It’s about time

November 16, 2015


In Mark Twain’s biography is the following: “There is no
such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply
take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of
mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they
make new and curious combinations. We keep on
turning and making new combinations indefinitely,
but they are the same old pieces of colored glass
that have been in use through all the ages.”

Why bring this up now? Because we have become
complacent when we should be vigilant. We have
become a divided country when we should unite, and
because many have let apathy and ignorance rule the

We have all seen how hope and change works and
some even believe us better today than before. But
these people are among the few who believe they
will never experience violence in their lives. They
honestly believe bad things don’t happen to good
people, or at least people they know.

And we have those who do not, and will not,
acknoledge that there are terrorists among us. Who
would kill us without a thought.

Of course we can’t forget those who honestly
believe they have rights that were never granted in
our Constitution. They believe they have the right
to not be offended.

We have people who are here illegally constantly
whining about their imaginary rights being
violated and others who believe they should get a
paycheck for just being so precious.

But none of these ideas are new. Neither is the
idea these people have that we are either for them
or against them. We fear if some of us don’t wake
up soon it will too late to save our great country.
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Don’t forget

November 2, 2015


Tomorrow we vote. I haven’t posted much about the
election as I feel too biased to give an honest
evaluation of the contenders. I will mention the
candidates again in case you forgot.

Bill Gluba, our current Mayor, is running against
Frank Klipsch who received more votes in the
primary election. I haven’t voted for Gluba once
and will not start now.

Four are running for Alderman-at-Large. One
incumbent, Jason Gordon, current 5th Ward Alderman
Barney Barney, first-time candidate Kyle Gripp, and
former Mayor Phillip C. Yerington. We believe
Gordon has a conflict of interest issue, Barnhill
has been around too long, and haven’t made up our
minds yet who we will vote for.

The incumbent 1st Ward Alderman is running
unopposed and we think he has done a good job so

In the 2nd Ward, Incumbent Bill Edmond is running
against Maria Dickmann. We feel Edmond has done a
good job so far also.

In the 3rd Ward, Incumbent Bill Boom is up against
Carlton Wills. This is the ward we’ll vote in and
we won’t vote for Boom. His solution to the street
racing fatality recently decided it for us.

In the 4th Ward, Incumbent Ray Ambrose faces David
Sodemann. If it were our ward we would go with
Ambrose. When the Casino grading costs came up he
was the only member on the council who knew
anything about it, and he backed it.

The 5th Ward has former Alderman Sheilia Burrage
running against Rita Rawson. We had no problem with
Burrage when she was Alderman and don’t know

Incumbent Jeff Justin is the only candidate in the
6th Ward.

And incumbent Mike Matson is running unopposed in
the 7th Ward.

8th Ward has incumbent Kerri Tompkins against Bob
Babcock. We believe Tompkins has done a good job.

Those are my thoughts. Due to scheduling conflicts
we were unable to attend any debates or meet and
greets this year. This hampered my ability to give
a fair and unbiased opinion.

So if you like an incumbent, vote for them. If you
think the current council is the root of our
problems, vote them out. We just ask that you get
out and vote.
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Trouble in paradise

October 26, 2015


Here on the east coast of Iowa people are
collectively shaking their heads about recent
unrelated incidents. We’ll explain.

It all started the other day when one bank was
robbed and there was an attempted robbery at yet
another bank. Then came news of a fatality caused
by street racing, which was followed by shots being
fired in a building that also housed the Marine
Corps recruiting station, then the death of a
shooter in a different location.

We have heard no updates concerning the bank
robberies but the investigation is ongoing. We do
believe when people get desparate bank robberies

Although reports of several shots fired inside an
office we are happy to say that nobody got shot.
Police don’t know if the shooter who committed
suicide is connected to the shooting near the
recruiting office and we won’t speculate.

After the street racing incident, which took place
on busy street around 4 pm and killed an innocent
woman in another vehicle, our Alderman got face
time on TV. His answer?

Make downtown all two-way streets and lower the
speed limit! If it wasn’t right before the city
elections it would be laughable.

Is there something in our drinking water? Did
these people just go crazier than an outhouse rat
at the same time? Was it the news that the WHO now
says bacon causes cancer? We don’t pretend to know
and refuse to speculate.

Thank you Davenport and Bettendorf police for your
fast response.
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Let’s eliminate the lies

October 25, 2015


If we heard correctly a woman, who may or may not
have been drinking, ran her car into a homecoming
crowd at a college in Oklahoma. Doing so she
killed a 23 year student, a married 65 year old
couple, a 2 year child, and injured dozens.

Yet this incident didn’t get the coverage that the
overdose in a whore house got? And there were no
protests, no demands for ‘car control’, no
preachers saying not one more like after other
deaths.. Just grief and disbelief.

Nobody demanded tougher registration for cars or
that breatalizers be installed in all vehicles. Nor
did anyone suggest tougher laws to make said cars
safer. No riots broke out and no businesses burned.
Just grief and disbelief.

We know what it would be like if the woman had
opened fire with a gun. Yet all those talking heads
who demand more gun control forget a few things.
The government would make the laws for tougher gun
laws. Good you say?

