Some thoughts

October 23, 2018

The moon looked good last night and after I got the wife off to
work we had a chat. Once again he had some good ideas but told
me to check the legality of said ideas before acting on them.

A little later today I’ll get some doughnuts from the doughnut
shop and cruise over to visit Dad. This may be a bit different
from all the others as he has never lost a son before. We talked
about it a few times and the Antique Farmer stated he believed
that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Then we have the subject of flowers for the funeral. I admit to
getting sticker shock when looking at the various offerings and
it got me thinking. The flowers denote love or respect of the
sender, I think. But who we send them to is dead so doesn’t know
they were sent.

Seems like a wasted sentiment to me. But yes, we did send the
flowers. Visitation will be this afternoon and in my list of
places I’d rather not be a funeral home is a close second to the
hospital. I may get over it when I get older.

Finally, the weather on the east coast of Iowa is going to be
great for the funeral and most of the week. No rain in the
forecast until Friday and then only a 20% chance with highs in
the 50s. Good for getting outside work done.

Enjoy our Tuesday and keep an eye out for the full moon
tomorrow. Now I need some coffee and bacon.
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Here we go, again

October 9, 2018

Another afternoon posting that should have been done this
morning. Got up early enough, had good intentions, but didn’t
get it done. The chores did get done and I paid Dad a visit so
it was trade-off.

It could have been later if I’d taken a detour to see if the
grocery store has my bacon cheeseburger pizzas back in stock.
This week I’m working with a lone pizza in the freezer and no
back up. It’s going to be a long week.

Here on the east coast of Iowa it has been a strange day. The
sun has been out, the wind has died down, it’s in the 80s and
no rain. By the time we get to end of our extended weather
forecast the highs are supposed to be in the 40s. Ah, fall in

And I thought with the warmer temperatures the critters would
be out and about in abundance. Not so. We’ve only seen a couple
of birds and a squirrel aside from the feral cats. Just waiting
for things to get back to normal so I can use the camera again.

The upside to all the rain we’ve been getting is everything is
so wet it won’t burn. Have to get to bundling up some brush as
it probably won’t be dry enough to burn until around Christmas.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s a beautiful day here and we plan on
enjoying it. Now I need more coffee so I can figure out how to
make that pizza last.
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The circus is in Washington….

September 20, 2018

and the Ringmaster is Pelosi.

Ever since she mentioned her ‘anonymous’ source politicians
and the media have gone crazy. I don’t care if it’s a delaying
tactic or not. Someone will be named to the open seat on the
Supreme Court during Trumps term in office.

The biggest hurdle the accusations face is that there are no
witnesses to the alleged incident. Without a witness it is a
case of she said he said. Either it happened as the woman
claims, she’s exaggerating what happened 30 years ago, or it just
didn’t happen.

I still fail to see the relevance to the nomination. The
accused has obviously straightened out his act and earned the
right to be nominated on his merits, or he got very good at
hiding his mistakes.

Isn’t it odd that said woman came forward and now a lady on the
media coverage of the non-event stated the accuser wasn’t given
enough time to prepare to talk to Senators? If you’re telling
the truth what do have to prepare? If you feel as strongly as
she claims the truth should make it easy.

Another piece of this puzzle has me muttering ‘Lord love a
duck!’. The accuser, from California, is now claiming she has
received death threats. I thought nobody liked Trump so who
would be making these threats?

It’s time to put up or shut up. Either you have proof beyond a
shadow of a doubt or you don’t. Looks like we’ll know soon
enough but this spending millions of dollars chasing down things
the can’t be proven is getting old.

With the mid-term elections coming up we’ll be hearing more on
this in campaigns regardless of how things turn out. It is sad
to see a group of adults who are supposed to enact our laws
acting like a bunch of spoiled school children.

Enjoy our Thursday as it is the first of a three-day run of ‘r’
days. Since I got up at zero dark thirty more coffee is in order.
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I know it’s late

September 18, 2018

Woke up on the run and after a quick shower went to visit with
Dad. Then the wife and I went to early lunch where she tried the
linguini and I stuck with my cheeseburger with pepper jack
cheese. It looked to be a decent, but windy day, early yet now
it’s darker than early evening.

