January 7, 2020

Let’s preface this by saying we don’t watch any awards shows. That
is especially true when it comes to Hollywood. But as we all know
one cannot fully escape seeing something about said award show if
you watch morning news on TV.

We saw a highlight of the Ricky Gervais rant the next morning and
laughed so hard coffee shot out of my nose! While we thought he made a good point we also thought he won’t be hosting next year because of it.

We also learned an actress bragged about getting an abortion to
further her career and a comedian claimed he would kill Trump for half
the bounty offered by Iran. We don’t need that much information.

As much as these people are paid to act or make us laugh, they should
all be in the running for best whatever. Their one job is to keep us
entertained not baffle us with their bullshit. I fail to see the
rationale behind these shows.

A barrel of monkeys can make us laugh, a few kittens playing would
have some talking baby talk, and an act of violence gets most worked
up. I for one am glad we don’t watch the drivel to see who gets what
award or who’s wearing what.

But today in our country people can’t have a debate about anything
without hearing that someones feelings got hurt or somebody else is
called Hitler. And it doesn’t look like it will get any better

Enjoy our Tuesday before Mike gets asked the question tomorrow.
Now for some coffee.
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A little rant

December 19, 2019

I’ve been confused the last few days and haven’t been doing what I
should be doing, including this post. Nothing has been written here
about the impeachment process but that was on purpose. Today I will
get into politics and mention a few things that have been bothering

Be forewarned that you may not like what is here if you are of a
certain political persuasion but it is still my opinion, laced with
a few facts, and not meant to be agreeable to all. If that thought
offends you it may be best if you stop by another day.

The kangaroo court impeachment process hasn’t been mentioned as I firmly believe it it isn’t going any further and will get voted down it the full Senate. The Democrats will keep looking for anything they feel will be worth trying it again away.

Now on the current batch of candidates running for president. If you
watch any television at all you have seen the commercials of those
who wish to be our next president. The majority of these drive me
crazy with the claims made.

Healthcare is not a right, free college is not a right, and we do
not live in a Democracy so nobody can harm it. And since when did it
become a crime to be a billionaire? Especially when it’s millionaires
running for office pointing it out. We don’t need more government or
silly laws, we need people in office who do what they swore they

The latest mistake made was the laws against vaping products to
protect our kids against the dangers of using the product. Laws that
were passed banned flavored vaping oils that the younger generation
seem to like.

Then comes news vaping use among our younger citizens is higher than ever and they choose marijuana based based products to vape. Excuse me, isn’t that the product the laws were supposed to stop?

I could go on but will end it there. Enjoy our Thursday as it means
we’re only dream away from Friday and the weekend. No I need more
coffee and a piece of leftover pizza.
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Got confused again

December 6, 2019

The wife and I learned something after we went grocery shopping this
morning. Getting older means you’re willing to fight to get an
advertised bonus you believe is rightfully yours. When first married
if we were told we bought the wrong kind of product to meet the
requirements we’d say ok and be on our way.

The local store we go to has specials that earn you money off your
gas purchase to save money when you fill up. It used to be simple.
Buy four frozen pizzas and get 10 cents off every gallon of gas you
purchase when you fill up. The ads didn’t have fine print that said
the offer was only good on cheese pizzas.

We looked the ads over yesterday and one item said 50 cents off a
gallon of gas if you bought $25 worth of one brand of vitamins and
supliments. Since the wife uses several it seemed like a great deal.
So when the cashier handed the wife the receipt she noticed there
was no mention of the 50 cents off of gas.

She went to the service counter to see what the problem was while
I wheeled the cart out to the car and put the groceries in the trunk.
When the wife came out she said the store gave her the discount but
stated the deal was only for certain types of vitamins and suppliments
and not all. And some people think getting old is easy.

I don’t understand it nor do I try. Enjoy our Friday as that means
we lived to fight another day. Now for some coffee.
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Of dreams and more

November 18, 2019

Last night I had another strange dream. Knew it was a dream as I was
at my senior prom. Having never been to a prom the fact of said
dream became obvious. I had not attended any dance or reunion since
I left high school and never had a desire to do so.

So I was at the prom with and actually had a good time. Ok,
borderline nightmare. My Chevy was parked in the lot in case a
quick getaway was needed and when friends stopped to chat talk
turned to cars.

My first wife was my date and always saying that I loved my cars
more than her. She may have had a point as she is my ex now. After
the prom some races were set up and cars headed for the marked off
quarter mile to see who got bragging rights. And that’s where I
woke up.

