A short rant before pictures

November 16, 2017

Before we start this post we want to report that companies
have given a new meaning to ‘customer service’. We’ve been
having some issues with our local paper and thought that
department was the one to call to get things resolved. Wrong!

For 23 years we have been getting this paper delivered, on
our front porch, between 4:30 to 6:30 am. We’re early risers
and like to read the morning news in the morning. Yesterday it
didn’t get here until 8:30 am and this morning we’re still

So the wife called the aforementioned ‘customer service’ only
to be told that the paper hasn’t been on the porch because we
have a dog on the porch. News to us as we haven’t had a dog in
over 20 years! When the wife mentioned this fact the talking
head on the other end of the line stated the paper has a new
policy and will not put the paper on the porch anymore for the
carriers safety. This imaginary dog must look mean.

Although we have been happy with the service, until recently,
we are going to cancel our subscription. If we can’t read
yesterday’s news, in today’s paper, before noon, we don’t want
it. We will no longer be getting the newspaper or buying it off
the newsstand. And now, on to the post.

It would seem I have been fixated on pictures of the feral
kittens and haven’t posted any pictures of the other critters
lately. This should fix the problem. First up is a cardinal
trying to keep warm in the breeze.

The bushes held a couple surprises recently and we’ll that one
with you.

This little guy also looked cold, but ready for winter.

The sky even got into the act and grabbed our attention.

And a black squirrel got on top of the neighbor’s roof then
couldn’t decide what to do. He finally scampered over the top
and down the other side.

Another cardinal was on another branch looking like he had ate
enough to get him through the winter. He could fly, but he sure
was pudgy.

And finally, a bird using our lopsided bird feeder.

That’s a few of the non-feline critters that have crossed our
path in the last few days. Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend
will be here before we know it.
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Thinking back

October 12, 2017

I just got the wife off to work and noticed it started to
drizzle. You know how that goes, not a hard enough rain to get
soaked yet sets a chill in your bones. But Autumn is here with
the leaves changing color, the drop in temperature, and the
steely gray skies.

Christmas displays are starting to pop up and the Holloween
candy is overflowing the aisles. On the east coast of Iowa that
means time to get the snow removal gear in order. Depending on
who one listens to we will either have a dry mild winter or
a cold snowy one.

This is also the time of year that shifts my mind into over-
drive and it moves faster than my fingers can type. We’ll try
to keep up. We’re entering the season when comfort food seems
more important than any other and the holidays start coming.
At least since I retired they let me sit at the adult table.

It shouldn’t be long before the migratory birds start heading
south to their winter homes along with folks who love the area
more than they like our winters. They usually come back once
it warms again.

And this time of year reminds me of days on the farm when the
chores came before anything else and TV was a luxury. If we
watched and hour of TV in one sitting, it was a holiday. And as
I joke with our youngest, the TV had living black and white.
When color TVs became affordable we’d adjust the rabbit ears
until we marvelled at how life like the shows had become.

Now, I’m out of coffee and the leftover pizza along with the
doughnut holes on the table are calling for me. Enjoy our
Thursday. Before we know it the weekend will be here.
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Here we go again

October 1, 2017

I had good intentions of doing an early post until reality
hit. Slept in only to realize the cupboard was bare, not even a
Snicker’s bar to found anywhere. On the plus side, we have
enough coffee to last us for another month.

After the cruise to the grocery store to stock up on all that
we didn’t have and coming back to unload it, I was told we were
taking a cruise to my mother-in-laws place. Not a problem, got
her tablet up and running while killing a wasp that somehow
managed to get inside her apartment.

Accomplishing that, and after a short visit we were headed
back home, or so I thought. The lady that follows me around
decided we should stop and eat before heading home. And now we
are finally back home for the day. So I thought this a good
time to share some pictures.

One of the feral kittens let me know he didn’t appreciate me
not telling someone to feed them while we were gone. He kept
his distance, even after I put out fresh food and water.

As we were headed home from our trip the skies over Nebraska
seemed to all be laying down. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Critters were out in force on the cruise home so we’ll share a
few of them. We saw some good looking horses along the way.

As we were cruising down the highway of life I noticed a herd
of animals ahead and alerted the wife. When asked what they
were I replied they were mutant horses who survived a nuclear
blast. As we got closer I noticed my mistake. I believe they
are Alpacas.

Then we came upon a horse who looked like he lived in heaven.

Almost immediately after entering entering western Iowa we
saw a sight we never grow tired of. High corn with a cloud
filled sky for a back drop.

After crossing the bridge spanning the Missouri river into
western Iowa on I-80 you find this overpass, complete with
statuary, as you enter Sioux City.

Not sure if I like the art but it does make you think. And
finally, the wind turbines. In Iowa it seems like we just as
many of these as we have cornfields.

