April 18, 2018

I heard the bells ringing in a nearby church and realized yet
another day got away from me. Nothing new there yet I’m hoping
this isn’t the beginnings of a trend.

Was still day dreaming last night as the sun said a colorful
goodbye to the day. The picture was taken in our backyard and
has a lot of things cluttering it up, but I like it.

This is the poor excuse for a squirrel that has been bouncing
around our area for a while now. If they had Olympic competition
for critters this one could take the gold for back flips.

And doves were all over the neighborhood, like this one on a
nearby roof. It can’t be our one little bird feeder that brings
all these critters in and we doubt it’s the weather. When we
figure it out we’ll let you know.

The weather forecasts have missed the mark again. Perhaps we
will send a suggestion to the TV station that those who predict
the weather get a room with a window. It might help.

Finally, we tried something new at lunch and the wife and I
both enjoyed it. Because she’s on a Keto diet I fried up a few
inch think steaks them smothered them in a mushroom garlic
sauce that turned out great. It will never replace pizza for
me but will be in the top 10 favorites.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. I’m going in search of a cup
of coffee.
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Mixed blessings

April 12, 2018

Had a scare when I came in from enjoying another beautiful day.
Ends up Dad was in the emergency room but is now back home. We
still haven’t heard what the problem is but know he said he
wasn’t feeling that great during our visit a few days ago.

At 92 years old he still gets around and some days doesn’t even
use his cane. The Antique Farmer can be stubborn at times also.
If we have faith as we get older we realize it’s the quality of
time spent with him not the quantity.

So I went outside to see the daffodils because Dad would sing
“It’s not raining rain to me it’s raining daffodils”. Then I
heard some cardinals singing and went to investigate. Loved ones
in Heaven must be thinking of me as I spotted a male cardinal
singing his song in a nearby tree.

I spotted a female cardinal a few trees behind him singing back
and looking at him. Not sure if they ever got together but the
female kept calling anyway.

While the two cardinals were singing their hearts out I looked
over, saw squirrel in their bird food, and starting laughing.
Yea, it doesn’t take much to make me happy but you had to be

Enjoy our Thursday as it’s in the 70s here on the east coast
of Iowa. We have a chance of snow in the forecast for Sunday
so we’ll take what we can get. Now I need more coffee before I
venture outside again.
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Of busy days doing nothing

April 11, 2018

The neighbors think I’m nuts again but this is the warmest day
we’ve had since last October and the only way to enjoy it was to
get outside and experience it. Still in the middle 60s when I
walked back into the house yet if I didn’t do it then nothing
else would get done.

I’ve heard a woodpecker working on an old tree, the European
finches squawking, the cat birds distinctive cry, and more than a
few cardinals serenading a potential mate. As things warm up
these sounds will be replaced by kids playing, people arguing,
lawn mowers, and boom boxes rattling the windows.

When I think of that I remember looking up at the mountains
from parts of Treasure Valley at a parcel of land that would be
perfect to build a cabin on. The sights were amazing and the
noise non-existent. At least man-made noise. It won’t happen in
my lifetime, but the thought puts a smile on face while the
hours speed by.

So I came back inside to missed calls, new emails, and chores
that should have gotten done while I was out watching the day
surround us, and getting this post out. All should have been
taken care of earlier but as mentioned above, it was just too
nice out.

And later this year I’ll get to gaze at the mountains again as
the wife and I head to Idaho again. Even though our youngest and
his family has moved into Boise we will stay in Mountain Home
and commute. It just seems more like home than a big city like

That always reminds of the little farming community where some
of my youth was spent. The town now has a whopping 151
residents! Enjoy our Wednesday as you working folks are halfway
through your work week. Now I need coffee and a pizza.
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Tractor distractions

April 4, 2018


We have been missing in action for a full day but have now
returned. Yesterday the skies were as gray as the hull of a Navy
Destroyer and the drizzle constant. So while no pictures were
taken it is safe to say I got wet.

When the sky clouds over and it drizzled hard enough to have
the windshield wipers on the world is a different place. Sounds
are muted and colors fade while the wipers add an almost
hypnotic soundtrack.

Then came news of the Gone Farmin’ Auction hosted by Mecum
Auctions. The event runs from April 5-7, 2018, at the
Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport, Iowa and will have
at least 400 tractors and one Clydesdale horse.

