It’s almost here

March 19, 2018

The vernal equinox begins tomorrow at 11:15 a.m. here in Iowa
which means spring has sprung. For those of us who have fond
memories of the 20th century this event occurred on March 21st.
That lasted until 2007 when the event was moved back a day to
March 20th as almanacs use Greenwich Time which moves the event
even closer to the start of the month. If we live another 20
or so years we will see it happen on March 19th.

The equinox is time of balance where we theoretically see 12
hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Believe it or not,
the equinox also signals a rotation of the earth that puts
sunrise at due east and sunset due west. The later is true for
those of us who don’t don’t live near the South or North poles.

Perhaps what most of us have been waiting for though is the
sunlight is at its maximum annual rate and we gain an extra 3
minutes of sun a day here in North America. We will have the
longest day of the year, called June Solstice, between June 20th
and June 22nd.

Now the worms will emerge from the ground which also gives the
March full moon its name. It’s called the Full Worm Moon. Spring
also means planting season, the birds will be singing, and the
wild animals will start shedding their winter coats. Hopefully
they will have appropriate attire beneath.

But remember, you can’t say spring has arrived until you can
put your foot on nine daisies. Personally, I walk around them
but to each their own. Enjoy our Monday as spring is just dream
away. Now I need more coffee and some pizza rolls.
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Just some pictures

March 9, 2018

Knowing the wife was working later I got early today anyway and
am glad I did. Even after sunrise the sky was amazing. So here
are a few pictures of it.

Another thing noticed was although we’re warming up a bit here
our feathered friends aren’t sharing the love. Could have
something to do with the feral cats getting older or perhaps
the birds are waiting for just a bit more warmth. Whatever the
cause they’re making themselves scarce. Since we did manage to
get some pictures of the birds we’ll share a few of those.

If this warming trend picks up we could be in the 50s around
Wednesday. And we spring forward this weekend to welcome
Daylight Savings Time even though I’m not a big fan. What’s
wrong with just leaving things as they are without the two time
changes a year?

Finally, I dreamed of being on a ship at sea again and am not
sure if that means I didn’t stay in long enough, stayed too long,
or if it means anything. But I did still have my sea legs in said

So enjoy our Friday as it will seem like a couple days have
gone by and Monday will be here. Now I need some coffee and one
of the boxes of animal crackers we picked up today.
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It’s an Iowa thing

March 5, 2018

What a day! It started out with rain which later turned into
sleet and ended up snow by the afternoon. That just means
another day in Iowa where we see three seasons. Since we had
some running to do later in the day we ran into the sleet and
snow before cruising back home.

Due to the weather the birds were not around and only one of
feral cats ventured to food bowl for a snack. The winds tried
to rattle whatever could be rattled and blow away what couldn’t.
A day not fit for man or beast and I loved it.

A pair of cardinals did brave the elements after it started to
snow, but didn’t look too happy about having to do so.

As you may have guessed, I was out with the camera just in case
something caught my eye. The wife called me crazy again, the
camera got a little wet, and I grinning like a fool. Because before
long days like this will be gone as we get into the warmer

Perhaps the last hurrah of winter before we get into spring and
later summer. We enjoyed it and hope you enjoyed your Monday as
much we did. Now I need more coffee and a donut so I can last
until my midnight pizza.
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A little lesson

February 22, 2018

The other day after feeding the birds I slipped coming back up
the hill and I thought I cracked my butt. Since the wife is a
nurse I asked her. She informed me everybody has a crack in
their butt, after she quit laughing.

I got all the snow off my clothes again and after checking
decided nothing was hurt but my pride. The next day we got
around an inch of cold rain so I didn’t get outside much as it
doesn’t take long to get all the critters fed and watered.

I noticed a female cardinal was having a tougher time with
the day than myself. She was soaking wet and dining on the
feed put out for the squirrels.

She looked miserable yet kept after the cracked corn until she
had her fill. The usually regal looking bird was looking a bit
rough. She hung around for quite a while before flying off,
hopefully to dry out a little.

Some birds took cover under the overhang of a nearby vacant
house to weather the deluge. Not sure who was smarter as the
cardinal got a full belly while the other just stayed dry and
would have to eat later anyway.

