Day six

August 18, 2019

The heat wave hasn’t gone away yet but we’ve been powering through
it. Even though it was 99 by 1 pm, we had already been to a surplus
store, a fruit stand, the Castle, the Amish Restaurant and were on
our way to the USS Batfish museum.

The first thing you see when you enter the grounds is this gun.
It’s hard to miss. As one drives closer to the museum you notice
Memorials. Pictures of a few of those are below.

We were given a nickel tour of the damage to the submarine in the
recent flood and the volunteer assured us the sub should be up and
running by July of next year. She was very informative.

On the grounds between the indoor museum and the sub itself are
rows of these plaques which commemorate all 52 U.S. submarines
that were lost in World War II. Each plaque is one sub and tells
date commissioned, date lost, and number of casualties.

Of course the USS Batfish is also on the grounds. The reason
repairs are needed become obvious as you look at this once
majestic lady. We hope they get her back to her former glory.

This reminds that freedom isn’t free and while all gave some,
some gave all. We did our part to help the cause and hope on a
future visit when the USS Batfish is restored.

On a happier note, later we went to the Oklahoma Festival of
Ballooning held in Muskogee and got to see the balloons and listen
to some music. We left before the fireworks to beat the crowd
leaving and because some of us don’t like loud noises.

Enjoy our Sunday as we’re going to a cookout.
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Day four

August 16, 2019

Yesterday was interesting and we have pictures to prove it. Most
were taken at the Tulsa Aquarium and of things seldom seen in our
part of the woods.

Above are a few pictures of the critters we saw at the aquarium
yesterday along with many more. There were fish and critters that
could be touched, a shark tunnel, and a huge but friendly turtle.

This critter could be a Walmart greeter. Every time someone
walked by he’d get up against the glass and ham it up. This one
is 30 years old and should live for many more.

After we had our fill of water creatures we spent some time
cruising around Tulsa before heading to our dinner reservation.
Don’t think we’ll be doing that again. The company was great but
I just can’t wrap my head around the concept of the place.

You start with a salad bar then when finished turn a little
coaster looking card to say yes or no to receive different kinds
of meat from the many servers passing by. I couldn’t understand
a thing they saying and must say the spicy Italian beef was a bit
on the hot side.

They offered desert later and we all passed. When the bill came
the wife and I were surprised 2 dinners came to $104! Some may
think that isn’t bad but I’m cheap and like cheeseburgers. The
wife wasn’t impressed either.

Enjoy our Friday as the weekend is here. Now I have to go down
to the lobby for coffee.
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Day 3

August 15, 2019

Yesterday we had breakfast in our motel and our granddaughter
stayed overnight. It was a kind of boring day. We hit Walmart and
Best Buy then stopped at the Shawnee Cafe for lunch. Since it was
the daily special I tried the cheeseburger.

One bite and I knew it was favorite mom and pop diner here. The
place is only open until 1:45 pm as they don’t stay open for
dinner anymore. So we went someplace for dinner.

I remembered the Boom-a-rang Diner from our last visit so when the
son stopped over with a few things the granddaughter forgot, we
went. Again I had the daily special and it wasn’t a cheeseburger.
It was an open face hamburger patty on Texas toast covered with
beef gravy and topped with french fries covered in beef gravy.

Not exactly healthy, but I woke up grinning remembering the meal.
And Anna wanted another picture in front of the mural to show off
her t-shirt. It reads “I asked God for a partner in crime and he
sent me my hot Nana Grandma”.

Tomorrows post will have more on our visit to Tulsa today with
pictures taken at the aquarium. I know this is late but it’s been
that kind of day.

Enjoy what’s left of our Thursday as we are enjoying the air
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Of old times

August 6, 2019

Went over to visit Dad today and just got back. We had a good visit even though he said he didn’t feel that great. I filled him in on what was going on where and with whom. Then after breakfast he sat in his recliner and we talked.

He surprised me when he asked if the kittens would let us pet them and I replied they didn’t but weren’t shying away as far when we got close. I told him we were leaving Monday for 10 days and would see him when we got back.

Then he wanted to talk a little about the Navy. In particular about the shipboard mess. Much like a mess hall on base but aboard ship. We both admitted that the food was alright while in port and the pickings were pretty good.

But once the ship left port all the evaporated powders used to make everything from milk, to eggs, to gravy, got old. I still avoid scrambled eggs because of the experience. He remembered the powdered eggs didn’t really taste like anything and I added they didn’t taste like eggs to me.

We even touched on the alkys aboard who would drink almost anything with any kind of alcohol. We both heard the rumor that some alkys would drain the torpedoes, strain the liquid over cheesecloth, and then drink it. I liked a good drink back then yet didn’t consider drinking torpedo juice a good idea.

