Easter thoughts

April 17, 2017

Even Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had thoughts of Easter when he
penned the following:

Twas Easter Sunday
The full-blossomed trees
Filled all the air with
Fragrance and with joy.

Here on the east coast of Iowa we had just such a day with a
warm breeze rippling across the grass and causing the trees to
wave. But is it the weather and fragrance that makes us joyful
or is it Easter itself?

I do know that I am filled with enough ham and potato salad to
last me awhile. And even though it was a religious holiday, I
mowed the lawn again and detailed the car. Even chatted with a
long haul trucker who was visiting neighbors.

As happens sometimes, I even took time to read and as I was
doing that the Easter beagle dropped off goodie bags. Well,
actually Ronnie and Todd did. Along with the goodie bags was
what I at first looked like a piece of polished aluminum
diamond plate.

The cogs in the old braincase went into overdrive and I
thought of making a gauge panel out of it, until I picked it
up. Then I thought it was mat to set my laptop on. Wrong. The
wife snickered and told me it was an envelope and I should open
it. I had never seen a chrome envelope before and didn’t know
what to expect.

I was pleasantly surprised when I reached inside and pulled out
a birthday card. So I want to thank Ronnie and Todd for the
bag, the card, and a new shiny thing to play with.

Hope your Easter was a good one. We now are in into Monday
and that means only 4 more days to another weekend.
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Just some facts

February 13, 2017


Happy Valentine’s Day! We know it’s tomorrow but celebrated
early as the wife has today off. Yesterday Ronnie stopped by
with goodie bags for the occassion and we wish to thank her
again. That said we’ll add some little known, and worthless
facts, about the day.

Did you know Bing Crosby had an album titled “St. Valentine’s
Day” released in 1946? The album reached number 8 on the
Billboard list of best selling albums in February 1949.

History buffs may remember the Valentine’s Day of 1929. At
10:30 am seven men were murdered in a garage at 2122 North
Clark Street in Chicago in what has been known ever since as
the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

The first valentine was also surrounded by violence. Saint
Valentine of Rome was imprisoned because he performed weddings
for soldiers who were forbidden by law to marry and for
minitering to Christians. As legend goes St. Valentine healed
the daughter of his jailer and before his execution wrote her
a letter and signed it “Your Valentine”.

In 18th century England the practice of lovers giving cards,
candy, and flowers became common. In Europe St. Valentine’s
Keys were given to lovers as an invitation to unlock the
giver’s heart.

Yet St. Valentine is not the patron saint of love, Saint
Anthony is. So if you want to give your sweetie a card on
St. Anthony Day, that would be June 13. And now I hear the
call of the lonely bacon cheeseburger pizza aksing for help.
Enjoy the rest of your Monday.
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Time flies

December 31, 2016


This will be the last post until next year. The very next
sunrise we see will occur next year. Yes, this time tomorrow
we will have to remember to put a different ending of the date
on any forms or checks we fill out.

Looking back on 2016 we have no regrets and will make no
resolutions for 2017 because we tend not to stick to them
anyway. As we look back on this year we realized we didn’t
get everything on our wish list done, but we did manage to get
something done.

The wife now knows my hair isn’t getting grey I’m going
chrome, and I found out it no longer works to say it doesn’t
cost anything to look. We don’t have everything we want yet
we have everything we need and that is a blessing in itself.

An old friend stopped by today and we walked a ways down
memory lane which mostly involved cars. He was down in the
dumps that he can no longer work on them like we used to and
I was amazed we lived through the antics of our youth.

Some are worried about what 2017 will bring, we are not. We
hold no sway over what the next president and legislators do
or know what the future may bring. I will just tell life to
hit me with it’s best shot and carry on, and the wife will
continue to grab the dash when I say hold on.

Have a very happy New Year and we’ll do the same.
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The reason for the Season

December 25, 2016

Christmas can be a stressful time of year so here
is a reminder of what it’s all about.

Break time

December 18, 2016


It’s now official. Things got chilly last night with wind chills
locally dropping to almost -30 and the white fluffy love from
above blowing around didn’t help. But once the wind chill got
up to a balmy -15 I did venture out to shovel.

Even that took longer than expected with my eyes watering in
the constant 25 mph breeze. It was shovel, wipe my eyes,
shovel, wipe my eyes, and repeat. But the job got done and I’m
no worse for wear.

Things are looking up though. By Wednesday the high is
supposed to be above 30 with a bit calmer breeze. My winter
gear held up and after several cups of coffee I can honestly
say I’m nice and toasty sitting at the kitchen table.

Our anniversaries are coming up and yes I meant the plural.
The wife got married on December 21st all those years ago and
I tied the knot on the 22nd. No problem, we just celebrate
both days. And a few short days after that it’s Christmas.

A great time of the year and it sure looks like it could be
a white Christmas for those of us on the east coast of Iowa.
I spent one Christmas in Hawaii, and while it is a beautiful
place I just couldn’t get in the spirit.

Regardless of where you are, hot or cold, we wish you a Merry
Christmas! In the mean time I have to find a pizza that has my
name on it.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2016


Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving and hoping you can be with
friends and family. If you’re travelling, be careful, if not
stay safe.

We are thankful for all those in our lives, for those who
give up their Thanksgiving so we may be safe and healthy, and
those in the Military who cannot make it home for the holiday.
We are thankful for those we have known who are longer with
us as we feast on this holiday for we thought enough of them
to mourn their passing, remember their life, and miss them
daily. We are blessed.

Enjoy, and if have traditions please keep them up. Be nice to
your enemies as it keeps them confused, and my your cares be
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Veteran’s day

November 11, 2016

To all my fellow veterans and active duty, enjoy the day. We
made our local parade today today and here are some pictures.









It was good to see so many flags and hear the applause when
the units went marching by. Although it is a cool day it put
a spring in our step as we walked back to the car.

Also, in an earlier post I mentioned the full moon was going
to occur on the 14th and have since found out it will actually
happen on the night of 13th and early morning of the 14th. We
will try to get a picture or two.

To all, we wish you a great day. The weekend doesn’t look
too bad either.
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