Going to rain?

August 24, 2016

We made no plans for today as the weather forecasters
told us we would get heavy rain with high winds starting
in the early morning hours and up to 1-3 inches total by
tomorrow when the storm ends. Late morning I ventured
outside and saw the following.

1 048

Since we did get rain earlier, but these clouds looked
harmless to me I was out many times throughout the day.
. The birds were singing, baby monarch butterflies were
darting around from flower to flower, and even a few
critters even made an appearance.

1 052

The rain still may fall in copious amounts and the wind
may pick up, but it turned out to be a great day on the
east coast of Iowa. A friend stopped by and over a pot of
coffee we talked of races run, cars owned and sold, and
which ones we should have kept.

His car is getting some finishing touches and should be
race ready just about time to store it for the winter as
I still seek the perfect project. If it’s out there I’ll find
it, but if it isn’t I’ll keep looking anyway.

This will be short as I have to rescue a pizza from
getting freezer burnt. So keep the shiny side up and don’t
aim at anything you don’t plan to shoot. Have a great day.
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A little late, but…

July 15, 2016

c 007

It is Friday, so if you have the weekend off we have a few
events that may be of interest. We’ll list some that caught
our eye then end with the usual nonsense.

Now through Sunday is the Meltdown Drags at the Byron
Illinois Dragway in Byron, Illinois.

And tomorrow, Saturday July 16 is the “Rollin in the
Oldies” Cruise Night held at NorthPark Mall in Davenport,
Iowa. Things kick off around 5 pm.

Iowa’s slogan used to be “Is this Heaven?”. Now it seems
the Iowa Civil Rights Commission has stated that it is
against the law to preach the Bible! Their reasoning is
simple if not idiotic. You can read one story on it here.

Said Commission claims that since churches are places of
public accommodation they cannot discriminate against
anyone on the basis of sexual orientation. Yes, fellow
Iowans and Christians nationwide, the Civil Rights
Commission interpreted Chapter 216 of the Iowa Code to mean
that if a pastor discusses anything in the Bible that
relates to sexuality or marriage, he has broken the law!

Isn’t it about time we give these groups a reality check?
If you aren’t religious, don’t go to church. If some of the
Bibles used in said churches offend you, don’t go to
church. The government cannot tell us what our Bibles can
or cannot say. We need to stop the nonsense.

And now I go in search of something that looks like a
pizza, smells like a pizza, and burns my mouth like a
pizza. I need a little something to put out the fire from
from chicken with sweet chili sauce I consumed earlier.
Have a great weekend, ensure you have enough pizza in case
of a storm, and keep the shiny side up.
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A different course

July 8, 2016

Since our president has once again spoke down to all in
law enforcement and with all the craziness and misdirected
anger of some, we are not going to talk of the events in
Dallas. Other than to say our sincere condolences to
families and force.

Today is National Collector Car Appreciation Day so if own
such a critter be sure to give it hug or take it for a


There isn’t much going on today here on the east coast of
Iowa across the river from Illinois as far as collector car
events go. We couldn’t find any. There some events tomorrow
in and around our community.

Saturday, July 9th is the Hib Reber Memorial Car Show that
is held in conjunction with the Byronfest in beautiful
downtown Byron, Illinois.

Tomorrow is the 1st Annual Coal Valley Days Car Show held
in Coal Valley, Illinois. Sounds like a good time and Coal
Valley is a neat little town.

And tomorrow is also the Quad Cities Cruiser’ Cruise-in
held at SouthPark Mall in Moline, Illinois. Things kick off
at 6 pm and the featured charity is Quad City Warriors.

Finally, on Sunday July 10th is the 27th Annual Main
Street Cruisers Car Show held at the Dubuque Arboretum &
Botanical Gardens, 3800 Arboretum Drive off 32nd and JFK
in Dubuque, Iowa.

Pray for Dallas and our country.
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Big weekend

July 1, 2016


Once every generation an event is scheduled that has the
men tweaking and waxing the car in preparation, the women
making for sure everybody has clean underwear in case the
family gets hit by a bus, and the kids fidgiting for days
prior to said event.

There will none like that listed here but they do occur.
Instead we’ll list some events leading up to our 4th of
July fireworks.

Tonight will Midnight Mayhem at Cordova International
Raceway in Cordova, Illinois. Gates open at 11 pm and the
races end at 3 am. This event is open to all street legal
cars and trucks with mufflers and DOT tires.

Tomorrow is the Maple City Cruisers Freedom Fest Cruise In
at 102 South State Street in Geneseo, Illinois.

