Not a Sunday snicker

January 19, 2020

This isn’t going to be a Sunday snicker but will be a tale with a
moral. And it started after the snow, sleet, and freezing rain moved
elsewhere while the clean up began. So here’s the story.

I went out to feed the feral cats and as I was emptying the ice out
of the water bowl to put fresh water in it the feral cat that wants
to get petted all the time approached. I finished the water and put
out food before petting said cat.

The cat then moved away limping on one front paw. This is the only
one of the bunch that spends most of the time outside by herself. So
I wondered if her paw had frostbite as I neared her again. I thought
a little time inside to warm up might fix her problem.

So as I petted her I picked her up and moved slowly toward the porch
door and everything was going fine until the storm door slammed once we were in. I hugged her tighter against my jacket so as not to get clawed. I opened the door to the house, and again everything was fine.

Until… that storm door slammed shut and she managed to claw my
face! Since we were inside now I dropped the cat and ran my fingers
across my face and they came back bloody. So into the bathroom I go
to wash the cuts and put iodine on them.

The wife managed the pet the cat who went under the kitchen table
and even held her for short time before the cat took off like her
tail was on fire. So now I have four slashes by my mustache and a
cat we can’t find. But she’s warm.

If there was a moral to this tale I guess it would be to remember
these critters are wild animals and won’t react like house pets do.
Even after getting scratched I’d do it again before watching an
animal suffer.

Enjoy our snicker free Sunday. Now for more coffee.
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Ups and downs

January 13, 2020

My desktop computer is acting up like it has a bug or something but
I’m hesitant to do a scan as it takes so long. Last time it took
almost 2 days. May not have a choice but have been trying to resolve
the issue.

The sunrise along with my coffee made a great start the other
morning as both were perfect. The hot coffee and cool weather
outside made for a great start to the day.

Same day the tabby came and sat in the snow like she wanted her
picture taken and I couldn’t refuse. She looked almost regal in this
setting. Yes, the snow is over exposed but I still like how the cat
turned out.

This cat is the one that looks like a Main coon and with all the fur
appears bigger than he actually is. That doesn’t stop him from
getting into some spats with the other cats, at times double his

Finally, this picture just took me by surprise. There are no
modifications to it except I downsized it. As mentioned before I have
no Photoshop or Lightroom type editor for the special effects. Just
different camera settings to make thing interesting at times.

Going over to visit Dad tomorrow and will do a post after I return
as the goofy demon box we call a computer is working again. It’s a
little slow but we can live with that while the problem gets fixed.

Enjoy our Monday night as we will. Now for some coffee and chips.
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Wasted day

January 6, 2020

The moon came out late yesterday afternoon and was in good spirits.
This moon was so bright and clear it almost lit up the driveway as
this picture was taken. After a short talk we parted ways and I went
back inside.

Across the alley I noticed a critter racing around the yard until it
stopped. Seemed like this squirrel found a perfect spot for lunch.
Not sure what he was eating but seemed to enjoy it.

Bad lighting and all this feral cat stopped for a portrait. Didn’t
look too happy yet enjoyed rolling around the driveway after the
picture was taken. Don’t think much would impress this cat.

Heard a noise and looked up to see another squirrel racing across
the branches of a tree like his tail was on fire. Not sure where he
was going but he was getting there in a hurry. Ended up taking a
swan dive off the branch and landed on the neighbors garage roof.

The sky didn’t cooperate today and stayed a slate gray until just
a little bit ago so it’s looking like the sunset might not be too
colorful tonight. If it doesn’t clear up we won’t be able to see
the moon tonight either.

This post is late because I woke up late and got distracted taking
a few pictures before the brain fart ended and I realized the post
hadn’t been done. So enjoy the pictures, and the rest of our Monday.

Now for some coffee and perhaps some lunch.
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We got something

January 4, 2020

As mentioned yesterday we weren’t sure if it would snow, or how much we’d get if it did. To be honest we still don’t know. One TV station reported .09 inches of snow and another reported 2.4 inches! And my favorite radio station stated 1.3 inches of snow on the ground.

It started innocent looking and had us believing we would get a
dusting but no more. Little did know at that time the snow would just
keep coming at us.

