Solemn anniversary

September 10, 2016


Tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of 9/11. A day America
was of one mind in its collective grief without regard for
race, creed, religion, or political affiliation. Those who
watch events unfold on TV did so with tears on their faces.

We untied in our compassion to comfort the grieving, in
our resolve to clean up the devastation, and to locate and
deal with those responsible. There were no demands for
‘safe spaces’ because there were no safe spaces. There was
no flag burning because the sight of the flag being raised
in the rubble made us all proud.

Please take a moment out of your day tomorrow to observe
a minute of silence and remember. Thanks to those who will
and we understand those who won’t.
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Bound to happen

August 17, 2016


I read in the BBC online that the government of England
has placed a ban on “zombie knives” in the name of public
safety in answer to the recent upturn in stabbings. It
does appear that progressive thinking has gone global.

This despite the fact that the Chief Constable of the
Ministry of Defense has said an overwhelming majority of
the stabbings were done were done with kitchen knives and
not said “zombie knives”. This same Chief Constable also
said he believes the ban is a good idea. Nowhere in the
article was blame placed on the criminal.

These knives were inspired by horror movies, come in
different styles, and have names like “head splitter” and
“zombie killer”. Some look like ornate fighting knives
while others fancy machetes. And the price starts cheap.

So let’s see, you ban guns and while shootings go down
stabbings go up. Now you ban knives that aren’t even
utilized in most stabbings to make things safer and stop
the stabbings. Did I miss something?

Sounds a lot like the anti-gun crowd here wanting to
take away our “scary” guns. It makes me wonder if people
are drinking the same kool-aid worldwide. Again it sounds
like it’s more about control than the actual weapons

At the rate they’re going, in 10 years they’ll have to
ban all silverware because homicides by spork are up. Here
is a novel idea, go after the criminal not the weapon. We
do live in interesting times.
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Don’t know

August 16, 2016


This whole Black Live Matter phenomenem has me stumped.
The most recent bunch of rioting and looting started when
a black policeman shot a black man with a gun. Yet this
group still turns it around and calls it racism. I admit
to not being the sharpest kinfe in the drawer, but the
reasoning behind that eludes me.

I was listening to the Jim Fisher show when a black man, who
identified himself as such, stated the shooting was racist
because white cops made the black cop shoot. The caller
then went on to say that Mr. Fisher didn’t know what it
was like to be a black man in America, how tough it was
for them, and finished by saying the host was a priveleged
white man.

That got me thinking the caller was right, to a point. I
don’t know what it feels like to be black in America yet
do have a problem with those who use the phrase. The same
people who say that call us the “priveleged” whites. Well
Mr. caller man, do you know what it feels like to be a
white man in America?

And since you don’t, how can you judge me? The white men
aren’t your problem unless they are in Washington, D.C.
The cause of your problems isn’t the police, racism, white
folks, or the myth that you’re owed something for nothing.

Look at your state and local governments too. I would bet
they have been run by one political party for decades, you
still have problems, and you hate us? You have bought the
bull they’ve been shipping while taking the freebies and
ignoring the decay around you.

Then when an excuse arises you destroy your city, burn
half of it down, and steal everything that isn’t bolted
down. Yeah I don’t know how that feels.
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Davenport crime report

August 11, 2016


Here on the east coast of Iowa, the Davenport Police
Department has released its annual report for 2015. It has
their mission statement, philosophy, and results from the
Uniform Crime Report among other things.

According to the UCR, Davenport had 7 homicides, 73
rapes, 181 robberies, and 378 aggravated assaults for a
total of 639 violent crimes in 2015.

We had 971 burglaries, 3,466 thefts, 384 vehicle thefts,
and 14 arsons for a property crime total of 4,835 in 2015.

The Police Department reports using reportable force 332
times out of 89,262 dispatched calls. Of these 93% occured
on-duty and 7% during off duty employment. The most common
use of force was empty hand control.

Those of us who live here know that there has been a rise
in drive-by shootings and/or shots fired calls. It would
seem some of the natives are restless. While these numbers
may be seem high we ask that you remember we are a city
with a population over 100,000.

If you wish to learn more or check our figures you can go
The fourth item down on the list is the report. It is a
PDF file.

