Too many taxes blues

February 27, 2015


Here on the east coast of Iowa we are about to see
a ten cent increase in our gas tax starting this
Sunday. Almost immediately after the news broke that
this tax would go into effect, gas prices jumped…
ten cents!

We were told by the talking heads that this is
merely a coincidence and not the new tax
starting early. Seems refinery problems are the
culprit and not the new tax. Which means instead of
extra $5 per month the tax would thrust upon us we
are looking at an extra $10 per month to drive the
same amount we did last month.

This means I will have to live without pizza for
one week out the month as the extra money has to
come from somewhere. The wife claims it gets ugly
when I’m in pizza withdrawal.

Before I came home from the Navy Iowa imposed a
deposit on aluminum cans and bottles. I said then,
and still say today, this is not a deposit but a
use tax.

Then from the Careful What You Wish For Department
comes news that not everyone is happy with the Federal
Government discussing legalization of Marijuana.

Some who were all for legalization are now saying
this will amount to nothing more than outrageous
taxes being placed on the drug. We do have a car in
this race, but do remember the past.

When higher taxes were placed on alcohol these
same people said they didn’t care because they
didn’t drink. When taxes on cigarettes skyrocketed
they said good. It was a nasty habit and they didn’t
smoke cigarettes.

And now that legalization and taxes may hit their
favorite distraction they are appalled. Well,
welcome to the real world kids. There is reason
some people cringe when told “we’re from the
government and we’re here to help”.
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A pickup in the snow

February 25, 2015


After the wife went to work I was out shoveling
the fluffy white winter love from above that fell
on us for a good part of the day when I heard a
vehicle approaching from behind me.

It had glasspacks and sounded like it had a really
healthy cam in it. I stepped to the side of the
alley to let it pass and noticed it was a rather
plain looking pickup truck.

Just then, after coming down the grade of our
alley, the driver turned uphill onto the street.
And that was when all hell broke loose. It sounded
like a wheelbarrow full of quarters dancing around
inside a clothes dryer! Crash, clunk, bang. Crash,
clunk, bang.

He wasn’t making a lot of headway up the hill so
I caught up and asked if there was anything I could
do to help. He claimed his rear-end was going out,
he was just trying to make it home it home, and he
didn’t need any help. I know when I’m not wanted
so snow removal became job one once again.

You could hear the rear-end clanging over the
glasspacks and about every third revolution of the
axles the truck would limp forward about a foot. He
made it to the top of the hill and turned onto the
level street then idled out of hearing range.

Don’t know if he made it home or not, but I did
finish shoveling the fluffy white winter love from
above off our front sidewalk.
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He gets it

February 22, 2015

Ever since Rudy Giuliani said Obama doesn’t love
America there have been people on both sides of
the issue stating their versions of the president’s
love, or lack of, for our country.

Heard of CJ Pearson? You will. A friend sent the
following video of the 12-year-old putting Obama
in his place. We also believe this kid is right. So
take three minutes, listen to what he has to say,
and decide if you like what he’s saying or not.

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The stand

February 18, 2015


We’ve been a little confused since hearing the
National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) has been
receiving hate mail after taking a stand on street

With the popularity of the “Street Outlaws” show
and the expanding scope of said show, recently
NHRA members have been racing the shows stars on the
street. NHRA sent these members a letter stating
if they didn’t stop racing on the show, which
glorifies street racing, the offenders racing
license would be suspended.

The NHRA was founded in the 1950s to give illegal
street racers a legal option and to remove the
black eye the street racers gave the hobby. NHRA
even went so far as to start a “Safety Safari” to
get the message out to car clubs and others.

The Safety Safari taught how to conduct fair races
with safety as a main concern with the intent of
giving car enthusiasts a safe place to race. The
NHRA goes so far as to call licensed racers
ambassadors of safe racing.

