The trip

December 12, 2019

I got distracted and took a long walk down memory lane to a trip
from many years ago. The interstate highways weren’t done and the
best way to get from here to most places west was Route 66. So the
family took the mother road to California.

One afternoon we stopped in Flagstaff, Arizona for the night and I
remember it being warm enough we were shorts and t-shirts yet the
guy behind the counter handed out blankets and explained how to
turn the heaters on in the rooms.

Being a young lad I thought he was crazy and saw no need to pay
attention to his speech. My mind changed after dark when it got
colder than well diggers butt and I couldn’t remember how to turn
the gas powered heater on.

We finally got the heater going, and used the blankets he handed
out earlier. When we got to California my Grandpa suggested us guys
all go fishing. We were all for that so he hitched up his boat and
took us out on the ocean to fish.

Ran into a school of halibut and before we knew it had a boat full
of the strange looking fishes. Later that day we had a cookout and
I haven’t eaten so much fish before or after. It was quite a trip
and now, 55 years later, I still remember how much fun we had.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means Friday is just a dream away. And
since somebody drained my coffee cup, I need a refill.
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The old days

November 12, 2019

Went over to visit Dad today and found out he had a tooth pulled
yesterday after it broke off. That didn’t stop his appetite as he had breakfast and one of the donuts I’d brought over. Then we went into the front room, he got comfortable in his recliner, and we talked.

He got on a roll about the winter of 1936 and how all the farmers
got together with scoop shovels and cleared the gravel road all the
way to the highway. My back hurts just thinking about that. But as
happens in the country during the winter the road drifted over in

Grampa was really sick so they called the town doctor and he agreed
to drive out to the farm. A little later the doctor called from a
farmhouse down the road to say the road drifted over and could
someone come with a team of horses to pull his car through the

So my uncle took a team of horses and pulled the doctor through the
drift then followed back to the farm. Grampa got some medicine to get
him better and the doctor went back to town. Thankfully Grampa made
it through his illness and lived to the ripe old age of 94.

Kind of makes starting the snowblower and following it around seem
almost like play instead of work. I may clear a half block of alley
along with the driveway and sidewalks, but at least it isn’t a mile
of gravel road using a scoop shovel.

Enjoy the rest of our Tuesday as tomorrow we may see a camel
running around.
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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2019

Although here on the east coast of Iowa we will have 5 inches of
white fluffy love from above on the ground before the snow ends this
afternoon, the little ones will still be Trick or Treating tonight. It
looks, and feels, more like Christmas today.

The trees look flocked and grass is covered while the roads are
slushy right now. And life goes on. It just means we have to wear
boots instead of our house slippers when we go outside. It did look
like a Norman Rockwell painting when I went out earlier to feed the
feral cats, clear the driveway and get a few pictures.

Don’t want to overdo anything while I’m recuperating but also can’t
sit still. Might as well get it all done at once and come back in.
So far so good. I did get over to see Dad yesterday and glad I did.
When he opened the door and saw me with a bag of donuts he broke
out in a big grin and said he didn’t expect to see me.

Through the rumor mill he had heard I was in the hospital so I had to explain that I went to emergency room and was only there for about 4 hours. Then I made coffee and we sat in the kitchen and we had a good chat. I stayed a little longer than normal and when I got home the wife jumped my butt.

She claimed I wasn’t usually late getting back and she thought I had
a relapse. Didn’t happen, but I do appreciate her for worrying about
my health more than I do. Enjoy Halloween as it’s here.
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Truck talking

October 1, 2019

Had a good visit with Dad this morning that went longer than usual and I’m still grinning. When the mood strikes him he talks up a storm. Today he was in a mood to talk about some of the things that happened during his 30+ years of being a trucker.

He talked of the time he was heading toward a small town down a hill
and got stopped for speeding. He kept arguing the truck couldn’t go
fast enough to speed unless one pushed it off a tall cliff. He still
got the ticket.

Been there done that. And he mentioned another driver who dropped his trailer at the terminal and left with the Tractor for a date. That driver ended up in jail and Dad had to get it and drive it back. We laughed at many old stories, and a few new ones.

