New week

May 21, 2018

It’s a new week, we survived the weekend, and I haven’t started
myself on fire again. What a great day! It may be raining
outside but we’re nice and dry in the house. And I haven’t
watched any TV news in days.

I did hear from a friend who seemed upset about the royal
couple leaving on their honeymoon in an electric Jaguar. When
that was mentioned I felt that nothing important was missed by
my avoiding watching any news.

Talked to our youngest over the weekend and learned something
new about the Fusion that surprised me. The wife got the car in
for the recall of the nut behind the wheel but I haven’t noticed
a difference. Perhaps it takes a while.

And I have good intentions of getting outside with the camera
to snap more pictures as soon as this rain stops. We do need the
rain though as the weeds can’t grow without it and some of the
weeds make interesting pictures.

This is going to be a short one as breakfast is going to be
ready soon and even though I may not look like it, I do like to
eat. So enjoy our Monday as it’s the first one we get this week.
Now to get some coffee and see what’s on the menu.
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Interesting incident

May 20, 2018

While some were watching the Royal Wedding reruns I was
considering getting an exorcism done. I have since rationalized
that it wouldn’t help and here’s why.

After getting the groceries put away and the wife going to bed
to rest up for her night at work I kept piddling around unti I
thought it time for a break. This usually means a cup of coffee
and a smoke, but this break was not relaxing.

After getting a cup of coffee I went to light a smoke and then
things got interesting. The lighter ignited like a blow torch,
burned up half the cigarette, and started my hair on fire! This
had never happened before as long as I’ve been smoking.

As soon as I realized my head was on fire and smelled burning
hair I got to the kitchen sink and stuck my head under the
faucet to got the fire out. By then my coffee was cold, the
cigarette burned down to nothing, and I was drenched. But I had
learned a lesson.

Once dried with coffee warmed up I pulled out another smoke and
a different lighter which I lit a good distance from my face.
Said new lighter didn’t blast me with enough heat to weld thick
metal, my smoke was lit, and the coffee warm.

I believe this incident was the cause of the strange dream I
had last night where I was in the driveway running around naked
with my hair on fire listening to neighbors threaten to call
the cops if I don’t get back inside. That’s crazy. Why you
anyone go back inside the house if they’re on fire?

Enjoy our Sunday as I know we will. Now for some more coffee.
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What was it?

May 16, 2018

Outside the other day I noticed this wad of fur, feathers,
space dust, or whatever it is hanging from an overhead wire that
crosses our yard. Before I focused it looked like an insect of
some sort until it came in clearer.

One neighbor lady came outside her place and told me the sky
wasn’t going to change just because I was staring at it. So I
told her I wasn’t looking at the sky but the phone line with the
fuzz attached. She shook her head and voiced a few ‘tut’s before
asking what was so interesting.

So I told her it looked like a bug and it moved when the wind
gusted like it was alive. She just shook her head and went back
inside her house while I continued to watch whatever it was that
caught my interest.

Perhaps it is just a collection of things that the wind wove
together and stuck to the line yet I still wondered; what is it?
It didn’t fly off, continued to move in the breeze and was still
there when I lost interest. But it was gone this morning.

So I didn’t know what it was, where it came from, or where it
went after the object got tired of hanging on the wire. It did
resemble a fishing fly but had no hook, and looked like an
insect yet had no wings. This bothered my for a while.

After all, if it wasn’t there the next day could it clog the
intake on my mower or weed wacker? Was it an alien being sent to
scout out locations for a mass landing? What was it?

I can honestly say I don’t know what it was or where it went
and have moved on to other things. Just this morning I noticed
my battery powered lawn mower runs out of power at about the
same time I do. Then I put it on the charger and get myself some
ice cold lemonade. Works for me.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’re about halfway through the week. Now
I need some more coffee.
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Got er done

May 11, 2018

Usually I’m a last minute shopper, you know the type. Christmas
Eve is early enough for Christmas shopping and the like. But
today I broke that habit and can proudly say I got the wife a
gift for Mother’s Day. And no, she’s not my mother but is the
mother of our youngest. Now I can get the lawn mowed tomorrow.

It’s like how I don’t celebrate birthdays anymore, instead I
celebrate the anniversary of the first time I was slapped. Got
so mad I yelled then didn’t speak to anyone for a few years.
Yeah, I can be that stubborn. But I digress.

