Routine Friday

October 6, 2017

The lady who follows me around and myself stepped out the back
door ready to go grocery shopping and ran into the critter
shown above. The feral kitten did not seem happy that we put
groceries before him. He calmed down after I fed and watered
the bunch later.

Yesterday I observed a crew working on the church steeple
that is 3 blocks south of us. With the fog this morning we
couldn’t see even a hint that it was there. Upon returning from
getting our groceries we noticed a faint outline of the steeple
and were relieved it was still there.

And we are now having a critter problem that we didn’t see
coming. We feed the birds on the ground as that makes it easier
to get a picture when an interesting bird is present. But the
black kitten seems to think he is a panther. He stalks the
birds and attacks when he gets close.

The birds have posted look outs to protect their own. They
have even tried dive bombing the attacking kitten and getting
pretty noisy in the process.

So far we only have birds flying away and no casualties. That
doesn’t stop the kitten from trying. We will be looking for a
solution soon as he won’t be a kitten forever and we enjoy
watching the birds and the feral kittens.

It’s been spitting rain since we woke up and is supposed to
rain today and tomorrow so I may not get many pictures until
it clears. Couldn’t even see the full moon last night for all
the clouds.

Enjoy our Friday, it’s the last one this week. Now I need more
coffee and some chocolate doughnut holes.
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Rambling thoughts

October 4, 2017

Our son called last night to inform me he had hit a deer on
the road to the reservation. Thankfully no one was hurt with
the exception of deer. The car was derivable after the accident,
but being a Saturn some of plastic fender didn’t look so hot.

We got some of the rain that was forecast and it looks like
there will be more to come yet this week. After the rain the sun
came out to dry things off. Almost reminded me of Hawaii in the

This morning I went to visit Dad to catch up on what happened
while we were cruising and visiting other family members in
Idaho. According to the Antique Farmer nothing happened while we
were gone of any significance. My brother was in the hospital
and released during our cruise and if we understand correctly
he is doing better.

The feral kittens have made their appearance once I started
feeding them again and the birds have also came back. We’re
getting back into the same stuff different day phase now. The
wife left for work and I’m trying to catch up on the honey do

And I took a walk down memory lane about how things have
changed over the last 30 years as our anniversary is coming in
December. While my eating habits haven’t changed, the hours
have. Back then I could work a 12 hour day, come home and mow
the lawn, then go out to the garage and work until midnight on
the latest project.

I could do all that now but it would take a week and several
naps to get it done. I still believe getting older beats the
alternative hands down. So enjoy our Wednesday as I know we
will, after a nap and a pizza.
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Here we go again

October 1, 2017

I had good intentions of doing an early post until reality
hit. Slept in only to realize the cupboard was bare, not even a
Snicker’s bar to found anywhere. On the plus side, we have
enough coffee to last us for another month.

After the cruise to the grocery store to stock up on all that
we didn’t have and coming back to unload it, I was told we were
taking a cruise to my mother-in-laws place. Not a problem, got
her tablet up and running while killing a wasp that somehow
managed to get inside her apartment.

Accomplishing that, and after a short visit we were headed
back home, or so I thought. The lady that follows me around
decided we should stop and eat before heading home. And now we
are finally back home for the day. So I thought this a good
time to share some pictures.

One of the feral kittens let me know he didn’t appreciate me
not telling someone to feed them while we were gone. He kept
his distance, even after I put out fresh food and water.

As we were headed home from our trip the skies over Nebraska
seemed to all be laying down. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Critters were out in force on the cruise home so we’ll share a
few of them. We saw some good looking horses along the way.

As we were cruising down the highway of life I noticed a herd
of animals ahead and alerted the wife. When asked what they
were I replied they were mutant horses who survived a nuclear
blast. As we got closer I noticed my mistake. I believe they
are Alpacas.

Then we came upon a horse who looked like he lived in heaven.

Almost immediately after entering entering western Iowa we
saw a sight we never grow tired of. High corn with a cloud
filled sky for a back drop.

After crossing the bridge spanning the Missouri river into
western Iowa on I-80 you find this overpass, complete with
statuary, as you enter Sioux City.

Not sure if I like the art but it does make you think. And
finally, the wind turbines. In Iowa it seems like we just as
many of these as we have cornfields.

That’s a little of our past few days and after uploading the
pictures from my flash drive we’ll share more. Hope you are
having a great Sunday as we are recovering from vacation.
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The promised pictures

September 26, 2017

We took a different route into Boise yesterday as our son was
driving so I brought my camera. I still find it hard to believe
we saw all that did so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
About halfway there we spotted this critter, who may look
familiar from yesterdays post.

