Bound to happen

December 11, 2019

We know, this is late and we didn’t post anything yesterday. Don’t
have an excuse but have a few reasons as to why this happened. As
it turned out I couldn’t find my butt with both hands yesterday. It
was one of those days where the lights were on but nobody was home.

And earlier today I had to clear the white fluffy love from above
off the car, driveway, and walks. Not being as young as I once was,
this turned out to be a bigger chore than expected.

With my usual luck when I went out a male cardinal was perched in a
nearby bush so I went back inside to grab the camera and get a shot. Of course by the time I got back out the cardinal was gone. Later I did manage to get a few pictures, just not of bright red cardinals. I’ll upload later and if they turn out will share a few
here tomorrow.

So it snowed last night and today it’s almost 40 degrees out on the
east coast of Iowa. The weather people on TV claim tomorrow and
Friday will be even warmer. I guess the Old Farmer’s Almanac wasn’t
kidding when it said this year would end with a ‘polar coaster’.

I don’t blame global climate change for that as I believe climate
change is a hoax to squeeze more tax monies out of those of us who
feel guilty about supposedly ruining our weather. It is what it is,
the weather.

Enjoy our Wednesday and watch out for rogue camels. Now I need
more coffee and some lunch.
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Of normal days

December 5, 2019

Looks like things are back to normal as we saw some balloons stuck in
a different tree. These seem to proclaim that someone is having a boy.
Still think it’s sad that these things end up snagged in an old tree.

On a happier note, this feral cat seems to blend right in with her
surroundings. Although the cat doesn’t look happy her somber look
does fit the setting. At any rate we like the picture.

A female cardinal stopped by just long enough to get this shot then
flew off to the pine tree and disappeared. Other birds were out and
about but were too jumpy to photograph. It was like trying to get a
shot of a hummingbird in flight.

Later the moon came out so we got a picture of that. He looked
happy and we assumed he had a nice Thanksgiving. Or perhaps he’s
looking forward to Christmas?

And we were saddened and surprised to hear of the shooting at Pearl
Harbor. The shooting happened near a dry dock we were in when our
destroyer needed repairs. At least the only fatality was the shooter.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means the weekend is almost upon us.
Here on the east coast of Iowa the temperatures are going into the
basement next week so we’ll enjoy todays weather while we can. Now
for some coffee and pizza rolls.
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Oh the troubles

December 3, 2019

After a cloudy start the sun is once again shining in the sky. A lot
better than earlier in the day and we hope it stays that way for a
while. Saw some Juncos and a Cardinal earlier when out but didn’t
bring the camera. The cardinal was red.

Went over to Dads and found out he had ‘plumbing’ problems. Turns
out the wax seal is bad and has been long enough some of the floor
will have to be replaced before it can be fixed. After that was discussed he showed me a picture of his neighbors John Deere Model G taken at the fairgrounds.

Then he got a funny look on his face and asked if he’d shown me the
picture before. I told him he had but I didn’t mind looking at it
again. It’s a good picture of a well restored tractor.

When I got home from my visit the wife left to visit her mom. I got
into trouble when I said ‘tell my favorite mother-in-law hello and
I hope she gets better soon.’ That earned me the look and then the
wife said ‘she better be your ONLY mother-in-law.

The wife was calmed down when she returned so I lucked out. Either
that or she’s waiting for the right moment to pounce. I’ll try to
sleep with one eye open tonight.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we are. Now for some more coffee and a look
see in the refrigerator for my sweet tooth.
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What is it?

December 2, 2019

A bright white object appeared in the sky today and I wasn’t quite
sure what it was. Did know it hurt to look at it for too long. Then
the neighbor walked over for a chat and said it was the sun. After
the days of rain ending in a dusting of snow I remembered.

The sun is supposed to be out during the day and the moon at
night. Haven’t seen the moon either with the clouds lately. But
all that may change this week if the forecast holds true.

Lately my brain farts have been never ending. Could be part of
getting older or the handful of concussions I’ve had or a combination
of both. Ever have one those days where you think you did something
only to find out you didn’t. It gets confusing.

