Stay calm…

June 8, 2020

One has to wonder why the protests continue. It started with wanting
justice for George Floyd. All officers involved have been arrested
and charged while awaiting trail. Now we keep hearing shouts of
black lives matter. Lord love a duck.

Let’s try to explain something that most are forgetting. I did a
post on this issue a while back and found incidents such as started
the protests and riots occur about .0027% of the time. Yes, they
shouldn’t happen at all, but they do.

And here’s why, members of our police forces are humans and humans
make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Now the Minneapolis city leaders
claim they have a veto proof margin to disband the police in their
city. That is like banning all drivers for a drunk driver fatality.

This is looking more and more like a plot to ensure our president
doesn’t get re-elected and to start baby steps toward socialism. I
am not going to be shamed for being born white, get any vaccines
associated with the virus hoax, or give up my guns.

People need to take a deep breath and remember, you can love your
country while not liking your government. If you don’t like the
way things are being handled, vote new people in. From city
government all the way to Congress.

I didn’t mention the president as they have term limits already in
place. Personally, I think all our forms of government should have
8 year terms and no retirement unless they pay into it. Right now,
until I hear chants of “American Lives Matter” my beliefs will stay
as they are.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for some coffee and snack.
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Random thoughts

May 8, 2019

I’m going over to see Dad today as the wife was out of town and had the car Monday and Tuesday. Donuts will be along for the ride as I cruise over to his place for a visit. If anything interesting occurs I’ll fill you in later.

The flood and the new interstate bridge is the talk of the town and since our Mayor isn’t running for re-election he’s hard to figure out. Our city council members and mayors have been against a flood wall for as long as I can remember.

Now, the outgoing mayor said if people say they want a wall he will talk about it. We won’t see anything change in the foreseeable future I’m sure. Those running for his seat on the council, and all the other politicians running for office, will come out with promises that will never be filled.

I remember the time I wanted to put up another garage on our property. Along with the expected distances from other buildings and property lines I was told a variance was needed and I would have to tear down the existing garage.

So when I explained I wanted to keep the old garage AND build a new one too the fun started. Was told if I wanted to keep the old garage I’d have to take out the overhead door and replace it with a regular entry door. When I asked why they told me that was so I couldn’t use it as a garage!

Good thing I didn’t show them the house plans. It would have been an 800 square foot home with an attached 8-car garage. On that happy note, enjoy our Wednesday as it’s the middle of the work week. Now for more coffee.
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Just saying

April 18, 2019

The rain that was supposed to fall north of us paid us a visit just after dark last night and lit up the sky like a pinball machine. Oddly enough, with all the lightning there was no thunder. We even got a little hail when things started going sideways.

But those who guess the weather have told us that Easter will by dry and in the 70s here on the east coast of Iowa just in time for all the Peeps to be consumed. Not sure what we’ll be doing for Easter yet but we have a few days to decide.

And I did go out in an attempt to get some pictures of the lightning which ended with myself and the camera getting wet but no pictures. I’m sure there will be more storms to try to get lucky with the camera this year.

On another note our Mayor appointed, or wants to appoint, new members to our Civil Rights Commission. Current board members have refused to step down and would not allow those appointed to take their seats at meetings. Members of the public have spoken out at City Council meetings against the change.

Being a retired redneck my opinion is sure to draw criticism but I don’t see what the big deal is. If the Mayor has the legal right to this and the Council voted on it; what’s the big deal? I have no car in this race but have spoken before the Committee. Since our Mayor is not running for re-election this whole issue may die after the election anyway.

With that being said, enjoy our Thursday and Good Friday Eve. Now for some coffee before stepping outside with the camera.
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Pet peeves

September 12, 2018

We went down to pick up our mail that has been held since we
left for vacation and was surprised to find an envelope with a
form letter from Massachusetts that stated I was speeding in
Muscatine, Iowa on the 29th of last month.

These speed cameras are one of my pet peeves as the only thing
I remember about August 29 is it’s the date we left on vacation.
This city is known for speed traps and I’m usually right at the
speed limit until I’m clear of town.

That being said I do get a heavy foot on the open road but not
in any towns or cities. I can’t disprove it so I’ll pay it and
move on even though I remember cars passing us in the other
lane. This is the first ticket I’ve gotten with a speed camera
and they’ve been around 20+ years. I’ve never gotten one before
so I’m skeptical.

