Just a few thoughts

September 21, 2020

Think we have the htich in my giddy up fixed now as 2020 continues
to be a pain in the butt. Said hitch was the computer crashing and
all that ensues when running Windows 7. Could be time for a new
operating system or even a new computer.

After things were back up in running order I asked the wife to
forward me a joke she thought might work for the Sunday Snicker. She
sent the joke I used yesterday but it wasn’t the joke I had in mind.

I told her what I remembered of the joke and she claims she never
heard of it, or sent it. This could be either the twilight zone or
me losing what little bit’s left of my mind. It could even have been a dream, although I don’t remember dreaming about reading e-mails before.

So yesterday afternoon I got a pizza from a real pizza joint to
celebrate the computer working again. Said pizza came from a real
Italian place called Uncle Bill’s. Ok, the name isn’t Italian but
the box the pizza came in did have a map of Italy on it!

Then I was going to get more pictures yesterday and even went outside carrying the camera. Problem was there was nothing to shoot. No clouds in the sky, birds in the trees, or feral cats anywhere. So I came back in.

So enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the week. Now for
some coffee.
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Shopping with oldfarts

March 21, 2020

Yesterday got away from me as I thought it a good time to change a
few things. Now we have a full trash bin but said changes are done.
Even got a picture of a bird who seemed surprised I got so close
before I took this shot.

Yesterday morning the wife had some things to do at work in the a.m.
so we thought we’d try grocery shopping this morning. The store opened at 7 am for senior citizens and those with health issues so we went at 7.

Thing I forgot is all the other oldfarts get up early and the place
was packed! Even had a policeman by the carts to make sure you were
old and/or sick. Once inside we noticed the produce section was
overflowing, the shelves with everything else, not so much.

We were told the store wouldn’t honor the print ad, the meat section
was low, and only one package of toilet paper to a family. We did
find a pound of ground bison for $9 but the pickings were slim. Even
the cat food was running low.

Nobody has to tell me we have this virus thing going around, but
what we saw this morning was crazy. That said, we have to remain calm and remember we will pull this and it shouldn’t last long. So don’t buy 30 when you only need 5 so someone else can get some.

Enjoy our Saturday as it seems like it will be a good one. Now for
some coffee.
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The storm that wasn’t

February 26, 2020

Wouldn’t want to be one of the professional weather guessers around
here after the recent ‘winter storm’ warnings fizzled out and said
storm ended up miles to the south of us. Every TV channel had a guy
doing the weather saying it was going to be a bad with some forecasts
saying rain, then up to 10 inches of snow, then high winds causing

And… we got nothing. The pavement didn’t even get wet! On April
1st we’d all get a good laugh out of it, but not so much now. Our
poor snow blower is feeling neglected. I go out to the garage and
check on it every so often to make sure it didn’t run away from home.

Since we didn’t get the predicted storm I went over to Dads yesterday
and brought along some chili I had made and donuts. He was like a kid
in a candy store. He’s 94 and had to tell me again that he’s been
hungry for chili and hadn’t had any for a while. He forgot he’d told
me that the last two visits.

But he’s still living in his own home, gets around pretty good, and
can remember things that happened in the late 30s like it was
yesterday. It was a good visit and I hope he enjoys his chili.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now I
need to refill my coffee as somebody drank it.
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Short update

February 17, 2020

Well it’s Presidents Day, the Daytona 500 had a rain delay so the
remainder of the race shown this afternoon, and it’s raining here on
the east coast of Iowa. Perhaps the rain will melt the rest of the
snow from our yards.

Yesterday was my Mother-in-laws birthday so her, the wife and I, my sister-in-law, and niece went out for breakfast. The wife and her Mom always get a laugh out of my order. Every time we go to breakfast I have biscuits and gravy and see nothing funny about it but it gets them giggling.

I order that because I like it and unlike some choices it doesn’t
contain something I don’t like. And it gives them a smile so that is
a bonus.

Tomorrow I’ll go over and visit Dad and see what’s new there. He may
have good tale to tell. In the mean time I’ll keep plugging along
with a few chores that didn’t get done yesterday.

