Lucky days

April 24, 2018

Since I’m outside a lot and I usually have a camera around
somewhere, I get some pictures. My usual response when a friend
comments on a picture is that I got lucky and they reply that I
must get lucky a lot.

Case in point happened at sundown yesterday when I went back
out with the camera and witnessed the sunset. Earlier it had
clouded up and you could barely make out the sun in the sky but
there are times when clouds make a sunset interesting.

And the clouds did add something to the sunset. If you looked
to the west you were not disappointed. The sunset lasted long
enough that I could move around just enough to get some shots
I was happy with and not leave the neighborhood.

Since I was happy with the sunset pics a trip out later got
us a nice shot of the moon. When you see sights like these it
makes the midnight pizza taste even better. And after a visit
with Dad I’ve been out again but haven’t uploaded the pictures
taken yet but I should luck out on a couple of them

Enjoy our Tuesday as the local doughnut shop was open this
morning and a few doughnuts put a smile on my face that hasn’t
faded yet. Now I need more coffee to wash down the Snicker’s I
just had.
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Today’s photo update

April 10, 2018

The sun was playing hide and seek in the clouds when I left
this morning to visit the Antique Farmer but has cleared up to
brighten our day. The weather guessers predicted mostly cloudy
for this morning.

I finally managed to get a picture of our elusive blue jay. If
this guy even sees a camera he usually flies off faster than I
can focus. Today he must have been hungry as I managed to get a
few shots.

The Alpha feral cat was watching the birds and calculating his
odds of getting one. He finally just gave up, laid down, and had
a nap. This struck me as odd as he is the ornery one of the

Later the clouds parted just enough to notice it was daytime
outside yet it didn’t look to me like the partly cloudy skies
we were predicted to have this afternoon. We’ll take what we
can get as tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer.

And as I glanced at a newscast on TV last night I noticed the
big headed kid, and self-proclaimed gun expert, was no longer
getting air time. Evidently we weren’t the only ones not buying
the bull he was shipping. I could go on but do not want to
depress everyone.

So enjoy our Tuesday as that means the working folk are closer
to getting a few days off. Now for more coffee and just a
couple pieces of salt water taffy before supper.
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A look at a new day

March 26, 2018

After shoveling snow over the weekend and watching the race I
went back outside just in time for sunset. Once again the sky
looked to be on fire when glanced through the trees.

I also noticed the moon above when I turned around and thought
to get a picture of it too. Made it seem the perfect evening
with the exception of the wife telling me to stop tracking in
all the snow still on the ground.

Waking up I noticed the church highlighted with the eastern
sunrise and knew it was going to be another great day. We’re
almost used to the bells going off at all hours and now try to
figure out what tune the bells are playing.

While walking around I spied a squirrel up in the bushes and
wondered what turned him into a climber. He seemed to be on
high alert yet still looked strange nestled halfway up the

The reason became apparent when I spotted the creature below
eyeing him like I do a good steak. Even though we do feed these
cats they do like the hunt. It turned out alright as the bushy
tailed squirrel got a head start and the cat gave up.

So when the chores are done it’s back outside to see what can
be seen. I have a feeling that will involve the camera, a quick
glance around for posing critters, and keeping an eye on the

Yup, it’s going to be another great day on the east coast of
Iowa, even with the rain we’ll get later. Enjoy the pictures
and our Monday as I know we will. Now for more coffee and a
Snicker’s to have the energy to finish said chores.
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Just some pictures

March 9, 2018

Knowing the wife was working later I got early today anyway and
am glad I did. Even after sunrise the sky was amazing. So here
are a few pictures of it.

Another thing noticed was although we’re warming up a bit here
our feathered friends aren’t sharing the love. Could have
something to do with the feral cats getting older or perhaps
the birds are waiting for just a bit more warmth. Whatever the
cause they’re making themselves scarce. Since we did manage to
get some pictures of the birds we’ll share a few of those.

If this warming trend picks up we could be in the 50s around
Wednesday. And we spring forward this weekend to welcome
Daylight Savings Time even though I’m not a big fan. What’s
wrong with just leaving things as they are without the two time
changes a year?

