Some times…

July 19, 2018

you just have to go out and look around to entertain yourself.
Or at least I do.

The little fellow above was perched atop the pole that holds
our bird feeder and although a bit drab looking he caught my
attention. He’s only about a half-inch long so the pictures may
not super clear but we’ll share them anyway.

If you look close there is a blue jay in this tree who was mad
about something. He was squawking and jumping around the tree
like he lost his billfold or something.

As I was looking at this little new growth tree I noticed the
upper branches swaying way too had for the small breeze we had
at the time. A closer look revealed the squirrel who was
bouncing around like someone at a Planet Fitness.

A little later I glanced up to the sky and noticed what looked
like a snarling face. Don’t know what he was mad at but shortly
after I snapped the picture the wind blew the clouds in some
unrecognizable globs of white.

Later the moon was visible and the man in moon was looking
good. We didn’t chat long as I knew he getting close to setting
on the horizon and his voice would get muffled by the trees to
our west.

Yesterday brought more clouds that when pictures were taken
looked almost like paintings. Not sure if the wildfires out
west or upcoming storms were the reason but I was glad I had
the camera.

And that concludes this little excursion into the sights from
our little portion of the East coast of Iowa. Enjoy our Thursday
as the weekend is only a dream away. Now I’m off to get some
coffee and leftover pizza for breakfast.
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Something’s up

July 12, 2018

We’ve been feeding the outside critters who happen into our
yard for a while now and there seems to be an ever-changing cast
of critters over time.

Lately it’s been down to 3 or 4 cats in the lineup and one in
particular caught our attention. A tan-colored female just
showed up one day and had been showing up every morning by the
back porch for a scratch behind her ears and to watch me fill
the food and water bowls.

At some point her belly got bigger and we realized she was
pregnant yet she was still waiting every morning for me to go
out with the food and water. Until about a week ago. Then she
just disappeared like she was never here.

Yesterday as I was filling the food dish I felt a familiar head
butt on my hand and sure enough, she had returned. She is now a
much slimmer looking critter and we think that means we’ll be
getting a visit from smaller versions of the mama before long.

The cat showed up again this morning wanting attention and
some food. We haven’t found where she has her kittens yet but
we’re sure they’re good hands. If you must have feral cats
around it makes things easier when they’re well-behaved.

We do wish people would stop disposing of unwanted animals by
throwing them out like trash so they can become other people’s

Enjoy our Thursday as that means Friday is only a dream away.
Now I need more coffee.
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Getting distracted

July 11, 2018

After watching a little bit news that the wife had on the TV
yesterday I decided to leave our air-conditioned abode and step
into the heat to watch some nature. I saw a segment where a
politician was accusing the Supreme Court nominee of being a
Contitutionalist, like that would be a bad thing. So rather than
listen to their sponsored outrage I figured it had to be better

As someone who likes to look at clouds to find shapes, animals,
and even numbers in the white wonders in the sky. The clouds
above sure looked like a 7 to me.

The I noticed this bird on a nearby roof. It also looked like
the roof was designed so it wouldn’t clash with the bird.

The white and green object in the picture above made me think
of the old Horror movies we watched as kids. It had my attention
for some time as I was sure it would start shaking, the bud
would open, and an eyeball would stare back at me. It didn’t.

And finally, the cardinals were out and about. This time of
year it can be hard to get a good shot of them as the trees are
all leafed out. You can hear them in the trees yet can’t see
them unless the tree is dead, so I took these when a few
ventured out for lunch.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we will since a little cool down has hit
our little plot on the east coast of Iowa. Now for some more
coffee and leftover pizza for breakfast.
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Just a few

July 2, 2018

Lately the weather has been in the news because of the heat and
flooding, along with kids getting stabbed at a birthday party in
Boise, and politicians acting goofier than usual, so we thought
it time for a little distraction and will share some pictures.

This feral cat has been hanging around and I call him Popeye
because he just has the look. Something in those eyes just
shout “We Own the Seas”.

