A day of wonders

September 30, 2015

Most days we wake up and if our name isn’t in the
obituaries we go about our business. Then when work
is done, dinner is done, and we sit on the back
porch with our favorite beverage pondering the day.
Other days while in the process of getting through
the daily grind we come across something that we
find amazing.

Today was a rare day on the east coast of Iowa as
we came across two amazing things, the first man
made and the other through Mother Nature from God.
We’ll share them with you so that you might be
amazed also.

We saw short video about concrete. We know, grey,
boring, and pot holes come to mind, but this is
different. This concrete can absorb 800 gallons of
water a minute! No more overflowing gutters or
flooded low spots. Why isn’t this in the news?

No more flash flooding or flooded intersections
would be an improvement in our city by the river.
The second amazing thing a friend shared with us
about a fly geyser in Nevada.

To see that much water in the middle of a desert
and the colorful formations caused by geyser we
will no longer think only of ‘Old Faithful’ when
we hear the term geyser.

A solution to city flooding during heavy rains and
something that soothes the work weary soul. We’ve
had a great day and hope yours was as well.
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Events, technology, and a song

August 21, 2015

Better late than never here are some events,
videos, and distractions. This time of year events
are plentiful so we’ll mention some that caught our
eye and go from there.

Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22 is the
World Fuel Altered Nationals held at the Eddyville

Tonight, Friday, August 21 is the Jefferson Street
Cruise/ Toys For Tots Night in Burlington, Iowa.

Saturday, August 22 is the River-2-River Car Show
& Swap Meet at the Lowe’s parking lot in Galesburg,
Illinois. Call 309-337-1967 for more information.

Sunday, August 23 is Mopars on the Mississippi at
the Dubuque County Fairgrounds in Dubuque, Iowa. It
is open to all makes. For more information call

If you don’t hate America and don’t want the
terrorists to win you should watch this short video
about modifying your truck.

From 2012 is this video we can’t get enough of.
Nature at its best.

Is NASA going to lead the way for electric
vehicles? Their new prototype is getting attention.

While we’re talking technology, have you heard VW
is going to start selling 3-wheeled fold-able
Segway like scooters?


Rumor is they will go on sale in 2016 and to learn
more go to Car and Driver for the story.

Our song to share comes from Norway’s Got Talent
2014 and her rendition of “What a Difference a Day
Make’. This 8 year old did a great job.

So enjoy the weekend and keep the shiny side up.
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Air under the tires

August 16, 2015

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to wheelies
lately. Also called wheelstands by some and a huge
rush to those of us who pulled them. Wheelies can
be done on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, race cars,
and pulling tractors, and any vehicle with enough

Some believe the first wheelie was done in 1890 by
bicyclist Daniel J. Canary. The longest wheelie on
record is 145 miles rode by Doug “The Wheelie King”
Domokos. It had even been said that wheelies played
a part in World War II. The first photograph of a
car wheelie dates back to 1936. The photo below is
titled “American Legion in Cleveland”.


Tractor wheelies were a bit different. Here is an
old traction engine (steam) tractor that pulls a
wheelie near the end of this short video.

And here is a little newer model, a John Deere B.

A vehicle called the Little Red Wagon really put
wheelies on the map.

This video will show a variety of wheelstanders we
remember well.

For the record, this whole idea got stuck in head
after a friend asked me if I was going to build
another Model A that could do wheelies. When I
built the one he referred to I was young and
indestructible and 40+ years later I am not. There
may be another Hemi-powered A in my future but it
won’t pop wheelies.
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Cruising the past to the future

August 4, 2015

While a cruise down memory lane can be blissful
there are times when technology makes you think
the future looks pretty good as well.

Cruising down memory lane we come across a rare
car known to a few but easily recognizable. If you
have never seen a Hudson Italia this picture by
Motohide Miwa will help.


The bodies were aluminum and the styling ahead
of its time, yet they were powered by an L-head
6-cylinder engine and a 3 speed manual
transmission. They were designed by Frank
Spring of Hudson and Carlo Felice Bianchi
Anderloni at Carrozzeria Touring in Italy.
Only 26 were ever built and we’ll tell you

In 1955 the Italia retailed for $4,800 FOB Detroit.
That was double the cost of a brand new
Thunderbird, $1,866 more than a new Corvette,
$1,132 more than a new Kaiser Darrin, and $495 more
than a new Cadillac Coupe de Ville!

