March 22, 2019

After two evenings of hiding in the thick clouds the moon graced the sky with its glow last night. Monte said he felt a diet was in order and asked what I thought. I told him he looked great and I wouldn’t change a thing. You can almost see him smiling in the picture above.

This post would have gotten out earlier but it was one of those days that I got up early yet didn’t get much done. Our phone, internet, and TV have been switching off and on like a string of Christmas lights all morning. But critters got fed, I had my coffee, and the wife worked late which meant the cruise to the grocery store was pushed back.

We didn’t get there until after 8:30 am and watched other shoppers to see what they bought during banking hours. We did notice that those who shop later were prone to wearing shorts and athletic attire. I’ll keep my jeans and work clothes thank you.

Getting older means we look at things we’d normally walk by. We got in the aisle that had fruit juices and such and had to stop at a display of energy drinks. Made by the company that brinds us V-8 juice I felt perhaps the name justified the price. Once home I tried one but was not impressed.

I was not energized, the different fruits in the blend were alright, and said drinks didn’t have the caffeine of a cup of coffee. We’re not going to fall for that one again. We did splurge for some Pepperidge Farm cookies and are quite happy with those. I’ll end this here as the energy drink may be time delayed and I’ll have to get busy.

Enjoy our Friday as the weekend is here.
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Best intentions

March 20, 2019

Yesterday morning this little guy was enjoying his picnic on the lawn as the sun shined and the day warmed. I thought for sure this was a sign that the moon would pose for a great picture. It wasn’t going to happen. The sky got cloudier all day until by sunset the sky looked more like tear gas training in boot camp than a clear spring night.

Then the rain came and while I did see the moon it was just a blurry orb in the eastern sky. Forecasts for tonight call for more of the same but we’ll make an effort to at least try to get a shot of the full moon. I saw two cardinals yesterday as I was cruising around and since I didn’t have a camera with me there are not pictures.

There was a crow in a nearby tree who thought his job was to annoy everyone with his cawing. The crow shut his mouth long enough to get the picture above. His constant calling didn’t bring any friends and he flew away shortly after the shot.

These two were seen at around the same time and looked to be co-conspirators. Not as colorful as cardinals or blue jays, but interesting birds just the same. This morning there were no birds out and about as I put out some bird seed. When I came back in there were about a half dozen birds and one squirrel seen through the door glass. Guess they’re shy eaters.

Enjoy our Wednesday and the pictures as we’ll try to get more later. Now I need some more coffee before grabbing the camera.
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Things change

March 18, 2019

This past Saturday started great and warmed up nicely before things cooled down and later the snow came. Those who tell us what our weather will be predicted a dusting to an inch or two of white fluffy love from above but it wasn’t a problem as these same people told us it would get back in the 40s Sunday.

We awoke yesterday to discover a winter wonderland and were amazed at the beauty of all we surveyed. Since we knew the sight would only be around for a short time we got some pictures. Everything was covered with around 3 inches of snow by early morning.

By mornings end the snow was all but gone and the critters out an about. Not sure what of bird this is, but it was soaring over the neighborhood looking for something. Whatever it is the sight of this creature circling in the clear sky was something to see.

Somehow that was perfect ending to the snow arriving, then melting quickly once the sun came up. The bird hung in the sky for quite a while yet I didn’t have a great lens to get more pictures as he got further away each time each time he looped around.

So I decided to put the camera up, get some chores done, and the pics uploaded to the computer. By the time all was said and done I remembered it was St. Patrick’s Day. There are worse ways to spend the holiday and we were reminded that when it comes to the weather, things change.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the rest of our lives.
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Enjoying it while we can

March 16, 2019

As the moon peeked out from behind the clouds this picture was taken and a chat began with the man in the moon. Monte, said man in the moon, was not up to full speed yet but getting there. He made quite a sight posing against the darkening sky and was in a good mood.

Monte claimed blue was favorite color and evening was the time he liked to chat. He also claimed to have his acne under control and was trying to get more sun to give him a little color. He did look pale.