Also tomorrow is the Buffalo Days Car Show held at the
City Park in Buffalo, Iowa. The event runs from 8am to 3 pm
and the rain date is July 3rd.

All weekend, when the sun goes down the fireworks will go
off. Many cities and towns across the country will sponsor
some form of a fireworks display and some will even receive
TV coverage on Sunday and/or Monday.

Please be considerate of others when you decide to make
enough noise to rasie the dead. Some neighbors may not
fully appreciate your enthusiasm.

Regardless of your plans, or lack thereof, please enjoy
your weekend.
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Something to do

June 24, 2016

a 117

The weekend is upon us and it should be an enjoyable,
but busy weekend for us. There are times when you have no
plans one minute and several options the next. Chances of
rain should make it interesting too, although we’ve always
believed that if there is a chance it will rain there is
also a chance it will not rain.

With that in mind, it is Friday so we’ll list some events
that are going on in and around the east coast of Iowa.

The 9th Annual Heartland Nova Reunion is being held today
and tomorrow in Bettendorf. We have heard the location is
changed from the Isle of Capri parking lot to the
Bettendorf Waterfront Convention Center parking lot due to
construction. It is located at 2012 State Street in

Saturday and Sunday, June 25, 26, is the Quad City Air
Show and the gates open at 8 am. This is the 30 annual show
and is still held at the Davenport Airpost. For more info,
go here.

Saturday, June 25 is the 21st Annual Colona Freedom
Celebration Car Show held on the Hennepin Canal Parkway in
Colona, Illinois.

Sunday, June 26 is the Galesburg Railroad Days Showcase
of Cars held in downtown Galesburg, Illinois. This show
runs from 7:30 to 3 pm and is free.

I was going to list some events that didn’t involve cars
and/or speed but didn’t know where to look. Perhaps in the
future I may care enough to look into that. Until then,
keep the shiny side up and enjoy the weekend.
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Rambling roads

June 17, 2016

Yesterday was one of those days that was as close to
perfect as it gets. Got the chores done under a clear blue
sky and later took some good pictures. Yes, it was the
kind of day that later you get a picture of said blue sky
with a bird perched atop a tree with the moon rising out
of the clouds.

c 062

And of course that always makes us think of upcoming car

Today through Sunday, June 17-19 is the Back to the Fifties
weekend hosted by the Minnesota Street Rod
Association and held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in
St. Paul, Minnesota.

Saturday, June 18th is the cruise-in at NorthPark Mall in
Davenport, Iowa. Hosted by the River Valley Classics the
crowd starts gathering at 5 pm.

Next Thursday through Saturday, June 23-25 is the 9th
Annual Heartland Nova Reunion held at the Isle Casino-
Hotel in Bettendorf, Iowa. Things kick off Thursday at
2 pm and run through 11 pm Saturday.

There are other car shows going on and we’ve heard even
some things not involving cars, but we wouldn’t know about
that. Father’s Day is Sunday, wish your Dad a happy day if
he’s still living and we hope you carry fond memories of
him if he’s not.
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Weekend wandering

June 3, 2016

c 040

Seems like only yesterday I went to bed Monday night
yet woke up this morning on Friday. Friday’s mean two
things at Casa Cruiser; we go to the grocery store with
a carefully prepared shopping list only to ignore it, and
the weekend starts.

Tomorrow is Dad’s 91st birthday and a small party will
be held in his honor. Happy Birthday Dad!

Here are some other events occurring tomorrow. The
Classic Car, Truck, Tractor & Bike Show will be held at
Plowmans Park in Big Rock, Illinois, from 8 am to 4 pm.
Rain date will be June 5th.

The Leaf River Summer Daze Fest Car Show will be at the
River Valley Complex in Leaf River, Illinois, from 9 am
to 2 pm.

Sunday, June 5th, is the Annawan Fun Days Car Show in
beautiful downtown Annawan, Illinois from 9 am to 3:30

Coming up on Saturday, June 11th is the Open Run XXIV
Car Show hosted by the Quad Cities Cruisers and held at
SouthPark Mall in Moline, Illinois from 4-9 pm. Rain
date will be July 9th.

There are many other things going on this weekend
besides those mentioned and there should be something
for everyone looking for something to do. Here on the
east coast of Iowa we have a chance of rain tomorrow so
you may want to stick an umbrella in the trunk along
with the cooler.

I will be busy doing something, even if it’s wrong.
And if I’m not I should be. Enjoy the weekend, it’s the
only one we get this week.
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