Thursday rant on Friday

June 26, 2020

I was going to post about the homemade weed killer today but since
the results were not great decided to take a different path. Even
though I avoid the media on TV one can’t escape it on the internet.

So here’s what I’ve learned over the last couple days:

The country western group Lady Antebellum changed their name to
Lady A so it isn’t racist.

A group of Texas realtors will not use the term “Master” when
referring to bedrooms and baths as that is racist.

Disneyland will change its Splash Mountain from a “Song of the
South” to a princess theme.

AOC wants to take houses away from property owners to make things

And in one part of country, the LGBT added a P, for Pedosexual.

Lord love a duck! It’s official, some people here have lost what
little sense they had. This is just a few of the stranger blurbs I’ve
seen and by no means all.

Lady A can call themselves whatever they want as a lot of what I
hear lately doesn’t sound like country music to me anyway. I’ll keep
listening to the oldies.

“Song of the South” is a classic and think there would be a bigger
uproar in changing to a ‘white privilege’ princess theme might make
things worse.

If realtors won’t call it master bedroom, are they going to call it
the adult bedroom now? Or the larger bedroom with attached bath?

AOC can want ‘fairness’ all she wants but I’m sure we’re not the
only homeowners who would say hell no to that idea. Why don’t these
brain dead politicians just come out and say they want to change our
country from a Constitutional Federation to Socialism.

The LGBT group adding pedophiles doesn’t surprise me nor make me a happy camper. As my dear departed mother used to say “you can want in one hand, shit in the other, and you know which one will be full”.

Instead of all these groups demanding special attention why doesn’t
everybody get together and work on the real problems. Like people
out of work, businesses losing money or closing, and how to make
our country better when this virus is gone than it was before it
got here.

I’ll end it there and hope you have a great Friday. Now I’m having
more coffee and some leftover pizza.
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It’s official…

May 19, 2020

Common sense is never going to make a come back in our lifetime. Not
saying that to hear myself talk, only to state a fact. Don’t believe
me? I’ll try to explain.

We now have all these doctors and scientists telling us we have to
wait for a vaccine to solve the virus problem. When said vaccine does
appear, it will have to be taken with every new outbreak, and then be
told the vaccine wasn’t meant for the current strain but will help
ease symptoms. All that from people who can’t find a cure for the
common cold or flu.

We have governors who think they’ve been appointed King and shut down entire states while telling us it’s for own good. This morning one said that if businesses break his ‘rule’ they would be charged and fined, which is better than losing their license. Wait, what?

So much for land of the free, home of the brave. And what about all
these numbers they keep throwing at us? Here in Iowa we’re told so
many thousand have the Covid-19 and a couple hundred died from it.
But, those counted as having it have been tested. How about adding
‘out of 3 million residents in the state’.

Unless everybody gets tested, the numbers are useless. Unless all
those who died get tested, those numbers are useless. And what about the masks? Wear them, don’t wear them, and if you do wear them they get old real quick. I will not wear one nor visit a business that tells me I have to.

Why is our President getting so much flak over this when it’s the
Governors who are running the show right now? If people what to get
mad at someone, get mad at your Governor. We’ll say again, the
government is not the answer, it’s the problem.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for more coffee before I do some chores.
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May 8, 2020

This recent virus experience left me thinking of a song that came
out in 1971 by the 5 Man Electrical Band called ‘Signs’. The part
that stuck to me goes as follows:

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

If this brings back memories, the lyrics to the song can be found
here. Don’t know what history will call this part of our lives down
the road, but it is interesting.

With so much of our country shut down the poor are getting poorer
while the rich don’t seem as affected. Oh sure, the complain by
saying being locked in their mansions is like being in jail, but any
of us who been in jail know that isn’t right.

It’s kind of amusing that our government is trying to save us and
legislate us into poverty. They think they know about the virus and
what’s good for us and living by a different standard themselves. It
is confusing to an old fart like me.

I missed going over to visit Dad for two weeks as the wife was
exposed to the virus at work and waited before going over to see him
again. We had a nice reunion of sorts and enjoyed kicking jokes back
and forth.

Now I find out he came in contact with someone who tested positive
for Covid-19. At 94 years old he doesn’t get out much and now he has
to go without visitors again. This is getting old.

Let’s open our country back up so those who can, and want to, go
back to work and those of us who pre-existing conditions that could
make things worse if infected, stay home. Don’t know about you but
we want our life back.

Enjoy our Friday as it means we’re one day closer to seeing the
tail end of this pandemic. Now for coffee and a cheeseburger.
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Bull shipping

April 28, 2020

Read an article from WND that states lockdowns weaken immunity and
that cure is worse than the disease. The 2 physicians with advanced
degrees in microbiology claim sheltering in place actually weakens
our immune system.

The doctors say the fatality rate for this disease is one-tenth
of 1%. They are also pushing the herd immunity concept and question
the lock down in California where the fatality rate is 0.03%. Which
begs the question: why the lock downs?

