Weekend odds and ends

October 2, 2015

Since it’s Friday and we usually post some car
events here are a few local shows/cruise-ins you
may like to attend.

Saturday, October 3rd, is the Toys for Tots
Cruise-In held at NorthPark Mall in Davenport, Iowa
starting at 5 pm. Santa will be there with his
Santa Mobile, the Marine Corps will be accepting
toys for families in need (no stuffed animals),
and West High School class of 1970 will be there

Sunday, October 4th, is the Buffalo, Iowa Pumpkin
Patch Car & Bike Show at 1500 Front Street in
Buffalo, Iowa. It is hosted by the Quad Cities
Gearheads, runs from 8 am to 3 pm and is free for
spectators. There will be food vendors, hay rack
rides, and you can check out the straw castle or
pick pumpkins from the patch.

Also on Sunday, October 4th, is the Hot Rods &
Harleys Car Show at Main Street Square in Hopkinton,
Iowa. For more information go here.

If you are a fan of carburetors, or just want to
keep your classic stock, the following video will
help you identify what kind of 4-barrel you have.

Think the self-parking car is something new? This
one doesn’t quite park itself, but it can get into
a tight space. That must have been something to see
in 1927.

Just because we Live in Iowa we’ll share this one
that shows how to start a John Deer model G farm
tractor. It can be tricky.

We’ll end this post with an old standard by Bobby
Bare. If you remember the 70s, you remember “Drop
Kick Me Jesus (Through the Goalposts of Life)”.

So now you know about some local events,
carburetors, automobile innovations, how to start
an old tractor, and heard a song. It just doesn’t
get much better than that. Enjoy the weekend.
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Weekend events and distractions

September 25, 2015


Once again the weekend is almost here and the
weather is looking like it will be great for any
outside events. So here is the short list of said
car events, a neat body tool, some old videos, and
a song.

Friday, September 25th is the Classy Chassy Cruisers
Cruise at the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa.

This Friday through Sunday is the 38th Annual Fall
Jefferson Car Show & Swap Meet held at the
Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Jefferson,

Friday through Sunday is also the 9th Annual
Hemmings Motor News Concours D’ Elegance held in
Saratoga Springs, New York.

Saturday, September 26 is the Cruizin’ For Christ
Classic Car Cruise-In at the Edgewood Baptist Church,
2704 38th Street, Rock Island, Illinois. Music,
food, bounce house for the kids, and more.

Sunday, September 27 is the Quad City Vintage Rods
Car Show held on the grounds of Black Hawk College
in Moline, Illinois.

Sunday is also Gold Star Mother’s Day and the
Benefit for Sonya Car Show mentioned yesterday.

We heard of new dent removal system by Power TEC
called the Miracle System. It works so neat it has
to be expensive. See below for a video.

If you’ve never driven a 1924 Ford Model TT truck
this video from Motor Texas will give you a sense
of what it’s like.

An even earlier video shows a 1911 Model T taking
on Ben Vevis, Britain’s highest peak.

For our song we’ll go back to 70s and a smoke
filled bar room where the jukebox rang out with the
hits of the day. One of which was this one by Bonnie

And there you have some events, a neat gadget, cool
old rides, and a song that goes good with sipping
whiskey. Who could ask for more?
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Who would have thunk it?

September 24, 2015

On this date in 1948 a motorcycle manufacturer
incorporated his company. The company has since
built a good many cars too. Yes, today is the
day Soirchiro Honda incorporated the Honda Motor


And today a dream of mine went up in smoke. I’ve
been looking for a project for a few years now and
putting pencil to paper to render a likeness of
what said project would look like done.

Then today after reading the newspaper I cruised
the information highway to catch up on the news
from the car scene. Imagine my surprise when I came
across a picture of a Model A pickup set up like my
dream project. Same color, same flames, same tires
and wheels!

I’m sure it didn’t have the drive-train I
envisioned, but with the full hood it was hard to
tell. Mine would have a nailhead engine backed by
a LaSalle transmission running into a quick-change
rear end and knee action shocks.

So now it’s back to the drawing board. I do know
where there is a clean Pinto wagon already set up
for a Ford V-8. Problem with that is it is about
34 years too new for my liking.

There is BMW rag-top with a blown motor not too
far away. Wonder if a small block would fit? When
life hands you lemons, make a vodka sour and enjoy
the day.
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Weekend wrap up

September 20, 2015

Saturday we went to the Rollin’ in the Oldies
Cruise-In and as soon as we saw the rides I
remembered I forgot my camera. In my defense I did
remember to stop at a nice restaurant so we could


The wife got one picture with her phone of what I
thought was neat little oil truck. This thing even
have an old company slogan written on the back
bumper. I smiled when I saw “You expect more from
Standard, and you get it”.

And here on the east coast of Iowa we’ve had more
gunshots. Two calls today for shots fired before
4 pm. We’re looking for a record year in that
category and we don’t want it.

We know it’s football season, but we’ve been in
hog heaven with all the car coverage on TV. We’ve
watched stock car racing, drag racing, and the
Mecum auction from Dallas so far this weekend. The
yard work will have wait until tomorrow.

