We got it

January 19, 2016


Some of us have questions bouncing around our heads that nobody has
been able to answer. But after much deliberation and countless hours
of research we believe we may have the answer to one of the more
recent of these questions. Yes, we now believe we have the answer
about global warming. Gore predicted we’d all be dead by now,
scientists predicted the polar ice caps would melt, and some even
stated it just didn’t exist.

But while accidentally watching part of a news broadcast, we had an
epiphany. We now think global warming is real, just not on the scale
thought. And we’ll explain how we came to this conclusion. On the
opinion of the news program 3 different politicians had soundbites
about various things we didn’t care enough about to listen.
Then it hit us.

There has to be global warming on a smaller scale than most believe.
These politicians who want to save us from ourselves, are running for
some office or running from some scandal, haven’t shut up since around
1999. They have been constantly campaigning, fund raising, dispelling
rumors, and flat out flapping their jaws non-stop since they first
got elected.

Still with us? Okay. We all should know hot air rises, which is fine
in the summer. But when the hot air rises in the winter it raises
havoc with the normal weather patterns around the world. So instead
of saddling the citizens with carbon taxes and other fines we should
fine all politicians who open their mouths too often and talk too
long. Sounds like a plan to us.
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Eyesore or eye candy?

January 15, 2016


Recently our city council denied an expansion of a
local scrap yard, formally known as junk yard. Even
though we have no car in this race the reasoning
behind the denial makes no sense to us.

This junk yard opened in the 1950’s and has been in
operation ever since, but does have a new owner. It
also is in a flood plain and the Mississippi river is
right across the road from the business.

Some neighbors say the owner isn’t a good neighbor
and others say there is better uses for the land. To
the latter we ask; aren’t you about 60 years too late
with your complaint? It makes one wonder if anyone has
stopped at the yard office and talked to the owner.

Years ago I was down there at least weekly to see if
any decent W-blocks had come in since my last visit
and to buy parts. But if the owner wants to expand the
business wouldn’t that mean more monies coming to our
city through taxes?

One neighbor was worried about fluids leaking into
the ground, nearby wetlands, and river. But again, it
seems a bit late to protest that. And can anyone who
parks their vehicle outside ensure no fluids would
end up somewhere? I don’t believe the average person
checks for leaks regularly.

We don’t know about the business not being a good
neighbor either. It is open 8 hours a day during the
week and around 6 on Saturday, and most businessmen
we’ve run across try to make people happy unless they
start trying to restrict their business.

It is said the owner can try again in a year to get
approval for his business expansion and we hope he
does. Where some people see an eyesore most car people
see an Amusement Park where we could happily spend
the day.
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A few pictures

December 26, 2015

People often ask why I’m always smiling when they see me. The answer is simple, I enjoy life and treasure the time I have. Of course sights like this don’t hurt either. I’m still editing photos and will be for a while but thought I’d share some today. These were taken with a Sony Bloggie pocket camera.

burger 009

burger 012

burger 017

burger 026

burger 031

These were taken on our return trip and can be enlarged if you click on them.
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Fast thinking

November 29, 2015

Browsing various sources seeking news that merits
consideration, we came across information on the
Hyperloop. Think of the tubes in the drive-up at
the bank that deliver our business to the teller
and back. But on steroids.

Essentially the system would involve seven foot
diameter tubes elevated on pillars that could move
“cars” full of 28 people and luggage at a speed of
around 800 miles per hour.

These may be solar powered and currently have a
range of around 900 miles. Claim is this could move
people from Los Angeles to San Fransisco in 30

This is in the fundraising phase of operation to
try and raise $100 million. There are also over 100
engineers across the country working on development
in exchange for stock options.

The idea being that Hyperloop would be less
expensive than high-speed rail and better for the
environment. A 5 miles test track is to built in
Quay Valley, California in 2018.

