A thank you and the bag

July 1, 2015

We’d like to thank all those who stop by this blog
and the 1,000 followers. Sometimes we look at the
stat page and are humbled. Not in our wildest
dreams did we think this day would come.
Thank you.

And now, the bag.



When the wife and others look at the bag I put my
laptop in they see a canvas bag with a snazzy logo.
I see something completely different.

I see a beautiful summer day and a gold roadster
with still tacky paint the owner asks us to leave
our hand prints on. I see the same roadster with a
W-block in it with a chain running from the engine
to the frame rail in an old-school attempt to tame
the torque.

I see a roadster pickup with a quick change read-
end that the owner proudly tells us is actually
wood he machined and painted to look like aluminum.
I see bed pans used as air cleaners, pin stripers,
old friends and good music.

When the Flying Eyeball car show first came to
town these bags were the goody bags and we have two
from two different shows. And when I look at the
bags I see all that plus more. It is indeed a show
where the kustom kulture meets the old school.

Some of the cars are gone, some of the friends
have passed away, but the memories will be there as
long as I’m here. Yes, it’s only a bag, but it’s
my bag. We wish you fond memories.
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The perils of pictures

February 26, 2015


Did you know that if you put a picture on your
blog, linked to the source and gave the photographer’s
name, did so innocently, and made no money from it,
that you could be sued? I didn’t give it much thought
until today.

The wife sent me an email with a link to a blog post
of a lady who got sued over a picture.

She admits that chances are slim that we would be
sued, but there is still a chance. She also links
to sites that have free pictures that are called
Creative Commons licensed and says some photos
in the public domain are safe to use.

We can take our own pictures too. But we should
be aware that if we use images without approval we
are probably violating copyright and could get sued
over it.

Her post is from 2012 but is still applies today.
So if you have a few minutes, and would like to
know more about this issue, just go to her website
at the link provided above.

We have read it twice, clicked on the links she
provides, and believe it to good information for
those of us we have a blog. If you already know all
this, carry on. If you don’t, click on the link. it
may just save you a hassle in the future.
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Here it is..

July 11, 2014


A recent rash of comments on our post called
“Sanctuary City?” has given us thought to once
again mention some rules.

To rednecks and regular folk these rules are
called common sense, for progressives and elitists
it is referred to as etiquette. These are the cost
of admission for those who wish to comment.

So here, in no particular order, are the rules:

Don’t use all capital letters.
Although we haven’t seen this often it does get

Only post links if invited to do so.
On this blog links are welcome.

Stay on topic.
This makes sense, but doesn’t bother us as much
as others.

Ignore trolls.
Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get involved.

Be brief and don’t turn every comment into your
own personal blog post.
Rarely does a comment need to longer than the post
commented on.

It’s not all about you so avoid making every
comment a testimony as to how awesome you are.
This rule should be self-explanatory. We will not
ban other commenters who offend you unless they
are vindictive or drop an F-bomb.

Practice respectful disagreement and not personal
This ties in with the rule above. Remember the
comments are the opinions of other readers.

To avoid duplication, read the earlier comments
before you post yours.
Again, self-explanatory.

Try to post something that adds to the
We don’t mind things that make fellow readers
smile even if off topic.

You are a guest and should keep that in mind when
you comment.
Would you say it in front of my wife at our kitchen

Lest you think we made these up, we found them at
Online Community Management for Dummies.
We did rearrange and paraphrase, but there are
other sites with basically the same rules.

So if you didn’t know these rules, please read
them. We will not post them again.
Comments are always welcome.

Original ideas or original people?

March 15, 2014

Inquiries are coming in again about using all or part
of one of our posts. We appreciate the sentiment but
believe we don’t have the right to say ‘this is what
we wrote and you can read it but you can’t share it’.

Barbara Grizzuti Harrison once said ‘There are no
original ideas. There are only original people.’ We
happen to believe this is true.

While there are those who state you cannot use what
they have created without expressed permission, we are
not a member of that club.

We cannot believe that in the history of mankind that
we were the first to turn a certain phrase, take a
certain picture, or build a better mousetrap.

What is here may be enjoyed, hated, or shared by
all. If you want to use an entire post, or just a few
portions of one, we have no problem with that.

The following have nothing to do with this post, we
just enjoyed them and thought we’d share.




So, if you want to call us original we can live
with that. As for anything we post here, you are
free to use it as you please.
Comments are always welcome.

