Lucky day

January 23, 2018

While returning home from Dads and about 3 blocks away from our
house I spied a hawk spiraling in a tight circle close to home.
When I arrived home and jumped out of the car for a look, it was
gone. Or so I thought.

Went in the house and grabbed the camera, checked the settings,
opened the back door, and saw this.

Turned out the hawk settled in a tree not 30 yards from the
back door. The hawk seemed calm so I got closer and took another
shot. The bird was still calm so a few shots were taken before
venturing even closer.

The hawk stayed in the tree quite a while watching me watching
him. Which cause me to wonder, what does a predatory bird with a
4 foot wingspan eat? Surely not people? Yet I got the feeling
the bird was hungry and sizing me up.

Turned out I had no worries as the hawk took flight to find
prey elsewhere. And out of all that I got lucky enough to get
a few good shots of our neighborhood predator. When I finish
this it will be research time to see if hawks get hungry, or
mad enough, to attack people. As always, you can click on the
pictures to enlarge them if you wish.

Hope today was lucky for you also. Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for
some coffee and a Snicker’s.
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Wasted days?

January 16, 2018

The sun has set on another beautiful day here on the east coast
of Iowa. And I remember I forgot to do a post, among other
things. Although a lot of things got done a lot more didn’t and
my to do list is as long as it was this morning.

But at least my ruminating mind got a work out pondering the
many wonders of life. Like how do the birds know when I’m going
to feed them? It’s never at the exact same time every day and
yet when I go out they’re in the bushes waiting for the goodies.

Or does a 1953 Massey-Harris really look like a Ford tractor?
Here are a picture of each for comparison.

from the old tractor pictures site.

picture taken by MJCdetroit

There are similarities though I haven’t had much time to
research which came first. Never should have looked at the
picture of the Massey this morning.

And how can I go all day without remembering to eat? Pigging
out at midnight may not be good for the body but does soothe
the soul, at least in my case.

But now as the night grows later these are thoughts for another
day as the body says feed me. So I’ll close this early, eat my
pizza later, and try to get back on a schedule for the posts.
Barring any distraction tomorrow.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we have wrung every minute out of it we
can. Now for more coffee and a pizza.
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Offline thoughts

January 12, 2018

I just realized that I had been offline all day and didn’t get
my thoughts put here. Arising at 06:30 one would think there was
time but that was not the case. We were at the grocery store a
half hour after I got up and distractions just kept coming.

When we got back home to unload our bounty two of the feral
cats were standing by their food bowl doing their best
impression of starving animals. Akin to the sad puppy dog eyes
a dog would show you.

As I was returning to the house the birds let me know they
wanted their food also. This did cause a Kodak moment when
several cardinals swooped down on the seeds and we got some good
pictures of the gathering.

Around lunchtime I had a face full of donut holes when the
wife’s mother called and asked for help installing her new modem.
We thought it would be a piece of cake as we installed one 4
years ago with no major problems. 3 hours later and with some
hair left on my head not pulled out we finished and headed back

Of course when we got back home the two starving feral cats
were giving us the sad eyes again and got more food. The birds
appeared to be happy with what they got. Supper time came and
it was decided a pizza from the local pizza emporium was just
what we needed.

Like the Energizer bunny the distractions just kept going, and
going, and going… Enjoy what’s left of our Friday as in a few
short hours it will be Saturday.
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Dream world

January 4, 2018

Last night I thought a solution to my crazy dreams was at hand.
Thinking my habit of eating spicy foods just before bedtime was
the culprit I changed my ways. Instead of pizza, tacos, or 5
alarm chili, a baked chicken breast and baked potato was eaten.

It didn’t work. I dreamed that three of us got in a ton of
trouble traveling around the globe, and beyond. There was
myself, a rotund Scottish organ grinder named Olaf who always
had his pet monkey Pedro on his shoulders, and Sven who was
a world-renowned Romanian chicken wrestler.

We went wherever the winds took us and had no problem finding
the nearest watering hole to wet our whistle. In one such bar an
older lady in an evening gown and dripping diamonds from her
wrist, neck, and ears asked us if we would like to make some

Since the three of us didn’t understand each others I was
appointed spokesman for the group. Olaf spoke with a Scottish
lilt but had a lisp, Sven spoke the language of Romania, and
none of us spoke a language other than our own.

