Be prepared

June 27, 2017

The 4th of July is right around the corner so we have to be
ready for the extra nocturnal noise and possibilities of fire.
Here in our little river city on the east coast of Iowa things
are already sounding like a war zone after dark.

We haven’t noticed a big difference since consumer fireworks
were legalized this year but time will tell. What we do find
laughable is the state actually thinks it can tell citizens
when then can shoot them off.

Around our neighborhood fireworks don’t start going off until
after the legal hours have ended. We would ask those who wish
to set off the late night fireworks to be considerate of their
neighbors and pets, but then we’d have to take the time to
explain what considerate means.

Police, Fire, and Medics will be probably be just as busy this
year as they were last year and we wish them well. Back in the
day we’d cruise down to Missouri where fireworks were legal and
get some black cats and lady fingers to shoot off.

After a few bangs from the firecrackers we’d go back to
whatever it was we were doing. Today it sounds like some enemy
army is carpet bombing the neighborhood and it goes on for
hours. Times change.

Enjoy our Tuesday, I know we will.
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Pizza test drive

June 25, 2017

A friend recommended I try a Lotzza Motzza pizza and assured
me they had a bacon cheeseburger pizza. So while getting
groceries friday we picked one up. The first thing we noticed
is these pizzas had a lot more cheese on them compared to the
ones we usually buy. A half pound of cheese.

The other thing we noticed is these pizzas are 3 times more
expensive than my stand by pizza. But I was drooling just
looking at them in the freezer so we brought one home. Last
night we tried the pizza while I was again drooling with the
delicious aromas wafting from our pizza oven.

The pizza was very good and we will be buying more next week.
It won’t replace my go to pizza because of cost, but we’ll keep
a few in freezer for future reference. We got the biggest size
they had at our usual haunt and it fed the wife and myself. I
wasn’t looking for a snack for at least 3 hours.

While the pizza was good, and quite flavorful, I couldn’t
taste the bacon in the bacon cheeseburger pizza. Not a game
changer but perhaps they should call it a cheeseburger pizza,
put mor bacon on it, or I need my taste buds overhauled.

We like it better than DiGiorno frozen pizza which cost about
the same. Thanks for the suggestion Dale, we’ll be buying more
soon. I have enough Jack’s pizza to last me until then.

Enjoy our Sunday.
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A little birdie told me

June 23, 2017

Trump was in Iowa yesterday in a city close to us and the
righteous indignation has begun. Iowa gets around 36% of its
energy from wind turbines and during his speech the president
said “I don’t want to just hope the wind blows to light up your
homes and your factories as the birds fall to the ground.”

These few words caused one of our Senators to proclaim “Trump
would succeed in ending the production tax credit in Congress
over me dead body.” Supporters of green energy spoke out and
gloom and doom was predicted over a simple sentence. Yet the
consensus is that those who attended the event cheered the

Wind energy is like ethanol in Iowa and considered by many to
be the only answer to our many problems. Both have been around
longer than people think. I am one Iowan who believes both are
over rated. Wind energy is still more expensive and ethanol is
just a stepping stone until something better comes along.

It is fun to read, and hear, all the people forecast the end of
the world as we know it if changes are made. We lived before
these fads came along and will continue breathing when they are
gone as long as the good Lord is willing. Too many people take
this stuff too seriously.

We, on the other hand, have a life. And since the wife has a
few days off in a row we are going to cruise the two lane
blacktop to somewhere, spend the night in a motel, and cruise
back when we’re ready. Until then I will have no internet
access but will post upon our return.

So enjoy our Friday, it’s the last one we get this week.
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Strange things

June 22, 2017

I went and had my chest x-ray today in an older hospital that
had just been remodeled. At one time I could find anything in
that hospital with my eyes closed. Now they added curved walls,
meandering halls, and confusing signage. I guess the updates
were needed but still saw nothing wrong with old straight

I read in the newspaper that people were surprised at the
small turn out in the 3rd Ward election to narrow the field
from 6 candidates to 2. Perhaps it had something to do with
the fact that the issue was more important to the politicians
than the voters.

And last night while I was cruising the information highway
something strange happened. There I was rowing through the
gears and speed shifting the tabs when an IM noticed popped
up. That wasn’t unusual but what made it a Twilight Zone moment
for me was the message came from my cousin who recently died.
All the message said was “Thank you”.

Then we all know common sense has died as surely as we know
Elvis has left the building. The way things look today Mr.
Sense has company. Common courtesy is no longer with us if we
disagree and debate has turned into hate filled rhetoric aimed
toward those of us who haven’t drank the Kool-Aid. The sad
thing is that those who argue the loudest and protest the most
are the problem and don’t have the ability to figure it out.

