My take

June 26, 2019

We forewarn those who are liberals, progressives, or need safe rooms because their feelings are easily hurt, that this post is not for you. If you continue we take no responsibility if you can’t find a safe room with coloring books.

Tonight and tomorrow night NBC is covering the Great American Giveaway and Hate Trump Festival. By that I mean the debate amognst half of the Democrat candidates running for president at each event. We’ve all seen the talking heads interviewing the candidates.

I’m sure those who watch will hear how these people want to save our economy while I personally see nothing wrong with it. Candidates will talk about free Medicare for All, forgiving student loans, and other “free” things they want to give us. The only problem with that is, it isn’t free for all. Somebody has to pay for what others get for free.

These career politicians will mention what they’d do if elected because they can’t run on what they’ve done during their time as politicians besides getting rich. It may be amusing to watch but I’ll take a pass.

And I think president Trump will be mentioned along with things that happened years before some voters were even born. The audacity of Trump to run, and win, when he isn’t even one of them. Personally, that’s why I voted for him.

That’s my take on it, if you see things differently, that is your right. Enjoy our Wednesday as it means the weekend is that much closer.
Now for some coffee with bacon and eggs.
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Here we go again

March 25, 2019

Well we know Trump didn’t rig the election now. Some of us knew it all along while others still cling to hopes of impeachment. Demands are being made by some members of Congress to see the entire report which they claim is their right.

If these same people spent as much time upholding the Constitution as they do trying to get rid of Trump our country could be a better place. We need not worry though as the talking heads some call reporters are all over it and are not shy when giving their opinions.

It does make one wonder what they are up to while displaying such public outrage. Trying to pass more gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens perhaps? This is getting old.

And how many Democrats are in the running to be the candidate to run against Trump in 2020? It should make for interesting times if one is interested in such things. It’s already funny. I find it amusing that a few I heard are running to better the economy.

What’s wrong with it now? And even I can see the problems with Medicare for all. And the automated calls are already starting asking who we’ll vote for. It would help if we knew who was running before we state we wouldn’t vote for them.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of rest of our lives. Now for some coffee.
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It’s over?

November 7, 2018

Now that the election is over we breathe a sigh of relief. No
more junk mail to fill our recycle bin, no more robo-calls to
distract us, and we can get back to business as usual. Or can

Watching the returns on TV last night on a liberal leaning
station was enough to last us until the next election but as we
were interested in a few local races we took more Advil and
soldiered on. We can now say that there were no surprises for
us locally or nationally

What did surprise us is how often the commentators mentioned
the 2020 campaign would kick off today. Noooooo! Give us mere
mortals a break. I almost got a brain bleed just listening to
the panel of “experts” for a few hours and I didn’t need to know

Sanders, Warren, and Biden were mentioned as possible
contenders and we noticed something. There was no mention of
Hillary Clinton among said contenders. They even mentioned a few
Republicans who may run against Trump.

Again, nooooo! It’s easy to see why it cost so much money to
run for office when the campaign rhetoric goes on for years. As
for me, I don’t care who’s running in 2020. I can wait until
2020 to find out.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we may snow on the ground tomorrow and
I hope we do. Now I need more coffee and Advil in preparation
for the announcements of who’s going to run for President in
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Late edition

November 6, 2018

There was no dew on the grass this morning but it made for a
cool picture a few days ago. I woke up on the run and haven’t
had much of a chance to take a breather, until now.

Went over and had a good chat with Dad, voted, and got all the
chores I could remember done so can now take a break. Dad voted
absentee ballot earlier so he was all set and after my visit I
even straightened his flag pole.

He commented earlier how it reminded him of Iwa Jima. Now it’s
straighter and shouldn’t blow over if the wind keeps up. I will
make a permanent repair once the wind dies down.

And we voted at a different place as the old one closed up. It
must be a sign that we voted in a church. Someone is trying to
tell me I need more time in a pew. We’ll see how that works out
for everyone concerned.

We even had time for a bacon and egg breakfast so I’ll save
the leftover pizza for lunch. Later tonight, instead of
regularly scheduled programming, our local channels will cover
the election. We’re just glad we won’t have to watch any more
political ads for a while.

Finally, it has been gray skies here on the east coast of Iowa
and we hope that doesn’t turn into a trend. Veteran’s Day is
Sunday this year, 100 years since the end of WW 1. Our city has
proclaimed the 12th as the Veteran’s Day holiday but we’ll stick
with the 11th.

