June 26, 2017

On the way back home this past weekend we came across a
pickup truck I’d never heard of before that got my
attention. I knew it was an F-150 Ford, yet it was unlike
any I’d seen. When we got closer the side of the bed
proudly proclaimed it was a Tremor F-150.

I also noticed it had “twin turbo-charged” badging which
almost made the low profile tires make sense. It just looked
fast. Turns out Ford has discontinued this series according to
research I’ve done since we got back.

It does have two turbos on a 3.5 liter ecoboost V6 making 365
horsepower and 420 pound feet of torque. That size would equal
about 213.5 cubic inches. With the torque and a set of 4.10
rear gears it would be a stop light bandit. And you could get
it in 2-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive.

Marketed as a truck that would appeal to street truck
enthusiasts looking for V8 power with V6 fuel economy. It does
look like they might bring both the Tremor and the Lightening
as Ford promised 12 new global performance vehicles through

I looked at the Lightening when it first came out and wasn’t
impressed. Yes it had a V8 and was fast for truck. But it had
as many options as a Cadillac and a stripped down version was
not available. If you want a laugh, go to a dealer and tell
them you want a half-ton pickup with manual transmission but
without air, power steering and power brakes. The look on their
face is something to see.

Enjoy our Monday and have a great one.
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Just eliminate lies

January 31, 2017


As the sun sets on the east coast of Iowa signaling the end
of January we look upon the golden sky and wonder what some
people are smoking. It took us back to a time before common
sense died from acute apathy.

Recent events cause us to lapse into such a state and
we’ll mention one. We have been following the Dakota
Pipeline fiasco and noticed the drive-by media claiming that
said pipelines don’t leak so the protest is futile.
The Magellan pipeline runs through Illinois, Iowa, North
Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin must be unlucky.

The Magellan pipeline moves diesel, gasoline, jet fuel,
natural gasoline, naptha, propane, natural gas, and butane.

Just recently 138,000 gallons of diesel leak out of a
ruptured pipeline and came up in a farmers’ field. Rest a
assured though as vacuum trucks are sucking up the leak
and the contaminated soil will be taken away.

Another pipeline operated by Magellan near Decatur, Nebraska,
last October leaked anhydrous ammonia and that leak killed one
unlucky soul while 23 households had to be evacuated.

In 2010 5,000 gallons of diesel leaked into a creek near
Milford, Iowa. The same year there was a 45,000 gallon
gasoline spill in Oklahoma. Worry not, the company paid hefty
fines. The entire report is here.

According to Inside Energy, there have been 4,269 pipeline
incidents since 2010 and 64 of those involved fatalities. To
learn more, or see the map of spills, go here.

Yet we don’t remember hearing much from the media about this.
The next time we hear how safe pipelines are for transporting
oil products, or protesters called whiners, we will pull up the map
in the last link to get a dose of reality.

Enjoy the rest of today for tomorrow is another month. A
little later I shall enjoy a pizza while watching Perry Mason.
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What if?

January 30, 2017


A friend shared an interesting report and the future that at
first sounded crazy until given some thought. Then it paints
a grim picture of what life may be like for our kids. We won’t
share it here as it is too long but will touch on some of the

In 1998 Kodak sold 85% of all photo paper in the world while
we were having “Kodak moments” on a regular basis. Due to the
onslaught of digital cameras Kodak filed for bankruptcy in
2012, turned the company around, and joined the digital age.

Digital cameras for the masses have been around since 1975.
They didn’t become a threat to film cameras until the price
came down and the resolution soared. The next such trend could
well be software.

Think about it. Uber is just software, they don’t own any
taxis yet are the biggest taxi company in the world. Airbnb is
the largest hotel company in the world and the software giant
owns no property.

Watson gives legal advice with 90% accuracy and it is IBM
software. Watson also helps nurses diagnose cancer and is four
times more accurate than humans. Even Facebook has pattern
recognition software that can remember faces better than we

Our cars aren’t even safe. As early as 2020 we could see the
beginning of the end for automakers as autonomous cars take
over. Driver’s licenses won’t be needed nor car ownership. The
up side would be with less cars there would fewer traffic
fatalities. Of course, if the accident rate drops drastically,
car insurance would be an endangered species.

Claim is 20 years 70-80% of current jobs would be gone. New
jobs would spring up but no one is sure there would be enough
of these to help some of us.

Agricultural robots could be the farmers of the future, tech
trades would take off, aeroponics will replace meat with petri
dish produced veal, and insect protein known as alternative
protein source will be available.

There is no proof any of this will actually happen and some
things mentioned are available now. This is meant to be food
for thought. So enjoy our Monday but don’t think about the
future, live in the present.
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September 14, 2016

Today’s post is sponsored by Dr. Batty’s For Your Health
Asthma Cigarettes.


Innovations are a funny thing, much like fads. What is
considered latest and greatest in one era isn’t even talked
about decades later. Much like Dr. Batty’s cigarettes. I’m
sure the FDA would not approve his cigarettes today as a

Other innovations that made life more enjoyable are now
combined into one gadget. Growing up we didn’t have a
computer but we did have transistor AM radios, calculators,
and black and white TVs. Now one doesn’t even need said
computer as the new smart phones have all the functions of
the above in one small device.

