Cloud watching

May 31, 2019

A cardinal was around yesterday and would pose for a picture then fly away only to return with a different pose on a different branch. Not sure what he was doing but he did keep watching the camera as he did it.

About a half mile away a turkey buzzard kept circling and there must have good air currents up there as he barely moved his wings. Perhaps next time he will fly a little lower and get closer for a better shot.

The blue sky was filled with clouds and most looked a little odd to me, like this disjointed mushroom cloud. It looked like the evil scientist really messed something up in his secret laboratory. At least I hope that was what happened.

Some clouds ever appeared to be dancing as they moved slowly across the sky. Two partners turning as one while enjoying the beautiful day. Watched these slowly swirl until the dance ended and they broke apart. I guess you had to be there.

And I finally spotted the elusive whale cloud to the east that made me smile. Said cloud was slowly heading north on waves of wind. He made good progress as long as I could watch before he went behind some big trees.

It looks to be a dry day here today so enjoy our Friday as much as we will. Now I need some coffee and about 10 donuts to get me going.
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One of those days

May 23, 2019

Hard to believe but all the pictures above were taken within 15 minutes of each other. The top one is facing east and looks like a normal day this time of year. The kind of sky that has kids guessing what the clouds look like as they slowly dance across the sky.

The middle picture is facing south and looks a bit different. These low flying clouds looked great yet might also foretell of rain. They were so low the trees got in the way of a great shot.

The bottom photo faces west and was the last taken. Grey clouds came out of nowhere and tried to block the sun and again, looked like the kind of sky that would have the little ones seeing all sorts of critters in the clouds. And we didn’t get rain until much later in the day.

During all that a lonely dandelion was fighting a losing battle with the winds and would soon be just a shadow of its former self. The thunderstorm that came later last night finished it off and it now looks like a half eaten Tootsie Pop.

And yes, this post is late. I overslept and it took me a half hour to get vertical. My back decided not to work today and I’m fighting it to get mobile to get things done.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is only a dream away. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza.
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Mixed up days

May 11, 2019

After an almost picture perfect day yesterday, today is as gray as the wifes cat. Yet even that has an upside as it’s warmer today despite the heavy cloud cover. After I woke this morning the days seem to be mixed up.

Last night my dream took us to a Navy destroyer in the middle of the Pacific. I knew the destroyer as my brother and myself were stationed on it. But for some reason we ran into storm after storm and were bobbing around. We hit a tsunami, a typhoon, and then a severe thunderstorm.

During these times the mess deck had a lot fewer sailors lining up for food so if cheeseburgers were on the menu I could chow down. The odd part of the dream was that family members were aboard in civvies. I’m surprised the wife didn’t ask me what I was dreaming about as I had to be swinging, grunting, and probably cussing during the dream.

When I did wake up I reached for my dungarees and was surprised the bed wasn’t listing to port. So today I’m a bit tired but glad we made it back.

And while outside yesterday this juvenile robin decided to pose for me but refused to smile for the camera. Don’t know if the bird ever found what it was looking for but it hopped all over the yard after the shot.

Enjoy our Saturday as that means the weekend is ticking away and will be gone before we know it. Now I need more coffee.
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Just wondering

April 19, 2019

Haven’t seen the moon in a few nights so am hoping it stays partly cloudy so I can see it tonight. If the moon does peek out tonight it will give a view of the almost full moon. Hopefully he’ll pose for a picture.

We do seem to be in the cycle of local politicians getting worked up and predicting dire consequences if a bill is passed. The latest is our County Board who got worked up after hearing our state wants to put a cap on property tax increases from year to year.

If I remember correctly, the state wants to limit property tax increases to no more than 2% a year. According to our property taxes the house we bought 25 years ago is now a McMansion fit for a king. Our homeowners insurance is at about the same level.

