Just thinking

February 28, 2020

When out watching the clouds roll by I realized that regardless of
who is the Democrat candidate for president in November it will be
no surprise. And the recent free for alls the media calls debates are
not worth my time either.

It’s why I spend as much time outside as possible. Well that and
there are no calendars out there. I’m a little confused today as I
thought Tuesday was Thursday and from there my week hasn’t gotten
any better.

And I go outside a lot. Watching weeds sway in the breeze, the
clouds float across the sky, or the wild critters darting about help
me keep my sanity. That all makes sense to me. Politics, and the
media coverage, don’t.

While I can make sense out of all nature has to offer I cannot
predict what’s going to happen. That’s the fun part. You just don’t
know what you’ll find until you go out and have a look. Sometimes
there is nothing to see. Other times the wonders are abundant.

So, at least until after the election, I’ll be outside seeing what
there is to be seen. No reruns, no commercials, and no movies that
we’ve seen so many times we know them by heart. Getting some fresh
air doesn’t hurt either.

Can’t say I miss the TV when I’m out or the words of some
person I’ll never meet. Let the dust settle and stay calm. Enjoy
our Friday as before we know it the weekend will be gone. Now for
more coffee.
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Have you ever…

February 24, 2020

gotten a feeling that someone was watching you? Went out yesterday to get some pictures but could find no birds, squirrels, or other critters for a Kodak moment. Didn’t find any but got a feeling that somebody was watching. So looking all around, and finding no peepers, I looked to the sky.

The first clouds seen reminded me of someone winking at me. I took a
couple of shots and looked around some more. While I found no more
faces winking at me the other clouds were impressive also.

It was almost 60 degrees out and enjoying the day was the plan. So
today, although I’ve gotten a lot done, the sky is that gray which
tells me a storm is coming. As always, that confuses the hell of out
me as those who professionally guess what the weather is going to do
are saying rain and then snow.

Now problem there but the forecasts range from 1-2 inches of white
fluffy love from above to 8-12 inches! Guess we’ll do what we always
do in such circumstances, go outside after it snows and see how high
it got.

Was going to post this earlier but our internet, TV, and phone all
decided to take a break at the same time. Just got things back up
so better late than never.

So enjoy our Monday as we can’t change the weather or the day. Now
for some coffee before getting busy again.
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Continued distractions

January 3, 2020

Later yesterday we got more pictures of the sky as we thought it was
interesting enough to merit more. Once again, different directions
brought different views and we thought they were all great.

The moon became visible a little before sunset as it tried to get
a good view between the clouds. Couldn’t talk to the man in the moon
as his speech was muffled by the clouds. Another day we’ll talk.

On one the trips outside caught Patches by the water bowl with a
hand in the cookie jar look. Not sure what she did but she looked
guilty. If only they could talk.

Even the sunset was a surprise. Through the trees it was a colorful
sight. We’d get rid of the one tree but it isn’t on our property
and we don’t think the owner has a sense of humor. They’ll be other

We’ve noticed the critters, all but the feral cats, seem to have
gone into hibernation. Since it looks like the white fluffy love
from above is on the way tonight, they may be smarter than we think.

A dusting to a half inch is predicted which mean we could get
any wheres from nothing to a foot. But we’re ready. Have a whole
belly full of soup and a warm coat. Since there’s no way we can
change what is going to happen we’ll be happy with whatever we get.

Getting just a tad old to be getting up in the middle of the night to shovel snow to make it easier to shovel the rest later in the morning. Enjoy the rest of our Fridays before we know it the weekend will be gone.

Now for some more coffee and a break.
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Need some luck

November 25, 2019

Found out yesterday my luck hasn’t changed. Went out several times
with camera in hand hoping to see some feathered friends with no
luck, but did see a bird. After filling my coffee cup I went to the
window in the back door to see a blue jay pecking in the cat food

Did get some pictures though. Looking up at the clouds making all
sorts of patterns against the blue sky I was amazed. It was a sight
to see and as I noted different clouds also realized there wasn’t
enough time in the time to finish the task.

One of the feral cats decided he wanted to play with a nearby
rope and had a great time as a sibling watched. The cat played with
the rope for quite a while before deciding it would be more fun to
wrestle with the other cat.