You can click on the link to read the article, and it is an
interesting read. Of course those who have medical issues already
should take precaution when around others, 96% of people who do
get the virus have no lasting problems.

Much as I hate to admit it, Biden was right. He said the cure would
be worse than the disease. Our economy has definitely taken a hit and
it will be years recovering and our taxes will be going up to pay for
stimulus monies being spent.

All this makes one wonder, why isolate people and cause them to lose
their businesses and jobs, then give them money to ease their pain?
Is big pharma behind this so most of us don’t get the full immunity
and need a yearly vaccine?

We don’t know the answer but do know it’s time for the government
to stop shipping the bull and look at reality. It’s time to stop
the nonsense and let Americans do what they do best, go back to
work and make the money to live a decent life.

Don’t look at the man behind the curtain pulling the levers, just
believe what we tell you. I’m calling it bull! Your opinion may vary
from mine, but you can’t argue with facts.

Enjoy our Tuesday as I need more coffee.
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Just a thought

April 20, 2020

Read an interesting article on WND this morning about how Sweden is
handling the virus. In Sweden restaurants, bars, playgrounds and
parks are open. Elementary schools are open but high schools and
colleges are not. The government suggests that if you can work from
home you do so, and limit crowds to no more than 50 people.

Oh my God, they’re all going to die! Not quite. One would think with
all the media bias the death toll would be a lot larger than ours.
That would depend on how you look at it. In the U.S.A. we have 71
covid 19 deaths per million. In Sweden they have 91 covid 19 deaths
per million.

Perhaps it’s just me, but with numbers like that it leads me to
believe we don’t need the lock down on our population. Before you call
me heartless let me say that I have underlying health issues that
would not work in my favor should I catch this bug. I don’t wear a
mask or gloves when out in public but choose to wash my hands when
I get home.

And while many are up in arms about the spread in New York few are
concerned about this virus decimating our Native Americans. That I
find disgraceful. I know money to help is on the way but our
government doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to
Native Americans.

It’s about time to open things up and let those who are afraid of
catching the viurs isolate and the rest of us get back to business
as usual. We can’t do that everywhere but we have to start somewhere.

Enjoy our Monday and tomorrow we’ll share a few recent pictures.
Now I need more coffee so I don’t nod off again.
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It’s a start

April 6, 2020

We will forewarn liberals, progressives, those that need “safe
spaces”, those without common sense, and others, that this post is
not for you. If you continue reading we are not responsible for
your hurt feelings, filled up coloring books, or the depletion of
tissues. This is an opinion piece and it will not gel with yours.

That being said, we’re tired of the 24/7 mainstream coverage of the
corona virus, Pelosi and her flying monkeys, and all the other BS
being throw at us by those who can’t preach on their accomplishments
and feel the need to drag others down to their level.

We’ve all probably seen the latest attempt by Pelosi and others to
have Trump investigated for his handling of the virus. They don’t
remember they were trying to impeach Trump while he already working
on the problem earlier this year?

And did you notice we never hear their solution or what they would
have done differently? They have been too busy pushing their own
agenda to get Trump impeached to worry about something like this.
Well, we believe we have an answer to the problem that would bring
back bi-partisanship and unite the parties.

If we are truly in an emergency situation all bills passed by the
House and Senate should only address the emergency and not include
any pet projects or paybacks to campaign contributors. Once the
emergency is officially declared over the parties could go back to
business as usual.

Politicians should relieve no pay until the emergency is over and
any who complain about it fined. If this is good enough for ‘we
the people’, it should be good enough for them.

And finally, there should be no elections held, by mail, at the
polls, or otherwise, until this emergency is over. If we can’t do
anything else I’ll waive my right to vote until we’re safe. Those in
office would keep their job, minus a paycheck, until we’re over this.

This is my opinion and yours may differ, but this old redneck is
getting tired of the dog and pony show. If you have a better idea,
we’d love to hear it.

Enjoy our Monday as we will.
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Still confused

March 24, 2020

This whole viurs mess has me more confused now than when it started. I blame the media coverage 24/7 for my confusion and will give a few reasons why.

In 2015 Bill Gates warned of a pandemic like we’re going through now.
He also outlined how we could lessen the effect on our population.
Not many paid attention then but are wishing they did now.

Then comes the update that people who don’t know they have the virus, keep going until they get over it while infecting others who don’t know they have it who infect others.

And all of sudden virurs “experts” come out of the wood work with
opinions that range from not helping the problem to completely

As it that wasn’t enough, both parties in the Senate worked on a
bill that would help with the problem before Nancy Pelosi flew in
on her broom and stopped it. Suddenly Democrats, who helped write
the bill and were for it, said it was terrible and blamed the

Now said bill that would have cost about $1.5 trillion is dead and
Pelosi came up with version which will run us $2.5 trillion and has
more pork in it than Iowa. The first bill makes a lot more sense than
the latter. It contained funding for payments to citizens, beefing up
unemployment, helping the small business loan program, hospitals,
vaccines, money for the CDC, Veteran’s healthcare, education, FEMA,
and airports.

