Like fishing in a pothole

February 7, 2016


There are times when I think being a politician must
be fishing in a pothole. You look like you’re doing
something, you could spend a lot of time doing it, and
you could claim you tried when the day is done.

Case in point is the current city councils approach
to our 2017 budget. Plans have been made, options are
plentiful, and we suppose they may even end up with a
balanced budget. But we can’t follow the thinking.

The city transit fund is $500,000 in the red and to
fix it talking heads have said we’d reduce 15 routes
to 10 in an effort to save money. That makes sense.
But the very next thing said leaves us scratching our

Adding an hour to the bus schedule each weekday and
running on Sundays would raise revenue. Huh? It we
heard correctly people pay $1 to ride the bus while we
taxpayers subsidize that at a rate of $4.50 per rider.
So doesn’t the longer hours mean we taxpayers would be
paying more if more people use the bus?

Then the talking heads said they also want to build
another bus hub on the north end of town to ease the
burden on the bus station downtown. It would seem we
got rid of the old tax and spend mayor only to elect
another tax and spend mayor.

We have no car in this race other than that we pay
taxes. The last time I rode a bus was when I was in
the Navy. I didn’t like it then and I can’t see much
that would change my mind now. But we do think raising
fees is not the answer.

Then today, with all that going on, our furnace began
to sound like a helicopter taking off when it kicked
on. So I went downstairs to investigate, and said
furnace was running like a Swiss watch. But I noticed
the exhaust flue that ran from atop the heat exchanger
to the chimney had fallen off.

CO2 was being pumped right into our basement instead
of up the chimney. After a run to the hardware store
for 4 inch flue pipe and a couple elbows the problem
was fixed and our basement aired out. Perhaps I should
look for my fishing pole?
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Legislators in La-La Land

February 5, 2016


On December 16, 2015, Democrats introduced H.R. 4269.
It is called the Assault Weapons Ban of 2015 and its
full title is “To regulate assault weapons, to ensure
that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited,
and for other purposes.

What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t they get?
This bill has been introduced as we mentioned, which
is the first step in the process. It would have to be
reported on by a committee, passed in the House,
passed in the Senate and then signed by the president
to become law.

This bill has 125 cosponsors and has went to the
House Judiciary committee for crime, terrorism,
Homeland security and investigations. No votes have
been taken on this measure, yet.

Our country has a problem with electing people who
swear to uphold the Constitution only to have said
elected people trample on the document. And we then
re-elect the people!

Some of us may say it would make them feel safer if
these weapons were banned, and a different group
would believe it isn’t important because it doesn’t
effect them. And they would be wrong.

If the citizens don’t wake up pretty soon and say
not only no, but hell no, we won’t have any rights
left to protect. That is our take on it, you’re
welcome to yours.
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We need to stop

February 3, 2016


A Gallup poll from late last year stated 86% of we
the people disapprove of our Congress. More people
disapprove of how our president is doing than approve,
and more than 70% of us think the country is going
in the wrong direction.

And yet the president, and most of Congress, got
re-elected. Part of the problem lies with us for
keeping them in office and part with the politicians.
They play loose with the facts, outright lie, or don’t
answer serious questions.

Pablo Picasso once said “Learn the rules like a pro,
so you can break them like an artist”. Our current
crop of politicians sure seem to be following that
adage. We wonder how many politicians would be in
prison if they worked in the private sector and did
what they do in public office.

We, the American people, have gotten apathetic. We
argue amonst ourselves when we should be bombbarding
politicians with phone calls and emails when we don’t
agree with their hijinx. Some claim they don’t want
to cause trouble, others don’t want to be a bother.

It’s enough to make a patriot apoplectic. We need
more squeeky wheels and people who think outside the
box. We need more voters who do the research and vote
on fact, not fiction. And we need to educate those who
are buying the bull the politicians are shipping.
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It should be over

February 2, 2016


The caucus is over and the candidates have moved on.
It looks like Clinton won the Democrat caucus, Cruz
the Republican, and a few candidates have dropped out
of the race. A record was broken for the Republicans
while the Democrats had a strong showing also.

We were going to do a post last night after the votes
were counted but fell asleep after the pizza. When we
woke up this morning officials still weren’t sure who
won on the Democrat seat.

