Crazy days

May 6, 2016


When I glanced up the sky was filled with more clouds
than one would care to count. Yet with all the clouds it
was still bright out. The vivid colors seem to say take
the day off and look at me.

It did get toasty bundling brush for pick-up and
cutting large wood pieces into smaller ones so I came
inside for a glass of lemonade. When I turned on tv for
a glance at the news it was stated our elections have
turned into a circus.

Even our president did a cameo proclaiming the job of
president has to be taken seriously. He did not mention
how he knew this. So that got me thinking.

Across the media are tales of members of political
parties tearing up their cards, voters who say they
aren’t going to vote, and the requisite number of
celebrities and famous nitwits proclaiming they will
leave the country if a certain candidate is elected.

Nowhere we looked commented on the fact that such
childish behavior would have resulted in an attitude
adjustment back in our day. I see no real difference
between this election and others in the past. For myself
anyway, there is no perfect candidate.

If enough of us feel the Bern we all will be paying a
lot more in taxes, if enough vote Hillary we will be
paying more in taxes and fighting for our guns, and if
a majority jump on the Trump train we will have a wall
along our southern border and a lot of pissed off

It does make one wonder what they’re trying to pull
while putting so much bull out. It’s getting so deep MY
eyes are turning brown. This election is a drama lovers
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Not again

April 25, 2016

You may remember a while back I related a tale about
the moon getting caught in our pine tree? Well we had
another problem with said moon.


Yes it caused issues again. This time it chose to get
hung up on the telephone wires that run across our yard.
With my lightning fast reflexes I took this photo just
before said wire fell to the ground!

I didn’t realize the moon got that hot but I’ve been
told we learn something new everyday. I also didn’t
think the moon got that close to us, but the photographic
proof if hard to argue.

I was assured by the Telephone Company that the hanging
wires aren’t dangerous as they only carry a small amount
of electricity through them. In any case yard work has
been cancelled until the situation is rectified.

If you’re a night owl or an early riser you may want to
look outside for this potential danger. Looking up is
better than looking down. Unless you’re standing on the
edge of a cliff.

This tale was loosely based on a true story and
the moon was not harmed during this photo shoot.
So enjoy your day as I know I will puttering around
the garage.
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Star gazing

April 13, 2016

Since things have warmed up here on the east coast of
coast of Iowa we took a couple of photographs outside to
see if they would work. We think they did so we’ll share

This first one was right around sunset looking through
all the trees and power lines. We’re not sure if it’s
any good, but as mentioned, we like it.


After snapping the picture above I went back in the
house to spend some time with the wife before she left
for work. After she was safely on her way I grabbed the
camera and a tripod to try again and got this one.


It isn’t a full moon but it was glowing so brightly the
tops of the tree are lighter than the rest. I thought
dozens of stars were dancing around the moon in some
sort of celebration I wasn’t party to. What a great
sight. And if you want to see a bigger picture just
click on the one shown.

The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise I’ll
live long enough to get one shot I think is perfect.
Until then, drive no faster than your guardian angel
can fly. Now I need to find another pizza that wants
to be my friend.
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Weekend ramble

March 25, 2016

3-25 005

I was waiting for my friend to show up and lost track of
time. Usually the man in the moon shows up around 9
0’clock this time of year but he was stubborn and didn’t
show up until after 10.

By then it was in the 40s again so a jacket was needed
for any long discussion. He informed me that my favorite
neighbor, the one who likes to call me crazy, saw me out
doing my snow dance during the recent snow. And she
thought I was crazy but it was too cold out to tell me
to my face. I don’t doubt it.

A old friend stopped over earlier and we had a nice chat.
We talked of everything from hot sauce to fine art. I
even showed him a truck that was for sale with the help
of my laptop. I don’t think he believed me when I told
him it had fender skirts front and back, but when he
looked at the picture he liked it too.

And it looks like we’re in for a flood here on the
east coast of Iowa and it should impact us next week.
Projections are running about 2 foot over flood stage
and it will cause some road closures.

Sunday is Easter and we wish you a happy Easter. If you
don’t celebrate have a happy end to the weekend anyway.
I would ramble on but must search for a pizza with my
name on it as I forgot lunch again.
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March 23, 2016

3-23 012

People are complaining. It’s a dreary day, it’s
raining, it’s cooler than it was yesterday, and that we
may get a little snow overnight. But as the photo above
shows everything isn’t dreary.

The daffodils are coming up through the unraked leaves
along with some other plants to keep them company. How
can it be dreary when we see this?

Sure the skies are grey and may be leaking a little,
but spring has sprung! We might not be able to see the
moon tonight through the storm, but we can go out with
flashlight and look at the daffodils.

And I for one hope we do get a dusting a snow just to
look at the contrasts between the green stems and
leaves, the yellow flowers, and the white of a little

If the man in the moon doesn’t show up tonight we’ll
share a picture from the last time we saw him.


Enjoy the rest of hump day, I know we will.
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We got it

January 19, 2016


Some of us have questions bouncing around our heads that nobody has
been able to answer. But after much deliberation and countless hours
of research we believe we may have the answer to one of the more
recent of these questions. Yes, we now believe we have the answer
about global warming. Gore predicted we’d all be dead by now,
scientists predicted the polar ice caps would melt, and some even
stated it just didn’t exist.

But while accidentally watching part of a news broadcast, we had an
epiphany. We now think global warming is real, just not on the scale
thought. And we’ll explain how we came to this conclusion. On the
opinion of the news program 3 different politicians had soundbites
about various things we didn’t care enough about to listen.
Then it hit us.

There has to be global warming on a smaller scale than most believe.
These politicians who want to save us from ourselves, are running for
some office or running from some scandal, haven’t shut up since around
1999. They have been constantly campaigning, fund raising, dispelling
rumors, and flat out flapping their jaws non-stop since they first
got elected.

Still with us? Okay. We all should know hot air rises, which is fine
in the summer. But when the hot air rises in the winter it raises
havoc with the normal weather patterns around the world. So instead
of saddling the citizens with carbon taxes and other fines we should
fine all politicians who open their mouths too often and talk too
long. Sounds like a plan to us.
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Eyesore or eye candy?

January 15, 2016


Recently our city council denied an expansion of a
local scrap yard, formally known as junk yard. Even
though we have no car in this race the reasoning
behind the denial makes no sense to us.

This junk yard opened in the 1950’s and has been in
operation ever since, but does have a new owner. It
also is in a flood plain and the Mississippi river is
right across the road from the business.

Some neighbors say the owner isn’t a good neighbor
and others say there is better uses for the land. To
the latter we ask; aren’t you about 60 years too late
with your complaint? It makes one wonder if anyone has
stopped at the yard office and talked to the owner.

Years ago I was down there at least weekly to see if
any decent W-blocks had come in since my last visit
and to buy parts. But if the owner wants to expand the
business wouldn’t that mean more monies coming to our
city through taxes?

One neighbor was worried about fluids leaking into
the ground, nearby wetlands, and river. But again, it
seems a bit late to protest that. And can anyone who
parks their vehicle outside ensure no fluids would
end up somewhere? I don’t believe the average person
checks for leaks regularly.

We don’t know about the business not being a good
neighbor either. It is open 8 hours a day during the
week and around 6 on Saturday, and most businessmen
we’ve run across try to make people happy unless they
start trying to restrict their business.

It is said the owner can try again in a year to get
approval for his business expansion and we hope he
does. Where some people see an eyesore most car people
see an Amusement Park where we could happily spend
the day.
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