Political parties have become opposing sides in a war against
imagined rights and innocent slights. Our lawmakers are once
again the butt of jokes while they imagine they actually doing
something that would help the average citizen. I think a lot of
people need a nap.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is almost knocking on the
door. Now I need to get some mowing done or declare our yard
a tropical rain forrest.
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It just keeps going…

June 1, 2017

Here on the east coast of Iowa we awoke to another beautiful
day with blue skies, singing birds, scampering critters, and
warm weather. The flood waters should start receding soon then
return to normal levels and the summer concert series in the
park will return.

Then I had to tune in on the news and things got crazier than
an outhouse rat. Gigantic suicide bombing in Afghanistan, the
beheading picture with a comedienne, another year Illinois will
go without a budget, and the continuing saga of the Russian
interference in our last election to name a few.

That’s what I get for looking at the TV. Because of all this
tragedy and nonsense going on in our world, and my lack of
patience when dealing with the bull being shipped, I fully
intend to spend most of the day outside away from any form of
media, again.

We think the bombings are the acts of desperate cowards hungry
for media attention, the funny lady isn’t funny, the politicians
who didn’t pass a budget will get re-elected, and the Russian
hacking of election phony baloney will fade away. Then
something else will come along and make headlines, rather true
or not, and the insanity will continue.

I don’t take my cell phone with me while I go enjoy the
great outdoors. Lately the junk robo-calls outnumber the calls
from real people. And we’re on the do not call lists!

Yes we have central air, yes our computers, tablets, and
television is inside, but I’d still rather be out in the heat
swatting bugs than listen to the unconfirmed gossip passing as
the latest news. It’s like the Energizer bunny; it keeps going,
and going, and going…

Enjoy our Thursday as I know we will. I’m grabbing another
cup of coffee and heading out the door.
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Mixed emotions

May 30, 2017

Some of you may have noticed that a certain church steeple is
the subject in my photographs I share. The steeple is attached
to the Sacred Heart Cathedral and to the north of the church
the Sacred Heart Catholic School has stood since 1915.

I was baptized, had my confirmation, was an altar boy, and went
to school there. And now, in the name of progress, the school
will torn down later this year. Conflicting thoughts fill my mind
at the thought.

On the one hand I got a first rate education there from the
1st through the 7th grade. On the other, more nuns smacked my
knuckles with a wooden ruler because they felt my grin meant I
had the Devil inside me. So while I did learn Latin there my
knuckles will never be the same.

About 3,000 students attended the school in its run from 1915
to 2004 and I’d be willing to bet I got more Devil smacked out
of me than any of the others. I still grin.

The church says the school isn’t handicap accessible, the
catch all phrase used when a building has out lived its
intended purpose. Instead, the church is adding a 15,000 square
foot addition on the rear of the church and where the school
now stands would make a nifty parking lot.

Due to some changes I no longer attend the church but will
miss the school. In the past I have strolled by the old school
building just to make sure it was still there. Soon I won’t
have to as it won’t be.

I remember classmates, both living and passed, and still have
one good friend from that stage of my life so I’ll keep
grinning even after the building is gone. I may even go to mass
one more time, just to see if lightening strikes the steeple
or not.

So enjoy our Tuesday. Later we’ll go over to Dads and I’m sure
the old school will come up in the conversation. That and
Johnny Poppers, Dad does love those two cylinder John Deeres.
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It’s here

May 17, 2017

The roses are popping out all over and a storm is coming a
little later today which can only mean summer is officially
here. Of course all that also means the weeds are growing
faster than the grass and flowers. We’ll soon be busy in the
yard again.

While visiting Dad today he had a drop in his blood pressure
that worried the medical staff. One minute he was there and
talking and the next the lights were on but nobody was home.
His pressure did come back up after they got him back in bed
and the staff didn’t seem overly concerned.

If fact, they mentioned he may be discharged Friday if he does
good in the therapy sessions. I couldn’t help but laugh when it
was mentioned that part of his therapy involves sitting at a
computer. I could just picture him looking for a pencil and

After we got home a colorful little wren posed for a portrait
and I’ll share that.

And to top it all off, I’ve been behaving myself. I have a
doctors appointment tomorrow and have started drinking more
water. The wife wasn’t buying the bull I was shipping when I
stated I had 3 bottles of water this morning.

Technically I opened 3 but only took a gulp out of each one.
I’ll finish the rest this week. After all, we have to walk
before we run. Enjoy our Wednesday, we’re halfway to the
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