Weekend wrap up

May 31, 2015

We’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger
all weekend and it looks to continue. So we’ll just
hits some highlights of what happened, or didn’t
and call it done.


You may have heard that earlier in the week the
USS Arizona Memorial was damaged when it was struck
by the USNS Mercy. It was also thought the Arizona
itself was hit but divers found it hadn’t.

The 894 foot long ship has only one screw
(propeller) which makes it clumsy in close
quarters. The dock used to enter the Memorial was
damaged and visitor traffic to the Memorial has
been halted until June 4th when repairs are done.

We also read a book that was a little different
from that which we normally peruse. It was titled
“My Honor Flight” The remarkable stories of Buzz
Company, by Dan McCurrigan.

It is about a young soldier due to deploy to
Afghanistan who was an escort for his great-
grandfather on an Honor Flight to the World War II
Memorial, recollections of war from the elder man,
and what transpired once they got there. We highly
recommend it but will forewarn you that in places
you may shed a tear.

We also had a friend share a video that we didn’t
think would interest us concerning wind turbines.
Once it got started though, we got interested. So
here it is.

And the FBI has released their annual Snapshot of
Internet Crimes. The FBI handled an
average of 22,000 complaints a month during 2014.

We could go on but are in need of pizza, and since
I got a new pizza oven, there is no time like the
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An amazing young woman

April 13, 2015

If you haven’t heard of Dana Vulin yet we’ll help
you learn a little about her. Dana Vulin was a
victim of a heinous crime on February, 16, 2012 in
Perth, Australia.

On that day Natalie Dimitrovska doused her with
methylated spirits (denatured alcohol) and set her
on fire! Ms Dimitrovska and an unidentified male
companion laughed when Vulin caught fire and ran
away. It was an attack meant to ruin ms Vulin’s
pretty face for an imagined involvement with the
estranged husband of Dimitrovska.

Ms Vulin received 3rd degree burns over two thirds
of her body, has had over 30 surgeries, and had to
wear a mask for 2 and a half years. After all that,
she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Ms Dimitrovska was convicted and sentence to 17
years in prison. At sentencing, Judge Bruce Goetze
said “It is really difficult to imagine how one
human being could leave while another human being
is on fire.”

All this and one little quote is what makes this
lady one amazing young woman to us. Ms Vulin said
“I’m going to make this burn my bitch. I’m going to
kick it in the face and I am going to rock scars,
look hot with scarred-up body and just make this

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Wicked Wednesday

January 28, 2015

Even though it’s almost over we’d like to share
some things we found today while cruising the
information highway.

Still got cabin fever? How about listening to the
best muscle car sounds of 2014? Yes we can look at
the cars too.

How not to lose a drag race. I’m guessing someone
forgot something.

If you remember the movie ‘League of Extraordinary
Gentlemen’, you remember Captain Nemo’s Nautilus
car. And if you always wanted a better look, here
is the video for you.

Think criminals are smart? Here’s one who’s trying
to outrun the police in a Smart Car! I can’t make
these things up.

Just because you can’t take the country out of boy
here comes a John Deere tribute video.

For our song we have something a little different.
A little preview of “Sweet Dreams and Honky Tonks”
that will be at the Central Performing Arts Center,
519 East 11th Street, DeWitt, Iowa on February 15.

If this sounds like something you’d like to see go
here for ticket information.

We’ll even throw in a movie. This one should be a
cult classic by now and was so popular almost
nobody has heard of it. Enjoy ‘Drag Racer 1971′.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday.
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The problem

December 22, 2014


There are times when one looks at some of things
going on in our country and ask ‘what the heck are
they drinking?’ We are referring to this vendetta
against the police by some citizens and the drive-by media.

In 2,008, there were 765,246 State and Local Law
Enforcement officers in the United States. This
equals 251 officers per 100,000 residents.

The United Nations recommends at least 222
officers per 100,000 residents.

This leads us to believe we do not have an over-
abundance of police. In 2,011, there were
12,408,899 arrests made.

That same year police killed 393 people.
For over 12 million arrests, that doesn’t appear to
be a big number. And that same year, 72 police
officers were killed.

