November 22, 2016


We’re going to touch on two things that have stuck in our
craw and hope you bear with us. The first is the fact that on
this day in 1963, president John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
When news broke the country cried and was glued to their TVs
to get the latest news.

Schools were dismissed when the news was confirmed and people
gathered in disbelief. Many of us think that he was the last
American Democrat president. By that we mean he thought the
people run the government, higher taxes were not the answer for
prosperity, and he supported the 2nd Amendment.

And the second thing you ask? The Dakota Access Pipeline
protest. Since we hardly ever follow the drive-by media and
their take on things we have our own thoughts. American
Indians are protesting said pipeline that would destroy their
burial grounds and the pipeline would run beneath their water
drinking water source, Lake Oahe.

Having heard both sides of the argument we stand with the
Indians and here’s why. Those who say the pipeline doesn’t run
through the reservation so there are no “sacred grounds” are
like a peg leg pirate tightrope walker. It’s possible, but not
believable. Many forget this entire country once belonged to the
Indians until our ancestors forced them onto reservations.
One would imagine there are Indian burial grounds all over.

What we did hear from the media is the protestors are violent
and force was necessary. Yes there are some burned out cars on
the road, but yet we wonder this. If state and federal law
enforcement are on one side of the road why do they have to
fire rubber bullets while aiming for head shots and spray them
with water cannons in frigid temperatures?

Several people, including a 13 year old girl were shot in the
face, 167 people had suffered injuries, seven had to be
hospitalized, a tribal elder went into cardiac arrest, and one
woman may lose her arm because of a percussion grenade.

Drive by media keeps saying that not all the protestors are
of Indian descent and miss the point. While it is true these
people are joining the Standing Rock Sioux, media doesn’t
mention the fact that the new arrivals are veterans, patriots,
and other like minded people who don’t like peoples’ rights
trampled on.

Yet those mad that Trump won and Black Lives Matter block
roads, beat Trump voters, and loot with little consequence. If
these rioters were treated like the North Dakota protestors
are being treated we wonder how those protesters would react.

Links are supplied for those who need to check everything on
the internet and this post may be slightly biased, but I am
an American who is part Indian.
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Based on a true story

November 21, 2016


The wife and I have been having a discussion for some time
and neither of us would back down on where we stood on the
issue. After what seems like years of having this same
debate I decided to set her straight today.

While the wife has the right to be wrong, a guy can only take
so much. Since I’ve been letting my face hair grow out the
wife doesn’t hesitate to tell me I am going grey and look like
I just got out of prison. Of course she also tells me my
driver’s license picture looks like a mug shot.

I can’t help the last part because I was born with this face,
but as to the former I totally disagree. Old hot rodders don’t
do grey, we do chrome. And since chrome used to make our cars
look classier it couldn’t hurt my face. I’ll be shaving later.

This is due to the fact that just as I remember cars that
looked good with the chrome left on, some looked better with
the chrome removed. Since it got cold out anyway I have
decided to pursue another avenue to improve my looks. I’m just
going to buy a balaclava.

Enjoy our Monday, it’s the last one before Thanksgiving. The
good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll all make it
through the holiday unscathed.
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Hard to believe

November 15, 2016


While out taking pictures of critters I pondered where our
country is headed and how we got to where we are now. The
media is so biased we can’t call what they show us news,
protesters are rioting in the streets because their candidate
didn’t win, and flash mob beat downs are becoming the norm.

What a fine example that sets for the children. It didn’t
used to be that way. College aged young adults did not need
safe spaces or coloring books, hate groups were called hate
groups, and all of us had pride in our country.

Now too many believe our flag is a doormat or torch, the
world owes them a living, and we really care if their little
feelings get hurt by some imaginary slight. We disagree. I,
for one, don’t care if the Supreme Court decried that stepping
on the flag or burning it is a first amendment right.

So here goes. Our flag are a symbol of Americanism and is
recognized around the globe. If that thought offends you,
perhaps you are in the country. The colors of our flag became
official in 1777 and have specific meanings as follows:

“The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) are those used in
the flag of the United States of America; White signifies purity
and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the color of
the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance,
perseverance & justice.”

One can surmise that these people have no beliefs. They can’t
believe in a free country because they spew hatred at anyone
who disagrees with them, the and flash mobs are racist as they
target victims of other races.

The world doesn’t owe you anything nor are you guaranteed
monies. If you expect to get paid for sitting at home, start a
business in that home. As for the groups attacking others,
it is illegal and you will learn that soon. As for us, we will
stand for our flag and kneel for our fallen.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and keep the sunny side up.
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No more campaigning

November 9, 2016


We can now return to semblance of a regular existence. The
votes are in, the winner declared, and the seemily years of
campaigning have ended.

