Hard to figure

August 2, 2017

The more I try to figure out what’s going on in our world the
more I like taking pictures of critters. Nothing much makes
sense to this old redneck who doesn’t believe in coincidences.

When this happens I end up with more questions than answers
and said questions bother me. Not because the questions are
there but because of the number of questions that pop up. That
being said, here are some things I’ve noticed.

Facts don’t matter anymore. We’ve all heard the abuse of
numbers when talking heads want to prove a point. It makes no
difference if they’re fact or fiction.

Too many people are buying the bull being shipped. We won’t all
die if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, gun owners are not
sadistic morons who maim puppies in their free time, and our
history is not based on the feelings of the offended.

People get flu shots every year that don’t protect them from
actually getting the flu because a different strain appears. We
are told our children need dozen of vaccinations full of
harmful things they wouldn’t normally wouldn’t be exposed to.

It has gotten to the point that being a member of a certain
political party can be harmful to ones health and freedom of
speech is on the endangered species list. We are a rudderless
ship on troubled seas and the lighthouse is without power.
And if there are houses on the moon I wonder what they sell

That being said, enjoy our Wednesday and don’t worry. We’ll
get a few more this month.
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Happy days

April 13, 2017

Earlier today Governor Branstad signed HF 517 into law. He
said he would pass it if crossed his desk and now he has. The
Stand Your Ground Bill is now law in Iowa.

We no longer have to retreat when faced with a threat. The law
also states that going armed with intent cannot be presumed
just from the carrying or concealment of a firearm.

Citizens can now carry their handgun in and around any capital
building if they have the permit.

HB 517 also restricts the state of emergency powers in that
the state can’t stop, prohibit, regulate, or curtail the legal
possession of firearms or ammunition nor confiscate them.

The bill also gives the parents the right to determine when
their children are ready to learn firearm safety with parental

HB 517 also restricts the release of information on holders of
nonprofessional carry permits. County Sheriffs will be required
to keep said information confidential.

It also legalizes the use of short barreled rifles and more
changes to the laws regarding concealed carry.

There are some of the changes we may post more a latter date.
That’s the update, enjoy the rest of our Thursday.
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Strange times

February 3, 2017


This whole Standing Rock DAPL protest thing is getting
stranger than a Twilight Zone episode. We can see the pipeline
workers wanting to finish, and with the spills mentioned in an
earlier post also see the point of the protesters.

Now that things have zeroed in on the Camp of the Sacred
Stones, we get confused. I’ve always thought that if you
peacefully protested, on private property that you own, you
should be free to do so.

And to put the cherry on top, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
council is siding with DAPL. Even with the councils’ blessing
shouldn’t the ATF, Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Standing Rock
division of Fish and Wildlife, tribal police, and the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers should need a warrant to enter said
private property. Or at the very least explain why they do so.

Claim is these authorities did state they were “surveying”
the privately owned camp. These people are not rioting,
burning buildings, or blocking streets. They are peacefully

It seems strange to us that with all our government has done
to Native Americans the tribal council would stand with the
government and not their members. We’re sure the whole truth
will never get out as that is the nature of our modern media.

On another note, we had clear blue skies and saw the sun
today. We even saw the moon later. Great day to be alive on
the east coast of Iowa. The weekend is here, the Super Bowl
will soon be here, and a warm up is on the way for us. Enjoy
the weekend while I seek a pizza.
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What day is it?

October 12, 2016


Yes it’s National Farmers’ Day. We know you didn’t forget
but wanted to remind those who did. Even if you don’t live
in an agricultural state you still have to eat and what you
eat was grown somewhere, so give a nod to those who produce

With that being said we’d like to remind those among us who
keep referring to America as a Democracy, it is not. America
is is a Constitutional Republic. There is a difference. It’s
simple really. In a constitutional Republic candidates are
elected by the people to represent said people and must run
the government according to the Constitution which limits
their power.

This form of government is suppose to recognize that the
existing law is unchangeable, or at the very least that it
is not government who can change it. Regardless of what Obama
and others keep telling us our Constitution is based on the
Bible, the Magna Carta, and the Declaration of Independence.

This Constitution states man’s sovereignty, the divine nature
of our creation, and our divine right to life, liberty, the
means to acquire and possess property, and the pursuit of
happiness. And the reason for a Constitutional Republic is to
put limits on the tyranny of the majority.