It is easy to get a shock when one thinks of all the taxes we pay in our country today. And they all go up. We’ve mentioned property tax but what about sales tax, gas tax, cigarette taxes, tolls on roads, licenses on our vehicles, estate taxes, and all the others. I’d bet if we deducted all the taxes we pay from our income some would be shocked.

Didn’t mean to ramble, but it is getting old. Perhaps instead of new taxes we need new legislators. Instead of more laws we need people who would protect and legislate according to our Constitution. And it would be great if these people could tell the truth once in a while instead of putting a spin on everything to fit their agenda.

Enjoy our Friday as it looks to be a good one as soon as I calm down.
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The duck at breakfast

April 11, 2019

With all the clouds in our sky here on the east coast of Iowa we haven’t seen the moon for a few days so I found a picture taken a few years ago to share. Can’t say why I like it, only that I do.

Breakfast yesterday with the wife and her Mom was good yet started out on a weird note. We got to the restaurant and parked, didn’t see her Moms car, and decided to wait a while in ours. Nothing strange there as we’ve done it before.

But as we’re sitting there the wife said see saw a duck. Now we’re at a Mall, with a divided highway in front of us, and a car dealership across the street. No ponds, lakes, creeks, or other water sources to be seen.

Being a little older now I couldn’t see this duck anywhere. So the wife said the duck was in the bushes in front of her. I looked over and again couldn’t see a duck so I told her to take a picture of the critter and she did. I then saw a picture of the bird.

So I looked out the window to where she pointed the camera and didn’t see the elusive creature. It would seem this duck had a sense of humor as every time I looked over the bird would lower itself into the bushes. So I kept looking until finally the bird raised its head and I could see it.

After that distraction we looked around the lot and realized her Mom had drove in and parked while we were looking for the duck. The rest of day went fine, the food was good and the company better.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means the weekend is only a dream away. Now I need more coffee and new eye glasses.
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Looking back

April 5, 2019

Last night I was up until the wee hours looking at pictures stored on a flash drive while taking a stroll down memory lane. Until three years ago I rarely took pictures of anything then I bought my first digital camera. So here are a few pictures that helped make the walk enjoyable.

This picture was taken on the night of April 22nd, 2016. It has been one my personal favorites ever since. It has won a few awards but I like it because it reminds me of the spirit of Halloween.

This picture, from June of 2016, I call ‘humidity’ as I thought this female cardinal was having her version of a bad hair day. That being said, it was hot and humid when the picture was taken.

This one from mid-May 2016 reminded me that life changes as we waltz through the decades and new beginnings are always popping up.

Another one from May of 2016 shows me the more colorful part of nature and how even a rose is not what if first appears to be. The thorns keep those away who would do it harm, bees live off the pollen, and when one flower fades a bloom opens up to replace it.

Finally, this one also from May of 2016, was taken as a storm front was moving in and just before the rain. Even though it almost looks to be a black and white photo, the clouds drained the color from the world.

I’ll share some more at some point but for now these will have to do. Enjoy our Friday and the pictures. Now I need a gallon of coffee and some breakfast.
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Thoughts of spring

April 1, 2019

The sun has set on March and April begins today. This month begins with April Fools Day and ends with a promise of flowers blooming in May and warmer temperatures.

Birds will be singing and lose their winter roundness to become the sleek flying creatures in time for summer and the 4-legged critters will be scampering about in search of whatever interests them.

The clouds dotting the blue sky will have children looking up and seeing all sorts of things inside the clouds and trees will return to being topped with a head of green. It’s a great time to be alive and enjoy the experience.

We won’t do an April Fools post as we’ve found it more fun not to and watch others nervously wait for the prank that isn’t coming. That may sound mean to some but we made the plan and are sticking to it.

We’ll close out this post with a poem by Alice Cary (1820-1871).

The wild and windy March once more
Has shut his gates of sleet.
And given us back the April-time,
So fickle and so sweet.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the first day of April and the rest of our lives. Now for some more coffee before things get crazy around here.
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