everyone of us
is in a position of responsibility; and, in the final
analysis, the kind of government we get depends upon
how we fulfill those responsibilities. We, the people,
are the boss, and we will get the kind of political
leadership, be it good or bad, that we demand and

The time has passed to accept the leadership. We
now need to demand the government we deserve.
“We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.”
JFK December 5, 1961
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Circus confusion

June 19, 2015


After doing a little research on our Mayor’s hissy
fit that prompted a city council meeting tonight to
vote on removing our city administrator and city
attorney I admit to being confused. I may be wrong,
but here’s what I came up with.

The developer wanted a site off Brady that was
on a paved road, already graded, and had utilities
run to it yet somehow chose an undeveloped site that
needed a $4 million dollar road to get to it plus
grading work done and utilities run to it.

Only one Alderman claims he attended all the
meetings, did his homework, and knew the extra work
was part of the deal. The rest of the council
relied solely on greensheets and the same
information the one Alderman had. And after all
that it is somehow the fault of the city
administrator and city attorney that others didn’t
understand said developer would want utilities and

I have no car in this race but it seems to me like
the city council and not our administrator or
attorney fumbled this one. It also appears the Mayor
is mad because he may have to talk tax increases in
an election year.

We’ll still do our upcoming events post for things
involving car shows and cruises later today, but if
someone could clear up my confusion it would be
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The circus is back

June 18, 2015


Our mayor’s righteous indignation has been recorded on video
for the TV stations to run later today and in newsprint
for the papers tomorrow.

Yes, here in our little city on the east coast of
Iowa our Mayor has asked our city administrator and
city attorney to resign. And since they have both
declined, Gluba has now called a special city
council meeting tomorrow to fire them.

Gotta love Goober. Of course claims will be made
that this has nothing to do with upcoming election
and the fact the mayor has a viable challenger, or
the fact that our progressive mayor is trying to
appear fiscally conservative.

I am not, nor have I ever been, a politician. But
it would seem to me that before I signed off on a
development agreement I would read said agreement.
Once again it is getting interesting in the city
on the coast where the river runs east and west.

Stay tuned kids.
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Here’s the deal

June 14, 2015


We will forewarn you that if you are a progressive,
a member of the mainstream media or any of the
current fad groups who have been telling me I have
to change my way of thinking, this post is not for
you. If you continue reading it may cause your
eyes to pop out like your butt is on fire or

To all others, please continue. We Americans who
are starting to notice grey in our hair and a slow
down of our metabolism are getting real tired of
others telling us we have to bend to their way of
thinking. We intend to cite the reasons we will not
do so.

We do not believe Bruce Jenner is courageous or a
woman. Our reasoning is simple. If you get a boob
job but keep your tallywacker you are a man with
boobs in a dress.

To those who say only whites can be racist we say,
bull! If you are black and stand in front of the
camera to proclaim “Kill Whitey, kill the cracker
babies, you are a racist.

Those who say that we gun owners should give up
our guns because we scare you forget that with
rights come responsibility. We gun owners do not go
out and protest to make you buy guns, you have no
right to say we can’t. The responsibility part of
the equation is that you should not attempt to take
away our rights. If you don’t like guns don’t buy

Flag burners and those who call veterans “baby
killers” need to again get some responsibility. Our
flag is ours, if you don’t like it go elsewhere.
We veterans who you claim are so despicable are
the ones who ensured your right to act as you do.

And our politicians should have to balance the
budget. The raising of our taxes instead of cutting
spending is going to send us non-politicians to the

Finally, to those telling us we can’t have our
God unless he is politically correct. No. While we
do worship our God we do not demand that you do.
Personally, we don’t care if you worship Allah,
Satan, believe you’re waiting for the mother-ship
to land and take you away, or have no belief. That
is your right.

So here’s the deal. We will not bend, we will not
suspend our belief in our God, we will not give up
our guns, and you can keep your your change.
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What happened?