Enjoy our Monday because it’s here and we can change that anyway.
Now for more coffee.
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What luck

February 13, 2020

The scan on the desktop took 2 days and said there is nothing wrong with it but it still won’t let me log in. So I got the laptop going again to post while I pull my hair out. Since the desktop has Windows 7, guess it’s about time to get a newer operating system if I can’t figure it out.

In other news, the wife and I have been eating healthy the last few days and it dammed near killed me! Well not really, but I was going through pizza withdrawal with all the vegetables. Have now decided to go back on my pizza routine and leave the healthy eating to the wife. We’ll keep you posted on how that works.

Also went over to Dads today and had a good chat. We talked of all kinds of things from the winter of 36′, old John Deere tractors, and he even hinted if I made some chili he’d like some. His caregiver got me laughing when she asked me about being self-employed. She was thinking of doing it herself until I told her a little of what all was involved.

The caregiver also mentioned how much she hates Trump and wants someone in the Oval Office that would fix the economy. I replied I thought the economy was doing good and she agreed but said she couldn’t give Trump credit for that. She’s welcome to her opinion.

And we got some white fluffy love above and are supposed to get more into tomorrow before the temperatures here on the east coast of Iowa drop into the deep freeze. Might as say enjoy our Thursday as we’ll be there in another hour anyway. Now for more coffee and some pizza rolls.
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Of great days

November 19, 2019

Had one of the those two fer days that started out with an overcast
drizzly day and was still drizzling when we got home. Left early to
pick up donuts and visit Dad then went to Steel Plow Burger Company
for lunch.

The visit with went good and as happens talk turned to the farm.
Dad recalled the time Mom wore a red sweater with her skirt and he told her not to get near the bull. Then he added ‘you know how it goes when you tell a woman no’.

Well she got near the bull, the bull took notice and charged, but
there is a happy ending. Dad said he never saw a woman in a dress
clear a 6 foot tall barb wire fence so fast before or since. He also said she didn’t have a tear on her dress or any cuts!

We talked of the distinctive sound of the Johnny Poppers, old sugar
wagons, and life in general. Not long after that it was time to go
and we said our goodbyes. When I got home the wife and I thought we would try out the gourmet burger place and we did.

The Steel Plow Burger Company had me when I noticed a bison burger
could be had with my choice of cheese. So it was a bison burger on
an onion roll with pepper jack cheese and lettuce, tomato, onion,
and lettuce to make it healthy. The wife got a ham and cheese with
a bowl of soup.

After a short chat with my oldest son the food came. The bison
burger was a perfect fit and the french fries were good too. The
wife claimed her chicken enchilada soup and sandwich was good also.
So we left to return home with full stomachs and smiles on our
faces. If you live close you should give the Steel Plow a try to
curb your burger pains.

Enjoy our Tuesday and tomorrow we watch out for camels. Now I
have to keep moving so I don’t nod off. More coffee is in order.
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Of strange dreams

September 5, 2019

Late yesterday afternoon went to see if the moon was visible in the
blue sky, get a picture, and have a chat. After returning inside I
realized I hadn’t eaten anything so fried up a couple cheeseburgers.
Add a Coke, a big helping of potato chips, and a Snicker’s ice cream
bar and it was the perfect meal.

The food made me drowsy so I turned in early at 8 pm. Decided a good nights sleep was in order and woke up refreshed but noticed it was still dark out. Thinking it was early morning I made coffee but when I looked at the clock it displayed 11:15 pm.

But all was not wasted as I had a dream that needed to be thought
about. In the dream I built another vehicle, a Model A pickup this
time. And this one was different as it had no windows. Everywhere a
window opening should be was covered with metal.

It was a masterpiece. Until I tried to drive it. Plans of putting
rubber bumpers all around the truck was quickly dismissed as I
imagined that while said bumpers may prevent some body damage the
owners of vehicles hit might get a bit angry.

