Weekend wrap up

September 16, 2019

Over the weekend this family of feral cats were playing in our
neighbors yard. The Mama cat, lower right in the picture, has the
biggest eyes for her head size we’ve ever seen. Thought it was odd to
see so many black cats at one place, five, but they were having fun.

This little critter is getting ready for winter in a big way. Not sure
what he had in his mouth and we gave him credit for this enthusiasm.
Surprised this one didn’t wear a rut into the alley.

This small flock of geese were headed east in the early morning hours
and looked to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Before long they’ll be
headed south and won’t be seen for a while.

On a bluff overlooking our downtown area the old bank building with
its clock tower still stands tall. I remember our first visit to the
place in the mid 60s and being amazed by the murals, marble, and
brass fixtures.

A favorite nearby creek brought memories of ice skating here long
before it started silting up. A lot of good times occurred on this
stretch of water and the memories are priceless.

And finally, a barge was tied off on Arsenal Island probably just
waiting for the locks to get freed up before it continues its journey
downstream. If the last 3 pictures seem a little blurry it’s because I
used a little point and shoot pocket camera and you never know how
things will turn out until you upload the files.

Enjoy our Monday because it’s here anyway. Now for more coffee.
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September 10, 2019

Don’t know what was going on but some of the birds were trying to
hide. Must be the kittens running all over that have them worried.
I just got back from Dads after another good visit as he was looking
like he needed a nap.

We talked of time in the Navy, traveling done, family, and a little bit of everything. For some reason he told the caregiver he wanted satin sheets on the sofa. When she asked why he said before he would lie down. Then he mentioned that he probably couldn’t fit on the couch anyway.

Of course the Ford Model T and the John Deere Model A came up. His
opinion was they were best car and tractor ever. I’m not a big fan of
all the gadgets on newer cars even though some of them are alright.
I still can’t get used to the back-up cameras and use the mirrors. And
can’t understand why car makers put an interactive computer monitor
in the center of the dash.

Air conditioning has spoiled me yet Dad noted the Model Ts had a
windshield that opened out to let air in and that was as good as
air conditioning. Been there, done that, and it’s not the same. We had
some laughs and when the visit was done I think we both felt better.

Now at home I noticed the humidity was up there and the high is going
to be around 90. Not much planned outside toady anyway so we’ll stay
in unless absolutely necessary. If something out there breaks, falls
off, or gets hit by a car, I’ll be inside.

Enjoy our Tuesday as times fly when you’re having fun. Now I’m going
to fry up some bacon and eggs, make more coffee, and enjoy what’s
left of the morning.
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Another good one

September 9, 2019

Saturday the sky was an ever changing show of unmatched patterns
and varying colors. It was a great day but one kept eyes on the skies
just in case. The sun even tried to peek out a few times in the morning
when the clouds parted enough.

It was mentioned in an earlier post that the Monarch butterflies were
scarce here on our portion of the east coast of Iowa. We’ll share a
few pictures now that we’ve seen some.

These critters brighten the day but lately don’t sit still much.
We’ve seen many darting around almost like they were flying while
drunk, but finally saw a few that did sit still long enough.

Mama cat was acting needy and wouldn’t leave us alone whenever we
ventured outside. Don’t know if the nightly visits from the raccoons
have made her jumpy or the coming cooler temperatures but it brightens
our day anyway.

The cat birds haven’t been out much lately but saw this one in a
nearby tree and got a shot. They live in the bushes and we hear them
almost daily yet this one was quiet. Must not have felt threatened.

We’re still waiting for the pelicans to start their migration south
and may have missed it during one of the many cloudy days. We hope
not. They fill the sky when do leave.

A heat wave is supposed to hit today and last most of the week but
you hear us complaining. It’s been cool since we got back from our trip
so a few hotter days won’t spoil anything. Enjoy our Monday as we will
since we woke up breathing and our names weren’t in the obituaries.
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Lucky days

September 7, 2019

After getting the running done yesterday I went outside with camera in hand to see this little guy on a retaining wall nearby. He flattened himself out like he was enjoying the sun. And other critters were out and about.

This hawk kept circling closer and closer riding the thermals and
waltzing through the clouds. No sure what the critter was looking for
but watched it until it was just a dot again against the white clouds.

