Another decent day

September 25, 2020

Here on the east coast of Iowa the sky was full of clouds with
differing shapes and thickness yesterday. There was blue sky to be seen at certain times yet even with the clouds it was a bright day.

Been looking for the latest batch of feral kittens and as I
walked around the neighborhood I found them. They were behind the
old warehouse between the fence and back of the building.

What we call the ‘warehouse’ is actually part of an old barn that
burned down years ago and someone put a pitched roof over the
sandstone foundation. A local contractor used the building to store
his heavy equipment in so it was named the warehouse.

The barn actually goes back to the late 1800s and was part of a
small farm with the farm house across the alley from our place. The house is still there also. In the early 20th century the land was sub-divided and houses built. But I digress.

Here’s another shot of the orange kitten with her gray sibling
taking a nap in front of her. The kittens are still skittish so can
only get a few shots at a time.

Enjoy our Friday as we will now that we have the groceries put away.
Now for more coffee.
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Mostly good day

September 23, 2020

Yesterday afternoon it was hazy with clouds and didn’t expect to
even see the moon let alone get a picture. Not perfect, but this
shot shows the clouds and moon.

Went out later yesterday to find this critter looking to the west.
Seemed almost like he wanted a good seat for the sunset. He actually
sat there through the sunset before running off.

And this is what the sunset looked like from my vantage point. Now
the trees block a lot of the view but soon the leaves will fall and
said view will be better.

I was going to get down to the groundhogs level to take the shot
but my old bones said ‘not on my watch!’ I could have managed
getting down but getting back up is a whole other story.

Didn’t get out earlier in the day as I had things to do inside. Even
managed to get a few of them done. Not sure how that happened but
the honey do list got a little shorter.

Finally, my brother called last night and said he’d been in a
motorcycle wreck. He was at the E.R. getting checked over but later
went home. Things we shrugged off in our youth can now hurt like
hell as we get older. Hang in there and heal up.

Enjoy our Wednesday as no camels were spotted today on the east
coast of Iowa. Now for some coffee and leftover pizza. And yes, I
do like pizza.
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Rain and cats

September 8, 2020

Our drought has ended here on the east coast of Iowa we heard on the news this morning. Seems I slept through some pretty heavy storms that dropped a couple of inches of liquid love from above. Checked the basement after hearing the news and so far it’s dry.

The other day our skies were full of clouds that looked so great
we had to get a few pictures. We knew the rain was coming and took
the pictures to pass the time. Can think of worse ways to spend some

One of Tippy’s kittens was keeping a close watch on me as I spun
around to get cloud shots from different angles. Don’t know if the
little thing thought I was crazy or dangerous.

Two kittens were playing around while mama just stood watch. Guess
she’d seen enough and needed a break. Said kittens did finally settle
down and enjoyed the day.

As much as the white kitten keeps clean this one always looks like
it just woke up from a nap in a dumpster. They seem to like the
wifes car to hang out under and play around.

We’ll leave it there for today and hope you enjoy our Tuesday. Now
I need some coffee.
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Sky watching

August 31, 2020

Been sky watching and caught a shot of the moon before it was a full
moon. Still looked great but didn’t have much to say this time around.
Next time we’ll have a good chat.

Looking northeast from the alley came this view the other day. To
me it looked almost like an old postcard. This tree and our old pine
survived the derecho and are standing tall.

To our north, the clouds just danced across the sky as they made
their way to someone else’s imagination. We enjoyed them while they
were here.

Due east sits these two trees and got lucky with this shot. It just
made me smile for some reason so I took it.

To the south of our place sits this church steeple nestled in the
trees and the sky there always calls to me. Or it could be the
neighbor, I’m not sure.

Finally, to the west the sky was a pastel delight. Not sure what the
clouds are called but watching them roll by was like looking at a
trout in a clear stream. Colorful to watch.

I can’t finish this without a cat picture. This kitten is one of
Mama Cats latest litter. Must be a super kitten as even closed gates
can’t contain her.

Enjoy our Monday, the first day of a new week and the rest of our
lives. Now for some coffee.
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Good day for a picture

August 29, 2020

Ran into a few interesting critters when outside yesterday so will
share some here.

Before I even opened the storm door I noticed the grasshopper stuck
to the glass. He hung around long enough to get a few pictures and
since most people don’t get to see the underside of a grasshopper
thought it worth sharing.

When outside I saw this little one and took a few pictures of him
as I watched him get agitated. He stood up then rushed my like he
was in attack mode. When I didn’t move he changed directions and
ran off. Was a bold little bugger though considering it was our lawn.

Not sure what kind of bird this is and the picture isn’t the best,
but do remember it was tiny. Only about the size of a hummingbird.
Stayed still long enough to get this shot but not focus in correctly.
Amazing to see on the gate.

Told the wife about this one. I was waiting for some bees to land
on some blossoms and noticed the plant moving. There was no wind
yet one part kept moving. I investigated and got a shot of the belly
of a praying mantis in the center of the shot. Told the wife it was
just my luck. Biggest mantis I’ve seen this year, in perfect focus,
and I only got half of it in the picture.

Finally, and not critter related, is this picture of clouds above
the trees. I like this one which is why it’s here. Hope you like
the pictures also.

Enjoy our Saturday as there won’t be another this week. Now for
some coffee and donut holes.
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Photo update

June 29, 2020

Saturday the clouds were something to watch as they danced across the sky. Spent too much time doing just that and don’t feel like I wasted a second.

This little critter was buzzing around like he’d had too much
coffee. Not the greatest shot, but figured if I couldn’t get him to
sit still I’d get a shot while in flight.

