Look in the mirror

July 22, 2015


We are still giving a lot of thought to the
reason why or country has changed so much. If you
cruise the information highway in search of said
answer you know the results can be confusing.

Putting all that aside and going on just on my gut
feeling I believe the biggest problem is we’ve lost
our moral compass. And we have turned into a
society that doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of
others or be offended themselves.

What is going on now could never have happened 50
years ago. People had an unbreakable belief and our
government could not, and would not, tell them what
to do.

Abortions were illegal, to be a single mother
brought shame to the family unless she was a widow.
Being on welfare wasn’t a career it marked you as
someone who wanted something for nothing. The LGBT
crowd was lurking around somewhere but nobody heard
from them. Guns went everywhere including the
school parking lot yet nobody got shot. Anyone
seeking to change any of these beliefs were quickly
notified the citizens wouldn’t stand for it.

Some would say that made said citizens brave while
others would opine they were racists, homophobes,
and the like. But the truth is they had beliefs
that couldn’t be broken with fancy speeches, public
outcry, and small groups telling them they were

The vast majority of Americans were willing to
stand up and say NO! Now we have some who say they
have convictions but say nothing so as not to
offend anyone. But freedom isn’t free and it never
has been. If you don’t believe in anything enough
to fight for it than don’t expect pity when bad
things happen.

We are the problem. Not the politicians we keep
re-electing, not all the talking heads making
noise, not the media. If you want to see the
real source of our problem, look in the mirror.
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Crazy days

July 5, 2015


Is it just us or has our country gotten crazier
since the Supreme Court ruled on same sex marriage?
We wonder why these people believe their freedom to
marry trumps our right to religion. I have said I
don’t care if they want to get married, and I didn’t.

But I have changed my mind. Since the court said
they could wed a member of the same sex things have
gotten so volatile it is impossible to condone
their actions.

Anytime a baker, or any business person, tells you
they won’t do something for you the sane person
would find another who wants to do it and the money
involved with doing so. Now it seems like gays are
targeting Christian businesses who they know won’t
serve them, then suing them for standing by those

$135,000 for mental anguish because the Christian
baker wouldn’t make your wedding cake? Are we all
going insane? What happened to “love won”? If I
were on the jury you would not have gotten a dime.

You forget that we are born equal under the law,
not guaranteed to be coddled our entire life. I
don’t care what you do in the privacy of your home
and bedroom. I do care when you think just because
I don’t agree with you I owe you something.

My personality is usually pleasant but when you
start stepping on my toes my attitude kicks in,
and that is not pleasant. Since you are now acting
like a bunch of spoiled children since the Supreme
Court ruling, and trying to get governmental
intervention of my religious beliefs, I no longer
can condone same sex marriage. When you start
respecting my rights I’ll start respecting you.
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Oh really?

July 2, 2015


While cruising the information highway we ran
across the meme above and laughed then got angry at
what it implies. It seems to be aimed at those of
us who disagree with Obama’s policies. So I took
a minute to really look at the words.

And I came up with this. Patriotism is love of
country, not government. To those of us who took
an oath to defend the Constitution, Obama is not
someone we can stand with.

As to the claim that not obeying Obama is treason,
that is so ridiculous we don’t know what to say.
Does the designer of this meme have any idea what
treason means? We’ll help you out.

According to Webster’s New World Dictionary the
definition of treason is:
betrayal of one’s country to an enemy.

This begs the question; to which enemy are we
betraying our country to by not liking our current
president? We await your reply.

Since our flag will soon be under attack by these
same people because it offends them we feel it time
to say that we are offended by some flags also. We
really are offended by the rainbow flag, the flag
of Mexico, and the ISIS flag, And we strongly feel
that English should be official language of our country.

We’ll close with a quote from Abraham Lincoln:
“I believe that every individual is naturally
entitled to do as he pleases with himself and the
fruits of his labor, so far as it in no way
interferes with any other men’s rights.”
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If this country still had balls

June 30, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed, our country is going
to hell in a hand-basket. This has been going of for
some time now but seems to have escalated under
this administration.

People have been dreaming up rights that are not
rights and sissifying our country. Yet we, the
majority sit around texting friends and watching
videos of cats while the foundation of our country
is being destroyed.

