Hot one

July 19, 2019

Yesterday around noon I was sagging like the little bird in the picture. With a heat index of around 100, I decided it was the perfect day to trim Dads hedges. The chore took about three hours, three bottles of water, a glass of ice cold lemonade, and several bandages.

Needed the liquid for the heat and the bandages for several cuts, scrapes, and tears to my arms from the tight fit in places. As skinny as I am I had a hard time even getting behind some bushes to trim. It got so bad I was pulling the extension cord and my hand slipped because it was covered in blood.

So it was into the house to rinse the hand off and see what was bleeding. Ended up my hand wasn’t cut at all and the blood came from three places on my wrist where the skin got pulled off. I was just getting ready to go back out when Dads caregiver saw my arm and insisted on putting band-aids on the bleeding parts.

I told her said band-aids wouldn’t stay on because I was sweating too much, but she held her ground. After she applied the band-aids it was back outside to continue making the hedges shorter. And after five minutes the band-aids fell off.

So today my arms are sore and colorful, but the hedges are lower and Dads happy so that’s what counts. I also know when they need trimming again I won’t do it when it’s this hot.

Enjoy our Friday as we know what that means. Now I need more coffee and something to eat.
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Another great day

July 18, 2019

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I heard a ruckus outside so I decided to investigate. I went out on the back porch as quietly as possible only to discover the noisemakers were not what I expected. See below.

Thinking I’d scare these masked bandits away from the cat food I grabbed a broom and confronted the critters. Imagine my surprise when I smacked one with a broom and he looked at me as if saying ‘is that all you got?’ So I turned said broom around, smacked him with the wooden end and he got my message. The little buggers would go just outside of swinging range and wait.

This little girl was picture perfect so I snapped this shot of her eyeing, what else, the food bowl. Or it could be she just wanted to be first for breakfast.

The orange one seems intrigued by the snow shovel sitting outside awaiting a new handle. She’s there every time I go out early in the day trying to figure it out.

These two like to test each other and I see them wrestling at some point during the day. The heat doesn’t seem to bother them, yet.

They play like this until a sibling gets tired of the nonsense and holds one back. May not seem fair but it keeps the others in line. So enjoy our Thursday as the heat index here could hit 110. Not the hottest ever but in the running to be an uncomfortable day.
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The hunt

July 17, 2019

We have some more feral kitten pictures and thought we’d start with this one as she got herself in a little jam yesterday. The kittens are starting to practice their hunting skills and the orange one got an attitude adjustment.

Backed up by these two the orange one was stalking a squirrel calmly eating dinner on the lawn. The squirrel had his back to them as they crawled ever closer to what they thought was an easy meal. But they soon found out they were not the lions of the lawn they believed.

Orange one got bold with her backup and pounced only to learn the squirrel was not going to be the main course without a fight. The squirrel turned, stood on its hind legs, and started chattering which caused the orange one to turn tail and run!

The other two must have been confused as they looked between the angry squirrel and the retreating sibling. They soon decided it was a good time to saunter over to the water bowl and quench their thirst. I didn’t have the camera when all this happened as I was out for a smoke break, but it was something to see.

The final score: squirrel 1, kittens 0. It was so much more entertaining to watch than the debacle on TV of the House voting to censure the President. I’m still grinning.

Enjoy our Wednesday and watch out for camels in the workplace. Now for some bacon and leftover pizza.
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On cloudy days

July 16, 2019

Yesterday the blue sky was filled with clouds that let your imagination soar. Today it is light gray. We’re not supposed to get any rain yet not a patch of blue to seen. Came home to kittens running all over and Mama cat waiting to be petted.

Went over to visit Dad, had a chat, and told him I’d trim his bushes next week. He said he’d heard a local TV station was going off the air and I admitted to knowing nothing about it.

We talked of the moon landing 50 years ago and how we’re confused by the weather peoples use of the heat index and number of people that were affected and both decided said weather people didn’t know it got hotter some summers than others.

