Ever think about….

September 19, 2018

Had a hard time falling asleep last night when something got
into my head and wouldn’t let go. The thought was that the
steering wheel has to be one of the most significant inventions
of the 19th century.

If you think about it gauges are now digital, some shifters
are just knobs on the console, and dimmer switches aren’t in the
floor anymore. But after all these years we still have steering
wheels. A lot has changed but we still steer with the wheel.

Locking steering columns have been around since the 1930s,
Ford came out with the safety steering wheel with spokes that
flexed in 1956, and collapsible steering columns were required
by law in 1968.

Almost everything about our vehicles has changed over the years
except the steering wheel. Brakes are now ABS, we drive by wire,
shift with a knob, we start them with a button instead of a key,
and no longer have vent windows for climate control.
Yet our steering wheels are still front and center.

I think we need a National Steering Wheel Day to celebrate one
of the few things on our vehicles that hasn’t changed since its
invention. We’ll leave that decision up to the lawmakers and
perhaps it will keep them busy with something important.

So enjoy our Wednesday and enjoy it as we will. Now I need some
coffee and about a pound of bacon.
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Pet peeves

September 12, 2018

We went down to pick up our mail that has been held since we
left for vacation and was surprised to find an envelope with a
form letter from Massachusetts that stated I was speeding in
Muscatine, Iowa on the 29th of last month.

These speed cameras are one of my pet peeves as the only thing
I remember about August 29 is it’s the date we left on vacation.
This city is known for speed traps and I’m usually right at the
speed limit until I’m clear of town.

That being said I do get a heavy foot on the open road but not
in any towns or cities. I can’t disprove it so I’ll pay it and
move on even though I remember cars passing us in the other
lane. This is the first ticket I’ve gotten with a speed camera
and they’ve been around 20+ years. I’ve never gotten one before
so I’m skeptical.

I don’t even want one every 20 years. I think of speed cameras
as nothing more than cash cows for the city that has them
installed and the company that monitors them. So Muscatine can
enjoy my $75 and I’ll look elsewhere for a destination on our
days when we feel like hitting the road to see what else is

Let’s end that here as I don’t want to get worked up again. The
gardens and bushes need work and I haven’t figured out how to get
them in the shop to do the trimming and weeding. Enjoy our
Wednesday as it’s a day with no “R”s and the middle of the week.
Now for some more coffee to wash down the doughnuts.
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Grinning fool

June 24, 2018

I was cruising the information highway yesterday when I came
across this picture and it started a trip down memory lane that
has me grinning yet today. Couldn’t find who took the picture
but we’re thankful they did.

This was a normal occurrence most days during our early years,
and several years after. When friends would get together and
help other friends get their ride back on the road. With little
knowledge, even fewer tools, and about enough money to buy some
cheeseburgers and Cokes we’d tackle these jobs.

Before OSHA, neighbors getting offended by kids having fun, and
high gas prices, this was our entertainment. No steel toed boots
or safety glasses, no gloves to keep our hands clean, and very
little thought of how safe our makeshift cranes were, we’d
manage to get the job done.

When we progressed to having garages to work out of it was
still, at times, a challenge. We’d spend more time moving stuff
out of the way than working on the cars. But we got the job done
most times with varying degrees of success. Through it all we
gained good friends while we learned from our mistakes.

And though the owners of the vehicles changed, the friends and
lessons learned stuck with us and the memories remain. It was
just too bad we were so busy working on the cars we didn’t have
time to run the country or things would be a lot different

Some of these kids I bonded with in my gasoline fueled youth
are retired, others are in nursing homes, a few have died. But
the fire we lit way back then still burns in the hearts of those
of us around to remember. I might just keep grinning all week
and let people wonder what I’m up to.

Enjoy our Sunday as the work week is just a dream away. Now for
some more coffee and a race or two on TV.
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A few things

May 24, 2018

Today is Moms birthday and I’d like to wish her a Happy
Birthday! She died on June 18, 2010, and would have been 89 had
she lived. I’ll be looking for some cardinals this morning and
at the Heavens later.

And since she couldn’t believe she raised a Republican I’d like
to present the following. Let’s pretend for just a moment that
I’m a Liberal/Progressive politician and I’ve just heard of the
rise is car thefts and shots fired calls here in our little part
of Iowa. What would I do?

Since we’ve heard the campaign slogans of some Liberals running
for Governor we have a pretty good idea. As the pretend
politician I would jet off to Washington, D.C., and give a
command performance before Congress on the evils of cars, and
guns, that can be stolen.