It was great to see so many people show up to vote for
their favorite and it will be nice to get our phone back.
The robo-calls should stop now. The down side to that is
we may have to relearn that a ringing noise means
somebody is calling.

America should only have a little over nine months of
campaigning left this year and a little less than a
year before a new president takes office. Seems like
yesterday it was two years of campaigning left.

As we have said many times, we don’t care who you
vote for as long as you do vote. It does appear that
some are voting for the wrong reasons however. One
should not vote without doing research on the
candidates and where they stand on the issues.

Some vote their emotions instead of for who would
actually be a better fit. One hot button issue
should not be the only reason to vote. There are
many issues, and while all will not effect
everyone, some will. It all goes back to the old
saying: Be careful what you wish for, you may
get it.
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Snowfall and politicians

January 31, 2016

The weekend is winding down and the work week will
soon begin. In Iowa that can only mean one thing this
time of year, the weather is going to change.


After of few days with temperatures in the 40s to
lull us into a false sense that things were getting
better, a winter storm is supposed to hit most of our
state tomorrow. Up to eight inches on the west coast
of Iowa while here on the east coast we’re told a
dusting to an inch of white stuff. Bring it!

We have the caucus tomorrow night and we know
many Iowans can’t wait, us included. We have filled
our recycle bin with mailers from the seemingly endless
supply of Republican candidates and have received over
240 robo-calls in the last week alone.

Then we have the town halls, the meet and greets, and
have had 6 candidates in town at one time all needing
our police while closing our streets in the name of

It is to the point that once a politician starts
talking we know line and verse what they’re going to
say. We can’t turn on our TVs without being inundated
with political commercials that seem to run for ten
minutes at a time. And we’re still 10 months away from
the general election.

But at the end of the day tomorrow Iowa will no
longer be the focus and candidates are already packing
up and heading east for some camera time before the
next caucus. We have no car in the race and don’t care
who wins what as long as they stop the deluge of junk.

So if they’re heading your way get ready, if they’re
not celebrate. We’re not going to get snow if the
forecast is right but we have plenty of candidates if
somebody needs them. Enjoy your Monday as I know we
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What a day

January 27, 2016


It’s been one those days that you could feel
great waking up. The sun is shining and the
temperatures are in the mid 30s. A rare winter
day indeed.

After some coffee to get me started, I put on
a jacket and went out to face the day. The very
first thing I saw was a small rabbit scampering
across the lawn. And he even looked happy to
see such a beautiful day!

Then I looked up to see the sun sparkling off
the old pine tree, the jet taking people away
on some adventure, and the clouds letting me
know they’re around too.

There was no wind and the birds were trying
to soar to the heavens while other critters
could be heard scampering around the brush.
With a little imagination you could almost
hear the Mississippi river rolling toward
the Gulf.

I can’t say I’d like this weather all the
winter, but it seems to rejuvenate the
spirit when it does make an appearance. A
day like today makes it hard for me to
believe some can state there is no God.

Regardless of the weather where you are
we hope you enjoy today as much as we do.
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Peace with Hitler?

January 26, 2016

It is that time in the cycle when we are inundated
with politicians, their rhetoric, and those who
protest against candidates. As always, the candidates
orate on what is wrong with our country and how they’ll
fix the problem.

The issues are many, but we wish to concentrate on one.
That issue is the refusal of the current administration
to admit that there are those who wish to do us harm,
and militant Muslim organizations like ISIS.

We hear almost daily how we have to accept tens of
thousands of immigrants, mostly women and children,
and that they come in peace. Yet rapes and murders
are happening in countries that have embraced this

So what would say if we told you that in 1941, here
in the U.S.A., protesters were saying we should make
peace with Hitler because he hadn’t attacked us?

A friend sent us the video and it made us realize,
once again, that not much is new. Now we have those
who opine that all the terrorists need are jobs,
that those who come here and hate us and our flag
have rights, and want no war.

History tells us that spreading the love can’t
solve all problems. We in no way mean to imply
that ISIS is akin to Nazi Germany or that all of
the Muslim faith are terrorists.

One major difference is that around the time
said video was made immigrants came here willing
to work and make a better life for their kin.
Those who come today tell us what we’re doing
wrong, how our flag offends them, and what they
want. Seems ironic doesn’t it?
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