Time to stop it

June 23, 2020

Been trying to get this post out all day but couldn’t as I was
tongue tied and couldn’t type. This utter non-sense that passes as
news isn’t getting any better. Things start with ‘news’ that
a noose was found in a garage at the track used by Bubba Wallace.

Local authorities and the FBI spent time on the issue and found out
that every garage has one as it’s used to pull the overhead door
down when needed. Has everybody gone crazy?

Jim Carey, Kind of the crazies, predicted Trump would be the first
to defect to Russia. A spokesman for Black Lives Matter said that
protesters should pull down statues of Jesus as they are all about
white supremacy and that the group are trained socialists.

Some of us know black lives don’t matter to these people or else
they would be in Chicago, Detroit, and other cities protesting also.
Black lives only matter to the group when there is a death at the
hands of a white police officer.

And yet people are supporting these groups and protesting for them.
Makes one wonder what they use for brains. I know common sense
had left the building years ago, but come on.

Then add to that those who are trying to scare us about the uptick
in confirmed Covid-19 cases and it’s enough to drive any rational
thinker to drink. Congress needs to get their heads out of their
asses and pass a law that levies a heavy fines and prison time on
some of this behavior.

You rob a business, you go to prison. You burn down a building, you
go to prison. You pull down statues, you go to prison. And when your
sentence is completed you can look for a job to pay reparation for
the damages you did.

Time to find out who’s bank rolling these groups and prosecute
them also. Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. Now for more coffee and
a pizza to wash it down with.
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June 1, 2020

Sure glad I didn’t start the year with “Hit me with your best shot”.
As if things weren’t crazy enough, the madness hit Davenport, Iowa
yesterday and we now have have a curfew until further notice. Local
police, with assistance of several other agencies, answered 45 calls
last night involving those trying to destroy things that aren’t

At least 4 shots fired calls ended with 2 wounded and 2 dead. Among
those wounded is a police office whose squad was ambushed while he
and his fellow officers in the squad car were keeping us safe. This
bull has got to stop.

Businesses have broken glass to replace and trash to pick up, but
it could have been much worse. At least it happened later when
not many innocent people were out and about.

While we respect those who peacefully protest we cannot allow the
others who try to shoot up and damage our city or any other. Time has
come to stop the nonsense. Everyone involved with the vandalism
going on should be arrested and charged to the full extent of the

Here, a call has been made for National Guard assistance as well as
help from other law enforcement agencies. And the nonsense just
started last night. We wish to thank our police chief and mayor for
their quick response.

In the meantime, enjoy our Monday as we will. Now for some coffee
and a cheeseburger.
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Another first

December 4, 2019

Overslept a bit but when I went out to feed the cats a car was in
our driveway that I didn’t recognize. Besides being parked at an odd
angle it had a smashed front end and no plates. So I went over to
our neighbors to see if it was theirs, it wasn’t, and called the police

After describing the car, the damage, and the fact it had no license
plates I was told the car was reported stolen and was involved in a
police chase last night. So after the first policeman arrived and
confirmed the car was stolen a crime scene technician quickly followed
and a short time later the owner.

Pictures were taken and the tech dusted for fingerprints then took
more pictures before declaring herself done. The owner had some
running to do but told me he would have the car out of here today. I
hope he does. The cats don’t like the car parked so close their food
bowls and the wife wants her parking spot back.

The police were happy to find the car, the owner thanked me several
times for calling it in, and hopefully it will be a memory later
today. The sad thing is it looked like it was a nice car before the
theft and accident occured and insurance will probably total it.

The car probably will get totaled as it’s an orphan brand. If you
don’t know what that means, it’s a brand no longer in production so
parts are probably hard to find and expensive.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’ve made it half-way through the week.
Now for more coffee.
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Stop the bull

August 7, 2019

We will forewarn some that this post is not aimed at them or meant to in any way insult the victims of the recent shootings nor condone the senseless killing of others. We just want to get some facts out there and state the obivious.

The first point is obvious; 99.99% of gun owners did not shoot anybody. Yet the first reaction from certain politicians is more gun restrictions. Yes, all mass shooters used guns, but that is not the main issue at play here. The evidence shows the problem is that most, if not all of said shooters, were taking psychotropic drugs.

The shooters were taking the drugs or had stopped taking said drugs shortly before going on a rampage. This is easily proven and it’s scary to us that some pharmaceutical companies witheld information on side effects. If you want to see an article listing the link, go here.

