Strange sights

March 19, 2017

Sunday is winding down and before we know it Monday will be
here again. It could be worse. While out taking pictures I ran
across a cardinal who was having a bad hair day.

He was watching the other birds getting in line for the bird
feeder and I couldn’t tell if the wind was causing his problems
or if he was just that mad.

The mate of the cardinal didn’t look too happy, but the
smaller birds had a secret weapon. They posted a lookout in the
gutter to let them know when bigger birds were coming.

It’s not raining daffodils yet, but they are coming up. One
bud looked like something out of a 60s science fiction movie.
Almost likes it belongs on an alien spaceship from someplace
far away.

And the strange stuff just came coming today. I saw a bird
that looked like it couldn’t have a brain because of the shape
of the head. After uploading the picture, it didn’t look any
better to my untrained eyes.

So we’ll just say good night and hope you have a great Sunday
night. It’s all we have left of the weekend. Now I worked up an
appetite and know where a pizza if waiting to meet me for
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Odds and ends

March 13, 2017

Well we got 7 inches of white fluffy love from above here on
the east coast of Iowa and I don’t think the birds enjoy it as
much as I do. Didn’t even bother firing up the snowblower
either. This was a strange snow as grassy areas got the full 7
inches while roads and sidewalks ended up with about 3.

Since I live in Iowa again this question doesn’t pop up much
but it sure did in my traveling days. It never failed when I
was out of state and somebody asked me where I was from they’d
immediately ask if I knew their friend who used to live here. I
don’t even know everybody in town let alone in the state.

And I was having a great Sunday until the wife reminded me it
was Monday. No, a smart phone wouldn’t help. I’ll keep my flip
phone. Life just seems simpler that way.

Watching the local news one of the stars of the program was
talking about how great ethanol is and why it’s good for us
too. Of course our state is for it, we grow corn! I just
couldn’t believe they got away with broadcasting that many bold
face lies.

Yesterday this flock of geese appeared to be following the
jetliner west. It had me wondering if they didn’t know where
they were going or just thought it was mama. Wish the picture
was better but I couldn’t zoom in closer and keep both in the

Finally, the wife and I have been having a discussion over who
snores. She claims I do yet when I wake her up so she can get
ready for work the windows are rattling. I can now say the
answer is at hand and should be in mailbox shortly. See below
for my solution to the problem.

Enjoy your Monday or whatever day you think it is. Since I had
beer batter cod and french fries for lunch, supper will involve
a toasted pizza with all the toppings I can fit on top.
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Don’t get squirrely

March 12, 2017

I’ve been told people really do get squirrely when there
is a full moon. Emergency Rooms are busy as are the jails. But
here we ask that if you’re driving and run across a convoy of
of trucks with trailers hauling round bales of hay to take a
deep breath and don’t fly into a rage because it might make you
a minute or two late.

These trucks, mostly heading south, are simply farmers and
ranchers helping farmers and ranchers affected by fires. Oh,
you say the local and national news channels haven’t mentioned
the fact that almost 2 million acres of agricultural land has
burned? These fires have destroyed ranch lands and multi-
generational farms. Some ranchers have lost 80% of their herds
and more animals continue to die as they lose the battle with
smoke inhalation and burns.

Hundreds of calves have been orphaned when their mothers
burned up leading them to safety. And people have died in these
fires trying to protect their livestock and property. So the
trucks are carrying the hay to help and comfort those who have
lost so much. Give them a thumbs up, a smile, or a wave. They
are only trying to help.

If you wish to donate, here is some help.

Read their newsletter here.

Or you can mail a donation to the following address:

WRCF Wildfire Relief Fund
408 SW 7th Ave
Amarillo, TX

Or you can donate by calling:

(806) 374-9722

If you can’t donate, give them a prayer to help them through
this tragedy. And if don’t pray, at least keep them in your
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Pizza dreams

March 10, 2017

Later last night I took a store bought bacon cheeseburger
pizza, added hot sauce, more bacon, and a lot more cheese, then
put it in the pizza oven for as long as the timer would allow.
It now seems I have again forgotten what eating really spicy
food before bed does to my nightly nap.

I knew the dream was going to be a doozy when I boarded a
bus. I have not been on a bus since I was discharged from the
Navy many moons ago. Yet get on the bus I did. Then the bus
driver announced, “next stop Italy”. We all got off said bus
in a rustic little town and were told we should go to a local
saloon and experience the performing pirate monkey.

