October 22, 2018

As I get older the things one is never told about aging keep
popping up catching me by surprise. That’s not necessarily a bad
thing but does make one wonder. And sometimes it causes

Like yesterday. I took the last of one of my medications and
thought no problem, I got a 90 day refill less than a month ago.
Problem is I can’t find it. We brought it home, sat the bag
down, and the medicine just disappered.

Still thinking it was no problem we searched places I usually
put my meds until needed. Right. The bag is gone, the boxes are
gone, and the bottles, pills and all are nowhere to be found.
Most young folks have no idea how that feels.

We’ll keep looking. I do know where my suit is hanging and
later today will give it a test fit in preparation of the
visitation for my brother tomorrow. I even located a dress shirt
and tie last night, unless they have took off along with the

At first I thought it could be the concussions I’ve had over
the years until I looked in a mirror. The image that glanced
back at me was not as young as I origianlly thought. We’ll leave
it there for now as the search for my meds continues.

Enjoy our Monday because we won’t get another this week. Now I
need some coffee, leftover pizza, and my missing meds.
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Short one

October 16, 2018

It’s another fine day here on the east coast of Iowa and we’re
not complaining. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and once
it got above freezing enjoyable. Yeah, nothing wrong here today.

Went to visit Dad this morning and had a good talk and a great
visit. Left him in good spirits with enough doughnuts to last
him a few days and his TV working again. We even have our
internet and phone back. I’m not going to jinx it by saying
about time.

The wife and I went out to have lunch and managed to find a
parking spot close to our destination. There are days when that
just doesn’t happen. When asked how I want burger cooked I say
“burn it” and usually end up with the burger cooked anywhere
from rare to medium. This time, while not burnt, it was close
enough for me.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to get some of the yard work done as
it needs it. If I don’t there is always Thursday. So enjoy our
Tuesday as we will. Now I need more coffee as I’m still trying
to wear the kitten out.
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October 15, 2018

We ran across a riddle that didn’t take long to solve but
decided to share it anyway. And here it is…

A man lives on the 14th floor of a building. Everyday he walks
down to the elevator, hits the ‘lobby’ button, and rides it to
the bottom and then goes to work. When he comes back from work
he takes the elevator to the 7th floor and walks the rest of the
way on the stairs unless it’s raining or someone else is in the
elevator. Why? If you’re not groaning already with this oldie
we’ll have the answer at the end of this post.

We had a little snow here on the east coast of Iowa last night
but things will warm up a little later in the week. And it seems
like our weird luck is going to stretch on for a while. You may
remember our water in the basement from recent rain.

Now it seems we’ve had no phone all weekend and our internet
access has been hit or miss. We’re going to run this post while
we have access and figure out the phone later. When it’s working
the silly thing rings all the time anyway and I’m enjoying the

As for the snow, it won’t be long and we’ll have some serious
white fluffy love from above anyway and we find it calming to
watch it fall from the sky. Oh yeah, the riddle. Well, if you
haven’t figured it out the answer is the man is too short to
reach the button for the 18th floor and can only reach the
button for the seventh.

Enjoy our Monday as we will. Now I need more coffee and a bite
to eat.
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October 10, 2018

Last night, after eating my last pizza from the freezer, I had
a dream that has stuck with me all morning. A man on a street
corner was delivering a homily to a small crowd of people who
had gathered to hear what he had to say.

When I started listening he was talking of how we are not our
brothers keeper and shouldn’t help those who need help as that
isn’t being a christian or helpful to the downtrodden at all. He
added that helping those who were down on their luck but trying
to get themselves to a better place was the christian thing to

He went on to say all the yelling, rioting, and violence over
simple disagreements were not what a christian should do. A
debate over beliefs should always be civil in nature and one
should be able to walk away, after a handshake with the opponent,
and no hard feelings.

I wasn’t sure where he was going with this or even if he was a
man of the cloth or just someone who felt strongly enough about
his beliefs to speak to whoever would listen. But his words made
me think for some time.

