The mess we’re in

August 27, 2020

We’ve noticed with all the nonsense connected to Covid-19, our
animal kingdom is coming out in force. Seen more critters this year
than in quite some time. And now the WHO is getting on the climate
change band wagon trying to confuse us even more.

We’ve had ‘experts’ telling how many hoops we’d have to jump through and how high. How many businesses would have to close, and even when we can get together and with how many people. Then we wait while researchers work on a vaccine that may not work, or even be needed.

Politicians have gone crazy, the news doesn’t really report any real
news, and our justice system is broken. I have also noticed that none
of this affects the animal kingdom. Critters, at least here on the
east coast of Iowa, abound.

We are being told up is down, wrong is right, and rioters are
merely peaceful protesters. And mail in voting is an honest way for
dead for dead Democrats to vote. No problem here. Yeah right, and
I’m a legend in my own mind.

Those of us who know we’re being spoon fed a bunch of BS can’t
protest as we have responsibilities. Obviously, those who are
protesting don’t. Don’t have an answer for the dilemma nor solution. Do believe that if this nonsense continues there is going to be a lot of bloodshed if it continues.

Enjoy our Thursday. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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Quick update

June 17, 2019

Shortly I’ll be leaving the house to report for jury duty. That could get interesting as it’s drizzling, the courthouse is a few miles away, and the wife has the car in Dubuque. I’m guessing I’ll be wet when I get there.

I didn’t plan ahead because there wasn’t any rain in the forecast last night. I’m hoping by the time I leave the drizzle fizzles but am preparing for it anyway. I have a ball cap and a long sleeved shirt that should get me through.

Who would have thought they’d change the forecast? Of course it is also forecasted that the drizzle will stop about an hour after I get down there. It will be interesting to see if anything has changed since the last time I hoofed it that way.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of the week and rest of our lives. Now I need another cup of coffee for my hike.
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Here we go

May 23, 2018

It looks like we have a crime problem here on the east coast of
Iowa and it has gotten so bad the mayor of Davenport has set up
a public meeting to see what can be done. Things have changed
since I was school age but I do remember we were more afraid of
Dad then we were th police.

We’ve had an uptick in the number of car thefts, accidents
involving these stolen vehicles, shots fired calls, some with
fatalities, and 73 guns have been stolen out of unlocked cars.
Yeah, that’s a problem alright.

It’s time to stop blaming society and bring back judicial and
personal responsibility. The police are doing a good job of
catching the culprits and our laws let them walk. Let’s get
back to blaming the criminals. These kids who steal cars and
shoot at each other fear neither the police or the court system.

A while back such a kid was arrested over 60 times, the last
time getting sentenced to attend church. Now he is in a state
prison because things got out of hand. Quit letting them go.

Forget being politically correct. It’s time for some tough
love. And the public can do their part by taking the keys out
of their cars and locking them. Turn the car off and take the
keys while you go in to get a loaf of bread. At least that has
an easy fix.

These kids are too young to legally drive yet are stealing cars
and too young to legally own a handgun but have them. We don’t
know the answers we just know the current system isn’t working.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it means we’re halfway through another
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Think people

November 28, 2017

After witnessing the beauty of last nights sunset my calm was
shattered with the news that our juvenile car theft epidemic
is still going strong. And according to the talking heads, most
can be prevented.

Seems people still leave their cars running with the car
unlocked or leave a key hidden in the vehicle. While this may
make things easier for the owner it is an opportunity for the
thieves among us.

Take all the keys out of your vehicle and lock it. Don’t
unlock it unless you are ready to use it. For the kids running
around trying door handles, and open one is an invitation to
jump in and see what they can find.

As someone who always locks the car and takes the key I cannot
understand those who don’t. One has to remember that the vast
majority of the kids who steal the cars aren’t even old enough
to drive. They’ll probably wreck it and you will be the one to
pay the bill.

I feel the laws giving more loopholes in favor of the
juveniles is going in the wrong direction. The politically
correct bull we’ve been hearing has to stop. Yes, there are
bad kids out there. And no, more love and compassion won’t
fix the problem.

It is time for some tough love. Put the fear of God into them
and let them know they won’t be getting a free ride for their
crimes. What’s the attitude going to be when these thrill
seeking idiots kill a pedestrian? Or an innocent driver is
severely injured due to the inability of these kids to drive

We need to take the cuffs off the police and put them on
the judges who won’t follow the rule of law but instead
listen to the politically correct interpretation of the law.

