Update, with pictures

July 11, 2020

Been awhile since we’ve shared some pictures so here are a few as
a distraction from all the craziness going on in our world right
now. The picture above is of the clouds with a little blue sticking
out, just before a storm.

This little critter kept buzzing around the wifes car and I waited
until he settled to get this shot. It looked almost like he was
grinning the whole time before he took off and was gone.

The moon made an appearance during the day and it was a little too
bright out to get a lot of definition, but we still like this one.
The man in moon didn’t have much to say and due to the heat we
were alright with that.

The little black feral kitten posed for a shot so I took it. Usually
he just runs away at the slightest noise yet seemed calm this time.

Oddly enough, the groundhog in the neighbors yard didn’t run away
either. This one usually waits until I’m almost focused and runs off.
Didn’t take long, after a couple of shots, and she was gone.

And that concludes the photo tour of what’s been going on in our
neighborhood. When we get more pictures we’ll share them also. Enjoy our Saturday because if you don’t it will seem like the weekend is gone before we know it. Now I need coffee.
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Interesting day

July 10, 2020

We had an interesting morning yesterday that ended up with police,
the Sheriff Department, paramedics, and the fire department making
an appearance.

The wife had just gone to bed and as I was putting the finishing
touches on yesterdays post, when a crash shook the house. I got to a point in the post where I could stop, ran out of the office, and bumped into the wife. She asked what hit the house so I told her I didn’t know since I wasn’t outside yet.

When I got around front the Jeep in picture had made it up the
bank about halfway to the front porch. The Jeep was still running
with some God awful music cranked up and a crumpled front end. So
I walked around the house to call 911.

Hung up and when I got back outside a deputy was already there. So
I answered his questions and gave him my information. By the time
all was said and done I had given the same to 2 more deputys and 3
members of the police department.

Turns out the Jeep was stolen. This makes the 4th stolen vehicle
that has almost hit the house since we’ve lived here. The perils
of having a house close to an alley.

About an hour after I came back inside the Jeep was gone and all
was quiet again. And after giving it some thought, 4 times in 26
years doesn’t sound that bad. Unless they were all trying to hit
the house and were lousy drivers.

Enjoy our Friday as we will. Now for some coffee to ready for
whatever happens today.
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On the sea again

July 8, 2020

Went over to visit Dad this morning and he was in a talking mood.
Usually it’s a good day if he talks in spurts of more than two
sylables. He talked so much he had to stop and catch his breath.
That doesn’t happen often.

He said his ship was in the port when the peace pact with Japan
was signed to end WW I. The ship all the dignitaries were on was
visible from the deck of his ship.

Then he went on about star shells being fired out of the big guns
and other things concerning the guns. And he mentioned he crossed
the Atlantic Ocean three times. Not sure how that worked as his
memory isn’t what it used to me, but he stuck with three times.

We talked about the 4th of July and how it has gotten so noisy
now and his neighbor sneaking outside to set off firecrackers
at odd hours. We were both in good spirits when I left and I was
smiling long after I got back home.

So I let my guard down, sat on the couch after my return, and
promptly nodded off. This heat just doesn’t agree with me anymore.
After an hour nap I woke up hungry and thought it a little early
for pizza.

So I had 2 cheeseburgers thinking it would be healthier than what
usually makes it to my stomach. I even had them on toasted wheat
bread instead of a bun. Can’t get much healthier than that. Not sure
how long I can keep eating healthy, but hear it’s good for us.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. Now I need more coffee.
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Was going crazy, came back

July 7, 2020

Time to admit I’ve been sweating bullets this week as I ordered a
ring from a jeweler in New York, the wifes birthday is today, and it
wasn’t here yet. Until today. Since the wife likes rose gold thought
something made with that would be nice.

Found a ring that I thought she’d like and started messaging said
jeweler found out 18K rose gold is 75% gold, 22.25% copper, and
2.75% silver. It is sometimes called Russian Gold.

