Enjoying it while we can

March 16, 2019

As the moon peeked out from behind the clouds this picture was taken and a chat began with the man in the moon. Monte, said man in the moon, was not up to full speed yet but getting there. He made quite a sight posing against the darkening sky and was in a good mood.

Monte claimed blue was favorite color and evening was the time he liked to chat. He also claimed to have his acne under control and was trying to get more sun to give him a little color. He did look pale.

Then we talked of the upcoming spring equinox and how that would affect the weather on our blue planet. He started laughing when told that here on the east coast of Iowa we may get up to 2 inches of snow tonight. Yeah, we’re not over winter yet.

The flood, which will crest on the Mississippi river on Monday, is supposed to be about 3 feet over flood stage. Many other rivers and creeks are also up but not my favorite creek where I go to take pictures and get away from the stress of living in the city. I’m sure it will flood at some point and hope the erosion is minimal.

Then the clouds started to return so his end of the conversation became muffled and hard to understand. Said clouds soon swept the moon away and covered him in a blanket of white. Oh well, we enjoy it while we can and bring back the memories when the moon can’t be seen.

Enjoy our Saturday as we get ready for another round of snow. Now for some coffee with a side of bacon.


Different days

March 14, 2019

That sure describes yesterday. It started out with rain, ended with more rain, yet in between felt like the Twilight Zone. I still managed to get a few pictures in between chores and meals yet things happened that don’t usually.

Facebook was down, the flood forecast was in the news, and I noticed a tree at the other end of the block for the first time. The tree has been there for several years and yesterday as I looked through the zoom lens small tan balls hung all over the thing.

The picture isn’t the best but the experience made me wonder. How can you live somewhere and not see a tree at the other end of the block has little balls hanging all over it? I notice it now.

And I noticed this critter in a small tree and thought of the coloration. Grey squirrels are common, black squirrels are seen often, but I’ve never seen one auburn colored. Looked good on this one though.

The coloring on this squirrel is what we usually see here on the east coast of Iowa. Some say they are cute but I’m not among that group, yet they are fun to watch.

The clouds did not look happy at one point to remind me it was going to be a very rainy day. Nothing unusual there except it reminded me the camera isn’t waterproof.

And it wouldn’t be a critter post without a few pictures of the cardinals that hang around. Was lucky to get these during a lull in the rain and the model was a bit of a ham.

Enjoy our Thursday and we’ll try to get a few new pics before the rain visits again later. Now for more coffee.
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Great days

March 13, 2019

Yesterday was one of those days that makes life worth living and put a smile on your face that remains for hours. So many little things happened that the big things were forgotten. And it all started with a visit with Dad.

When back in our driveway a bird of prey was circling about a mile away and while the picture isn’t the best it does show the bald eagle soaring high above. The eagle never got closer which made me wish for a longer lens.

A cardinal was out and about and agreed to pose for a few shots, as long as it didn’t take too long. I’m happy with the results as he was a bright spot on a cloudy day.

And the icing on the cake was witnessing the return of the American white pelican. Over a mile away and following the river these large birds were a sight to see. With a body over 4 foot long and wingspan of 9 feet they are graceful in flight, and winter in South America. And yes, it’s hard to see mostly white birds when the sky is full of white clouds.

With all that going on, brush still got cut and the chores done. Later, while having a burrito the size of sub sandwich, I decided a day couldn’t get much better than that.

We’ll see what happens today and try to get more pictures of something other than a cardinal. Enjoy our Wednesday as we will. Now for some more coffee before going back out.
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March 6, 2019

I spent most of yesterday watching the sky and clouds play. There are times when that is more interesting than hearing the news on TV. Way too much time was spent out looking up instead of doing chores. Which means today I have yesterdays and todays honey do list to work on.

That being said, I did listen to the weather which once again assured us that it would be the coldest day of what is left of in the month of March. We’re thinking, until the next one.

Speaking of the weather, we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow and once again I’m confused. The local channels don’t agree on how much or
the timing. So we’re ready for anything from a dusting to a foot. If we get more than a foot we’ll need more salt.

And while watching the clouds climb up the sky and jets fly across I found it settled my soul and brought a smile to my face. As you may know, if I wake up breathing enjoying the day comes naturally. Not much else matters.