We accepted the lady’s offer so she explained that her prized
pineapple was missing from her refrigerator and she would pay
$32,000 for its return. So off we went in search of the golden
pineapple. Since Olaf had a Porsche we let him drive and we
somehow ended up on the moon but didn’t find the pineapple.

I’m not sure what the dream means but do know now that the
cause is not the type of food eaten before bed. Perhaps I just
have an overactive brain. Enjoy our Thursday and stay warm if
you live in the half of our country that’s subzero.
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Thoughts on day 2

January 2, 2018

Last night I ventured outside to get a picture of the full moon
that was shrouded in the frigid air. Since it was a clear night
one would think a clear photo would be easy to achieve. And
since the air temperature was only -17 degrees, and the wife was
asleep, the man in the moon and myself had a chat.

We again talked of many things and even debated a few. Like the
laws of man, until we became stuck on speed limits. The man in
the moon firmly believed in the practice, myself not so much.
He stated that like other laws speed limits kept us safe. To
which I stated that if they are to keep us safe why did
different states have different speed limits?

Here in Iowa it’s 65 mph on most of the interstate yet if one
cruises west the speed limit jumps to 80 mph. We still have
accidents here with the lower speed limits. I honestly believe
that this is due to the fact that distractions are far more
often the cause than speed.

I have lightened my heavy right foot as I aged but still admit
that it is really hard to drive 55. Since we never came to an
agreement we agreed to disagree and left the issue there. So I
asked a personal question. Why is the moon so dark some nights
and others brighter than the stars? His answer surprised me.

He stated that the reason he was so bright some nights is
because his mother called him son and he just felt brighter.
Enjoy our second day of the new year and if it’s clear tonight
I’ll be out later trying to get a better shot.
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Distracted again

December 28, 2017

I was outside observing the critters and the white fluffy love
falling from above when I decided a morning post was in order.
Since the white fluffy love from above was falling out of the sky
a flake at a time it is a perfect time to do so.

It’s no big secret I’m easily distracted yet the lady who
follows me around continues to follow me around after all these
years. This goes way beyond having to check out shiny things
seen out of the corner of my vision.

I’m been told others believe my lights are on but nobodys home.
Like this morning, the wife was watching the talking heads on
her favorite ‘news’ program when I asked if it was 10 to 3
today. She thought I was referring to whatever the talking heads
were talking about when I meant if that was the hours she
worked today.

We have a TV over our refrigerator and an erasable calendar on
the refrigerator. Said calender never has the month filled in
and I assumed she updated for January but she had not. Good
thing too as I’m not ready for New Year’s Eve yet.

She has to come find me when we go to the big box stores as I’m
always staring at something. There are as many distractions in
those places as Disneyland. Like yogurt. I’d don’t eat the stuff
but I’d guess there has to be at least 266 different flavors of
yogurt displayed at the grocery store.

Or baked beans in a can. Did you know that a part of the
label on one brand would be the perfect color to paint a 40′
Chevy coupe? And last night I tried to figure out what the
world would be like if dogs walked backwards. Haven’t figured
that one out yet other than people who walk their dogs would
have to find a new place to put the collar.

We’ll keep you updated. Enjoy our Thursday. Now I need more
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Better late than never

December 27, 2017

Welcome to another afternoon addition of my wandering mind. I
got up early enough to do a morning version and got distracted,
again. It got so bright in the kitchen from the sunny day that
awaited outside I had to go out and savor the moment.

Then whatever drive by media talking heads program the wife was
watching on TV distracted me. One of the talking heads stated
that 40% of all returns the stores receive end up in the trash.
Said talking head further stated that this was due to open
packaging or broken merchandise returned.

I always thought if a store took back broken items it was a
warranty issue. No wonder I think everything costs too much. It
was then I tuned the program out and noticed our goody box still
had goodies inside. That was more temptation than I could bear
with my sweet tooth.

Later I went over to visit with Dad and had a good chat. I hung
around until he wanted a nap to get ready for his noon nap. So,
I got the critters fed, greeted the day, spoke with Dad, and
everything else fell by the wayside.

It’s looking like we’ll be dealing with snow for a few days
here on the east coast of Iowa and I’m hoping that will cut down
on the distractions. I figure there’s a 50/50 chance of that
happening. If they are dull dreary days, nothing shiny catches
my eye, the critters aren’t out searching for food, and I don’t

Enjoy our first post Christmas Wednesday.
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