I was still in over my head but figured the copper must be what
gives the gold its reddish tint. At first sight, the one I picked
reminded me of an old Art Deco era DeLahaye. All swoops and swirls
that supposedly represented an eternal love knot.

Not taking into account what the Covid-19 has done to shipping I
ordered the ring in mid-June thinking that was plenty of time to
get here by today. I got lucky.

And that’s how this old fart from Iowa got the wife a gift. It
wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t scientific, and it sure didn’t make
much sense to me, but it’s done.

When I get the wife up for work tonight a ring box will be waiting
on the kitchen table next to her coffee. And off the chance she
doesn’t like it, driving to New York would be faster than mailing
it back.

So Happy Birthday Dear, hope you like the gift. Enjoy our Tuesday
as I’m sure we will. Now I need a lot of coffee and a cheeseburger.
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What next?

July 3, 2020

2020 so far has been one for the books. We had late snows, the
Covid-19 virus hit, murder hornets, riots, a war on police, flying
snakes, and finally Bruno may have been killed. Who is Bruno?

Bruno is a black bear who has a big following in the mid-west and many hope the rumors are wrong. Bruno has had quite an adventure which has garnered him many fans and we’ll explain why.

Bruno was first spotted May 13, 2020, in Muscoda, Wisconsin heading
south. Yesterday a bear, believed to be Bruno, was struck by a car
and killed near Foley, Missouri. Bruno left Wisconsin, then walked
south through Iowa before he swam across the Mississippi into Illinois,
swam back across the river and ended up in Missouri.

Bruno averaged around 50 miles a day, many times hounded by people with cameras wanting a picture and blocking side roads. It was thought he was headed to Missouri where there is a big park with other wild bears. We may never know.

Theories are plenty and facts are few. It just seems a shame Bruno
almost made it to where he was going and gets killed. Then, after a
little research, the truth comes out. Bruno isn’t dead! And as of
2:30 pm yesterday he was spotted around Winfield, Missouri.

Good to know. The bear with his own Facebook group ‘Keeping Bruno
Safe’ is still going. Nobody really knows where he’s headed, but he
is determined, and when he gets there somebody is going to party.

Enjoy our Friday. Now I need some coffee and breakfast.
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June 30, 2020

The moon was out in all its glory last night and the man in moon
claimed he was working toward a full moon on the 4th. Looks like he’s
well on his way to making it. He has a few more bumps and bruises
as he has aged, but don’t we all.

Our neighbors planted these flowers when they moved in and the
flowers keep popping up every year. And it seems they get even more colorful with each passing year.

As day was turning night yesterday, this lone dandelion stood out.
With the white of the clover and the green leaves the yellow and
pale stem just popped. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Don’t know what it’s like where you’re at, but here on the east
coast of Iowa events keep changing daily. It’s on, it’s off, it’s
on again, it’s postponed. All due to the Covid-19 virus.

Even the CDC admits false positives could be as high as 50%, the
death rates are down in a lot of states, but because there are so
many positive test results some want to shut things down again. To
that we say not only no, but hell no.

Isolate the people most at risk and let rest keep on keeping on.
Our economy can’t take much more, small businesses are dying faster
than at risk Covid patients, and many are close to losing their

There has to be something, somewhere, that is just as newsworthy as
this dead horse the media keeps beating.

Enjoy our Tuesday. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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Photo update

June 29, 2020

Saturday the clouds were something to watch as they danced across the sky. Spent too much time doing just that and don’t feel like I wasted a second.

This little critter was buzzing around like he’d had too much
coffee. Not the greatest shot, but figured if I couldn’t get him to
sit still I’d get a shot while in flight.

This one of Patches kitten made me laugh. That tail made me think of
a Chiropractor commercial about straightening people up. The tail just looks like it either hurts, or you crank it to give the kitten more run time.

The moon was out early and when between clouds could be seen
clearly. Was outside at just the right time to get the picture while
the birds sang their evening songs. Later the fireworks would start
going off.

