Our mess

October 18, 2016


The presidential debate is tomorrow, election day is near,
and our country is as divided as ever. A lot of us know who
we’re going to vote for, and why, but are voting for very
different reasons.

We have one candidate who is a proven liar and insider and
one with no political experience who wants to shake things
up. We have a current president who calls any question of
voter fraud ridiculous when his campaign committed voter
fraud to get him elected.

It’s been said by some that if one candidate gets elected
some are moving to another country while Russia claims it
will bomb us if the other one gets in.

We have one party who doesn’t want voter I.D. while the
other party does. One has admitted to the desire to take our
guns while the other doesn’t. And a media that couldn’t
report the news if they read the handbook.

And we have some younger voters who don’t know shit from
Shinola. While I’m sure the parents of these college kids are
proud I find it ironic that they can’t name the current vice
president yet are eligible to vote.

We are cursed to live in interesting times. For those who
intend to watch the debate tomorrow we hope your candidate
wins the debate. For those who don’t, enjoy
your Wednesday night.
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What day is it?

October 12, 2016


Yes it’s National Farmers’ Day. We know you didn’t forget
but wanted to remind those who did. Even if you don’t live
in an agricultural state you still have to eat and what you
eat was grown somewhere, so give a nod to those who produce

With that being said we’d like to remind those among us who
keep referring to America as a Democracy, it is not. America
is is a Constitutional Republic. There is a difference. It’s
simple really. In a constitutional Republic candidates are
elected by the people to represent said people and must run
the government according to the Constitution which limits
their power.

This form of government is suppose to recognize that the
existing law is unchangeable, or at the very least that it
is not government who can change it. Regardless of what Obama
and others keep telling us our Constitution is based on the
Bible, the Magna Carta, and the Declaration of Independence.

This Constitution states man’s sovereignty, the divine nature
of our creation, and our divine right to life, liberty, the
means to acquire and possess property, and the pursuit of
happiness. And the reason for a Constitutional Republic is to
put limits on the tyranny of the majority.

This begs the question: if the government can’t change the
existing laws how are they changing the existing laws without
penalty? Also, since they are trying to change so many of our
established laws, are we still a Constitutional Republic?

New rights appear almost daily when there is no power to
write such rights. Clearly the 2nd Amendment is, and has
been under attack and without repercussions. Do we have any
recourse when our government breaks the very Constitution it
has sworn to uphold?

Governments answer to almost any problem is to raise taxes
or enact new taxes. Here’s a news flash government- we don’t
need new taxes, we need new faces in our government who will
do what we elected them to do.

Now I go in search of a pizza and a tall glass of lemonade.
Enjoy your Wednesday, and observe National Farmers’ Day.
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Got it!

October 11, 2016


After what seems like years of the latest campaign to elect
a president, and countless frustrations, I believe the
solution is at hand. If you’re tired of saying ‘not my
circus, not my monkeys’ this may be for you.

Since the Democrats appear to be behind Hilary regardless of
what is uncovered about her past, and the Republicans don’t
want to get behind Trump, what I watched on the radio may be
of use to you.

One caller to the Jim Fisher Show stated he would vote for
Trump and stop there. He would not vote for anyone in the
House or Senate, who claim to be Republican yet have done
nothing to stop Obama during their term in office.

We don’t have to vote for everyone on the ballot so this
might send a message. Paul Ryan won’t back Trump because he
is afraid he might not get re-elected if he does, so don’t vote
for him. Not every plan is perfect and we know if everyone
followed this one the Democrats would regain control.

I believe Trump will win the peoples election, but will the
Electoral College follow our wishes or elect Hilary? And if
such a thing happens, what would be the result? Riots,
protests, or nothing?

And if people start speaking out about the injustice done
will that get violent? Internment camps? I shudder to think.
So until election day I will continue to talk to the animals
and leave the politics to the experts.

It’s Tuesday already so we hope you enjoy it. Day is almost
done and a pizza sounds like just the thing to put a smile
back on my face. Happy Sausage Pizza Day.
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Just thinking

October 10, 2016

The police cars are gone, the media has reported on the
shots fired call, and things are back to our version of
normal. A house was shot at that had people in it, nobody was
hurt, and casings were recovered.



So when I woke up this morning I ventured outside to take a
few pictures. For some reason that process calms me down and
grounds my soul. And I just got to thinking how totally
confusing our society is today to someone who is a child of
the 50s.

Even in the presidential debates the candidates were saying
things on live TV that would have gotten our mouths washed
out with soap. When we were growing up Lucy and Ricky slept
in twin beds and the kisses were timed! Now it seems like
anything goes.