Perhaps a few days in jail now would work better than a safe
space. Why aren’t these juveniles financially responsible when
they wreck someone else s car? It’s time for the adults in the
room to say ENOUGH! 600 vehicles since the start of the year
have been stolen which makes me wonder how high the number
has to be for people to be demanding answers.

Enjoy our Monday, it’s looking to be a good one. Now I need
more coffee and a leftover pizza is calling to me.
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What happened?

November 22, 2017

Since we’ve had an explosion in the number of car thefts here
on the east coast of Iowa, and because almost all are being
committed by juveniles and none of them see jail time, we have
to wonder what happened.

Back in the day we had juvenile homes, repeat offender laws,
and in the worst cases banishment from the city. Now we have
politicians and others telling us the culprits brains aren’t
fully developed and they’re not responsible for the crimes
they commit. This always breaks the needle on my Bull meter.

The owners of the stolen, often wrecked and trashed
vehicles are left holding the bag for damages. So we would like
to know what the hell happened that people are no longer
responsible for the crimes they commit?

And aren’t you tired of hearing about our overcrowded prison
system too? Perhaps the reason for said overcrowding is that
the current policies aren’t working. When convicted aren’t the
guilty supposed to serve a sentence and not be on vacation?

Now that I’ve said that, I don’t want a 12 year old kid to go
to prison for stealing a car. I have a novel idea. Make the
criminals responsible for their actions and not the victims!
Put the offending kids in pastel coveralls, hand them a trash
bag, and make them pick up litter if not in school and after
school if they are.

Make the parents liable for the damages and I bet things would
change. There has to be a way for this to work as the current
polices are not. Don’t know what the answers are, but until we
make the criminals responsible for their crimes I fear nothing
will change.

Enjoy our Wednesday as it means Thanksgiving is tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving! Now I need more coffee and another
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More of the story

October 19, 2017

Yesterday we devoted a portion of the post to the story of
John Deere winning a lawsuit against another company using
the green and yellow colors associated with Deere on their
agricultural equipment and thought we’d flesh out that story.

About 155 years ago John Deere hammered a steel saw blace into
a plow and made history. Before that plows were made of wood or
iron that the soil stuck to making cleaning a constant chore.
Now, Deere & Comapany is is ranked 105th in the Fortune 500
and manufactures agricultural, construction, and forestry

Deere started making tractors in 1907 with their successful
Dain All-Wheel-Drive, purchased the Waterloo Engine Company
in 1918 and produced the Waterloo Boy tractors until 1923
when the John Deere Model D debuted. The first combine
harvester followed in 1927.

And in 1988 the John Deere green and yellow color combination
was trademarked. Since the trademark of the colors Deere &
Company has asked 40 companies to stop using their color
combination and all but 3 did so. One of those 3 who refused
was FIMCO, Inc.

FIMCO is based in South Dakota and was using the Deere colors
on its sprayers they market said sprayers under the brand
name of Ag Spray Equipment. FIMCO used the trademarked colors
and refused to stop so Deere sued.

In the lawsuit Deere claimed FIMCO deliberately chose the
colors to create the allusion of an association with Deere. The
court ruled recently, agreed with Deere, and gave FIMCO 60
days to file a plan on how they were going to implement the
color change.

What we find hard to believe is that while Deere & Company has
trademarked the green and yellow combination, it did not do so
with the individual colors. So FIMCO could still paint their
equipment all green or all yellow. We’ll just leave it there
in hopes it better explains the short mention yesterday.

Enjoy our Thursday as we can almost the weekend from here.
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Jury duty?

May 1, 2017

This morning I was among the first to arrive at the courthouse
and got to the metal detector alright. I did as asked and
emptied my pockets but then they asked me to remove my belt
also. That was a first.

After making it through the metal detector, myself and another
gentleman went walking down the hall putting our belts back
where they belonged. We arrived at the correct place and were
told to go to a specific courtroom and wait.

After watching a video that explained the process of a trail,
and a lot of waiting, we were assigned a different courtroom
for our trial. I have never seen a courtroom this small nor as
many people crammed into one before today.

Here we were again told that cell phones, recording devices,
electrical devices, cameras, weapons, tobacco, lighters and other
things were not allowed in the court house. And we waited.

It seemed like we were forgotten for days but I was later told
it was a matter of a few hours before someone who knew anything
about what was going on returned. We were then told that the
defendant had pled guilty, we were free to go, and we wouldn’t
have to have jury duty again for two years.

