Some bird thoughts

December 5, 2017

A while back I mentioned that if you see a cardinal a loved
one in heaven is thinking about you and decided to take a
closer look this red bird and the myths, legends, and truths
about it. So here are a few things we dug up.

The cardinal was the first designated state bird when in 1926
it was named the state bird of Kentucky. Six other states later
adopted the cardinal as their state bird also.

There is a Cardinals pro football team, pro baseball team, and
college athletic teams. The bird is also the mascot of many
school teams.

The Cherokee believe the cardinal is the daughter of the sun.
Legend dictates if you see a cardinal flying upward, towards
the sun, you will have good luck. But if you see a cardinal
flying downward, toward earth, it is bad luck.

There are even cardinal signals and we’ll cite a few here.
One is its color, cardinal red. This color is symbol of
faith. So seeing a cardinal can be a signal
telling us to keep the faith during hard times.

The cardinal cycle of twelve signifies the cycles of life,
death, and renewal. Regardless of which of the 12 months you
spy a cardinal, it symbolizes the opportunity for restoration
and renewal.

The sound of the cardinal is symbolic of cheer, elevation,
clarity, and communication. Their call can cheer us up, lift
us from depression, and follow the hope in our heart.

Cardinal health is a symbol of strength, readiness, self-
preservation, and vitality. A cardinal sighting suggests our
current diet may not be healthy, we should be prepared to fight
for our health, and that the strength is there to win the

Now that we know all that I think I’ll stick with the old
standby that says seeing a cardinal means a loved one who died
is watching over us.

Enjoy our Tuesday, We got cold here on the east coast of Iowa,
but it is December. Now I need coffee and a pizza.
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Did you ever?

December 4, 2017

I stopped saying ‘I’ve seen everything now’ decades ago, but
when younger I uttered the phrase a lot. The last time I said
it a bunch of us were in my 62′ Impala Super Sport and
couldn’t wake up a drunk passed out leaning on a parking
meter downtown. I revved it up for a full 5 minutes and
never woke the drunk.

The engine was hopped up and it only had headers and shorty
header mufflers on it for exhaust and while trying to wake
said drunk caught the attention of the police 2 blocks away.
Today I witnessed another sight never before seen through
my eyes.

Did you ever see a cat climbing the hedges to try and catch a
bird? I thought for sure branches were going to break and it
wouldn’t end well for the cat. The striped feline didn’t get a
bird or break any branches but the bushes were dancing while
the cat went through the motions.

I didn’t have my camera as I was doing chores so I ran back
inside, got the camera, and got a picture. When the cat got
on the ground later he wasn’t bleeding and it surprised me.
These bushes have thick thorns about and inch and a half long.

Everything time I trim these bushes I end up looking like I
went 10 rounds with a pissed off fighting rooster. Yet the cat
came out of the ordeal without a scratch. Wonder if I could
train him to use a hedge trimmer?

Enjoy our Monday as we’re looking at cold snap in a day or
two here on the east coast of Iowa. Now I need more coffee and
perhaps a ham and cheese omelette.
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What a week

November 29, 2017

Just got back from visiting Dad, getting some Christmas
decorations out of his attic, and checking the breaker box in
the basement. Didn’t find everything he wanted but found enough
to make him happy.

Monday as I went outside to watch the sunset I noticed a huge
bird in a neighbors tree that turned out to be a full grown
hawk, and yesterday I got pictures of 12 different cardinals
who were spread around our yard.

Both nights had great sunsets and clear skies to view the
moon. The wife goes back to 3rd shift next week, and I have
enough pizza and Snickers to last a while. Even heard the
bugle on the Arsenal at lights out last night.

I don’t know why there were so many cardinals around but am
glad they chose our yard to party in. The ones in the pine tree
made for some great seasonal shots. The red birds in the green
tree were almost like Christmas, all that was missing was the
snow on the branches.

Also read that when one sees 12 of anything in mature,
according to Native American lore, it means good luck will find
you in 12 hours, 12 days, or 12 months. I’m waiting for me pot
of gold as you read this.

It’s a fine day when the good in ones life far outweighs the
bad and if this is a streak, I’m running with it. Enjoy our
Wednesday as that means we’re halfway to the weekend. Now, I
need more coffee and a Snickers to complete the morning.
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A short rant before pictures

November 16, 2017

Before we start this post we want to report that companies
have given a new meaning to ‘customer service’. We’ve been
having some issues with our local paper and thought that
department was the one to call to get things resolved. Wrong!

For 23 years we have been getting this paper delivered, on
our front porch, between 4:30 to 6:30 am. We’re early risers
and like to read the morning news in the morning. Yesterday it
didn’t get here until 8:30 am and this morning we’re still

So the wife called the aforementioned ‘customer service’ only
to be told that the paper hasn’t been on the porch because we
have a dog on the porch. News to us as we haven’t had a dog in
over 20 years! When the wife mentioned this fact the talking
head on the other end of the line stated the paper has a new
policy and will not put the paper on the porch anymore for the
carriers safety. This imaginary dog must look mean.

Although we have been happy with the service, until recently,
we are going to cancel our subscription. If we can’t read
yesterday’s news, in today’s paper, before noon, we don’t want
it. We will no longer be getting the newspaper or buying it off
the newsstand. And now, on to the post.

