Interesting times

April 16, 2016


We’ve all heard the phrase “may you live in interesting
times” and some even think it a blessing. But is is a
curse. Although many believe it an ancient Chinese
curse, we’re told there is no Chinese expression which
is close in meaning.

The first use of the phrase can be traced to a memoir
written in 1936 by Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen. Another
mention of the phrase was also in 1936 and the reply
was “Surely, no age has been more fraught with
insecurity than our present time”.

Regardless of the origin we do live in interesting
times. If you haven’t heard, two firefighter-paramedics
and a concerned citizen were shot last night in Temple
Hills, Maryland. One firefighter is dead while the other
is wounded.

The paramedics respounded, with police, to a medical
welfare check at a home and got no response when they
knocked on the door. They decided to enter the house
when someone inside shot them, and the concerned
relative who called 911, through the door.

The surviving paramedic was shot multiple times and
flown by helicopter to a Trauma Center and the relative
had a shoulder wound. Authorities say the gunman is in
custody and being questioned.

That is what we know. We would assume the firefighters
banged on the door and announced themselves as
paramedics. And yet they were shot. As the hours pass we
will hear more plus medias politically correct opinions
on the situation.

We do live in interesting times.

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A shame

December 2, 2015


Our condolences to family and friends of the victims in San Bernardino. Crazy people do crazy things. But we also noticed that supposedly sane people are judging before the facts are in. Our president held a news conference shortly after the shooting and basically pushed for more gun control.

Once again he is trying to use a tragedy to divide the people. Did he forget California already does
background checks, has a 10 day waiting period, does not allow citizens to buy assault weapons, and limits the capacity of the clips?

Even now the FBI will not rule out terrorism yet our president made it sound like that is not a possibility several hours ago. We don’t know how this will end, but stricter gun control isn’t the answer to the problem nor is it a legal option.

It is much too soon to call for action. Emotions need to get settled down and facts looked over.
Instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, let’s wait until we learn what really happened and why before we look for answers. This is a time for mourning not legislation.
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Help needed

November 13, 2015


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Trouble in paradise

October 26, 2015


Here on the east coast of Iowa people are
collectively shaking their heads about recent
unrelated incidents. We’ll explain.

It all started the other day when one bank was
robbed and there was an attempted robbery at yet
another bank. Then came news of a fatality caused
by street racing, which was followed by shots being
fired in a building that also housed the Marine
Corps recruiting station, then the death of a
shooter in a different location.

We have heard no updates concerning the bank
robberies but the investigation is ongoing. We do
believe when people get desparate bank robberies

Although reports of several shots fired inside an
office we are happy to say that nobody got shot.
Police don’t know if the shooter who committed
suicide is connected to the shooting near the
recruiting office and we won’t speculate.

After the street racing incident, which took place
on busy street around 4 pm and killed an innocent
woman in another vehicle, our Alderman got face
time on TV. His answer?

Make downtown all two-way streets and lower the
speed limit! If it wasn’t right before the city
elections it would be laughable.

Is there something in our drinking water? Did
these people just go crazier than an outhouse rat
at the same time? Was it the news that the WHO now
says bacon causes cancer? We don’t pretend to know
and refuse to speculate.

Thank you Davenport and Bettendorf police for your
fast response.
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Some news

October 11, 2015

Slightly opinionated, and no more biased than the
mainstream media. We have chosen news that you may
not have realized is happening or said media didn’t
care enough about to mention.


We have been hearing about incidents at stop
lights around town where a vehicle pulls up next to
you and a gun is pointed out the window at your
vehicle. No shots have been fired but two different
people have said it happened to them and they ran
the light. Please keep alert out there.

If Trey Gowdy releases more of Hillary’s emails
Monday, will she call it a right wing conspiracy
or ask what difference it makes?


We still wonder why the left is on the warpath
and demanding more gun control. Talk isn’t about
gun confiscation, yet. But the fact remains
stricter gun control will do nothing to stop the
violence. If you think we’re wrong just look at
the violence in cities that already have it.
Places like Detroit, New Orleans, or Chicago.

12% of Americans know that gun violence is down
from 1993 levels while over 50% believe it is higher.
We can thank the drive-by media for that fact.

We do like it when the elections roll around and
the politicians have to remind us of all the great
things they imagine they did. We find it hard to
listen to someone who is a legend in their own
mind and have a good set of lungs.