That’s a little of our past few days and after uploading the
pictures from my flash drive we’ll share more. Hope you are
having a great Sunday as we are recovering from vacation.
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Picture Thursday

September 8, 2017

Thought we’d share some pictures taken this week, and yes we
know it’s Friday. We just liked the sound of the title as is.
The other evening after a day filled with haze from the smoke
of all the wildfires passing over us the moon took on a strange

The following day the haze cleared and the critters were in a
show off mode. The feral cats stopped and posed for the camera,
butterflies stayed still long enough for a shot, bees were
buzzing, and we had more birds than you could shake a stick at.

And the church 3 blocks away is getting more work done than
first thought. As someone who used to erect scaffolding I can
only imagine the work involved in getting things this high.
The top of cross sits 256 feet above ground level.

The sunsets haven’t been bad either. Even though due to the
change of seasons the sunset moved just enough to put the pole
and wires in the middle, it was still something to see.

As always, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.
That’s a sample of the critters seen, the moon watched, and
a sunset enjoyed. We hope you like them too. Enjoy our
Friday, it’s looking to be a good here on the east coast of
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No news for me

September 5, 2017

We do live in interesting times. And it seems odd to us that
at a time when we have over 1.1 million acres of forests on
fire out west, southern Texas recovering from a hurricane,
daily shootings in Chicago that rival war zone statistics, and
a law makers who can’t make any laws, the headlines we see are
how the first lady wore a heavenly dress paired with shoes made
by the devil to religious services yesterday.

Nothing about how understaffed and overworked the wildfire
firefighters are, no solutions to end the carnage in Chicago,
and no legislator saying ‘let’s do what’s right for America’.
There is something wrong with that picture.

The National Interagency Fire Center lists 78 large incidents
across 7 states as of yesterday. These can be anything from
fires to hurricane relief and the incidents are listed on the
map below. Click on the map to enlarge it.

Chicago has had 2,587 people shot so far this year that
resulted in 480 deaths. That breaks down to one person getting
shot every 2 minutes 18 seconds and one person shot and killed
every 12 hours 21 minutes.

Here on the east coast of Iowa we lost the sun at around 3 pm
yesterday and the sky turned yellow. Later, when the moon was
able to be seen, it looked almost blood red. We were told it
was because of the smoke from the wildfires out west while the
temperature outside dropped around 15 degrees.

Until such time as the media takes its responsibility seriously
I will no longer watch any news programs. I see it as a waste
of time and think instead of being uninformed, listening to the
media would leave me misinformed.

Enjoy our first tuesday of fall. Now I need to get another
gallon of coffee in me to get ready for sunrise and todays
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Looking and seeing

August 28, 2017

It’s funny what you can see if you just look around. Some may
not even notice what’s going on around them, but we do. So here
are a few pictures of things we’ve noticed in the last few days.

Until recently we didn’t know that birds fed other birds. We
knew it happened in the nest but once the little ones started
flying we thought they were on their own.

We also noticed a problem with male cardinals this year. We
have some who seem to have lost the feathers on their head. It
makes one wonder that if that cardinals are a sign a loved one
in heaven is thinking of us, does this mean they’re having a

Other winged critters have been abundant this year also. Not
sure what kind of butterfly this is, but he kept busy.

There are times when a picture is better. How could you
explain what these two looked like? I knew mere words wouldn’t
do them justice.

The bees have busy although these we give a wide berth as
we’re both allergic to stings. Yet somehow when you get a bit
closer they are magnificent creatures.

We also have some feral cats that live somewhere on the lot
behind ours. Mama had kittens and the look on the first face
is the reason we set out food and water at the end of the

Even the sky has been a work of art. The clouds that
surrounded the church steeple 3 blocks south of our back door
were a sight to behold.

Now that we’ve bored you to tears, we’ll finish this as I have
things to do and sights to see. Enjoy our monday. It’s here so
we may as well enjoy it.
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Of zombie cardinals and the eclipse

August 22, 2017

Since we didn’t have the special glasses and another idea
didn’t work, yesterday was just another day. I kept waiting for
the magical moment when day would turn into night and critters
to put on a variety show. And while things went from a light
gray to a darker gray I didn’t see what all the hoopla was all

I thought of grabbing my welding helmet and watching through
that until the wife reminded me that the neighbors already
think I’m crazy and would hide their children for the day.

At the time the eclipse was going on and people were gathered
with their special glasses to watch the event I looked
elsewhere. The first odd thing I saw was the zombie cardinal.

Instead of looking straight up I glanced to the west just as
a plane was taking passengers into the clouds. It did make for
an interesting sky.

And it did get darker.

Critters did behave different than on other days as I got
closer to some and they were more than willing to pose instead
of scampering off or flying off.

I thought the best show of the day came around a sunset that
had strange cloud formations combined with smoke from the many
fires out west and some amber from the setting sun.

So even though I didn’t see the eclipse, I don’t feel cheated.
Once again the beauty was all around us. Now I need a coffee
IV and a bite to eat. Enjoy our Tuesday.
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