Then the fair came up and I told him that the Budweiser Clydesdales were going to be in the horse arena this year as memories of going to the fair to watch the six horse hitches, and eight horse hitch Clydesdales filtered through my brain.

Now back home with the feral cats fed twice and watered and ready to get some other things done. I wondered how the horses will do in the heat we’re supposed to get.

Not to worry though as I’ll get more pictures later, haze and all. Enjoy our Tuesday as at least we all made it through Monday. Now for some leftover pizza and tater tots. Sounds good for some reason.
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Of summer days

July 15, 2019

When the wife returns from working out of town I wash the car in the driveway to remove all bugs and road grime. This year there are a lot of bugs on the windshield, grille, headlights, fog lights, etc. So I came up with a perfect solution on how to make the chore easier. Or so I thought.

Once the wife sat at the kitchen table before leaving again I explained. I told her I’d appreciate it if she backed all the way to work, after all it’s only about 100 miles. She flat out said she would not drive to work in reverse and so another great plan went up in smoke.

When this picture was taken it felt like I was looking at the foot of God. Some see the eye of God or angelic wings so I got the foot.

The kittens were out again and as playful as always. They were checking everything out and chasing anything that moved. The heat of the day didn’t seem to bother them at all.

Then the fight started. Well, not sure if it was fight our just two young ones letting off a little steam. They were going back and forth for a while though and none were injured.

Then Mama pops up and these same kittens look all wide eyed and innocent. Whatever Mama cat did the battle was over. And that’s how some of our Saturday was spent.

Enjoy our Monday as our new week begins. Now for some coffee.

July 13, 2019

There won’t be any kitten pictures in this post as when outside I looked up to see a sight not seen before and took some shots of the birds against a blue sky. I noticed a group of American White Pelicans soaring above and suddenly about a half dozen Turkey Buzzards circled with them.

While the pelicans and buzzards both looked graceful making small circles in the vast sky I concentrated on the pelicans. I remember reading that these birds are among the biggest in the country with a wingspan of up to 9 feet.

They may not be as cute as the kittens yet I found them almost hypnotic to watch. When first spotted the birds were over a mile away and slowly worked their way towards us before passing overhead and heading north. If you’ve ever seen these pelicans on the ground they look all white.

Yet when they take flight the black on the underside of their wings add just the right accent to the white on the rest of their bodies. These birds usually start out by the river and head east to follow the river so I was surprised when they flew by.

Just to show pictures were taken of things other than birds, here’s one of the moon later yesterday. As I talked to the man in the moon he mentioned some baby raccoons were getting in the cat food dish at night. We already knew this but thanked him for keeping an eye on things.

Enjoy our Saturday as it looks to be a hot one here. Now I need more coffee as I wait for the wife to get back from working out of town.
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This and that

July 12, 2019

Here are a few pictures from yesterday in case you’re wondering how the kittens are doing. They run all over the yard and the lot behind our place yet never seem to get tired. Wish I had their energy.

These flowers in the neighbors yard never cease to amaze me. On a small incline and surrounded by weeds they flourish. One would think the weeds would choke them out yet the flowers return every spring and summer. I hope the weeds never win.

This sight made me think we may get some rain but later the dark clouds went away and the day turned out near perfect. The dark clouds even blocked the sun for a while and kept things cool.

There is a bird in this picture of the old oak tree across the alley and it sat up there on top of the branch for quite a while. Thought perhaps it had a nest until it flew to another part of the tree where it actually did have a nest.

And today is Collector Car Appreciation Day nationwide so if you have one feel free to give yours a hug. Today is also the second day of the Trucker’s Jamboree at the world’s largest truck stop in Walcott, Iowa.
We can’t make it this year as the wife is working out of town, but if you live close and have the time it’s worth a look.

Enjoy our Friday and the weekend is here. Now I need more coffee and some leftover pizza before going out to greet the day.
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