So another path was taken. I enrolled in the Roy Orbison School of
Driving for the Blind. When that didn’t work a periscope was rigged
that stuck out of top and swiveled. This worked reasonably well but
still left a huge blind spot.

So I chopped the top to allow 4 inch tall windows all around and believed the problem was solved. It was not. The cab was now so short I couldn’t get skinny old body into it, but it did look sharp. It may be for sale in my next dream.

Enjoy our Thursday as it means we’re that much closer to the weekend. Now I need more coffee to solve the problem.
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Day seven

August 19, 2019

Yesterday was one of those days when you just felt like sitting
on the porch a while watching a wasp pull its spider prey up the
wall. It had rained earlier and we thought that might mean a
break in the heat wave.

Turned out Mother Nature was just playing with us. Before we
left the motel we noticed this Tesla parked right up next to the
door. They are all electric and the car was getting a charge. This
is the first one I’ve seen and have to admit it is a sharp looker.

Since it was Sunday everyone decided a cook out would be a good
idea and after getting supplies, the smoker was lit. Turned out to
be quite a feast, and I helped. Well, I watched Ken grill all the
meat anyway.

When we arrived at the kids house there was an emergency of sorts
and a run to a local clinic was made. Seems our granddaughter
thought it would be a good idea to stick a small toy up her nose
and nobody could figure out how to remove it.

Turned out alright as said toy came out at the clinic without any
medical intervention. It’s always something, but it made for an
interesting day. The wife had another problem with her blood sugar
level but we noticed right away and got her back to normal in no

And we sat and talked of how good fried okra is when it’s done
right, getting older, working when older, and life in general.
It’s nice to just kick back, have a great meal, and watch the sun
set at the end of a hot summer day.

Enjoy our Monday as we will. We’ll be leaving Wednesday so we’ll
try to fit in a few more interesting places to visit before then.
Now I go in search of more coffee.
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Day 3

August 15, 2019

Yesterday we had breakfast in our motel and our granddaughter
stayed overnight. It was a kind of boring day. We hit Walmart and
Best Buy then stopped at the Shawnee Cafe for lunch. Since it was
the daily special I tried the cheeseburger.

One bite and I knew it was favorite mom and pop diner here. The
place is only open until 1:45 pm as they don’t stay open for
dinner anymore. So we went someplace for dinner.

I remembered the Boom-a-rang Diner from our last visit so when the
son stopped over with a few things the granddaughter forgot, we
went. Again I had the daily special and it wasn’t a cheeseburger.
It was an open face hamburger patty on Texas toast covered with
beef gravy and topped with french fries covered in beef gravy.

Not exactly healthy, but I woke up grinning remembering the meal.
And Anna wanted another picture in front of the mural to show off
her t-shirt. It reads “I asked God for a partner in crime and he
sent me my hot Nana Grandma”.

Tomorrows post will have more on our visit to Tulsa today with
pictures taken at the aquarium. I know this is late but it’s been
that kind of day.

Enjoy what’s left of our Thursday as we are enjoying the air
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Oh well

May 13, 2019

Here in our portion of the east coast of Iowa the Mississippi river is finally under major flood stage after 51 days of being above it. The
record this broke was 31 days in 2001. As of yesterday we were one-tenth of an inch below major flood stage.

Hey, you have start somewhere. We are also warming up until Friday when the predicted high is forecasted to be 82. And if the TV weather man is right we’ll also stay dry for a change. We’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out.

And the wife made it back home after a couple days on the road as a travel nurse. After her cats got their treat and she changed out of her scrubs we even had a chance to talk. Now things are almost back to normal, or at least as close to normal as it can get.

Then we heard that Doris Day died at age 97. The wife gave me the look when I said that I’d heard she was already dead. When asked I told her at a classic car auction a few years ago I heard them say she died then but there was slight possibility I’d heard wrong.

After going into overtime with the look she stated there was a big chance I was wrong. After some internet research it was discovered that Miss Day did pass away today. I’m going to have to turn the volume up on the TV next time an auction is on.

So enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the week, and the rest of our lives. Now I sense a coffee cup has my name on it and wants to be warmed up.
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