Finally, I dreamed of being on a ship at sea again and am not
sure if that means I didn’t stay in long enough, stayed too long,
or if it means anything. But I did still have my sea legs in said

So enjoy our Friday as it will seem like a couple days have
gone by and Monday will be here. Now I need some coffee and one
of the boxes of animal crackers we picked up today.
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Counting down

January 30, 2018

We’ve been waiting for the lunar eclipse that we probably won’t
be able to see anyway. On the cruise over to visit Dad this
morning it was cloudy, when outside to photograph critters it
was cloudy, and when I went out to see if there was going to be
a sunset it was cloudier.

The guy who throws darts at the weather map on TV assured us
during the local news it would remain cloudy through Thursday
evening. According to him we could even see a little snow before
we see the sun, moon, and stars again.

I’m going to try and get a picture of the full moon including
the eclipse. At the moment it isn’t looking favorable for that
to happen but I’ll get up early tomorrow to see if I can see
anything besides gray clouds. If outside long enough and I get
lucky we will have a picture.

If not, I read somewhere NASA is going to do a live video of
the rare occurrence and that should be online to watch. There are
always options. Perhaps if it stays too cloudy to catch the
eclipse I could get some shots of the clouds.

So if it’s clear where you live in the morning and you’re up
early, try to catch the eclipse. We won’t see another blue moon,
super moon, total eclipse again in our lifetime. Enjoy our
Tuesday. It’s the last day of January and the Eve of February.
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A short rant before pictures

November 16, 2017

Before we start this post we want to report that companies
have given a new meaning to ‘customer service’. We’ve been
having some issues with our local paper and thought that
department was the one to call to get things resolved. Wrong!

For 23 years we have been getting this paper delivered, on
our front porch, between 4:30 to 6:30 am. We’re early risers
and like to read the morning news in the morning. Yesterday it
didn’t get here until 8:30 am and this morning we’re still

So the wife called the aforementioned ‘customer service’ only
to be told that the paper hasn’t been on the porch because we
have a dog on the porch. News to us as we haven’t had a dog in
over 20 years! When the wife mentioned this fact the talking
head on the other end of the line stated the paper has a new
policy and will not put the paper on the porch anymore for the
carriers safety. This imaginary dog must look mean.

Although we have been happy with the service, until recently,
we are going to cancel our subscription. If we can’t read
yesterday’s news, in today’s paper, before noon, we don’t want
it. We will no longer be getting the newspaper or buying it off
the newsstand. And now, on to the post.

It would seem I have been fixated on pictures of the feral
kittens and haven’t posted any pictures of the other critters
lately. This should fix the problem. First up is a cardinal
trying to keep warm in the breeze.

The bushes held a couple surprises recently and we’ll that one
with you.

This little guy also looked cold, but ready for winter.

The sky even got into the act and grabbed our attention.

And a black squirrel got on top of the neighbor’s roof then
couldn’t decide what to do. He finally scampered over the top
and down the other side.

Another cardinal was on another branch looking like he had ate
enough to get him through the winter. He could fly, but he sure
was pudgy.

And finally, a bird using our lopsided bird feeder.

That’s a few of the non-feline critters that have crossed our
path in the last few days. Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend
will be here before we know it.
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Thinking back

October 12, 2017

I just got the wife off to work and noticed it started to
drizzle. You know how that goes, not a hard enough rain to get
soaked yet sets a chill in your bones. But Autumn is here with
the leaves changing color, the drop in temperature, and the
steely gray skies.

Christmas displays are starting to pop up and the Holloween
candy is overflowing the aisles. On the east coast of Iowa that
means time to get the snow removal gear in order. Depending on
who one listens to we will either have a dry mild winter or
a cold snowy one.

This is also the time of year that shifts my mind into over-
drive and it moves faster than my fingers can type. We’ll try
to keep up. We’re entering the season when comfort food seems
more important than any other and the holidays start coming.
At least since I retired they let me sit at the adult table.

It shouldn’t be long before the migratory birds start heading
south to their winter homes along with folks who love the area
more than they like our winters. They usually come back once
it warms again.

And this time of year reminds me of days on the farm when the
chores came before anything else and TV was a luxury. If we
watched and hour of TV in one sitting, it was a holiday. And as
I joke with our youngest, the TV had living black and white.
When color TVs became affordable we’d adjust the rabbit ears
until we marvelled at how life like the shows had become.

Now, I’m out of coffee and the leftover pizza along with the
doughnut holes on the table are calling for me. Enjoy our
Thursday. Before we know it the weekend will be here.
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