At least my jacket is water repellent and has a hood. It dried
off quickly once I got back inside. Just goes to show that
things may not be as bad as they seem. Enjoy our Thursday as
it’s looking to be a good one here on the east coast of Iowa.
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It’s official

February 12, 2018

This past Sunday in our little portion of the east coast of
Iowa we broke a record set in 1868. We had measurable snow for
eight days in row breaking the old record by a full day. We
also have 14 inches of snow on the ground because of it.

I’m just glad that when all was said and done we have over a
foot of snow. And just in time for the warm up on Wednesday when
we could see 40 degree highs. That may cause some sloppy

And it’s good for the farmers as well. The snow will melt
slowly as spring arrives and put much needed moisture into the
fields. Yet with all that snow we are still about a foot below
normal. We’ll take it. Our snow shovel is worn down to the nub.

This could not have ended on a better day as that means we have
today to celebrate and not shovel. What’s to celebrate you ask?
If you have a minute we’ll tell you.

February 12th, 2018 is Lincoln’s birthday, National Lost Penny
Day, Hug Day, National Plum Pudding Day, NAACP Day, National
Freedom to Marry Day, Clean Out Your Computer Day, Oatmeal
Monday, Oglethrope Day, Paul Bunyan Day, Safety Pup Day, Sexual
and Reproductive Heath Day, and Shrove Monday.

So even though it may seem like just another Monday, it could
be a party in a plain brown wrapper. Enjoy our Monday, pick a
holiday, and enjoy our beautiful day.
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Guess again

February 8, 2018

We had a snow emergency declared overnight and didn’t get any
snow. Now we have another snow emergency announced and the
people on TV who guess the weather are getting sneakier. We
figured out long ago that said ‘forecasters’ don’t look out a
window when they make their predictions, but come on.

“We could get as little as 1-3 inches, 4-5 inches is more
likely, and depending on which way the weather band moves it
could be as much as 8-10 inches.” Schools may be closed tomorrow
and driving will be hazardous in the morning possible into the
evening commute.

If I heard correctly, snow is supposed to start this afternoon.
Well, I hope the rest the forecast is more accurate. As you can
see in picture above, it’s snowing now!

My aching back has one more go-round with the shoveling, so hit
me with your best shot. Let’s aim for a foot of snow. I have
enough pizza to last another day and enough coffee to get me
through Easter.

All this going on around here and parts east while Idaho is
seeing record warmth. Highs in the 60s? Send it east. Speaking
of east, if you live east of Iowa you’ll probably get snow too.
Just keep warm and don’t panic. Come July we’ll all talk about
how we survived this winter.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is just a dream and some
white fluffy love from above away. Now I need to refill my
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Of flaming bears

February 7, 2018

It’s no secret that I’m easily distracted but since yesterday
one has stuck with me like bubble gum on the bottom of a shoe.
The wife received a couple of packages in the mail and when she
opened one it was like the lights were on but nobody was home.


She sent away for a DVD of the movie ‘Only The Brave’ and the
moment I saw it two scenes have stuck with me. At one point
Josh Brolin, who plays Granite Mountain Hotshots superintendent
Eric Marsh, is describing what he saw on an earlier fire. Click
on the link above to see portions of the “flaming bear”. It’s
in the first 20 seconds of the clip.

He claimed he saw a bear, completely engulfed in flames, racing
out of the forest fire. He made it sound almost spiritual. In
the other scene it shows a huge bear made of fire charging out
of a raging fire. And even though we knew it was computer
generated we felt it was special.

Even when I went over to Dads this morning and shoveled his
walks I couldn’t get this flaming bear out of my mind. When I
got back home and shoveled our front walks and the alley said
bear was never out of my mind.

There are other good parts in the movie yet these stick with
me. I guess watching it again with the surround sound cranked
up is the solution to my dilemma. And now that all the shoveling
is done I can honestly say I don’t care if we get another flake
the rest of this winter.

And of course all that made me wonder; is a transmission flush
really necessary after 30,000 miles? Enjoy our Wednesday as it
means we’re closer to the weekend.
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