Squirrely day

January 9, 2019

This is almost another afternoon post but we’ll get back to our
regular schedule soon. Most of the problem lies with my cooking.
I made 5 quarts of au gratin potatoes that looked and smelled so
good the wife and I ate most of it for our late lunch. After the
meal I got lazy and laid down for a nap, slept 2 hours, and then
couldn’t fall back asleep until the wee hours of the morning.

Yesterday after chores were done I went outside to get a few
pictures of birds eating the bird seed only to discover a
squirrel chowing down and another in a nearby tree waiting his
turn. These are the first squirrels I’ve seen since early fall
when they were burying acorns for the winter.

These critters are fun to watch but a little too destructive
for my liking. The two spotted yesterday seemed to be on their
best behavior though and scampered off when they noticed me
standing nearby with my camera. Guess I’ll put out some cracked
corn for the four legged critters along with the bird seed.

And if one looked up yesterday the clouds had an odd look to
them. Some were well defined while others foggy. Not sure what
caused this yet it was interesting to watch. Since I am once
again late with the chores we’ll leave it there.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’ll have to wait a week to see
another one. Now I’m having more coffee before the getting to
the chores.
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Looking up

December 13, 2018

Went out last night to see if my buddy the moon was about but
think I caught him getting ready for bed. As the clouds went by
he looked to be dodging some and dancing with others. It was still
a sight to see.

So I went out again this morning and got the shot above
shortly after sunrise. The clouds were lemony in places mixed
with blue and gray. Don’t know what caused it but I liked the

In another direction a little later I noticed these clouds
that were floating by in formation. Reminded me of boot camp.
Not sure what’s going on with weather but know the clouds keep
things interesting.

We mentioned the meteor shower in an earlier post and tonight
would be a good time to see it. It will be too cloudy here as
it’s supposed to rain, but if you have a clear night where
you’re at it might be worth a look.

Since we’ve warmed up a little here on the east coast of Iowa
we haven’t seen many birds. Hope that changes in the near
future as I like to get pictures of them. If it cools down the
eagles will take to the skies and sightings will be more

Today I have too much to do and not enough time to get it done.
We’ll see how that works out as we stumble through our day. For
now the sun is out and I’m not so something has to change.

Enjoy our Thursday as the start of the weekend is only a dream
away. Now I need some coffee.
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Another strange one

October 2, 2018

Yesterday we thought we should have built an ark. The skies to
the south did not look promising during most of the day. Storms
were predicted but ended up north of our place on the east coast
of Iowa.

The skies to the west sent confusing signals with patches of
deep blue between the clouds. We’ve been through many storms
over the years and many cloudy days yet we didn’t know what to
make of the conflicting clouds.

To the north the outlook didn’t get any better. No thunder or
lightening yet a sight to behold. At noon it looked akin to dusk
when one ventured out and we did so often. There are times when
you can tell that storms were on the way but that wasn’t the case
all day.

Looking east you could tell a jet passed over as the skies in
this direction also told a confusing tale. The clouds hung
around and the humidity was high and still the rain didn’t come.

Even the birds were taking shelter under the leaves. And yet
the rain didn’t come until much later and didn’t amount to much
considering the display God put on in the sky. Since we have rain
chances much of this week it will make yard work an effort to get
things done between the drops.

Today looks to be about the same as yesterday but cooler. We
don’t believe rain is in the forecast today so the lawn mower
may get fired up if things dry out. Oh yeah, it did rain. Just
not the gully washer we thought.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we will as soon as I have more coffee and
a bunch of waffles.
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September 25, 2018

While out taking pictures yesterday it looked like we might get
a good sunset. Not a great one, but a good one. So I ventured
down the block to the lot behind us and got the shot above.

About that time a guy came rushing out of house to the west and
started screaming about me taking pictures of his house. I just
couldn’t figure out what got him worked up so explained that I
was taking pictures of the sunset.

He came out into his yard to see what I was looking at and his
jaw dropped. Then it turned comical when he asked me it this
sunset thing happened very often. He was actually amazed when I
told him it happened almost every night there isn’t heavy cloud

He looked on as I snapped a few more shots then when back into
his house. The funny thing is the front of his house faces west
and has a picture window! Guess he never paid attention or was
too busy playing video games.

