What if?

May 25, 2016


This picture makes me smile. Not the best I ever took
or professional looking, but I like it. The picture
reminds of a long-time friend and his visits. Every time
he stops over I know two things will happen; he’ll drive
the wife nuts and he’ll ask the same questions he always

One of those questions is always ‘If you had your life
to live over would you change anything?’ And I always
reply ‘no because you can’t change it’. Much like the
picture, the small bird on the wire is in focus yet the
larger bird swooping in isn’t.

That’s because the other bird wasn’t in the frame when
I focused. If the bigger bird would have been in the
frame both birds would have been gone by the time I
refocused and I would have a totally different shot.

The other question is ‘If you could have kept every car
you ever owned, would you?’ That would be another no.
Having owned over 150 vehicles I would need a farm to
store them at. Not to mention that many license plates,
insurance policies, and maintenance.

They all brought a smile to my face for various reasons.
Most were loud, fast, and would pass anything but a gas
station while the rest were customs that just looked good
cruising the town. Some were sold before I even knew they
were for sale.

I remember a yellow coupe that the paint had barely
dried on when a guy stepped up and told me he was going
to buy it. After explaining that I had just finished it
and it wasn’t for sale the guy offered so much cash he
ended up owning it.

Sometimes we just have to let go. If we can’t change
it, why fight it. I sleep soundly not sweating the
what ifs. Keep the shiny side up.
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I met the bluebird of happiness

April 19, 2016


Ok, so he’s not blue and doesn’t look happy, but he is
a bird and I believe in working with what you have. Too
many people spend too much time trying to find the one
thing that will make their life perfect and it’s usually
right in front of them.

It has been raining for hours but the picture was taken
yesterday. There is nothing wrong with that because the
rain helps the crops grow to feed us. Something about a
slow steady rain that can be relaxing.

Then I got to thinking that the rain could be God
crying over the state our country is in. He has been
removed from schools and banned from being mentioned in
some public places, yet He is here. I’m sure he is trying
to figure out what happened to us.

With the corruption in our government, our egotistical
nature and need of instant gratification coupled with
some among us mocking Him, He has to wonder where He
went wrong.

Regardless of what the media says we didn’t use to be
like this. We said the Pledge of Allegiance in school
including the “under God” part, we didn’t demand or want
other peoples money just because they are more
fortunate than us, and we sure didn’t tell whoppers on
the scale we hear daily today.

We used to go to war over lesser things than our current
corrupt government. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best in
this excerpt from “Concord Hymn”.

By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.

And yes, you could say a little birdie told me that.
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The national circus

April 11, 2016


I haven’t mentioned politics in a while and there is a
reason for that. I believe they have all went crazier
than an outhouse rat. The Democrats sound like the left
wing of the Socialist Party while the Republicans are
behaving like the Democrats of old.

Every candidate is attacking another candidate while
claiming the atackee is guilty. Rumors abound and chaos
ensues, and it feels like the parties are trying to get
us voters so disgusted we won’t even vote.

Yet there have been moments that make us smile. Trump
is a name that comes up often and usually from the
mouth of a righteously indignant rival. And they’ll
proclaim “he’s not a politician!”, wtihout realizing
that not being a politician works in Trumps favor.

The Republicans have had control of the House and the
Senate yet have done nothing to convince the voters
from the last election said voters made the right
choice. While running they were going to cut spending
and reduce the debt then after elected vote to increase
the debt.

Most career politicians running have no standout bills
they sponsered nor have a stellar record. As mentioned
earlier, the rumors are many and the truth remains as
elusive as Hilary’s emails were. I laugh when I think
back to the last two elections when we had to get rid
of the rich white establishment.

We have no clue who will end up on the ballot but feel
it will be another option of choosing the lesser of two
evils on election day. Until then I’ll avoid the drama.
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Thinking of things

March 7, 2016


When I went out last night to chat with a friend in
the fresh air the clouds were starting to gather. Rain
was in the forecast and we got just enough to wet the
streets so one could tell it had tried.

Over the weekend I received a notice from Word Press
that said it was my 9th Anniversary with them which
set off a stream of memories and brought a smile to my
face. Seems like only yesterday.

Today when we turned on the TV the race for the
position of president was subdued because of the death
of Nancy Reagan. It made us wish the humble sounding
candidates would act like that all the time while
reminding us she was only 4 years older than Dad and
my age has doubled since Reagan was president.

