Almost here

December 14, 2018

Yesterday I mentioned a lot things that needed to be done and
I’m happy to announce that most of them are now checked off the
list. One of those items was to buy a gift for the lady who
follows me around for our anniversary next week. So yesterday I
took her along and we looked at jewelry.

That’s when the argument happened, again. This year will be
our 31st anniversary and the stubborn lady keeps insisting it
is on December 20th when I know it’s the 21st. She still claims
she has a marriage license to prove and I still have the car
club newsletter that says she’s wrong.

I even broke a record when I bought her gift as I usually
wait until the 18th or 19th. This year it was the 13th! I’m not
sure either of us will win the argument as I might be a little
stubborn myself, but it comes up every year about this time.

And the meteor shower was last night although we have no
pictures. Turns out that when I stepped outside late last night
the visibility was down to about three tenths of a mile. I
could have stayed out and watched yet figured if a meteor could
be seen streaking by within that distance we’d be goners

When I woke us this morning the visibility had gone up to about
a mile so I fed the feral cats and enjoyed the gray skies. You
could even see the church steeple three blocks away. It was

Finally, after doing the Sunday snicker on Saturday night we
have decided to put it out on Sunday morning and see how it
works. Enjoy our Friday and try to avoid the Christmas rush.
Now I need more coffee and some peanuts.
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Fall has fell

October 30, 2018

A quick look at the trees and one can tell that fall has come
to visit us on the east coast of Iowa. Most leaves that haven’t
yet fallen are gold or crimson while a few others are brown and

When I cruised over to chat with Dad the color was even better
but I didn’t bring a camera so have no pictures. Both Dad and
myself were feeling a little off this morning and he even said
he felt so rough he felt like he was 49.

And we both admitted we were clueless on who to vote for in the
upcoming election. One candidate says the other is a bold faced
liar while the other claims his opponent takes money that should
go to the sick and gives it to big business.

The street in front of his house is still torn up and turning
onto a side street brings out ones innovative spirit. When the
street is finally done and all lanes reopened is anyone’s guess
as weather this time of year can stop a project.

And soon the white fluffy love from above will coat our little
part of the world with some snow. We’re ready for that also. The
first snow of the year always lifts our spirits. I’m sure this
winter will be no different.

We hope you are enjoying our Tuesday as much as we are. Now for
more coffee and leftover pizza. We’re well stocked with both.
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Some thoughts

October 23, 2018

The moon looked good last night and after I got the wife off to
work we had a chat. Once again he had some good ideas but told
me to check the legality of said ideas before acting on them.

A little later today I’ll get some doughnuts from the doughnut
shop and cruise over to visit Dad. This may be a bit different
from all the others as he has never lost a son before. We talked
about it a few times and the Antique Farmer stated he believed
that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Then we have the subject of flowers for the funeral. I admit to
getting sticker shock when looking at the various offerings and
it got me thinking. The flowers denote love or respect of the
sender, I think. But who we send them to is dead so doesn’t know
they were sent.

Seems like a wasted sentiment to me. But yes, we did send the
flowers. Visitation will be this afternoon and in my list of
places I’d rather not be a funeral home is a close second to the
hospital. I may get over it when I get older.

Finally, the weather on the east coast of Iowa is going to be
great for the funeral and most of the week. No rain in the
forecast until Friday and then only a 20% chance with highs in
the 50s. Good for getting outside work done.

Enjoy our Tuesday and keep an eye out for the full moon
tomorrow. Now I need some coffee and bacon.
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Hoping for the best

October 17, 2018

Some who know me acknowledge my dislike, perhaps even a phobia,
of hospitals. After being in one for an hour I have trouble with
my breathing and pace like a caged wildcat. The endless halls,
and most waiting rooms, have no windows in the ones we’ve been

But yesterday we did spend some time in a hospital as my brother
had heart surgery and word got to me he wasn’t doing
well. I have to admit when I first spied him it looked to me
like he went 8 rounds with Mike Tyson.

