Just some pictures

March 9, 2018

Knowing the wife was working later I got early today anyway and
am glad I did. Even after sunrise the sky was amazing. So here
are a few pictures of it.

Another thing noticed was although we’re warming up a bit here
our feathered friends aren’t sharing the love. Could have
something to do with the feral cats getting older or perhaps
the birds are waiting for just a bit more warmth. Whatever the
cause they’re making themselves scarce. Since we did manage to
get some pictures of the birds we’ll share a few of those.

If this warming trend picks up we could be in the 50s around
Wednesday. And we spring forward this weekend to welcome
Daylight Savings Time even though I’m not a big fan. What’s
wrong with just leaving things as they are without the two time
changes a year?

Finally, I dreamed of being on a ship at sea again and am not
sure if that means I didn’t stay in long enough, stayed too long,
or if it means anything. But I did still have my sea legs in said

So enjoy our Friday as it will seem like a couple days have
gone by and Monday will be here. Now I need some coffee and one
of the boxes of animal crackers we picked up today.
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Bird day

February 27, 2018

The high temperature today almost reached my age and I just had
to get outside again and enjoy the east coast of Iowa. So I
checked out any critters flying about. This cardinal perched on
a branch and tried to figure me out.

After watching her watching me I looked up to find 2 flocks of
geese heading north. I took that as a good sign that perhaps
winter is almost behind us and spring is getting closer.

Then imagine my surprise when a huge flock of American White
pelicans flew overhead. There were too many to count and they
got here earlier this year. They were headed east, but hey,
they’re here. As always, you can click on the pictures to
enlarge them.

And finally, after these huge birds were done flying over a
bird of prey decided to take over the airspace. I believe it’s
some sort of hawk but not sure.

So I spent the day outside, missed all automated calls, and got
to relax. I’m working on figuring out how to get the coffee pot
to work while walking around outside. Perhaps a power inverter
and a small cart.

Some may call it wasted time, or avoiding work, but in my case
it’s therapy. No matter my mood, when the camera is in my hand
and a few pictures snapped I’m smiling. Having a nice day to
take pictures is an added blessing.

Enjoy our Tuesday as it has been a great one here.
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Banner day

February 26, 2018

Today started like most other days and then something weird
happened. Shortly after the sun went down I realized all the
chores I assigned myself for today were done! I guess there are
times where giving up sleep for a night work out.

Some of the chores were easy, others I didn’t like to do, and
the rest were done first. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to
do it. The first chore of the day was to finish the donuts that
weren’t finished yesterday. I’m no quitter. After checking that
off the list I moved on the next two chores. Have coffee and
eat some leftover pizza.

Batting 1,000 at this point I had a short nap to make up for
the loss of sleep last night. Number 4 on the list was checked
off shortly after recovering from the nap. Yes, I drank a whole
bottle of ‘purified drinking water’. After all, we have to keep

Feeding all the critters and refreshing their water was 5 and
6 and we even managed taking a few pictures, which wasn’t on the
list. Been so busy I even got the garbage and recycle out so the
city can take them away tomorrow. No wonder I feel tired.

I even took the time to check the garden and noticed a buds
starting to come up through the ground. Not sure what’s growing
but can wait to find out. Just talking about today is wearing
me out so enjoy our Monday. Now I need more coffee.
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Of flaming bears

February 7, 2018

It’s no secret that I’m easily distracted but since yesterday
one has stuck with me like bubble gum on the bottom of a shoe.
The wife received a couple of packages in the mail and when she
opened one it was like the lights were on but nobody was home.


She sent away for a DVD of the movie ‘Only The Brave’ and the
moment I saw it two scenes have stuck with me. At one point
Josh Brolin, who plays Granite Mountain Hotshots superintendent
Eric Marsh, is describing what he saw on an earlier fire. Click
on the link above to see portions of the “flaming bear”. It’s
in the first 20 seconds of the clip.

