Busy day

December 13, 2017

Made it over to visit Dad and had a good time doing it. Seems
whenever I go over there are always a few things that need
sorted out. This time one was a plastic vent cover for the fan
over his stove and the other was his constant belief that one
of the circuit breakers in the box is tripped.

As with the last three time previous, when I got to the box
in the corner of his basement everything looked as it should.
I reset one breaker and thought that may help his obsession
with the issue.

Then we sat down and had a good long chat before I headed back
home. Since then the wind has been howling here on the east
coast of Iowa and I’ve been chasing debris that blows in on the
30 mph sustained winds that gust to around 50 mph. So even as
the temperatures are high 30s right now it feels cooler when
you’re out in it.

Later I discovered my pizza stash wasn’t as big as I thought
so I’ll have to go one day without pizza this week before we
restock it on Friday. It got me thinking though. Instead of a
bacon cheeseburger pizza with extra cheese perhaps I could
make a bacon cheeseburger with double the bacon and cheese.

Now, after this short update, I’m going back out to pick up
the plastic bags, fast food refuse, and other light junk that
have blown into our yard. Enjoy our Wednesday and dress for the
weather wherever you are.
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Awake in a dream

December 8, 2017

After watching the sunset set fire to the sky I remembered
that I forget to get something written here. For some reason
my brain has been laser focused on trying to decipher a dream
I’ve had for the last 3 nights.

The wife and I are still married in the dream and things start
out normal until we realize said dream is set in the 1940s. We
live in a house I’ve never seen and our daily driver is a
1941 Chevy. Not much strange there as old cars have been a part
of life for 50 years.

The strange part comes when Mom pulls up in 1936 LaSalle
convertible. To my knowledge my folks never owned a convertible
or a LaSalle. When Mom gets out of the car I notice her
familiar blonde hair is different. Halfway down the length of
her hair it is black. She’s been gone for 7 years now yet never
had black hair either.

Right about then I wake up and wonder what’s going on. It may
have no meaning at all much like the cardinals I’ve been
seeing more of lately but still I wonder. It was almost like
at some point she’d dyed her hair black and let it grow out
so the top half would be blonde.

And now I have to start the chores I should have gotten done
during the day. At least the critters got fed. Which reminds
me, I haven’t eaten anything yet today and we restocked the
frozen pizza section of our freezer.

Enjoy our Friday. Here on the east coast of Iowa we have a
dusting of snow in the forecast for tonight,
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Just some thoughts

December 7, 2017

Today is Remember Pearl Harbor Day. We must never forget.

Since most of the chores are done it’s time to sit down and
put pencil to paper so to speak. Now that the feral cats, wild
birds, squirrels and other critters are fed; Dads broken fence
is removed awaiting a new section of fence to replace and
another chat with him over, I have the time.

The cardinals were out today along with most of the feral cats
which was interesting to watch. When I came back in the score
was birds 1, cats 0. The birds were more interested in having
lunch than being lunch.

When I left this morning the wind chills were in the single
digits which made me glad it didn’t take long to dismantle the
fence. After I got inside Dads house he was looking out his
front door for the morning paper so I volunteered to go and see
if I could find it.

It was way off to one side almost hidden in the bushes. They
can’t even put the paper on the porch for a 92 year old man?
And no, it is not an enclosed porch.

Our city leaders seem bound and determined to mess up our
riverfront park and add some private/public partnerships in
the mix. If I remember correctly these would be restaurants.
All in effort to make our city on the east coast of Iowa a

We who live here know how that works. Our skybridge to
nowhere was going to make us a destination and we all see how
that turned out. We see nothing wrong with leaving it a park
complete with grass and trees minus the glitz.

Enjoy our Thursday as we won’t get another until next week.
Now I need some more coffee and a Snickers.
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Did you ever?

December 4, 2017

I stopped saying ‘I’ve seen everything now’ decades ago, but
when younger I uttered the phrase a lot. The last time I said
it a bunch of us were in my 62′ Impala Super Sport and
couldn’t wake up a drunk passed out leaning on a parking
meter downtown. I revved it up for a full 5 minutes and
never woke the drunk.

The engine was hopped up and it only had headers and shorty
header mufflers on it for exhaust and while trying to wake
said drunk caught the attention of the police 2 blocks away.
Today I witnessed another sight never before seen through
my eyes.

Did you ever see a cat climbing the hedges to try and catch a
bird? I thought for sure branches were going to break and it
wouldn’t end well for the cat. The striped feline didn’t get a
bird or break any branches but the bushes were dancing while
the cat went through the motions.