While that was going on there wasn’t a bird to be seen or a squirrel
scampering anywhere around our neighborhood. Been waiting for my
buddy the hawk to land in the big oak tree across the alley without
much luck as there aren’t any small birds to prey on.

Finally, the wifes mad at me again but that’s nothing new. Told
her about a dream I had where she jumped in her new Hyundai and left me in a motel in Florida. Even though I already knew it she had to tell me she had a Ford Fusion and not a Hyundai.

Enjoy our Monday on this Thanksgiving week as we’re that much
closer to getting all the turkey we want for the entire year. Now
for some coffee and pictures.
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Afternoon addition

October 19, 2019

The moon was out again yesterday and looked magnificent in the
afternoon sky. A sky that started out clear and turned cloudy later.
Even with the clouds trying to hide the moon, it was a sight to see.
We won’t be so lucky today as the clouds have already taken over and
the moon won’t be seen later.

Speaking of clouds, as mentioned they were out in force painting
their designs across the blue sky. Funny, but I don’t remember clouds
looking like this from my childhood. Perhaps because we saw animals
and birds in the clouds back then.

Even saw a MedForce helicopter flying low and heading southeast. It
looked almost as if the clouds parted just enough to let the air
ambulance through. Living less than a mile from the nearest hospital
these things are expected.

Sometimes the noise of the rotors approaching take me back to
time in the Navy. We had a helipad on the stern of our destroyer
and the landings were a sight to see in rough waters.

Even though the critters made themselves scarce it was a lot to take
in. It wasn’t a warm yet it wasn’t cold either. The skies weren’t
clear all day but when they were it was amazing to see. And we’re
sure the critters will available for pictures again soon.

Enjoy our Saturday as we will. After all, we already had cheeseburgers
and potato chips for lunch and it doesn’t get much better than that.
Now I need some coffee before getting a few things done.
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Little talk

October 14, 2019

Over the weekend the Harvest Full Moon appeared and looked full all weekend. We’ve already posted Fridays moon and here now is Saturdays. We would show Sundays but clouds kept the moon from coming out to play.

So I was glad for the talk with the man in moon on Saturday. Here on the east coast of Iowa the temperatures have dropped into the basement at night and we’ve had frost warnings. That could be why the critters are hard to find.

The man in moon claimed he liked nights like Saturdays as the sky was
so inky black he felt he stood out and shined brighter. Couldn’t argue
with him there. That night reminded of some nights at sea when with
just the light of the moon it seemed liked you could see every detail
around you.

The caps on the waves would glow in the dark much like the water
churned up by the props and the gentle rocking of the ship changed
your view slightly.

The wife worked over the weekend and claimed she didn’t know there was a full moon until she got to work. She claims people act different when there is a full moon yet I think some people act different all the time. We will have more pictures just as soon as the critters get used to the change in the weather and stay out longer or I find something else to get a shot of.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for more coffee and some pizza rolls.
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Why is it?

October 5, 2019

In the late afternoon the moon popped out between the clouds and could be seen from time to time when then clouds moved on. The man in the moon looked happy with the arrangement so who am I to judge. After a short chat I got back to work.

I’ve started trimming the hedges which has been needed for a while
and as happens the neighbors had to come out for a look. Four people
from the house next door came out, one at a time, and all asked if I
was trimming the hedges.

That made me wonder why people always ask the obvious. I could have come back with some snappy reply but bit my tongue and said that I was indeed trimming the hedges. It just seemed easier.

With all the recent rainfall the hostas bloomed so I took a picture just in case someone thought I was joking. But it’s no joke and the blooms brought some color to the sea of green that is the hostas on the one side of the house.

Yesterday morning the wife and I were talking about how we haven’t
seen any pelicans this year but when I went outside a little later
this lone pelican was headed southeast at a pretty good clip. The
wife said she heard that pesticide use had altered their migration
paths and that could be as we usually see more than we have this

Later as the sun set I watched, and got a picture, of the sky as
the sun sunk below the horizon. It was not as dramatic as the day
before but still colorful. The fall chill made it even more special
as there were no clouds to the east.

Now I have another day of trimming to get the hedges where I want
them, if the rain holds off. Enjoy our Saturday as it looks to be a
near perfect day here. Now for more coffee.
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