Staying local

August 18, 2017

Today we are going to mention a couple things, happening or
about to happen, on the east coast of Iowa. We mention them
only because one is of interest to us and the other just goes
to prove the insanity is everywhere. So if you bear with us,
we’ll explain.

Tomorrow the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 776 are
hosting a Cruise-In at NorthPark Mall here in Davenport, Iowa.
The proceeds from this event will be used to support military
and veterans programs. Things get started at 5 pm and continue
until somebody turns off the light or the cows come home. It’s
a great event for a good cause and we hope to see you there.

Then we have the circus coming back to our city government. It
is now being said by one Alderman that another Alderman is a
racist and a bigot. The whole incident began when a former mayor
said something to the effect that the Irish were slaves too.

Of course that got those who see racism everywhere full of
righteous indignation and caused our city to pass a proclamation
that our fair city is diversified. Whatever happened to just
shrugging it off and calling the speaker a nut if you don’t
agree. It may not be popular but he has the right to say it.

This brought about the facebook melee between the two Aldermen.
She claims the other shares the views of our former Mayor and a
zoning letter he wrote to residents near a College that wants to
tear down some buildings is racist.

The complaining Alderman went before the local Civil Rights
Commission and stated “if you’re poor and black, you are not
going to understand the letter.” Hell lady, I’m an oldfart
white guy and I can’t understand it. Of course this same
outraged Alderman has a candidate she thinks would be more
compassionate, caring that will run against the one she doesn’t

I don’t believe Alderman Ambrose has much to worry about but
time will tell. We wish him well in the election. An article in
our Quad-Cities Times written by Devan Patel was used as a
reference for some of this portion of this post.

Now I’m craving a burrito and a gallon of coffee so enjoy our
friday. Before we know it monday will come calling again.
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The moon with a side of news

August 10, 2017

The man in moon was trying to hide last night but did so with
class behind a sheer curtain of pastel colored clouds that
looked like lace from the east coast of Iowa. And although he
did whisper, we had our little chat.

We noticed new candidates for the city council received a
mention in the local newspaper, we know one of the two, and it
could get interesting around election day. Since I couldn’t
sleep we talked until the moon finally disappeared behind a
solid grey cloud.

Dale Gilmour is running for 6th Ward Alderman and JJ Condon is
aiming for the Alderman at Large seat. Both are small business
owners and lifetime residents of the area.

Mr. Condon is a member of the Zoning Advisory Committee and is
on the board of directors of River Action, Inc. I don’t know
anything more about Mr. Condon, but wish him well.

Dale Gilmour is a life long resident of Davenport and we went
to the same high school. He has had his business for 25 years
and has been to more city meetings than almost everyone already
on the city council. When I was still going to the meetings I’d
see him there. He also has some really neat cars.

If we lived in the 6th Ward we’d vote for Dale but since we
don’t we wish him the best of luck. The elections will be here
before we know it.

On another note, the fires are still burning our west and we
hope the firefighters take the R & R when offered. Sometimes
you just have to step back and take a short break.

Enjoy our thursday. Even though the wife doesn’t believe me
I’m going to try to act like a responsible adult today.
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Here we go again

January 19, 2017


We can’t grasp why inaugurations are so difficult for so many
and can now see where younger generations get an attitude. As
we’ve said many times, we don’t believe these antics and ideas
to be anything new.

Some Democrats boycotted Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration in
1864 because the southern states states wouldn’t recognize his
victory. And, like Trump, Lincoln received death threats. We
don’t know how Trumps security will be, but history tells us
death threats to Lincoln forced General Winfield Scott to
put 635 troops along the parade route and Capital grounds.

General Scott also used 2,000 volunteers, put the cavalry on
side streets, sharpshooters on top of taller buildings, and
had detectives mingle with crowds. All for the safety of the
man who would be president.

Lest you think that having our country’s lawmakers act like
spoiled children is something novel, we fast forward to the
time of another president.

John F. Kennedy said “Let us not seek the Democratic answer
or the Republican answer, but the right answer. Let us not
seek to fix the blame of the past. Let us accept our own
responsibility for the future.”

Lawmakers don’t have to attend an inauguration by law. And
we’re sure the protesters will be out in force, but the man
hasn’t even been sworn in yet. Wouldn’t civilized people wait
until something is done they don’t agree with before starting
to protest?

It’s no wonder kids of today need safe spaces when they see
this kind of action going on every day. And the lawmakers
should stick to doing what they were elected to do instead of
wasting everyone’s time.

That said, have a great Inauguration day tomorrow. I’m going
in search of the elusive bacon cheeseburger pizza.
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No more campaigning

November 9, 2016


We can now return to semblance of a regular existence. The
votes are in, the winner declared, and the seemily years of
campaigning have ended.

