Numbers game

July 25, 2015


If one listens to the little men in Washington,
D.C., the media, or the global warming crowd, we
are in the midst of a mpg bliss and the climate loves
it. Cars are getting better and better mileage even
using ethanol.

But do the facts really support the rhetoric? To
those who believe the government would never lie to
us this may come as a shock so we’ll try to
explain. We are going to use Ford as the example
because we have the figures.

Ford produced the Model T from 1908 to 1927 with
4 cylinder engines and manual transmissions. When
the first T’s were built they weighed about 1,200
pounds and got between 13-21 mpg running gasoline,
kerosene, and ethanol made of hemp. In 1909 a
Ford touring car sold for $850 or $21,700
in 2015 dollars.

Fast forward to 2015 and the Ford Taurus. This car
has an EcoBoost 4 cylinder engine with a 6 speed
automatic as standard equipment and optional V-6
engines with a 6 speed automatic, and weigh 4,054
pounds. List price starts at $27,055 with an
estimated combined 25 mpg running regular unleaded
gas. So much for great strides in the fuel economy
department over 107 years.

But we have fuel economy standards you may say and
by 2025 all cars and trucks sold will have to
average 54.5 mpg. In reality these vehicles may
see a 35 mpg average. Why you may ask? It is
because of how ‘official’ gas mileage is measured.

The official average mpg isn’t a stop and go
traffic real world test but more like a treadmill.
Add in credits the governments allows the auto
makers and on paper a big SUV can state 31 mpg.
Once you drive it we believe your mileage would
definitely vary.

Granted, huge strides have been made in the
comfort department and cars now have side windows,
automatic transmissions, air conditioning and other
luxuries. We just don’t believe anyone can honestly
say great strides have been made in fuel economy.
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Events, diversions, and news

July 24, 2015

The weekend is here and this one is a little more
hectic than most so we’ll look around and see what
is happening, what will happen, and throw in some
news and diversions at no extra cost.

Here on the east coast of Iowa we have the Bix7
race, the RAGBRAI (bicycle) race, the street fest,
a cruise-in or two, and much more going on. So, in
no particular order here is the low down.

In racing news, for the second time in two years
speed week on the salt flats has been cancelled.
Most of the flats were either wet or wet and muddy.
If things dry out races may be held later.

Doug Nash, drag racing icon and creator of the
Doug Nash 5-speed racing transmission died. He was

There are too many events to list them all but
here are a few that caught our eye.

Today through Sunday is the Mecum Auction in
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania AND, the Goodguys 28th
Wesco Autobody Supply Pacific Northwest Nationals
held at the Washington State Fair Event Center in
Puyallup, Washington.

Saturday, July 25th there will be a Classic Car
Cruise-In at NorthPark Mall in Davenport, Iowa
that starts at 4 pm presented by the Vietnam
Veterans of America Chapter 776. All proceeds from
this show will go to the Veterans.

Also Saturday is the Pecatonica Cars on Main show
held downtown in Pecatonica, Illinois. This event
runs from 9 am to 3 pm.

And Saturday is also the 5th Annual Car X Car Show
at their store at 2720 Devils Glen Road in
Bettendorf, Iowa.

Everything old is new again. Did you know the
first Ford Model T was built to on hemp? This 2
minute video gives the history of of Ford’s hemp
powered car that was also made with hemp.

If you haven’t seen enough lead sleds around the
following is from the KKOA (Kustom Kemps of
America) event in Ohio from 1991.

Like camping? Feel the need for a camper that can
double as a boat? This might be what you need.

I just needed to watch an old Avery steam
tractor in action. I guess you can’t take the
country out of the boy.

Will all the racial discord in our country here is
an oldie from 1972 you may remember.

That concludes this list of diversions, time
wasters, and useless information. Enjoy your
weekend and keep the shiny side up.
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Weekend diversions

July 17, 2015

Heat indexes should go the way of the buggy whip.
When it is 90+ degrees out with 70%*+ humidity, I
know its hot. Nobody wants to hear the heat index
is 107!

And with that out of the way we turn to things
mechanical and fun to look at. Here are a few
events and whatever starts our engines.

Ongoing through Saturday is the Two-cylinder Expo
XXV in Waterloo, Iowa and the Corvette Homecoming
in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Saturday, July 18 the following events are going

The Rollin’ in the Oldies Cruise-In will be held
at NorthPark Mall in Davenport, Iowa. Hosted by the
River Valley Classics this event has a suggested
$2 spectator fee. If we remember correctly this one
spot lights the 55′ Chevy. Starts at 5 pm.

The Vintage Cruisers of SE Iowa Car Show will be
at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa, Iowa.

The 16th Annual Chief Wapello Days Car Show will
be in Wapello, Iowa.

The 1st Annual “Big M” Mopar Car Show will be in
Pontiac, Illinois.

And the Walcott Day Car Show will be in Victory
Park in Walcott, Iowa.