And if we mention these facts we are told that was the old
days and how it is better today than it was then. I have to
ask how? The kids I see don’t respect anything or anybody,
racial tension is up, and we are berated if we disagree with
the status quo.

Laws are being blatantly ignored, money has replaced God,
and our government is shipping in people who hate us and our
country. Lying is condoned while being corrupt has turned
into a badge of honor for some. Law enforcement is under
attack, our rights are being violated or lost, and our
military no longer has the might it once did because those
who can make a difference are closet socialists who believe
all mankind can get along together without fighting.

If that’s the better version of what we had, I’ll be found
outside taking pictures. At least I understand wildlife and
nature. Enjoy your Monday.
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While we were sleeping

October 5, 2016


I can’t help but get the feeling that while I slumbered
through the night somebody moved my carcass to another
country. This is not the place I grew up in.

In the place that I grew up in nobody would dare step on our
flag, not stand and face that flag during our National Anthem,
and didn’t riot loot and burn our cities.

I grew up in a place where courtesy was the norm, morals were
above reproach, and people had common sense. A place where if
somebody hurt your feelings the fight was on. This place I
came from didn’t coddle the underachievers nor tell us what
we think. We paid a hell of lot fewer taxes and got more in

In that place, at that time, we believed in God, family, and
that you had to believe in something or you’d fall for
anything. Today, people are falling for everything while
wanting to be paid for doing nothing.

Our government is corrupt, the media is one-sided, the work
force is low, and the world is thinking we have all gone
crazy. Some in our government are pushing gun control like it
is the answer to all our problems. We know some of the
current bunch don’t believe in our Constitution, but they
should at least know what is in it.

It is really quite simple; what part of shall not be
infringed don’t you understand? According to Webster’s New
World Dictionary infringe means to break (a law or pact),
to encroach on (the rights of others).

We need to get back on the right track before we pass the
point of no return.
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September 30, 2016


We’ll mention 4 different subjects now, two that touch our
heartstrings and 2 that walk on the fighting side of me. We
feel it only right to mention the two we like first.

This Saturday, October 1st, is the Toys for Tots cruise-in
at NorthPark Mall hosted by the River Valley Classics. Hours
are 5-9 pm, Santa will be there, and the event goes on rain
or shine. If you don’t want your show car to get wet stop by
in your daily driver and drop off a toy.

Then the tale of Shanna and her daughters. She is a
single mother raising two girls who both have a rare
neuromuscular disease. A gofundme account was started last
year and still has a long way to go to reach the goal. Please
go to the link, read their story, and donate if you can.

Ok, now the things that frost my tomato. I never thought in
my lifetime that the U.S. Navy with do away with enlisted
ratings to make the Navy more “gender neutral” and to avoid
offending anyone. I know the radar man rate changed to
operations specialist, but now there won’t be a master at
arms or electricians mate either? This whole touchy, feely,
nonsense has gone to far. It’s the military not Romper Room!

Finally, we got a call this morning that really rubbed me
the wrong way. Caller I.D. just said ‘Austin, Tx’ and the
message started with “This is the IRS and we are suing you”.
Really? I have about a buck 2.98 in my bank account and
almost as much in ready cash which means I have enough to
stay retired until tomorrow.

These scams always make me mad for two reasons. The first is
somebody will fall this nonsense and give them money, and
second because they make me mad. To the caller from Austin,
Tx: please call back. We weren’t home before and would like to
discuss your problem.

And now, even though the wife and I shared a pizza last night
I am hungry for another. Enjoy your Friday and upcoming week
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Not watching

September 26, 2016


Unless you have just awakened from a coma, you know the
first presidential debate of this go round is tonight. If you
have visited here long enough you also know we will not be
among the viewers.

Once again our country is at a crossroad and the direction
the majority decides to go will affect our future for

We believe there are three types of people in the race to
elect the next president. There are patriots, non-patriots,
and mushrooms. Others exist but we believe they are sub-sets
of the above mentioned groups. Bear with us and we’ll explain.

The patriot groups includes, but is not limited to those who
believe the oath they took never expires, anyone willing to
fight to keep our country free, and those who care enough to
seek the truth and not accept the rumors.

The non-patriot group includes, but is not limited to the
rioters, those who want something for nothing, and those who
do not respect our flag.

The last group is easier to define. We call them mushrooms
because they thrive when kept in the dark and fed a bunch of

Said groups have been around since before our country was a
country. That being said, we now believe patriots are in danger
of losing the top spot to one, or both, of the others. We are
getting tired of the talk. Talk is cheap, and we need a lot
less talk and a lot more action.

Watch the debate if you must, just don’t update us on that
dog and pony show. I think I hear some leftover pizza calling
for first aid and I want to be first on the scene. Enjoy your
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