Today I went over to visit Dad and had a good visit then came
back home to see the biggest bird I’ve seen up close sitting on
a branch of the oak tree across the alley. Running into our
house I grabbed the camera and got lucky again.

I haven’t uploaded those pictures yet but may share some of
this majestic looking hawk. The bird stayed in the tree for
almost a half hour and some of the pictures should be great.

Yeah, some people say it doesn’t take much to make me happy, but
I have to admit I’m still grinning like a fool. If this keeps up
a lady luck tattoo will go on my bucket list. That way luck would
always be with me.

Enjoy our Tuesday as I have things to do before the rain is
supposed to start and more coffee to drink.
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Great day

September 4, 2018

It was cloudy last night and the sunrise this morning was great.
I just happened to be out with my camera and shot the above pix
from our motel parking lot.

The lady who follows me around and our granddaughter kept tailing
me so I got a picture just in case. For being less than 3 years old
that little girl can walk. I forgot how hard it is to keep up with
an energenic child.

I did get one little unpleasant surprise from Anna after we got
back to our room. It seems she used her crayons to decorate my new
laptop. Since it is crayons I hope it will come off.

Tomorrow we may be heading to Oklahoma City to stop at a few
memorials and see what there is to see. The way things are set up
now our last day in Muskogee should be Friday which means home on
Sunday. And things return to a semblance of normal shortly after

Using the WiFi in our motel feels like we went back to the dial
up modem. We realise we’re not the only people using it yet to call
it slow is a disservice to slow servers. I picked up a half gallon
of passion fruit juice and plan to pretend we’re in the tropics
for the rest of the night.

So enjoy the rest of our Tuesday as it looks to be a good one
here. Now for some passion fruit juice and a sub sandwich.
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A little recap

September 4, 2018

Posts may be sporadic as our motel WiFi leaves a lot to be
desired. I’ve been trying to get this online since yesterday

Even with cloudy skies the trip to the campground went off with
no rain and just a gentle breeze north of Muskogee at Flat Rock
Creek camp. Met up with the wife’s cousin and her husband and we
all had a great time.

We looked across the water to the other shore and noticed this
big pink thing so I snapped a shot. Our son said it was called
a Flamingo float but I thought it strange as it’s about 12 foot

We were surrounded by trees and water yet this little stuck out
as it was the only ‘orange’ one and I had to walk our granddaughter
over to it twice so she could touch it. Then we went back to the
camp site for a pot luck meal.

On the way back we noticed these horses out enjoying the fine
day also. I thought this appropriate as we talked of many things
including horses.

We were nearing Muskogee and we noticed this sad looking caboose
along the side of the highway. While it was peaceful to look at it
brought memories of simpler times.

And finally, we had supper the other evening in this place and I
learned something in the process. I told the waitress I wanted a
cheeseburger and coffee before she scampered off to the kitchen to
get the cook started on the order. A few minutes later she came
back and asked me if I wanted cheese on my cheeseburger!

We were told later that down her some folks here call hamburgers
cheeseburgers. Here I thought the waitress was having a bad day.
Enjoy our Tuesday as we will just as soon as I get some caffeine
in my system.
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Last one

August 28, 2018

Yesterday the sky was doing some interesting things that seem
to highlight different colors and textures. Today, although
late, is this last post before we point the hood in a southerly
direction and start the traveling portion in the vacation of the
lady who follows me around.

Today we are also getting rain which didn’t start until after I
left the doctors’ office. That means my glasses are really clean
but I’m getting tired of drying off once inside. And the visit
with doc went better than I expected.

Doc came in the room and said everything looked great. Blood
work turned out great, my blood pressure was great, my weight
was right where it should be. And I waited for the but…
Sure enough he then listened to lungs and said “your lungs sound

Well that would explain how I can’t seem to get much done. So I
am now on 3 inhalers along with the other medicine. And that’s
the part about getting old nobody tells you about. I rarely took
even an aspirin in my youth yet as I age it appears Big Pharma
can’t live without me.

As mentioned we will head out tomorrow morning and cruise into
Missouri until we feel the need to stop, or get distracted. Then
the next day we’ll make it Muskogee, Oklahoma. Not sure what
we’ll run into but we’ll worry about it when we hit it.

Now I better get this posted as the thunder is as loud as I’ve
ever heard it and we may lose power. Enjoy our Tuesday as we
are. Now I need some coffee and possibly night vision goggles.
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