It’s early enough that local news won’t be on for hours and a much
needed break from the media is being observed. Instead we’ve been
cooking. The wife has had 3 nights off in a row so we made some
boneless pork loin chops, Salisbury steak, and last night, spaghetti.

All turned out good so I admit to being full at the moment, and
that is a first. Usually unless I just got done eating I’m hungry.
Hope that isn’t a Covid-19 symptom.

Enjoy our Monday as some of us go back to work while us old farts struggle to remember what day it is. Now I need coffee.
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Cat tales & weeds

June 25, 2020

This bunch was lounging around the pool yesterday. Ok, it’s their
water bowl, but they were sitting there. One of the orange colored
kittens was missing as he got hungry and was at the food bowls.

This kitten looked tuckered out and relaxed under the car. Must have
been doing some heavy thinking. Perhaps dreaming of a bigger food
bowl? Or posing for Super Kitten magazine?

This little one is the smallest of the bunch and only kitten of
Patches. Being so small, and having a short stubby, it sure can run
quick. Think this one is faster than the bigger kittens.

These two were playing around and their wrestling got pretty
heated, but no kittens were harmed while taking this picture. As this
group get bigger their play area expands. The neighbor and myself
make sure they don’t play in the alley as some cars think it’s a

We’re supposed to have another clear day today before things get
wet again tomorrow. We’ll wait and see if we get much rain tomorrow.
As for today, I’m mixing up some homemade weed killer and if it
works will share the recipe.

If it doesn’t work we’ll find a use for it anyway. And we’ll start
with a half batch because if I mixed up a full one we could kill
every weed in the neighborhood.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is only a dream away. Now for
some more coffee.
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As promised

June 22, 2020

Promised a few pictures today and if things work out will share a
few. Took this picture at the Tulsa Zoo almost 2 years ago and still
like it. Every time we looked around this bird was above us looking

This is Patches kitten and the only one she had. Since it was her
first litter that may not be odd. Also noticed the kitten has a
short tail. Hope it grows out.

Friday night it was cloudy, I noticed around sunset that everything
looked orange out the window. This picture was taken looking north,
but any direction you looked was about the same.

Earlier the skies looked like this. That wasn’t hard to look at
either. Don’t know if we got rain later as the day was almost

And one of Mamacats kittens was playing by the neighbors fence so
had to take a shot. Not sure what scared it but caught the sequence
when it hit the step again.

Still trying to find some birds in the neighborhood without luck.
An owl has been making noise and a hawk puts in a regular appearance so that may be the problem. Did see a cardinal later but it was too dark out for a picture.

Enjoy our Monday and hope yours started better than mine. Woke up
when one the cats used my ankle for springboard and left three
gouges that required iodine. Now for some coffee and whatever else
I can round up to eat.
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Little bit of everything

June 20, 2020

Haven’t heard anything on the black bear since he reached the
northern edge of our city. Rumors up to that point were all over
the place. The last one heard is that said bear swam across the
Mississippi River and was now in Illinois.

Yesterday was running from when I woke up until the evening news
started and didn’t get a post out. Did get over to Dads and gave
him his Father’s Day gift while we have coffee. Happy Father’s
Day to all dads tomorrow!

It rained a little last night and we’re supposed to get more
today. Might try getting the mower out and running it over the
lawn. Seems like the mower scares about half the grass and
the other half just laughs.

And got a few more pictures yesterday which haven’t been
uploaded yet and if some turn out we’ll share a few Monday.
It should be no surprise that said pictures are of clouds and
cats. The birds are scarce this year and not sure why.

When the protests first started a young lady was shot and
killed while sitting in a vehicle in our city. Rumors were running wild on that but we heard today that someone has been arrested for the crime. That’s all the local news you didn’t know you wanted to read this morning, you’re welcome.

Enjoy our Saturday and Father’s Day tomorrow. Now for some
coffee and leftover pizza.
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