I don’t even want one every 20 years. I think of speed cameras
as nothing more than cash cows for the city that has them
installed and the company that monitors them. So Muscatine can
enjoy my $75 and I’ll look elsewhere for a destination on our
days when we feel like hitting the road to see what else is

Let’s end that here as I don’t want to get worked up again. The
gardens and bushes need work and I haven’t figured out how to get
them in the shop to do the trimming and weeding. Enjoy our
Wednesday as it’s a day with no “R”s and the middle of the week.
Now for some more coffee to wash down the doughnuts.
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Interesting times

August 13, 2018

I have been watching the latest City Council meeting on our
government access channel and realized something in that
there is truth in the old saying that the more things change
the more they remain the same. It was almost like the Circus
has returned to the east coast of Iowa.

A few zoning variances came before the board which brought the
NIMBY (Not in my backyard) crowd to the microphone during the
public comment portion of the meeting. The public spoke while
the City Council listened and then the public listened as a few
members of the Council spoke. The Council voted in favor of
these variances.

Then came the hot button topic of the Civil Rights commission
and all hell broke loose. If I understand things correctly, our
city government wants to change the name to the Civil Rights
Agency and put a few Aldermen to the board. During the public
comment section many got up and spoke eloquently on the subject
while some just ranted or yelled.

Members of different groups including the Civil Rights
Commission, a Latin American group, a Native American, African
Americans, the disabled, the LBGT group, and supporters of civil
rights in general. I was a little surprised to find that some of
these speakers made it clear the white members of the council
had no knowledge of civil rights or need for them.

Then came the time for council response and the public would
interrupt council members trying to voice their side. It got so
crazy the Mayor called for a 10-minute recess. Things went a
little smoother after the break and the council decided to table
the idea for a few sessions. There were not a lot of happy
campers in the public seating as the Mayor stated the proposal
would be voted on at a later date.

Perhaps I’m different, but after watching this twice I felt the
hecklers tarnished the good points some of the speakers had
made with their total lack of restraint. Granted I don’t know
everything the council wants to change in the proposal yet do
know the public disregard for decorum was unwarranted.

Enjoy our Monday as it is the first day of the work week and
I’ll be doing some of that later. Now I need some coffee.
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Not my circus

June 11, 2018

We will forewarn those who think there are no bad kids, are
easily offended, or believe your feelings override everyone
else’s rights; this post is not for you.

After an increase in the number of shots fired calls and stolen
vehicle calls our Mayor became spokesperson for the upcoming
Youth Community Action Summit. On the local TV news he stated
that this recent spike in juvenile crime wasn’t a Mayor problem
or a Police problem, but a community problem.

So over meetings involving the city council, the police, a
local civil rights group, preachers and the public it is thought
the problem will be solved by mutual agreement. Personally I
believe it is too little too late.

Roughly 50 juvenile offenders are responsible for the vast
majority of the crimes mentioned. Isn’t it past time for some
tough love? Why not a juvenile 3 strikes you’re out? No, not
life in prison for the 3rd offense but perhaps some jail time.

On another track, a historic business district in our city
hosted a Pride event that is getting way too much media
coverage. As someone who was not in attendance I don’t have a
clue what went on other than what I catch on the local TV news
when I’m calm enough to watch it.

This all started when a representative of the Pride group went
before the city council for a permit to close the street. Also
at this meeting were people from the business owners association
who informed the council that they had not been notified or met
with those who wished to use the area for the event.

At some point in the event a business owner wanted some porta
potties moved away from his business and words were exchanged.
It is said the business owner used some bad language and the
porta potties were being used for testing. Now some of the
group who put on the event are talking lawsuits against the
business owner, a boycott of his business has been called for,
and people are worked up.

Even if said business owner did used some derogatory language
this has gotten out of hand. Enjoy our Monday as you know we
will. Now for some coffee and a Snicker’s.
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Here we go

May 23, 2018

It looks like we have a crime problem here on the east coast of
Iowa and it has gotten so bad the mayor of Davenport has set up
a public meeting to see what can be done. Things have changed
since I was school age but I do remember we were more afraid of
Dad then we were th police.

We’ve had an uptick in the number of car thefts, accidents
involving these stolen vehicles, shots fired calls, some with
fatalities, and 73 guns have been stolen out of unlocked cars.
Yeah, that’s a problem alright.

It’s time to stop blaming society and bring back judicial and
personal responsibility. The police are doing a good job of
catching the culprits and our laws let them walk. Let’s get
back to blaming the criminals. These kids who steal cars and
shoot at each other fear neither the police or the court system.

A while back such a kid was arrested over 60 times, the last
time getting sentenced to attend church. Now he is in a state
prison because things got out of hand. Quit letting them go.

Forget being politically correct. It’s time for some tough
love. And the public can do their part by taking the keys out
of their cars and locking them. Turn the car off and take the
keys while you go in to get a loaf of bread. At least that has
an easy fix.

