The day that got away from me

February 26, 2019

Even though I woke up early the day got away from me and now it’s after three. It all started with video of a former president telling a lame old joke that got me laughing.

Left the house, stopped to get Dad doughnuts, gassed up the car, then went to Dads and had a great visit. I told him about the joke that got me going this morning and he cracked a smile and admitted it was an old one. After I left his place to come home the day’s a blank.

I know chores were done to keep the body busy and I was outside several times to enjoy the day, but not where the time went. I guess as we get older the short term memory goes first. But enjoy the rest of our Tuesday as we will. Now I’m going for coffee since I can’t remember if I’ve had any yet.
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Fighting walls

February 11, 2019

Sometimes strange things happen at night. The wife had Saturday
night off and laid down early, I joined her around midnight. I
woke up around 1:30 am with my heart racing 100 miles-per-hour
and fists clenched. I looked over and noticed her sitting up so
asked her what got her up. “you” she replied.

I was confused until she added that I was grunting and making
strange noises while jerking about. I could see her confusion
so asked her if she had ever fought a wall. That got me the
granddaddy of all looks so I explained.

I dreamed I was outside on a beautiful summer day. There
wasn’t a cloud in the sky or a hint of wind. Then I glanced to
the west and saw some evil looking clouds moving in fast as the
wind picked up. So I ran inside and told her it was going to

That’s when something happened and I found myself glued to the
wall, near the ceiling, on top of the stove. So I fought, cussed,
and fought some more but couldn’t pull free. I felt like the wall
would grind me into dust.

And that’s when I woke up. Even though the wife is used to my
strange dreams she declared this one stranger than usual. Yet
I’ve been keeping my eye on that wall. It hasn’t tried anything
yet but I’m staying on my toes. I just wish I had gotten further
into the dream so I knew how to fight this invisible force.

Enjoy our Monday as it looks like we’ll be shoveling snow on
the east coast of Iowa.
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Interesting times

December 10, 2018

Have you noticed people get upset about the darndest things
that someone else said, or wrote, years ago and demand an
apology? It makes one wonder if artificial intelligence has
surpassed the intelligence level of us mere mortals. Whatever
happened to freedom of speech?

I’m told most people have a means of filtering what comes out
of their mouths before they speak. If so mine was broken a long
time ago. My super power is that I can offend people without
even trying.

I once told someone I didn’t believe in same-sex marriages and
got the riot act. Thing is I’m not against it if others want to
marry a member of the same-sex, just that it wouldn’t happen to
me. I fail to see the attraction is all.

If you stop and think about it; riots have now become protests,
illegal aliens now have rights, and most of what our parents
taught my generation is considered wrong. I even read that the
Supreme Court said churches and other religious organizations
could display nativity scenes on their own property as long as
they included non-secular items in the display.

So what happened? When did the feelings of those who think
different from us trump our rights? Yet now we are told that we
have to tip toe around people we’ve never met, who don’t know us,
and change our ways because of what we think? Lord love a duck!

Enjoy our Monday. Now I need to calm down with more coffee.
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Have you ever….

December 3, 2018

This set of keys has driven me to distraction since the little
blizzard hit the east coast of Iowa. While out in said blizzard
last week when trying to remove the white fluffy love from above
I lost these keys.

When I ventured outside that day the snow was about 8 inches
deep and with the 50 mph winds you couldn’t see very far past
the snowblower. The machine had a hiccup which I assumed was
some wayward grass in the spaces between the slabs.

So imagine my surprise when I put the snowblower back in the
garage, reached in my pocket for the key to lock it, and found
the keys missing. Not a problem I thought, retrace your steps
and the missing keys will show up.

The problem with that idea became apparent as I glanced to
where I just cleared the alley to find at least 4 inches had
drifted back in. Time was spent on hands and knees feeling
around for the missing keys to no avail.

So I blocked the doors with our garbage bin to keep it from
flying open and went inside to ponder the problem. Imagine my
surprise when as we were coming home from the grocery store
Saturday, after most of the snow had melted, I spotted a blue
object in the middle of the alley.

The wife thought I was crazy when I stopped the car, threw it
in park, unfastened my seat belt, and got out of the car. But
when I returned with the key chain she asked how could see it.
Strike that up to luck again, but I’m not complaining.