TownHall has a list of some things in Nancys new bill; a bailout of
of debt for the Postal service, required early voting, required same
day voter registration, provisions on official time for union
collective bargaining, full offset of airline emissions by 2025,
publication and reporting of greenhouse gas statistics for individual
flights, retirement plans for community newspaper workers, Federal
$15 minimum wage, study on climate change migration efforts, and
permanent paid leave.

Really? That almost makes the virus look petty.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s here anyway. Now for some coffee and
leftover pizza.
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March 16, 2020

This corona virus thing is getting crazier by the day. So it got me
thinking about what is going on. The only thing that keeps coming to
mind is that when our president first announced the virus might be
headed our way is that the media thought he wasn’t serious enough
about the subject.

The wifes ice maker broke down so yesterday we went to Wal Mart to
see if they had one that worked. They did not, but we did see, with
our own eyes, that was no toilet paper to be had in the store. So
much for keep calm and washing your hands.

Anyway, back to my opening statement. Are the media and others
manufacturing a crisis? Here are a few facts about 2 states and how
they’re handling the problem. The states are Iowa and Illinois. Iowa
has a Republican governor and Illinois a Democrat governor.

In Iowa we have 22 confirmed cases of the virus with no deaths. Our
governor recently held a press conference, declared a state of
emergency, and suggested schools close for two weeks and we limit gatherings to under 250 people.

In Illinois there are 105 cases with no deaths. All the cases are
within 14 counties out of the 102 counties in the state. The governor
held a press conference and declared a state of emergency. At a later
press conference schools were closed, events cancelled, and said
governor ordered all restaurants and bars closed at 9 pm tonight
until further notice.

So in Iowa we can still go out to eat, stop at a bar later for a
nightcap, then go to the casino if we want. In Illinois, starting
tomorrow, they can’t do that. On top of the bars and restaurants
being closed some of their casinos are closing voluntarily.

I think their corn bread ain’t done in the middle. Lord love a duck!
It almost seems like we’re being set up to fail. We don’t know what’s
going on but we don’t like it and it all sounds like bull to us.

Enjoy our Monday as we will. Now for some coffee and cheeseburger.
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Not a mushroom

March 12, 2020

Once again certain politicians and the media are treating us like mushrooms. You know, they keep us in the dark and fill us full of BS. In this case about the corona virus or whatever they’re calling it now. If we are to believe these legends in their own minds we should be in panic mode.

Flights have been cancelled, gas prices are down because we’re not
buying gas, and this virus can stay airborne for anywhere from a few
minutes to several hours depending on who’s trying to be the expert.
Mass panic has ensued, face masks are popping up on faces all over
the planet, and we hear toilet paper is in high demand.

Bottom line is, due to this planned hysteria businesses are losing
money, travel is down, and even the stock market has taken a plunge.
We smell a rat. Actually, quite a few. Things were going great before
the viurs was announced to the world earlier this month.

Then the media and politicians got hold of the news and caused a
panic that might rival the airing of ‘War of the Worlds’ with Orson
Welles. We wonder if all this attention isn’t just a ploy against our
sitting president to make him look bad in an election year.

Yes, other countries are doing much the same, but one still has to
wonder. And if these self-proclaimed ‘experts’ who fill their news
programs with this BS knew about the outbreak in December why
weren’t we told then?

We need to stop the nonsense and not let others tell us we should
be should running scared. When June rolls around this whole thing
will be just be yesterdays news with less fatalities than deaths from
gunshots in Chicago.

All we need to do is keep calm, wash our hands, and not get too
close to people who cough without covering their mouth. Enjoy our
Thursday as it means the end of the work week is only a dream away.
Now for some coffee to go with my cheeseburger.
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Super Moon thoughts

March 9, 2020

Went out last night and got a picture of the Full Worm Super Moon and
I’m glad I did as today it has been, and will be, raining. Don’t
think things will clear up enough to get a picture tonight. We’ll have
to wait and see.

Not going over to Dads tomorrow but will wait until Wednesday as the
wife needs the car and I’m not walking that far. Since he liked the
chili I’m going to take over some cheesy potato soup for him to try.

Been wondering what’s going on in Washington as things seem quiet
and that usually foretells of bad news. Either they’re thinking
something up and trying to sneak it by us, or they already did
something they don’t want us to know about.

It’s a given that politicians will play the blame game when the
feces hits the rotating cooling device. Talk is cheap, we’re ready
for some action. Don’t think we’ll see any unless pretend indignation
and finger pointing count.

Finally, we’re not sure what it means, but the wife’s cats have been
extra cuddly today. Since they don’t get outside it can’t be the rain.
I just know the cats have almost tripped me about a dozen times
today instead of the usual 3 or 4.

Enjoy our Monday as this work week ends with a Friday the 13th. Now
for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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