Early evening edition

April 30, 2019

Yes I know this is really late, but what a great day. Had a good visit with Dad and talked about everything from hand clutches on some old tractors to a few of the cars I’ve had over the years and a lot more. We also got more rain.

Picture from Q.C. Drone

I pumped out the basement several times and came back upstairs about the time the news of the breach of the Hesco barriers downtown broke. Hesco barriers are basically big metal cages filled with sand bags and covered with plastic. They are meant to be temporary.

Now, 38 days with major flood levels later, the temporary barriers failed. People in the area had seconds to act before the area was covered with water. Luckily there were no fatalities and the area was evacuated by boat.

The rains aren’t helping the river go down either as the crest is supposed to about a foot higher than it is now. The president called our city leaders to offer assistance as did our Governor. Things may get interesting.

On top of all that I went to basement about an hour ago to pump out more water and found out the sump pump went on strike. No problem, a quick trip to the farm supply store and we’re back in business. I now have a few moments to get this out and eat before checking the basement yet again.

Plus, there’s more rain on the way. Things could get interesting around here if this keeps up. And after all this calms down we’ll need to find a herd of goats for the lawn or ruin the mower trying to get through it.

Enjoy what’s left of our Tuesday as we will if the basement stays dry for longer than a hour. Now for more coffee and some supper.
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Feeling cheated

January 26, 2019

Listening to those who tell us what they think the weather will
be I was assured we would get 2 inches of snow yesterday and we
got a dusting. I feel cheated. Where’s my snow? These same
people I listen to on TV just said we’d get 2 inches today but
now I’m leery.

There was some good news though. I found the electric heater
that was put away last spring and now have it in the office on
the off-chance I get cold. The low overnight was only -17 and I
have a sweatshirt so it hasn’t been needed yet. Yet I think by
the first part of next week it will be on.

With talk of the wind chills actually hitting -50 a heater
would probably be a good option. Either that or take some of the
furniture out and call it a dance hall instead of an office. I
think I’ll just plug-in the heater.

Today we have a circus at the old Mark and the Rod and Custom
Show at the QCCA Expo Center. We aren’t going to make either
event as I just got thawed out from running an errand and don’t
feel like getting bundled up again.

I’m saving my energy for the snow coming Sunday night into
Monday. If we get 3-4 inches I’ll be busy shoveling. I find it
ironic that one channel claims they tell us what the weather is
going to be like in our neighborhood. They just can’t tell us

Finally I have come up with my version of the no carbs or
sugar challenge. Had a bunch of bacon, eggs, and toast for my
breakfast and washed it down with coffee between doughnut holes.
It’s working for me.

Enjoy our Saturday as I’m sure we will.
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It’s Here

January 16, 2019

Yes, Barrett-Jackson is in Scottsdale, Arizona again and the
live coverage started yesterday on the Motor Trend channel and
others. After watching a few hours yesterday I once again was
amazed at the quality of the vehicles going across the block and
the amount some went for.

According to Barrett-Jackson there are 5 must-see cars at this
auction. There favorites are: a 2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring
Edition, a 2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta, the first pre-preduction
hardtop 1965 Mustang, a 1970 Chevy Chevelle Custom, and a
1965 Shelby GT350.

And there are charity vehicles. Last year the charity sales at
Scottsdale totaled $6.21 million. a few of the charity vehicles

on the block Wednesday is 2019 Bennington SW series boat and all
proceeds will go to the Mayshad Foundation.

on Thursday a 2015 Ford Petty’s Garage Stage 2 Mustang GT will
be auctioned with all proceeds going to the Barrow Neurological

also on Thursday, Rusty Wallace’s #27 Kodiak NASCAR race car, a
1986 Pontiac Grand Prix will cross the block with all proceeds
going to the Task Force Dagger Foundation.

on Thursday a 2018 Ford Fusion NASCAR race car will be sold
with proceeds going to the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

For the entire list go here. You can use the links to
learn more, or if you’re not a car person, ignore them.

