March 22, 2019

After two evenings of hiding in the thick clouds the moon graced the sky with its glow last night. Monte said he felt a diet was in order and asked what I thought. I told him he looked great and I wouldn’t change a thing. You can almost see him smiling in the picture above.

This post would have gotten out earlier but it was one of those days that I got up early yet didn’t get much done. Our phone, internet, and TV have been switching off and on like a string of Christmas lights all morning. But critters got fed, I had my coffee, and the wife worked late which meant the cruise to the grocery store was pushed back.

We didn’t get there until after 8:30 am and watched other shoppers to see what they bought during banking hours. We did notice that those who shop later were prone to wearing shorts and athletic attire. I’ll keep my jeans and work clothes thank you.

Getting older means we look at things we’d normally walk by. We got in the aisle that had fruit juices and such and had to stop at a display of energy drinks. Made by the company that brinds us V-8 juice I felt perhaps the name justified the price. Once home I tried one but was not impressed.

I was not energized, the different fruits in the blend were alright, and said drinks didn’t have the caffeine of a cup of coffee. We’re not going to fall for that one again. We did splurge for some Pepperidge Farm cookies and are quite happy with those. I’ll end this here as the energy drink may be time delayed and I’ll have to get busy.

Enjoy our Friday as the weekend is here.
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Of steam engines and cell phones

December 28, 2018

Yesterday was one of those days I about had to beat myself up
to get moving. Everything hurt, my brain was disconnected, and
my body said ‘oh hell no!’ to anything that involved movement.
Not sure what the problem was but hopefully it’s just part of
getting older.

This morning I was thinking of Sprint Corporation for no
apparent reason and discovered something I did not know. You may
know that Sprint is a telecommunications company that provides
internet and cell phone services. But did you know its roots
can be traced back to a railroad?

The Brown Telephone Company and the Southern Pacific Railroad
are both said to be origins of Sprint. Brown Telephone began in
1899 to give phone service to rural areas in Abilene, Kansas
and was started by Cleyson Brown.

The Southern Pacific Railroad was founded in the 1860s as a
subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Company. The company operated
thousands of miles of track and the telegraph wire which ran
alongside the track. In the 1970s the company was looking for
ways to use these lines for long distance calling.

This spawned several lawsuits between the company, AT&T, and
the FCC. Prior attempts to offer long distance calling wasn’t
approved by the FCC so the railroad used a loophole that would
allow a fax service called SpeedFAX.

Southern Pacific Communications came up with a new name to
tell the difference between the switched voice service from
SpeedFAX and came up with SPRINT. This stood for Southern
Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telecommunications.

In 1982 GTE Corporation bought the telephone operation from
Southern Pacific. In 1992 Uninet (United Telecom Data) bought
enough of the Company to acquire the original company and in
1992 United Telecom officially changed its name to Sprint
Corporation. And that’s my story.

Enjoy our Friday as the weekend has begun. As soon as I have
another cup of coffee before getting busy doing what should have
been done yesterday.
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No what?

September 26, 2018

We were told we’d have no internet, phone, and cable tv from
midnight last night to six this morning. No big deal as I could
still watch Perry Mason then sleep through some of the outage.
It is now nine a.m. and we are still without internet, phone,
and cable tv. When the services are working again we’ll get this
on the blog.

On another note, we mentioned a large bird was perched in the
old oak tree across the alley and here is some of the pictures.
Looks to be a hawk looking at me as I was focusing the camera.
As mentioned the bird sat there quite a while and must have been
looking for an early lunch.

Even a low flying jet didn’t seem to bother the bird when I
was ready to cover my ears to cut down on the noise. This plane
appeared to fly right over the tree where said hawk was sitting
and our yard where I was standing with my mouth open.

After the jet passed and things settled down the hawk decided
a higher perch was in order and reached a branch with a better
view. He sat there looking for lunch as I thought, what a
majestic looking creature.

Then he took off like his tail was on fire as I tried to keep
this feathered rocket in the the picture and the picture in
focus. The bird flew south and I lost track of the critter when
trees got in the way. But it was a sight to see.

And now it seems our services are up and running again so I’ll
post this and let you see the hawk. Enjoy our Wednesday as we
will now we’re back in the right century. Now for some coffee.
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A little recap

September 4, 2018

Posts may be sporadic as our motel WiFi leaves a lot to be
desired. I’ve been trying to get this online since yesterday

Even with cloudy skies the trip to the campground went off with
no rain and just a gentle breeze north of Muskogee at Flat Rock
Creek camp. Met up with the wife’s cousin and her husband and we
all had a great time.