Some New Year’s thoughts

December 31, 2013

Soon it will be the first day of the
new year. As such it will mean tomorrow we
have 364 more days to make this year better
than the last.

We also noticed a few things that stuck in
our craw and we will address them here.


Has anyone else noticed that some of the
comments on blogs have gotten an attitude
and could be “R” rated?

It is frustrating as a Veteran because we
all did our thing to ensure the freedom of
speech and all freedoms.

We wonder why that when someone can’t
debate an issue with facts they resort to
insults, innuendos, and/or profanity.


Then we have all seen the hoopla when a
celebrity or known politician dies. This
is fine in its own way, but we don’t hear
things that are also important.

Like the fact that 22 veterans commit
suicide every day. The numbers could be
even higher because of the way the suicides
are counted.

That story is here.

Another pet peeve is political
correctness, which is just a name put on
process to make anyone who disagrees with
current politicians in charge think that
they are wrong.

Take failure. The politically correct group
tells us that failure is unacceptable. But
we were taught failure is a lesson in life.

After all, if you don’t fail you don’t
learn. And if you don’t learn you’ll never
improve yourself.


And even though we are supposed to have
two separate political parties, they act
and vote more like there is but one.

Because of this we feel some sort of get
out of jail free card will be passed into
law this year for illegal aliens.

Flash mobs happen, people in Chicago are
still getting shot, and crime is in the
news daily. Yet we are told that crime is
actually down.

And if one checked the Uniform Crime
Report put out by the FBI it would seem
so. And yet we wonder…

A Chinese curse says “May you live in
interesting times”. But since we’re the
type that believes if life hands you
lemons, make lemonade or squirt someone
in the eye, we think our interesting times
are a blessing.

Happy New Year!
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A post-holiday clarification

December 26, 2013


Now that the holiday is over, we have a
an issue we wish to address. If you can
just bear with us, we’re sure you will see
a method to our madness.

We have been receiving some emails that
claim our posts have spelling mistakes,
grammatical errors, and improper usage
of punctuation.

Rest assured that we are aware of said
problems, but will not be changing them
any time soon.

You see, we insert said errors, mistakes,
and improper usages for those who look for
such things.

In attempt to broaden our horizons we
try to reach as many different segments of
online readers as possible.

There are only so many redneck stories,
conservative opinions, faith-based
posts, or rants one can do.

So if you notice these little glitches
consider yourself part of the online
audience we are attempting to reach.

And if you don’t notice, please don’t

We hope this clears things up.
Comments are always welcome.

A clarification

August 11, 2013


When I leave the house I don’t take a
smart phone, tablet, or any sort of
electronic device to track what is going
on with this blog, my email, or Facebook.

Because of this at times the comments
tend to devolve into more of a pissing
match instead of an exchange of ideas
or beliefs.

A few things were addressed that I will
mention here. In no particular order,
here goes.

I probably do have a selective memory
to some extent. I remember Clinton “didn’t
have sex with that woman”, Reagan said
“tear down that wall”, Bush appeared
strong after 9/11, and Obama is still
blaming others in his second term.

At some point, early in their term,
former presidents probably did blame their
predecessors for problems, but they won’t
be remembered for it.

Almost every president inherited a
debt. It is what you do as leader that
can either add to the debt or lower it.

We see nothing wrong with giving a
public figure a nickname. If our Mayor
would tell me that use of said nickname
offended him in some way I would stop
using it.

And I am partial toward friends and
those I know. Every public meeting
I’ve attended in the last 5-6 years,
Average Joe was already there when I

I have signed petitions and nominations
when he presented them and helped him
pass out buttons once.

I have donated money and time for the
opponents of those in office I disagree
with, have help raise funds for some,
and haven’t voted for anyone that I
disagree with.

I write-in a candidate if needed. I
believe our problems lie not with the
politicians, although they are certainly
a part of it.

I believe the problem lies with the
general public accepting all the new
rules and regulations and not banding
together to do something about them.

We, as citizens, have let government
know we won’t hold them accountable. We
need to tell them as a group, what is
not acceptable.

All that being said, I am not a politician,
have no desire to be, and won’t run. To
paraphrase Average Joe, I put my money
and my time where my mouth is.

Differing opinions will always be welcome
here, and when I get time I’ll address
them. On my schedule, not yours.
Comments are always welcome.