Comedian Ron White is known for the phrase “you
can’t fix stupid”. Those who have tried learned
it’s makes you as tense as a long tailed cat in a
room full of rockers.

What does this have to do with anything you ask?
The fact that we have people claiming rights that
don’t exist, want more money for doing nothing, and
threaten us daily while we sit on our thumbs makes
us look stupid too.

Finally, we have elections for our city government
coming up and that’s always amusing to watch. Our
mayor got his health back and is seen daily on the
TV proclaiming public safety and fixing streets are
now his priority. Perhaps he forgets he has been in
office for almost 8 years.
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Duck weather distractions

September 18, 2015

Lightening laced the sky and at times turned night
into day while the thunder had an erratic beat like
a drunker drummer trying to play Wipeout. And the
rain came down. Yet we dodged a disaster and our
basement stayed dry. Then came news today could be
a repeat.

With such great weather for ducks, here is our
listing of a few automotive events that may happen
if the wet weather holds off, and video distractions
for your consideration.

Today and tomorrow is the Fall 2015 Auto Parts
Swap Meet held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des
Moines, Iowa.

Today through Sunday is the Goodguys 4th Nostalgia
Nationals held at Beech Bend Raceway Park in
Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Tomorrow is the River Valley Classics “Rollin in
the Oldies” Cruise-in at Northpark Mall in
Davenport, Iowa. If the rain isn’t falling you can
go calling starting at 5 pm.

We mentioned the “tweel” before but thought we’d
share this short video about their airless turf
tire. It is even supposed to be a radial.

Some of us have fond memories of wing windows but
also remember the blast of hot summer air that
often resulted when we used them. But we forget
that Gm introduced the no draft I.C.V. ventilation
system in 1933 and we have a really short video to
prove it.

Cruising YouTube we found this video of the 10
coolest concept cars 2012-2020. Is this our future?

From Thomas Edison comes this short video of a
1910 automobile parade that has at least 10
different makes and models.

We’ll end with a song that is a little different
but may stir up some memories for those of us old
enough to know better.

Now we have go grocery shopping. Pizza, Snickers,
and ice cream don’t magically appear in our freezer
you know. And remember:
When windows won’t open and salt clogs the shaker,
the weather will favor the umbrella maker.
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September 12, 2015

I awoke this morning feeling as if I had slept for
hours and had all the aches of body and fuzziness
of mind to prove it. Since the low was supposed to
be in the 40s last night and the wife was working
I decided to throw open a window and turn on a fan.


I got so cold that when I glanced in the mirror
Papa Smurf looked back at me! It was the longest
4 hours of my life. So here are a few things that
happened while my body was horizontal and a few
things that will happen this weekend.

Here where the north shore of the Mississippi
river meets the east coast the Iowa we have had 10
shots fired calls this week and 121 for the year.
The people of Davenport are starting to pay

Today is the Planes, Trains & Automobiles Car Show
in Galesburg, Illinois and later is the Quad Cities
Cruisers’ Cruise In at the Davenport Learning
Center on West Kimberly.

Today is also the 8th Annual Fruitland Fun Day Car
Show held at Drake Park in Fruitland, Iowa from 9
am to 2 pm.

Technology can be a wonderful thing, but at times
it gets strange. The first time we watched this
short video we thought Land Rover had lost its
mind. A transparent hood?

We had never heard of the 4 Stroke Rumen until
recently and thought it an orphan make of the past.
Turns out that instead of being a 1930s vintage the
car is actually of 21st century design. The video
is in a different language, but the car is neat.

For pictures and more information on this car, go

And now we all know. Have a great weekend.
Comments are always welcome.

Weekend update

September 4, 2015

Here in our little slice of Heaven on the east
coast of Iowa things have been interesting. In the
last 60 days our police department has responded to
at least 50 shots fired calls and we’ve had 4
homicides so far this year.

We also have car shows, cruise-ins, and things.

First, we’d like to thank Todd for his early morning
TV appearance in which he named a drink after Dad. We
like a good story and this one left us speechless.

Today is the Dick-N-Sons Car Show in Blue Grass,
Iowa at their complex. This gets started around 6
pm and it’s free.

Saturday, September 5th is the 10th Annual “That
Was Then, This Is Now” Boat, Car and Hovercraft
Show held along the Mississippi River at Riverview
Park in Muscatine, Iowa.

Sunday, September 6th is the Hooters 5th Annual
Car Show to Help Kids held at Hooters, 110 E.
Kimberly Road in Davenport Iowa. Hours are 9 am to
4 pm.

If you don’t know how, but would like to learn,
how to super clean your windshield this video
should help.

And if you think WD-40 is just a penetrating fluid
you should see what it can do around the house.

For the car nuts who have ever wondered what would
happen if you crashed a 70s era Ford Fiesta into a
light pole, we have the video.

And finally, what some claim is the best version
of “Seven Spanish Angels”.

Enjoy your weekend but remember to drive no faster
than your guardian angel can fly.
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