The Juncos are back from wherever they go when they aren’t here and
the climate crisis hasn’t affected them as we have more than last
year at this time. These small birds have been all over the yard
looking for something to eat. They did find the bird seed though so
it should be alright.

Going over to Dads tomorrow for a visit and can’t wait to hear what
he has on his mind this time. It is always enjoyable. And my
favorite mother-in-law is feeling under the weather but is out of
the hospital so the wife has been spending time over there. Hope
she gets better soon.

Enjoy our Monday as we will. Now for some coffee and lunch.
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Good food, same old luck

November 27, 2019

We had our turkey and all the trimmings yesterday in an early
celebration of Thanksgiving as the wife works the holiday. Of course
the mashed potatoes and gravy kept calling me so I had to have 4 big
servings before pushing the plate away.

Went out to feed the feral cats this morning and the fickle finger
of fate pointed my way again. Just as I opened the door a cardinal
was again perched on the fence and my camera was inside on the
computer hutch. Knowing the bird would be gone by the time I went
back inside and grabbed the camera the cats got fed first.

When that was gone one look was all it took to realize the fence
was empty where the cardinal used to be. Looking at nearby trees and
bushes confirmed it, no bird. No sense hanging around as the day is
windy and temps are dropping. Sooner or later said birds will sit
still long enough to get a picture.

We haven’t got any snow here but did get some good thunderstorms last night. The lightening lit up the night sky like flash bulbs on a fashion runway and the thunder had a throaty rumble. Not sure
how much rain we got but the cat food dish had a half inch of water in it.

Enjoy our Thanksgiving Eve and remember those who work the holidays to keep us free, safe, and healthy. If you’re having a good spread on the holiday thank a farmer, and as we’re doing so in peace thank those who fight to keep us free.

Now for some more coffee and perhaps some leftover potatoes.
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A few pics

November 26, 2019

The picture isn’t the clearest but I took it because I thought the
balloon was a birds nest at first. As I was taking pictures of a
great sunrise and glanced over it appeared as if the ‘nest’ was
moving in the wind. Once it was known it was a balloon then seeing
the papers to the right I thought littering had gotten too bad.

The balloon could have been lost by accident and just caught in the
tree, but how did the papers get there? We’ll probably never know
as I’m not curious enough to climb the tree to find out.

Oh yeah, the sunrise. I thought the pictures turned out pretty good
so will share a few here. Noticed the sun now rises and sets closer
to the south than earlier in the year. That makes for a different
view and new obstacles. If it slips much further south any view
will be blocked.

Nearby a squirrel looked happy to have a walnut and was ready to eat. He stood there like this for longer than I would have thought possible before putting it in his mouth and running off.

The leaves that have fallen off the trees are all over yet some
of the ground cover is still green. Not sure why that is but find
it interesting anyway. Didn’t see a lot of color this year but
that could just be in our little portion of the world.

Enjoy our Tuesday, or Thanksgiving Eve Eve, if you prefer. We are
having our turkey today as the wife works Thanksgiving so before
long I’ll have had enough turkey to last until next year. Now for
some coffee.
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Missed again

November 23, 2019

After we put the groceries away yesterday I would have sworn I did
a post earlier in the day. Was so sure it wasn’t checked and another
day was missed. This getting old thing is confusing. I don’t like
brain farts.

Today I told the wife a candlelight breakfast was in the works and
she should just relax until things were ready. Imagine my surprise
when she wasn’t impressed when I turned off the kitchen light and
placed a serving of pizza rolls in front of her.

Explaining that the flickering light from the TV was almost as
good as candlelight, pizza rolls were sort of Italian, and Italians
are supposed to supposed to be romantic got me nowhere. What ever
happened to ‘it’s the thought that counts’? The pizza rolls were
good though.

And here on the east coast of Iowa the sun has finally broken
through the clouds and is shining bright. It’s been so long since
the sun was out we almost forgot what it looked like. After this
post is finished I’ll be outside enjoying the occasion. Perhaps
some wildlife will sneak out for a look also.

Finally, turkey day will be here next week and so far it looks
like we’ll have good weather for it here. If you’re planning on
traveling for the holiday you may want to check the extended
forecast on the off chance it’s right.

Enjoy our Saturday as we will. Now for some coffee and a bit
of lunch.
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