These two cardinals were playing around like a couple of kids hyped up on candy and seemed to have just as much energy. They played or courted for quite a while before chasing each other out of sight. I had as much fun watching them as they must have had putting on a show for me.

And this little one, who looked to only have one antenna, was
bouncing all over the yard. A still shot wasn’t to be had but we did
this one halfway decent shot. Saw some Monarchs too but wasn’t fast
enough to focus and zoom to get a shot. Perhaps today.

Haven’t seen any pelicans lately but believe soon they will start
migrating south and if luck holds out will get shots of them in the
sky. That’s always something to see. Didn’t get any shots of the young
raccoons either. Guess we should keep the camera closer to the door.

Enjoy our Saturday as before we know it the weekend will be over.
Now I need more coffee and some toast slathered with peanut butter.
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A good day

September 6, 2019

Yesterday started with me getting this look when I took food and water out to feed the outside bunch. Even though it was only 6:30 am I got the impression this little one thought I was late.

Later the same kitten looked like she had spent too much time on a
bar stool and was just getting in. Not sure what the problem was but
she was alright when I checked back.

Cinnamon appeared to having problems with fleas or another such pest while she was out enjoying the sunny day. She spent some time going after her itch then settled down for a nap.

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a polar coaster winter and the old
pine tree agrees. The old tree has more pine cones this year than any
I can remember. I hope that just means cold with a little snow. I like
snow, but don’t like removing it from where we don’t want it.

That being said, most of the trees are still green. The trees are
relaxing to look at yet the view when they’re bare improves. Every
year the trees get taller and the steeple shrinks.

A starling came out to have a look around from his perch high up in an old oak tree nearby. He must have been impressed as he spent a long while just checking out the area.

Enjoy our Friday as it’s here anyway. Now I need some coffee to get
ready for unloading the groceries we’ll be getting later.
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Of amazing days

August 31, 2019

Friday after I woke up and went outside with the camera, this was the
view. It was still dark out but the sun was waking up to the east and
would soon get up to light the day.

The sky and clouds kept changing all day, and it was fun to watch, but I even managed to get some lawn mowed. That’s the problem with older, battery powered, lawn equipment. The run time keeps getting shorter and shorter. I actually didn’t do a bad job on the lawn considering I was cloud watching.

While my eyes were to the sky this critter caught my attention on a
phone wire that I’ve photographed a dragonfly now and then. At first
I thought he was resting but later saw a spider web below this guy so
perhaps not.

I rediscovered this picture which I like as every time I look
something new pops out at me. It’s just a picture of the chrome strip
running between the tail light and back-up light on the wifes car,
but it’s what is reflected in the chrome that gives me pause. It’s a
mystery as I don’t remember taking it yet looks to me like a hillside
down to a distant river on a cloudy day.

While watching Darth, one of the feral kittens, I was laughing and
taking pictures at the same time. She was attacking some old carpet
on cement and really got into the spirit. She played for quite a

Days like this are hard to beat but we’ll keep trying. Enjoy our
Saturday as some have a three day weekend. Now for coffee so I can
finish the yard later.
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Good times

August 28, 2019

Had a great visit with Dad yesterday and at one point his caregiver asked what my favorite part of the trip was. She looked perplexed when I answered “seeing our driveway again”. I looked over at Dad and he was grinning ear to ear and said ‘coming home’.

Bingo! We enjoyed every minute of the trip, seeing our youngest and family, and everything about the journey. But being back home was the best part. My answer must have brought back memories for Dad as he still grinning when I left.

We talked about how many pictures I took on the trip, sights we saw, places we stopped, and everything in general about the trip. We talked of family, truck stops, old Route 66, the farm, and even the Navy. It was one of our longest visits and I loved every minute of it.

We got Dad a couple wooden farm signs and he really seemed drawn to the one with a barn scene painted on it. You could almost hear his brain switching gears to an earlier time as he peered at the painting. We picked that sign as it most closely resembled the barn on the old farm.

He was looking healthy yet was complaining about his weight. His last doctor visit he found he gained weight and weighs 220 pounds again. He joked he should go on a diet, but I think we both know how that would turn out. At 94 he enjoys his life and has few complaints so why change things up?

Enjoy our Wednesday as it means some of us have made it halfway through the work week. Us retirees just consider it another day. Now I need more coffee and some red meat.
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