Stand or kneel?

September 15, 2018

It would seem that multi-millionaire football players kneeling
during the National Anthum has a lot of people worked up. My
personal thought is that we Veterans served for the rights of
all, including the stupid.

But I didn’t feel I had it quite right and turned to the recent
words of Kirstie Ennis, and retired USMC Sgt who lost a leg when
her helicopter crashed in Afghanistan. Here is how she feels
about it in her own words-

In case you wondered where I stand… pun intended —— ????

“I stand to honor the promise the flag represents.
You kneel because that promise has been broken.

I stand to affirm my belief that all are created equal,
and to fight alongside you for that promise.
You kneel because too few stand with you.

I stand because we can be better.
You kneel to remind us to be better.

I stand to honor all that have fought and died so that
we may be free.
You kneel because not all of us are.

I stand because I can. BECAUSE I STILL CAN.
You kneel for those who can’t.

I stand to defend your right to kneel.
You kneel to defend my right to stand.

I stand because I love this country.
You kneel because you love it too.”

Well said Sgt. Ennis.
Enjoy our Saturday, it’s the only one we get this
week. Now for more coffee and whatever I can round
up for breakfast.
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September 11, 2018

Today is the anniversary of the attack that united our nation
in outrage at the attackers and the need to help those affected.
We hope that during your busy day you could set aside the time
to observe a moment of silence.

We remember where we were when the news broke, in my case I was
hanging quarter panels on a 54′ Chevy when the coverage started.
Everyone gathered around the TV in the shop and not a lot of
work got done.

A lot of work did get done around here and the yard is looking
much better than when we got home. I also started on my office
and if you’ve ever been in it you know it needs de-cluttering.
I keep mementos from car shows, car manufactures, various other
products I like, and more.

So much got done that I treated us to a fresh hot pizza from
a pizza joint. This always causes a problem as either we’re
getting older or the pizzas are getting bigger. We used to have
a lot less leftovers. Fine with us though as saved pizza is as
good as fresh.

Today I will go visit Dad for the first time since we got home
and see how he’s doing. I’ve heard some rumors but don’t put much
faith in them until I check things out myself. We picked up
some goodies for him on the trip, have pictures he can have, and
I will bring the doughnuts.

So enjoy our Tuesday as we will munching on cold pizza. Now I
need some hot coffee.
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Is it just me?

August 27, 2018

We will forewarn you that the following may upset some who
can’t get past the fact that not all people think alike. If you
cannot grasp that concept please look elsewhere. To everyone
else, read on.

A little birdie told me that we’re getting closer to the day
we head toward the open road and I might want to start packing
some clothes and things in my ditty bag. I guess it is about
time. The trunk is usually full by the head out yet I know this
dreaded chore has to be done.

The same little birdie told me John McCain had died and while I
realize he accomplished a lot in his life I didn’t know he was
the second coming of Christ. The wife watches the morning news
programs so I couldn’t miss the fact that the time spent talking
about him was more than all other “news” combined.

I have nothing against the man yet when the media capitalizes
on on a subject it gets old fast and I wonder why all the laser
focused coverage and what aren’t they telling us. It just seems
to me a giant excuse for Congress to continue doing nothing.

Yesterday was not my day so today has to be better. A simple
chore of changing the password on this site knocked me off for
the rest of the day. Things were different this morning when I
managed the chore on the first try doing the same thing tried
yesterday that ended in failure.

And that got me thinking. You ever see a black squirrel on the
rooftop looking like he wants to jump off and attack you? Yeah,
me either, it was just a thought. Enjoy our Monday as I am now
that I can get back on WordPress. Now for some coffee and some
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Weekend wrap-up

August 26, 2018

The storm, hail, wind, and other weather events that were
forecast to hit here the other night decided to go elsewhere. I
was out in the backyard waiting for storm but after 3 hours came
back into the house. I don’t believe the wind ever got passed 20

Yesterday it got hotter than Hades with temps in the 90s and
humidity around 70% so other than to snap a few pictures, feed
and water the feral cats, and sweat, I wasn’t outside much. I
went out later to get a picture of the moon but couldn’t see it
for the clouds.

Today, we did some running to do to get ready for our cruise to
Oklahoma but when we got back the lady who follows me around and
myself felt restless. Since it was Farm Days in the Village we
decided some time with old tractors may be just the ticket.

We walked to the upper level of Lindsay Park which is one of
favorite parts of the area and surprised to find it empty save
for one mother and her child. When you get there and stand along
the bluff you can see the statue of the two boys looking at the
river that was done by John Bloom. I caught it just as a
pelican was floating by and it looked like the boy was pointing
at it.

