Just a few things

August 28, 2015


I knew the weekend was getting closer when I went
to bed at midnight and woke up promptly at 3:38 am.
Since said weekend will begin in a matter of hours
we’ll list some events and whatever is rattling
around our brain case.

In an earlier post called “Help make her day” we
added a link to her new GoFundMe page in the event
you would like to donate. The haters got on the
Facebook page which caused her mother to remove the
old page but after some thought a new one was

Some car events are happening and we will again
list a few here.

Friday, August 28 is the Classy Chassy Cruisers
Cruise In held at Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville,
Iowa. For more information call 319-331=6108.

Saturday, August 29 is the Jesus Built My Hot Rod
Car Show at the New Life Assembly of God Church in
Janesville, Wisconsin. Call 608-931=1823.

Saturday is also the Route 66 Car Show held in
Berwyn, Illinois.

If drag racing is your thing, the 62nd O’Reilly
Auto Parts World Series of Drag Racing starts
tonight and runs through Sunday at Cordova Dragway
in Cordova, Illinois.

Saturday and Sunday are Farm Days in the Village
held in the Village of East Davenport. Plenty of
antique tractors, a petting zoo, tractor and wagon
rides, and much more. This event is free to the
public and starts at 10 am both days.

In the something different department is this
video about the Pearl Harbor P-40 boys. I have a
fondness for Pearl and this is a good documentary.

Something newer is this timelapse video of a U.S.
aircraft carrier crossing the Suez Canal for the
first time.

Since we haven’t heard this song in a while, we
will share it you. It has a slideshow too.

Another song that brings back memories and has a
great slide show is Queen of the Hop.

We’ll stop here to go get groceries so I have
pizza later and you can go about your daily
routine. Please don’t drive faster than your
guardian angel can fly.
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Events, technology, and a song

August 21, 2015

Better late than never here are some events,
videos, and distractions. This time of year events
are plentiful so we’ll mention some that caught our
eye and go from there.

Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22 is the
World Fuel Altered Nationals held at the Eddyville

Tonight, Friday, August 21 is the Jefferson Street
Cruise/ Toys For Tots Night in Burlington, Iowa.

Saturday, August 22 is the River-2-River Car Show
& Swap Meet at the Lowe’s parking lot in Galesburg,
Illinois. Call 309-337-1967 for more information.

Sunday, August 23 is Mopars on the Mississippi at
the Dubuque County Fairgrounds in Dubuque, Iowa. It
is open to all makes. For more information call

If you don’t hate America and don’t want the
terrorists to win you should watch this short video
about modifying your truck.

From 2012 is this video we can’t get enough of.
Nature at its best.

Is NASA going to lead the way for electric
vehicles? Their new prototype is getting attention.

While we’re talking technology, have you heard VW
is going to start selling 3-wheeled fold-able
Segway like scooters?


Rumor is they will go on sale in 2016 and to learn
more go to Car and Driver for the story.

Our song to share comes from Norway’s Got Talent
2014 and her rendition of “What a Difference a Day
Make’. This 8 year old did a great job.

So enjoy the weekend and keep the shiny side up.
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Air under the tires

August 16, 2015

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to wheelies
lately. Also called wheelstands by some and a huge
rush to those of us who pulled them. Wheelies can
be done on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, race cars,
and pulling tractors, and any vehicle with enough

Some believe the first wheelie was done in 1890 by
bicyclist Daniel J. Canary. The longest wheelie on
record is 145 miles rode by Doug “The Wheelie King”
Domokos. It had even been said that wheelies played
a part in World War II. The first photograph of a
car wheelie dates back to 1936. The photo below is
titled “American Legion in Cleveland”.


Tractor wheelies were a bit different. Here is an
old traction engine (steam) tractor that pulls a
wheelie near the end of this short video.

And here is a little newer model, a John Deere B.

A vehicle called the Little Red Wagon really put
wheelies on the map.

This video will show a variety of wheelstanders we
remember well.

For the record, this whole idea got stuck in head
after a friend asked me if I was going to build
another Model A that could do wheelies. When I
built the one he referred to I was young and
indestructible and 40+ years later I am not. There
may be another Hemi-powered A in my future but it
won’t pop wheelies.
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Going to plan B

August 15, 2015

The wife and I cruised over to the fairgrounds to
see how the Flying Eyeball Reunion had progressed
since our last visit. It brought to mind the old
adage ‘the more things change the more they stay
the same’.

When we left it would be a stretch to say there
were 50 show vehicles and 10 spectator cars on the
grounds. The first Reunion was an event to
remember but this one reminded us why we have not
attended for a few years.

I did take a few pictures, but when I went to put
them on the computer a glitch deleted all five. So
we go to plan B.


When I was still a pre-teen my brother and myself
were in the hayloft of the barn. Of course we went
up there because we told not to. And as happens I
ended up a country doctor’s office with a pitchfork
stuck through my foot.

We got a little over zealous and my brother went
to get more hay and the pitchfork went all the way
through my foot and stuck said foot to the floor
boards of the hayloft.

My brother scampered down the ladder to get help
and dad climbed up, got me unstuck, and got me on
solid ground. It wasn’t easy getting me into the
car with my new appendage but we managed and sped
off to nearest doctor one town away.

The old doctor looked things over, checked for
broken bones, and told me bite down on a hunk of
leather he had handed me. The instant he saw I had
bit down on the strap he grabbed my foot in one hand
and pitchfork in the other and separated the two.