These kids are too young to legally drive yet are stealing cars
and too young to legally own a handgun but have them. We don’t
know the answers we just know the current system isn’t working.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it means we’re halfway through another
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It’s official

November 14, 2017

The circus is here is to stay and the politicians are still
running the big top. After seeing an article by Barbara
Rodriguez of the Associated Press (AP) about the internal
investigation of sexual harassment in the Senate Republican
caucus of Iowa, I thought perhaps I was wrong about the drive
by media and perhaps they do hard hitting, fact filled news.

But I was wrong. No offense against the author of the article,
it is well written. But when the first paragraph is “An
investigation into alleged sexual harassment within the Senate
Republican caucus of the Iowa Legislature is complete,
according to a top official within the office, but there will
be no report about it and no information will be shared with
the public.”, I admit to being skeptical.

The senior aide to the Senate Majority Leader said “additional
information cannot be shared because it’s a personnel issue”.
Well, that’s comforting. The article later states that a woman
complained of sexual harassment in 2013, was fired hours later,
and went on to win a lawsuit against the state and a $1.75
million settlement.

So a state with 3.1 million residents pays almost $2 million
to a victim and it’s none of said residents business? I will
admit to being confused. The article has more to say, but this
was what got my goat. It looks like this transparent government
is working well, for the politicians.

If you wish to read the entire article, this one in US News,
go here.

Yeah, the old we’ve got nothing to hide but we can’t tell you
what happened. It’s just the same old bull being shipped on a
different day.

Enjoy our Tuesday, it means we survived Monday the 13th. Now
I need to get more coffee and count my pizzas in the freezer.
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The circus continues

November 9, 2017

This past July one of our city’s fire chiefs was fired by our
city administrator. Details were sketchy then, other than that
the chief didn’t attend a pre-disiplinary hearing. Being old
school I wondered what, exactly, a pre-disciplinary hearing was.

Does that come after a verbal dressing down and written
warning? Don’t believe it was ever addressed. With our more
transparent city government we citizens were told the reason
for the firing was not our business.

So now the civil service commission heard the case and
decided the chief was eligible to return to civil service at
a rank equal to that when she was fired . And of course the
city is considering an appeal to a higher court.

All that being said, I have never been a a fire fighter and
had limited training in boot camp. I learned just enough to
be dangerous. But I do have some thoughts on the subject.

Since we taxpayers will probably never know the why, it is hard
to form an opinion. My feelings in the matter are that if the
commission said she should get her job back, she should. For all
we could see she was doing her job.

Since we don’t know the specifics, and I’m stuck in the 60s
according to the lady who follows me around, that’s what I
think. But, if someone could do something about the rising
cost of living, medicine, insurance, gas, and groceries, it
would be appreciated.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means the weekend will be gone
before we know it. Now I need more coffee.
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Staying local

August 18, 2017

Today we are going to mention a couple things, happening or
about to happen, on the east coast of Iowa. We mention them
only because one is of interest to us and the other just goes
to prove the insanity is everywhere. So if you bear with us,
we’ll explain.

Tomorrow the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 776 are
hosting a Cruise-In at NorthPark Mall here in Davenport, Iowa.
The proceeds from this event will be used to support military
and veterans programs. Things get started at 5 pm and continue
until somebody turns off the light or the cows come home. It’s
a great event for a good cause and we hope to see you there.

Then we have the circus coming back to our city government. It
is now being said by one Alderman that another Alderman is a
racist and a bigot. The whole incident began when a former mayor
said something to the effect that the Irish were slaves too.

Of course that got those who see racism everywhere full of
righteous indignation and caused our city to pass a proclamation
that our fair city is diversified. Whatever happened to just
shrugging it off and calling the speaker a nut if you don’t
agree. It may not be popular but he has the right to say it.

This brought about the facebook melee between the two Aldermen.
She claims the other shares the views of our former Mayor and a
zoning letter he wrote to residents near a College that wants to
tear down some buildings is racist.

The complaining Alderman went before the local Civil Rights
Commission and stated “if you’re poor and black, you are not
going to understand the letter.” Hell lady, I’m an oldfart
white guy and I can’t understand it. Of course this same
outraged Alderman has a candidate she thinks would be more
compassionate, caring that will run against the one she doesn’t

I don’t believe Alderman Ambrose has much to worry about but
time will tell. We wish him well in the election. An article in
our Quad-Cities Times written by Devan Patel was used as a
reference for some of this portion of this post.

Now I’m craving a burrito and a gallon of coffee so enjoy our
friday. Before we know it monday will come calling again.
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