Enjoy our Tuesday, vote if you have a mind to, and enjoy the
rest of our day. Now for some coffee and some leftover pizza.
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Almost over

November 5, 2018

Here on the east coast of Iowa we have gone from fall to late
fall in a heartbeat and might get snow later this week. And you
may heard we have an election tomorrow. With all the negative
ads this year we’ll be glad when this one is over.

We’ll still vote early, and often, but can’t get as excited as the
TV commentators. Speaking of which, yesterday I caught a few
sound bites from a few different shows and it almost destroyed
our TV. I wanted to throw my coffee mug through the screen.

The “hosts” proclaimed we had to vote Democrat to save our
democracy as I cringed listening to the educated idiots. We do
not live in a democracy, we live in a republic! There is a
difference. So for the people wailing that we may lose our
democracy we’ll explain the difference.

A republic is a form of government where citizens votes are
represented by elected officials in free elections and these
representatives write the laws. In a democracy it is a ‘rule of
the people’ and the majority dictates the law and the people
govern themselves.

We would vote for anyone who would promise to end political
robo-calls in their first term. Or least give us a way to opt
out of getting them. I doubt such a person exists. Yet we should
all get out and exercise our right to vote.

The weather guesser on a local TV channel has predicted we’ll
be in the 40s tomorrow, with 40 mph winds, so just bundle up when
you go the polls.

Enjoy our Monday as we all know what tomorrow is. Now for some
coffee and something for breakfast.
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Time of year

November 2, 2018

The wife worked out of town last night and as the cats and
myself awaited her return this morning I caught the tail end of
the sunrise this morning. Such a sight makes one glad to be

After all the critters were fed and half a dozen cups of coffee
the wife came home and we prepared for our weekly cruise to the
grocery store. We ran into my nephew and chatted for a while
before we wandered down the aisles to select things we wanted
and others we didn’t need.

We even found the 3 packs of caramel apples! Around this time
of year one three pack is just what the doctor ordered. Ok,
maybe the doctor didn’t order it, but we all know the old saying.

Now that we’re into November of a mid-term election we’ve heard
enough political ads to last us until the next election yet know
they aren’t done yet. Most of the ads we’ve seen are so full of
bull the candidates eyes should be brown.

We find it funny that most of the time politicians get along
until an election year. If of differing parties these same
politicians suddenly start accusing the other as being as evil
as Satan and criminal enough to be jailed.

Halloween is in the past, Veteran’s Day is a little over a week
away, and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. Time
flies when you’re having as much fun as we are. At the store
today we noticed all the Halloween candy is gone from the shelf
and Christmas candy is replacing it.

So enjoy our Friday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now
I need more coffee and caramel apple.
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The circus is in Washington….

September 20, 2018

and the Ringmaster is Pelosi.

Ever since she mentioned her ‘anonymous’ source politicians
and the media have gone crazy. I don’t care if it’s a delaying
tactic or not. Someone will be named to the open seat on the
Supreme Court during Trumps term in office.

The biggest hurdle the accusations face is that there are no
witnesses to the alleged incident. Without a witness it is a
case of she said he said. Either it happened as the woman
claims, she’s exaggerating what happened 30 years ago, or it just
didn’t happen.

I still fail to see the relevance to the nomination. The
accused has obviously straightened out his act and earned the
right to be nominated on his merits, or he got very good at
hiding his mistakes.

Isn’t it odd that said woman came forward and now a lady on the
media coverage of the non-event stated the accuser wasn’t given
enough time to prepare to talk to Senators? If you’re telling
the truth what do have to prepare? If you feel as strongly as
she claims the truth should make it easy.

Another piece of this puzzle has me muttering ‘Lord love a
duck!’. The accuser, from California, is now claiming she has
received death threats. I thought nobody liked Trump so who
would be making these threats?

It’s time to put up or shut up. Either you have proof beyond a
shadow of a doubt or you don’t. Looks like we’ll know soon
enough but this spending millions of dollars chasing down things
the can’t be proven is getting old.

With the mid-term elections coming up we’ll be hearing more on
this in campaigns regardless of how things turn out. It is sad
to see a group of adults who are supposed to enact our laws
acting like a bunch of spoiled school children.

Enjoy our Thursday as it is the first of a three-day run of ‘r’
days. Since I got up at zero dark thirty more coffee is in order.
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