And we found out this one is good at tracking ants. He’ll keep
busy staying on the trail of a single ant so we call him the
bounty hunter.

I really wanted a picture of a soaring eagle in the clouds but
had to settle for this turkey buzzard as the eagles weren’t out
and about. We can just pretend he’s an eagle.

The sunset last night was as good as we’ve seen in a long time
so we ran with it. Yes, there are power lines in the way but it
was colorful.

Finally, with the 4th of July right around the corner, some
fireworks as seen from our backyard set off by neighbors. We’ll
try to some better ones tomorrow.

Enjoy our Monday and stay cool. Here on the east coast of Iowa
we’re getting a short break from the heat but it will be back.
After all, it is summer. Now I need some coffee.
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A few photos

June 25, 2018

When I step outside in the morning to feed the critters the
first thing I see, and hear, is the cat pictured above. He’s a
feral cat but lately I’ve been able to pet him before he gets

Then I glanced around and saw this strange cloud grouping to
the south. It lit up near the church steeple but the higher I
looked the darker the sky got. And the clouds seem to linger
and hung around most of the day.

The little guy pictured above has been raiding the cat food
bowl at night which made him bolder and I noticed him trying to
sneak up on the food. Don’t know why I run him off as the food
bowl is almost empty by the time he starts looking.

And the sunsets have shifted to the north which means the only
shots of the event I can get have houses, trees, power lines,
phone lines, and other assorted obstacles in the way. Later this
year I may get some good shots of the sunset when we cruise west
to Idaho.

To the southwest the sky took on a spotted look. While it may
appear strange it had a calming effect on me while I watched it.
It was different.

Finally, on June 28th we’ll have a full moon at 12:53 am
eastern time. Which means it will be close enough to full
Wednesday night and/or early Thursday morning. The Farmer’s
Almanac calls this full moon the Strawberry Moon.

So enjoy our Monday as they’re all the same when you’re
retired. Now I need some more coffee and Snicker’s to get
ready to finish mowing the lawn.
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Just a few

June 18, 2018

Thought we’d share a few pictures of the moon and perhaps a
critter or two. The two above are from the moon on Saturday as
it wasn’t much more than a sliver. The second picture above also
shows Venus off to the right.

Sunday during the heat of the day I noticed this beetle just
hanging around on a shady leaf. Not sure what he was doing on
the rose bush and also sure I wouldn’t like the answer.

One of the feral cats was around all weekend so we kept him
and his friends watered and fed. This one now comes up and wants
to be petted.

I knew it was hot out yesterday when I saw this guy hopping on
a nearby roof. He didn’t hang around long either before he was
seen in a neighbors tree.

Finally, last night’s moon. With temperatures staying above 90
degrees at 10 o’clock last night, we’re glad a little cool off
is on the way tomorrow. The high is only supposed to reach the
mid 80s and if there is a heat index it wouldn’t reach triple

Enjoy our Monday as that means we got the weekend out of the
way. Now for coffee and leftover pizza.
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Meanwhile back at home

June 8, 2018

The wife is still in the hospital but when I come home the
critters let me know when they want anything. After returning
home the feral cats gave me the look that told me either the
water bowl or the food bowl was empty.

Even the flies were busy. Not sure what this one was doing but
said fly kept coming back to this piece of wood that lines our
driveway extension.

And the view from the wife’s hospital room is about as good as
it gets when it comes to views from hospital rooms. After a
closer inspection I believe it is the top of the building that
houses all the hospitals utilities as off to left and out of
camera range is the biggest air conditioning unit I’ve ever seen.

There was a robin in a nearby dead oak tree that didn’t seem
happy either, or at least the racket he was making didn’t sound
like he was.

Finally, I was surprised when I looked at up at a phone line that
crosses over our yard to see a hummingbird perched on it. I
thought these birds were always in motion. This one was
about 2 inches head to tail and sat on the line for about 5
minutes. We’ll see what awaits today when I return.

Enjoy our Friday as we will because the storms that were
supposed to bring 2 inches of rain haven’t hit us. Now for more
coffee and visit to see the wife.
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