And the headline says…

June 13, 2018

Concertgoer gets head stuck in tailpipe at Winstock.

Sometimes I need a laugh and cruise the internet looking for a
headline that just sounds to funny to be true. In this case I
feel sorry for the young lady involved who got her 15 minutes of
fame in this manner.

She is 18 years old, got drunk at a Country Music Festival, and
somehow ended up with her head stuck in a tailpipe! On top of
the humiliation of the headline going viral this young lady also
faces criminal charges. Mainly for being a minor while

There but for the grace of God….

Another story stated that the firemen cut off a section of said
tailpipe, she was loaded into a ambulance with it still on her
head, and the offending exhaust part was removed at a hospital.

Enjoy our Wednesday and click on the link if you wish to see
more. Now for more coffee and a few burritos.
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I had to do it

June 1, 2018

After the recent post about not watching the news on TV I
decided to turn on the Devil’s box and see what was happening,
or at least the talking heads version. Now I’m madder than a
gorilla with a toothache.

A few days ago there was a shots fired call about a block and
a half away from our house. The neighbor and I just had another
talk about what could be done and then I heard a 22-year-old
young lady was arrested for the crime. At least for aiding and
abetting, felon in possession of a handgun, and other charges.

I heard our local Sears store at the Mall was closing as it
wasn’t profitable. We live in a town with around 100,000
residents and the store can’t make money?

So I opened the latest Motor Trend magazine and was surprised
by the rumor that Chrysler may be discontinued. And I wondered
where that would leave Dodge and Jeep. This magazine also did
a feature on the soon to be released Ford Ranger. At least the
Raptor version. I must be living in the 60s because I thought
the $40,000 list price was too high for a small pickup.

There was more but I just tuned out the noise and decided
the drive by media wasn’t for me. Now I will go back to
watching Perry Mason reruns until further notice. Enjoy our
Friday as I know we will. Now for some more coffee and do
a check of my pizza stash.
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Interesting incident

May 20, 2018

While some were watching the Royal Wedding reruns I was
considering getting an exorcism done. I have since rationalized
that it wouldn’t help and here’s why.

After getting the groceries put away and the wife going to bed
to rest up for her night at work I kept piddling around unti I
thought it time for a break. This usually means a cup of coffee
and a smoke, but this break was not relaxing.

After getting a cup of coffee I went to light a smoke and then
things got interesting. The lighter ignited like a blow torch,
burned up half the cigarette, and started my hair on fire! This
had never happened before as long as I’ve been smoking.

As soon as I realized my head was on fire and smelled burning
hair I got to the kitchen sink and stuck my head under the
faucet to got the fire out. By then my coffee was cold, the
cigarette burned down to nothing, and I was drenched. But I had
learned a lesson.

Once dried with coffee warmed up I pulled out another smoke and
a different lighter which I lit a good distance from my face.
Said new lighter didn’t blast me with enough heat to weld thick
metal, my smoke was lit, and the coffee warm.

I believe this incident was the cause of the strange dream I
had last night where I was in the driveway running around naked
with my hair on fire listening to neighbors threaten to call
the cops if I don’t get back inside. That’s crazy. Why you
anyone go back inside the house if they’re on fire?

Enjoy our Sunday as I know we will. Now for some more coffee.
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What was it?

May 16, 2018

Outside the other day I noticed this wad of fur, feathers,
space dust, or whatever it is hanging from an overhead wire that
crosses our yard. Before I focused it looked like an insect of
some sort until it came in clearer.

One neighbor lady came outside her place and told me the sky
wasn’t going to change just because I was staring at it. So I
told her I wasn’t looking at the sky but the phone line with the
fuzz attached. She shook her head and voiced a few ‘tut’s before
asking what was so interesting.

So I told her it looked like a bug and it moved when the wind
gusted like it was alive. She just shook her head and went back
inside her house while I continued to watch whatever it was that
caught my interest.

Perhaps it is just a collection of things that the wind wove
together and stuck to the line yet I still wondered; what is it?
It didn’t fly off, continued to move in the breeze and was still
there when I lost interest. But it was gone this morning.

