April 18, 2018

I heard the bells ringing in a nearby church and realized yet
another day got away from me. Nothing new there yet I’m hoping
this isn’t the beginnings of a trend.

Was still day dreaming last night as the sun said a colorful
goodbye to the day. The picture was taken in our backyard and
has a lot of things cluttering it up, but I like it.

This is the poor excuse for a squirrel that has been bouncing
around our area for a while now. If they had Olympic competition
for critters this one could take the gold for back flips.

And doves were all over the neighborhood, like this one on a
nearby roof. It can’t be our one little bird feeder that brings
all these critters in and we doubt it’s the weather. When we
figure it out we’ll let you know.

The weather forecasts have missed the mark again. Perhaps we
will send a suggestion to the TV station that those who predict
the weather get a room with a window. It might help.

Finally, we tried something new at lunch and the wife and I
both enjoyed it. Because she’s on a Keto diet I fried up a few
inch think steaks them smothered them in a mushroom garlic
sauce that turned out great. It will never replace pizza for
me but will be in the top 10 favorites.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. I’m going in search of a cup
of coffee.
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To blustery days

April 6, 2018

The tractor auction is over for the day, the wind is rattling
the windows, and the temperature is in the 30s. Some would say
those aren’t good things yet we say, why not? It’s hard to
believe today but in a few short months some will be complaining
about how hot it is.

How windy is it? As you may be able to tell from the picture
above it’s so windy the birds are grounded! Okay, not that bad
but we can say said birds aren’t happy about the breeze either.
Tonight the low will be in teens with a wind chill even lower.

Good thing we don’t pay attention to wind chills. On the
latest weather report the weather people are predicting 1-2
inches of snow Saturday night into Sunday and I’d bet that small
amount of white fluffy love from above will look great for a
short time.

After all, it’s supposed to be back into the 50s for highs on
Wednesday. And shoveling an inch or two of wet snow will get
the blood flowing. At least we don’t have hurricanes.

The wife is on a new diet that doesn’t include bread, pasta,
potatoes, or sugar. Because of this fact I only eat pizza while
she’s at work and sneak my Snicker’s when she isn’t looking. The
eating green vegetables doesn’t do anything for me, but the part
that has the red meat in it may put me on a slightly modified diet

I could get behind the idea of a grilled steak and just have to
figure out how to hide my baked potato. So enjoy our Friday as
that means those of us not retired might get a couple of days off.
Now for some more coffee.
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Unrelated thoughts

March 22, 2018

The above photo just made us laugh. But with modern technology
it could happen. Farming has come has come a long ways since the
days of hand start tractors.

Speaking of farming, while visiting Dad we talked a little of
the never-ending chores involved with 20th century farming. The
house never had running water so even wanting a glass of water
meant a trip to well. And we concluded the outhouse didn’t get
used as often in the winter.

After spending some time online yesterday I believe people
really are taking the question “Are you stupid?” as a challenge.
One video I saw scrolling down a page had the headline “Man
Clubs Fish with Gun, Shoots self in his junk!” I didn’t need to
watch it to know the guy shot himself in the crotch nor had the
desire to witness him doing it.

I’ve been trying something different this week and have looked
to recipes when attempting to cook something. Last week I told
the wife I wanted to make chili-mac and needed macaroni. She
stumped me when she inquired if I had a recipe. That’s when I
realized my assumption that cooking the macaroni and adding a
can or two of chili might not equate to a recipe.

So I found a recipe and quickly realized we didn’t have half
the ingredients listed. A trip to the store fixed that and
following the recipe the chili-mac turned out pretty good. Who
would have thought?

And I got some pictures to upload today that we’ll share at a
later date. Enjoy our Thursday. Now I need some coffee and a
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It’s not my fault

March 2, 2018

Last night I had a dream between trips to the head. It wasn’t
as strange as some yet seemed so real I woke up tired. This
dream involved a wooden hulled sailing vessel loaded with
Conestoga wagons and headed for Japan.

In the dream we did everything including loading said wagon into
the hold. Because this occurred in la-la land each wagon had to
be disassembled on the dock, carried to the hold, then get
reassembled. And halfway through the trip we ran into a typhoon
at sea.

I almost came to yelling ‘Land Ho’! When I looked at the clock
it showed we were late for our weekly trip to the grocery store.
After waking the wife and jumping into some denim we made our
way to the mecca of all things edible almost an hour late. And
I was worn out by the time we made it past the produce

Even with the lack of sleep, inability to shake the foggy
brain, and need of coffee we completed our trip only forgetting
half of what we should have got. Due to this fact I will left
with the option of either eating animal crackers plain, or
putting catsup on them.