Even so, I can be a grumpy old man at times yet the wife still laughs at me occasionally. Last night while watching NCIS before she went to work I could have sworn one actor said “Don’t the have butt prints for babies?” After the wife finished laughing she said the actor actually said “Don’t they have foot prints for babies?”

Sure didn’t sound like it to me but the look the wife gave me was priceless. She keeps after me to get a hearing aid and I keep telling I don’t think it would help with a ruptured eardrum.

Enjoy our Wednesday as here it means no snow until tomorrow. Now I have to get busy and make more coffee.
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Squirrely day

January 9, 2019

This is almost another afternoon post but we’ll get back to our
regular schedule soon. Most of the problem lies with my cooking.
I made 5 quarts of au gratin potatoes that looked and smelled so
good the wife and I ate most of it for our late lunch. After the
meal I got lazy and laid down for a nap, slept 2 hours, and then
couldn’t fall back asleep until the wee hours of the morning.

Yesterday after chores were done I went outside to get a few
pictures of birds eating the bird seed only to discover a
squirrel chowing down and another in a nearby tree waiting his
turn. These are the first squirrels I’ve seen since early fall
when they were burying acorns for the winter.

These critters are fun to watch but a little too destructive
for my liking. The two spotted yesterday seemed to be on their
best behavior though and scampered off when they noticed me
standing nearby with my camera. Guess I’ll put out some cracked
corn for the four legged critters along with the bird seed.

And if one looked up yesterday the clouds had an odd look to
them. Some were well defined while others foggy. Not sure what
caused this yet it was interesting to watch. Since I am once
again late with the chores we’ll leave it there.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’ll have to wait a week to see
another one. Now I’m having more coffee before the getting to
the chores.
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Looking up

December 13, 2018

Went out last night to see if my buddy the moon was about but
think I caught him getting ready for bed. As the clouds went by
he looked to be dodging some and dancing with others. It was still
a sight to see.

So I went out again this morning and got the shot above
shortly after sunrise. The clouds were lemony in places mixed
with blue and gray. Don’t know what caused it but I liked the

In another direction a little later I noticed these clouds
that were floating by in formation. Reminded me of boot camp.
Not sure what’s going on with weather but know the clouds keep
things interesting.

We mentioned the meteor shower in an earlier post and tonight
would be a good time to see it. It will be too cloudy here as
it’s supposed to rain, but if you have a clear night where
you’re at it might be worth a look.

Since we’ve warmed up a little here on the east coast of Iowa
we haven’t seen many birds. Hope that changes in the near
future as I like to get pictures of them. If it cools down the
eagles will take to the skies and sightings will be more

Today I have too much to do and not enough time to get it done.
We’ll see how that works out as we stumble through our day. For
now the sun is out and I’m not so something has to change.

Enjoy our Thursday as the start of the weekend is only a dream
away. Now I need some coffee.
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Another strange one

October 2, 2018

Yesterday we thought we should have built an ark. The skies to
the south did not look promising during most of the day. Storms
were predicted but ended up north of our place on the east coast
of Iowa.

The skies to the west sent confusing signals with patches of
deep blue between the clouds. We’ve been through many storms
over the years and many cloudy days yet we didn’t know what to
make of the conflicting clouds.

To the north the outlook didn’t get any better. No thunder or
lightening yet a sight to behold. At noon it looked akin to dusk
when one ventured out and we did so often. There are times when
you can tell that storms were on the way but that wasn’t the case
all day.

Looking east you could tell a jet passed over as the skies in
this direction also told a confusing tale. The clouds hung
around and the humidity was high and still the rain didn’t come.

Even the birds were taking shelter under the leaves. And yet
the rain didn’t come until much later and didn’t amount to much
considering the display God put on in the sky. Since we have rain
chances much of this week it will make yard work an effort to get
things done between the drops.

Today looks to be about the same as yesterday but cooler. We
don’t believe rain is in the forecast today so the lawn mower
may get fired up if things dry out. Oh yeah, it did rain. Just
not the gully washer we thought.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we will as soon as I have more coffee and
a bunch of waffles.
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