June 30, 2020

The moon was out in all its glory last night and the man in moon
claimed he was working toward a full moon on the 4th. Looks like he’s
well on his way to making it. He has a few more bumps and bruises
as he has aged, but don’t we all.

Our neighbors planted these flowers when they moved in and the
flowers keep popping up every year. And it seems they get even more colorful with each passing year.

As day was turning night yesterday, this lone dandelion stood out.
With the white of the clover and the green leaves the yellow and
pale stem just popped. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Don’t know what it’s like where you’re at, but here on the east
coast of Iowa events keep changing daily. It’s on, it’s off, it’s
on again, it’s postponed. All due to the Covid-19 virus.

Even the CDC admits false positives could be as high as 50%, the
death rates are down in a lot of states, but because there are so
many positive test results some want to shut things down again. To
that we say not only no, but hell no.

Isolate the people most at risk and let rest keep on keeping on.
Our economy can’t take much more, small businesses are dying faster
than at risk Covid patients, and many are close to losing their

There has to be something, somewhere, that is just as newsworthy as
this dead horse the media keeps beating.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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Some thoughts

June 2, 2020

Before we start the reason for this post we wanted to mention that
this Friday there will be another full moon. And as happens sometimes
there will also be a penumbra eclipse of the moon. This is not the
full eclipse where the moon goes dark and the only real difference
to seen during the event is the moon will look slightly darker at

Now the post. We had a curfew last night, mall entrances were blocked with concrete, and the police were out in force. Then nothing happened. Don’t know if these rioters just thought our city was too much of a hassle to destroy or their bosses told them to move on down the road.

A rumor went around that the group was going to target houses instead of businesses which caused many to lock and load. It would not have ended well for the looters in many neighborhoods. Our youngest said about 9 businesses got vandalized in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last night and the National Guard was there.

For all the damage these people causing and people losing their life
savings when their business is looted and burned, these people should be arrested as domestic terrorists and their cases tried in Federal court. Then, when authorities find out who is behind the curtain paying them and yanking their chains, they should be arrested also.

This rioting and looting has to be organized effort with some of
the participants getting paid. And whoever is footing the bill knows
that after the paid jerk throws the brick, mob mentality will take
over. Recent statements from George Soros only make me more

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Enjoy our Tuesday as we
won’t see another until next week. Now for more coffee.
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Another day….

May 13, 2020

Lately my computer has gone out more than I have. Another glitch
that I believe is fixed unless it acts up again. Nothing much has
been going on the last few days but we did get a few pictures and
we’ll share some now.

This little guy was perched on a power line and looked as it he
thought himself a much bigger bird. Soon he flew off to other sites
and different lines.

The moon was still out at 6 am this morning and we got a shot before
the sun out-shined it. Since it was daylight the man in the moon didn’t
feel like talking so I came back in and made some coffee.

After the coffee I went back out and saw this critter way up in the
sky. If it wasn’t so bright out we’d know for sure what it was, but
I’m guessing a pelican or a stork. Great way to start the day.

I’m now at the point I almost enjoy watching TV news in short spurts.
Today some governors were saying they didn’t want to open their
states as the number of positive cases are up.

But the the talking heads break in and state that we are doing many
more tests now than even a short time ago. Well if more tests are done there will be more people proven positive. Time to quit playing games and let the people decide.

Just remember that in Texas you’re 16 times more likely to get hit
by lightening than die of the corona virus. On that happy note we’ll
end this post and hope you enjoy our Wednesday. Now for more coffee.
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May 11, 2020

The last full moon could have picked a better night to arrive. Here
on the east coast of Iowa the clouds just didn’t want to move on and
made for some frustrating photography.

And once again we watched a small portion of the Today show before
searching for a rerun of some series we didn’t watch when it was in

Don’t know when the practice started but we are getting tired of Al
Roker telling us how many millions of people are affected by a cold
front, severe weather, or rain. We know he pushes the global climate
change ideals but we’ll watch something else.

It amazes me how many people have a hard time believing I don’t
spend hours watching TV. To me there is nothing on during the day that is interesting, too many ‘reality’ shows on later, and talk shows being aired from the homes of the hosts and guests.

Then I get to wondering when the government became the answer to all our problems. Most people used to want smaller government with less interference in our daily life, not more. Not sure where that is heading but have a feeling I won’t like it.

Our founding fathers must be spinning in the graves. That being said,
let’s move on. Shortly I’m heading outside to try and get some yard
work done before the rain hits us again. Our battery powered lawn
mower doesn’t do well in the rain.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the rest of lives. Now
for some coffee.
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Time to look up

April 27, 2020

The wife called from work last night on her break and said she saw a
row of white dots crossing the night sky. She asked what they could
be, and I had nothing. So I threw some ideas out and by a process of
elimination decided it was satellites. I’ll admit being leery of
answering the phone as the wife usually doesn’t call home from work.

Turns out it was the STARLINK satellite train and while the wife
didn’t get any pictures others did, hence the video. Figures, the one
clear night I wasn’t outside something like this happens.

The picture above came from the physics-astronomy site and since I
figured some could use a smile today will explain what the picture

On May 16th the moon, Jupiter, and Venus will be showing us the
lighter side of star gazing when they form a smiley face in the night
sky. The article on this site says that this happened about 8 years
ago but I don’t remember or would have gotten a picture. It could
have been a cloudy night here on the east coast of Iowa.

If you click on the link to the web site it has much more
information complete with pictures and video. Much like the
satellites overhead last night it should be something to see. And
who knows, it may put a smile on your face if you see it.