The keys and ring are a little more bent up, dirty, and rusty,
but I got them. Even going to have an extra made. So have you
ever lost your keys and been driven to distraction? This is the
first time it’s happened in the 25+ years I’ve been clearing
the snow here.

Enjoy our Monday as it means we survived the weekend. Now for
some coffee and bacon.
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What are they smoking?

November 23, 2018

After a cruise to the grocery store we stopped at a pharmacy to
pick up my prescription. The pharmacist found said prescription,
rang it up, then announced that will be $291.00. That was not
acceptable. Before enrolling in Medicare my cost for the same
prescription was $75.

So the wife asked her how much it would be for one month of the
medicine and the pharmacist said $47. Doing that math in my head
I came up with $141 at that rate for the 3 month prescription.
Knowing it wasn’t the girls fault I was amused to find that once
again we were getting the shaft.

I was better off when I didn’t have insurance but thought that
Medicare sounded necessary for when I get old and may get really
sick. Since I’m only 67, that may be a while. Yet I can’t help
asking: if one month of this prescription is $47 why is three
months $291? What the hell are they smoking?

All I can figure is since it’s Medicare, the government is
involved and that means nothing makes sense. They must sit up
nights figuring out how to keep us confused.

We did learn something today so it wasn’t a total loss. Black
Friday is one of the best days to do our grocery shopping as
everyone else must have been standing in line elsewhere. No
traffic going out, hardly anybody else shopping, and empty
streets heading home.

Enjoy our Friday as it means the weekend is here. Now I need
coffee and left over pizza.
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Strange ending to Halloween

November 1, 2018

It’s somehow fitting to end Halloween with a nightmare. I just
should have stayed up. Things started pleasant enough with me
doing some wrenching on a ’50 Mercury I had bought and went to
hell in a handbasket quickly after that.

Taking the car for a test drive I was pulled over which was no
surprise as the open headers get attention, but there it got
strange. Another squard arrived and after being searched was
escorted to a very large house and marched inside.

Once the three of us reached the dining room I was released and
told to sit at the table. As I looked around at my table mates I
knew something was up. A judge, two members of the clergy, a
big monkey, my ex-wife, and more policemen sat around the room.

I was then told I was not under arrest but could not leave
until the reason for my being there was explained and
understood. And that’s when the dream got weird. It was stated
that reason for this dog and pony show was my ex-wife wanted to
marry me!

Since I had remarried, and had no intention of ending it, and
I knew the ex really didn’t want to marry me, I refused. The
judge tried to change my mind, the police made it clear they
weren’t happy, the clergy prayed, and the monkey scratched his
armpit. I just sat there.

I was then told my current wife wouldn’t take a large bribe to
let me go so I should just sign on the dotted line, be married
to my ex, and live in the big house. But I couldn’t do it and
said no again. Although the house was huge and the lot it
sat on enormous, it didn’t have a garage!

I was threatened with more days of the same until I agreed and
that’s when I woke up. One eye popped open as I glanced around
the familiar room and saw my current wife sleeping. I think the
dream means I should cut down on my hot sauce with my midnight

Enjoy our Thursday as Halloween is over and November is here.
Now for some more coffee and a stack of pancakes.
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Have to be somewhere

October 26, 2018

I got up late this morning, right around sunrise, and roared
off like a wheezing three-toed sloth. Now that the groceries
are put away and with several cups of coffee consumed I decided
to take a break.

Deciding my diet needed a switch up I did not have leftover
pizza for breakfast as we found pizza rolls on sale while at the
store. We bought the “Supreme” pizza rolls and I must say they
seemed as tasteless as the regular ones. So much for planning.

And I am still on a quest to find my missing medication. The
wife and I are getting good at looking in the same places and
achieving the same results. Unless the kitten ate the bottles
they have to be here somewhere.

Since I found out it would be full cost with no insurance to
refill the prescription my resolve to find the elusive little
bottles is set. And this is as good a time as any to do some
spring cleaning. I have a feeling I will find said medication in
the last place I look.

I look at this as a blessing though as the last few days have
been cloudy and cool so taking pictures is out. It still looks
more like dusk out than 10 am. There will be plenty of time for
pictures after we find my medication. This time I may just put
them in the safe.

But of course I don’t know the combination to said safe so
would then have to remember where I put it after writing it
down. Looks to be a busy weekend.

Enjoy our Friday as we’ll be busy. Now for some more coffee and
I think there’s some leftover pizza in the oven.
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