The weekend

September 28, 2020

The moon looked ready for Halloween Saturday night with a strange
orange tint. It was a little hazy out but the picture should give you
an idea of what that looked like.

The following morning the clouds and sky put on a similar display
for the fall season. Not sure what was going on but later Sunday the
clouds opened up and we got a good rain. Thinking that might help
at least a little to ease the drought.

Sunday I heard a sound that got my Navy training going so I
grabbed the camera and got a shot when this old war plane flew
over. They make a sound like no other and although I wasn’t sure
what kind of plane it was, I knew it was old military.

One of the feral kittens was playing hide and seek again. Thought
he was invisible and seemed surprised I looked right at him when I
talked to him. The feral kittens are entertaining. And I know, it
doesn’t take much to distract me.

And a squirrel was on top of an old gate getting his fill of the
overgrowth. By the way this one was eating he should be a lot bigger.
Or perhaps he’s getting ready for winter and will plump up before
cold weather hits. Plus he kept the feral cats busy as they were
watching his every move.

Finally, we have someone coming today to check the furnace and tell
us if anything is wrong with it. If there is he’s pretty good at
quoting a price to keep the place cozy this winter. The newer furnaces
may be more efficient but they sure don’t last as long as the old
ones did.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s here anyway. Now for more coffee.
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Laughing at kittens

September 24, 2020

Went out yesterday with camera in hand to see what there was to take a picture of. As I looked around and saw no birds, raccoons, ground hogs, or squirrels it wasn’t looking good. But there were the two white kittens playing so I concentrated on them. I decided to shoot in bursts of 5 shots per seconds and glad I did.

The kitten in the back was attacking a weed behind the other
kitten while the one if front was busy digging. Don’t know if the
kitten in front even knew how close he was to getting surprised.

Here the kitten in the back almost has the elusive weed in her
paws and the one in front doesn’t have a clue. It almost looks like
the back kitten is admiring her catch. Can’t be sure what was going
on as I don’t speak cat.

The last picture in the one second burst shows that the weed bent
over, the back kitten continued the attack, and the one in front
knew something wasn’t right. He almost looks like he’s saying ‘hold
the phone!’.

After the ensuing fight the cat in the back ‘hid’ from her sibling.
She had nothing to worry about as her sibling went back to digging
his little hole in the ground and forgot about the incident. These
pictures just make me smile.

Yeah, it doesn’t take much to keep me occupied. Enjoy our Thursday
as we will. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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Random firings

September 22, 2020

Here’s a picture of the cardinal I managed to get a shot of the
other day. Looking through the pictures we noticed a picture of
another cardinal also. Not as close as this one though.

This male cardinal flew to a tree in the neighbors yard and he can
be seen between the leaves. They didn’t used to be so skittish but
then again we didn’t used to have so many cats around either.

The sunrise looked different with all the smoke in the air from
the fires out west. The weather guy said that although it is hazy
there isn’t a health threat from the smoke. If said smoke changes
the way things look I’m thinking it isn’t good for me.

Growing up we used to call these foxtails. I suppose there is an
official name for them and if I’ve heard it don’t remember. Just
think they make an interesting picture.

Since the computer is back up I’ve been searching for the joke I
thought the wife sent me. So far no luck so have to go with my
original thought that I either dreamed it or entered the Twilight
Zone. Worse case, I’ll just type up something and see if looks right.

Called this picture ‘Mother’s Love’ as I caught the moment on
camera. There are also times the mama rolls her eyes and tries to
run too. It’s part of what makes them so much to watch.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it’s here anyway. Now for some coffee and
leftover pizza.
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Just a few thoughts

September 21, 2020

Think we have the htich in my giddy up fixed now as 2020 continues
to be a pain in the butt. Said hitch was the computer crashing and
all that ensues when running Windows 7. Could be time for a new
operating system or even a new computer.

After things were back up in running order I asked the wife to
forward me a joke she thought might work for the Sunday Snicker. She
sent the joke I used yesterday but it wasn’t the joke I had in mind.

I told her what I remembered of the joke and she claims she never
heard of it, or sent it. This could be either the twilight zone or
me losing what little bit’s left of my mind. It could even have been a dream, although I don’t remember dreaming about reading e-mails before.

So yesterday afternoon I got a pizza from a real pizza joint to
celebrate the computer working again. Said pizza came from a real
Italian place called Uncle Bill’s. Ok, the name isn’t Italian but
the box the pizza came in did have a map of Italy on it!

Then I was going to get more pictures yesterday and even went outside carrying the camera. Problem was there was nothing to shoot. No clouds in the sky, birds in the trees, or feral cats anywhere. So I came back in.

So enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the week. Now for
some coffee.
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What a difference

September 17, 2020

When I went out yesterday morning this critter looked like he was
getting ready for a race. And he did take off like his tail was on
fire so who knows. This morning was a different story.

Yesterday morning the birds were singing, squirrels were getting
ready for winter, and the feral cats were out in force. This
morning, not so much. Went out to feed and water the cats and it
didn’t take long to notice that it was at least 20 degrees cooler
than yesterday.

The weather person on TV said a cold front was moving in but we
don’t pay much attention to what they say. We just go out and find
out for ourselves. Little early to get out the long sleeve shirts
but I’ll be getting them out later.

This kitten was not a happy camper as Little Bit was picking on her
and wouldn’t let up. Little Bit has grown some, is now bigger than
the kittens and, has turned into a bully. Trying to keep them apart so we’ll see how that works.