Combining both the past and with a nod to the
future is the Rhino. This go anywhere futuristic
vehicle began in the mind of Elie Angindes and
after 5 years of r & r the video shows what
rolled out of his Indiana factory. It was even
featured in Popular Science magazine.

Now technology brings another strange vehicle into
our midst. At least if we live in France. Ever hear
of a SwinCar Spider? It is one of the craziest off
road vehicles we’ve seen in a while but if you
don’t believe us, we have a video.

If you paid attention you can now amaze your
friends and bore others with the worthless facts
contained here. No need to throw money at us, we
do it because we love it.
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Just rambling

June 24, 2015


These pictures tell what the sky looked like after
a little rain came through our area the other day.
I only wish I would have ran outside with my good

In other news, we survived the Vegetarian Cook Out
and look no worse for wear. The weather was picture
perfect, the food looked great, and we had a good
time. Thanks for the invite Todd and Ronnie.

Then I heard a story that kicked my imagination
into overdrive only to have my bubble burst again.
The story was about how the Navy stopped using
steam powered catapult on aircraft carriers and
went to an electromagnetic launch system.

The story featured said launch systems being
tested on the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) and the
text told of the carrier launching flatbed trucks
to test the system.

I’m thinking, we never got to see anything like
that when I was in and I envisioned 1-ton Ford,
Chevy, and Dodge trucks sailing through the sky
to crash land in the sea. Not so Uncle Joe, but
I think the video proves the system works.

We’ll end with this video from 2014 of the saluting
boy on Omaha Beach. It tells an interesting tale if
you haven’t seen it.

And now my rambling mind needs coffee. If you
can’t avoid the rain we hope you have an umbrella.
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Buying American?

June 22, 2015


We have been down this road before but the new
Kogod Made In America Auto Index is out and we’ll
bring it up again.

This index from the Kogod School of Business tells
us how “American” our cars are. They compute in
the following:

1. Profit Margin: Where the automaker’s global
headquarters is located. This is relevant as profits
from cars return to the shareholders in the home
country. (6 percent)

2. Labor: Location of assembly, included as the money
supports workers in this country. (6 percent)

3. Location of Research & Development activities:
Essentially, where the headquarters is located.
(6 percent)

4. Inventory, Capital and Other Expenses: the
location of assembly. (11 percent)

5. Engine: The location of production.
(14 percent)

6. Transmission: The location of production.
(7 percent)

7. Body, Chassis and Electrical Components:
The location of where they are made. (50 percent)

Who won?

It is a tie for the most American vehicle with the
Ford F-series pickup and the Chevrolet Corvette
sharing the top honor with a score of 87.5. That
is followed by the Buick Enclave with an 86, the
Chevrolet Traverse with an 86, the GMC Acadia with
an 86, and the GMC Denali Acadia also with an 86.

Who lost?

The Ford Transit Connect came in 67th with a score
of 14.5. At 66th is the Chevrolet SS with a 15.5
and tied with that is the Chevrolet Caprice also
at 15.5. At 65th is the Chevrolet Spark with a
16, and the Ford Fiesta took 64th with a 22.

The Dodge Avenger is the first Chrysler product
shown with an 82.

Other makes are covered but we’ve always equated
the Big 3 with the words “American Made. The list
is long and the makes and models are varied. For
the entire list go to the link above.

If you are thinking of buying a new vehicle you
may want to make this index part of your research.
The times they are a changing.
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June 1, 2015

We like to read about people who use their head
for something other than a hat rat. The thinkers,
the dreamers, the ones who take “it can’t be done”
not as a threat but a challenge.

So when we read someone stuffed a jet engine into
a Mini Cooper and took it to the track we had to
investigate. And we found out a few things out
along that path.

First our imagination kicked in and we thought of
a fire breathing, tire shredding little Mini at the
drag strip. After all, they were smart enough to
complete the car.

But sometimes intelligence and common sense don’t
necessarily go hand in hand. As the video went on
we noticed something and knew there would be a

We didn’t need our imagination or dreams to
discovered they opened up the jet engine on a road
course track! We don’t know if it was the only
track around or if the driver honestly thought he
could shut it down in time. But it did make for an
interesting, albeit short, video.
Perhaps this driver will run for president.
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