We were thanked for our service and told to remove our “juror”
buttons and return them to the nice lady talking. We never saw
a judge nor an attorney, but did learn that even though the
court house is smoke free campus we could smoke inside our cars
on the property.

I may just do it again if I receive a summons. Next time I
will bring a book to read though. Enjoy our Monday. It’s only
hours away from the anniversary of the date the United States
stopped minting the 20 cent coin on May 2nd, 1878.
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Getting ready

April 30, 2017

Fitness should be important to us senior citizens. If we stay
in shape we could run faster than those not in shape and the
bear would eat them instead. So I’ve added the information
below to help those over 55 stay in shape.

And we’re not sure how things are going to work out, but I
have been chosen for jury duty starting tomorrow morning. We
may have to post later in the day or super early. We’ll have
to see how things work out.

I did notice something on the jury notice that either wasn’t
there before or was missed. The statement reads: “Due to the
possibility that persons involved in the trial may be allergic
to fragrances, prospective jurors are requested to report for
jury duty without wearing any colognes, perfume or scented body

Having checked the number given to ensure I was needed the
reality of the above message hit me. Jurors 001-350 were told
to report for jury duty which means 350 unscented people are
going to be cooped up in some sort of room until selected or
sent home.

And when I leave the house I always have my cell phone, a
pocket camera, a notebook and pen, a flashlight, a multi-tool,
a knife, and cigarettes and lighter on my person. None of these
are allowed inside our court house. That means all the above
mentioned articles end up in the console of the car until I
return. No e-book readers are allowed either.

I’ll do my civic duty as in the past knowing I’ll be safe
after going through the metal detector and leaving my kit in
the car. Enjoy the rest of our Sunday as the work week is only
a dream away.
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An update, tools, motorcycles, and more

January 9, 2017


The computer and phone are still working even if I’m not. I
found out I will go to the courthouse later this month and
testify. Doesn’t make sense to me as I heard 3 shots from
a block away and witnessed nothing.

Here in Iowa news just broke that Victory motorcylces are
going to fade out in around 18 months. For over 18 years said
motorcycles were made in our state and it seems the brand is
going to end here. Parts and service for the Victory will
continue over the next 10 years.

Parent company Polaris also stated that some temporary jobs
would be eliminated and some employees would be offered early
retirement but would not say how many workers would be

Nationally, if you’re a fan of Craftsman tools, Sears is set
to sell the tool brand to Stanley Black & Decker. The brand
was trandmarked in 1927 and sold exclusively by Sears for
years. Now Craftsman tools can be purchased at Kmart, Ace
Hardware, military exchanges, Grainger, and other outlets.

After the sale Sears will be able to sell Craftsman tools
while manufacturing and licensing will be turned over to
Stanley Black & Decker.

And the weather has warmed up here on the east coast of Iowa
with no wind chill. The low tonight will be in the 30s and the
high tomorrow mid 40s. We’ll take that little break anytime.
Now, after this short post, I go in search of food, preferably
with pizza sauce and cheese on it.

Enjoy the second week of January. We’re that much closer to
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Hard to believe

November 15, 2016


While out taking pictures of critters I pondered where our
country is headed and how we got to where we are now. The
media is so biased we can’t call what they show us news,
protesters are rioting in the streets because their candidate
didn’t win, and flash mob beat downs are becoming the norm.

What a fine example that sets for the children. It didn’t
used to be that way. College aged young adults did not need
safe spaces or coloring books, hate groups were called hate
groups, and all of us had pride in our country.

Now too many believe our flag is a doormat or torch, the
world owes them a living, and we really care if their little
feelings get hurt by some imaginary slight. We disagree. I,
for one, don’t care if the Supreme Court decried that stepping
on the flag or burning it is a first amendment right.

So here goes. Our flag are a symbol of Americanism and is
recognized around the globe. If that thought offends you,
perhaps you are in the country. The colors of our flag became
official in 1777 and have specific meanings as follows:

“The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) are those used in
the flag of the United States of America; White signifies purity
and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the color of
the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance,
perseverance & justice.”

One can surmise that these people have no beliefs. They can’t
believe in a free country because they spew hatred at anyone
who disagrees with them, the and flash mobs are racist as they
target victims of other races.

The world doesn’t owe you anything nor are you guaranteed
monies. If you expect to get paid for sitting at home, start a
business in that home. As for the groups attacking others,
it is illegal and you will learn that soon. As for us, we will
stand for our flag and kneel for our fallen.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and keep the sunny side up.
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