Interesting days

June 18, 2019

A few nights ago the sky got colorful before sunset and the rain started again. I knew the moon wouldn’t be visible so with all the gnats buzzing around came back in.

After the drizzle yesterday some crows got together in an old oak tree to preen and survey their domain. The sky was white yet everything appeared to be in shadows making for an interesting day.

After coming home from jury duty this little guy was perched on a lower roof and looked like he was on guard duty. He just sat there and watched until I was on the porch like I didn’t belong or something.

This morning was a good day in a strange way. When I pulled into the donut shop parking lot the ladies at the counter were putting my order together before I even got to the counter. First time that’s happened but I’m not complaining.

Then went over to Dads and had a good long visit. Before the care giver got there we were making plans to remodel his bathroom. He thought his recliner was too far away and wanted to put it in his bathroom. Of course then we’d have to move his TV in there also.

Since we were that far along he’d thought it would be a good idea to knock out one wall so there’d be room for the dancing girls. He’s been on kick where he claims dancing girls were on their way but the bus broke down. Maybe next time they’ll show up.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s been a good one here. Now for more coffee.
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Quick update

June 17, 2019

Shortly I’ll be leaving the house to report for jury duty. That could get interesting as it’s drizzling, the courthouse is a few miles away, and the wife has the car in Dubuque. I’m guessing I’ll be wet when I get there.

I didn’t plan ahead because there wasn’t any rain in the forecast last night. I’m hoping by the time I leave the drizzle fizzles but am preparing for it anyway. I have a ball cap and a long sleeved shirt that should get me through.

Who would have thought they’d change the forecast? Of course it is also forecasted that the drizzle will stop about an hour after I get down there. It will be interesting to see if anything has changed since the last time I hoofed it that way.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the week and rest of our lives. Now I need another cup of coffee for my hike.
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Of pine cones and a car show

June 12, 2019

Pine cones are popping up on the old pine tree and before long will look more like pine cones than pickles. Didn’t get to see the moon last night as clouds moved in before the rain and a cool breeze came up.

Talked to the wife this morning, she is out of town for work until Thursday and called so we could chat. Even after being married for over 30 years we still talked for over an hour. And Dads Father’s Day gift came yesterday and it turned out even better than we hoped.

A friend got hold of me and mentioned a car show this weekend and thought we’d share that with you. The 12th Annual Heartland Nova Reunion runs from tomorrow afternoon through Saturday afternoon at Jumer’s in Rock Island, Illinois. I’m assuming that’s the casino.

Friday night at 7 pm a live band will be performing everything from Elvis to the Beatles and we’re told it’s a great band called The Neverly Brothers. And it’s free! So you can see some great cars, meet some nice people, and listen to a live band for free.

It is suggested that if you attend the concert you bring lawn chairs to sit in. The casino does supply some chairs but not enough for everyone. I wish we could make it but not sure we can. So if you like live music, hearing it for free, and looking at cars, this is the place to be.

Enjoy our Wednesday as that means we’re in the middle of the work week and the weekend will be here before we know it. Now for more coffee and the last piece of leftover pizza.
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Another late one

June 5, 2019

The wife worked late yesterday which meant I was late getting over to Dads yesterday to find he wasn’t home. So the donuts, card, and gift were left on his back porch and I came back home. We talked this morning so at least we got a visit in.

The birds were out when I got home and the first one seen was this robin who looked to be power walking with a purpose. He kept the marching up as he went down the alley.

This cardinal perched on the garbage bin and appeared to be waiting for the truck to come and dump and the bin. Not sure what he was doing but he spent a while doing it.

A brown headed cowbird was prancing around too but he was on the lawn. Since he was near where I put out bird food I thought that must be his purpose in being there. Although fun to watch I don’t care for these birds as they put their eggs in other birds nest to let them hatch them.

And I caught this cardinal headed for the feed and even he seemed to be determined. After strutting around in circles he zeroed in on the seeds and had quite a feast. Now if I could only keep the European starlings out of the cat food it would have been a perfect day.

Enjoy our Wednesday and the pictures. Now for some left over pizza and another cup of coffee.
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Smoke and birds

June 3, 2019

A few hours before sunset Saturday the sun looked like this on the east coast of Iowa before disappearing altogether before the sunset. That was due to the wildfires in Canada and reminded me of when the wildfires out west did the same thing a few years ago when the smoke was carried on the winds. It was interesting to watch and eerie at the same time while makes one wonder how it affects our air quality.

The hazy sky didn’t bother the birds and they were singing their hearts out. This warbler on a nearby roof was one of the loudest for such a small bird. Once it got started more joined in.

This cardinal was singing for his supper and would burst into song in between his pecking at the bird seed. He kept it up for quite some time and was also loud.

Loud enough to get the attention of a nearby female cardinal who decided to make his solo a duet. Together they were even louder, but pleasant to the ear.

This brown-headed cowbird looked like he was up to something as he kept looking over his shoulder.The entire time he he had his supper he kept looking behind him like the child with chocolate on their face that didn’t eat the last chocolate chip cookie.

Enjoy our Monday as we will. Now I’m having more coffee and some left over pizza.
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June 1, 2019

Here on the east coast of Iowa we’ve had some strange weather this year. The longest we’ve gone without rain or snow was 2 days back in mid April. We may have tied that yesterday but couldn’t tell as the wildfires in Canada caused a hazy sky.

That has been good for some flowers yet the weeds are doing even better. The gnats and mosquitoes love the weather also and when you go outside it doesn’t take long to figure that out. We do believe that we’ll see prices a lot higher in produce section later this year due to this sloppy weather.

And the weather may be affecting the birds in the area too. Noticed an increase in the birds with mange like this robin who I thought was preening himself. This one sat on the wires for a few moments before flying away, the loss of feathers not affecting his getaway.

The weather doesn’t appear to be bothering the squirrels as this little one shows. It’s so small the newly mowed grass looks tall but is actually the shortest its been this year. Looks like the black squirrels are doing alright.

Mama cat isn’t bothered by the weather and still an occasional pest. When she wants food or to be petted she lets us know. She’s a feral cat that has been around for about 3 years now and still going strong.

Enjoy our Saturday as we won’t see another for a week. Now I need coffee and leftover pizza.
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Cloud watching

May 31, 2019

A cardinal was around yesterday and would pose for a picture then fly away only to return with a different pose on a different branch. Not sure what he was doing but he did keep watching the camera as he did it.

About a half mile away a turkey buzzard kept circling and there must have good air currents up there as he barely moved his wings. Perhaps next time he will fly a little lower and get closer for a better shot.

The blue sky was filled with clouds and most looked a little odd to me, like this disjointed mushroom cloud. It looked like the evil scientist really messed something up in his secret laboratory. At least I hope that was what happened.

Some clouds ever appeared to be dancing as they moved slowly across the sky. Two partners turning as one while enjoying the beautiful day. Watched these slowly swirl until the dance ended and they broke apart. I guess you had to be there.

And I finally spotted the elusive whale cloud to the east that made me smile. Said cloud was slowly heading north on waves of wind. He made good progress as long as I could watch before he went behind some big trees.

It looks to be a dry day here today so enjoy our Friday as much as we will. Now I need some coffee and about 10 donuts to get me going.
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