The majority of We the People have spoken, not with a wisper
but with a roar. Said roar was heard around the world and it
was sure heard here in Iowa. Our two anti-gun legislators are
not going to get sworn in again and perhaps things will

We’ve all heard the talk that friendships have been ended and
safe places needed because of this election. Let’s not forget
that even though the election is over we have to wait for the

By that we mean it is time for those who said they’d get out
of country if Trump won to put up or shut up. And soon we will
see if our president elect fulfills his campaign promises. The
drive by media will get over being shocked, the people in
their safe spaces will come out for food, and life will go on.

Now that the dust has settled it is time for all us to act
like adults. We who won shouldn’t gloat and those who lost
should seek solace in the knowledge that many of us served our
country for their right to be wrong.

Regardless of what we’re faced with, Americans stand together
and deal with it. If we stand together we cannot lose and if
stand divided we will surely fail. So if the results of this
election have left you traumatized, stop acting like a child
and respond as an adult would.

We’re not going to get out of this life alive so we may as
well get along. Wishing you a great Wednesday and if you have
a Veteran’s Day parade where you’re at please go this weekend.
Not becuase of who won, or lost, the election but because
we’re all Americans.
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November 7, 2016

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to vote tomorrow. If you are
still undecided the following video may help you decide.

That may not help but it will put a smile on your face. And
that is something I believe this election needs. Between the
negative campaign ads, the violence at some rallies, and the
parting of America along party lines, we can’t wait until this
election is over.

We also don’t think things will end tomorrow regardless of who
is elected. But they should slow down. We have said it before
and it bears repeating- we don’t care who you vote for, just
get out and vote.

And when all else fails there is always prayer.


We imagine many of us will have our eyes glued to the TV or
our ears on the radio to hear the latest. Forget all the polls
and remember tomorrow is the day to exercise our right to

And now, I have a few more chores before calling it a day and
kicking back with a cold Coke and a hot pizza. Enjoy the rest
of tonight for tomorrow it’s going to get hectic.
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Almost over

November 1, 2016


For those who live and vote on the east coast of Iowa, we have 8
running for president. In the order they appear on the ballot,
they are:

Hillary Clinton/ Tim Kaine (Democrat)

Donald J. Trump/ Michael R. Pence (Republican)

Darrell L. Castle/ Scott N. Bradley (Constitution Party)

Jill Stein/ Ajamu Baraka (Green Party)

Don R. Vacek/ Mark G. Elworth (Legalize Marijuana Now)

Gary Johnson/ Bill Weld (Libertarian Party)

Lynn Kahn/ Jay Stolba (New Independent Party)

Gloria La Riva/ Dennis J. Banks (Party for Socialism and

Rocky Roque De La Fuente/ Michael Steinbert

Evan McMulin/ Nathan Johnson

The last 2 list no party affiliation. 5 are Running for the
Senate seat currently held by Charles E. Grassley. We also
vote for the county board of supervisors, county auditor,
Sheriff, Soil & Water Conservation district commissioner,
Agricultural Extension Council, and judges.

In one week those of us who haven’t already voted will head
to the polls. We will await the results like everyone else
and don’t care who you vote for, just vote. If any mistakes
were made compiling this list, they would be ours.

Enjoy you Tuesday evening.
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Strange day

October 26, 2016

b 007

I awoke feeling more tired than I when I went to sleep to a
steely grey sky full of rain. The weather people said the rain
would go away and yield to mostly cloudy skies later in the
day. And that didn’t happen.

We have received several robo-calls from politicians wanting
our vote or wanting us to attend a rally. Since we have voted
early said calls to our robomatic answering machine. Seems
fair to us.

I tried to go out in the rain and get some pictures but found
nothing that interested me enough to get soaked for. Tomorrow
is another day. I can say no news programs were watched by
yours truely so we can only hope the world’s still out there
tomorrow to get a picture of.

If you tried to call or contact me by email you may have
noticed I didn’t answer. The great outdoors was calling even
though there is no photographic proof. In a few hours of being
one with nature I only saw one bird. The creatures weren’t

After copious amounts of coffee and too many cigarettes I
came to the conclusion I should have cancelled today due to
lack of interest and went back to bed. But I have a plan.

Early to bed, get a good nights sleep, and when I make sound
effects getting up tomorrow I will feel like a new person. Or
I’ll stay up later, get up every couple of hours, and give up
trying to sleep altogether. At least I have a plan.

So enjoy your Thursday, its’ one step closer to the weekend
and election day. With that I need to find a lonely pizza and
make a new friend.
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