Truth flash

October 4, 2015


You know, like a news flash but with verifiable
facts. The non-stop talk and misleading rhetoric
about the recent school shooting, and gun control
really burns my bacon. So instead of blindly
following the example of others, we’ll state the

First the deadliest school massacre in our country
took place on May 18, 1927 that killed 45, 38 of
which were children. Violence isn’t new or growing.
It doesn’t get mentioned because a gun wasn’t used.

We have been saying that shootings are down even
though liberals don’t believe us. Would those
liberals believe the FBI?

According to the 2014 Uniform Crime Reports from
said FBI, violent crimes were down 16.2% from the
2005 levels, down 6.9 percent from 2010, and down
0,2% from 2013.

The FBI defines a violent crime as murder and
nonnegligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and
aggravated assault.

We had 11,961 murder victims last year, and 67.9%
of them were killed with firearms.

We keep hearing how Australia is so much safer
than we are since their strict gun control law took
affect. Let’s take a look.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has also
released their 2014 Crime Report and most crime
rates are down from last year. Homicides are down
3%, kidnapping is down 7.7%, robbery is down 16%,
unlawful entry with intent is down 6.5%, motor
vehicle theft is down 4.4%, and other thefts are
down 1.7%. Sexual assaults increased 3.3% and
blackmail/extortions were up 3.5%.

The homicide rate is indeed lower, and guns aren’t
mentioned with murder in the report. A knife is
the most common weapon used totaling 69 victims.

What isn’t mentioned is that the most common
weapon used in attempted murder IS a firearm and
the second most common weapon is a knife. Could
someone explain to me how that makes the grieving
family members feel better because the victim
wasn’t shot? They’re still dead.

Chicago has a strict gun control policy, yet so
far this year 349 people have shot and killed in
Chicago and they have a total of 397 homicides.

Instead of pushing more gun control, which hasn’t
and won’t work, our politicians should look into
something that will. If one looks back through
through the history of the mass shootings almost
all the shooters were either taking, or had stopped
taking, psychotropic drugs.

Some of the side effects are horrendous and can
trigger violence. It is something to look into that
might actually help the problem.
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Our problem

October 2, 2015


The recent school shooting is a tragedy on so
many levels we hardly know where to start and
it will take some time for all the facts to come
out so we’ll address it here.

Foremost is the fact that nine people are dead and
seven are in various stages of recovery from being
shot. Our condelences to family and friends. And
we give a heartfelt salute to Army veteran Chris
Mintz who was shot five times trying to take out
the shooter.

Then our President gave a press conference full of
the usual rhetoric, lies, and half truths meant to
inflame the emotions and not address the real
issues surrounding the problem. Defending terrorists
does nothing to help.

It has been proven in places like Chicago that
more gun control does nothing to stop the violence.
What has also been proven is that “gun free” zones
don’t work. To law abiding citizens these zones
mean leave the gun in the car. To the criminal the
signs actually say come shoot fish in a barrel.

We have said many times that the problem isn’t a
gun problem, or a violence problem, it is a moral
problem. Several things would have to happen to
stop this violence and gun control isn’t one of

Some in our country have no morals. Obviously they
were never taught them or have forgotten them. Say
what you will, but two parent families might make
a difference.

We have more people living here, thus we have more
people with mental health issues while funding for
the institutions that offer help is being reduced.
And there is a stigma attached to those who ask for

The government, our schools, and others need to
look at the facts and redirect their energies in
a direction that helps the issue. If a child
nibbles a snack into the shape of gun in the
cafeteria they get a suspension yet a gunman,
usually carrying multiple weapons, can walk right
in and start shooting.

We have to stop coddling terrorist and making
them sound like a children’s version of Robin Hood.
And we have to stop trying to get God out of our
country. We have the right to worship and if more
people did we might not be in the shape we’re in.

That’s our opinion on it and you’re welcome to
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Weekend wrap up

September 20, 2015

Saturday we went to the Rollin’ in the Oldies
Cruise-In and as soon as we saw the rides I
remembered I forgot my camera. In my defense I did
remember to stop at a nice restaurant so we could


The wife got one picture with her phone of what I
thought was neat little oil truck. This thing even
have an old company slogan written on the back
bumper. I smiled when I saw “You expect more from
Standard, and you get it”.

And here on the east coast of Iowa we’ve had more
gunshots. Two calls today for shots fired before
4 pm. We’re looking for a record year in that
category and we don’t want it.

We know it’s football season, but we’ve been in
hog heaven with all the car coverage on TV. We’ve
watched stock car racing, drag racing, and the
Mecum auction from Dallas so far this weekend. The
yard work will have wait until tomorrow.

Comedian Ron White is known for the phrase “you
can’t fix stupid”. Those who have tried learned
it’s makes you as tense as a long tailed cat in a
room full of rockers.

What does this have to do with anything you ask?
The fact that we have people claiming rights that
don’t exist, want more money for doing nothing, and
threaten us daily while we sit on our thumbs makes
us look stupid too.