Then did you wonder what would happen if you
stuffed a blown V-8 into a VW Golf and turned it
into a pulling machine how it would do? Well here’s
your answer.

Since we’re in a good mood we chose a movie from
1978. Yes, we’re talking ‘Animal House’.

For our melody of the moment we’ll go with Ray
Stevens and ‘You Didn’t Build That’.

So now you know its hot here, where the local car
events are, watched a movie, and heard Ray Stevens.
Our job here is done, time for a pizza.
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Weekend update

July 9, 2015


In case you hadn’t heard, our enemy has been
captured and the war won. This healthy looking
critter is no longer inhabiting our abode and was
last seen running through the grass to get away
from me. That litter bugger could run.

Now for a few events involving mechanical marvels.

Today through July 11th is the 36th Annual
Truckers Jamboree held at the I-80 Truck Stop in
Walcott, Iowa. This event is free for spectators
and for more information go here.


Saturday, July 11 is the 17th Annual Low Moor
Lions Club Car Show on 3rd Avenue in Low Moor,
Iowa. Registration is 9 am to noon, judging from
noon to 1:30 pm, and Awards at 3 pm.

Also Saturday, July 11 is the Eldridge Summer
Festival Car Show from noon to 3:30 pm in Eldridge,
Iowa. For more information call 563-285-5115.

Instead of a movie, here is a video about Hot
Rods of the 1950s filmed at the drag racing
nationals in Detroit.

We’ll even share a song! With the kind of week
I’ve been having Bobby Bare came to mind. So turn
up the speakers and listen to “Drop Kick Me Jesus
Through the Goal Posts of Life”.

So we cruised from a raccoon to the goal posts of
life. We hope you enjoyed the ride.
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Last lap

July 6, 2015

If you didn’t watch the Coke Zero 400 last night
or haven’t seen the footage of the last lap, here
it is.

Just as Dale Jr. was announced the winner the
cars behind him started bouncing off each other
like they were in a pinball machine and one even
took flight. Austin Dillon got hit, flew over two
lanes of race cars, hit the safety fence and then
he found out what it was like to go from around
200 mph to zero in the blink of an eye.

Dillion walked away from the crash but the car will
never be the same. I had to watch this a few times
just to believe it and I saw the race live last
night. Next time I think I’ll wait for the video.
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The weekend odds and ends

July 3, 2015


I lost a wrench about 3 years ago and have been
looking for it ever since. It was only an open end,
but it was a Snap-On. Once again it has been
scientifically proven that you will find what you
have lost in the last place you look.

Please enjoy Independence Day. We hope everyone
remembers it commemorates our adoption of the
Declaration of Independence to achieve freedom from
British rule.

Ongoing through Sunday is the Goodguys 24th Annual
Heartland Nationals held at the Iowa State
Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa.

Tomorrow, July 4th is the Buffalo Days Car Show
held at City Park in Buffalo, Iowa. Show runs from
8 am to 3 pm.

Saturday, July 4th is the Chad Sarver Memorial Car
Show held on Jackson Street in Walnut, Illinois
from 7 am to 1 pm.

Sunday, July 5 is the Jonas Levi Fultz Memorial
Cruise in the Kable News parking lot in Mount
Morris, Illinois. Hours are 3-7 pm with a cruise
through the town at 6 pm.

For those who wonder what the future of our TV
network shows will look like, we present the
following video. The Politically Correct Dukes of

For those of us who enjoy anything that makes
noise and moves this video show an art deco
streamlined steam locomotive in motion.

For music we again turn to Jerry Jeff Walker and
a ditty to get your toes tapping.

The movie at this weeks drive-in theater of the
information highway is “The Blue Yonder”. A Disney
film from the vintage year of 1985.

And that concludes our weekend update, mention of
the miscellaneous, and a few diversions. Enjoy the
weekend and the 4th.
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A thank you and the bag

July 1, 2015

We’d like to thank all those who stop by this blog
and the 1,000 followers. Sometimes we look at the
stat page and are humbled. Not in our wildest
dreams did we think this day would come.
Thank you.

And now, the bag.



When the wife and others look at the bag I put my
laptop in they see a canvas bag with a snazzy logo.
I see something completely different.

I see a beautiful summer day and a gold roadster
with still tacky paint the owner asks us to leave
our hand prints on. I see the same roadster with a
W-block in it with a chain running from the engine
to the frame rail in an old-school attempt to tame
the torque.

I see a roadster pickup with a quick change read-
end that the owner proudly tells us is actually
wood he machined and painted to look like aluminum.
I see bed pans used as air cleaners, pin stripers,
old friends and good music.

When the Flying Eyeball car show first came to
town these bags were the goody bags and we have two
from two different shows. And when I look at the
bags I see all that plus more. It is indeed a show
where the kustom kulture meets the old school.

Some of the cars are gone, some of the friends
have passed away, but the memories will be there as
long as I’m here. Yes, it’s only a bag, but it’s
my bag. We wish you fond memories.
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