Turn it off!

September 11, 2020

Been raining pretty much since Monday and I for one am tired of it.
Has also been about 20 degrees cooler than it was last week when we were dry. But we’re told starting today it should get warmer and dry out.

Don’t have any ducks in the yard yet but believe our drought is
over. The basement is still dry and we won’t have to wash the car
for a few days so there is an up side to all this.

In about 4 and a half hours we’ll start running errands then the
wife has some running to do, and I hope to make it outside without
getting soaked and perhaps get a few more pictures. Just have to
wait and see how that works out.

We have also noticed that the quality of TV programing has gone down
another notch while were busy. Too much ‘reality’ for us. That’s why
we end up watching reruns of shows that first aired decades ago. At
least they make sense.

I still watch local news in short spurts just to hear the weather
guess of the day and the wife usually watches the Today Show also.
I’d rather not listen to someone else tell their opinion on what’s
going on. News shows should be renamed talk shows as far as I’m

Finally, I hoping the critters come out to play once the rains stop
and we get a little warmer. Other than the feral cats gathering to
eat there hasn’t been any wildlife around this week. When things get
back to normal the camera will be ready.

Enjoy our Friday as it looks to be good one. Now for some coffee.
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The mess we’re in

August 27, 2020

We’ve noticed with all the nonsense connected to Covid-19, our
animal kingdom is coming out in force. Seen more critters this year
than in quite some time. And now the WHO is getting on the climate
change band wagon trying to confuse us even more.

We’ve had ‘experts’ telling how many hoops we’d have to jump through and how high. How many businesses would have to close, and even when we can get together and with how many people. Then we wait while researchers work on a vaccine that may not work, or even be needed.

Politicians have gone crazy, the news doesn’t really report any real
news, and our justice system is broken. I have also noticed that none
of this affects the animal kingdom. Critters, at least here on the
east coast of Iowa, abound.

We are being told up is down, wrong is right, and rioters are
merely peaceful protesters. And mail in voting is an honest way for
dead for dead Democrats to vote. No problem here. Yeah right, and
I’m a legend in my own mind.

Those of us who know we’re being spoon fed a bunch of BS can’t
protest as we have responsibilities. Obviously, those who are
protesting don’t. Don’t have an answer for the dilemma nor solution. Do believe that if this nonsense continues there is going to be a lot of bloodshed if it continues.

Enjoy our Thursday. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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July 14, 2020

We know this post is late, again. We’ve been kept busy looking into
this whole Covid-19 debacle and have just as many questions now as
we did going in. And they are many but we’ll mention a few.

Why is whatever Fauci says gospel and anyone who disagrees nonsense?
How come a lockdown is the only way stop the virus?
Why isn’t everyone living here included in the data?
And why aren’t the long term side affects of lockdowns mentioned?

This past May, over 600 physicians from all specialties and all
states signed a public letter to president Trump saying the lockdowns
are causing a mass casualty incident. In part the letter states:

It is impossible to overstate the short, medium, and long-term harm
to people’s health with a continued shutdown. Losing a job is one of
life’s most stressful events, and the effect on a persons health is
not lessened because it also happened to 30 million other people.
Keeping schools and universities closed is incalculably detrimental
for children, teenagers, and young adults for decades to comes. The
millions of casualties of a continued shutdown will be hiding in
plain sight, but they will be called alcoholism, homelessness,
suicide, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. In youths it will
be called financial instability, unemployment, despair, drug
addiction, unplanned pregnancies, poverty and abuse.

It seems since only the ‘known’ cases are used in data things look
pretty grim, but those numbers should include include ALL of us. One
would think that adding everyone would give a true infection rate and
an honest death toll. If you add everyone exposed the scary numbers

Nobody in the mainstream media is addressing the long term effects
the lockdowns will have. On top of the side affects mentioned above
let’s add child molestation, spousal abuse and suicides that will
take years of study to fully know how bad it was.

You can read about these, and other issues concerning the lockdowns
and how bad the real specialists say they are are go here.

Enjoy the rest of our Tuesday as I need a pizza now.
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What if?

July 13, 2020

It’s no secret I’ve stood against this dog and pony show called the
Covid-19 pandemic. Hasn’t made sense to me from the beginning nor does it now. The flu of 2018 had more fatalities at this point than the virus does now. But what if we could cut down on the number of fatalities with a cure that has existed for 20 years?

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Richard Bartlett we hope you do. His
cure for Covid-19 is readily available, reasonably priced, in no
danger of running out, and can make patients feel better after the
first treatment.