Here in our little part of this river city we haven’t had
any big problems and the closest shots fired call was a
few blocks away. Not bad when you consider we live in what
many consider the “Inner City”.
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I shouldn’t have looked

July 14, 2016


On the eve of BLM crowd raising hell in 37 different
cities I saw a post which had me scratching my head. I know
I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this sounds
so disjointed I can’t make sense of it.

You may remember when the non-black Twin Cities residents
shut down the 35W bridge in Minneapolis in support of the
movement for Black Lives. Bear with me. This group issued
a set of demands that are beyond my capabilities to even
comprehend. These are in the post, but I’ll list one
paragraph here.

“This group demands the dismantling of the police
department, which includes disarming, defunding,
demilitarizing, and disbanding police. We believe that
security for all of us does not lie in the used of
aggression and force. Real security occurs when all of us
have meaningful employment, educational opportunities that
help us pursue our own life choices and the adequate health
car needed to live fruitfully. Research and our experience
tells us that the vast amounts spent on Funds must be used
to create green infrastructure, environments and jobs.
Education must not spare us from the reality of American
impact on the world and disenfranchised communities in this
country. We want public education, led by communities, not

I’ve been gob-smaked. If they are serious they are insane
and if they’re joking it isn’t funny. Some days it just
doesn’t pay to look at the news. Our condolences to the
victims and their families and friends in the aftermath of
the Bastille Day attack.
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Strange day

July 10, 2016

Plans were made to work outside burning brush and enjoying
a forecasted clear, sunny day. A call to Fire Department told
me it was a burn day so outside I went. In short order the
fire was going and the brush pile kept getting smaller.
Then it started raining, put out the fire, and made the
bundles too water logged to carry.

After I got done laughing at my luck and drying off, my
thoughts went elsewhere. It seems every hour there are
updates online concerning the recent attacks on law
enforcement. Some were interesting, some just sounded like
the writer was biased, and others so far out there even the
tin foil hat brigade would find them funny.


A debate has ongoing as to if Obama is to blame. To my
way of thinking he is because he hasn’t had anything good
to say about our law enforcement agencies since he took
office. This goes back to when the black college professor
had a beef with police and Obama said the police acted

It is ironic that when a white police officer shoots a
black person in the performance of his duties it is racist,
but when a black person says he wants to shoot white cops
it isn’t. If it isn’t Obama’s fault, he sure is pouring
gasoline of the flames.

Instead of channeling all this hate towards people who
mean you no harm these people should look at the people who
are lying to them and pulling their strings. You may
remember Obama’s speech after the event where he claimed to
“state the facts”. He did make them sound horrendous.

On July 9, 2016, the following was written in the Wall
Street Journal:

“In 2015 officers killed 662 whites and Hispanics, and
258 blacks…There were 6,095 black homicide deaths in
2014- the most recent year for which such data are
available- compared with 5,397 homicide deaths for whites
and Hispanics combined. Almost all of those black homicide
victims had black killers.”

Confused yet? Of course speaking the truth wouldn’t help
the movement.
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New movement

July 7, 2016


Before beginning this we want to forewarn liberals that if
they continue reading they may get their panties in a
bunch, learn the truth, and lose faith in their fearful
leaders. That being said we’ll start.

Since the Black Lives Matter bunch seems to get upset
every time a black person has trouble with the police we
have decided those of us who think differently need our own
movement. Let’s call it LM for Lies Matter.

BLMs latest crusade involves the death of Alton Sterling
who was shot while wrestling with police and being armed
himself. The non-news here, but the truth, is that he was
not a pilar of the community as BLM and the drive by media
portrays him.

He was a convicted felon who had been arrested for battery,
intimidation, carnal knowledge of a juvenille, burglary,
receiving stolen goods, robbery, theft, drug possession,
resisting arrest, possession of a stolen firearm, carrying
a weapon, and failure to register as a sex offender. His
police record goes back 20 years.

That being said, I do believe that Black Lives Matter has
the right to peacefully protest anything they want. BUT,
Lies Matter. How can one be outraged over an issues built on
lies? If you honestly think all blacks should get a get out
of jail free card, say so.

So the Lies Matter movement would work to ensure Congress
passes a law that anyone who knowingly spreads lies to
incite mob action would be charged with a crime and ordered
to stand trial. This law would also include politicians
and the media. After said law is past the movement would
toil to monitor its enforcement.

I was originally going to christen the movement White Lies
Matter but decided someone would find it racist. We’ve
said it before, it’s time to end the nonsense.
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