Afternoon addition

October 19, 2019

The moon was out again yesterday and looked magnificent in the
afternoon sky. A sky that started out clear and turned cloudy later.
Even with the clouds trying to hide the moon, it was a sight to see.
We won’t be so lucky today as the clouds have already taken over and
the moon won’t be seen later.

Speaking of clouds, as mentioned they were out in force painting
their designs across the blue sky. Funny, but I don’t remember clouds
looking like this from my childhood. Perhaps because we saw animals
and birds in the clouds back then.

Even saw a MedForce helicopter flying low and heading southeast. It
looked almost as if the clouds parted just enough to let the air
ambulance through. Living less than a mile from the nearest hospital
these things are expected.

Sometimes the noise of the rotors approaching take me back to
time in the Navy. We had a helipad on the stern of our destroyer
and the landings were a sight to see in rough waters.

Even though the critters made themselves scarce it was a lot to take
in. It wasn’t a warm yet it wasn’t cold either. The skies weren’t
clear all day but when they were it was amazing to see. And we’re
sure the critters will available for pictures again soon.

Enjoy our Saturday as we will. After all, we already had cheeseburgers
and potato chips for lunch and it doesn’t get much better than that.
Now I need some coffee before getting a few things done.
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October 18, 2019

Our errands are done, the elk roast is in the crock pot, and all the
cats have been fed. Thought it was good time to sit down and do this

Around sunrise I went out and noticed it had turned the old pine tree
and the two house wrens in it a nice shade of reddish gold. It just
looked different than it would later.

Later that morning the tree and a wren didn’t look quite as dashing
as they did earlier but still thought them worthy of a picture.

The tree across the alley has started to turn golden with us hoping
for a few more colors of the spectrum. We’ll keep an eye out to see
if that happens.

Saw the moon yesterday afternoon and the man in the moon looked
happy to be out during the day. Didn’t have a long talk but we caught
each other up on what’s been going on since last we met.

These little birds, I think finches, looked to be hanging from the
pine needles by their beaks. After a closer look it was discovered
they actually have their feet on another branch and looked up. Not
sure why but as fast as they moved about it was hard to get a decent
picture. These are some tiny birds.

Enjoy our Friday as it’s here anyway. Now for some more coffee.
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Spaced out

October 16, 2019

Didn’t get a post out yesterday as I felt as goofy as the feral
kitten above looks. In the picture above she looks surprised to see me
standing close with the camera.

Perhaps she was looking at the strange sky above us. Not sure what was going on but it was fun watching the patterns swirl and move about the clear blue sky. The clouds were as white as the sky was blue.

Had a good visit with Dad and actually stayed a lot longer than I
normally do. But Dad felt like talking so I hung around. We talked of
the recent city general election, some truck stops he ate at when he
was on the road, the summer of 1936, and how he rode a horse to
school in 6 foot snowdrifts, uphill, both ways.

Then after sharing memories that had us both smiling I headed home
and quickly lost the rest of the day. Not sure where the day went,
or how I missed it, but all I remember is having a bowl of leftover
chili before watching a Perry Mason re-run.

I’ll try to not let that happen again. A friend gave me an Elk roast
the other day and when it thaws out we’ll cook it up and make some
gravy for potatoes. Haven’t had elk before and am guessing it tastes
a little like Bison and I have had that.

So enjoy our Wednesday and when the time is right I’ll do two posts
in a day to make up fro yesterday. Now for more coffee.
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Little talk

October 14, 2019

Over the weekend the Harvest Full Moon appeared and looked full all weekend. We’ve already posted Fridays moon and here now is Saturdays. We would show Sundays but clouds kept the moon from coming out to play.

So I was glad for the talk with the man in moon on Saturday. Here on the east coast of Iowa the temperatures have dropped into the basement at night and we’ve had frost warnings. That could be why the critters are hard to find.

The man in moon claimed he liked nights like Saturdays as the sky was
so inky black he felt he stood out and shined brighter. Couldn’t argue
with him there. That night reminded of some nights at sea when with
just the light of the moon it seemed liked you could see every detail
around you.

The caps on the waves would glow in the dark much like the water
churned up by the props and the gentle rocking of the ship changed
your view slightly.