Neil deGrasse Tyson penned an article which includes another point we’d like to include here. The article includes a tweet he sent on August 4, 2019. The tweet goes as follows:

In the past 48 hrs, the USA horrically lost 34 people to mass shootings.

On average, across any 48 hrs, we also lose…

500 to Medical errors
300 to the Flu
250 to Suicide
200 to Car Accidents
40 to Homicide by Handgun

Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than data.

And as it that isn’t bad enough, the shootings have become a political event. Fingers are being pointed yet nothing is changing the problem. So we’ll say again, this is not a gun problem it is a mental health problem and gun control doesn’t work.

If gun control worked Chicago would not have one person shot every 3 hours and 10 minutes and on person killed every 17 hours and 5 minutes with guns. After all, Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in our country so it can’t happen there. Well look at the numbers for yourself.

We need to quit being mushrooms and stop letting them keep us in the dark and filling us full of BS.

Enjoy our Wednesday.
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Crazy days

August 6, 2018

I gave up watching news programs due to the bull they were
shipping and now think I will do the same with weather forecasts
as the forecast rarely match what we get. Early yesterday the
weather actors stated we would be partly cloudy. The above
picture shows the sky at its best yesterday.

We’ve all heard about California doing away with straws, that
plans to make a gun on a 3-D printer should be illegal, and now
I saw a news blurb that some Senator thinks Illegals should be
compensated when they cross our borders. Lord love a duck,
we’ve gone crazy.

Since August began there have been 96 shootings in Chicago that
killed 12, children are disappearing at an alarming rate, we
have wildfires destroying parts of our country and ruining the
air quality for miles around, and all the news can report is
the investigation into Trump colluding with Russia to win the

Our economy is looking up, more people are employed, and yet
some still claim we live in a divided country. Perhaps they
think if they keep telling lies long enough others will believe
them. Congress isn’t doing much except pointing fingers in their
sponsored outrage while reminding us why we need to vote them
in a few months.

I love my country but our politicians have again lowered the
bar. All that said, Enjoy our Monday as it looks rain here on
the east coast of Iowa, and we need it. Now for a coffee
infusion and some pizza flavored breakfast.
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Crying shame

August 2, 2018

When laws are made sometimes things go FUBAR while enforcing
them. When firearms are involved things can turn deadly. Take
what happened Monday in Aurora, Colorado for instance.

Early that morning police got a call that someone had broken
into a home and then the homeowner shot the intruder. Under that
states “Make My Day” law the homeowner was within his rights.
However in this case the home owner, a 73-year-old decorated
Vietnam Veteran who was defending his home and family, was shot
and killed by the responding officers.

Word is that as police arrived they heard gunfire, saw and
armed man, and fatally shot him. We’ve seen stories on this and
it seems the answer as to how this all unfolded will never be
known to most of us. The bottom line is that a man who saw a
naked stranger attacking his 11-year-old grandson and went to
his defense and is dead.

How the police arrived just as the intruder was shot is a
mystery as the article we read stated a woman called and said
a man had broken into their house. A struggle ensued as the
veteran tried to pull the man off his grandson and couldn’t so
got his gun and just as the intruder was shot the police show
up and shoot the good guy.

Either that was a really fast response by police or a long
struggle and we are not implying that either are at fault. It
just seems odd. But actions have consequences, good or bad.
If you wish to read more or see a video go here.

Enjoy our Thursday and we hope this tale doesn’t leave you as
confused and it did us. Now for more coffee and some pizza.
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Something is up

August 1, 2018

After hearing all the bull being shipped concerning some recent
events it’s time to let some ideas loose and see if anything
sticks. Not sure where this is headed but bear with me and we’ll
all get through this together.

The wildfires are being blamed on “Climate Change” while the
people stating such drivel keep a straight face. I do not accept
their opinion and will try to explain why.

In California they’ve denied access to irrigation to people who
need it, the government sprays these forests that are on fire
with an insecticide that is flammable, people are building
houses and entire sub-divisions abutting the forests, and the
natural fire breaks that used to be there were removed in the
name of conservation to stop erosion. Yet the fires are caused
by climate change?

On another topic, here throughout Iowa we’ve had a rash of
young girls go missing. We don’t know the numbers but it is
happening many times more than an average year. With recent
talks of human trafficking this is a scary trend.