The same government who passed a law making some
drugs illegal and declared a war on said drugs?
Unless a miracle happened and we haven’t heard of
it yet, our country still has a drug problem.

Our government also declared a war on poverty yet
we have more people on welfare than ever before.
while the workforce that pays for that welfare is
shrinking. Could the government be wrong?

In 2011, 9,878 people were killed by drunk drivers
That year 1,140 children under the age of 14 were
killed by drunk drivers.

In 2011, 8.583 people were killed with a firearm.
That number represented .34% of all deaths that

We don’t need the government to run our lives we
need them to uphold the Constitution. It is past
time to eliminate the lies and say that our
government isn’t doing its job.
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October 12, 2015


Since Autumn has begun to paint the trees various
colors before the leaves fall upon the lawns to be
raked away we have some thoughts. And no, not about
winter being right around the corner.


As someone who is in the Autumn of my life this
time of year has me reflecting on how I’ve done
during my stay on this place we call Earth. There
are those who say after one reaches a certain age
they are no longer useful and believe us a drain
on society.

But these people miss the point. They can’t
comprehend a time when schools taught Latin, a
very different form of mathematics, Typing, and
even Driver’s Education with cars that had manual
transmissions. They will not know what it is like
to get a Polio vaccine or say they can remember a
time when Doctor’s offices had ashtrays about.


And there have cloudy days along the way but since
we were not taught to be victims we survived. Some
of us wear the scars that we hide from the public.
Not because we are ashamed, but out of pride. It
made us realize we were stronger than we thought.
They are our reminder that healing doesn’t mean
we were never hurt but that the hurt will no longer
control us.

We were born before color TV, computers, FM radio,
cell phones, and many more things that are taken
for granted today. But the things we have seen and
the places we have been could amaze you for hours.

We were let out school when President Kennedy was
shot, watched the moon landing, heard Hanoi Jane
spread propaganda for our enemies, and read of too
much senseless violence.

We drove cars before seat belts were mandatory and
those cars had dashes made of steel not plastic.
Now we have reached a plateau where we have more
miles on us than are left in us, and we’re ok with
that. We have the love of family and friends, our
faith, and not much left to prove.

Some of us tiptoe through life wanting to leave a
unmarked body in the casket. I’ll be among those
who leave sliding backwards, on fire, and say
“What a great ride!”
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The candidates

October 1, 2015


Tonight there will be a debate between the
candidates for our Mayor. It will be held at
United Neighbors at 7 pm until 8:30 pm. We can’t
make the debate, but here are the candidates.

Bill Gluba has been our mayor since 2007. He was
born in Davenport and got a bachelor’s degree in
political science from St. Ambrose University.

Frank Klipsch is a retired CEO of the Scott
County Family Y who believes leadership isn’t
something you retire from.

Dave Hereid is 41, a former volunteer firefighter
who wants to end wasteful spending, and deal with
the infraatructure. He graduated from Clinton
High School and attended Scott Community College.

Dean Weber runs a street sweeper for the city
who says he knows every pothole in town and wants
to fix them.

It is no secret we don’t like Gluba’s tax and
spend progressive viewpoint or his anti-gun stance.
We think Klipsch would be Gluba-lite, like what
we’ve heard from Hereid, and don’t know enough
about Weber. If you can make the debate, it is a
good way to get a feel for the candidates when you
are undecided.

The primary election is Tuesday and these four
will be pared down to two. We will also vote for
Alderman-at-Large, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Ward
Aldermen in this primary.

Who we vote for Tuesday will determine who is in
the general election next month. Please take the
time to vote and have a say in the future of our
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Of monkeys and men

September 2, 2015


Earlier this year Dr. Ben Carson said ” I believe I came from God,
and you believe you came from a monkey, and you’ve
convinced me you’re right.” That would explain a lot.

America has been inundated with people who believe
they are victims, are outraged at their living
conditions, and blame their circumstances on us.
Flags are racist, white people are the reason
black people can’t get ahead, the greedy
corporations are keeping them from obtaining the
American dream, and so on.

But here is the real deal. Someone is responsible
for the problems these people face, it just isn’t
who they think it is. They run around making noise
and trying to make everyone else’s life miserable
and all they have to do to find an answer is look
in the mirror.

We are supposed to be a higher life form than
animals with cognitive thinking yet every time
something doesn’t go their way they crap in their
own kitchen.

By that we mean that burn down their own
neighborhood, loot their own stores, and cause mass
destruction. And when the smoke clears who do they
blame? Why the police, us white folks, and slavery.

The time is past due for personal accountability
to make a return. If you aren’t happy with your
station in life, change it. If you riot, loot, and
burn things down, you go to prison. AND pay for
what you have destroyed and stolen.

If you chant that you want to kill other people
you should be labeled a hate group and if you act
on said threats should be treated as a terrorist.
We don’t know why you insist on acting like this
but it doesn’t impress us and will not improve your
life. If you want respect, stop acting like the
monkey and start acting like the trainer.
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