I know it’s late

September 18, 2018

Woke up on the run and after a quick shower went to visit with
Dad. Then the wife and I went to early lunch where she tried the
linguini and I stuck with my cheeseburger with pepper jack
cheese. It looked to be a decent, but windy day, early yet now
it’s darker than early evening.

And I’m beginning to think it doesn’t do any good to a cat that
you’re a dog person. When we came back home the mama feral cat
had to be played with and once we got in the house the wifes’ 2
cats and a kitten also wanted attention. I’m fighting a losing

Caught a glimpse of the morning “news” on TV and noticed the
brain-dead commentators were torn between brow beating the
Supreme Court nominee and gushing praise over the Emmy award
show. They even mentioned Tom Arnold got thumped at said event
by someone who is not a fan.

That is exactly why I avoid the TV “news” as much as possible.
If they ever start reporting real news I may start watching
again, or not. We can’t wait for the weekend as the high
temperature of the day is supposed to drop about 15 degrees from
where it is now.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we only get so many days without and ‘r’
in them. Now I need some more coffee and perhaps a nap, or both.
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On the way

September 8, 2018

We had breakfast with the kids and Anna then went back to visit
a bit before leaving Muskogee, Oklahoma at 10:30 am. We made it
to Hannibal, Missouri just about sunset and I got some pictures
but left the cord out in the car.

Met a lot of people and if you know me you know I’m terrible
with names. We’ll mention some in a later post after a chit
chat with the wife.

Tomorrow we will have about a 135 mile cruise to be back home.
Since I’m no longer a young man we decided to stop here instead
of trying to make it one day. We ran into a steady hard drizzle
the entire way and found some drivers still have no business
being behind the wheel.

We passed 3 vehicles in the right lane as they wouldn’t give up
the left lane. All that being said, we believe everyone involved
had a good time, and we got see Muskogee, Tulsa, Oklahoma City,
and a campground at Flat Rock creek.

We also came to the conclusion that if you walked out of a
restaurant hungry in the area, it was your own fault. And I can
honestly say I have my quota for biscuits and gravy for the week.
The cheeseburgers are another story as I have no quota on them.

Our grandchild wasn’t happy when we left but we can’t say that
was unexpected. She was a blast to be around and kept us laughing.
The one downside, at least for me, was getting my picture taken
more since we left than in the past 5 years. I don’t like it!

Now I need a shower and some sleep. To the lady who follows me
around; if you hear me making noise during the night I’m not
snoring, just dreaming I’m a tractor. Enjoy the rest of our day
as tomorrow is only a dream away.
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Last day

September 7, 2018

We had another great sunrise on our last full day in Oklahoma. It
was almost as if God was saying enjoy your last day of vacation.
It only got better from there.

We stopped and picked up our son and granddaughter on our way to
a late breakfast/ early lunch then brought the 2-year-old back to
the motel for the last time in this go round.

Later we took our granddaughter to a small park to let her play
and run around a little and it seemed to work as I’m beat. Once
she was played out we ran her home, had a short visit, and left to
have dinner at the Amish Restaurant.

The wife had chicken and dumplings and I had the open faced beef
with all the trimmings and real mashed potatoes. We managed to
waddle back to the Ford and are somehow still awake. We also know
know how the turkey feels early Thanksgiving morning.

Once we get back home it’s going to take a few days to get used
to eating junk food again. So we’ll be packing some things tonight
and loading them early in the morning for the cruise back to Iowa.
When I get back to my desktop we’ll return to posting as close to
normal as we can.

Enjoy our Friday while we’re packing. Now for some more coffee
and perhaps a walk around the parking lot to work off dinner.
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Finding our way around

September 1, 2018

We went over to visit at the in-laws and noticed this huge spider web in
the tree out front. I couldn’t get it out my mind and went outside a lot
just to look and get a couple of pictures of the thing. Never did see a
spider like I hoped as I thought it had to be as big a cat to make that

Still don’t know what kind of spider builds a web like this but it was
something to see. During this we stopped and got some calzones for all
to eat, thanks Kenny. They were shaped more like burritos here yet every
bit as good as the ones back home.

Today we’re going to head to the Five Tribes Museum and perhaps
learn something about Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and
Seminole tribal history. We found out yesterday the museum isn’t far
from our Motel and I’m eligible for a senior discount on the cost to
get in!

The next few days after that will be busy also as Sunday we’re going
to Tulsa with the kids to drool in the Bass Pro Shop and wander around
then Monday we’re heading to a campground on a lake to visit some
of the wife’s’ relatives and have a pot luck meal.