Recently we heard automakers are going to make an
automatic braking system standard so that when
somebody texting gets too close to another vehicle
the car would stop and avoid a collision thus
making our cars safer. Why not just turn off the
damn phone and pay attention.

Long ago, in country we remember well, driving
took all your concentration and there were few
distractions. Power steering and brakes were an
option few could afford, manual transmissions were
the norm, and blind spots were wider than a Buick.
Now cars practically drive themselves and the
government tells us the cars are still not safe.
Another case of don’t blame the user, blame the

And that’s the news you may not have heard, won’t
care enough to read, and if you do read will forget
before the day is done. Enjoy the day.
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Truth flash

October 4, 2015


You know, like a news flash but with verifiable
facts. The non-stop talk and misleading rhetoric
about the recent school shooting, and gun control
really burns my bacon. So instead of blindly
following the example of others, we’ll state the

First the deadliest school massacre in our country
took place on May 18, 1927 that killed 45, 38 of
which were children. Violence isn’t new or growing.
It doesn’t get mentioned because a gun wasn’t used.

We have been saying that shootings are down even
though liberals don’t believe us. Would those
liberals believe the FBI?

According to the 2014 Uniform Crime Reports from
said FBI, violent crimes were down 16.2% from the
2005 levels, down 6.9 percent from 2010, and down
0,2% from 2013.

The FBI defines a violent crime as murder and
nonnegligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and
aggravated assault.

We had 11,961 murder victims last year, and 67.9%
of them were killed with firearms.

We keep hearing how Australia is so much safer
than we are since their strict gun control law took
affect. Let’s take a look.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has also
released their 2014 Crime Report and most crime
rates are down from last year. Homicides are down
3%, kidnapping is down 7.7%, robbery is down 16%,
unlawful entry with intent is down 6.5%, motor
vehicle theft is down 4.4%, and other thefts are
down 1.7%. Sexual assaults increased 3.3% and
blackmail/extortions were up 3.5%.

The homicide rate is indeed lower, and guns aren’t
mentioned with murder in the report. A knife is
the most common weapon used totaling 69 victims.

What isn’t mentioned is that the most common
weapon used in attempted murder IS a firearm and
the second most common weapon is a knife. Could
someone explain to me how that makes the grieving
family members feel better because the victim
wasn’t shot? They’re still dead.

Chicago has a strict gun control policy, yet so
far this year 349 people have shot and killed in
Chicago and they have a total of 397 homicides.

Instead of pushing more gun control, which hasn’t
and won’t work, our politicians should look into
something that will. If one looks back through
through the history of the mass shootings almost
all the shooters were either taking, or had stopped
taking, psychotropic drugs.

Some of the side effects are horrendous and can
trigger violence. It is something to look into that
might actually help the problem.
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Our problem

October 2, 2015


The recent school shooting is a tragedy on so
many levels we hardly know where to start and
it will take some time for all the facts to come
out so we’ll address it here.

Foremost is the fact that nine people are dead and
seven are in various stages of recovery from being
shot. Our condelences to family and friends. And
we give a heartfelt salute to Army veteran Chris
Mintz who was shot five times trying to take out
the shooter.

Then our President gave a press conference full of
the usual rhetoric, lies, and half truths meant to
inflame the emotions and not address the real
issues surrounding the problem. Defending terrorists
does nothing to help.

It has been proven in places like Chicago that
more gun control does nothing to stop the violence.
What has also been proven is that “gun free” zones
don’t work. To law abiding citizens these zones
mean leave the gun in the car. To the criminal the
signs actually say come shoot fish in a barrel.

We have said many times that the problem isn’t a
gun problem, or a violence problem, it is a moral
problem. Several things would have to happen to
stop this violence and gun control isn’t one of

Some in our country have no morals. Obviously they
were never taught them or have forgotten them. Say
what you will, but two parent families might make
a difference.

We have more people living here, thus we have more
people with mental health issues while funding for
the institutions that offer help is being reduced.
And there is a stigma attached to those who ask for

The government, our schools, and others need to
look at the facts and redirect their energies in
a direction that helps the issue. If a child
nibbles a snack into the shape of gun in the
cafeteria they get a suspension yet a gunman,
usually carrying multiple weapons, can walk right
in and start shooting.

We have to stop coddling terrorist and making
them sound like a children’s version of Robin Hood.
And we have to stop trying to get God out of our
country. We have the right to worship and if more
people did we might not be in the shape we’re in.

That’s our opinion on it and you’re welcome to
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