Oh yeah, it can also be used on everyone from premature babies to
the elderly with no side effects. Still think this whole media blitz
is real? I usually don’t have videos here but will in this case. If
you have 30 minutes watch and listen.

After watching the video myself I believe we, the American people,
are owed an apology from those who keep hiding cures and positive news from us including the media. Stop using the ‘data’ that supports your agenda, forget a vaccine, and lets get back to normal.

Let’s get the word out. Oh yeah, if you watch the video you will also
learn the flu is going around now also. I hadn’t heard that until I
watched the video. And I am not receiving any compensation for the
mention of this from either Dr. Bartlett of Debbie Georgatos.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for some more coffee.

What next?

July 3, 2020

2020 so far has been one for the books. We had late snows, the
Covid-19 virus hit, murder hornets, riots, a war on police, flying
snakes, and finally Bruno may have been killed. Who is Bruno?

Bruno is a black bear who has a big following in the mid-west and many hope the rumors are wrong. Bruno has had quite an adventure which has garnered him many fans and we’ll explain why.

Bruno was first spotted May 13, 2020, in Muscoda, Wisconsin heading
south. Yesterday a bear, believed to be Bruno, was struck by a car
and killed near Foley, Missouri. Bruno left Wisconsin, then walked
south through Iowa before he swam across the Mississippi into Illinois,
swam back across the river and ended up in Missouri.

Bruno averaged around 50 miles a day, many times hounded by people with cameras wanting a picture and blocking side roads. It was thought he was headed to Missouri where there is a big park with other wild bears. We may never know.

Theories are plenty and facts are few. It just seems a shame Bruno
almost made it to where he was going and gets killed. Then, after a
little research, the truth comes out. Bruno isn’t dead! And as of
2:30 pm yesterday he was spotted around Winfield, Missouri.

Good to know. The bear with his own Facebook group ‘Keeping Bruno
Safe’ is still going. Nobody really knows where he’s headed, but he
is determined, and when he gets there somebody is going to party.

Enjoy our Friday. Now I need some coffee and breakfast.
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Thursday rant on Friday

June 26, 2020

I was going to post about the homemade weed killer today but since
the results were not great decided to take a different path. Even
though I avoid the media on TV one can’t escape it on the internet.

So here’s what I’ve learned over the last couple days:

The country western group Lady Antebellum changed their name to
Lady A so it isn’t racist.

A group of Texas realtors will not use the term “Master” when
referring to bedrooms and baths as that is racist.

Disneyland will change its Splash Mountain from a “Song of the
South” to a princess theme.

AOC wants to take houses away from property owners to make things

And in one part of country, the LGBT added a P, for Pedosexual.

Lord love a duck! It’s official, some people here have lost what
little sense they had. This is just a few of the stranger blurbs I’ve
seen and by no means all.

Lady A can call themselves whatever they want as a lot of what I
hear lately doesn’t sound like country music to me anyway. I’ll keep
listening to the oldies.

“Song of the South” is a classic and think there would be a bigger
uproar in changing to a ‘white privilege’ princess theme might make
things worse.

If realtors won’t call it master bedroom, are they going to call it
the adult bedroom now? Or the larger bedroom with attached bath?

AOC can want ‘fairness’ all she wants but I’m sure we’re not the
only homeowners who would say hell no to that idea. Why don’t these
brain dead politicians just come out and say they want to change our
country from a Constitutional Federation to Socialism.

The LGBT group adding pedophiles doesn’t surprise me nor make me a happy camper. As my dear departed mother used to say “you can want in one hand, shit in the other, and you know which one will be full”.

Instead of all these groups demanding special attention why doesn’t
everybody get together and work on the real problems. Like people
out of work, businesses losing money or closing, and how to make
our country better when this virus is gone than it was before it
got here.

I’ll end it there and hope you have a great Friday. Now I’m having
more coffee and some leftover pizza.
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Time to stop it

June 23, 2020

Been trying to get this post out all day but couldn’t as I was
tongue tied and couldn’t type. This utter non-sense that passes as
news isn’t getting any better. Things start with ‘news’ that
a noose was found in a garage at the track used by Bubba Wallace.

Local authorities and the FBI spent time on the issue and found out
that every garage has one as it’s used to pull the overhead door
down when needed. Has everybody gone crazy?

Jim Carey, Kind of the crazies, predicted Trump would be the first
to defect to Russia. A spokesman for Black Lives Matter said that
protesters should pull down statues of Jesus as they are all about
white supremacy and that the group are trained socialists.