To quote one source: “The concept of the Hyperloop
was popularized by Elton Musk, and not affiliated
with HTT. The project to develop a high speed
intercity transporter using a low pressure tube
train which would reach a top speed of 800 miles
per hour with a yearly capacity of 15 million

HTT is short for Hyperloop Transportation
Technologies. If our discourse isn’t confusing
enough the following video should finish the job,
after a short commercial.

We don’t know if these will ever come to be, but
if they do it would change our landscape as we know
it with elevated tubes beside our highways. It could
get interesting.
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Reasoning with the Antique Farmer

October 27, 2015


I went over to visit Dad and we talked of those
who are longer with us, family, the farm, the
upcoming trip the wife and I are taking, and the
recent WHO declaration against bacon.

We got passed the deaths, the health of our
family, and our vacation alright, but the Antique
Farmer got animated when it come to learning that
the WHO declared processed meats and red meat are
as cancerous as smoking.

The minute it was out of my mouth I heard ‘bullshit!’
I reminded him not to shoot the messenger so he
said he’d been eating meat all his life and he is
90 years old. Then he asked what would happen to
all the hogs and cattle if people didn’t eat them.

I admitted I didn’t know and he asked me what I’d
been hearing about it. Reminding him everything is
a rumor at this point I told him one someone
would want to tax meat like they tax cigarettes. The
Antique Farmer said everything is too high now.

So I told him that another rumor is that the
government wouldn’t allow restaraunts to sell meat.
The look on his face was priceless before he asked
‘then who the hell would go out to eat?’

Saving what I thought was the best for last, I told
him that some scientists think animal farts add to
the pollution that is causing global warming. And
I again heard ‘bullshit!’

He thought for a bit and said that nobody was
taking his meat away in his lifetime. I swear
the man forgets he’s 90.

Not wanting to leave him in a snit I brought up
the farm and the wooden bridge over the creek that
groaned like a banshee when you ran a tractor over
it. He was calm when I left and I’d guess he was
daydreaming about running the old tractor over that
sorry looking bridge. But he still isn’t going to
give up his meat!
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Amazing things

October 22, 2015

It has often been said that necessity is the
mother of invention. As long as there is a need,
somebody will be toiling on a solution. And in some
instances it is amazing.

Ever heard of the ogo? This group has mixed
electronics, battery technology, and an innovative
intuitive hands free control system to introduce
the latest in wheelchair technology.

The following really opened our eyes. The 2nd
edition of 7 Things you never knew existed is a
mix of technology that you may not know about. The
last one is something else.

We like a Coca-Cola once in a while and although
it isn’t really amazing, this video shows 5 Crazy
Facts about Coca-Cola.

Then there is the automotive industry who is no
stranger to technology. If you haven’t seen it,
here are the TOP 4 cars changing the world now.

Then we’ll close with the Future Green Technology
Top Picks 2015. After a short commercial that you
can opt out of after a few seconds, this video
begins with the Aire Mask. This device converts
breathing into renewable electrical power. Sort of
a charge your phone while you nap thing.

We can hardly wait to what comes next.
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A day of wonders

September 30, 2015

Most days we wake up and if our name isn’t in the
obituaries we go about our business. Then when work
is done, dinner is done, and we sit on the back
porch with our favorite beverage pondering the day.
Other days while in the process of getting through
the daily grind we come across something that we
find amazing.

Today was a rare day on the east coast of Iowa as
we came across two amazing things, the first man
made and the other through Mother Nature from God.
We’ll share them with you so that you might be
amazed also.

We saw short video about concrete. We know, grey,
boring, and pot holes come to mind, but this is
different. This concrete can absorb 800 gallons of
water a minute! No more overflowing gutters or
flooded low spots. Why isn’t this in the news?

No more flash flooding or flooded intersections
would be an improvement in our city by the river.
The second amazing thing a friend shared with us
about a fly geyser in Nevada.

To see that much water in the middle of a desert
and the colorful formations caused by geyser we
will no longer think only of ‘Old Faithful’ when
we hear the term geyser.

A solution to city flooding during heavy rains and
something that soothes the work weary soul. We’ve
had a great day and hope yours was as well.
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