When you’re up in the park, and on the bluff, you can see from
Bettendorf to downtown Davenport and the Rock Island Arsenal
between. The arsenal is on an island and the bluff gives an
excellent view.

And as a bonus, the trains run between the park and river with
the elevation of the park giving an interesting photo angle. So
all in all we’d call it a great weekend. Enjoy the rest of our
Sunday as that means Monday is just a dream away. Now for some
more coffee.
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Interesting times

August 13, 2018

I have been watching the latest City Council meeting on our
government access channel and realized something in that
there is truth in the old saying that the more things change
the more they remain the same. It was almost like the Circus
has returned to the east coast of Iowa.

A few zoning variances came before the board which brought the
NIMBY (Not in my backyard) crowd to the microphone during the
public comment portion of the meeting. The public spoke while
the City Council listened and then the public listened as a few
members of the Council spoke. The Council voted in favor of
these variances.

Then came the hot button topic of the Civil Rights commission
and all hell broke loose. If I understand things correctly, our
city government wants to change the name to the Civil Rights
Agency and put a few Aldermen to the board. During the public
comment section many got up and spoke eloquently on the subject
while some just ranted or yelled.

Members of different groups including the Civil Rights
Commission, a Latin American group, a Native American, African
Americans, the disabled, the LBGT group, and supporters of civil
rights in general. I was a little surprised to find that some of
these speakers made it clear the white members of the council
had no knowledge of civil rights or need for them.

Then came the time for council response and the public would
interrupt council members trying to voice their side. It got so
crazy the Mayor called for a 10-minute recess. Things went a
little smoother after the break and the council decided to table
the idea for a few sessions. There were not a lot of happy
campers in the public seating as the Mayor stated the proposal
would be voted on at a later date.

Perhaps I’m different, but after watching this twice I felt the
hecklers tarnished the good points some of the speakers had
made with their total lack of restraint. Granted I don’t know
everything the council wants to change in the proposal yet do
know the public disregard for decorum was unwarranted.

Enjoy our Monday as it is the first day of the work week and
I’ll be doing some of that later. Now I need some coffee.
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Winding down

July 29, 2018

The Bix 7 was yesterday and not long after the start the wife
thought she heard the helicopters, or a helicopter, belonging to
news companies following the race. I knew from the sound it was
not a chopper but an old plane with a propeller. So I got the old
camera ready and have proof as seen above.

As the planes flew over, the sirens from the police bikes, and
the roar of bunch of Harley’s signaled the beginning of the event
this butterfly just sat calmly and posed for pictures. We were
glad he did.

As I watched this guy in the brush I would not have thought he
would be the cause of an argument between the wife and myself.
I simply stated the cat had blue eyes and the wife claimed they
were green. We’ll probably never know for sure but we’re both
too stubborn to change.

Almost walked right into guy as the sun made it almost
invisible at first glance. Some spider was busy putting this
together and it looks almost like a work of art.

Finally, I saw this guy on a wire above the alley and had to
get a shot. This picture was taken as he was between songs and
actually had his beak closed. After the picture he flew away
to a more hidden perch.

Enjoy our Sunday as we will with the cool weather here. Now for
a refill on coffee.
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Busy weekend

July 26, 2018

Here on the east coast of Iowa we’re going into a busy weekend
with so much going on one might have a hard time choosing what
to do when. One that all of us can participate in is viewing the
Full Buck Moon on Friday. And Mars will be close to moon also.

In the southern hemisphere there will be a lunar eclipse that
last for almost 2 hours while we in the U.S. of A. get to see
the full moon as long as we wish to, weather permitting. For
those of us here in Davenport, on the east coast of Iowa we also
have events to keep us going all weekend.

RAGBRAI will finish here on Saturday. It started on the west
coast of Iowa on Sunday and will finish here Saturday with the
riders dipping their wheels in the Mississippi River. RAGBRAI
stand for The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.

And it wouldn’t be this time of year around here without the
BIX7. If you haven’t heard of it this is a 7 mile foot race that
goes up and down hills and starts and ends in our downtown.
There are other races and events for those who don’t want to,
or can’t, make the 7 miles.

Then we have the Street Fest 2018, the Quad-Cites biggest
Homecoming party, on Friday and Saturday. Plenty of good food,
good music, and if you can’t find something for sale that you
aren’t looking for you aren’t trying.

There are a lot more things to do this weekend like the stock
car races, the museums, the Farmer’s Market and too many others
to mention. And when the dust settles Sunday night those of us
who live here know the Mississippi Valley Fair won’t be far

So enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is only a dream away. Now
for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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