Longest day?

June 21, 2017

Today we will experience the longest day, and shortest night,
of the year. It is now summer. I was leaning toward yesterday
being the longest day as I got distracted and that lasted all

Yesterday after a busy morning the clouds and critters called
me outside and I hardly went back inside the whole day into the
night. There was something to see everywhere you looked.

The critters were really enjoying the day and everyone of them
from the common grackle to the house finch. Even the squirrels
were out and about enjoying the day.

So I was happily distracted. No cell phone, no TV, no
computer, not even a radio to bother me and the sound of nature
was all I heard. Sometimes you just have to tune out all the
commercials and nonsense what passes for news and get back to
basics. It recharges your soul and clears your mind.

And as I watched the sunset through all the power lines that
crisscross the alley it was a perfect ending to another great
day here on the east coast of Iowa.

So I am now ready for the longest day of the year and hope you
are too. Enjoy our Wednesday, we won’t have another until next
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Going to be a hot one

June 13, 2017

I went out early to get some shots of the early birds and the
birds were busy. They must have wanted to get their exercising
done before the heat of the day. Then I stopped over to visit

He was in good spirits and the therapist arrived shortly after
I did so he got his workout in. We talked of different things
and at one point I walked to the grocery store 3 blocks away
for some needed supplies. Now he should be set for a while.

More critters were out when I came back home so I got the
camera out again to get some more photographic proof that I
don’t make this stuff up. Two squirrels were playing in an old
oak tree like kittens with a ball of yarn.

A rabbit was trying to be invisible in the neighbors grass
while a bird was raising hell in another tree. And they were

We two legged critters were out and about also and a Life
Flight helicopter flew over then a small plane.

Now I’m trying to decide between going out and bundling some
brush or taking a nap. We’re told be the weather guesstimators
that the heat index will be 102 this afternoon and evening so
I’m leaning towards a book and nap.

Whatever the outcome of our day, enjoy our Tuesday. Before we
know it the weekend will be here. Now I hear a Snicker’s bar
calling my name.
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The yardwork plan

June 7, 2017

The critters were out looking for food and whatever else they
do, the blue sky didn’t have a cloud in it, and the weather was
great. The only down side is I didn’t get to see the space
station when it went over the east coast of Iowa because of all
the trees in its projected path.

But the moon and stars came out and lit up the night sky like
bulbs on a Christmas tree. I even managed to get a little yard
work done. I have now figured out that if I do a little every day
by the end of the year the yard will only look half bad. I even
watched local news for a bit and learned we will have another
open seat on our city council soon.

We await the upcoming holidays to see if the new law that
legalizes the sale of fireworks will have any impact on the
amount of fireworks set off. Our city law states it is legal to
use the fireworks for a week around the 4th of July and around
the same on New Years.

When sales were illegal the fireworks usually began the middle
of June and went through August then again around New Years.
We will soon find out if this year will be louder. That being
said it’s time to attack the yard and see if progress can be
made. I always have plan B to fall back on. Pave the whole
yard and paint it green.

Enjoy our Wednesday. We’re halfway through the traditional
work week, or as we retirees say “just another day”.
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Nature called

May 26, 2017

After the groceries were stowed away I stepped outside to see
what nature had to say today. The rose pictured above called to
me and while I was focusing in on it a little critter decided
to photobomb it. The little beady eyed bugger made me smile and
wish I would have zoomed in on him.

The persistent spider is back again with a vengeance and has
erected an even bigger web. Sometimes, when the light is just
right, parts of it look like a prism with the reflected colors.
Looks like the spider is ready for the long weekend and already
snared something for the holiday meal.

This sorry looking rabbit was grazing on the neighbors lawn so
I was careful not to scare it away as it looked like the rabbit
needed a good meal. We’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

The weather turned nicer and is on the warm up so everybody is
hoping it stays that way. There may be a flood coming but us
folks on the hill aren’t bothered much by that as the weather
is just too nice. Even the squirrels are praying the weather
holds up.

Here on the east coast of Iowa, and elsewhere, nature talks to
those who look and listen. It doesn’t take as much time as you
think. Please take a moment on Memorial Day, Monday, to
remember those who gave all to keep us free.

Enjoy our Friday as many of us will get a 3 day weekend this
go around. Now I hear nature calling so I’m putting the cell
phone on the table and going back out.
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Problem probably solved

May 25, 2017

We went over to visit Dad again and after the visit stopped by
my favorite farm store. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for
but knew I’d know it when I seen it. When I saw this bird
feeder it became our new one. The model is “Squirrel Be Gone”
because when a squirrel gets on the feeder the metal slips down
and the leaves cover the feed ports and the squirrels can’t
get any bird food.

I also picked up some squirrel feed, some bird feed, and a cat
scratching pad before going back to look at the baby chicks.
The store now has baby ducks and geese. Neat to look at but we
don’t need any more critters to feed. So when we got home I
filled the new feeder and hung it up.

Even after putting some squirrel feed in a different part of
the yard nothing prepared me for the results. I saw sulking
squirrels everywhere I looked. Guess they know when they’re
beat, but I don’t know how to treat squirrels with depression.

All that ended up being short lived and as I looked to the
heavens I knew why. A hawk appeared to be circling our yard in
search of lunch so all the critters scattered. The critters
must have done a good job of looking invisible because after a
short time the hawk flew off.

Now with the slinky in place and the guaranteed squirrel proof
feeder up, other problems looking for a solution will have to
be found. Enjoy our Thursday as we’re that much closer to a long
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Trying days

May 22, 2017

When I awoke this morning I had good intentions of getting a
post done early. In case you don’t know how that works, I’m
writing this one now. It all started when I went to take the
garbage bag out to our garbage bin.

That went so good I decided to take some recycling out to that
bin. That also went well, but on the way back to the house I
noticed a squad car blocking our end of the alley. Once inside
the house I decided to go on the front porch to find out if I
could see anything.

I did. A deputy was standing there, asked me if I was me, and
handed me a subpoena. It was for the same drive by shooting as
the last one when I was told it was dismissed. So back in the
house my thinking turned to a post. Wrong.

As soon as I entered the kitchen the wife informed me she
wanted to go to Wal-Mart to get a new computer mouse and some
fixings for a salad to take to work. I like Wally World but
also wanted to get one early post in. As soon as we returned
from that errand I was ready to make a break for the office and
do the post.

That’s when I saw a squirrel swinging on the bird feeder and
it had broken off one of the feeding ports. On to plan C. Now
I had another trip to get a rainbow colored slinky, all they
had at the closest store that sold them. And now the slinky is
attached to pole, the bushes are trimmed around the feeder and
there is time to sit down. I hope.

Enjoy our Monday, it’s the only one we’ll get this week. Now I
have a hankering for some chocolate covered peanuts.
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Tuesday thoughts

May 16, 2017

Been over to visit Dad and I’m ready to do something even if
it’s wrong. Dad is doing better and the swelling finally went
down so he can move his arm without pain. He still gets a
little frustrated eating with his left hand but when the going
got tough he just picked up his pancake with his left hand and
finished it.

Before I left I got him a warm wash cloth so he could clean up
a little before therapy started. And his stitches come out
today too. Looks like he might be on schedule to get discharged
Friday and go home.

I took a little time to smell the roses yesterday even though
they are just starting to bud out.

The critters were out in force so I asked a few to pose so I
get their picture. They looked like this.

Now I think I’ll go out and smell the roses while thinking of
what kind of trouble to get into. Enjoy our Tuesday.
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