Almost forgot

January 18, 2019

Been so busy today I almost forgot to remember to do a post.
After running errands and getting some more snow shoveled it was
time to get this edition out. Then I saw this squirrel dig a hole
to extract the cracked corn I’d put on the ground before the
last snow.

So I had to grab the camera and get a few pictures of this
industrious critter working for his lunch. He seemed happy once
he uncovered the snow covered meal. So I came on the porch and
thought this post would be out in no time. And it almost
happened that way.

I noticed the icicles melting and what appeared to be small
red dots in the icicles. After taking a couple pictures and
uploading them on the computer I realized the red dots were not
some sort of weird run off from the roof but the tail lights of
the wife’s car! You may have to enlarge the picture, but they
are there.

Now the chores are done, the distractions are still outside, and
this post is almost done. I think it was worth it. Enjoy our
Friday as here on the east coast of Iowa we’re getting ready for
another round of white fluffy love from above. Now for some more
coffee and leftover pizza.
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Squirrely day

January 9, 2019

This is almost another afternoon post but we’ll get back to our
regular schedule soon. Most of the problem lies with my cooking.
I made 5 quarts of au gratin potatoes that looked and smelled so
good the wife and I ate most of it for our late lunch. After the
meal I got lazy and laid down for a nap, slept 2 hours, and then
couldn’t fall back asleep until the wee hours of the morning.

Yesterday after chores were done I went outside to get a few
pictures of birds eating the bird seed only to discover a
squirrel chowing down and another in a nearby tree waiting his
turn. These are the first squirrels I’ve seen since early fall
when they were burying acorns for the winter.

These critters are fun to watch but a little too destructive
for my liking. The two spotted yesterday seemed to be on their
best behavior though and scampered off when they noticed me
standing nearby with my camera. Guess I’ll put out some cracked
corn for the four legged critters along with the bird seed.

And if one looked up yesterday the clouds had an odd look to
them. Some were well defined while others foggy. Not sure what
caused this yet it was interesting to watch. Since I am once
again late with the chores we’ll leave it there.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’ll have to wait a week to see
another one. Now I’m having more coffee before the getting to
the chores.
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Post Christmas thoughts

December 26, 2018

After the wife left for work I went out to see if the Christmas
moon was out. Since it was the camera was aimed and the photo
above is the result. As happens at times like that I had a
chat with Monty, the man in the moon.

A feral cat that we feed and have called ‘Mama Cat’ came by and
kept me company the whole time. I mentioned some of my many
flaws and how one almost ruined a dinner at a well known, but
busy and noisy steak house.

Our youngest and his family, my brother and his wife, and the
wife and myself decided to get together at a certain time and
enter the steak house as a group. The wife and I are always
punctual and arrive early.

My impatience almost got the best of me about 6 minutes after
the agreed time passed and my brother and his wife had yet to
make an appearance. I did say something when they finally
showed up and then wondered why it bothered me so much. We ended
up having a good time though and that’s what counts.

Then we talked of those no longer with us as Christmas seemed
as good a time as any. It’s a shock to remember how long the
list has become. But if one cherishes the good times had with
those those who have died a smile can sneak through the tears.

I’ll keep working on my flaws until the good Lord comes a
calling. Enjoy our Wednesday as that means we’re getting that
much closer to a new year and a world of possibilities.
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Some plans

December 15, 2018

Last night after venturing outside I came to the conclusion
some plans are better off not being made. The tail end of the
meteor showers was to occur and looked to see some but was met
with the fog. Needless to say, no meteors were spotted.

After seeing some lights to the east it was noticed the fog was
not so thick that one could not see at all. With the zoom lens
this shot came into view and reminded us once again of the
reason for the season.

The moon was flying high but visible through the fog so we
thought to give it a try. It’s not the clearest picture we’ve
taken yet couldn’t believe it wasn’t more blurry with the fog.
A little later it cleared up a little and a few stars could be
seen twinkling through.

Would have gotten more pictures if dressed for the weather but
expecting wall to wall fog I only grabbed a light jacket and
was getting cold. Just goes to show you can’t second guess
nature. It was still something to see.