So I held his hand and talked to him a bit before I started
paying attention to what the nurses and doctor in the room were
saying. Things didn’t seem so dire after the chat. I hope he
pulls through and believe he’s just ornery enough to do it.

The picture of the moon was taken yesterday after we left the
hospital and seeing it soothed my soul so thought I’d add it
here and it may help someone else too. Here in a bit I’ll try
to get the yard work done that didn’t get done yesterday and if
that doesn’t pan out it will be on the agenda for tomorrow.

Now I’m going out to feed Mama cat and the feral cats outside
before having a cup of coffee. Enjoy our Wednesday as it looks
to be a good one here on the east coast of Iowa. At least as far
as the weather is concerned.
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Short one

October 16, 2018

It’s another fine day here on the east coast of Iowa and we’re
not complaining. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and once
it got above freezing enjoyable. Yeah, nothing wrong here today.

Went to visit Dad this morning and had a good talk and a great
visit. Left him in good spirits with enough doughnuts to last
him a few days and his TV working again. We even have our
internet and phone back. I’m not going to jinx it by saying
about time.

The wife and I went out to have lunch and managed to find a
parking spot close to our destination. There are days when that
just doesn’t happen. When asked how I want burger cooked I say
“burn it” and usually end up with the burger cooked anywhere
from rare to medium. This time, while not burnt, it was close
enough for me.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to get some of the yard work done as
it needs it. If I don’t there is always Thursday. So enjoy our
Tuesday as we will. Now I need more coffee as I’m still trying
to wear the kitten out.
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I know it’s late

September 18, 2018

Woke up on the run and after a quick shower went to visit with
Dad. Then the wife and I went to early lunch where she tried the
linguini and I stuck with my cheeseburger with pepper jack
cheese. It looked to be a decent, but windy day, early yet now
it’s darker than early evening.

And I’m beginning to think it doesn’t do any good to a cat that
you’re a dog person. When we came back home the mama feral cat
had to be played with and once we got in the house the wifes’ 2
cats and a kitten also wanted attention. I’m fighting a losing

Caught a glimpse of the morning “news” on TV and noticed the
brain-dead commentators were torn between brow beating the
Supreme Court nominee and gushing praise over the Emmy award
show. They even mentioned Tom Arnold got thumped at said event
by someone who is not a fan.

That is exactly why I avoid the TV “news” as much as possible.
If they ever start reporting real news I may start watching
again, or not. We can’t wait for the weekend as the high
temperature of the day is supposed to drop about 15 degrees from
where it is now.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we only get so many days without and ‘r’
in them. Now I need some more coffee and perhaps a nap, or both.
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On the way

September 8, 2018

We had breakfast with the kids and Anna then went back to visit
a bit before leaving Muskogee, Oklahoma at 10:30 am. We made it
to Hannibal, Missouri just about sunset and I got some pictures
but left the cord out in the car.

Met a lot of people and if you know me you know I’m terrible
with names. We’ll mention some in a later post after a chit
chat with the wife.

Tomorrow we will have about a 135 mile cruise to be back home.
Since I’m no longer a young man we decided to stop here instead
of trying to make it one day. We ran into a steady hard drizzle
the entire way and found some drivers still have no business
being behind the wheel.

We passed 3 vehicles in the right lane as they wouldn’t give up
the left lane. All that being said, we believe everyone involved
had a good time, and we got see Muskogee, Tulsa, Oklahoma City,
and a campground at Flat Rock creek.

We also came to the conclusion that if you walked out of a
restaurant hungry in the area, it was your own fault. And I can
honestly say I have my quota for biscuits and gravy for the week.
The cheeseburgers are another story as I have no quota on them.

Our grandchild wasn’t happy when we left but we can’t say that
was unexpected. She was a blast to be around and kept us laughing.
The one downside, at least for me, was getting my picture taken
more since we left than in the past 5 years. I don’t like it!

Now I need a shower and some sleep. To the lady who follows me
around; if you hear me making noise during the night I’m not
snoring, just dreaming I’m a tractor. Enjoy the rest of our day
as tomorrow is only a dream away.
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