Some times…

July 19, 2018

you just have to go out and look around to entertain yourself.
Or at least I do.

The little fellow above was perched atop the pole that holds
our bird feeder and although a bit drab looking he caught my
attention. He’s only about a half-inch long so the pictures may
not super clear but we’ll share them anyway.

If you look close there is a blue jay in this tree who was mad
about something. He was squawking and jumping around the tree
like he lost his billfold or something.

As I was looking at this little new growth tree I noticed the
upper branches swaying way too had for the small breeze we had
at the time. A closer look revealed the squirrel who was
bouncing around like someone at a Planet Fitness.

A little later I glanced up to the sky and noticed what looked
like a snarling face. Don’t know what he was mad at but shortly
after I snapped the picture the wind blew the clouds in some
unrecognizable globs of white.

Later the moon was visible and the man in moon was looking
good. We didn’t chat long as I knew he getting close to setting
on the horizon and his voice would get muffled by the trees to
our west.

Yesterday brought more clouds that when pictures were taken
looked almost like paintings. Not sure if the wildfires out
west or upcoming storms were the reason but I was glad I had
the camera.

And that concludes this little excursion into the sights from
our little portion of the East coast of Iowa. Enjoy our Thursday
as the weekend is only a dream away. Now I’m off to get some
coffee and leftover pizza for breakfast.
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Just some thoughts

July 13, 2018

At the grocery store the guy bagging our purchases asked me if
we found everything and I replied that if we didn’t we should
have. For some reason he must have thought that was the funniest
thing he’d heard all morning as he was still chuckling when he
finished bagging and wished us a good day.

We are thinking of cruising to the “World’s Biggest Truckstop”
tomorrow to experience the Trucker’s Jamboree. Nothing like
walking through acres of shined up, chromed out, show trucks
during a hot spell. There’s only a 50% chance of rain so that
means the odds are just as good it won’t.

If it isn’t pouring down rain we’ll be there. Plenty of sharp
dressed trucks, good food, live music, and events you can’t see
anywhere else. Things like guys pulling an antique semi tracker
with a rope up a slight incline while being timed. Last year just
watching made me sweat more.

And I’ve been missing calls on my cell phone for a while now
and decided today was a good time to figure out why. Sitting at
the kitchen table I flipped open the phone only to discover a
missed call 4 minutes earlier. My thought was that since said
cell phone was older than dirt the ringer just quit.

The phone company has been after me for 3 years to get a smart
phone. They claim I’m past due. I don’t like upgrading or want
a smart phone. I just get tired of trying to talk to anyone at
at our local cell phone provider. They try to sell me a phone
that does everything but wash the car while I tell them I want
a flip phone without a camera.

All that said, I did manage to get the ringer going once again,
and yes, it rings when someone calls. No music or sound effects
for me. What’s wrong with a phone that rings?

Enjoy our Friday as we won’t see another one for a week. Now
I need more coffee and some leftover pizza.
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Getting distracted

July 11, 2018

After watching a little bit news that the wife had on the TV
yesterday I decided to leave our air-conditioned abode and step
into the heat to watch some nature. I saw a segment where a
politician was accusing the Supreme Court nominee of being a
Contitutionalist, like that would be a bad thing. So rather than
listen to their sponsored outrage I figured it had to be better

As someone who likes to look at clouds to find shapes, animals,
and even numbers in the white wonders in the sky. The clouds
above sure looked like a 7 to me.

The I noticed this bird on a nearby roof. It also looked like
the roof was designed so it wouldn’t clash with the bird.

The white and green object in the picture above made me think
of the old Horror movies we watched as kids. It had my attention
for some time as I was sure it would start shaking, the bud
would open, and an eyeball would stare back at me. It didn’t.

And finally, the cardinals were out and about. This time of
year it can be hard to get a good shot of them as the trees are
all leafed out. You can hear them in the trees yet can’t see
them unless the tree is dead, so I took these when a few
ventured out for lunch.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we will since a little cool down has hit
our little plot on the east coast of Iowa. Now for some more
coffee and leftover pizza for breakfast.
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Just a few

July 2, 2018

Lately the weather has been in the news because of the heat and
flooding, along with kids getting stabbed at a birthday party in
Boise, and politicians acting goofier than usual, so we thought
it time for a little distraction and will share some pictures.

This feral cat has been hanging around and I call him Popeye
because he just has the look. Something in those eyes just
shout “We Own the Seas”.

And we found out this one is good at tracking ants. He’ll keep
busy staying on the trail of a single ant so we call him the
bounty hunter.

I really wanted a picture of a soaring eagle in the clouds but
had to settle for this turkey buzzard as the eagles weren’t out
and about. We can just pretend he’s an eagle.