His caregiver shared some pictures of her family and life on the farm.
She wanted to have one enlarged and cropped and asked if I knew of
someplace to do it. I did and told her and she replied that if her
first choice didn’t pan out she’d try mine.

Nobody seemed to know where the year went with it being October and Dad wondered how it got to be Tuesday so quick. He claims he lost Monday and couldn’t figure out where it went. I didn’t lose Monday so I had no idea where it went.

Enjoy our first Tuesday in October as we may be turning on the heat
for October 2nd. Now for more coffee.
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Pleasant dreams

September 20, 2019

We’re back from the grocery a whole lot of dollars shorter than when
we left. And we didn’t fill the trunk! But once in a while we like to
stock up on certain things and a few cravings didn’t help. It all adds
up when you’re not looking.

Last night I had another strange dream yet strange in a good way. Mom stopped by for visit. She has been gone for 9 years now and sneaks up on me when I least expect it. Not a scary experience by any means, more like her spirit becomes visible and we talk.

Of course it wouldn’t be a visit from Mom without her pulling on the
end of my mustache to get my attention. She’d been doing that since
she found out I was skipping classes in high school. Earlier in the
day a pair of cardinals hung around in the nearby brush long enough
for me to get some pictures so I figured she was coming.

Never one to pull any verbal punches she told me all she thought I
was doing wrong then praised me for what was going right. The old
blue eyed Indian was in rare form. She got me laughing when she said
that Dad wasn’t going to be around forever.

That may sound odd, but Dad is 94 years old now and we know he has a lot more time behind him than ahead. I wish he outlived me but since he already lost one son also know it would be painful for him. I woke up shortly after the dream ended and Moms spirit had left with a big grin. It was a nice visit.

Enjoy our Friday as it will be raining here most of the weekend
here. If we get as much rainfall as predicted it will end the
drought. Now for some coffee.
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September 10, 2019

Don’t know what was going on but some of the birds were trying to
hide. Must be the kittens running all over that have them worried.
I just got back from Dads after another good visit as he was looking
like he needed a nap.

We talked of time in the Navy, traveling done, family, and a little bit of everything. For some reason he told the caregiver he wanted satin sheets on the sofa. When she asked why he said before he would lie down. Then he mentioned that he probably couldn’t fit on the couch anyway.

Of course the Ford Model T and the John Deere Model A came up. His
opinion was they were best car and tractor ever. I’m not a big fan of
all the gadgets on newer cars even though some of them are alright.
I still can’t get used to the back-up cameras and use the mirrors. And
can’t understand why car makers put an interactive computer monitor
in the center of the dash.

Air conditioning has spoiled me yet Dad noted the Model Ts had a
windshield that opened out to let air in and that was as good as
air conditioning. Been there, done that, and it’s not the same. We had
some laughs and when the visit was done I think we both felt better.

Now at home I noticed the humidity was up there and the high is going
to be around 90. Not much planned outside toady anyway so we’ll stay
in unless absolutely necessary. If something out there breaks, falls
off, or gets hit by a car, I’ll be inside.

Enjoy our Tuesday as times fly when you’re having fun. Now I’m going
to fry up some bacon and eggs, make more coffee, and enjoy what’s
left of the morning.
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Great start

September 4, 2019

Didn’t make it over to Dads place yesterday as the wife insisted I
stick around for the guy who was coming to look at our washer. Her
reasoning was that because I was watching the washer went it quit
working it was my fault it broke.

We began debating whose fault it was as she said since I was waiting
to unload the washer while it happened it was my fault. My take was I
just watched it, for her, so it was her fault. After about 20 minutes
of getting nowhere the repair guy spoke up and said it wasn’t
anybody’s fault a switch just broke.

I took that to mean he wasn’t married and told him I’d never win
this debate anyway. I’ve heard that some people, after being married
long enough, don’t debate such things. We’ve never learned that trick.
It seems I’m as stubborn as the wife.

In the end there was good news. Turned out to be a switch on the lid
and when the young man finished he told us there was no charge as
the wife has some kind of plan with them. As a cheap redneck that
suited me fine.

This morning had a good visit with Dad and we talked about dogs, the
weather, the Navy, and family. A great start to a good day.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now for
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