Well there’s a pitch you can’t refuse. Finding the saloon,
complete with swinging doors at the entrance, was like going
back in time. Brass rail along the base of the bar and even
spittons positioned every few feet. As soon as we all had a
seat the lights dimmed, the stage curtains parted, and a local
celebrity began his spiel.

“Mario the performing pirate monkey will be on shortly.
Please hold your applause until the end of his performance,
and don’t make any loud noises.” Quite a build up. So outs
walks this monkey about 2 feet tall wearing green satin pants,
a red vest, and a yellow fedora carrying a tambourine. Imagine
our surprise when we found out the only song this monkey could
play on his tambourine was “Would Jesus Wear A Rolex On His
Television Show?”

After an hour watching this local treasure perform his one
song we were in need of stronger drink. I never did learn
why this critter was proclaimed a performing pirate monkey and
was still in Italy when I woke up. Before I got my bearings I
thought Italy looks a whole lot like our house. No more hot
sauce on my midnight pizzas.

Enjoy our Friday, the weekend is here. Just in time for us
to have a chance of snow.
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Demon birds

March 9, 2017

I got busy again and thought, time for a post before I devour
a pizza and get lazy for the day. Besides getting a lot done I
ran across a critter today the likes of which I don’t remember
ever seeing before. This critter had a blue head with a dark
body, purple tinted wings, black legs, and yellow eyes that
seemed to look right through you.

There were a couple of these birds eating off the ground at
the base of our bird feeder pole today which caused all the
other birds to keep away. Since I knew the types of other
birds that frequented our birdy diner, and didn’t know what
type of bird had invaded, I took action.

I ran over stomping my feet and yelling while said evil birds
flew away. Of course with all the noise so did all the other
birds. A little later I heard a commotion, went out, and saw
the same birds back again.

I don’t trust colorful creatures with yellow eyes ever since
an encounter with ancient tattooed sailor who would drink your
after-shave if you left your locker open while taking a
shower. He would also drink torpedo juice in a pinch and was
crazier than out house rat.

The birds may be a run of the mill variety, but until I get
used to them and their eyes I’m not turning my back on them.
I may not ever trust them as they remind of the grizzled old
sailor mentioned above. Time will tell.

Enjoy the rest of our Thursday as the weekend is almost here.
Now I’m off to incinerate a frozen pizza and drown it with
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Attitudes and circus peanuts

March 3, 2017

The day started out like any other until I had my first half
gallon of coffee. It was then I decided to go out and see if
there was anything worth taking a picture of, and the fun


As I looked over towards the church steeple this critter was
on the neighbors roof and looking like he had an attitude. He
didn’t run off when I aimed the camera his way so I got a


Then I saw this guy under the bird feeder also looking like
he had a chip on his shoulder. Again, he didn’t take off as
soon as the camera was pointed at him. So I had now seen two
different critters with the same attitude on a Friday morning.


So after searching for a friendly face this guy came
strutting up the alley. At least he looked more bored than
mad. This stray cat is usually gone in a flash when I aim the
camera his way. All this before we went to get groceries!

Grocery shopping done we headed for the local farm supply
store to get a shower head. That actually went well. When we
walked out I was only toting the shower head, a new coffee
pot, and a pound of circus peanuts. Now I have an orange
tongue, but the new coffee pot looks pretty good on the
counter top.

Some days, circus peanuts make all the difference in my mood.
Enjoy our first Friday in March, I know we have. Since I had
a dozen tacos for lunch I now go in search of the ingredients
to make some more for supper.
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A day that makes you smile

February 17, 2017

The weather guesser on TV was a little off. 63 was forecast
and the high today was 75. Then he had the audacity to claim
he low balled it so people would be happy! The critters were
out in force and we even got a shot of one flying over.


Birds weren’t the only critters in abundance either. A little
squirrel was hopping about when an alley cat thought he
resembled lunch. The little squirrel looked like he was
praying when he made it to the tree.



After the run for groceries I was outside all day and enjoyed
it. Even got some yard work done, the car detailed, and the
feeders filled. The pictures were a bonus. What a day. Even if
this is only really warm day we get for a while it put smile
on my face.

Even had an old friend contact me. We’ve got together once
since high school and he’s still on the east coast. It was
good to catch up and remember old times and our fast cars.
Then came the sunset. Another great day that ended on
a happy note.


Enjoy your weekend. We should protest for a 5 day weekend.
There’s a plan we could get behind. Keep the shiny side up.
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