Happy Mother’s Day

May 13, 2018



May 8, 2018

Went over to visit to Dad this morning with some donuts. We
were having a good talk but when I got ready to go I noticed his
lawn could use mowing. He said he had a mower that hadn’t been
run yet this year so I took a look.

After 557 pulls on the rope it still hadn’t started. Thought
I’d pull the spark plug and perhaps get it going that way. Found
out he doesn’t have a spark plug wrench so the mower was pushed
into the garage and I told him I’m bring my mower over tomorrow
and mow his yard.

And by the time I got home and looked looked like a better
day to mow. So the mower got loaded in the trunk and a couple
bottles of water on the floor before going back over and mowing
the lawn. Now at least his yard looks good again.

Back home the mower had to come back out of the trunk and put
back in the shop. It’s funny how mowers get heavier after you
use them. I miss my truck.

The wife finally got the recall notice on her Fusion. Although
I can’t imagine why, the recall letter said it would take around
4 hours to replace the faulty steering wheel nut. It sure would
not have taken that long back in the days of wing windows.

Finally, I’m going to attempt to get some pictures taken today.
The last few days there wasn’t enough time to do it but now I’m
on a break and willing to give it a shot. The worse that can
happen is that I’ll find nothing to focus on.

Enjoy our Tuesday as tomorrow will be here before we know it.
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April 18, 2018

I heard the bells ringing in a nearby church and realized yet
another day got away from me. Nothing new there yet I’m hoping
this isn’t the beginnings of a trend.

Was still day dreaming last night as the sun said a colorful
goodbye to the day. The picture was taken in our backyard and
has a lot of things cluttering it up, but I like it.

This is the poor excuse for a squirrel that has been bouncing
around our area for a while now. If they had Olympic competition
for critters this one could take the gold for back flips.

And doves were all over the neighborhood, like this one on a
nearby roof. It can’t be our one little bird feeder that brings
all these critters in and we doubt it’s the weather. When we
figure it out we’ll let you know.

The weather forecasts have missed the mark again. Perhaps we
will send a suggestion to the TV station that those who predict
the weather get a room with a window. It might help.

Finally, we tried something new at lunch and the wife and I
both enjoyed it. Because she’s on a Keto diet I fried up a few
inch think steaks them smothered them in a mushroom garlic
sauce that turned out great. It will never replace pizza for
me but will be in the top 10 favorites.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. I’m going in search of a cup
of coffee.
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Mixed blessings

April 12, 2018

Had a scare when I came in from enjoying another beautiful day.
Ends up Dad was in the emergency room but is now back home. We
still haven’t heard what the problem is but know he said he
wasn’t feeling that great during our visit a few days ago.

At 92 years old he still gets around and some days doesn’t even
use his cane. The Antique Farmer can be stubborn at times also.
If we have faith as we get older we realize it’s the quality of
time spent with him not the quantity.

So I went outside to see the daffodils because Dad would sing
“It’s not raining rain to me it’s raining daffodils”. Then I
heard some cardinals singing and went to investigate. Loved ones
in Heaven must be thinking of me as I spotted a male cardinal
singing his song in a nearby tree.

I spotted a female cardinal a few trees behind him singing back
and looking at him. Not sure if they ever got together but the
female kept calling anyway.

While the two cardinals were singing their hearts out I looked
over, saw squirrel in their bird food, and starting laughing.
Yea, it doesn’t take much to make me happy but you had to be

Enjoy our Thursday as it’s in the 70s here on the east coast
of Iowa. We have a chance of snow in the forecast for Sunday
so we’ll take what we can get. Now I need more coffee before I
venture outside again.
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Interesting day

March 27, 2018

It all started when the wife said something this morning at the
kitchen table. I asked her to repeat it and I heard ‘we need to
get some tea’. So my reply was that we had 3 boxes now so how many
do we need? Having been there before I knew by the look on her
face that what I heard was not what she said.

She turned her laptop around so I could see some pictures that
showed different uses for Peeps. You know, the sugar coated
marshmellows in the shape of a bird. So I aksed ‘what the hell
does Peeps have to do with tea?’

So she came back and replied that I needed a hearing aid for
my bad ear. We had been down this road so many times we both
know it well. But I reminded her that my left eardrum is only
good for gathering ear wax as I haven’t been able to hear out
of that ear for over 30 years.

So when I went over to visit to Dad this morning I asked what
he thought about me getting a hearing aid. He said ‘Don’t!
Sometimes you’re better off not hearing.’ I thought that was
good advice and since my hearing hasn’t come back after all
these years I’m going to take it.

Don’t know if we’re going to pick up some Peeps when we go to
the store Friday, but I’ll keep the wife on my right side. That
ear works and I won’t be accused of not paying attention. Sounds
like a plan. Tomorrow I go see another new doctor and will see
what he has to say about my health.

Enjoy what’s left of our Tuesday as we only get one this week.
Now I need more coffee to hold me over until my midnight pizza.
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Someday I’ll laugh at this

February 11, 2018

Friday as the wife and I sipped coffee before she left for
work I could have sworn she had either a medical problem or a
wardrobe malfunction. I know my hearing is bad but last time I
had my vision checked, sight wasn’t a problem.

I guess I was staring at the wife as she said “What?”

My reply was “didn’t you feel that?”

“Feel what?”

And I said “your boob just jumped up 3 inches and then came
back down!”

Her reply was “What are you doing looking at my boob?”

Being completely honest my reply was “I wasn’t looking until
it jumped to attention.”

Of course she rallied with “it didn’t jump up!”

For some reason this exchange left her a little angry. Being a
guy I couldn’t figure out what would make her mad when I was
just trying to help. She even accused me of being crazy again.
I know what I saw.

Yet being married for 30 years has taught me to stop digging
when I get in too deep so I told her “I’ll never look at your
boob again!” That worked. She started laughing and soon I was
laughing right along with her.

But I have learned my lesson and if I ever see that body part
jump again I’ll keep it to myself. It isn’t worth the hassle to
voice ones concern at times like that. And there is the slight
possibility that what I saw wasn’t what happened.

So remember guys, if something like this happens to you, just
stay calm and act normal. Do not inform her of your concern. No
need to thank me, I just like to pass along what I’ve learned
along the way.

Enjoy our Sunday as before we know it Monday will be here.
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Better late than never

December 27, 2017

Welcome to another afternoon addition of my wandering mind. I
got up early enough to do a morning version and got distracted,
again. It got so bright in the kitchen from the sunny day that
awaited outside I had to go out and savor the moment.

Then whatever drive by media talking heads program the wife was
watching on TV distracted me. One of the talking heads stated
that 40% of all returns the stores receive end up in the trash.
Said talking head further stated that this was due to open
packaging or broken merchandise returned.

I always thought if a store took back broken items it was a
warranty issue. No wonder I think everything costs too much. It
was then I tuned the program out and noticed our goody box still
had goodies inside. That was more temptation than I could bear
with my sweet tooth.

Later I went over to visit with Dad and had a good chat. I hung
around until he wanted a nap to get ready for his noon nap. So,
I got the critters fed, greeted the day, spoke with Dad, and
everything else fell by the wayside.

It’s looking like we’ll be dealing with snow for a few days
here on the east coast of Iowa and I’m hoping that will cut down
on the distractions. I figure there’s a 50/50 chance of that
happening. If they are dull dreary days, nothing shiny catches
my eye, the critters aren’t out searching for food, and I don’t

Enjoy our first post Christmas Wednesday.
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