So I didn’t know what it was, where it came from, or where it
went after the object got tired of hanging on the wire. It did
resemble a fishing fly but had no hook, and looked like an
insect yet had no wings. This bothered my for a while.

After all, if it wasn’t there the next day could it clog the
intake on my mower or weed wacker? Was it an alien being sent to
scout out locations for a mass landing? What was it?

I can honestly say I don’t know what it was or where it went
and have moved on to other things. Just this morning I noticed
my battery powered lawn mower runs out of power at about the
same time I do. Then I put it on the charger and get myself some
ice cold lemonade. Works for me.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’re about halfway through the week. Now
I need some more coffee.
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Strange tale

March 13, 2018

Not the rig mentioned in the story.

I read the following and wondered, what are they putting in our

Loaded tractor trailer stolen from Pilot Fuel Island in Satsuma, AL., by 5th grader and two younger brothers. Halted 550 miles later by Texas hwy patrol buckshot to left steer tire outside of Tyler Texas.

This came from a truckers site that usually has reliable
stories yet this is one on that can’t be confirmed. So let’s
just say it’s true and speculate a little.

First thing that came to mind is a trucker left his rig running
at a truck stop and the kids jumped in a took off. After all who
would think three kids would steal a semi? Perhaps if spotted
people would think they got bored and were just walking around.

And, if true, how can a 5th grader drive a big rig 550 miles
and not hit anything? Or it could be that he did hit other
vehicles and it wasn’t in the report. Kid must be tall for his

As mentioned, we don’t know if it is true or not, but the site
does usually have road closures and weather reports that are
accurate. If it is true it’s scary and if it isn’t it’s food for

Enjoy the rest of our Tuesday as it has been a long one here on
the east coast Iowa.
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Someday I’ll laugh at this

February 11, 2018

Friday as the wife and I sipped coffee before she left for
work I could have sworn she had either a medical problem or a
wardrobe malfunction. I know my hearing is bad but last time I
had my vision checked, sight wasn’t a problem.

I guess I was staring at the wife as she said “What?”

My reply was “didn’t you feel that?”

“Feel what?”

And I said “your boob just jumped up 3 inches and then came
back down!”

Her reply was “What are you doing looking at my boob?”

Being completely honest my reply was “I wasn’t looking until
it jumped to attention.”

Of course she rallied with “it didn’t jump up!”

For some reason this exchange left her a little angry. Being a
guy I couldn’t figure out what would make her mad when I was
just trying to help. She even accused me of being crazy again.
I know what I saw.

Yet being married for 30 years has taught me to stop digging
when I get in too deep so I told her “I’ll never look at your
boob again!” That worked. She started laughing and soon I was
laughing right along with her.

But I have learned my lesson and if I ever see that body part
jump again I’ll keep it to myself. It isn’t worth the hassle to
voice ones concern at times like that. And there is the slight
possibility that what I saw wasn’t what happened.

So remember guys, if something like this happens to you, just
stay calm and act normal. Do not inform her of your concern. No
need to thank me, I just like to pass along what I’ve learned
along the way.

Enjoy our Sunday as before we know it Monday will be here.
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Wasted days?

January 16, 2018

The sun has set on another beautiful day here on the east coast
of Iowa. And I remember I forgot to do a post, among other
things. Although a lot of things got done a lot more didn’t and
my to do list is as long as it was this morning.

But at least my ruminating mind got a work out pondering the
many wonders of life. Like how do the birds know when I’m going
to feed them? It’s never at the exact same time every day and
yet when I go out they’re in the bushes waiting for the goodies.

Or does a 1953 Massey-Harris really look like a Ford tractor?
Here are a picture of each for comparison.

from the old tractor pictures site.

picture taken by MJCdetroit

There are similarities though I haven’t had much time to
research which came first. Never should have looked at the
picture of the Massey this morning.

And how can I go all day without remembering to eat? Pigging
out at midnight may not be good for the body but does soothe
the soul, at least in my case.

But now as the night grows later these are thoughts for another
day as the body says feed me. So I’ll close this early, eat my
pizza later, and try to get back on a schedule for the posts.
Barring any distraction tomorrow.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we have wrung every minute out of it we
can. Now for more coffee and a pizza.
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