Then we talked of the upcoming spring equinox and how that would affect the weather on our blue planet. He started laughing when told that here on the east coast of Iowa we may get up to 2 inches of snow tonight. Yeah, we’re not over winter yet.

The flood, which will crest on the Mississippi river on Monday, is supposed to be about 3 feet over flood stage. Many other rivers and creeks are also up but not my favorite creek where I go to take pictures and get away from the stress of living in the city. I’m sure it will flood at some point and hope the erosion is minimal.

Then the clouds started to return so his end of the conversation became muffled and hard to understand. Said clouds soon swept the moon away and covered him in a blanket of white. Oh well, we enjoy it while we can and bring back the memories when the moon can’t be seen.

Enjoy our Saturday as we get ready for another round of snow. Now for some coffee with a side of bacon.

Different days

March 14, 2019

That sure describes yesterday. It started out with rain, ended with more rain, yet in between felt like the Twilight Zone. I still managed to get a few pictures in between chores and meals yet things happened that don’t usually.

Facebook was down, the flood forecast was in the news, and I noticed a tree at the other end of the block for the first time. The tree has been there for several years and yesterday as I looked through the zoom lens small tan balls hung all over the thing.

The picture isn’t the best but the experience made me wonder. How can you live somewhere and not see a tree at the other end of the block has little balls hanging all over it? I notice it now.

And I noticed this critter in a small tree and thought of the coloration. Grey squirrels are common, black squirrels are seen often, but I’ve never seen one auburn colored. Looked good on this one though.

The coloring on this squirrel is what we usually see here on the east coast of Iowa. Some say they are cute but I’m not among that group, yet they are fun to watch.

The clouds did not look happy at one point to remind me it was going to be a very rainy day. Nothing unusual there except it reminded me the camera isn’t waterproof.

And it wouldn’t be a critter post without a few pictures of the cardinals that hang around. Was lucky to get these during a lull in the rain and the model was a bit of a ham.

Enjoy our Thursday and we’ll try to get a few new pics before the rain visits again later. Now for more coffee.
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Great days

March 13, 2019

Yesterday was one of those days that makes life worth living and put a smile on your face that remains for hours. So many little things happened that the big things were forgotten. And it all started with a visit with Dad.

When back in our driveway a bird of prey was circling about a mile away and while the picture isn’t the best it does show the bald eagle soaring high above. The eagle never got closer which made me wish for a longer lens.

A cardinal was out and about and agreed to pose for a few shots, as long as it didn’t take too long. I’m happy with the results as he was a bright spot on a cloudy day.

And the icing on the cake was witnessing the return of the American white pelican. Over a mile away and following the river these large birds were a sight to see. With a body over 4 foot long and wingspan of 9 feet they are graceful in flight, and winter in South America. And yes, it’s hard to see mostly white birds when the sky is full of white clouds.

With all that going on, brush still got cut and the chores done. Later, while having a burrito the size of sub sandwich, I decided a day couldn’t get much better than that.

We’ll see what happens today and try to get more pictures of something other than a cardinal. Enjoy our Wednesday as we will. Now for some more coffee before going back out.
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Time well spent

March 12, 2019

The moon was looking skinny last night but we had a talk anyway. Monte, the man in the moon, asked if I was going over to Dads today and when told yes he said to tell him hello. He usually doesn’t say something like that so I relayed his greeting.

Then we talked of many things. Everything from from the horses at the fair to the different parts of the world we’d seen while in the Navy. We talked a gravel roads and dust on the cornstalks. And we talked how the world had changed since we were young.

In between talks I raised his walker as it was low for him and he walked hunched over when he used it. About that time he noticed he had four canes next to his chair and I told him he needed a red one as two were plain aluminum and the other two blue.

When I left his flag pole in the back yard was listing to port so I straightened it out before getting in the car. His flag pole is straight again and old glory looks all the better atop it. And now I’m heading out to trim some bushes and trees before it rains tonight.

Somehow while that was going on my coffee level got evened out, hence the chores. If it’s not raining later I’ll check out the moon and if it is we’ll see how hard it rains.

Enjoy our Tuesday as that’s easier than complaining about it. Now for the pruning saw.
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