And I’m beginning to think it doesn’t do any good to a cat that
you’re a dog person. When we came back home the mama feral cat
had to be played with and once we got in the house the wifes’ 2
cats and a kitten also wanted attention. I’m fighting a losing

Caught a glimpse of the morning “news” on TV and noticed the
brain-dead commentators were torn between brow beating the
Supreme Court nominee and gushing praise over the Emmy award
show. They even mentioned Tom Arnold got thumped at said event
by someone who is not a fan.

That is exactly why I avoid the TV “news” as much as possible.
If they ever start reporting real news I may start watching
again, or not. We can’t wait for the weekend as the high
temperature of the day is supposed to drop about 15 degrees from
where it is now.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we only get so many days without and ‘r’
in them. Now I need some more coffee and perhaps a nap, or both.
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Stand or kneel?

September 15, 2018

It would seem that multi-millionaire football players kneeling
during the National Anthum has a lot of people worked up. My
personal thought is that we Veterans served for the rights of
all, including the stupid.

But I didn’t feel I had it quite right and turned to the recent
words of Kirstie Ennis, and retired USMC Sgt who lost a leg when
her helicopter crashed in Afghanistan. Here is how she feels
about it in her own words-

In case you wondered where I stand… pun intended —— ????

“I stand to honor the promise the flag represents.
You kneel because that promise has been broken.

I stand to affirm my belief that all are created equal,
and to fight alongside you for that promise.
You kneel because too few stand with you.

I stand because we can be better.
You kneel to remind us to be better.

I stand to honor all that have fought and died so that
we may be free.
You kneel because not all of us are.

I stand because I can. BECAUSE I STILL CAN.
You kneel for those who can’t.

I stand to defend your right to kneel.
You kneel to defend my right to stand.

I stand because I love this country.
You kneel because you love it too.”

Well said Sgt. Ennis.
Enjoy our Saturday, it’s the only one we get this
week. Now for more coffee and whatever I can round
up for breakfast.
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Something happened

September 13, 2018

Have you ever had the feeling that something is different but
you can’t figure out what? Ever since we came back from the
wifes vacation I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at our
backyard sensing something was missing.

The shed, garage, and tool room hadn’t moved. The patio is
where it always has been and the bird feeder and cat food bowls
are as we left them. Then yesterday it hit me. I saw two rocks
on top of the retaining wall and knew the answer.

Two stones about 3 inches high and a foot in diameter looked as
if they just popped out of the ground and the neighbor moved
them while mowing the yard. I used to mow around these rocks and
remembered why they were in the yard.

When our youngest was a lot smaller we had two cats die and at
the time he wanted to give them a proper send off over the
rainbow bridge. So I dug a hole and buried the cats, complete
with a eulogy then placed a stone as a marker.

And over time I forgot what goes where when they were moved. I
have decided not to replace the markers as I do remember where
the burials took place. After 20+ years perhaps it’s time. So
Kenny, if you stop for a visit the yard won’t have two stones

Enjoy our Thursday as it means the beginning of the weekend is
only a dream away. Now I need some coffee and doughnut holes.
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September 11, 2018

Today is the anniversary of the attack that united our nation
in outrage at the attackers and the need to help those affected.
We hope that during your busy day you could set aside the time
to observe a moment of silence.

We remember where we were when the news broke, in my case I was
hanging quarter panels on a 54′ Chevy when the coverage started.
Everyone gathered around the TV in the shop and not a lot of
work got done.

A lot of work did get done around here and the yard is looking
much better than when we got home. I also started on my office
and if you’ve ever been in it you know it needs de-cluttering.
I keep mementos from car shows, car manufactures, various other
products I like, and more.

So much got done that I treated us to a fresh hot pizza from
a pizza joint. This always causes a problem as either we’re
getting older or the pizzas are getting bigger. We used to have
a lot less leftovers. Fine with us though as saved pizza is as
good as fresh.

Today I will go visit Dad for the first time since we got home
and see how he’s doing. I’ve heard some rumors but don’t put much
faith in them until I check things out myself. We picked up
some goodies for him on the trip, have pictures he can have, and
I will bring the doughnuts.

So enjoy our Tuesday as we will munching on cold pizza. Now I
need some hot coffee.
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