So we are surprised by the people who are
surprised that the NHRA came down heavy on members
who street race with cars adorned with the NHRA
logo. Our hobby has benefited from this groups
efforts and we support their stance on this issue.
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Sometimes we wonder

February 12, 2015


A friend shared an article that pushed my buttons.
It was on the ABC News website and talked
of how and Iowa widow had around $19,000
seized from her account because it wasn’t deposited

Because of a law that doesn’t allow large sums
of money to be deposited in amounts less than
$10,000 this poor woman is a criminal. This is to
help investigators track large sums of cash tied
to criminal activity they say. But has it gotten
out of hand?

In seven years the IRS seized $242 million, a
third simply because less than $10,000 was
deposited. About half was returned after those
who lost the money challenged the IRS.

So if I had $20,000 and deposited it in 4 banks
I would be a criminal, but if I deposited it in
2 banks I would be a pillar of the community? How
crazy is that! If it’s my money I should be able
to put what I want where I want without fear of

The picture is a poster done by David Mann.
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Seems strange

February 9, 2015


We just heard about the last city council meeting
and were glad to hear Aldermen Tompkins and Dunn
saying more has to be done to fix the city streets.

One bone of contention is the city paying for a
one mile stretch of road to access the Casino when
it is built. We admit to being confused about this
issue ourselves.

Some are saying the developer should pay the $13
million for the road and others state the city
hopes to get the money back through taxes over 15
years. We believe it will be $13 million spent and
not coming into the city coffers through taxes.

And we wonder about the numbers being tossed about
and if they represent reality. A little over $41
million is being allocated for street and sewer
improvements. We did not hear a breakdown of how
much was going to sewer and how much to streets.

Add to the fact that we didn’t hear if the $13
million for the road to the Casino is included in
that number. If it would take $779 million to fix
all our streets how many decades will it be before
we have smooth streets again?

The proposed $1 million to have plans drawn up for
the riverfront, and all unnecessary work should be
halted until the basic infrastructure repairs are
made. People may want RiverVision but the need
decent streets.
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Losses and gains

January 29, 2015


A friend shared a list of 10 things that will
disappear in our lifetime and if you haven’t seen
the list we’ll share it along with our feelings on
the choices.

1. the Post Office. We believe the closing is
inevitable. It’s been bleeding money for years and
has too many competitors to remain relevant.

2. the check. With electronic payments to and
withdrawals from ‘checking’ accounts’ this is only
a matter of time.

3. the newspaper. The younger generation doesn’t
read it and online papers are charging to get the
news we get on TV for free. While I don’t see them
completely disappearing in my lifetime, newspapers
are on the way out.

4. the book. E-books are generally cheaper and just
as much fun to read once you get used to flicking
your finger to turn the page. I still think there
will be a market for books past my lifetime though.

5. the land-line telephone. Almost everyone has a
cell-phone today and if costs keep rising, we can
foresee the extinction of the land-line phone.

6. music. The claim here is that a lack of
innovative new music will be the downfall and not
illegal downloading. It may suffer a stroke, but it
will snap back.

7. Television revenues. Yes the revenues are down,
people are streaming media on their computers,
cable and satellite costs are up, and commercials
cut into programming every 4 minutes but we
believe that some form of tV will outlive us.

8. the ‘things’ we own on our computers. Documents,
music, movies, songs, and pictures we now save on
our hard drive will be in the ‘cloud’. Windows,
Google, and the Mac OS will use the cloud for
storage. We don’t see this as a big deal as we feel
that once something is online it is no longer our
exclusive property.

9. Cursive writing. Along with this we could add
paper, pencils, and pens because if nobody is
writing the need would disappear as fast as a
liberal at a gun show.

10. Privacy. With all the security cameras, traffic
cameras, computer apps, and bar codes, we have no
privacy now. It may be wise to curb the urge to
scratch your itch unless you’d like to watch the
event on someone’s online video.

What we won’t lose is our faith, love of family,
belief in God, and our guns. They cannot take away
our patriotism, memories, and knowledge we have
gained during life’s journey. And as long as we
keep these, we still win.
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