It would seem I have been fixated on pictures of the feral
kittens and haven’t posted any pictures of the other critters
lately. This should fix the problem. First up is a cardinal
trying to keep warm in the breeze.

The bushes held a couple surprises recently and we’ll that one
with you.

This little guy also looked cold, but ready for winter.

The sky even got into the act and grabbed our attention.

And a black squirrel got on top of the neighbor’s roof then
couldn’t decide what to do. He finally scampered over the top
and down the other side.

Another cardinal was on another branch looking like he had ate
enough to get him through the winter. He could fly, but he sure
was pudgy.

And finally, a bird using our lopsided bird feeder.

That’s a few of the non-feline critters that have crossed our
path in the last few days. Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend
will be here before we know it.
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Strange Sunday

November 13, 2017

I didn’t wake up grouchy yesterday, I let her sleep in. The
night before we watched the guy who throws darts at a weather
map to tell him what the weather is going to be. He said warmer
and rain for Sunday and I thought nothing about it when I awoke
to gray skies.

But imagine my surprise when I glanced outside and saw snow!
Yes, big white fluffy love from above when the thermometer
pointed to 37 degrees! It snowed for most of the morning and
I was waiting for enough to stick so I could start the
snow blower.

When the lady who follows me around got up I suggested going
out and catching snowflakes on our tongues. That would be a no.
I was even told I was too happy to see the first snowfall. But
this is the same woman who tells me normal people don’t talk to
their food or critters!

She may have gotten tired of me grinning, dancing around, and
jumping up and down half the day waiting for the snow to stick.
It never did but that didn’t curb my enthusiasm. This morning
the fog is getting pretty thick and those with the darts say it
will stay that way until around 10 am.

That’s ok. Fog’s fun too. It has a whole different feel than
a clear day which can help the imagination play tricks. We hope
you’re enjoying the weather where you are as much as we’re
enjoying ours. Be careful on this Monday the 13th, and now I’m
going for another cup of coffee.
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Armistice Day storm

November 11, 2017

We’ve been told for some time now that climate change is going
to end mankind as we know it. Gloom and doom are predicted. We
seem to forget history along the way, and thus, are doomed to
repeat it. In my lifetime we’ve heard of impending ice ages and
heat waves beyond belief.

None of which came to be. These threats did manage to raise
the cost of certain things while not changing anything. We were
being manipulated then as now. Dad talks about the record
breaking heat wave in the summer of 1937, we’ll talk of another
weather event.

Veteran’s Day used to be called Armistice Day and on November
11th, 1940 a super-storm came through Iowa and other parts of
the country. Global Warming? On that November day in 1940, it
was 58 degrees at 9 am.! Parades were being held in celebration
of the holiday, hunters were in the field, and it looked to be
a picture perfect holiday.

During the local parade the bands wind instruments froze when
the temperature dropped to 33 degrees in about a half hour. The
storm hit the Pacific northwest with near hurricane force winds
and didn’t weaken as it raced east. The storm inhaled moisture
from the Gulf of Mexico and cold air from Canada to become a

The winds that hit that day were called “the winds of hell”
and it is said they reached 70 mph. And then came the blizzard.
Two trains collided, hunters died in the field, boats and
freighters sank on Lake Michigan killing 66 sailors, one million
Thanksgiving turkeys died, and Collegeville, Minnesota
saw 27 inches of snow fall.

The storm tracked from Des Moines to Eau Clair, and the
pressure dropped to around 29 inches of Mercury. When it was
over it was discovered the storm had cut a 1,000 mile wide
path through the middle of our country.

The reason a storm warning wasn’t issued was because the
Midwest headquarters of the government forecaster in Chicago
wasn’t staffed overnight to track the storm. With today’s
advanced technology we hope this couldn’t happen again.

So don’t tell us how climate change is going to cause severe
weather changes and what we have to give up to stop it. Look to
the past for the answers.

Enjoy our Veteran’s Day.
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I didn’t sign up for this

November 6, 2017

With the gray skies and the colorful trees dropping leaves, you
can tell that fall is here. With that came the realization
that I am now in the fall of my life and reflecting on how this
has changed me as a person. A little more of my get up and go
has got up and went and I have turned into an introvert.

As I see more and more people tilting at windmills while
destroying the property of others, I’m glad I have nature and
wildlife to fall back on.

Recent societal changes have forced this and since I don’t
know what happened to allow the nonsense to get a foothold, I
cannot condone it. Men used to open doors for the ladies
without getting called a sexist, kids could be kids, we
actually learned something useful in school, and if somebody
got their feelings hurt it was no big deal. Nobody’s feelings
trumped anothers rights.

Courts used give harsh sentences yet allow first offenders a
break, people weren’t demanding something for nothing, and one
could actually have an intelligent conversation with another
person they didn’t agree with. Now the people are making heroes
out of criminals while vilifying the police, we’ve lost our
freedom speech unless we agree, and facts don’t matter.

So I have become an introvert. I’m not mad nor do I hate
anyone. I’m not antisocial, shy, or stuck up. I just learned a
long time ago you can’t fix stupid.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first one this week. Now I need
another cup of coffee and the company of some critters.
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