On another note, after the backyard shootings in California our
legislators are calling for stricter gun control laws. Lord love a
duck! California already has some of strictest gun control laws in
the nation, that aren’t working, and they want more?

You cannot deter the criminal element with laws against law
abiding citizens. It is well past time to quit blaming the gun and
start blaming the shooter. The vast majority of which got their
guns illegally anyway. Go after the gun runners and shooters instead
of trying to demonize the legal owners who have done nothing

The 2nd amendment is written as it is for a reason. There is no
interpretation of ‘shall not be infringed’. Instead of going after
legal gun owners and the NRA politicians would better serve us by
just doing what they swore to do. Protect and defend the

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the rest of our lives.
Now for some coffee and breakfast.
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Is it just us?

November 14, 2019

Been going outside several times a day on the chance of getting a
picture of some critters. Evidently said critters think this is a
good time of the year to hibernate. Other than the feral cats the
neighborhood doesn’t have much wildlife lately.

Have a feeling that will change this weekend when the highs will
climb into the 40s and when it does we’ll be ready. Not sure what
kind of pictures we’ll get yet but with a couple of warmer days
the snow will be gone.

To be honest we’ve been paying more attention to political ads
on TV of late. Some of the many Democrats running for president
mention how they will restore our democracy or how Trump
and his billionaire friends have ruined it.

Problem is, we don’t live in a democracy we live in a federation.
If those running for the highest office don’t know this we don’t
hold out much hope for the future if these people get elected. It
seems the dog and pony show continues.

Personally, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Instead of
trying to impeach Trump and/or bad mouth him, why not take it
easy this election and wait for the next one? Statistically
any time one party has someone in the White House for two terms the other party wins the White House the next election.

Why not take the extra four years and plan out what you want to
do and run when the odds are with you? Seems like a whole lot of
hoopla and hurt feelings about nothing. Instead of spending all
the time trying to impeach Trump they should passing bills that
people start noticing.

That’s my two cents worth and what I think. If you think
differently that’s fine. If you don’t like my opinion, that’s
fine too. But I doubt anyone out there could convince me the
current candidates aren’t crazier than outhouse rats.

Enjoy our Thursday as it means we’re that much closer to the
weekend and a little warm up. Now for some coffee.
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Delayed post

November 11, 2019

First I’d like to say Happy Veteran’s Day to all fellow veterans out
there and hope it was a good one. All set to do an early post today
my body rebelled and I didn’t even get out of bed until 10 am. Then I
went out to sweep and shovel the snow to feed the feral cats and
make a path to the car in case we needed it.

After doing that and fixing a quick bite I laid back down and fell
asleep again. So here I am at this late time putting this together to
get it on the blog. We also missed the Veteran’s Day parade but have
seen some coverage online.

When this is done I’ll hopefully get some things done that didn’t
get earlier before turning the TV on to watch a rerun of Perry Mason.
On another note, tomorrow there will be a full moon if anyone is
interested and we’ll wait until later tomorrow to see if the clouds
go away long enough to see it here.

Some people locally are mad that the snow plows didn’t get out
sooner. They seem to forget it is a holiday for city workers and I’m
just guessing someone had to approve the extra money for holiday pay. Things can get slick on the roads, be careful out there and take it slower than you usually would.

Leaving early to allow for the longer drive time beats ending up in
the hospital or morgue. Enjoy the rest of our Monday, Veteran’s Day,
as we will.
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Of good days

November 1, 2019

I know, it’s late again. The morning just got away from us as the
wife and I sat at the kitchen table talking. So when she went to
bed I knew to get on this.

Early this morning we did a grocery cruise to restock the cupboards and perhaps find some marked down Halloween candy. The employees were friendly as usual and even those shopping seemed in a good mood. There was no it snowed on Halloween or it’s only in the teens for temperatures.

Smiles everywhere! As we were leaving we got to the entry door about the same time as a gentleman about my age so I stopped to let him come in before going out. He just smiled and waved us through. Still smiling he said ‘you sure get your shopping done early’. And I guess we do.

So I told him to have a good day and he wished us the same as we
headed to the car. As I was putting groceries away I was still
smiling and thought wouldn’t it be great if every day went like that.

One day without someone getting offended, impatient, or rude. Well
today we got our day and I have to admit it felt good and still does.
Enjoy our Friday as we are now holiday free until the 11th. Now for a
cup of coffee and some candy.
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