Another day

April 23, 2017

As the sun set on a beautiful day I thanked the Lord for being
willing to allow me another sunset. The creek didn’t rise, the
birds were singing, and the flowers were blooming.

A little earlier while doing research something interesting
came up. Interesting to me at least. My camera of choice is a
a Nikon D3300 which is has a crop sensor. I also understand the
basics of ‘crop factor’.

The Nikon has an APS-c sensor and a crop factor of 1.5. That
means that because the sensor is smaller than the 35mm standard
that one multiplies the lens length by 1.5. Meaning when using
my 70-300mm lens what I see in the viewfinder is equal to 105-
450mm on a full frame camera, if I understand things correctly.

If that is true and I add a 2x tele-converter, instead of
giving me 140-600mm, it would be equal to 210-900mm using the
crop factor. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad
thing, but I like the camera.

After perusing many forums and sites on the internet and being
more confused than ever I have come the conclusion that using
what works for me is the best route. Since this is a hobby for
me and not a career, sinking tons of money into equipment isn’t
my goal.

When, and if, I get back in the mood to do more research my
thoughts may change on the subject. But as the wife says, I
have to quit living in the 60s because prices went up. Don’t
know about you, but I kinda liked gas at 25.9 cents a gallon.

Enjoy the rest of our Sunday, the work week is only a dream
away. And now I go in search of the elusive bacon cheeseburger
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Stranger than fiction

April 21, 2017

I ran across a couple stories lately that had me shaking my
head. One was local and the other, regional. So let’s put my
thoughts out there and see what happens.

One of our Aldermen caused an uproar of sorts when he was
quoted saying the following “the homeless are bad for business”.
Or something close. Our local newspaper was outraged.

How could he say such a thing? How can he not feel sympathy
towards the downtrodden? Or words to that effect. Well, it
wasn’t that long ago we called them bums. Back when the
greatest generation was our age they didn’t mince words.

And whatever happened to freedom of speech? Today, just
because he says something others don’t like he gets put on the
10 most wanted list? I’d be willing to bet the writers from the
newspaper live nowhere near the area mentioned and wouldn’t
want the homeless congregating in their neighborhood either.

The other item concerns higher education in Wisconsin. At some
colleges they installed tampon dispensers in the mens bathrooms
in an effort to give equal treatment to all.

That got me so flustered I couldn’t talk, the wife laughing
so hard at my dilemma, it was crazy. This brought on a
discussion I never thought I’d have.

So I started with “there isn’t a man alive who needs tampons”.

The wife stated that a transgender man, who used to be a
woman, but hasn’t had the final operation would. Lord love a

So I countered “there isn’t a man alive who needs a tampon”.
During war time I supposed said sanitary items could be used
to stop heavy bleeding but I don’t believe Wisconsin has a war
on its college campuses.

I must be getting old. The more I follow the news the less I
understand. Enjoy our Friday, the weekend is upon us. Now I’m
making a thick salami sandwich to ease my suffering.
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Time flies

April 13, 2017

Yesterday the lawn got mowed and a lot of little things I’d
been putting off were finished so it looked like smooth
sailing for today. Two different weather guessers on our TV
told us we’d have rain through Saturday.

When I came in the house the wife mentioned the cable box was
making some funny noises and didn’t appreciate my comment about
perhaps a comedy was on. Later I did a closer inspection only
to discover the cat decided to upchuck on the circuits and fry
the unit.

I had good intentions of an early post today after running to
the local cable office to get a box that worked. They took the
old box from which I removed any outside evidence of a pet
disaster, handed us a different one, and we headed home.

Thinking I could hook up the box and get to a post I carefully
connected the wires, cables, and power cord only to discover
the replacement box didn’t work either. After trying the lazy
box in a few different outlets, I pronounced it dead.

A quick call to the cable company and we were on our way again
to the local office to replace the replacement box with another
replacement box. Oddly, it worked. It was then I realized it
going on noon and I hadn’t had breakfast or my coffee.

So the post is late but I haven’t slipped into a homicidal
rage against the cat, but I did have some coffee. Since it
isn’t raining I’m heading out to clear some brush which should
go better than the cable box.

So enjoy our Thursday as it puts us a little closer to the
weekend. Now I’m going to get a salami sandwich and a Coke.
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Another day…

April 11, 2017

another late post. Good intentions failed me again and a
curious mind led me astray. After going over to visit Dad first
thing this morning, number one on the agenda was to mow the
lawn. Yeah, it’s on my list for tomorrow now.