The sunset last night was as good as we’ve seen in a long time
so we ran with it. Yes, there are power lines in the way but it
was colorful.

Finally, with the 4th of July right around the corner, some
fireworks as seen from our backyard set off by neighbors. We’ll
try to some better ones tomorrow.

Enjoy our Monday and stay cool. Here on the east coast of Iowa
we’re getting a short break from the heat but it will be back.
After all, it is summer. Now I need some coffee.
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Something going on

June 28, 2018

The sunset was a good one last night and the color reminded us
that tomorrow another warm-up begins. With a heat index of 109
it could get steamy.

So when I went out this morning not expecting any Kodak moments,
this little critter surprised me. It’s body was only about a
half inch long and wings weren’t much longer. Seen lots of
birds, beetles, critters and cats, but hardly any butterflies
this year. Which made me wonder if they got smaller for survivals’
sake or is this just a young one.

To show how small it is the picture above is of a cat food
dish that has about a half inch lip around the top. That is one
small critter. Then I remembered the birds who dive bomb the
dish and the raccoon who helps himself to the cat food by the
paw full, and now butterflies want the cat food?

I think dry cat food should be renamed ” And Critter That
Happens Along Food”. Don’t get me wrong the feral cats aren’t
starving while the other critters are getting half the food.
We’ll figure something out so the cats get more and sneaky
thieving critters less.

Enjoy our Thursday as we will because tomorrow we got to stock
up on pizza and lesser food supplies. Now for another cup of
coffee to build up my strength to eat the super pizza that will
be built later.
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Little white lie

June 27, 2018

Distractions can be odd work mates and I had a doozy yesterday
that is still hanging around today. This one involves High
School and the dreaded Principal’s Office. At the time many
fellow students thought a friend and myself were going for all-
time school record of being sent to said Principal’s Office.

We considered ourselves free thinkers. One incident in
particular stuck out more than others as it got both of us in
more trouble with our parents than the school. And it all came
down to a little white lie.

Our school had a strict dress code and one day we decided to
ignore it. We wore what were called ‘surfer shirts’ at the time
which were basically short sleeve sweatshirts with buttons. We
walked into the first class of the day and were quickly taken
to the Principal’s Office as punishment for breaking the dress

We explained that the shirts had buttons which met the dress
code and the Principal countered the shirts had no collars and
that was against the rules. So he sent us home to change with
a note that simply said we were sent home for a dress code

Walking to our cars we decided to stretch the truth a bit and
tell our moms that we were kicked out for the day for wearing
shirts with no collars. And things went well, or so we thought.
When we made an appearance the next day we were again sent to
see the Principal.

He told us we had an unauthorized absence the previous day as
we didn’t go home, change the offending shirts, and return to
the halls of higher learning. We explained that he did not
specify the return part, only that we couldn’t keep the shirts
on and stay on school property.

Imagine our surprise a few days later when both of our Moms
read us the riot act for our little white lie. My Mon pulled
out a sheet of paper and told me to read it. It stated that
the Principal had told us to go home, change our shirts, and
return to school!

The rat! We thought we covered that in his office. So we
learned an important lesson. Yeah, we never wore those shirts
to school again.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’re all still breathing. Now for some
more coffee and a buritto or two.
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Grinning fool

June 24, 2018

I was cruising the information highway yesterday when I came
across this picture and it started a trip down memory lane that
has me grinning yet today. Couldn’t find who took the picture
but we’re thankful they did.

This was a normal occurrence most days during our early years,
and several years after. When friends would get together and
help other friends get their ride back on the road. With little
knowledge, even fewer tools, and about enough money to buy some
cheeseburgers and Cokes we’d tackle these jobs.

Before OSHA, neighbors getting offended by kids having fun, and
high gas prices, this was our entertainment. No steel toed boots
or safety glasses, no gloves to keep our hands clean, and very
little thought of how safe our makeshift cranes were, we’d
manage to get the job done.

When we progressed to having garages to work out of it was
still, at times, a challenge. We’d spend more time moving stuff
out of the way than working on the cars. But we got the job done
most times with varying degrees of success. Through it all we
gained good friends while we learned from our mistakes.

And though the owners of the vehicles changed, the friends and
lessons learned stuck with us and the memories remain. It was
just too bad we were so busy working on the cars we didn’t have
time to run the country or things would be a lot different

Some of these kids I bonded with in my gasoline fueled youth
are retired, others are in nursing homes, a few have died. But
the fire we lit way back then still burns in the hearts of those
of us around to remember. I might just keep grinning all week
and let people wonder what I’m up to.

Enjoy our Sunday as the work week is just a dream away. Now for
some more coffee and a race or two on TV.
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