The wife worked over the weekend and claimed she didn’t know there was a full moon until she got to work. She claims people act different when there is a full moon yet I think some people act different all the time. We will have more pictures just as soon as the critters get used to the change in the weather and stay out longer or I find something else to get a shot of.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for more coffee and some pizza rolls.
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October 12, 2019

I got distracted earlier and this post is late again. I think it was
worth it as I got a few pictures of this hawk in a neighbors tree and
thought they turned out pretty good. Only wish said bird would have
hung around a little longer.

I did get a blurry shot as the hawk flew away then watched it until
it could no longer be seen, at least with my old eyes. The critters
weren’t plentiful this morning with the temps in the 30s and wind
chills in the 20s but I pulled on a sweatshirt and ventured out

Was going to add more pictures but the computer had other ideas.
Am looking to fix the problem and thought I’d get a post out
today even without all the pictures.

I could describe what the pictures look like but don’t think
that would work very well but at least there are a couple of the
hawk seen earlier. Some days it just gets crazy around here.

Made my chili last night and remembered halfway through the process
that the wife doesn’t like it as spicy as I do. It turned out half as
hot as I like it and just at the spicy end of the wife’s tolerance.
Now let winter come.

Enjoy our Saturday. Now for more coffee and some chili.
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Changing seasons

October 11, 2019

Had todays post figured out earlier and was all set to pound it out on
the keyboard until we pulled in the driveway after our weekly cruise to
the grocery store. As we stepped out the car I noticed movement just
above our roof and was surprised to see an adult turkey vulture flying
just above the rooftop.

It was drizzling with temperatures in the 40s and windy yet I kept my eyes to the sky. The wife asked what I was looking so told her to wait a minute and look at our roof. The vulture cleared our roof and got even lower before rising to clear the neighbors trees. Of course the camera was in the house, the house was locked, and said vulture was gone before I could grab my keys off my belt loop.

But what a sight. Then we carried the groceries in the house and got
out of the cold drizzle.

Yesterday was good also as the critters were out perhaps knowing it
would be the last warm day for a while. These two European starlings
appeared to be mad at something and were staring it down.

Not to be outdone, and in another part of the same tree, this robin
and starling were looking in the same direction as the other two. Not
sure what they saw but it kept them busy so I get a couple shots.

One of the feral kittens was practicing feline yoga and seemed calm. She held this pose for so long I almost thought something happened to her leg.

While the kitten was doing her workout this little black squirrel
tackled a walnut just feet away. Not sure where the walnut tree is
but am going to investigate when the drizzle quits. What can I say,
I like walnuts too.

That’s a little of what’s been going on here on the east coast of Iowa. We’ll share more pictures as we get them. Enjoy our Friday as that means the weekend is here. Now for some more coffee before I go back out to see if the liquid love from above stopped.
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Lord love a duck

October 10, 2019

Made the mistake of watching, and reading, some news today and have to say the times are changing. We heard about Matt Lauer being a bad boy again, the nonsense that is our Congress, and how we’re going to have a cold morning come Saturday.

Now if you believe that news is fair and balanced while not being biased you probably won’t like this post, but I can’t help myself. Those who believe in Climate Change enough to protest confuse the hell out of me.

In the past pictures after some protests show litter strewed about and
nothing said about actually doing something to fix the problem. The
latest article seen was about a Climate Change protest in London where the author found it hilarious that the protesters were doing yoga, interpretive dance, and weird things on a blocked off street.

The street was blocked off so cars wouldn’t pollute yet plastic tents
and shelters were all over the place along with paper and plastic
banners wanting the government to move faster on greenhouse gas
emissions. Of course they also had to fight with the police.

One would be more inclined to believe the seriousness of these people
if they were seen picking up trash and actually doing something that
might help our environment. Because we don’t see that I’m leaning
towards the belief that that said protesters are unemployed and too
dumb to realize they are being used to make us feel guilty.

I also believe there is nothing mankind can do to change the climate.
Climate has been changing since the earth has been here and will
continue to do so after we’re gone. This is just a huge con to justify
sky high taxes in the future. We don’t have a climate crisis, we have
a common sense crisis.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is but a dream away. Now I need
more coffee and some bacon.
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