We’re back

June 24, 2017

We survived our weekend mini-vacation and have no lumps,
bumps, or bruises to prove it. Things started out great until
we saw the smoke signals at the crest of an upcoming hill and
noticed the traffic had ground to halt.

After sitting in park for about a half hour traffic started to
move again and we came upon the reason for the delay. A two
vehicle fatal accident complete with one car burnt to the
ground and still looking hot as we passed.

Once things got moving again we marveled at the beauty of our
Iowa countryside. The crops were looking good and sky was blue
with enough clouds to cast interesting shadows on the landscape.

Of course when we arrived in the river city we’d decided to
spend the night at the traffic was bumper to bumper. Yet we
kept our good mood as we were escaping the daily grind, if only
for a short time. I even had some greens with my supper. Well,
if lettuce and pickles on a cheeseburger count.

The ceiling in room didn’t leak, everything else worked, and
the sky put on a spectacular show as the sun dipped behind the
trees. Thanks to the wife for taking the pictures while I was

We arrived back home grinning, refreshed, and ready to tackle
whatever life hits us with until the next getaway. Enjoy our
Saturday, we will have a snicker later that a friend shared.
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Strange things

June 22, 2017

I went and had my chest x-ray today in an older hospital that
had just been remodeled. At one time I could find anything in
that hospital with my eyes closed. Now they added curved walls,
meandering halls, and confusing signage. I guess the updates
were needed but still saw nothing wrong with old straight

I read in the newspaper that people were surprised at the
small turn out in the 3rd Ward election to narrow the field
from 6 candidates to 2. Perhaps it had something to do with
the fact that the issue was more important to the politicians
than the voters.

And last night while I was cruising the information highway
something strange happened. There I was rowing through the
gears and speed shifting the tabs when an IM noticed popped
up. That wasn’t unusual but what made it a Twilight Zone moment
for me was the message came from my cousin who recently died.
All the message said was “Thank you”.

Then we all know common sense has died as surely as we know
Elvis has left the building. The way things look today Mr.
Sense has company. Common courtesy is no longer with us if we
disagree and debate has turned into hate filled rhetoric aimed
toward those of us who haven’t drank the Kool-Aid. The sad
thing is that those who argue the loudest and protest the most
are the problem and don’t have the ability to figure it out.

Political parties have become opposing sides in a war against
imagined rights and innocent slights. Our lawmakers are once
again the butt of jokes while they imagine they actually doing
something that would help the average citizen. I think a lot of
people need a nap.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is almost knocking on the
door. Now I need to get some mowing done or declare our yard
a tropical rain forrest.
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Talk with Dad

June 20, 2017

Went over to see Dad this morning and he was pretty talkative
for a change. He was in good spirits and we joked around until
the physical therapist arrived, then we joked around some more.

We talked of many things, from the farmhouse that never did
have running water to the weather and even critters. His
therapy sessions at home are going to end and I could see the
mischief in his eyes when he heard the news.

If I’m old school he is antique school and the therapist
finally got it today. She recommended he use a walker when he’s
up and moving and he just replied he’d use his cane. She had
the common sense not to argue.

She did push for a bench to go in the bathtub so he could take
showers and Dad seemed to like that idea. She also pointed out
that he shouldn’t try it on his own. While he said he wouldn’t
the glimmer in his eye gave away the fact that he is going to
try it.

We don’t know where this idea will go but it’s his call. Like
he says, he’s 92 and running out of time but wants to do as
much for himself as he can. I can respect that.

Now I have a yard to mow and bushes to attack. All should be
dry by now after yesterdays rain and if I don’t get going it
won’t get done. Enjoy our Tuesday. Before we know it tomorrow
will be here and today a memory.
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Weekend wrap up

June 19, 2017

We made it out to the Heartland Nova Reunion show, met up with
an old friend, and saw a few more while checking out the cars.
Held at the Casino nestled on the banks of the Mississippi a
constant breeze made the morning perfect.

We haven’t been to a show in a quite a while so it was nice to
get out, meet some old friends, and stretch the legs a bit. We
had good intentions to go along the levee later and get some
pictures of the river but I got distracted so it didn’t happen.
That is on the list.

Back at home we noticed the critters were out in abundance and
acting goofy. Don’t know if they were celebrating Father’s Day
early or got into some fermented fruit. One little bird just
kept jumping in place. He didn’t go anywhere but he sure was
working his legs.

There was even a cardinal who I think believed he was Jack
Nicholson! You could almost imagine him shouting “Here’s
Johnny!” We glad the critters were enjoying the cool down and
they did put on a show.

And as the sun set here on the east coast of Iowa we gave a
nod to our God for allowing us to share another great day.

I stopped by Dad’s Sunday, had a good visit, and we may
write more about that in a later post.

Enjoy our Monday. We’re going to give it our best shot. Now I
smell some leftover pizza that wants to be my friend.
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Enjoy our day

June 18, 2017

Happy Father’s Day!

Going to be a hot one

June 13, 2017

I went out early to get some shots of the early birds and the
birds were busy. They must have wanted to get their exercising
done before the heat of the day. Then I stopped over to visit

He was in good spirits and the therapist arrived shortly after
I did so he got his workout in. We talked of different things
and at one point I walked to the grocery store 3 blocks away
for some needed supplies. Now he should be set for a while.

More critters were out when I came back home so I got the
camera out again to get some more photographic proof that I
don’t make this stuff up. Two squirrels were playing in an old
oak tree like kittens with a ball of yarn.

A rabbit was trying to be invisible in the neighbors grass
while a bird was raising hell in another tree. And they were

We two legged critters were out and about also and a Life
Flight helicopter flew over then a small plane.

Now I’m trying to decide between going out and bundling some
brush or taking a nap. We’re told be the weather guesstimators
that the heat index will be 102 this afternoon and evening so
I’m leaning towards a book and nap.

Whatever the outcome of our day, enjoy our Tuesday. Before we
know it the weekend will be here. Now I hear a Snicker’s bar
calling my name.
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Same stuff, different day

June 6, 2017

We had a long visit with Dad this morning and even walked up
the alley with him for his physical therapy. The walk was just
a little over a city block long and according to the therapist
he did pretty good.

He liked the book even though it wasn’t the first choice but I
thought if it was something he was interested in his might use
his hands a little more and loosen the one up. Time will tell.
Dad appears to be getting up alright but didn’t like it when
the therapist told him to use the walker instead of his cane.

Since it’s cooler today, the yard awaits. Weeds need pulled
and the back needs mowed. Since I got a call today that told me
the County Attorney doesn’t need me for an ear witness I may
even find the time to get something done. This is the second
time I’ve gotten a subpoena on the same case, because I heard
gun shots, and the second time I was told I wasn’t needed.

Either they heard the rumor I’m a long haired redneck who
sometimes gets mistaken for a homeless person or the police
woman who interviewed me told them how hard of hearing I am.

The space station is supposed to fly over tonight so I’ll try
my luck at photographing a small, fast moving, object in the
sky later tonight also. Then if the weather holds out we might
even take in a car show this weekend.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we won’t get another this week.
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