Enjoy our Monday even if it is day 3,462 of this COVID-19
experience. When this thing is over it will seem like
opening day at Disney World. Now for more coffee.
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What a day

April 10, 2020

Well my birthday was yesterday and I must say this one was a little
different than others. We decided to stay in instead of going out
to eat. Was all set to have a romantic dinner for two until the
wife said she had to work, I couldn’t find any candles, and all
that was left to eat was frozen pizza and ramen noodles.

On top of that, a few days ago while making a pizza the pizza oven
quit working. I thought it wasn’t a big deal as our stove had an
oven. And the ignighter went out. So I had a microwaved pizza and
would not recommend that.

So that night when the wife went to work I told to not get too
excited if she watched the news and heard about a flaming man
falling out the sky and landing on a roof. After she left I put
my plan into motion and successfully lit the oven with a lighter.

It only singed the hair on one arm, the pizza turned out great,
and I have lit the oven this way two more times since with no loss
of arm hair or skin. At some point we’ll go get another pizza oven
and give the stove a break.

So last night I put a pizza in the pre-heated oven, got distracted,
and let it get slightly charred on the edges. But only on one side
so it was still good. As mentioned before I couldn’t find candles,
the wife was at work, so I turned off the overhead light and ate
in the glow of the night light.

What does this have to do with the picture of the pine tree you
ask? Nothing, I just like the picture. Enjoy our Friday as that
means we’re one day closer to ending the corona virus restrictions.
Now for some coffee and leftover, well done, pizza.
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Moon shots

April 9, 2020

Went out to get a picture of the full super moon on the 7th and the
picture above shows what was where should have been. Not a total
loss as the thunder and lightening was a sight to see and hear.

Last night the moon could be seen and still looked full to me so I
took pictures at different settings to see what the difference would
be. This picture is close to how bright the moon was. All pictures
are taken without a tripod.

All pictures are also manual focus so clarity might vary between
shots. These pictures are meant to show the difference settings
make and as such may not be suitable for framing.

With this shot I doubled the shutter speed and while darker, it does
show more detail. Even though the moon was brighter than this I like
this shot better.

So I doubled the shutter speed again and it came out like this. No
other settings were changed and the pictures were taken within a few
minutes of each other. Amazing what changing one setting can do.

On the top picture the f-stop was 5.6, the ISO was 250, and shutter
speed was 1/250 of a second. In the middle picture the shutter speed
was bumped up to 1/500 of a second, and the bottom 1/1000.

Enjoy our Thursday as we will. Now I need more coffee as my cup has
a hole in it.
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April 1, 2020

After what seemed like 365 days March in now in the past and April
has arrived. Let’s hope this month has a few less surprises than
the last. Today is known as April Fool’s Day but we feel with all
the craziness in the world now we can’t come up with anything

So here is a shot of the moon taken a few nights ago. And on April
7th we will have the Full Pink Super Moon. We may luck out and have
clear weather here to see it.

A pair of cardinals were in the area and sat still long enough to
get a couple pictures taken. It has been a tad windy here on the
east coast of Iowa and the birds don’t like it so we’ll take what
we can get.

We’d like to tell you more about the virus going around but you’re
probably as tired of the mainstream media coverage of it as we are.
We did hear a 95 year old WW II Navy veteran got it and survived.
Fair winds and following seas to said survivor.

Finally, went to the Hardware store to pick up a couple things
and ran across some seeds I wanted to try. If they work it will
save me a lot of money. We’ll let you know how that turns out.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it’s been a decent one for us. Now for
some coffee.
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Spring has sprung

March 6, 2020

It’s official. Saw our first robin of the year and although he
wasn’t bobbing along, he was sitting on a branch. Sat there long
enough to get a picture before flying off. This morning may not seem
like spring here on the east coast of Iowa with the cooler morning
but we do set the clocks ahead Sunday for Daylight Savings Time.

Speaking of Sunday, if the skies are clear in your neck of the
woods you can see the Full Worm Moon starting Sunday. That may
sound odd, but we’ve been told that this moon should appear full
from Sunday through Tuesday. More chances for a Kodak moment!

It’s called the worm moon because we are starting to warm up here
and as the ground thaws the earthworms start showing up above
ground which brings the robins as breakfast has been served for

Some Native American tribes in the north called this the Full
Crow Moon due to the cawing of said crows which meant the end
of winter. This full moon has others names but we don’t want to
bore you. As a bonus for us, today is the 13th Anniversary of
this blog also.

Today is Friday, and that means in about an hour the wife and I
will cruise to the grocery store to pick the over priced items
we don’t really need so the pantry is filled with bad choices
come meal time.

Enjoy our Friday as it looks to be a good one. Now for some more
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Moon thoughts

February 7, 2020

The picture above is of the moon last night shortly after sunset.
I was out trying to get a shot of said sunset but because of our
cloudless sky it didn’t show up here. But when I looked east the moon
was there so I got a picture.

Tonight, around nightfall, you may notice the moon has company. The
moon will be near the twins (Castor and Pollux) of the
constellation Gemini. Another star, Procyon which is sometimes
called the Little Dog Star, will also be close.

We have a full moon coming this weekend That should look full on
both February 8th and 9th. This moon is called the Snow Moon or
Hunger Moon and is also a Super Moon. The moon will rise just north
of due east and set north of due west and should rise around sunset.

Although the moon may look full both nights the actual full moon
will arrive on February 9th at 1:33 am central time. If you like
basking in the moon glow, have clear skies, or are up around that
time, have a look and take a picture.

On another note, when we come home from cruising to get some errands done we noticed a cardinal near one food bowl and Mama Cat at the other ignoring each other. Thought that odd but couldn’t get my camera out in time to record the moment.

Enjoy our Friday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now for
some coffee and pizza rolls.
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