Then, a little later this morning, I was distracted again. I
found that if I held a tictacs box a certain way it would
reflect into my tactical flashlight and tiny dots would move
around the lens. This got me laughing as I enjoyed watching the
tiny dots of light until I felt eyes upon me and noticed the
wife giving me the look.

As I explained it to her it became clear she didn’t share my
fascination or glee. So I sat the tictacs down and came into
the office. And that’s how this story came about. That’s my
story and I’m sticking with it.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we will. I’ll just have to stay away
from the flashlight for a while and things will be fine.
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Here we go, again

October 9, 2018

Another afternoon posting that should have been done this
morning. Got up early enough, had good intentions, but didn’t
get it done. The chores did get done and I paid Dad a visit so
it was trade-off.

It could have been later if I’d taken a detour to see if the
grocery store has my bacon cheeseburger pizzas back in stock.
This week I’m working with a lone pizza in the freezer and no
back up. It’s going to be a long week.

Here on the east coast of Iowa it has been a strange day. The
sun has been out, the wind has died down, it’s in the 80s and
no rain. By the time we get to end of our extended weather
forecast the highs are supposed to be in the 40s. Ah, fall in

And I thought with the warmer temperatures the critters would
be out and about in abundance. Not so. We’ve only seen a couple
of birds and a squirrel aside from the feral cats. Just waiting
for things to get back to normal so I can use the camera again.

The upside to all the rain we’ve been getting is everything is
so wet it won’t burn. Have to get to bundling up some brush as
it probably won’t be dry enough to burn until around Christmas.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s a beautiful day here and we plan on
enjoying it. Now I need more coffee so I can figure out how to
make that pizza last.
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October 4, 2018

Here on the east coast of Iowa we have many sayings about the
weather. One that’s proven true lately is ‘if you don’t like the
weather stick around, it’ll change’. Yesterday the sky was a
dingy white and the high got near 90 degrees with humidity off
the charts.

This morning when I went out to feed the feral cats it was
around 50 degrees with low humidity. Didn’t take long for me to
wake up once outside. Not sure what, if anything, that means but
I have a feeling we’re going to have a snowy winter.

We didn’t get many pictures yesterday due to the gloomy skies
so will try to get some today while the sun is out. The leaves
are changing color and we hope to get a few shots of that while
out and about.

Personally, I can’t wait for colder temperatures as that’s when
the eagles start meeting on the river. There are times you can
venture to the banks of the Mississippi and see more eagles than
you can count. Some do an official count but I don’t have enough
fingers and toes for that job.

On another note, the Presidential Alert went out yesterday and
we were led to believe it would only involve smart phones, You
can imagine my surprise when I opened my old flip phone and saw
the notice that I had received the alert. With all the other
alerts that go out I don’t see the need for another.

At any rate, enjoy our Thursday as we will. And now I need more
coffee to face the rest of our day.
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The last one?

October 3, 2018

We heard on the local morning news that a little north of us on
the east coast of Iowa the Monarch butterfly migration had made
a stop. Not thinking much about it we got on with our routine
until later when I stepped outside with the camera.

Not too far out of the door the critter above showed up and
agreed to pose for some pictures. A grand looking creature that
had me wondering how something this small could migrate to
Mexico and back. Hop on a south bound bird?

The butterfly seemed to fall asleep for a short time with wings
pulled together but it didn’t last long. Soon enough this one
just up and fluttered off in a somewhat southerly direction. What
I thought was odd was that said butterfly was all alone. I
thought they migrated in groups.

Unless he was an outcast or criminal of some kind making a
getaway hiding in plain sight. Still not sure of what to make of
his lone wolf attitude but as mentioned he was a colorful little

I expected to see more today as the high is going to be in the
80s with a southerly wind. Perhaps they’ve moved on until next
year so it was a good to get a couple of pictures of the last

Enjoy our Wednesday as that means the middle of work week for
those still employed and just another day to those of us who
have retired. Since I splurged for breakfast at Hardee’s I need
more coffee to wash it down.
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