Memories found

April 13, 2019

Going through old photos my smile grew when I came across this one as the memories of 3 years ago came with it. The little rabbit was hopping along the alley and stopped to have a bite. This young one was as skittish as any rabbit I’ve ever seen.

Another young one that made it into the saved pictures was this groundhog. When looking through the viewfinder it was hard to tell if the little critter was really mad or just having a bad hair day, or both.

Sometimes oddities show up in the spring and this was no exception. I hadn’t seen any other creature of this type as brightly colored as this one and it grabbed my attention. Could be I just haven’t been paying attention.

Had a couple dragonflies pose and the camera caught them before they flew away. Neither is all that colorful but one could look at the wings for a long time and still wonder how they fly. At least I did.

Tomorrow we’ll post a snicker and promise not to share too many more photographic memories. Once we get further into 2017, and beyond, on the flash drive, we may share more. Not to be a pest but to share the memories. We hope you like them.

To be fair, all these pictures weren’t taken in the spring, but all were taken in 2016. Enjoy our Saturday as we will after I have more coffee.
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The duck at breakfast

April 11, 2019

With all the clouds in our sky here on the east coast of Iowa we haven’t seen the moon for a few days so I found a picture taken a few years ago to share. Can’t say why I like it, only that I do.

Breakfast yesterday with the wife and her Mom was good yet started out on a weird note. We got to the restaurant and parked, didn’t see her Moms car, and decided to wait a while in ours. Nothing strange there as we’ve done it before.

But as we’re sitting there the wife said see saw a duck. Now we’re at a Mall, with a divided highway in front of us, and a car dealership across the street. No ponds, lakes, creeks, or other water sources to be seen.

Being a little older now I couldn’t see this duck anywhere. So the wife said the duck was in the bushes in front of her. I looked over and again couldn’t see a duck so I told her to take a picture of the critter and she did. I then saw a picture of the bird.

So I looked out the window to where she pointed the camera and didn’t see the elusive creature. It would seem this duck had a sense of humor as every time I looked over the bird would lower itself into the bushes. So I kept looking until finally the bird raised its head and I could see it.

After that distraction we looked around the lot and realized her Mom had drove in and parked while we were looking for the duck. The rest of day went fine, the food was good and the company better.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means the weekend is only a dream away. Now I need more coffee and new eye glasses.
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A few pictures

April 10, 2019

It’s raining out now but yesterday was almost picture perfect and even with all the hub bub I got a few pictures. The birds were out and all were doing their own rendition of their favorite song while keeping an eye out for trouble.

The daffodils brought their own sunshine to the day and seemed to forecast brighter days ahead. Even saw a wasp buzzing around the yard but didn’t get a picture. I’m allergic to stings and don’t push my luck.

Another cardinal added a splash of color to some brush nearby and didn’t fly off when the camera came out. It was almost like he wanted his picture taken.

Finally, I noticed a volunteer tree shaking like crazy and zoomed in to find a squirrel who just wouldn’t take no for an answer. It is a spindly little tree anyway and the critter must have taken that for a challenge. The critter equivalent of hold my beer.

Even had a chat with the neighbor who had me biting my cheek so I wouldn’t laugh. He claimed since he got old he’s feeling more aches and pains. When I asked him how old he was he replied ’30’. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it doesn’t get better with age.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we will. We’re having breakfast with my mother-in-law. We like together around our birthdays and breakfast is a good time to do it. I’m having biscuits and gravy but will survive on coffee until we meet at the diner.
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Looking up

April 8, 2019

Today is the third day we’ve had highs in the 70s and it’s been nice to open the windows and air the place out. While that was going on I went outside and worked on some brush while enjoying the days. The temperatures will drop some tomorrow and stay lower through the extended forecast. At least the lows won’t get down to freezing again for a while.

Monkey and Yoda have been enjoying the breeze, and the open windows. Maggie, the wifes other cat, has too but she is hard to photograph as she’s always on the move.

The daffodils are bringing some color to the yard and soon there will be a lot more yellow to be seen. Other plants are poking their heads out of the soil and will soon add more color.

