Of cats and the moon

May 17, 2019

I got a chance to see the moon the other night and it didn’t disappoint. Also told the feral cats the moon would be out later and one got so excited he decided to start watching early. Don’t know if he saw the moon later or not but gave him a ‘e’ for effort.

Tomorrow night, Saturday, May 18th, the Blue Flower Full Moon will make an appearance to those with clear skies. Some don’t name full moons, but it is a tradition that goes back to Colonial times. Perhaps even farther.

The moon won’t actually look blue nor like a flower. A blue is just the second full moon that occurs in any calendar month. Some other names this moon was called are Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon.

If you believe the folklore, May’s Full Moon marks a time of increased fertility, warmer temperatures, the end of frosts, and flowers in bloom. More folklore claims that clothes washed for the first time during the Full Moon won’t last long. But the Full Moon is a great time to accept a marriage proposal.

We won’t be seeing the moon tonight and tomorrow doesn’t look promising due to storms in the area. If it doesn’t rain we’ll try our best to get a picture and share it. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Enjoy our Friday as it looks to be a good one here even with the weather forecast. Now I need more coffee and some leftover pizza to engergize myself for the day.
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The problem with birds

May 16, 2019

When I went out yesterday these two were busy looking at something that couldn’t be seen by yours truly. I also got some shots of the sun set and moon but haven’t uploaded them yet so if they turn out alright we’ll share them later.

The wife is out of town again for her job but she called and we had a little chat before she starts things up again later and I get busy with a few chores. I traveled a lot for business when we were younger so now it’s her turn.

Little birds, like the one in the picture above, have been driving me to distraction. When food is put out for the feral cats and said cats aren’t at the dish these birds take turns diving into the dish and grabbing a piece of the cat food then flying off.

I’ve counted as many as 30 waiting in the tree to raid the cat food. Not sure if the birds eat them or hide them from the cat so she can’t.
I wonder if they think hiding the food will make the cat weaker so she won’t go after them.

All the other birds eat the bird food put out for them but this bunch only touch the cat food. If they start meowing from the branches drastic measures may be taken.

Enjoy our Thursday as you use less muscles to smile than to frown. Now I need more coffee to be able to face the day.
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From birds to fuzzy dice

May 14, 2019

Yesterday turned out to be another great day with blue skies and the
birds serenading us from the trees. Those cardinals are loud yet pleasing to the ear.

When the clouds started filling the sky it was somehow calming too. An
hour before sunset it looked like a painting to the west and even though the sunset wasn’t much to see the preview was.

Got to talk to the man in the moon even though it was hard for him to hear with the jets passing through his part of night sky. We managed to talk around the distractions and have a few laughs anyway.

Today we may get some liquid love from above and I hope to visit Dad then mow the lawn before the rain starts. Since the weather guy on our TV predicts a tenth of an inch total rainfall the lawn may get mowed in the rain.

And all that made me think of fuzzy dice. You know, the ones that hang from the rear-view mirror of some hot rods. Claim is the whole thing got started during World War II. Our fighter pilots would a put a pair of dice in the cockpits with either 7 or 11 showing.

When they came home from the war they did the same with their cars. ED Heinrich, a felt maker in California thought he could go one better. Ed had a lot of surplus felt which he used to sew together to make big fuzzy dice complete with contrasting dots, then added some string so they could be hung on the mirror. We all know how that turned out as the fuzzy dice are still around today.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now I need some coffee to fully enjoy the day.
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Mixed up days

May 11, 2019

After an almost picture perfect day yesterday, today is as gray as the wifes cat. Yet even that has an upside as it’s warmer today despite the heavy cloud cover. After I woke this morning the days seem to be mixed up.

Last night my dream took us to a Navy destroyer in the middle of the Pacific. I knew the destroyer as my brother and myself were stationed on it. But for some reason we ran into storm after storm and were bobbing around. We hit a tsunami, a typhoon, and then a severe thunderstorm.

During these times the mess deck had a lot fewer sailors lining up for food so if cheeseburgers were on the menu I could chow down. The odd part of the dream was that family members were aboard in civvies. I’m surprised the wife didn’t ask me what I was dreaming about as I had to be swinging, grunting, and probably cussing during the dream.