So everyone’s pal, the Reverend Al looks to be
beating a dead horse. The numbers don’t add up, the
problem is smaller than we are being led to
believe, and it is about time for people to take
personal responsibility for their actions.

We stand behind all those in law enforcement and
have some advice for Reverend Al and the violent
protestors. If you can’t get behind the police,
please stand in front of them while the
‘protestors’ are hurling rocks, bottles, or worse
at them.
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Serious Saturday

December 13, 2014


Recent news has left us confused as to the real
intentions of some of our fellow citizens. With all
the “die-ins” across our country focusing on just
two recent events in the guise of ‘civil rights’.

Because of these recent actions we have to believe
these people have no idea of the meaning of civil
rights, so we looked it up in our Webster’s

civil right: those rights guaranteed to ALL
individuals by the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th
Amendments to the U.S. Constitution as the right
to vote, and the right to equal treatment under the

Police officers nationwide are being vilified
while two criminals are being put on pedestals. And
once again our race-baiting pal, the Reverend Al,
is in the thick of things.

Instead of protesting over two, why not protest
for all who were killed? Why not beg to stop the
violence against fellow citizens?

Police officer Jeffery Westerfield was shot and
killed on July, 6, 2014 while sitting in his patrol
car and we didn’t hear about it.

At about the same time, Officer Perry Renn was
shot and killed ‘just doing his job’.
Again, no national outrage, no protests.

Or how about last year, when Melinda Sue McCormick
was killed by two black men and a black woman.
She was hit with hammers, a lead pipe and crow
bar 40 times but was still alive when the
3 started her bed on fire. One of the
defendants told police “he hated white
people”. Remember the outrage?

Finally, and most recent, Jessica Chambers , 19,
was sprayed with flammable liquid, set on
fire, and left to die. If this isn’t a hate
crime, and a terrible way to die, we don’t
know what is.

So we say either protests ALL the deaths if really
are for civil rights and the betterment of our
country. If not, you are nit picking for a cause.
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Where will it end?

December 9, 2014


We’ve been following the uproar over two arrests
that went bad since they happened. In both these
instances the person being arrested died. Although
tragic, it seemed like a very rare occurrence to us.

So we looked. According to the FBI, there were an
estimated 12,408,899 arrests in 2011. Of those, 74%
were male, 69.2% were white, 28.4% were black, and
the remaining 2.4% were of other races.

Once again the race card is being played and the
deceased shown in the media as model citizens. We
will readily admit that nobody deserves to die at
the hands of another, but are the police really
deserving of the wrath?

108 officers and 20 police dogs have been killed
so far in 2014. In 2013, 100 officers were
killed, 51,625 were assaulted, and 14,857 had
injuries resulting from assaults. Those figures come from the National Law Enforcement Officers
Memorial Fund website.

In Chicago there have been 355 shot and killed and 2,074 shot
and wounded. Of that number 16 were killed and 28
wounded in police involved shootings. That averages
out to one person shot every 3 hours and 23 minutes, and one person murdered every 19 hours and 29 minutes.

We mean no disrespect to the dead and give our
condolences to the families, but the demonstrations
and riots just seem like a movement looking for a
cause. The police are not the problem.
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Thursday thoughts

December 4, 2014

We thought it about time to share some things we
found while cruising the information highway. So
we present the following for your enjoyment.

If you haven’t heard the buzz about a new movie
called “The Beast of Turin” we may be able to help.
The movie is about the Fiat S76 that was the
fastest car in its day.

Powered by a 1,726 cubic inch four-cylinder motor
that made 300 horsepower, the car ran 140 mph in
1913 on public roads in Belgium.

100 years after the Beast made its run a four-door
Ford Cortina broke Australia’s Outlaw Drag Radial
record at 6.77/228 mph. Looks like fun in the sun
down under.

If you want to weld thin sheet metal with a mig
welder and aren’t quite sure how to do it, this
video may help.

Crime doesn’t pay. At least it doesn’t if you
are a stupid criminal.

And finally, a little Christmas music to get us
in the spirit.

Time to grab another cup of coffee. Enjoy your
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