He claimed he saw a bear, completely engulfed in flames, racing
out of the forest fire. He made it sound almost spiritual. In
the other scene it shows a huge bear made of fire charging out
of a raging fire. And even though we knew it was computer
generated we felt it was special.

Even when I went over to Dads this morning and shoveled his
walks I couldn’t get this flaming bear out of my mind. When I
got back home and shoveled our front walks and the alley said
bear was never out of my mind.

There are other good parts in the movie yet these stick with
me. I guess watching it again with the surround sound cranked
up is the solution to my dilemma. And now that all the shoveling
is done I can honestly say I don’t care if we get another flake
the rest of this winter.

And of course all that made me wonder; is a transmission flush
really necessary after 30,000 miles? Enjoy our Wednesday as it
means we’re closer to the weekend.
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January 28, 2018

I kept hearing this racket that sounded like someone knocking
on door. It kept up for some time so the camera was grabbed and
outside we go. Knowing who the usual culprits are a look in
their general direction found nothing amiss.

So I listened again before realizing it wasn’t someone knocking
on a door but a woodpecker working away on something. A quick
look around and the creature was spotted on a nearby telephone

Then the noise stopped and looking up I saw the bird must have
taken a break. I wasn’t arguing because the bird wasn’t
sounding like a jack hammer.

It was around this time I remembered it was around 22 degrees
out and without hat or coat it was getting chilly standing in
the middle of the alley just to get a picture of the offending

Now that I’ve had several cups of coffee and a bowl of 5 alarm
chili the warmth is back in the bones and this post can be
done. Not much else going on along the east coast of Iowa as the
sun is setting on a now cloudy day.

Enjoy the rest of our Sunday.
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Busy days

January 25, 2018

I mention distractions quite often so thought to share some
images of what said mind wanderings are. Yesterday after the
feral cats and wild birds were fed this distraction faced
me and I fell into those eyes.

I’m used to green or yellow eyes on most cats these had my
attention as he watched me watching him. I did manage to get
this photo as he gave me his opinion on the idea.

After much thought it was decided that the original group of
feral cats roam the neighborhood at night telling all their
buddies that they have a human trained to put out food and water
every day and tell them how to get here.

Later, sipping on a hot cup of coffee, I noticed a cardinal
jumping from limb to limb and caught him in flight between

Another bird was posing like a hood ornament on an old classic
car so long a picture was needed. He took off shortly after the
camera clicked and I lost track of him.

And the critter shown below has been given me fits. Even though
I put out separate critter chow this squirrel insists on eating
the bird food. If I keep watch he doesn’t sneak in yet when I
just pop out the back door I catch him in the bird seed.

Looking for a solution to this minor problem it makes one
wonder if a life-sized cardboard cutout of myself hung on that
side of the house would do the trick.

Enjoy our Thursday as the weekend is just a dream away. Now for
some more coffee and thought.
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Keeping Monday real

January 15, 2018

We got the gift of fluffy of white love from above again and
the people who guess the weather by throwing darts at a weather
map missed again. It was predicted we’d get 2 inches or more and
after the fact were informed we got 1.6 inches here on the our
part of the east coast of Iowa.

The problem with that is twofold. Said TV station is 4 blocks
from our house yet we only got an inch tops, and they were wrong
again. So we’ll share some pictures to illustrate how bad the
snowfall wasn’t.

These wrens and other small birds don’t look to us like they
are standing in 2 inches of snow. The picture would look very
different if they were. And no, I don’t shovel around the bird

This happy black feral cat seemed to enjoy the white fluffy love
from above almost as much as I do. He was even smiling before I
took the picture.

Not all the critters liked the snow. This cardinal kept hopping
around as if he thought he was a bunny rabbit. Or it could have
just been his idea of having fun. We’ll let you decide that one.

Regardless of how much we got, it’s now cleared off the drive
way, alley, and sidewalks. Enjoy our Monday. Rumor is we only
get one this week. Now I need more coffee.
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