He thought Singapore was great and I leaned more toward Maui. If you’re on the right side of the island one can imagine what it looked like 200 years ago. And after our stroll down memory lane he announced he needed a nap so we left it there.

Enjoy our Tuesday as this is last one we’ll spend in Iowa for a weeks.
The lady who follows me around, and myself, will be out of town.
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Failure to communicate

August 1, 2019

The lady who follows me around was feeling ornery yesterday and that carried into today. The wife bought her Mom a new tablet so she could get on the internet and we went over for a visit so the wife could get it set up. At some point the wife stated that ‘I’m cheap’.

I readily admitted so and reminded her that she’s always telling me I’m stuck in the 60s. And her Mom admitted to remembering the time also and liked how things were going. It just doesn’t make sense to me to $60 for a pair of name brand jeans that are made in a third world country by people who may earn a couple of bucks per day.

It’s like the price of bacon going up and down like a yo-yo. How is it one week a pound of the fat is $2.99 and the next week it’s $5.99? I use bacon as an example as bacon is one of the necessities of life.

So yesterday the wife got a deal on donuts. Somehow she ended up getting a dozen donuts for less than $2. So we had some. Today I stated that my stomach was acting up and must say, for a nurse she doesn’t cut me any slack. Instead of saying ‘take this for your upset stomach’ I got ‘what do you expect you ate almost a half-dozen donuts’.

So I clarified things for her but saying I didn’t have that many. So she replied that she had one donut and six are gone so I ate five. So I told her she was wrong and I only had 3 donuts. She asked how came to that conclusion and I told her.

The first two were samples to see if I liked the donuts and since I did I ate three. She grinned then rolled her eyes before giving me the look again. I’m sure I’ll be out of the dog house by the time we leave for vacation.

What does this have to do with the picture of the kitten above you ask? Nothing, I just thought she had pretty eyes. Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is almost here.
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Better days

July 31, 2019

This little one greeted me yesterday as I stepped outside and her look reminded me the food bowl needed filling. It didn’t take her long to dig in once I fixed that problem. Then I visited Dad and while it was a short visit he had a lot to say.

It was short because by sister and brother-in-law were taking him to the county fair. Dad was in the mood to talk horses and he asked if the Budweiser Cydesdales were going to be at the fair ao I told him they had already arrived.

Then he switched gears to talk of a cousin who raises and shows Morgan horses and the old draft horses that were on the farm. And how Grandpa always said tractors were a fad and the horses could be put to work if the tractor quit running.

Yet times have changed since the Model T and two-cylinder John Deeres were the things to have. But I’ll admit I’m still drawn to the sound of an old two-cylinder running with their distinctive popping. That sound brings on memories of an earlier time that won’t be replicated.

And the Antique Farmer was right with his earlier prediction that we would have a drought after the monsoons of spring spring dried up. Our area is now in minor drought stage with no rain in the extended forecast. Funny how that worked out. We’re 8 inches above the normal rainfall numbers for the year but down almost 3 inches for the month.

In about two weeks we’ll load up the Fusion and head to Oklahoma as the wife needs another vacation and I’m the designated driver. Not sure how that will turn other than we’ll have a good time. Like last time we’ll keep the posts coming. They just probably won’t include too many cat pictures.

Enjoy our Wednesday. Now for more coffee and a plate full of donuts.
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Talking about…

July 23, 2019

Yesterday I was watching a dragonfly on the telephone wire again and today I went over to visit Dad. He was asleep when I got there but soon got up and had breakfast as we talked. After his breakfast he had one the donuts I’d brought and we had a chat.

For some reason we started talking about food in Navy, in particular all the powdered junk we ate or drank. Things like powdered eggs, powdered milk, powdered gravy, and powdered bug juice. Not sure of others but we agreed that after being offered powdered green scrambled eggs during our enlistment we couldn’t even look at scrambled eggs for some time after we got out.

And we talked of family and who was where. I gave him the short version even though I knew he wouldn’t remember any of it after I left. His short term memory is terrible yet he remembers Model T Fords and Model A John Deere.

He mentioned that at his doctors visit he found out he’d gained 12 pounds and was up to 220 again. So I asked if the doctor recommended a diet. He looked at me like I’d grown horns and said at his age he didn’t even check expiration dates on produce! At 94 he had a point.

Now I’m back and getting ready to wash the bugs off the wifes car from her trip to Dubuque. The front end and windshield look like she hit every bug between here and there. But it’ll look like a new on shortly.

Enjoy our Tuesday as tomorrow the camels get pesky. Now for more coffee before getting wet.
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