When first outside with the fog I was worried that a crew of
mangy pirates would come out of this fog much like the movie.
That didn’t happen but one of the feral cats did rub against my
leg before I saw it.

Enjoy our Saturday as the weekend will be done before we know
it. Now for some coffee and a big stack of bacon.
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Another good day

December 5, 2018

This one is late again but there was a lot of cruising to get
done this morning and when I got home another hawk had roosted
in the old oak tree. I couldn’t pass that up.

This was a good looking bird and made quite a sight sitting in
the upper branches of the barren oak tree. With the blue skies
in the background I thought it made a patriotic scene.

Then I saw this cardinal bowing his head as if he’d had a rough
day or was saying grace. Wasn’t sure which and aren’t going to
complain either way. I thought it made for a neat shot.

As I walking to our back door I noticed the icicles were
thawing and stopped to take a few pictures. This one looks like
three drops at once. I wonder if that’s lucky? But now the
running is done so after this is finished I can have breakfast
and kick back a little.

It has also been one of those I tried to reason with stupid
people. I have nothing against them unless they work a
register. Doing a favor for the wife I stopped and bought her
a sandwich to take to work tonight. Took it to the register and
the cashier rang it up, no problem.

The total came to $6.42 so I handed him a $10 bill. He gave me
back $5.58! So I informed him he only owed me $3.58 to which
he replied that he had given me the correct change. I walked
out the sandwich and $5.58 with the knowledge it doesn’t pay
to argue with those who don’t understand you.

Enjoy our Wednesday, the first one of the month and the half-way
point of the work week. Now I need pizza and more coffee.
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Time of year

November 2, 2018

The wife worked out of town last night and as the cats and
myself awaited her return this morning I caught the tail end of
the sunrise this morning. Such a sight makes one glad to be

After all the critters were fed and half a dozen cups of coffee
the wife came home and we prepared for our weekly cruise to the
grocery store. We ran into my nephew and chatted for a while
before we wandered down the aisles to select things we wanted
and others we didn’t need.

We even found the 3 packs of caramel apples! Around this time
of year one three pack is just what the doctor ordered. Ok,
maybe the doctor didn’t order it, but we all know the old saying.

Now that we’re into November of a mid-term election we’ve heard
enough political ads to last us until the next election yet know
they aren’t done yet. Most of the ads we’ve seen are so full of
bull the candidates eyes should be brown.

We find it funny that most of the time politicians get along
until an election year. If of differing parties these same
politicians suddenly start accusing the other as being as evil
as Satan and criminal enough to be jailed.

Halloween is in the past, Veteran’s Day is a little over a week
away, and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. Time
flies when you’re having as much fun as we are. At the store
today we noticed all the Halloween candy is gone from the shelf
and Christmas candy is replacing it.

So enjoy our Friday as it’s the only one we get this week. Now
I need more coffee and caramel apple.
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No what?

September 26, 2018

We were told we’d have no internet, phone, and cable tv from
midnight last night to six this morning. No big deal as I could
still watch Perry Mason then sleep through some of the outage.
It is now nine a.m. and we are still without internet, phone,
and cable tv. When the services are working again we’ll get this
on the blog.

On another note, we mentioned a large bird was perched in the
old oak tree across the alley and here is some of the pictures.
Looks to be a hawk looking at me as I was focusing the camera.
As mentioned the bird sat there quite a while and must have been
looking for an early lunch.

Even a low flying jet didn’t seem to bother the bird when I
was ready to cover my ears to cut down on the noise. This plane
appeared to fly right over the tree where said hawk was sitting
and our yard where I was standing with my mouth open.

After the jet passed and things settled down the hawk decided
a higher perch was in order and reached a branch with a better
view. He sat there looking for lunch as I thought, what a
majestic looking creature.

Then he took off like his tail was on fire as I tried to keep
this feathered rocket in the the picture and the picture in
focus. The bird flew south and I lost track of the critter when
trees got in the way. But it was a sight to see.

And now it seems our services are up and running again so I’ll
post this and let you see the hawk. Enjoy our Wednesday as we
will now we’re back in the right century. Now for some coffee.
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