One of the stars of the auction is a 1967 John Deere 4020
Standard. A 1938 Minnepolis-Moline UDLX and a 1922 Waterloo Boy
Model N will go across the block with no reserve. There is also
a 1910 International Model F roadster in the auction.

There will be John Deere, International, Moline, Cockshutt,
Minneapolis-Moline, Case, Rumely, Hart-Parr, Caterpillar, Ford,
McCormick-Deering, Oliver Hart-Parr, Oliver, Farmall, Sheppard,
Lamborghini, Allis-Chalmers and more brands of farm equipment.

If you wish to see all the lots up for auction go here.

Now that this is written I may not be so distracted. I even
dreamt I was a John Deere Model A last night. The wife claims
I was snoring, but it was a vivid dream. Enjoy our Wednesday as
we won’t get another like it this week.
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A look at a new day

March 26, 2018

After shoveling snow over the weekend and watching the race I
went back outside just in time for sunset. Once again the sky
looked to be on fire when glanced through the trees.

I also noticed the moon above when I turned around and thought
to get a picture of it too. Made it seem the perfect evening
with the exception of the wife telling me to stop tracking in
all the snow still on the ground.

Waking up I noticed the church highlighted with the eastern
sunrise and knew it was going to be another great day. We’re
almost used to the bells going off at all hours and now try to
figure out what tune the bells are playing.

While walking around I spied a squirrel up in the bushes and
wondered what turned him into a climber. He seemed to be on
high alert yet still looked strange nestled halfway up the

The reason became apparent when I spotted the creature below
eyeing him like I do a good steak. Even though we do feed these
cats they do like the hunt. It turned out alright as the bushy
tailed squirrel got a head start and the cat gave up.

So when the chores are done it’s back outside to see what can
be seen. I have a feeling that will involve the camera, a quick
glance around for posing critters, and keeping an eye on the

Yup, it’s going to be another great day on the east coast of
Iowa, even with the rain we’ll get later. Enjoy the pictures
and our Monday as I know we will. Now for more coffee and a
Snicker’s to have the energy to finish said chores.
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It’s almost here

March 19, 2018

The vernal equinox begins tomorrow at 11:15 a.m. here in Iowa
which means spring has sprung. For those of us who have fond
memories of the 20th century this event occurred on March 21st.
That lasted until 2007 when the event was moved back a day to
March 20th as almanacs use Greenwich Time which moves the event
even closer to the start of the month. If we live another 20
or so years we will see it happen on March 19th.

The equinox is time of balance where we theoretically see 12
hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Believe it or not,
the equinox also signals a rotation of the earth that puts
sunrise at due east and sunset due west. The later is true for
those of us who don’t don’t live near the South or North poles.

Perhaps what most of us have been waiting for though is the
sunlight is at its maximum annual rate and we gain an extra 3
minutes of sun a day here in North America. We will have the
longest day of the year, called June Solstice, between June 20th
and June 22nd.

Now the worms will emerge from the ground which also gives the
March full moon its name. It’s called the Full Worm Moon. Spring
also means planting season, the birds will be singing, and the
wild animals will start shedding their winter coats. Hopefully
they will have appropriate attire beneath.

But remember, you can’t say spring has arrived until you can
put your foot on nine daisies. Personally, I walk around them
but to each their own. Enjoy our Monday as spring is just dream
away. Now I need more coffee and some pizza rolls.
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Strange tale

March 13, 2018

Not the rig mentioned in the story.

I read the following and wondered, what are they putting in our

Loaded tractor trailer stolen from Pilot Fuel Island in Satsuma, AL., by 5th grader and two younger brothers. Halted 550 miles later by Texas hwy patrol buckshot to left steer tire outside of Tyler Texas.

This came from a truckers site that usually has reliable
stories yet this is one on that can’t be confirmed. So let’s
just say it’s true and speculate a little.

First thing that came to mind is a trucker left his rig running
at a truck stop and the kids jumped in a took off. After all who
would think three kids would steal a semi? Perhaps if spotted
people would think they got bored and were just walking around.

And, if true, how can a 5th grader drive a big rig 550 miles
and not hit anything? Or it could be that he did hit other
vehicles and it wasn’t in the report. Kid must be tall for his

As mentioned, we don’t know if it is true or not, but the site
does usually have road closures and weather reports that are
accurate. If it is true it’s scary and if it isn’t it’s food for

Enjoy the rest of our Tuesday as it has been a long one here on
the east coast Iowa.
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