May 11, 2020

The last full moon could have picked a better night to arrive. Here
on the east coast of Iowa the clouds just didn’t want to move on and
made for some frustrating photography.

And once again we watched a small portion of the Today show before
searching for a rerun of some series we didn’t watch when it was in

Don’t know when the practice started but we are getting tired of Al
Roker telling us how many millions of people are affected by a cold
front, severe weather, or rain. We know he pushes the global climate
change ideals but we’ll watch something else.

It amazes me how many people have a hard time believing I don’t
spend hours watching TV. To me there is nothing on during the day that is interesting, too many ‘reality’ shows on later, and talk shows being aired from the homes of the hosts and guests.

Then I get to wondering when the government became the answer to all our problems. Most people used to want smaller government with less interference in our daily life, not more. Not sure where that is heading but have a feeling I won’t like it.

Our founding fathers must be spinning in the graves. That being said,
let’s move on. Shortly I’m heading outside to try and get some yard
work done before the rain hits us again. Our battery powered lawn
mower doesn’t do well in the rain.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the rest of lives. Now
for some coffee.
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Time to look up

April 27, 2020

The wife called from work last night on her break and said she saw a
row of white dots crossing the night sky. She asked what they could
be, and I had nothing. So I threw some ideas out and by a process of
elimination decided it was satellites. I’ll admit being leery of
answering the phone as the wife usually doesn’t call home from work.

Turns out it was the STARLINK satellite train and while the wife
didn’t get any pictures others did, hence the video. Figures, the one
clear night I wasn’t outside something like this happens.

The picture above came from the physics-astronomy site and since I
figured some could use a smile today will explain what the picture

On May 16th the moon, Jupiter, and Venus will be showing us the
lighter side of star gazing when they form a smiley face in the night
sky. The article on this site says that this happened about 8 years
ago but I don’t remember or would have gotten a picture. It could
have been a cloudy night here on the east coast of Iowa.

If you click on the link to the web site it has much more
information complete with pictures and video. Much like the
satellites overhead last night it should be something to see. And
who knows, it may put a smile on your face if you see it.

Enjoy our Monday even if it is day 3,462 of this COVID-19
experience. When this thing is over it will seem like
opening day at Disney World. Now for more coffee.
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Got confused again

December 6, 2019

The wife and I learned something after we went grocery shopping this
morning. Getting older means you’re willing to fight to get an
advertised bonus you believe is rightfully yours. When first married
if we were told we bought the wrong kind of product to meet the
requirements we’d say ok and be on our way.

The local store we go to has specials that earn you money off your
gas purchase to save money when you fill up. It used to be simple.
Buy four frozen pizzas and get 10 cents off every gallon of gas you
purchase when you fill up. The ads didn’t have fine print that said
the offer was only good on cheese pizzas.

We looked the ads over yesterday and one item said 50 cents off a
gallon of gas if you bought $25 worth of one brand of vitamins and
supliments. Since the wife uses several it seemed like a great deal.
So when the cashier handed the wife the receipt she noticed there
was no mention of the 50 cents off of gas.

She went to the service counter to see what the problem was while
I wheeled the cart out to the car and put the groceries in the trunk.
When the wife came out she said the store gave her the discount but
stated the deal was only for certain types of vitamins and suppliments
and not all. And some people think getting old is easy.

I don’t understand it nor do I try. Enjoy our Friday as that means
we lived to fight another day. Now for some coffee.
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The day that got away from me

February 26, 2019

Even though I woke up early the day got away from me and now it’s after three. It all started with video of a former president telling a lame old joke that got me laughing.

Left the house, stopped to get Dad doughnuts, gassed up the car, then went to Dads and had a great visit. I told him about the joke that got me going this morning and he cracked a smile and admitted it was an old one. After I left his place to come home the day’s a blank.