And I saw a meme somewhere that said that 7% of American adults
think chocolate milk comes from brown cows and 44% of Millennials
believe Socialism is better than what we currently have. Not
really sure how true this is but it does explain a few things.

You can draw your own conclusions and I ask that you remember
these are my opinion and may not follow everyone else’s thoughts
on the matters addressed. Enjoy our Wednesday as it means we’re
halfway to weekend. Now I need more coffee and bacon sandwich
about a foot thick.
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Here we go

May 23, 2018

It looks like we have a crime problem here on the east coast of
Iowa and it has gotten so bad the mayor of Davenport has set up
a public meeting to see what can be done. Things have changed
since I was school age but I do remember we were more afraid of
Dad then we were th police.

We’ve had an uptick in the number of car thefts, accidents
involving these stolen vehicles, shots fired calls, some with
fatalities, and 73 guns have been stolen out of unlocked cars.
Yeah, that’s a problem alright.

It’s time to stop blaming society and bring back judicial and
personal responsibility. The police are doing a good job of
catching the culprits and our laws let them walk. Let’s get
back to blaming the criminals. These kids who steal cars and
shoot at each other fear neither the police or the court system.

A while back such a kid was arrested over 60 times, the last
time getting sentenced to attend church. Now he is in a state
prison because things got out of hand. Quit letting them go.

Forget being politically correct. It’s time for some tough
love. And the public can do their part by taking the keys out
of their cars and locking them. Turn the car off and take the
keys while you go in to get a loaf of bread. At least that has
an easy fix.

These kids are too young to legally drive yet are stealing cars
and too young to legally own a handgun but have them. We don’t
know the answers we just know the current system isn’t working.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it means we’re halfway through another
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They live among us

April 19, 2018

The cardinal was in his tree singing his heart out while the
sun shined down from an almost cloudless sky. Other critters
were doing what they do while our world is going crazy.

If we heard correctly, the Governor of New York gave the right
to vote to 35,000 recently released felons by executive order.
That just sounds wrong on so many levels we’ll leave it at that.

Then we read of a former Oregon City School District teacher’s
aide got sentenced to 28 years in prison for producing child
pornography. In one case this involved an infant and a very
young child. To read the story, go here.

That was followed by a story about a former elementary school
teacher who was sentenced to 5 years for possessing child
pornography involving young girls. To learn more about this one,
go here.

And if that wasn’t enough ICE agents arrested 33 for human
rights violations. Those arrested included 4 Chinese individuals
for conducting forced abortions and sterilizations; a former
intelligence office who tortured dozens in Central America; a
soldier in Central America who guided the military to a
specific village to kill the residents; an intelligence officer
from the Middle East whose surveillance led to arrest, torture,
and murder; and a leader in East Africa who used violence to
force victims into female genitalia Mutilation. More can be
found about this group here.

With all that going on, I’ll stick with the wildlife. Enjoy
our Thursday as it’s the last one this week. Now for more
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The real tragedy

February 15, 2018

First we would like to give our condolences to the families and
friends of the victims of the recent school shootings in
Florida. Yet as happens when shootings like this occur somee go
out of their way to vent their outrage.

This would not be a problem if we had an unbiased media. Fact
checking has gone the way of common sense and proof positive
that certain ranters should not be allowed to play with sharp

Usually the first things we hear, after the number of victims,
is we need stricter gun control. It has been proven time and
time again that this approach doesn’t work. The main reason is
because it is run by government. And even though our lawmakers
take an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution that is
not always the case.

Of course these same people blame the 2nd Amendment as part of
the problem. The short answer is no. The Constitution states we,
as citizens, have the right to keep and bear arms. Yet we are at
a point in our history when one needs a permit to purchase AND
a permit to carry. And it’s all run by the government. Laws only
affect those who choose to obey them.

The needy, greedy, seedy in our society don’t follow the laws
anyway, the government doesn’t enforce the laws we have, yet
somehow after every shooting the blame and rage is directed at
legal gun owners.

News flash! This is not a gun problem. it is a mental health
issue. The vast majority who commit these shootings have mental
health problems and many are on medication for it, or have quit
taking them. And again, our government regulates this.

Here in Iowa mental health facilities have closed while help
is next to impossible to get. Isn’t it time to stop shipping the
bull and take a serious look at why these shootings happen and
quit blaming the gun?

Enjoy our Thursday as that means the start of the weekend is
just a dream away. Now I need more coffee and perhaps a pizza.
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