Birds have been out but many are a bit skittish and hard to get to stand still long enough for a picture. We’ll have the camera out later hoping to get a few good shots.

The sky has been filled with clouds or a clear blue depending on when you look and which way the winds are blowing up there. Makes one glad to be alive to witness all this.

Tomorrow we may have a late posting as we’ve been informed that we may be without phone, internet, and TV tomorrow morning so our provider can some things done.

Enjoy our Monday as a new week begins. Now for some coffee and some bacon sausages.
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Looking back

April 5, 2019

Last night I was up until the wee hours looking at pictures stored on a flash drive while taking a stroll down memory lane. Until three years ago I rarely took pictures of anything then I bought my first digital camera. So here are a few pictures that helped make the walk enjoyable.

This picture was taken on the night of April 22nd, 2016. It has been one my personal favorites ever since. It has won a few awards but I like it because it reminds me of the spirit of Halloween.

This picture, from June of 2016, I call ‘humidity’ as I thought this female cardinal was having her version of a bad hair day. That being said, it was hot and humid when the picture was taken.

This one from mid-May 2016 reminded me that life changes as we waltz through the decades and new beginnings are always popping up.

Another one from May of 2016 shows me the more colorful part of nature and how even a rose is not what if first appears to be. The thorns keep those away who would do it harm, bees live off the pollen, and when one flower fades a bloom opens up to replace it.

Finally, this one also from May of 2016, was taken as a storm front was moving in and just before the rain. Even though it almost looks to be a black and white photo, the clouds drained the color from the world.

I’ll share some more at some point but for now these will have to do. Enjoy our Friday and the pictures. Now I need a gallon of coffee and some breakfast.
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Brain fogs

March 30, 2019

I woke up late this morning, grabbed the camera, and got a shot of this robin in a neighbors yard. The bird looked to be checking me out as much as I focusing on him. A fine looking specimen I thought. No idea what he thought of me.

It’s been one of those days when the brain feels foggy and the body like it’s made of silly putty. This will pass but while it’s going on makes things harder than they actually are and turns a simple task into a major chore.

At the rate things are going I get up to speed about the time I go to bed. Makes one glad this doesn’t happen very often. My brain fog doesn’t seem to affect the wild critters as they went about their daily rituals. Mama cat wanted fed while the birds and squirrels moved about waiting for their feed to be put out.

Soon I will be outside again seeing what’s to be seen and bundling up some hedge clippings and brush. I may even put the camera on the porch in case something interesting flies or scampers by. If nothing does the camera will sit on the porch until I’m headed back inside.

Enjoy our Saturday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now for some more coffee to jump start the rest of the cay.
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What a day

March 26, 2019

This has been a trying day. Got up, had some coffee then decided to shave. And that’s when the trouble started. Turned on my cordless shaver only discover it needed a charge. No problem, use the back-up safety razor.

Problem, the blade in the razor was dull and I had no more blades. So it was time for a shower. That went well but as I came back downstairs I tripped over a cat. No damage done so I headed to the kitchen where a full water bowl for the cats was now all over the floor.

A mop fixed that so I headed over to visit Dad. Although he said he wasn’t feeling too hot we did have a good talk. We talked of rough seas and sailors who got sea sick. We talked of the cruise ship that went DIW (dead in the water) during a storm.

So leaving Dads, and thinking I was done for the day, headed home to find the wife wanted to go Verizon to see if they could fix her tablet. She mentioned getting a phone for me while there but after looking around and listening to the salesman preach on the features of every phone in the place I decided to wait.

Since we were out and it wasn’t too late we stopped for lunch. My cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese was done to perfection and the wife said her soup was good so we headed home. I thought it a perfect time take the camera and get some critter shots. No feral cats, no song birds, no pelicans, eagles, hawks, or buzzards appeared while I was out the camera.

It was then I remembered a post had not been done today. I think it’s time to go back to bed and start the day fresh when wake up. Enjoy our Wednesday as I will in dreamland. But first I need another cup of coffee.
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