This begs the question: if the government can’t change the
existing laws how are they changing the existing laws without
penalty? Also, since they are trying to change so many of our
established laws, are we still a Constitutional Republic?

New rights appear almost daily when there is no power to
write such rights. Clearly the 2nd Amendment is, and has
been under attack and without repercussions. Do we have any
recourse when our government breaks the very Constitution it
has sworn to uphold?

Governments answer to almost any problem is to raise taxes
or enact new taxes. Here’s a news flash government- we don’t
need new taxes, we need new faces in our government who will
do what we elected them to do.

Now I go in search of a pizza and a tall glass of lemonade.
Enjoy your Wednesday, and observe National Farmers’ Day.
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Just thinking

October 10, 2016

The police cars are gone, the media has reported on the
shots fired call, and things are back to our version of
normal. A house was shot at that had people in it, nobody was
hurt, and casings were recovered.



So when I woke up this morning I ventured outside to take a
few pictures. For some reason that process calms me down and
grounds my soul. And I just got to thinking how totally
confusing our society is today to someone who is a child of
the 50s.

Even in the presidential debates the candidates were saying
things on live TV that would have gotten our mouths washed
out with soap. When we were growing up Lucy and Ricky slept
in twin beds and the kisses were timed! Now it seems like
anything goes.

And if we mention these facts we are told that was the old
days and how it is better today than it was then. I have to
ask how? The kids I see don’t respect anything or anybody,
racial tension is up, and we are berated if we disagree with
the status quo.

Laws are being blatantly ignored, money has replaced God,
and our government is shipping in people who hate us and our
country. Lying is condoned while being corrupt has turned
into a badge of honor for some. Law enforcement is under
attack, our rights are being violated or lost, and our
military no longer has the might it once did because those
who can make a difference are closet socialists who believe
all mankind can get along together without fighting.

If that’s the better version of what we had, I’ll be found
outside taking pictures. At least I understand wildlife and
nature. Enjoy your Monday.
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While we were sleeping

October 5, 2016


I can’t help but get the feeling that while I slumbered
through the night somebody moved my carcass to another
country. This is not the place I grew up in.

In the place that I grew up in nobody would dare step on our
flag, not stand and face that flag during our National Anthem,
and didn’t riot loot and burn our cities.

I grew up in a place where courtesy was the norm, morals were
above reproach, and people had common sense. A place where if
somebody hurt your feelings the fight was on. This place I
came from didn’t coddle the underachievers nor tell us what
we think. We paid a hell of lot fewer taxes and got more in

In that place, at that time, we believed in God, family, and
that you had to believe in something or you’d fall for
anything. Today, people are falling for everything while
wanting to be paid for doing nothing.

Our government is corrupt, the media is one-sided, the work
force is low, and the world is thinking we have all gone
crazy. Some in our government are pushing gun control like it
is the answer to all our problems. We know some of the
current bunch don’t believe in our Constitution, but they
should at least know what is in it.

It is really quite simple; what part of shall not be
infringed don’t you understand? According to Webster’s New
World Dictionary infringe means to break (a law or pact),
to encroach on (the rights of others).

We need to get back on the right track before we pass the
point of no return.
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What happened?

September 20, 2016


I don’t watch a lot of television. Perry Mason might make it
on my watch list, but there are no “news” programs, talk
shows, or reality shows on said list. The reason for this is
simple, none of them have any semblance of reality or

Occasionally I will open a news page on the information
highway knowing it’s also a gamble what is read is true. In
our modern, politically correct society, is seems even the
news is biased to ensure nobody s feelings are hurt. And that
got me thinking.

When did we go from the have the fight, shake hands after
and go about your business to people needing “safe” spaces
because their feelings are hurt? We have gone from a time
when the best three got trophies to everybody who enters gets

Yes all citizens have rights. But those claiming their
rights have somehow been violated forget a few important things.
With rights come responsibility. Said rights are guaranteed
to us as written, not your interpretation of what you think
they should be. And nobody owes you anything.

If all you whining hypocrites want to know where the problem
really is, look in the mirror. You are the one who has been
buying the bull that they shipped you. If you really want to
find the truth, educate yourself don’t buy their version just
because they have the same political party or they sound

Stop the bull and look at what’s going on while you’re busy
thinking about your hurt feelings. We could all get a hell
of lot more done, in less time, if we put our alleged
differences aside and worked together. Just saying.
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