Enjoy our Wednesday as ours started out cunfusing but is now on
calm seas. Now I need to get more coffee in me to be ready for
the telecast this afternoon.
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New month

January 3, 2019

The sunset last night was amazing to watch but with the sun
being further south than in the summer there was no way to get
around the trees. In the coolness of the late afternoon it was
quite a show here on the east coast of Iowa.

And we are in the first week of the first month of 2019. We
have been through our coldest day, our warmest day, and our
wettest day. So here are a few things that happen in January.

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, National Mentoring
Month, Stalking Awareness Month, Be Kind to Food Servers Month,
and Hot Tea Month to name a few. Today is Chocolate Covered
Cherry Day.

The new year means the Rod and Custom Show at the QCCA Expo
Center later this month. It will be held January 25-27. This is
an indoor show and is just the ticket for getting rid ov cabin
fever. Not sure if we’ll be there or not but we are going to
try this year.

If you need a quicker fix <A href=”http://www.fiveflagscenter.com/events/2019/retro-rewind”&gt; Retro Rewind</a> will be at the Five
Flags Center in Dubuque this weekend. For more on the this one
just click the link above.

And we’re going to a little warm up in out weather here and
that means when the warm up ends we’ll dip back down again. But
enjoy it while it never lasts long enough.

So enjoy our Thursday as I have to go out and feed Mama cat
because she has claws and I don’t.
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Starting over

January 1, 2019

We haven’t done a post since last year and we decided to get
off our butt and get one out. New Years Eve was one holiday I
didn’t go out and celebrate in my drinking days. We considered
it amateur night. A bunch of us would get together in someones
home and partied like there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow.

Since none of us had a job that said New Years Day was a paid
holiday, we also went to work with a hangover. Unless the day
fell on a weekend. So just in case you don’t get the day off
we’re typing slower than usual so as not to make too much noise

Another thing I never bought into was the whole resolution
thing. For years watching others make, and then break them, it
was thought irrelevant. If I give my word I’m not going back on
it. A yearly promise is another matter.

I promise to be the tall skinny old redneck who’s mouth doesn’t
have a filter that everyone has grown to love. So may people
over the years have said you should change this, or think
before you speak. I have tried it in the past but when I do
there are some who think I’m mad!

One thing that is guaranteed on New Years is we will get new
calendars and make a few mistakes with anything we have to
write the date on. But we’ll get through it. So enjoy our New
Years Day as it’s the only one we’ll get this year. Now I need
more coffee.
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December 7, 2018

On this date 77 years ago Pearl Harbor was attacked and after
just 90 minutes 2,386 American servicemen died and 1,139 were
injured. Although few are left that were there that day we
cannot forget them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2018

Today is the day most of us have turkey and all the trimmings
while many loosen their belts in the aftermath. And it’s a day
for giving as people volunteer to help feed the less fortunate.
We hope all have many reasons to be thankful.

That being said, it’s also a day that ‘Blue Velvet’ keeps
playing in my mind as a reminder of what happened on this date
in 1963. Those old enough to remember know what they were doing
when the news came that President John F. Kennedy had been shot
and killed in Dallas.

In my case, I was lining up a shot on the pool table when they
cut off Blue Velvet playing on the bakelite AM radio to announce
that the president had been shot. Getting to a TV we watched a
mass of crying people gathered to await news on the presidents
condition and the nationwide sadness when news came he had died.

We had our Thanksgiving yesterday due the wifes work schedule
and took the turkey and trimmings over to her moms house to
enjoy and said meal tasted every bit as good as if we had it
today. We can still have the same today because there’s always

Finally, I’m sorry we didn’t get a longer visit Keith. You rang
the doorbell just as were getting ready to load the car and
leave for our early Thanksgiving.

So everyone enjoy Thanksgiving as we will. Now I have to refill
my coffee cup as somebody drained it.
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