We should never be afraid of our government or
throw up our hands in surrender when things look
bleak. Christians are still a majority and if we
stood up and just said NO our message would be

Happiness is not a right, the pursuit of happiness
is. Our faith is a right given us in the first
amendment, if that offends you don’t come to our

In the 1964 Memorial Edition of Profiles in
Courage, page 264, is the following:

“For in a democracy, every citizen, regardless of his
interest in politics, ‘hold office'; everyone of us
is in a position of responsibility; and, in the final
analysis, the kind of government we get depends upon
how we fulfill those responsibilities. We, the people,
are the boss, and we will get the kind of political
leadership, be it good or bad, that we demand and

The time has passed to accept the leadership. We
now need to demand the government we deserve.
“We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.”
JFK December 5, 1961
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Circus confusion

June 19, 2015


After doing a little research on our Mayor’s hissy
fit that prompted a city council meeting tonight to
vote on removing our city administrator and city
attorney I admit to being confused. I may be wrong,
but here’s what I came up with.

The developer wanted a site off Brady that was
on a paved road, already graded, and had utilities
run to it yet somehow chose an undeveloped site that
needed a $4 million dollar road to get to it plus
grading work done and utilities run to it.

Only one Alderman claims he attended all the
meetings, did his homework, and knew the extra work
was part of the deal. The rest of the council
relied solely on greensheets and the same
information the one Alderman had. And after all
that it is somehow the fault of the city
administrator and city attorney that others didn’t
understand said developer would want utilities and

I have no car in this race but it seems to me like
the city council and not our administrator or
attorney fumbled this one. It also appears the Mayor
is mad because he may have to talk tax increases in
an election year.

We’ll still do our upcoming events post for things
involving car shows and cruises later today, but if
someone could clear up my confusion it would be
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The circus is back

June 18, 2015


Our mayor’s righteous indignation has been recorded on video
for the TV stations to run later today and in newsprint
for the papers tomorrow.

Yes, here in our little city on the east coast of
Iowa our Mayor has asked our city administrator and
city attorney to resign. And since they have both
declined, Gluba has now called a special city
council meeting tomorrow to fire them.

Gotta love Goober. Of course claims will be made
that this has nothing to do with upcoming election
and the fact the mayor has a viable challenger, or
the fact that our progressive mayor is trying to
appear fiscally conservative.

I am not, nor have I ever been, a politician. But
it would seem to me that before I signed off on a
development agreement I would read said agreement.
Once again it is getting interesting in the city
on the coast where the river runs east and west.

Stay tuned kids.
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Here’s the deal

June 14, 2015


We will forewarn you that if you are a progressive,
a member of the mainstream media or any of the
current fad groups who have been telling me I have
to change my way of thinking, this post is not for
you. If you continue reading it may cause your
eyes to pop out like your butt is on fire or

To all others, please continue. We Americans who
are starting to notice grey in our hair and a slow
down of our metabolism are getting real tired of
others telling us we have to bend to their way of
thinking. We intend to cite the reasons we will not
do so.

We do not believe Bruce Jenner is courageous or a
woman. Our reasoning is simple. If you get a boob
job but keep your tallywacker you are a man with
boobs in a dress.

To those who say only whites can be racist we say,
bull! If you are black and stand in front of the
camera to proclaim “Kill Whitey, kill the cracker
babies, you are a racist.

Those who say that we gun owners should give up
our guns because we scare you forget that with
rights come responsibility. We gun owners do not go
out and protest to make you buy guns, you have no
right to say we can’t. The responsibility part of
the equation is that you should not attempt to take
away our rights. If you don’t like guns don’t buy

Flag burners and those who call veterans “baby
killers” need to again get some responsibility. Our
flag is ours, if you don’t like it go elsewhere.
We veterans who you claim are so despicable are
the ones who ensured your right to act as you do.

And our politicians should have to balance the
budget. The raising of our taxes instead of cutting
spending is going to send us non-politicians to the

Finally, to those telling us we can’t have our
God unless he is politically correct. No. While we
do worship our God we do not demand that you do.
Personally, we don’t care if you worship Allah,
Satan, believe you’re waiting for the mother-ship
to land and take you away, or have no belief. That
is your right.

So here’s the deal. We will not bend, we will not
suspend our belief in our God, we will not give up
our guns, and you can keep your your change.
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