Bicycles have been around since the 1800s and have had many
stages of development. The industry has advanced through the
use of ball bearings, chain driven sprockets, tension spoke
wheels, and pneumatic tires. Enthusiasts have added gasoline
engines, electric motors, jet engines, and even sails.

By now you are probably wondering where I’m going with this,
so here it is. As I was cruising the information highway I
came across a website that extolled the virtues of a hemp
based pedal electric vehicle with three wheels and removable

It is called the PEBL, seats two, has a top speed of 20
mph, and prices start at around $6,000. The Better Bike has
a hemp and soy composite body, reverse and cruise control,
full lighting, is fully enclosed, and as mentioned can seat
two adults.

At first I thought it was a Smart Car on a diet! I found
this an interesting concept and if you’d like to see the
web page, or are interesting in learning more, go here.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.
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Local treasures

September 4, 2016

Every day people pass things things without a thought
that others believe are treasures. To prove my point I’ll
mention a local bridge that has always fascinated the wife
and myself.

The Arsenal Bridge, which locals call the Government
Bridge, connects Davenport, Iowa to Arsenal Island and is
one way to get to Illinois. The current bridge is the 4th
at the location it is currently located. The original
bridge was finished in 1856 and was the first railroad
bridge across the Mississippi river.

The current bridge was opened in 1896 and uses the same
piers as the 1872 bridge it replaced, As you drive over
this bridge you may notice you are a mere 15 feet above
the normal water level. It has two levels with cars and
light trucks on the bottom level and two trail tracks on
the upper level.

But what we really love about this old bridge is the 365
foot long swing span over the locks. This span rotates a
full 360 degrees to allow river traffic to go through the

360 degree swing spans are unusual, but necessary, as it
helps close the span quicker to re-open it to vehicles and
trains. It also is just east of the dam and the south end
spans the locks.

Here is a video showing the bridge and the lock part of
Lock and Dam 15. To the right is Arsenal Island and to the
far left is Davenport, Iowa. The video shows the U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers vessel Mississippi at the locks.

Our city leaders here on the east coast of Iowa are
always saying we need things to bring people to our area.
We think this old swinging bridge is as good as any we’ve
heard lately. Enjoy your Sunday, and since it is Sunday
we’ll end with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson-

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
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The merits of fishing

August 22, 2016

It is said necessity is the mother of invention, and that
may be true, but this tale will take a different path. If
you have heard of William Albee you may already know this
story but for the rest of you, here goes.

Mr. Albee went to Alaska in 1950 to do some fishing when
he noticed some villagers pushing a heavy wood boat up a
muddy bank atop what he thought were balloons. He found
out said balloons were actually inflated seal skins. It
seemed like this practice made a tough job easier.

When the fishing was done Mr. Albee went home to
Monterey, California and founded the Albee Rolligon Co.,
which produced the very first low pressure off-road tire
and later a vehicle to use them with.

His tires had to be manufactured specially for his use
using fabric and rubber that absorbed bumps and other
obstacles. He was so sure this would work he allowed
himself to run over by one of his vehicles using his tires
to prove a point.


The formula to make his tires changed over time but that
formula is about as secret as the recipe for Coca-Cola. So
his Roligon vehicles, equipped with his tires, saw some
success. In the 1970s three of his vehicles took a test
run to the oil fields of northern Alaska and went all the
way to Prudoe Bay in the harsh winter months.

His vehicles and tires are being used to this day in the
oilfields of Prudoe Bay. I guess the moral of this story
would be don’t put off your fishing trip, because you
never know what game changing idea you may come
up with.
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Of forms and hand trucks

February 16, 2016


The desk portion of our computer hutch has been
littered with important documents, bank information,
military records, empty candy wrappers, and coffee
stains for about a week. But, I am now enrolled in
both Social Security and Medicare while keeping some
semblance of sanity.

So tomorrow I will try to remember where all this
information was stored and return it to the folder in
which it belongs. This has been a crazy week and it’s
only Tuesday.

Until today I don’t believe I had ever heard of a
business called Makinex. But now that I have I will
remember the name. They came up with something called
a powered hand truck.

It can lift a little over 300 pounds high enough to
load on a truck while only putting 15 pounds of
pressure on the handles. One person can operate it and
a battery charge should last for about 50 lift cycles.
The cost isn’t listed, but if you’re really interested
they can give you a quote on their website.

Personally, I can see some tinkering time out in the
garage with some left over scrap metal and a hydraulic
ram. If that doesn’t work I still have the scrap metal
and the ram and I can hire a kid to do the lifting.
But we’ll try making one first because I have to
finish my sheet metal brake anyway.

We have all our ducks in a row now and are hoping
that none of them get as distracted as we do. Tomorrow
looks to be another beautiful day and we hope you get
a chance to enjoy it.
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