Just as you enter Boise this building sits right off the road.
It is a corporate headquarters for some company which I didn’t
catch as I was busy focusing and aiming the camera.

A little further in we noticed the fire department putting out
a grass fire. This was quite a sight from the road.

Our Destination was the Discovery Center of Idaho which had an
exhibit on sharks. It was interesting, but we felt expensive.

When we came out to get in the car we saw a bunch of geese on
the grounds and had to get a pic.

Taking the back roads to return had its benefits. No traffic
and views that can’t be seen anywhere else.

And to top it off, when we arrived back at the kids apartment
two peacock hens and their chicks came strutting up! It was a
sight I hadn’t seen outside of a zoo.

We even saw a buggy hauling the Logan Hotshots home from a
fire in Montana. Enjoy your rest back in Utah.

I’m telling you, if it gets better than that I’d have a
bigger grin on my face everyday. Not sure what today is going
to bring but am ready for it. Perhaps we could go to a burger
joint and order crabs?

Enjoy our Tuesday as we know we will.
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It can be done

September 25, 2017

I shot the picture above from the passenger seat while
the car was doing 87 mph with Kenny driving. So you can
get pictures of critters in a moving car.

Yesterday we ate at a place that featured roast beef subs
and I overdid with the hot peppers so today I ate healthy.
Ok, it was a bacon cheeseburger, but I left the lettuce
and tomato on it so I got my vegetables for the week.

We had this half-pound delight at Joe’s Crab Shack. I
know a lot of people would say it should have been seafood
on the plate yet the menu did list cheeseburgers so it
wasn’t my fault.

We also went to a shark exhibit at the Boise Interactive
Center which made me glad I haven’t swam in the ocean since
my Navy days. We learned a lot, saw a bunch of critters,
and had a great meal.

I don’t think we laughed so hard in quite some time and
to protect the culprits that caused said laughter will not
mention the antics that caused our glee. You had to be

We will be leaving this bit of little Heaven on earth
come Thursday and turn the Fusion east for the cruise
back to Iowa. The car now has over 30,000 miles on the
odometer and has performed flawlessly.

More pictures will be posted at a later date as I am
still editing the 300+ pictures I took today. Enjoy what’s
left of our Tuesday and I’ll make an earnest effort to
post earlier tomorrow.
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A little rabbit told me

September 10, 2017

The man in the moon was out this morning but it didn’t feel
right talking to him during the daylight so I found a talkative
rabbit. And most of what he said made sense.

He had no need of money, didn’t care about politics, and
wasn’t worried about the weather. He did seem a little
concerned as he said I looked hungry and he didn’t want to be
lunch. I assured him my only hunger was for knowledge and we
sat down to chat.

We talked of many things and I learned the neighbor turns his
dogs loose just to get the rabbit. Said rabbit is too quick
thinking for a couple of older dogs to catch, yet.

While talking I realized that life isn’t easy for a wild
rabbit in the city. He told me his goal is to survive the cold
winter and I hope he does.

I’ve been busy the last few days preparing for the roofers to
start on Monday and while I’m ahead of schedule there are still
a few things to finish up before I can kick back and relax. I
also saw a few birds this morning but they weren’t talking.

So I had a play time early this morning as I knew the work
wouldn’t get done on it’s own later. Enjoy our Sunday and rest
if you can.
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Picture Thursday

September 8, 2017

Thought we’d share some pictures taken this week, and yes we
know it’s Friday. We just liked the sound of the title as is.
The other evening after a day filled with haze from the smoke
of all the wildfires passing over us the moon took on a strange

The following day the haze cleared and the critters were in a
show off mode. The feral cats stopped and posed for the camera,
butterflies stayed still long enough for a shot, bees were
buzzing, and we had more birds than you could shake a stick at.

And the church 3 blocks away is getting more work done than
first thought. As someone who used to erect scaffolding I can
only imagine the work involved in getting things this high.
The top of cross sits 256 feet above ground level.

The sunsets haven’t been bad either. Even though due to the
change of seasons the sunset moved just enough to put the pole
and wires in the middle, it was still something to see.

As always, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.
That’s a sample of the critters seen, the moon watched, and
a sunset enjoyed. We hope you like them too. Enjoy our
Friday, it’s looking to be a good here on the east coast of
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