Time to get busy

April 5, 2015

The weekend is almost over and the work week will
begin. The holiday feast leftovers are neatly
stored away for later consumption and the dress
clothes are neatly hung back up.

Around here, on the east coast of Iowa, that means
yard work tomorrow. It has been too windy and dry to
burn brush so we’ll tie it in bundles to be picked

And of course we’re that much closer to the
elections so the campaigning will start heating up.
It was announced last week that the Mayor will have
a serious contender to deal with after his State of
the City speech Monday.

Our street is scheduled to be reopened tomorrow so
things may return to the organized chaos that is
life in our neighborhood. We are just glad the sink
hole has been repaired.

We will soon start listing upcoming events on
Fridays and will also bring back the Sunday

People that know me also know I have the weird
engine gene that draws my ears to unusual sounding
engines. Since we’re from Iowa, that includes farm
tractors with strange engines. So here is a video
of pulling tractor with a radial airplane engine
doing its first pull.

Remember: we’re only young once, but if we refuse
to grow up we can be immature forever.
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Sign of the times

March 31, 2015


Businesses have signs. Across the front is their
logo and the door usually has a sign with hours of
operation and so on. It has been this way for as
long as I remember.

I am of an age that I recall signs on some of the
local businesses that stated “We reserve the right
to refuse service to anyone”. This sign did not
cause protests, lawsuits, or short news alerts on
the local TV station. We understood and found a
place that would give us the service we required.

Because of that, we don’t understand all the
attention being paid to the law in Indiana. Here on
the east coast of Iowa, it looks like yet another
instance of a group looking for a cause.

If we understand correctly Indiana passed a
religious freedom bill, the gay/lesbian crowd are
saying it discriminates, and once again the law may
be amended to include no discrimination.

It seems to me that too many people are acting
like the north end of a south bound horse. Here’s
the deal, go to another business that will give you
what you want and tell your friends about the one
that wouldn’t.

We don’t know what all this is coming to but we
wish people would use their head for something
other than a hat rack.
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Houston, we have a problem

March 23, 2015


A friend sent an email that implied Americans are
afraid of our government. I replied back that I
didn’t believe this to be true because we’re too
busy bickering among ourselves.

Shortly after I replied, the wife shared an email
that says it better than I could and we’ll share
part of it with you. We do not know who wrote it
but do believe it telling.

The definition of the word Conundrum is: something
that is puzzling or confusing.

Here are six Conundrums of socialism in the United
States of America:

1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of
the population is subsidized.

2. Half of the population is subsidized – yet they
think they are victims.

3. They think they are victims – yet their
representatives run the government.

4. Their representatives run the government – yet
the poor keep getting poorer.

5. The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have
things that people in other countries only dream

6. They have things that people in other countries
only dream about – yet they want America to be
more like those other countries.

Think about that a moment. The problem is also
compounded, as mentioned earlier, by the fact that
we are a divided country. Add to that the powers
that be have driven businesses to other countries,
taken over banks, our children, our schools, and
are attempting to change our core beliefs.

Those protesters who feel slighted for one reason
or another should remember that our founding
fathers decried we are born equal and not that as
we age we will be equals. Where you are today is
your responsibility, not the governments.
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Cabbage, Obama, and political correctness

March 18, 2015


As a friend reminded us, we hope the wind at your
back is not the result of the corned beef and
cabbage you had for lunch.

That said, we have a few ideas on things that have
been happening lately and thought this a good time
to throw them against the wall and see if they

Obama has a lot of us confused in that he has
alieniated our allies while inviting adversaries
into the White House. We believe a solution to this
problem could be at hand. And it’s so simple a
blind man could see it.

If the rumors about Bruce Jenner are true the
governement should pay for his sex reassignment
surgery. Why you ask? To help the president and
thus help our country and ourselves. Still leery?
We’ll explain.

When Jenner has surgery he will be a woman and
will no longer need her balls. Since Obama doesn’t
have any, these could be transplanted as soon as
they become available.

Problem solved. No more pre-pubescent hissy fits
when things don’t go his way or passing the buck
when they do. It may even let Bush off the hook.
With kahonas for the first time in his life Obama
might man up and admit his mistakes.

Another, which we have mentioned before, is
political correctness. It should go the way of the
buggy whip, has gotten totally out of hand, and
serves no useful purpose. We should bring back
personal accountability, common sense, and curtesy.

Instead of protesting for imagined rights, suing
those who disagree for hurt feelings, or demanding
laws be changed to help one small sub-set, ALL
Americans should be working together to unite our
country. We hope it’s not too late.

Any misspelling, bad grammer, and/or factual
inaccuracies were inserted into this post for those
who look for such things. No need to thank us.
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A tale of two nations

March 13, 2015

It seems a neighborhood in Germany has the right
idea. They had a problem, found a solution to said
problem, then fixed it. Which caused me to wonder
what would happen if it happened here.

The problem was drunks urinating on buildings. So
a woman organized a group and applied a waterproof
paint to the buildings then put up signs that said
‘Do not pee here! We pee back!’ Brilliant.

Here is a video, the audio is in German, but you
will get the point.

Now, if it happened here? We can see a perfect
storm brewing if the people getting their foundation
sprayed complained to the media and it went viral.

Obama would hold a press conference to say that
if he had a son the kid should be able to urinate
on buildings instead of trying to run home with
his pants around his ankles.

Holder would announce a thorough investigation
into the local police department and a White House
spokesperson would declare that there wouldn’t be
a problem if the urinators had jobs.

Sharpton would quickly follow with his own press
conference to announce a protest he is organizing
because of the profiling of those who urinate while

Hillary Clinton would proclaim at her press
conference that she remembers being so poor after
she and Bill left the White House that she found
herself between a rock and hard place in a strange

The EPA would get involved because of pollution
and several scientists would claim it is fueling
global climate change. News crews from around the
country would quickly flock to the site of this
controversy to cover the protesters chanting that
everybody has to go somewhere. Some pee-stained
buildings would be burned because of the injustice
being done to those who have nowhere else to go.

After the smoke clears the area would be
bulldozed to make room for memorial park with 72
restrooms. At some point Obama would give another
press conference to announce his executive order
that the park include transgender enabled bathrooms
and a farmers market.

And that ends the tale of two nations, for now.
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The Iowa gun dance

March 10, 2015


Here on the east coast of Iowa some think it is
big news that our lawmakers may pass a bill making
it legal to use suppressors on our firearms. But we
think the bigger news is the bill stopped in the
senate that would have made permits to carry and
permits to purchase private information. Currently
said information is public in Iowa.

If I had either permit, what business of yours
would that be? If I have firearms, why do you need
to know provided they are legally obtained? This is
not a safety issue it is a control issue.

We may or may not have firearms in our home and
that may or not include sidearms and long guns but
it is none of your business. Please don’t insult
our intelligence and try to tell us this for your
safety, to save one child, or any other current
anti-gun rhetoric.

More people were killed last year with hammers
than with the dreaded assault rifles but I won’t
tell you if I own any hammers either. If you really
want to make our country safer, figure a way to get
guns out of the hands of criminals and leave the
law abiding citizens alone.
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Why we don’t worry

March 8, 2015


If you have your health you have everything, so
some people say. We look at things just a tad
differently. We say…

You’re either healthy or sick. If you’re healthy,
no worries. If you’re sick you’ll either get
better or get worse. If you get better, no worries.

If you get worse you’ll either get better or die.
If you get better, no worries. And if you die
you’ll be so busy shaking hands with friends in
hell you won’t have time to worry. So why worry.

We are not recommending you live by this credo,
only that as mere mortals we have no final say over
how our lives will end.
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