May 27, 2015


Like others we’ve met everybody from those serious
as a heart attack to those who make tiny litter
boxes for their cuckoo clock. We’ve met the
gregarious and the hermit, the militant and the

But until recently all these different types of
people got along. It appeared that although some
were nit-pickers all were content. We felt people
had the right to be, and think, differently. Until

Now everything we had been taught and personally
witnessed has been uprooted. Approval rating for
our politicians is low, consumer spending has
dropped into the basement and has taken manufacturing
jobs along with it.

There are more unhappy black people because their
unemployment and poverty numbers are high. Muslims
are upset at those who aren’t believers and the
gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered among us feel
slighted. We taxpayers are paying more every year
yet the debt continues to rise.

Affirmative Action has ensured that the most
capable won’t get the job, the administration is
anti-Christian, and the members of our military are
getting the short end of the stick.

Almost everybody has a complaint and almost nobody
is paying attention to the damage being done. Isn’t
about time we take our country back? We have to
stop the nonsense and bring back common sense and
personal responsibility.
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It’s funny…

May 17, 2015


Our government is a great source of amusement if
you think about it. First they came up with the
idea of a gas tax to pay for road repair. These
taxes remained level for many years until…

The same government ruled all automakers had to
start making cars that got better gas mileage. Of
course when you drive the same distance in a vehicle
that gets better gas mileage than the one you used
to drive, you use less gas.

You use less gas and the government gets less gas
tax monies to fix the roads. What to do. Well,
government’s answer was simple, raise the gas tax.

A little later on government started pushing the
car makers to produce electric cars again, as a
more kinder way to treat our environment. So a few
manufacturers got on board and produced electric
cars again. Then the government found out these
vehicles don’t use gas so owners paid no gas tax.

And as we know government’s solution is another
tax. Although called a per mile fee it is a tax.

During all this the government decided that the
gas we had been using for decades was no longer
safe for the environment. So the talking heads got
together and decided to make fuel out of moonshine.

They couldn’t call it moonshine so they named it
Ethanol. Touted as the cure for what ailed us.
Yes it lowered gas mileage but the environment
liked it so much the birds started singing again,
and the oceans quit rising. Or so we were told.

Now it turns out that the millions of acres
converted to farm corn for the ethanol is causing
environmental damage with runoff into our water
ways and pollution of our air.

But again we were assured there is no problem. Ok.
Scientist Joost de Gouw from CIRES and NOAA did a
study on a refinery in Illinois and discovered the
pollution is actually 30 times higher than the
government estimates, generates ozone forming
compounds, and is helping the buildup of smog.

One government entity did do something about it.
The Hawaii House of Representatives ended their
state ethanol mandate because using our corn for
fuel caused food prices to increase and the state
had recognized the unintended consequences.

And that is a small fraction of why we are amused by
our government.
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Here’s the deal rant

May 13, 2015


America has lost its way. All around the rest of the
world adults are thinking we are a country full of
people who should put on grown up clothes and stop
acting like spoiled children.

Before you call me crazy hear me out. There is
only one thing that can truly destroy our country
and that is us, the American people.

We have turned into a bunch of sniveling name
calling idiots that are fodder for comedy shows in
other countries.

Everybody has problems. Our country has seen its
share of ups and downs. And yet some of us don’t get
it. Nobody can destroy OUR country unless WE let them.

We have to present a united front and not be
splintered according to race, sexual orientation,
religion, political party, social status, or other
labels. We have to turn you against us into
us against them.

As long as we are divided we give an unfair
advantage to those who would do us harm. We don’t
have to like each other, we don’t even have to
respect each other, but the more our unity
disintegrates the more harm is being done.

We do not need diversity. Look around, we’ve been a
country of immigrants from all over the world for a
few centuries already.

It’s time we take pride in our country again. Not
the politicians, not certain individuals who live
here, but in our country. It’s time we stop
trying so hard to change it and start saving it.
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