The snow is nice to look at, didn’t stick to the roads, and is
already in the process of melting. But while it lasted looked great
and seemed to quiet the area.

This squirrel perched in a tree to have a look at the snow and sat
long enough to get his picture taken. Looked happy and healthy
enough that he could have hibernated.

We mentioned the melting and that includes icicles hanging from the
eaves. They probably won’t be there at dinner time but were fun to
watch when I did.

The snow even made the old oak tree took better with a dusting of
white. The cloudy blue sky for a background made it even better. Me
thinks the Farmer’s Almanac was right when it said that this winter
would be a polar coaster.

Enjoy our Saturday as before we know it Monday will show up. Now for
some coffee and chili.
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Continued distractions

January 3, 2020

Later yesterday we got more pictures of the sky as we thought it was
interesting enough to merit more. Once again, different directions
brought different views and we thought they were all great.

The moon became visible a little before sunset as it tried to get
a good view between the clouds. Couldn’t talk to the man in the moon
as his speech was muffled by the clouds. Another day we’ll talk.

On one the trips outside caught Patches by the water bowl with a
hand in the cookie jar look. Not sure what she did but she looked
guilty. If only they could talk.

Even the sunset was a surprise. Through the trees it was a colorful
sight. We’d get rid of the one tree but it isn’t on our property
and we don’t think the owner has a sense of humor. They’ll be other

We’ve noticed the critters, all but the feral cats, seem to have
gone into hibernation. Since it looks like the white fluffy love
from above is on the way tonight, they may be smarter than we think.

A dusting to a half inch is predicted which mean we could get
any wheres from nothing to a foot. But we’re ready. Have a whole
belly full of soup and a warm coat. Since there’s no way we can
change what is going to happen we’ll be happy with whatever we get.

Getting just a tad old to be getting up in the middle of the night to shovel snow to make it easier to shovel the rest later in the morning. Enjoy the rest of our Fridays before we know it the weekend will be gone.

Now for some more coffee and a break.
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Of normal days

December 5, 2019

Looks like things are back to normal as we saw some balloons stuck in
a different tree. These seem to proclaim that someone is having a boy.
Still think it’s sad that these things end up snagged in an old tree.

On a happier note, this feral cat seems to blend right in with her
surroundings. Although the cat doesn’t look happy her somber look
does fit the setting. At any rate we like the picture.

A female cardinal stopped by just long enough to get this shot then
flew off to the pine tree and disappeared. Other birds were out and
about but were too jumpy to photograph. It was like trying to get a
shot of a hummingbird in flight.

Later the moon came out so we got a picture of that. He looked
happy and we assumed he had a nice Thanksgiving. Or perhaps he’s
looking forward to Christmas?

And we were saddened and surprised to hear of the shooting at Pearl
Harbor. The shooting happened near a dry dock we were in when our
destroyer needed repairs. At least the only fatality was the shooter.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means the weekend is almost upon us.
Here on the east coast of Iowa the temperatures are going into the
basement next week so we’ll enjoy todays weather while we can. Now
for some coffee and pizza rolls.
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Why is it?

November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving is over for the year and all the dishes are done and
put away which gave me a little time to think. In the picture above
a squirrel is eating the bird food we put out so the birds eat the
cat food. Seen it more than once, a bird would swoop down and get
one piece of cat food in their beak before flying off.

Only the cats do what one would expect and eat their own food. Even
though the cats are feral they don’t seem to have the instincts to
hunt for their food. We noticed today, after we got home from doing
the grocery shopping, that the kittens are now officially full-sized

We go through a big bag of cat food every week just feeding the
cats and a few birds that help themselves. And there are at least
four cats outside waiting when I go out to feed them at 6 am. Even
mama cat gets into the act when the wife leaves for work around a
quarter to 10.

Finally saw a cardinal today but at a distance. The pictures will
get put into the computer later and if they turn out we’ll share
a few tomorrow. Today we’ll be getting some of the leftover turkey
into freezer bags as we don’t think we can finish it before it
would go bad.

Enjoy our Friday even if you’re among those who shop on Black
Friday. The wife tried it once and didn’t like it, I’ve never
tried it and like that just fine also. Now for some coffee and a
turkey sandwich.
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