Not really a rant

September 7, 2017

At one point in the history of this blog I used to rant on
Thursdays. That stopped because I found it harder to get mad
enough to do so. While I’m still not mad, let’s consider this
not really a rant.

As of Monday 1.4 million acres of our great country are on
fire in 8 states to our west. Montana is the hardest hit with
over 660,000 acres aflame. To get an idea what that looks like,
see footage of a satellite feed right here.

The states currently reporting large fires are California,
Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and
Wyoming. Montana, California and Oregon have the most fire
activity. These fires are consuming more acres every day.

Of course some are blaming global climate change and all the
people with their cars. How about the media picking this up
and getting volunteers out there to help. These fires impact
the air quality of our country. Go to AirNow for the current
air quality conditions.

This is not a record setting year for fires either although
it is being compared to the fires of 1910. So, the fires aren’t
breaking any records, they are many and understaffed, and who
cares what the cause is. Wait until they’re out before you get
on your pulpit.

Even though I’m not watching big media news, I’m sure most of
this isn’t being aired and should be. And a big thank you to
the fire fighters, support crews, and volunteers who give their
time to fight these fires while sleeping in tents away from
your families. You are not paid enough.

We certainly hope those in Montana get a break and don’t have
to stay until the first good snow. Enjoy our thursday.
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Iowa scents

July 11, 2017

I would imagine when Texans go to another state they would get
asked if everything really is bigger there. Being from Iowa is
a whole different story. Some confuse our state with Indiana,
Idaho, and believe it or not, Ohio! We are not famous for our

In 2016 our population was 3,134,693 with about 7 times that
many hogs. People from other places think Iowa is all farmland
and flat as a skipping rock. We do have manufacturing, financial
services, information technology, biotechnology, and around
30% of our energy comes from green energy sources. We also
have hills.

The green energy has become a source of displeasure to some as
wind turbines tend to push the aroma of pig poop into places it
has never been before. And when the smell of money hits city
folk in their nostrils it is not a pretty sight.

Now some suburbanites are suing the farmers with wind turbines
as they feel the aroma is a nuisance. No war has been declared
yet and we’re told scientists are looking for ways to tone down
the smells that offend those who moved to suburbia.

These same suburbanites who are suing over the nuisance are
among those who pushed to get more wind farms (green energy)
in our state. Being a country boy I know the smell of manure
in large quantities can be distracting, but why push for wind
farms that only spread this smell over longer distances?

Did you think hogs and cattle had outhouses for their waste or
farmers sent their children out with industrial sized pooper
scoopers and plastic bags before you moved next to a farm?
Then you also probably didn’t know that some farmers spread
the manure over their fields as a fertilizer. When those big
turbine blades start spinning in the breeze it will move the
odor along with the air.

Our opinion is to be careful what wish for, you may just get
it. We will return to our regular postings in our next one.
Enjoy your tuesday as it’s the only one we get this week.
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Just eliminate lies

January 31, 2017


As the sun sets on the east coast of Iowa signaling the end
of January we look upon the golden sky and wonder what some
people are smoking. It took us back to a time before common
sense died from acute apathy.

Recent events cause us to lapse into such a state and
we’ll mention one. We have been following the Dakota
Pipeline fiasco and noticed the drive-by media claiming that
said pipelines don’t leak so the protest is futile.
The Magellan pipeline runs through Illinois, Iowa, North
Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin must be unlucky.

The Magellan pipeline moves diesel, gasoline, jet fuel,
natural gasoline, naptha, propane, natural gas, and butane.

Just recently 138,000 gallons of diesel leak out of a
ruptured pipeline and came up in a farmers’ field. Rest a
assured though as vacuum trucks are sucking up the leak
and the contaminated soil will be taken away.

Another pipeline operated by Magellan near Decatur, Nebraska,
last October leaked anhydrous ammonia and that leak killed one
unlucky soul while 23 households had to be evacuated.

In 2010 5,000 gallons of diesel leaked into a creek near
Milford, Iowa. The same year there was a 45,000 gallon
gasoline spill in Oklahoma. Worry not, the company paid hefty
fines. The entire report is here.

According to Inside Energy, there have been 4,269 pipeline
incidents since 2010 and 64 of those involved fatalities. To
learn more, or see the map of spills, go here.

Yet we don’t remember hearing much from the media about this.
The next time we hear how safe pipelines are for transporting
oil products, or protesters called whiners, we will pull up the map
in the last link to get a dose of reality.

Enjoy the rest of today for tomorrow is another month. A
little later I shall enjoy a pizza while watching Perry Mason.
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November 16, 2016

With everything going on in our world right now it’s a good
idea to get outside and think. I do not support the voodoo
science behind global warming, but five years ago things were
like this.