Some of us know black lives don’t matter to these people or else
they would be in Chicago, Detroit, and other cities protesting also.
Black lives only matter to the group when there is a death at the
hands of a white police officer.

And yet people are supporting these groups and protesting for them.
Makes one wonder what they use for brains. I know common sense
had left the building years ago, but come on.

Then add to that those who are trying to scare us about the uptick
in confirmed Covid-19 cases and it’s enough to drive any rational
thinker to drink. Congress needs to get their heads out of their
asses and pass a law that levies a heavy fines and prison time on
some of this behavior.

You rob a business, you go to prison. You burn down a building, you
go to prison. You pull down statues, you go to prison. And when your
sentence is completed you can look for a job to pay reparation for
the damages you did.

Time to find out who’s bank rolling these groups and prosecute
them also. Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. Now for more coffee and
a pizza to wash it down with.
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Of bears and other things

June 18, 2020

Well, the black bear who has become a local celebrity was sighted
near the interstate highway that marks the north end of our fine
city. We’re told the DNR and local police are keeping a close watch
on said bear to see where it’s headed.

And here in our little portion of the east coast of Iowa we had our
own encounter with a wild critter. Fangs showing, demonic eyes,
strange noises and all. Didn’t know what was going on but had to
check it out.

Yes, this is the critter. Not sure what set her off, but this cat
was pissed! Funny thing is she usually is a gentle cat and stops by
to have her ears scratched when I’m around. Didn’t try that after
I took the picture though.

The roses are about done for the year. Looked pretty earlier but
time takes it toll. We’ll have a high close to 90 degrees and that
will probably finish them off for this year. We’ll wait for spring
and get another shot.

Finally, don’t know about everyone else but I have limited my
exposure to the mainstream media to local news which updated the
bear story and told of a farmer with cancer who couldn’t get his
wheat in so other farmers pitched in and did it for him.

Any watching of national news has me wanting to throw my coffee
mug through the TV, and I like that mug. Time to go back outside
and piddle around.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is only a dream away. Now for
some coffee and leftover pizza before going out.
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One of our problems has been solved

June 10, 2020

Went over to visit Dad yesterday and was left thinking so hard I
forgot to to a post. We had a great time and talked of many things,
but agreed that TV news leaves a lot to be desired. While I didn’t
get a headache, I did come up with a solution.

Since it seems like almost all news channels use the same videos and
buzz words We should shake things up. My solution is simple and
would get me listening to the media news again. It’s so simple a blind
man could see it.

Instead of watching the highly paid talking heads read the
teleprompters, we should replace them with people who we wouldn’t
mind listening to. That way we’d still hear the bull they are
shipping daily but would enjoy it.

We’ll start with ABC, CBS, and NBC. I would tune in if Morgan
Freeman, Christopher Walker, and Dennis Miller were the leads. Pick
one for each channel as it doesn’t really matter since they mostly
say the same thing anyway.

Replace the scratchy voiced, overpaid, biased, current people at the
fake desks and let the fun begin. The networks would see an upswing
in viewers as more people would tune in to catch the different
deliveries of the same bull.

Just a little food for thought as lately even the local news has me
ginding my teeth if I listen too long. Enjoy our Wednesday as the
weekend is only two dreams away. Now I need coffee and some leftover
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What is going on

June 4, 2020

We will forewarn liberals, socialists, and believers in the media
news that this post isn’t for you. If you have any of the symptoms
above AND a medical condition you shouldn’t read further as it may
be hazardous to your health. This post contains facts with my
opinions added and these will not align with your beliefs.

I watched a Graham Allen podcast that had the Hodgetwins as guests
our youngest shared and learned a few things. So I thought I’d
share some thoughts on it here.

One interesting point brought up was the lack of coverage on the
first day of testimony by Hillary Clinton in the United States Court
of Appeals for the DC Circuit on June 2nd. And although we watch
little TV news we heard nothing about it. Perhaps having an illegal
private email set up while Secretary of State isn’t newsworthy.

Another thing that came up was Black Lives Matter. The Hodgetwins
claimed it had nothing to with black lives and offered proof in the
fact that there were no protests over the retired black policeman
who was killed trying to stop looters.

Doing a little research on my own I found that so far this week
112 people have been shot in chicago with 21 deaths. So far this
year 1228 were shot and 225 were killed. Of those, 71.9% of the
victims were black. Where are the protests over that?

Some may say this is post is racist yet if you do a little
research you will find we didn’t manipulate the numbers or make
things up as we went along. Enjoy our Thursday as we are only a
dream away from the beginning of the weekend. Now for more coffee
and leftover pizza.
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