When I did wake up I reached for my dungarees and was surprised the bed wasn’t listing to port. So today I’m a bit tired but glad we made it back.

And while outside yesterday this juvenile robin decided to pose for me but refused to smile for the camera. Don’t know if the bird ever found what it was looking for but it hopped all over the yard after the shot.

Enjoy our Saturday as that means the weekend is ticking away and will be gone before we know it. Now I need more coffee.
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One of those days

May 9, 2019

Late again. I overslept and then the distractions just kept coming. She wanted to go to Wally World where things to get your attention are everywhere. Even found out they now have mens body wash with charcoal to remove hair! Left me with a funny look on my face.

After we left WalMart I spotted a hawk battling the winds in the distance. As we continued home the hawk seemed to follow us for about half the cruise home. If I wasn’t driving I would have gotten a picture.

Oh yeah, the picture above. Yesterday while out in the yard I noticed this little bird pecking around the brush then suddenly fly off to the pine tree with a 3-foot long twig in its beak. He managed to get it up on a branch and stayed there a while.

Perhaps he was wondering how to make the long twig into a nest. After several attempts he made it, with twig in beak, to a higher branch and blended into the tree. Don’t know what became of the branch but it was interesting to watch.

Other news from our little portion of the east coast of Iowa is the receding floodwaters. Streets are slowly being reopened to traffic, all the bridges are up and running, and the clean up has began. Some businesses say they will be back after remodeling while a few have closed their doors.

It is said that loss of revenue due to the flood will hit $30 million and the talking heads tell us that isn’t bad. And that’s just lost income. Yet the business community appears optimistic that better days lie ahead.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means Friday is a dream away. Now for some coffee and checking a few things off the honey do list.
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May 7, 2019

Figured I’d use a picture today that I know what kind of bird is in it. Yesterdays picture had me puzzled and but after comments by william Nissen and Grumpa Joe I checked some birding sites and believe they are right. It is a warbler of some sort. Thank you both.

The lady who follows me around left yesterday afternoon for work and won’t be back until tomorrow morning. She did call this morning to make sure the house is still standing and that I stayed out of trouble. I was going to throw a wild party last night but fell asleep before it was supposed to start.

I have enough pizza to last until at least Friday and enough coffee for another week so don’t foresee any problems. In a pinch I hid a can of soup in the pantry as it doesn’t hurt to plan for emergencies either. We’ll see what happens.

We had a little rain last night but the river is a foot lower than the crest and should keep going down. Once the river goes back into its bank we can go on to whatever Mother Nature has in store for us. The fun thing about that is we never know just what it will be.

And the neighborhood crabby lady had to put her two cents in yesterday as I finished mowing the lawn. Out of the blue she told me I was a White Supremacist! I asked her how she came to that conclusion and she pointed at my t-shirt. It’s just a black t-shirt that says ‘Survival Life’ in white letters.

She informed me that everyone knows that white survivalists are gun toting white supremacists. Lord love a duck. Enjoy our Tuesday as we will. Now I need some coffee and leftover pizza.
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A good Sunday

May 6, 2019

After the lawn mowing and a short chat with our neighbor I came across the bird pictured above. My first attempt at a Kodak moment didn’t turn out well so I got out my zoom lens and was happy with the photo above.

I have no idea what type of bird this is but will keep looking through my books and hopefully come up with an answer. The bill is too long to be a sparrow and the coloring matches nothing I’ve seen before. At first glance I thought it had armor on the wings and tail.

This picture was taken without the zoom and the first one I took. It’s also a little too dark for many details to stand out. Thankfully my feathered friend waited around until I could get a closer shot.

Then last night I happened to catch on of the best sunsets I’ve seen here in Iowa from our back yard. I know the trees and few buildings mar the view but I work with what I’m given. It was something to see.

Finally, this house wren flew onto a branch of the old pine tree and I thought he made a good contrast to the tree colors. I’m either going to have to figure out how to get bigger birds around or get a longer lens. As always you can click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s here rather we want it or not. Now I need some coffee to get ready to face the day.
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