Today this looks a lot different and tomorrow our high here
on the east coast of Iowa is supposed to be around 72. Two
days after that our low is supposed to be 27 so we’ll take
what we can get.




Instead of the steely grey sky, which we know is coming, we
have been blessed with a sky so blue you think you could sail
away on it. The trees haven’t lost all their leaves yet and
we have flowers on the rose bush.


Those of us blessed enough to have born in Iowa know all
about climate change, we’ve watched it change daily our entire
lives. There are times when it pays to slow down, look around,
and enjoy. The beauty has always been there, yet most walk by
without even noticing.

So enjoy Wednesday while remembering the weekend is that much
closer to being here.
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September 14, 2016

Today’s post is sponsored by Dr. Batty’s For Your Health
Asthma Cigarettes.


Innovations are a funny thing, much like fads. What is
considered latest and greatest in one era isn’t even talked
about decades later. Much like Dr. Batty’s cigarettes. I’m
sure the FDA would not approve his cigarettes today as a

Other innovations that made life more enjoyable are now
combined into one gadget. Growing up we didn’t have a
computer but we did have transistor AM radios, calculators,
and black and white TVs. Now one doesn’t even need said
computer as the new smart phones have all the functions of
the above in one small device.

Bicycles have been around since the 1800s and have had many
stages of development. The industry has advanced through the
use of ball bearings, chain driven sprockets, tension spoke
wheels, and pneumatic tires. Enthusiasts have added gasoline
engines, electric motors, jet engines, and even sails.

By now you are probably wondering where I’m going with this,
so here it is. As I was cruising the information highway I
came across a website that extolled the virtues of a hemp
based pedal electric vehicle with three wheels and removable

It is called the PEBL, seats two, has a top speed of 20
mph, and prices start at around $6,000. The Better Bike has
a hemp and soy composite body, reverse and cruise control,
full lighting, is fully enclosed, and as mentioned can seat
two adults.

At first I thought it was a Smart Car on a diet! I found
this an interesting concept and if you’d like to see the
web page, or are interesting in learning more, go here.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.
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Ready to fix it

August 8, 2016

With the recent upturn in the number of planes flying
low over Casa Cruiser we need to do something. A friend
stated that the airport cancelled one flight which caused
a deviation in the flight paths that have the planes
buzzing our neighborhood.

c 007

d 012

We can understand that to a point, but said airport is
across the Mississippi river and in another state. That
airport is roughly 15-20 miles away from us. Our airport
is about 10 miles from us in the other direction and isn’t
set up to handle larger planes. Why can’t they move the
flight paths into Illinois where the airport is located?

So I have come up a plan that involves learning air
traffic control, a study of ground crew movements, and a
visit to our local Farm & Fleet. What does a farm jobber
have to with any of the above you ask?

Simply put, after learning the basics mentioned above I
would purchase the proper gear to slightly alter the
flight paths over someone else’s house. A bright orange
vest, a hardhat, and a couple of flashlights should do the
trick. And if you think I have a dislike of aircraft, you
would be wrong. I’m only thinking of the wildlife.

That shouldn’t confuse you but if it does I’ll explain.
If the planes keep buzzing over us the wildlife will
panic and run away. When they run away, they will head for
the more rural areas. Farmers have enough to worry about
without an influx of wild critters.

My solution can only be a win/win situation. The planes
move ever so slightly off the flight path, the critters
stay here so I can take pictures of them, and the farmers
will thank us for the effort. Who knows, it may even work.
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It’s possible

July 31, 2016


After getting the chores done while having another cup of
coffee, my mind wandered off again. Nothing new there, but
this time it came back with an interesting take on the
climate change crazies.

What if our climate is changing, but not because of the
politically correct greenhouse gases? What if the very
solution to the problem, is the problem? What if the
climate change Al Gore and others have been predicting
forever is their fault?

It could be the wind turbines that are slicing and dicing
the bald eagles are causing a shift in our wind patterns
thus blowing things places they have never been before.
After all, there is now a lot wind where there used to be

Then we have the exalted by the climate change movement
solar panels. Seems to me that when the sun is hitting
these pieces of glass and plastic it would have to bounce
off and produce heat. The ozone layer won’t let the added
man-made heat escape so we have a hot time in the city.

Add to that the fact that it’s an election year and all
the candidates’ speeches, the media verbally discussing
said speeches, then all the rebuttals put that much more
hot air into our atmosphere.

Yet Obama wants to add another tax to gasoline because it
is the culprit? If we run out of energy it won’t be because
of gasoline, our air conditioners, or refrigerators. It
will be because the wind turbines quit turning, as the solar
panels and the “green” power plants can’t keep up with
demand like the old ones did.
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