Did you know?

January 11, 2017


Since I’ve been thinking of cars and trucks a lot lately it’s
time to share a little timeline of firsts in the automotive
industry. This is not meant to be a list of all firsts, just
the ones we found interesting.

The telescope shock absorber was designed in 1901 by C.L.
Horock. While lever action shocks were used into the late 40s
by some manufacturers, a version of the telescope shock is
still in use today.

Those of us in the hobby know most older car bodies had a
wooden frame covered with sheet metal. So when was the first
all steel body made? Believe it or not, the first all steel
body on a production car was the 1914 Dodge.

Care to venture a guess as to the first American car that had
four-wheel hydraulic brakes? The answer is the 1922 Duesenburg
made in Indianapolis, Indiana.

1926 saw the first power steering system on the Pierce-Arrow.

The 30s saw two firsts that caught our eye. Hard to believe,
but the first flashing turn signal was introduced in 1935 and
was done by a Delaware company. The system used a thermal
interrupter switch to make the bulbs flash off and on. Then in
1939 the Nash Motor Company added air conditioning to its cars.

In 1940 the Jeep was designed and Oldsmobile debuted the first
fully automatic transmission.

A major development in the 1950s was cruise control. Standard
on most vehicles today it was designed by Ralph Teeter, who
was blind.

In the 1960s more attention was paid to safety. That decade
was the beginning of pcv valves, catalytic converters, and
emission standards. The electronic fuel injection system was
also developed in the 60s.

The 70s saw airbags become standard equipment and fuel prices
escalate due to the gas shortage and upcoming ice age.

In the 80s the anti-lock braking sytem (ABS) was made
available on the Lincoln.

And the 90s? 1992 saw the passage of the Energy Policy Act of
1992 that encouraged automakers to produce alternative-fuels
vehicles. We’re still using Ethanol today. And in 1997
Cadillac became the first car maker to offer automatic
stability control increasing safety in those emergency
handling situations that occur while surfing the internet on
your smart phone while driving.

That is our unscientific, totally random, look at some of
the automotive firsts. Make of it what you will, I’m going to
hunt something to eat. Enjoy Wednesday, we’re halfway to the
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January 10, 2017


When I stopped over to visit Dad he acted surprised. When I
asked him why he said because it’s Monday. So I told him it
was Tuesday and he didn’t believe until he got his paper and
looked at the day and date. Then after I got home I told the
wife what happened and she said it is Monday.

Which got me thinking about cars and trucks. When I started
driving manual transmissions were in everything, wing windows
were your air conditioning, and arms were the power steering.
My how the times do change.

Catching a bit of the auto show the commentator gave out the
worse kept secret of the decade, Ford is bringing back the
Bronco and the Ranger. We’re told this will happen by the 2021
model year. Their version anyway.

I’m not doubting they’ll bring out something with those
nameplates on them, but will they be a continuation of the
fondly remembered model or a familiar body on a small luxury

Those of us who remember the debut of the original Bronco
and Ranger recall a base model that was bare bones. No air,
power steering, power brakes, or air conditioners, and we had
to hand crank the windows up and down. It will be safe to
assume that while these new editions may look like the models
they replace, the base model will have more bells and whistles
than a Cadillac did 10 years ago.

Were we that much tougher back in the day, or watch our money
closer? We had to roll the windows up and down with a crank
instead of pushing a button, if we wanted to adjust the seat
we had to do that by hand too. Now we have lighted cup holders
and ambient lighting? I’ll stay old school thank you.

Enjoy the rest of our Tuesday, it’s the only one God gave us
this week.
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Better than sliced bread?

January 4, 2017


On this, the 4th day of our new year and almost as long with phone or being able to use my desktop, I remember hearing these words uttered in reference to something I hadn’t heard of. The wife recently traded in her old tired Ford for a new to us Ford. Said Focus is two years with super low miles and all the bell and whistles a lazy person could want.

It is a nice shade of silver metallic with a leather interior so the dealer pushed us to purchase a
paint protector called “Xzilon” that is better than sliced bread and works at a molecular level. I did
not tell them that I know that Otto Federick Rohwedder was born in our little portion of the east coast
of Iowa. Yes the inventor of the machine that made sliced bread a reality was born right here in Davenport, Iowa.

But I digress. So I asked if said wonder product would prevent rust. I was told it was more to protect
the paint and would not guarantee against rust. But it is flame retardant and the airlines use it on their planes. Great. Nice to know the next time we get it up to 400 mph at 32,000 feet!

Whatever this product is, they spray it on the body, windows, and interior. We’re told this will help with small dings on the body, streaks on the windows, curb rash on the rims, yellowing headlights, and stains on the interior. Since they threw this is the deal free the wife will have it done Friday while I find my finishing hammer to test the theory.