When I go outside the camera goes with me. Sometimes there’s
absolutely nothing that catches my eye and other times I rack
up 50 shots before I know it. Today was the later. So many
different critters to photograph and so little time to focus.

One of these critters is the yellow eyed bird above. He was
joined by a red tailed hawk, an eagle, 4 cardinals, 2 robins,
a blue jay, and some crows. And that was just this morning.

So after uploading the pictures I decided to straighten the
office. I thought real hard until I came to the conclusion that
if I organize the office I wouldn’t be able to find anything.
That brought me up lunch.

Since I was worn out from my busy morning I just took the wife
to one of our favorite spots so she could get a salad while I
consumed a burger with double pepper jack cheese. We left full
and smiling as I looked forward to the afternoon.

Before she went up to get some sleep, the wife turned the TV
on to an episode of NCIS that I hadn’t seen. You know where
this going. Now supper time is almost here and as worn out as
I am I’ll probably just make a pizza. I’ll need the energy to
mow the lawn tomorrow.

Enjoy our Tuesday, it’s the only one we get this week.
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The party’s over

April 10, 2017

To tell the truth there never was a party, but all the fixins
were there. The wife made a butterscotch birthday pie so I had
a piece. She claims it isn’t healthy yet I only had one piece
and it tasted so good it had to be good for me.

In hindsight, next time I’ll use a bigger plate and have more
Cool Whip on hand. One tub cut it awful close. And it was a
great day for a birthday, even the critters knew it. We saw the
pelicans had migrated back and the other birds were singing to
welcome them back.

It wasn’t all fun and games however. When I took a rare glance
in the mirror, some oldfart was staring back at me! Hair that
used to be a rich dark brown had turned to grey and the dimples
on the oldfart’s face had turned to wrinkles. I was happy to
see he had a mischievous glint in his eye though.

To those who sent a card and glad tidings, thank you. To those
who were ornery and couldn’t believe I’m still alive, bless your
heart. To everyone else, enjoy our Monday. Next year, no
birthday. I’m going back to the anniversary of the first time I
was slapped.

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Here we go

April 7, 2017

It happened again. All set to get a post in early, I had just
sat down at the computer and the doorbell rang. A friend I’ve
had for almost 50 years stopped by and things got delayed. We
hadn’t seen each other for a while so needed to catch up.

He had found out he doesn’t have Parkinson’s but is scheduled
for heart surgery. We talked of families, health, cars, and
what he thought we should have done different. It didn’t take
long for us to once again realize that between the two of us
we’ve had some really nice, and fast, cars.

Whenever he stops by there is always something he wants. A
little favor that he feels he has to talk his way into and I
would do even if he came right out with it. So after a pot of
coffee he came to the point.

It now looks possible that tomorrow we’ll be on some two lane
blacktop on the way to check out an old drag car. His bucket
list contains wanting to put one more really fast car together
while mine is short. I want to live to ripe old age.

The irony is, every time I do something like this with him, he
asks me what I think and when I tell him he does the opposite.
So we’ll see. If he shows up I’ll go along for the ride.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day anyway.

Enjoy our first Friday of the month and we’ll give it our best
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Just a thought

April 6, 2017

Today is the 96th day of the year meaning we’ll be adding a
year on forms in just 269 days. Time flies when we’re having fun.
And what a day our Thursday is, did you know…

On this date in 1808, John Jacob Astor incorporated the
American Fur Company and it would allow him to become America’s
first millionaire.

In 1862, on this date the Battle of Shiloh began.

On April 6, 1909, Robert Peary and Matthew Henson reached the
North Pole.

And on this very date in 1917, the United States declared war
on Germany.

Today is a day we celebrate New Beer’s Eve. Never heard of it
you say? It’s the night preceding the day beer became legal
again after Prohibition.

This is the day Merle Haggard was born in 1937 and the day he
died in 2016 at age 79.

There are many more things that happened in our past yet today
is also a day we’re the oldest we’ve ever been. If we woke up
breathing we’re ahead of the game. That’s certainly something
to celebrate. So enjoy our Thursday. We can’t control the
weather but we can learn how to enjoy it.

Now I’m going to watch my talk show on the radio, take a few
pictures, and enjoy the day before I snuggle up with a pizza
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