I guess there’s always the option of making some frosting but
that isn’t going to happen today. My goal at this point is just
to survive this day. If I dream tonight I hope I dream I’m a
tractor. It explains the snoring and isn’t as stressful.

Enjoy our Friday as it means spring is getting closer. In just
9 days we go to Daylight Savings Time and in 18 more days spring
will officially arrive.
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We know

February 5, 2018

This is late getting here and there was no post yesterday. It
all started with what we thought was a great idea and didn’t end
the way intended. You may not believe this, but it all started
with a pizza.

Our favorite pizza emporium was called Saturday for a large
taco pizza and things went according to plan until I arrived at
said emporium to pick up our pizza. Every pizza we’d ordered
before was on a circle of cardboard and a white paper bag was
tented over the top. Yet this time it was in a box!

Figuring it could be the practice of putting different pizzas
in different containers it was decided to wait until we got
home to pass judgement. Then came the second surprise. Every
pizza we’ve ordered before was cut into strips with a single
cut through the middle. This pizza was cut into wedges!

First the box, then cutting it different, we wondered what else
could possible go wrong. We ate ourselves almost to the point of
a pizza induced coma then napped a good portion of the rest of
the afternoon away. And when we awoke there was still half a
pizza left! I’ve got to go into training.

Then this morning, knowing we were going to get at least five
inches of white fluffy love from above by tonight, I decided to
run some errands. We were in dire need of bird feed, donut
holes, and cigarettes. I noticed that when such weather events
are forecast in advance that most people go to the store for
milk, bread, and toilet paper.

I don’t normally pay attention to what people buy yet noticed
this time as the store was packed and my cart seemed the only
one not to include these items. I didn’t ask the reason as all
were looking at my cart full of bird feed. Perhaps next time.

I’ll be busy shoveling in a bit, and again later, and again
even later. So enjoy our Monday as here on the east coast of
Iowa the falling snow and blanket of white on the ground makes
a peaceful scene.
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Dream world

January 4, 2018

Last night I thought a solution to my crazy dreams was at hand.
Thinking my habit of eating spicy foods just before bedtime was
the culprit I changed my ways. Instead of pizza, tacos, or 5
alarm chili, a baked chicken breast and baked potato was eaten.

It didn’t work. I dreamed that three of us got in a ton of
trouble traveling around the globe, and beyond. There was
myself, a rotund Scottish organ grinder named Olaf who always
had his pet monkey Pedro on his shoulders, and Sven who was
a world-renowned Romanian chicken wrestler.

We went wherever the winds took us and had no problem finding
the nearest watering hole to wet our whistle. In one such bar an
older lady in an evening gown and dripping diamonds from her
wrist, neck, and ears asked us if we would like to make some

Since the three of us didn’t understand each others I was
appointed spokesman for the group. Olaf spoke with a Scottish
lilt but had a lisp, Sven spoke the language of Romania, and
none of us spoke a language other than our own.

We accepted the lady’s offer so she explained that her prized
pineapple was missing from her refrigerator and she would pay
$32,000 for its return. So off we went in search of the golden
pineapple. Since Olaf had a Porsche we let him drive and we
somehow ended up on the moon but didn’t find the pineapple.

I’m not sure what the dream means but do know now that the
cause is not the type of food eaten before bed. Perhaps I just
have an overactive brain. Enjoy our Thursday and stay warm if
you live in the half of our country that’s subzero.
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Thinking back

October 12, 2017

I just got the wife off to work and noticed it started to
drizzle. You know how that goes, not a hard enough rain to get
soaked yet sets a chill in your bones. But Autumn is here with
the leaves changing color, the drop in temperature, and the
steely gray skies.

Christmas displays are starting to pop up and the Holloween
candy is overflowing the aisles. On the east coast of Iowa that
means time to get the snow removal gear in order. Depending on
who one listens to we will either have a dry mild winter or
a cold snowy one.

This is also the time of year that shifts my mind into over-
drive and it moves faster than my fingers can type. We’ll try
to keep up. We’re entering the season when comfort food seems
more important than any other and the holidays start coming.
At least since I retired they let me sit at the adult table.

It shouldn’t be long before the migratory birds start heading
south to their winter homes along with folks who love the area
more than they like our winters. They usually come back once
it warms again.

And this time of year reminds me of days on the farm when the
chores came before anything else and TV was a luxury. If we
watched and hour of TV in one sitting, it was a holiday. And as
I joke with our youngest, the TV had living black and white.
When color TVs became affordable we’d adjust the rabbit ears
until we marvelled at how life like the shows had become.

Now, I’m out of coffee and the leftover pizza along with the
doughnut holes on the table are calling for me. Enjoy our
Thursday. Before we know it the weekend will be here.
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