I know chores were done to keep the body busy and I was outside several times to enjoy the day, but not where the time went. I guess as we get older the short term memory goes first. But enjoy the rest of our Tuesday as we will. Now I’m going for coffee since I can’t remember if I’ve had any yet.
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Fighting walls

February 11, 2019

Sometimes strange things happen at night. The wife had Saturday
night off and laid down early, I joined her around midnight. I
woke up around 1:30 am with my heart racing 100 miles-per-hour
and fists clenched. I looked over and noticed her sitting up so
asked her what got her up. “you” she replied.

I was confused until she added that I was grunting and making
strange noises while jerking about. I could see her confusion
so asked her if she had ever fought a wall. That got me the
granddaddy of all looks so I explained.

I dreamed I was outside on a beautiful summer day. There
wasn’t a cloud in the sky or a hint of wind. Then I glanced to
the west and saw some evil looking clouds moving in fast as the
wind picked up. So I ran inside and told her it was going to

That’s when something happened and I found myself glued to the
wall, near the ceiling, on top of the stove. So I fought, cussed,
and fought some more but couldn’t pull free. I felt like the wall
would grind me into dust.

And that’s when I woke up. Even though the wife is used to my
strange dreams she declared this one stranger than usual. Yet
I’ve been keeping my eye on that wall. It hasn’t tried anything
yet but I’m staying on my toes. I just wish I had gotten further
into the dream so I knew how to fight this invisible force.

Enjoy our Monday as it looks like we’ll be shoveling snow on
the east coast of Iowa.
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Interesting times

December 10, 2018

Have you noticed people get upset about the darndest things
that someone else said, or wrote, years ago and demand an
apology? It makes one wonder if artificial intelligence has
surpassed the intelligence level of us mere mortals. Whatever
happened to freedom of speech?

I’m told most people have a means of filtering what comes out
of their mouths before they speak. If so mine was broken a long
time ago. My super power is that I can offend people without
even trying.

I once told someone I didn’t believe in same-sex marriages and
got the riot act. Thing is I’m not against it if others want to
marry a member of the same-sex, just that it wouldn’t happen to
me. I fail to see the attraction is all.

If you stop and think about it; riots have now become protests,
illegal aliens now have rights, and most of what our parents
taught my generation is considered wrong. I even read that the
Supreme Court said churches and other religious organizations
could display nativity scenes on their own property as long as
they included non-secular items in the display.

So what happened? When did the feelings of those who think
different from us trump our rights? Yet now we are told that we
have to tip toe around people we’ve never met, who don’t know us,
and change our ways because of what we think? Lord love a duck!

Enjoy our Monday. Now I need to calm down with more coffee.
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Have you ever….

December 3, 2018

This set of keys has driven me to distraction since the little
blizzard hit the east coast of Iowa. While out in said blizzard
last week when trying to remove the white fluffy love from above
I lost these keys.

When I ventured outside that day the snow was about 8 inches
deep and with the 50 mph winds you couldn’t see very far past
the snowblower. The machine had a hiccup which I assumed was
some wayward grass in the spaces between the slabs.

So imagine my surprise when I put the snowblower back in the
garage, reached in my pocket for the key to lock it, and found
the keys missing. Not a problem I thought, retrace your steps
and the missing keys will show up.

The problem with that idea became apparent as I glanced to
where I just cleared the alley to find at least 4 inches had
drifted back in. Time was spent on hands and knees feeling
around for the missing keys to no avail.

So I blocked the doors with our garbage bin to keep it from
flying open and went inside to ponder the problem. Imagine my
surprise when as we were coming home from the grocery store
Saturday, after most of the snow had melted, I spotted a blue
object in the middle of the alley.

The wife thought I was crazy when I stopped the car, threw it
in park, unfastened my seat belt, and got out of the car. But
when I returned with the key chain she asked how could see it.
Strike that up to luck again, but I’m not complaining.

The keys and ring are a little more bent up, dirty, and rusty,
but I got them. Even going to have an extra made. So have you
ever lost your keys and been driven to distraction? This is the
first time it’s happened in the 25+ years I’ve been clearing
the snow here.

Enjoy our Monday as it means we survived the weekend. Now for
some coffee and bacon.
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