Finally, we found an old Mom and Pop type restaurant and had a great
hot beef dinner that was big enough to make me wonder if I’ll want
breakfast in the morning. I got a funny look again when the waitress
asked if I wanted gravy on the potatoes and I replied pour it over the
corn and green beans too.

If I don’t get a Sunday Snicker out later today it will be tomorrow.

Enjoy our Saturday as it’s looking like we’ll be busy for the next
few days. Now I want some coffee and doughnut holes in preparation of
what’s coming up.
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What a pizza!

June 29, 2018

Today I’ve been busier than a Jehovah’s Witness at Doors
Unlimited! Just woke up in overdrive and haven’t slowed down
yet. Guess I should make the best pizza ever more often. Just
hang on a minute and I’ll try and explain.

It all started last night with a Jack’s bacon cheeseburger
pizza, various leftovers, and grated cheddar cheese. I thought
that perhaps if I threw everything together it would make a
monster super deluxe cheeseburger pizza.

So after I got the pizza oven down and the frozen pizza out I
went to work. First I added about a third pound of shaved steak,
red and green peppers, onions, a half pound of loose hamburger,
hot pepper rings, and about a half pound of cheddar cheese.

Things didn’t go easy as I had to stop often to wipe the drool
off my t-shirt. But I managed to get the now 4 pound pizza into
the pizza oven and waited. The pizza smelled great cooking but
the proof was in the tasting.

I am not ashamed to admit that only one piece remained when I
could eat no more so the lone soldier was left for a snack at a
later time. My taste buds felt like I’d consumed the bacon
cheeseburger pizza, a Philly cheese-steak, and a couple Maid-
Rite sandwiches all at the same time.

But in hindsight, I don’t believe I’ll make another pizza like
this as I have so much energy today it will be quitting time
around midnight. But that is just in time for my midnight
pizza. I may just have cheeseburgers tonight.

Enjoy our Friday as the weekend has begun. Now I need a lot
more coffee until I start winding down.
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April 18, 2018

I heard the bells ringing in a nearby church and realized yet
another day got away from me. Nothing new there yet I’m hoping
this isn’t the beginnings of a trend.

Was still day dreaming last night as the sun said a colorful
goodbye to the day. The picture was taken in our backyard and
has a lot of things cluttering it up, but I like it.

This is the poor excuse for a squirrel that has been bouncing
around our area for a while now. If they had Olympic competition
for critters this one could take the gold for back flips.

And doves were all over the neighborhood, like this one on a
nearby roof. It can’t be our one little bird feeder that brings
all these critters in and we doubt it’s the weather. When we
figure it out we’ll let you know.

The weather forecasts have missed the mark again. Perhaps we
will send a suggestion to the TV station that those who predict
the weather get a room with a window. It might help.

Finally, we tried something new at lunch and the wife and I
both enjoyed it. Because she’s on a Keto diet I fried up a few
inch think steaks them smothered them in a mushroom garlic
sauce that turned out great. It will never replace pizza for
me but will be in the top 10 favorites.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. I’m going in search of a cup
of coffee.
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To blustery days

April 6, 2018

The tractor auction is over for the day, the wind is rattling
the windows, and the temperature is in the 30s. Some would say
those aren’t good things yet we say, why not? It’s hard to
believe today but in a few short months some will be complaining
about how hot it is.

How windy is it? As you may be able to tell from the picture
above it’s so windy the birds are grounded! Okay, not that bad
but we can say said birds aren’t happy about the breeze either.
Tonight the low will be in teens with a wind chill even lower.

Good thing we don’t pay attention to wind chills. On the
latest weather report the weather people are predicting 1-2
inches of snow Saturday night into Sunday and I’d bet that small
amount of white fluffy love from above will look great for a
short time.

After all, it’s supposed to be back into the 50s for highs on
Wednesday. And shoveling an inch or two of wet snow will get
the blood flowing. At least we don’t have hurricanes.

The wife is on a new diet that doesn’t include bread, pasta,
potatoes, or sugar. Because of this fact I only eat pizza while
she’s at work and sneak my Snicker’s when she isn’t looking. The
eating green vegetables doesn’t do anything for me, but the part
that has the red meat in it may put me on a slightly modified diet

I could get behind the idea of a grilled steak and just have to
figure out how to hide my baked potato. So enjoy our Friday as
that means those of us not retired might get a couple of days off.
Now for some more coffee.
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