I didn’t have my camera as I was doing chores so I ran back
inside, got the camera, and got a picture. When the cat got
on the ground later he wasn’t bleeding and it surprised me.
These bushes have thick thorns about and inch and a half long.

Everything time I trim these bushes I end up looking like I
went 10 rounds with a pissed off fighting rooster. Yet the cat
came out of the ordeal without a scratch. Wonder if I could
train him to use a hedge trimmer?

Enjoy our Monday as we’re looking at cold snap in a day or
two here on the east coast of Iowa. Now I need more coffee and
perhaps a ham and cheese omelette.
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Bound to happen

November 30, 2017

Our run of good luck just came to screeching halt. Yesterday
was our youngest sons’ birthday and when he tried to call us he
couldn’t get through on our landline. He called the wifes’ cell
phone and told her, then got hold of me online.

I checked said landline only to discover there was no dial
tone. A call to Mediacom had them rebooting our modem twice
which didn’t fix the problem. So we were told there is a wide
spread outage that runs for Indiana to our little haven on the
east coast of Iowa.

This has been an ongoing problem and we were told they would
keep us in the loop by cell phone, but they had no idea how
long this outage would be. Here’s a novel idea; fix the damn
problem. At least we have access to our computers.

The last time this happened a friend tried to call then died
the next day and I never found out what he wanted. I don’t want
that to happen again. I’ve always been a man of my word and
when somebody tries to reach me for help, and can’t, I am not
a happy camper.

We’re happy with cable, the wife likes the TiVo, our internet
is faster than ever, but we keep having problems with the
phone. Not many people have my cell phone number as I can’t
hear it ring half the time and putting on vibrate doesn’t help
as I can’t feel it vibrate against my leg.

Hope this doesn’t last as long as the last time, and thanks
for letting me vent. Enjoy our Thursday, it’s one step closer
to the weekend. Now I need some coffee and need to look for a
bigger mug.
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What a week

November 29, 2017

Just got back from visiting Dad, getting some Christmas
decorations out of his attic, and checking the breaker box in
the basement. Didn’t find everything he wanted but found enough
to make him happy.

Monday as I went outside to watch the sunset I noticed a huge
bird in a neighbors tree that turned out to be a full grown
hawk, and yesterday I got pictures of 12 different cardinals
who were spread around our yard.

Both nights had great sunsets and clear skies to view the
moon. The wife goes back to 3rd shift next week, and I have
enough pizza and Snickers to last a while. Even heard the
bugle on the Arsenal at lights out last night.

I don’t know why there were so many cardinals around but am
glad they chose our yard to party in. The ones in the pine tree
made for some great seasonal shots. The red birds in the green
tree were almost like Christmas, all that was missing was the
snow on the branches.

Also read that when one sees 12 of anything in mature,
according to Native American lore, it means good luck will find
you in 12 hours, 12 days, or 12 months. I’m waiting for me pot
of gold as you read this.

It’s a fine day when the good in ones life far outweighs the
bad and if this is a streak, I’m running with it. Enjoy our
Wednesday as that means we’re halfway to the weekend. Now, I
need more coffee and a Snickers to complete the morning.
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Lets be careful

November 25, 2017

Cyber Monday is just around the corner and if you plan on
buying online during this crazy day you should be aware of a
few basics to keep yourself, and your money, safe.

First, make sure you have a secure connection and don’t use
public wifi for shopping. Those who want to separate us from
our money will be working overtime Monday. Always check to see
that the site you’re ordering from has a URL that begins with
“https” and not “http”.

You shouldn’t use debit cards to shop online. If hacked using
your debit card gives the criminals direct access to your bank
account. Use a credit card.

Be wary of the scams on social media. Fake offers jump this
time of year so remember to be careful. If you see something
advertised on social media and feel you need to have it, at
least check to ensure the deal is real.

Avoid the pop up ads that may expose you to cross-site
scripting attacks, or malicious sites.

If you use a search engine in your quest for the best deal,
verify the deal by doing a search with the name of the deal in
quotes. If it’s a scam a warning may be issued and that will
show up in the search results.

Delete you Cyber Monday emails that have attachments, this
goes double if the attachment is in the form of a zip file.

There are malicious QR codes out there. These are the codes
you scan with you smartphone camera that may contain coupons,
or marketing materials, but hackers created codes that will
link you to a phishing or malware site.

Finally, if a site asks for too much personal information you
should leave the site. A legitimate business will not ask for
for social security number or anything about your passwords.

We don’t do Cyber Monday so it’s a case of not my circus, not
my monkeys. All we ask is that you be careful while ordering
online. Enjoy our Saturday and will have a snicker later.
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