We looked across the water to the other shore and noticed this
big pink thing so I snapped a shot. Our son said it was called
a Flamingo float but I thought it strange as it’s about 12 foot

We were surrounded by trees and water yet this little stuck out
as it was the only ‘orange’ one and I had to walk our granddaughter
over to it twice so she could touch it. Then we went back to the
camp site for a pot luck meal.

On the way back we noticed these horses out enjoying the fine
day also. I thought this appropriate as we talked of many things
including horses.

We were nearing Muskogee and we noticed this sad looking caboose
along the side of the highway. While it was peaceful to look at it
brought memories of simpler times.

And finally, we had supper the other evening in this place and I
learned something in the process. I told the waitress I wanted a
cheeseburger and coffee before she scampered off to the kitchen to
get the cook started on the order. A few minutes later she came
back and asked me if I wanted cheese on my cheeseburger!

We were told later that down her some folks here call hamburgers
cheeseburgers. Here I thought the waitress was having a bad day.
Enjoy our Tuesday as we will just as soon as I get some caffeine
in my system.
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There are times…

July 30, 2018

when you think a plan will work and quickly get reminded they
rarely work out as hoped. Having done my research I went
outside yesterday to take a picture of the moon during the day.
The problem was it was so cloudy you couldn’t see the sky. Then
this morning our computer decided it didn’t want to play nice
and I just got things up and running again.

This colorful little guy seemed to share my disappointment. Not
sure what he was looking for but he stood like this for several
minutes looking all around only to get back down on all fours
and go back into the brush.

This event made me wonder if he was looking for predators who
would find him a tasty treat or running low and food yet could
not find suitable vegetation. Perhaps he got a ‘Dear John’
letter or the kids jumped ship when he was napping.

Whatever was on his mind this ground hog looked to be praying
at one point so his troubles must have been serious. Either that
or he fell asleep while on duty. We may never know. As for the
moon, we never saw it as the clouds hung around all day.

Today we’ll just wait and see what happens. I’m sure feral
mama cat will be waiting when I go out with food and water for
the strays. Enjoy our Monday as we will as soon as I get a cup
or three of coffee in me.
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Of full moons and unicorns

March 30, 2018

I had good intentions of doing an early post today but our
computer decided it didn’t want to work. So there I was, ideas
flowing from my brain like rainbows over a field of daffodils
and unicorns. Rabbits were scampering, deer eating fallen apples
from a nearby tree, and songbirds twilled from every branch.

That made me think of the full moon tomorrow night and Easter
on Sunday. The full moon tomorrow will be the second, and last,
blue moon this year. That hasn’t happened since 1999 and it
won’t occur again until 2037.

And Easter falls on April Fools Day this year. That begs some
questions. We all know about the Easter Beagle who leaves eggs
and treats under the kitchen table as we snooze: but will he
pull a trick and not leave treats this year?

The Easter Beagle could be a prankster who leaves eggs filled
with broccoli this year! It’s too horrible to think about. Of
course we haven’t had a visit from the Easter Beagle since the
kids moved out, but with our luck he’d stop by with eggs filled
with green vegetables. The wife would like that while I’d be
searching for the candy.

Yes the post is late again even though I tried. If you must get
mad at someone try the unicorns, rabbits, deer, birds and the
Easter Beagle. Enjoy our Friday as that means Easter weekend is
here. Now I’m headed for more coffee and the leftover pizza I
spotted earlier.
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Best intentions

January 26, 2018

Our day started with two goals in mind, do a blog post early
and get a picture of the moon.

The deli had a sale on meat and a little farther down the
aisle the bakery had a sale on doughnuts. Then the wife
said she a coupon for a free dozen fresh cookies! I was batting
1,000. The deals just kept coming.

So we arrived home, unpacked the groceries, and the wife said
she wanted to go get a new wireless router. Our internet speed
had been slowing down so we thought it worth a try since the
tests I ran couldn’t find a problem.

So off to the big box store we run to replace our 5+ year old
router. A clerk who didn’t look old enough to shave and kept
mentioned games we’d never heard of, was helpful but not pushy.

I learned a long time ago that if the box says easy to install
or mentions less than than 5 steps in the installation, I’m in
over my head. This was such a case. The box stated that in 3
easy steps we’d be surfing the internet on our wireless devices.

After almost shooting the computer, threatening to throw it out
the window, and almost having a heart attack in the process, the
wife took over. In less than 15 steps she had the router hooked
up to the network and we were ready to change networks on our

Didn’t get the moon picture because while we were wrestling with
the computer the clouds blew in and hid it. So now I sit with the
day almost done yet closer to getting out this post. So yes, the
post is late again. I don’t think it would have been any earlier
though if I had just shot the computer.

Enjoy the rest of our Friday as I know we will, now.
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