We’ve seen most of our dreams come true and the ones
that haven’t don’t keep us up nights because we know
if they don’t we can always go back to sleep. And the
very things that would have drove us crazy in our
youth are exercises in hilarity.

Our sick cat has to be given a pill every day and I
wish we had a camera set up this morning. You would
have seen the two us on our hands and knees, under the
dining room table, attempting to corner a little cat.
Somehow I managed to get her and our mission was
accomplished but it wasn’t graceful. Who knew cats got
faster as we get older?
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Fractured fairy tales

February 29, 2016


We believe in fairy tales here at Casa Cruiser and are
happy to tell you why. Every morning I go to our very
secret hiding spot and remove a sealed airtight
container that holds our magic beans.

We then put some of the magic beans into a machine and
add water to end up with a potion which calms our soul
and keeps up from strangling the logic challenged
people we have to deal with. And we live happily ever

With that out of the way we’d like to mention the
state of politics here in the U.S. of A. The campaigns
are getting so rediculous we liken it to watching the
Oscars. If said politicians aren’t reminding us how
great they are, they tell us how bad their opponents

This has been turned into almost an art form and goes
back to old adage “If you can’t dazzle them with
brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”. Some candidates
even seem to take pleasure in making outrageous claims
that have no bearing on their opponents ability to do
the job nor a basis in reality.

I’m going to say I hope Trump wins so all these phony
preachers and has been celebrities will either have to
put up or shut up. They claim they’ll leave the country
if Trumps wins and we say good ridence. We think they’ll
still be here for the 2020 election, but time will tell
and we do believe in fairy tales.
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Like fishing in a pothole

February 7, 2016


There are times when I think being a politician must
be fishing in a pothole. You look like you’re doing
something, you could spend a lot of time doing it, and
you could claim you tried when the day is done.

Case in point is the current city councils approach
to our 2017 budget. Plans have been made, options are
plentiful, and we suppose they may even end up with a
balanced budget. But we can’t follow the thinking.

The city transit fund is $500,000 in the red and to
fix it talking heads have said we’d reduce 15 routes
to 10 in an effort to save money. That makes sense.
But the very next thing said leaves us scratching our

Adding an hour to the bus schedule each weekday and
running on Sundays would raise revenue. Huh? It we
heard correctly people pay $1 to ride the bus while we
taxpayers subsidize that at a rate of $4.50 per rider.
So doesn’t the longer hours mean we taxpayers would be
paying more if more people use the bus?

Then the talking heads said they also want to build
another bus hub on the north end of town to ease the
burden on the bus station downtown. It would seem we
got rid of the old tax and spend mayor only to elect
another tax and spend mayor.

We have no car in this race other than that we pay
taxes. The last time I rode a bus was when I was in
the Navy. I didn’t like it then and I can’t see much
that would change my mind now. But we do think raising
fees is not the answer.

Then today, with all that going on, our furnace began
to sound like a helicopter taking off when it kicked
on. So I went downstairs to investigate, and said
furnace was running like a Swiss watch. But I noticed
the exhaust flue that ran from atop the heat exchanger
to the chimney had fallen off.

CO2 was being pumped right into our basement instead
of up the chimney. After a run to the hardware store
for 4 inch flue pipe and a couple elbows the problem
was fixed and our basement aired out. Perhaps I should
look for my fishing pole?
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Legislators in La-La Land

February 5, 2016


On December 16, 2015, Democrats introduced H.R. 4269.
It is called the Assault Weapons Ban of 2015 and its
full title is “To regulate assault weapons, to ensure
that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited,
and for other purposes.

What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t they get?
This bill has been introduced as we mentioned, which
is the first step in the process. It would have to be
reported on by a committee, passed in the House,
passed in the Senate and then signed by the president
to become law.

This bill has 125 cosponsors and has went to the
House Judiciary committee for crime, terrorism,
Homeland security and investigations. No votes have
been taken on this measure, yet.

Our country has a problem with electing people who
swear to uphold the Constitution only to have said
elected people trample on the document. And we then
re-elect the people!

Some of us may say it would make them feel safer if
these weapons were banned, and a different group
would believe it isn’t important because it doesn’t
effect them. And they would be wrong.

If the citizens don’t wake up pretty soon and say
not only no, but hell no, we won’t have any rights
left to protect. That is our take on it, you’re
welcome to yours.
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