The majority of We the People have spoken, not with a wisper
but with a roar. Said roar was heard around the world and it
was sure heard here in Iowa. Our two anti-gun legislators are
not going to get sworn in again and perhaps things will

We’ve all heard the talk that friendships have been ended and
safe places needed because of this election. Let’s not forget
that even though the election is over we have to wait for the

By that we mean it is time for those who said they’d get out
of country if Trump won to put up or shut up. And soon we will
see if our president elect fulfills his campaign promises. The
drive by media will get over being shocked, the people in
their safe spaces will come out for food, and life will go on.

Now that the dust has settled it is time for all us to act
like adults. We who won shouldn’t gloat and those who lost
should seek solace in the knowledge that many of us served our
country for their right to be wrong.

Regardless of what we’re faced with, Americans stand together
and deal with it. If we stand together we cannot lose and if
stand divided we will surely fail. So if the results of this
election have left you traumatized, stop acting like a child
and respond as an adult would.

We’re not going to get out of this life alive so we may as
well get along. Wishing you a great Wednesday and if you have
a Veteran’s Day parade where you’re at please go this weekend.
Not becuase of who won, or lost, the election but because
we’re all Americans.
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Crying shame

November 3, 2016


Yesterday was a wet day here on the east coast of Iowa as the
rain came down so hard it almost floated us downriver. Shortly
after my first cup of coffee came news of the ambush, and death
of two Des Moines area police officers.

When updates from the media claimed the shooter was in police
custody after he found a DNR employee on a gravel road and
calmly told them to call 911 I felt the man must have mental
issues. At the time some said the police should have shot
him dead while others thought we need to bring back the

Once things calm down and disbelief turns into realization, I
think this will be another case of someone who is crazier than
an outhouse rat had access to firearms. And that will be a
rally cry for the anti-gun groups to call for more gun control.

But no matter how it turns out two officers are dead and
their families, friends, and our entire state, are mourning
their loss. Prayer chains have been started and flags all
across Iowa are at half staff. I’d like to think the rain
yesterday was all the Angels from Iowa crying.

Enjoy your Thursday and God bless America.
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Got sidetracked

October 30, 2016


I thought this picture just screamed Halloween so decided to
share it. Have a happy Halloween! It’s sad that like so many
other things, when kids go trick or treating they have to have
the goodies inspected before eating.

Many things we remember from our childhood are not being
experienced by our children and grandchildren. Part of the
problem is we now have too many nuts and not enough trees,
a broken legal system plays into it, and technology also has
a part.

What? you say. When we were kids technology was a sharp
pencil and pack of paper, an AM transistor radio, and a TV
that had 3 channels and went off the air at midnight. Today
we have cell phones, smart phones, tablets, digital recorders,
and much more.

Yet with all these marvels at their disposal, today’s kids
seem to get bored a lot. They are certainly more distracted.
Digital devices appear to be welded to their hands a good
portion of the day.

Work is a dirty word akin to cruelty to a minor. If one
disciplines their child they are suddenly monsters, and a thing
called “time out” has replaced a trip to the woodshed. But
some of us adults are distracted too. Who would have thought
back in the day that texting while driving would become a

Not sure where all this is going to end, but I hope it isn’t
kids emailing their neighbors “trick or treat” and said
neighbors send back online gift certificates. If thoughts like
these make me an old fart, so be it. I still believe in the
adage “just because you can change something doesn’t mean you
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October 24, 2016


We’re closing out another great day on the east coast of
Iowa and even though I did some thinking along the way I
still consider it great. Tomorrow we’re going to try our hand
at early voting and we’ll let you know how it goes.

Yet I can’t help but wonder about the state of our union.
We supposedly live in a kinder, gentler, better society than
we did when those of us old enough for Social Security were
growing up. I don’t see it.

Our schools taught more, had dress codes, and weren’t even
worried about guns in personal vehicles. Our government was
a lot smaller, we paid less taxes, and Congress actually
passed some meaningful legislation.

We had households with only the husband, or wife, in the
work force while the other took care of the home. We had
more home owners, less debt, and our dollars went a lot
farther. You could even survive on minimum wage.

Police weren’t the enemy, TV had three channels, the news
programs actually reported the news, and if racial tension
was rampant we knew nothing about it.

Today people get along only if they agree with each others
political ideologies. If not it turns ugly. Lying is now
expected, morals have no place in our society, everyone is
religious when it suits them, and some singers throw a free
strip tease in with their performances.

Men are allowed in women’s bathrooms, our colleges teach
remedial English, and people want safe spaces. Everything
offends somebody and if you don’t agree with the elite who
wish to run our country you are labeled a pariah.

My generation try to lead by example, don’t really care what
some think of us, yet are not too old to open up a can of
whoop ass when needed. And we choose when that’s needed.

Enjoy the rest of today, I know we will. Now I must go in
search of the pizza that is calling my name.
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