Then I would lobby for a retinal scanner to be put in the barrel
of all weapons so the gun wouldn’t work until you did a scan of
your retina. What could go wrong? And as a Progressive, far left
leaning politician I would also have a fix for the car theft

I am a pretend politician so these two separate problems
could not be solved in one day so I would have to return to
address the Congress on the solution for the car thefts. Since
gun control advocates believe the gun is the problem then the
car and not the thief has to be the problem.

Thumb print recognition technology would have to be installed
on all vehicles to recognize up to 3 prints of authorized
drivers of said vehicle. Even with the key in the car it would
not start until the sensor recognizes a thumb print. And of
course the vehicle would automatically shut off when the
shifter is placed in park.

This should only add about $10,000 to the price of new
vehicles but would soon pay for itself as there would be no more
vehicle thefts. Either that or we could just build all vehicles
with manual transmissions and the juvenile offenders who steal
them couldn’t drive them.

Saying all that, enjoy our Thursday as it looks to be a hot one
here on the east coast of Iowa. Now for some coffee.
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New week

May 21, 2018

It’s a new week, we survived the weekend, and I haven’t started
myself on fire again. What a great day! It may be raining
outside but we’re nice and dry in the house. And I haven’t
watched any TV news in days.

I did hear from a friend who seemed upset about the royal
couple leaving on their honeymoon in an electric Jaguar. When
that was mentioned I felt that nothing important was missed by
my avoiding watching any news.

Talked to our youngest over the weekend and learned something
new about the Fusion that surprised me. The wife got the car in
for the recall of the nut behind the wheel but I haven’t noticed
a difference. Perhaps it takes a while.

And I have good intentions of getting outside with the camera
to snap more pictures as soon as this rain stops. We do need the
rain though as the weeds can’t grow without it and some of the
weeds make interesting pictures.

This is going to be a short one as breakfast is going to be
ready soon and even though I may not look like it, I do like to
eat. So enjoy our Monday as it’s the first one we get this week.
Now to get some coffee and see what’s on the menu.
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Some upcoming events

May 17, 2018

I haven’t been putting any upcoming car events here for a while
so thought it time to enter a couple now. Most have heard of
these by now but some have not so here they are.

Saturday, May 19, 2018 will be the Classic Car Cruise-In at
Northpark Mall in Davenport, Iowa. sponsored by the Veterans Car
Club of the Quad Cities, the event will run from 5 pm until the
last car leaves or the cows come home.

The event is held in support of military/veteran programs and
Toys for Tots and all donations will go to these programs. This
event is also in honor of all active military and veterans. If
you wish to learn more call Bruce Cheek at 563-349-4129 or Mike
DeGeeter at 563-370-2635. Rain date is June 2, 2018.

And on Saturday, June 9, 2018, the Quad Cities Cruisers will
host the Open Run XXXVI Car Show at Southpark Mall in Moline,
Illinois. The event runs from 3-8 pm and it’s $15 to enter a
car in the event.

If you want to double check you can call the Club Event Phone
Line at 563-355-0036.

So there are a couple of things to do if you need something to
do on the dates listed. Great events, great people, good food
and music, and acres of cars to gawk at.

Enjoy our Thursday as we’re almost to the weekend. Now I need
more coffee and shower as I finished the lawn.
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It’s official

May 10, 2018

Our country is has gone crazy. I saw a picture of a couple
standing between a 66 Mustang GT and a new 2018 Audi S5
Sportback below the headline “Internet Revolts After Couple
Trades in Husband’s ‘Dream’ 1966 Ford Mustang for a New Audi S5.”

Things got so bad the dealership that did the trade had to take
down their Facebook page. I’m wondering what happened to the
America I grew up in? If it is his car and he has the title in
hand he should be able to do whatever he wants with HIS car.

Faces were blurred and only the first names of the former
Mustang owner were used in the article and the dealership stated
the guy gave up his dream car for love. It did not say if love
of the new Audi or love for his wife was the driving factor.

The couple must have been happy and dealership thought putting
on their page may bring some enjoyment to others or perhaps get
potential customers into the showroom. But all the negative
feedback is crazy. If the guy wants to trade his car is should
be his concern and not those who don’t like his plan.

Nowhere did I read the salesman pulled a gun or made threats
to make this deal and people are upset. One commenter even
declared that when they get divorced he won’t have the valuable
classic car but an overpriced VW! What optimism. If you want to
learn more just go here.

Last time I checked he could give the car to a complete
stranger or turn it into a planter if he so wished. That said,
the picture above is from the website that I linked to.

Enjoy our Thursday as we won’t see another this week. Now for
coffee and a critter check.
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