He then cleaned up the wound and wrapped it like
a mummy foot. No damage was done to bone, muscle
or any blood vessels but I was told I would need
crutches. We could buy some but Dad couldn’t see
the expense for a one use item.

I hopped around on one good foot until Dad come
up with a solution. He did some measuring to assure
his “crutch” would be the right length and went off
in search of crutch making materials. He came up
with a 1×2 piece of lumber with a hole in the top
and in that he inserted a paint roller.

While it did the job, to this day I can’t figure out
why he painted the 1×2 pink.
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A little bit of everything

August 14, 2015

The weekend rushed up on us but we’re not
complaining. Once again the weather forecast is for
sunny skies for the weekend so in preparation we
present the following events, videos, opinions,
and/or worthless facts.

Saturday, August 15th is the Flying Eyeball
Reunion held at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds
and will run from 9 am to 4 pm.

Also Saturday is the Rollin’ In The Oldies Cruise
In held at NorthPark Mall in Davenport, Iowa. This
event is hosted by the River Valley Classics Car
Club and starts at 5 pm.

Sunday, August 16th is the Benefit For Joshua
Lofquist Car Show at Dahl Ford, 1310 E. Kimberly
Road in Davenport, Iowa hosted by the Quad Citites
Mustang Club and Dahl Ford. Hours are 11 am to 3 pm.

This is also the weekend for the Goodguys 14th
Great Northwest Nationals in Spokane, Washington,
the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green,
Kentucky, and the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit.

When I first heard of this 23′ T bucket with a
Detroit diesel in it I wasn’t sure what to think.
After seeing it scoot down the road I like it.

Since there are strange vehicles out there and
somehow the videos hone in on my computer here is a
really different Russian snowmobile from the 50’s.

Remember the Drive-In Movies? I can almost smell
the popcorn thinking about it, but a big part of
any drive-in experience was the ads and PSAs.

After the movie we had to eat so we’d head to
a Drive-In restaurant.

And if there was room to sit inside, Frankie Valli
would probably be on the jukebox.

After that cruise down memory lane we have to stop
for gas and look for an A & W. Hope you enjoyed it
and have a great weekend.
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The conundrum

August 11, 2015


As someone who has been playing with cars all of
my adult life I sometimes try to tackle one of
lifes unanswerable questions. Are our cars really

You may quickly reply that they are. But if that
is true why do still have traffic fatalities? Those
of us who grew up before the seat belt law when
wing windows were the everyman’s air conditioning
system remember a slower pace.

Remember older rusty cars, cars belching blue
smoke, and cars with loose steering wandering
around the road? Cracked windshields, bad brakes,
faulty wiring with lights that only worked half the
time also shared the road with us yet we survived.

There was also a lot less of us out and about back
in the day when all the stores closed at 5 pm and
our business districts were deserted after dark.
But does our 24/7 lifestyle add to the problem?

We don’t believe so and there are too many things
that compound our daily drive to stay competitive
in this rat race we call life. Back in the day we
had the gauges and an AM radio to distract us.

Today we have cell phones, display panels, in car
DVD players and more vying for our attention. To
offset that we have little noises that alert us if
we’re too close to another vehicle, air bags, and
ABS brakes. And more people on our roads and
streets traveling faster than ever.

While I was in the service a Senior Chief asked me
if I was afraid of my motorcycle and I said “no”. He
told me that if it wasn’t afraid of it I should
sell it or my attitude would end up killing me. At
the time I thought him crazy but have since seen
the wisdom in his words.

Could it be our cars are now too safe and we are
no longer leery of the dangers? Our cars practically
drive themselves, yet we still have accidents. Could
it be that too many of us put too much faith that the
fluffy little clouds called air bags will save us?

Those of us who remember manual steering, manual
transmissions, and blind spots 3 miles wide tend
to believe the problem isn’t the cars but the
nuts behind the wheel. But that is only an opinion.
The question may never be answered.
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Events, notices, and distractions

August 7, 2015

It’s Friday and things are looking good for this
weekend. If you’re wondering what is going on,
what’s new, or what we found interesting this week
read on.

Saturday is Galva’s 9th Annual Freedom Fest Car
Show in Wiley Park, Galva, Illinois. To find out
more call 309-932-2555.

Later Saturday is the Quad Cities Cruisers’ Cruise
In at the Davenport Learning Center in Davenport,
Iowa. If you want more information call 563-355-0036.

Sunday is the Toy Run for Toys for Tots starting
at the Sterling Moose, 2601 East Lincolnway in
Sterling, Illinois at 8 am. The cruise will leave
at 10 am and admission is a $10 toy, baked goods,
or cash.

If you haven’t heard, fellow hot rodder Mike
Gharring died after a wreck in his ’32 roadster on
a California highway. To learn more, and a video,
go here. Our condolences to the family.

One of the biggest rigs around were called the
LeTourneau Snow Train. Here is a video to show the
size of these monsters from the mid 1950s.

From Russia comes a short video that shows us how
not load lumber in a sawmill. This could have been
a lot worse.

If you follow drag racing you probably know by now
that Jack Beckman set an NHRA national e.t. record
recently for funny cars when he ran a 3.921 second
quarter at 323.43 mph. Here’s the video, but don’t

If you’re not a big fan on clowns anyway, you
wouldn’t like Pennywise.

With the recent death of Lynn Anderson we felt it
only right to include one of her songs. So here
it is from 1983.

Now we know more than we did yesterday yet less
than we’ll know tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend.
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