This one of Patches kitten made me laugh. That tail made me think of
a Chiropractor commercial about straightening people up. The tail just looks like it either hurts, or you crank it to give the kitten more run time.

The moon was out early and when between clouds could be seen
clearly. Was outside at just the right time to get the picture while
the birds sang their evening songs. Later the fireworks would start
going off.

It’s early enough that local news won’t be on for hours and a much
needed break from the media is being observed. Instead we’ve been
cooking. The wife has had 3 nights off in a row so we made some
boneless pork loin chops, Salisbury steak, and last night, spaghetti.

All turned out good so I admit to being full at the moment, and
that is a first. Usually unless I just got done eating I’m hungry.
Hope that isn’t a Covid-19 symptom.

Enjoy our Monday as some of us go back to work while us old farts struggle to remember what day it is. Now I need coffee.
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Clouds and the garage

June 15, 2020

Watching the clouds dance by the other day distracted me from doing
what I should have been doing so the work will get done today. Did
get a picture of part of the dance.

In another part of the sky things looked a lot different. I let my
imagination go and the thin darker clouds became fish swimming in
the ocean. That kept me busy a while as these were very slow moving

Yeah I know, should manage my time better. But even with all the
cloud watching some things got done. Got the recycle bin fuller than
it was, cut up a box that did have my new weed wacker in it, and
even made a few cheeseburgers. So today it’s back outside to do what
I didn’t yesterday. If there aren’t any clouds, birds, feral cats,
or other critters that catch my eye.

Later I came inside for a Coke and a smile the doorbell rang. When
I opened the door our neighbor was standing there. He claimed to
have some bad news and went on to say his son had hit the side of
our garage with his truck.

I told him not to worry about it as I hadn’t heard a loud crash so
knew there wasn’t much damage to said garage. He insisted on showing me the damage so we walked around and I did see a new crack between the cement blocks. I again told him not to worry about it so he insisted he would tuck point that side of the garage to fix the damage.

Not sure where that’s going yet but I’m not going to worry about it.
Enjoy our Monday as best you can. Now for some coffee and a snack.
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Good neighbors

June 12, 2020

Yesterday was a day when the clouds danced across the sky, the air
smelled fresh after the recent rains, and my faith in people was
restored. My health hasn’t been the best lately, but certainly not
the worse either.

All was sunshine and unicorns until I made the mistake of catching
up on the news. Now they want to take Paw Patrol off the air because it depicts the police in a favorable light? Our country has gone crazy. The protesters even tore down a statue of a man who was against slavery.

Then I heard a lawnmower going and looked out to see our neighbors
son mowing our yard. Later, when I got the wife off to work, our
neighbor was trimming up with a weed wacker. He said he knew I hadn’t been feeling the best so thought he’d lend a hand.

Made my day. I thanked him several times and told him I’d go out
today and get some brush cut as it has been bothering me. Not sure
how far I’ll get but after we run errands I’m giving it my best

Forgot all about the nonsense on the news and was grinning the rest
of the day. Now I’m up, had some caffeine, and feel ready to
greet the day. Not quite sociable yet until I’ve had more coffee,
but I’m getting there.

And the weather here on the east of Iowa is supposed to rain free
for a while so that’s a plus. Enjoy our Friday as we will. Now more
coffee and something to eat.
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Just thinking

February 28, 2020

When out watching the clouds roll by I realized that regardless of
who is the Democrat candidate for president in November it will be
no surprise. And the recent free for alls the media calls debates are
not worth my time either.

It’s why I spend as much time outside as possible. Well that and
there are no calendars out there. I’m a little confused today as I
thought Tuesday was Thursday and from there my week hasn’t gotten
any better.

And I go outside a lot. Watching weeds sway in the breeze, the
clouds float across the sky, or the wild critters darting about help
me keep my sanity. That all makes sense to me. Politics, and the
media coverage, don’t.

While I can make sense out of all nature has to offer I cannot
predict what’s going to happen. That’s the fun part. You just don’t
know what you’ll find until you go out and have a look. Sometimes
there is nothing to see. Other times the wonders are abundant.

So, at least until after the election, I’ll be outside seeing what
there is to be seen. No reruns, no commercials, and no movies that
we’ve seen so many times we know them by heart. Getting some fresh
air doesn’t hurt either.

Can’t say I miss the TV when I’m out or the words of some
person I’ll never meet. Let the dust settle and stay calm. Enjoy
our Friday as before we know it the weekend will be gone. Now for
more coffee.
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Have you ever…

February 24, 2020

gotten a feeling that someone was watching you? Went out yesterday to get some pictures but could find no birds, squirrels, or other critters for a Kodak moment. Didn’t find any but got a feeling that somebody was watching. So looking all around, and finding no peepers, I looked to the sky.

The first clouds seen reminded me of someone winking at me. I took a
couple of shots and looked around some more. While I found no more
faces winking at me the other clouds were impressive also.

It was almost 60 degrees out and enjoying the day was the plan. So
today, although I’ve gotten a lot done, the sky is that gray which
tells me a storm is coming. As always, that confuses the hell of out
me as those who professionally guess what the weather is going to do
are saying rain and then snow.

Now problem there but the forecasts range from 1-2 inches of white
fluffy love from above to 8-12 inches! Guess we’ll do what we always
do in such circumstances, go outside after it snows and see how high
it got.

Was going to post this earlier but our internet, TV, and phone all
decided to take a break at the same time. Just got things back up
so better late than never.

So enjoy our Monday as we can’t change the weather or the day. Now
for some coffee before getting busy again.
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