The cat is still hanging in there, I haven’t heard anymore from our service provider, and we’ll have a wind chill below zero into next week. Have a great hump day and rest of the year.
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September 19, 2016

The moon was playing hide and seek last but failed to inform
me in the newsletter. I kept going out, camera in hand, to
get a picture of my old friend and he wasn’t there. After a
few attempts I remembered that sometimes he liked to visit
the north side of the house.


When I went around the house to the north side he was
there with a smile on his face. He seemed pleased. And that
reminded me that all things change and nothing is forever.
The moon was out this morning too highlighted by a bright
blue sky.


This made me think of Saturday when we attended a cruise-in
that had been around for a long time. The wife had the night
off, the weather was perfect, and we met some old friends we
hadn’t seen in some time.




We were told that we were attending the next to the last
cruise sponsored by the car club. For many years we have
enjoyed the hospitality, the people, and of course the cars.
But there will be no car club next year if we hear correctly.

The greying of the hobby as older people remain and fewer
young people join, and the continuing restrictions put on
such events are a part of the problem. Hence, nothing is

All that being said, mark your calendars. October 1st will
be the last NorthPark cruise-in sponsored by the River Valley
Classics Car Club and it is also Toys for Tots night. So even
if it’s raining, drop out and drop off a new toy as the club
will be there rain or shine.

We wish them fair weather for the event, plenty of cars, and
donations enough to help the kids. Great job over the years
and thanks for the memories.
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September 16, 2016


Today is National POW/MIA Recognition Day here in the U.S.
of A. We still have over 80,000 MIAs going back to WW II.
So if you could take moment to remember the Prisoners of War
and the Missing In Action, many of us would appreciate it.

That being said, it’s Friday and there are a few car related
things going on. Today through Sunday is the 6th Annual Race
to River Retro Road Trip starting here in Davenport, Iowa,
and ending in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Tomorrow is the “Rollin in the Oldies” Cruise-in at
NorthPark Mall in Davenport, Iowa and hosted by the River
Valley Classics. Things get started around 5 pm and there is
a $2 suggested donation.

Also tomorrow is the LaSalle Annual Car Cruise Night held on
2nd Street in LaSalle, Illinois.

And on Sunday if you still feel the need for speed, NASCAR
will be at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois.

We mention things happening that are important to us and
this short list is in no way meant to be an event calendar.
Give a nod to the POW/MIAs if you feel so inclined. They
should be in Heaven because they went through Hell on Earth.

Enjoy the weekend and remember to keep the shiny side up.
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Some weekend things to do

September 9, 2016


It’s Friday and for once we’ll mention some events going
on in and around the east coast of Iowa. The weather is
supposed to clear up tomorrow and stay that way for the
rest of our weekend so after the yard work you may want to
check one of these events out.

Starting yesterday and through tomorrow is the Quad
States 36th Annual Car Show & Swap Meet- Cruising Americas
Highways Oldsmobile Families at the Isle of Capri Casino
in beautiful downtown Bettendorf, Iowa. Not sure of the
hours, but have heard this is free to spectators.

Also yesterday through tomorrow is the Mecum Auction
held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Today through Sunday is Rustemberfest at the I-29 Dragway
in Pacific Junction, Iowa.

Also today through Sunday is the 2016 Muscle Car
Adventures at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells,

Tomorrow is the Planes Trains & Automobiles Show held in
downtown Geneseo, Illinois.

And tomorrow is the Quad Cities Cruisers Cruise In
located at Mills Chevy at Southpark Mall in Moline,
Illinois. Things should get hopping around 6 pm.

If you think you’d like more refinement and can wait a
week, the Riverssance Art Fair will be held September 17,
and 18 in the Village of East Davenport. Hours are
Saturday 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

The admission is $4 per person each day, $6 for a two day
pass, and children 12 and under get in free.

We would share more non-car related events if we knew of
any. Enjoy the weekend. It seems to go by in a flash.
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Going to rain?

August 24, 2016

We made no plans for today as the weather forecasters
told us we would get heavy rain with high winds starting
in the early morning hours and up to 1-3 inches total by
tomorrow when the storm ends. Late morning I ventured
outside and saw the following.

1 048

Since we did get rain earlier, but these clouds looked
harmless to me I was out many times throughout the day.
. The birds were singing, baby monarch butterflies were
darting around from flower to flower, and even a few
critters even made an appearance.

1 052

The rain still may fall in copious amounts and the wind
may pick up, but it turned out to be a great day on the
east coast of Iowa. A friend stopped by and over a pot of
coffee we talked of races run, cars owned and sold, and
which ones we should have kept.

His car is getting some finishing touches and should be
race ready just about time to store it for the winter as
I still seek the perfect project. If it’s out there I’ll find
it, but if it isn’t I’ll keep looking anyway.

This will be short as I have to rescue a pizza from
getting freezer burnt. So keep the shiny side up and don’t
aim at anything you don’t plan to shoot. Have a great day.
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