Today I went to a place I sometimes go to when looking for a
gift for the wife and no, it wasn’t Auto Zone. I approached the
sales counter and before I could say anything the clerk said
“Aren’t you a little early?”.

I won’t divulge what I bought her as the wife occasionally
reads this blog. Pretty sure she’ll like it though and I know I
do as I got a good deal. Guess we’ll find out Sunday. If there
is no post on Mother’s Day, I bombed. It’s hard to put out a
post when I’m in the dog house.

And a hint for the guys, if you shop early the stores aren’t
as busy. All that said enjoy our Friday as that means we made
it through another week. Now I’m thinking more coffee and a few
cheeseburgers to charge my batteries depleted by the shopping.
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May 8, 2018

Went over to visit to Dad this morning with some donuts. We
were having a good talk but when I got ready to go I noticed his
lawn could use mowing. He said he had a mower that hadn’t been
run yet this year so I took a look.

After 557 pulls on the rope it still hadn’t started. Thought
I’d pull the spark plug and perhaps get it going that way. Found
out he doesn’t have a spark plug wrench so the mower was pushed
into the garage and I told him I’m bring my mower over tomorrow
and mow his yard.

And by the time I got home and looked looked like a better
day to mow. So the mower got loaded in the trunk and a couple
bottles of water on the floor before going back over and mowing
the lawn. Now at least his yard looks good again.

Back home the mower had to come back out of the trunk and put
back in the shop. It’s funny how mowers get heavier after you
use them. I miss my truck.

The wife finally got the recall notice on her Fusion. Although
I can’t imagine why, the recall letter said it would take around
4 hours to replace the faulty steering wheel nut. It sure would
not have taken that long back in the days of wing windows.

Finally, I’m going to attempt to get some pictures taken today.
The last few days there wasn’t enough time to do it but now I’m
on a break and willing to give it a shot. The worse that can
happen is that I’ll find nothing to focus on.

Enjoy our Tuesday as tomorrow will be here before we know it.
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That’s my story

May 6, 2018

I usually don’t post on Sunday lately so thought I’d explain
why. When you go outside and look to the Heavens to see sights
like the picture above it can be awe inspiring. Too many shapes,
colors and contrasts for my old brain to process.

Then I spotted this high headed robin and got confused. Are the
heads on these birds supposed to be this tall? I thought not. In
the 2nd shot he is arguing with another robin whose head looks
normal. Never did figure it out.

Then I zoomed in on a dandelion and found a spider had photo-
bombed the picture. Would have sworn it wasn’t there when I took
the picture but cannot deny it’s there. Can’t tell if the spider
is smiling or not.

The sky was ever changing and every time you’d look up a
different picture would emerge. Not sure if this could be blamed
on the slight chance of rain, an act of God, or chem trails but
enjoyed it anyway. And that is why I usually don’t post on
Sundays. I’m just too busy enjoying the things around us.

Enjoy the rest of our Sunday as the work week is only a dream
away. Now for coffee and a Snicker’s.
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Brainless days

May 2, 2018

The day started with cloudy skies, a little wind, and the
humidity was so high you’d sweat buckets outside. So I decided
it would be a great day to get some inside jobs done. The
problem was while my body was ready to have at it my mind
decided to take a day off.

I opened windows and had fans running but the house was still
as hot and humid as outside. Even though my brain was nowhere to
be found I decided what we needed was another fan to cool the
house so the wife and I went to the farm supply store to find a

After some searching we found one we thought would work and we
wouldn’t need an electrical engineering degree to figure out. I
didn’t realize it’s hard to find a window fan without a remote
control. As a society we have gotten lazy.

We bought this technological marvel and once home unwrapped it,
sat it in the window, and discovered the cord was about a foot
to short to reach the outlet. Since I didn’t want to run
extension cords to trip over another plan was devised and said
fan was moved to another room where the cord did reach the

Turned the fan on only to discover it didn’t help keep the
hot, humid air out. And then it hit me. Take the fans out of
the windows, shut the windows, and turn on the central air.
That worked! But heh, even without my brain working the problem
was solved.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we are now that I figured how we could
cool off. Now I need more coffee and a pizza and I can handle
that with one brain tied behind my back.
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