The sibling to the kitten under the car just sat at the neighbors
with a look that said ‘I feel your pain but am not getting involved’.
This one is smaller than the sister so I don’t blame them. Today
when I went out the only critter seen or heard from was Patches.
She’s always around to get her ears scratched and be first to the

Enjoy our Thursday. Now for more coffee and some leftover pizza.
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Easily distracted

September 16, 2020

Had some running to do today, at least that’s what the wife informed
me and I was chosen as driver. Picking up her prescription at the drug
store I was ready to cruise home when the wife told me we had one
more stop.

Turns out we wanted to go to WalMart. Told her they probably would
stop me at the door as I refuse to wear a mask. They didn’t so we
went ahead with her task.

When we got to the counter at customer service I began to wonder.
Well the wife wanted to send some money to someone in another state. The girl behind said counter had long fingernails and made it a point to let everyone see them.

Thinking this would get interesting watching her type everything
out with those talons I began to pay attention. From the way she got
the job done this wasn’t her first rodeo. She just bent her finger
and used her knuckle to type in the information.

Granted it was slow using one knuckle instead of both hands, but she
got the job done. I almost asked the young lady if it wouldn’t be easier just to trim her nails but decided discretion is the better part of valor. She could knuckle that keyboard though.

At least we got free entertainment while waiting for the form to
get filled out and money sent. And yes, after a few cups of coffee
I am easily entertained. Enjoy our Wednesday. Now for more hot
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Still raining…

September 9, 2020

It’s been gray and rainy here for the last 3 days, and while we need the rain, I don’t like it. Even got soaked last night getting the wife out to her car and off to work. Found it funny that this fact doesn’t bother the feral cats, they just get wet.

Keeping the camera inside isn’t helping my mood either but I know
this won’t go on too long. Just a reminder that fall is just around
the corner and following that, winter. So thought I’d share a few
thoughts and see where that goes.

Recently looked to the Farmer’s Almanac to see the prediction for
the winter weather. The book implied a cold, snowy winter. Not what
I was looking for. Then I glanced at the Old Farmer’s Almanac. It
stated that the winter was not going to be as cold with less snow
than usual.

That got me laughing so hard my eyes leaked. Two different forecasts
from two different almanacs. I bet the same company owns both and
with forecasts this far apart said company can lay claim to an
accurate forecast. After all, one of them has to fit.

And I’ve noticed when I go out to feed and water the cats, two feral
cats and a kitten are waiting to get their ears scratched. The kitten
even purrs so loud I can hear it with my bad ears. Nice to be appreciated sometimes.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’re halfway trough another week of 2020.
Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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Sky watching

August 31, 2020

Been sky watching and caught a shot of the moon before it was a full
moon. Still looked great but didn’t have much to say this time around.
Next time we’ll have a good chat.

Looking northeast from the alley came this view the other day. To
me it looked almost like an old postcard. This tree and our old pine
survived the derecho and are standing tall.

To our north, the clouds just danced across the sky as they made
their way to someone else’s imagination. We enjoyed them while they
were here.

Due east sits these two trees and got lucky with this shot. It just
made me smile for some reason so I took it.

To the south of our place sits this church steeple nestled in the
trees and the sky there always calls to me. Or it could be the
neighbor, I’m not sure.

Finally, to the west the sky was a pastel delight. Not sure what the
clouds are called but watching them roll by was like looking at a
trout in a clear stream. Colorful to watch.

I can’t finish this without a cat picture. This kitten is one of
Mama Cats latest litter. Must be a super kitten as even closed gates
can’t contain her.

Enjoy our Monday, the first day of a new week and the rest of our
lives. Now for some coffee.
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A few more critters

August 28, 2020

This spider is building a web, again. Everyday said spider starts a
web and by the end of the day the web looks good. Sometime during the night the web gets blown down or something takes it down. Later this critter just starts another web and this has been going on for 2 weeks now.

Little Bit is a big ham. Sees a camera and actually poses for me.
She still hasn’t grown much but she may be a late bloomer. She does
make the days more bearable.

Looked in between the leaves and saw eyes looking back at me. The
new feral kittens must think they can’t be seen. These little white
fur balls are also amusing to watch. Between the ferns and another
plant I usually know where to find them.

Finally, this cardinal decided to rest in the old pine tree and
stayed long enough to get a few shots. Made me think of Christmas
with the red and green. And the leaves on other trees are starting
to fall so it won’t be long.

Today is supposed to be the last hot day for while as temperatures
are supposed to drop 15-20 degrees tomorrow here on the east coast
of Iowa. I’ll take 75 for a high any day.

Enjoy our Friday as it started out great here. Now for some more
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That darned cat

August 25, 2020

One of the wifes indoor cats was in heat last night and decided she
should serenade me all night. Throwing my house slippers at her
helped, until I ran out of slippers to throw.

Up and down all night chasing her into another room which helped
almost as much as throwing the slippers. As soon as I got laid back
down she would re-enter the room and start screaming again. Was
half tempted to grab her and throw her outside for the night until
I remember that causes kittens.

Tried putting one in the office once and the next morning I found
out she had knocked one of favorite telephoto lenses off the desk
and onto the floor. Thankfully it didn’t hurt the lens.

So now my eyes are blurry, I’m sleep deprived, dangerously low on
caffeine, and haven’t had breakfast yet due to chores that have to
be done. Perhaps I’ll cruise to the store and buy some earplugs. Just
a reminder of why I’m a dog person.

I would spend more time outside but it’s hot as Hades out there and
that affects my breathing. I am wondering if I would fit in the
freezer since it’s empty due to losing power in the storm a few weeks
ago. But then I remember the door would have to stay open so I could
breathe and the light stays on when we do so and would keep me

Sneaking a short nap in sounds like the plan of the day. Enjoy our
Tuesday. Now for some much needed coffee.
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