Finally, we have elections for our city government
coming up and that’s always amusing to watch. Our
mayor got his health back and is seen daily on the
TV proclaiming public safety and fixing streets are
now his priority. Perhaps he forgets he has been in
office for almost 8 years.
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September 12, 2015

I awoke this morning feeling as if I had slept for
hours and had all the aches of body and fuzziness
of mind to prove it. Since the low was supposed to
be in the 40s last night and the wife was working
I decided to throw open a window and turn on a fan.


I got so cold that when I glanced in the mirror
Papa Smurf looked back at me! It was the longest
4 hours of my life. So here are a few things that
happened while my body was horizontal and a few
things that will happen this weekend.

Here where the north shore of the Mississippi
river meets the east coast the Iowa we have had 10
shots fired calls this week and 121 for the year.
The people of Davenport are starting to pay

Today is the Planes, Trains & Automobiles Car Show
in Galesburg, Illinois and later is the Quad Cities
Cruisers’ Cruise In at the Davenport Learning
Center on West Kimberly.

Today is also the 8th Annual Fruitland Fun Day Car
Show held at Drake Park in Fruitland, Iowa from 9
am to 2 pm.

Technology can be a wonderful thing, but at times
it gets strange. The first time we watched this
short video we thought Land Rover had lost its
mind. A transparent hood?

We had never heard of the 4 Stroke Rumen until
recently and thought it an orphan make of the past.
Turns out that instead of being a 1930s vintage the
car is actually of 21st century design. The video
is in a different language, but the car is neat.

For pictures and more information on this car, go

And now we all know. Have a great weekend.
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One of our problems

September 10, 2015


We mentioned dreams so we thought to say something
about the opposite end of the spectrum. Playing the
blame game. In our modern society we have a lot of
people who aren’t happy. We have riots, road rage,
racist attacks, and anger seems at an all time

The root cause of all this misery is the same
regardless of the circumstances. It boils down to
this: if you aren’t happy with yourself, nobody
else can make you happy either.

We had these problems back in our day but with one
exception. We took personal responsibility and if
we failed, screwed up, or got arrested, we admitted
it. Now all we hear is racism, lack of jobs, lack
of money, lack of respect, and even the police have
been blamed for the problems.

And all are the symptoms but not the cause. The
cause of all the anger is because these people are
not happy with the direction their lives have taken
them. So they sit on the pity pot and play the
blame game and the race card while trying to
portray themselves as victims.

It is past time to look in the mirror and find the
root cause of all the problems. The problem isn’t
that 150 years ago someone owned slaves, the
problem is some would rather loot and riot than
acquire the skills necessary to get a job.

The problem is some think the world owes them a
living. They forget that what one gets free another
has to pay for.

Some say too many blacks are getting arrested for
committing crimes so their answer is to kill
members of law enforcement. This brings an old
adage to mind “don’t do the crime if you can’t do
the time”.

The problem is too many people are spewing too
much hate. The time has come for all to remember we
are Americans. While all these groups have been
letting their grievances be known they haven’t been
paying attention to what is going on around them.

Quit running with the crowd mentality and think!
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Here we go again

September 5, 2015


Late last night there was a shots fired call to the
area of 15th and Farnum streets. That makes 6 calls
this week and it is getting old. We haven’t heard
many details yet other than the fact that said
shots were fired.

Should this trend continue someone is going to get
shot while sitting, or sleeping, in their own home.
These shootings have mostly been late night/early
morning events but a few have not.

So before the protests start we’d like to throw
something against the wall and see if it sticks.
Those committing these shootings are NOT legal gun
owners. They did not go through background checks
and they have not taken any handgun safety courses
or had formal training.

They also have no conscience and do not worry if
anyone will get hurt or killed nor care if they are
arrested for their actions. Then they claim to be

The people committing these acts should not be
confused with legal gun owners who have had the
background checks, have had training, and do have
a conscience. Restricting our gun rights will not
in any way stop the nonsense.

We will say again that it is time for personal
responsibility to be required. Even a loaded gun
cannot hurt you unless someone pulls the trigger.
So stop blaming the gun and start blaming the
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Weekend update

September 4, 2015

Here in our little slice of Heaven on the east
coast of Iowa things have been interesting. In the
last 60 days our police department has responded to
at least 50 shots fired calls and we’ve had 4
homicides so far this year.

We also have car shows, cruise-ins, and things.

First, we’d like to thank Todd for his early morning
TV appearance in which he named a drink after Dad. We
like a good story and this one left us speechless.

Today is the Dick-N-Sons Car Show in Blue Grass,
Iowa at their complex. This gets started around 6
pm and it’s free.

Saturday, September 5th is the 10th Annual “That
Was Then, This Is Now” Boat, Car and Hovercraft
Show held along the Mississippi River at Riverview
Park in Muscatine, Iowa.

Sunday, September 6th is the Hooters 5th Annual
Car Show to Help Kids held at Hooters, 110 E.
Kimberly Road in Davenport Iowa. Hours are 9 am to
4 pm.

If you don’t know how, but would like to learn,
how to super clean your windshield this video
should help.

And if you think WD-40 is just a penetrating fluid
you should see what it can do around the house.

For the car nuts who have ever wondered what would
happen if you crashed a 70s era Ford Fiesta into a
light pole, we have the video.

And finally, what some claim is the best version
of “Seven Spanish Angels”.

Enjoy your weekend but remember to drive no faster
than your guardian angel can fly.
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