Racists? Really?

March 15, 2017

The Stand Your Ground bill has passed to the Iowa House and
the anti-gun group is going to need a safe space. During the
public speaking speaking segment in our capitol, activists were
vocal. They claim gun owners will shoot people in the street,
their children will be shot because they’re the black kids who
wear hoodies, and worse.

Some have even gone so far as to call Stand Your Ground a
modern day lynching bill. And they are welcome to their opinion
on the subject. One comment, however, sticks in my craw. No
name was given to the person who made the comment that
offends me but they said the only people who want the Stand
Your Ground are ‘white, redneck, racists.’

Merriam-Webster describes a redneck as: a white member of the
Southern rural laboring class.

I will not apologize for being born white, or the fact that
I am a redneck. I AM offended being called a ‘racist’. I don’t
have a racist bone in my body, I don’t hate anyone, and
I don’t know any racists personally. That would make you the

About 10% of the population of Iowa are concealed carry permit
holders now. We went through this when Iowa changed from may
issue to shall issue. When that bill was being discussed the
same people protested and stated that we would have blood
running in our streets if it passed.

You brought the whole dog and pony show to the Capital, and
when it passed, nothing happened. If you feel safe without a
firearm, that is your right. You do not have the right to try
and take mine away or tell me how I can use it.

Enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. We won’t have another one
until next week. And now, I hear a herd of tacos calling to
me. I may just have to have a dozen or so.
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Not what we were promised

March 8, 2017

As a gun bill is making its way through our Iowa legislation
so many changes have been made in the name of compromise that
the bill cannot even be considered a shell of its former
self. If this bill passes we fail to see how any true patriot
could be happy with it.

The Constitutional carry portion of the bill is gone.
Representative Matt Windshitl made a deal that took it out of
the bill. If you aren’t happy about this you can call him at
515-570-5769 or email him at matt.windshitl@legis.iowa.gov

The stand your ground portion of the bill is also gone. Key
provisions in the bill that protect gun owners when defending
their rights have been gutted. We don’t see anything that
would change with the passage of this portion of the bill the
way it currently reads. This was done by Representative Matt

It’s time to quit buying the bull we’re being shipped and let
these “Leaders” know this is not what we want. No more watered
down ghosts of what we were promised when we elected them. If
you’re not sure how to reach the House leadership, they are:

Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer

Speaker Pro-Tem Matt Windshitl

Majority Leader Chris Hagenow

You can also see a newsletter from Iowa Gun Owners that is
a bit lengthy, but well worth a watch, here.

With that, we hope you enjoy our Wednesday. Now I need to
find something to fuel the body.
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We live in interesting times

March 2, 2017


An old saying goes “Politicians and diapers must be changed
often, and for the same reason.” Some say Mark Twain coined
the phrase, others insist it was Jose Maria De Eca De Queiroz.
Regardless of who came up with it, we agree.

We didn’t watch President Trumps speech but couldn’t avoid
the fallout from the major news fabricating companies who lean
to the left. For instance, the wife likes to watch the Today
Show and I usually tune it out as I consider it more of a talk
show than a news program.

The day after the speech I did pay attention when Matt Lauer
stated that “Mister” Trump gave a speech last night. I don’t
remember Obama ever being called “Mister” on that program when
he was in office. But I digress.

During the speech some of the Democrats in attendance wore
white in protest of the right to life movement that our new
president seems to endorse. That’s their right. Some didn’t
stand and applaud during the standing ovation for fallen
Navy Seal Ryan Owens and his widow Carryn. That is also their

Yet I find it ironic that Owens died protecting their right
to do so and they didn’t have the common decency, or class,
to at least stand. We wouldn’t include Pelosi or Franken in
this bunch as Franken did stand during the second ovation and
Pelosi probably didn’t even know where she was.

Instead of wearing matching outfits like a pre-school class
on graduation day, or sitting in protest, why not try doing
your jobs and at least try to find some common ground. Pouting
doesn’t look professional.

Then here in Iowa we have a bill moving through the
statehouse awaiting passage so the governor can sign it. The
bill includes stand your ground, Constitutional carry, and
lowering the age you can teach your children to shoot.
This is a case of be careful what you wish for.

We would welcome the bill, as originally written. However,
the stand your ground portion has been diluted to a point it
is basically worthless. If the bill, as now amended, passes
a gun owner could be charged with a crime and open to a
lawsuit from the criminals estate.

When confronted about the changes that weaken the bill one
law-maker stated it was a mistake. We cannot allow such
mistakes to happen. The bill should be passed as written.

That’s why I don’t follow politics as closely as I used to.
Now, since it’s a beautiful day outside I’m going to work up
an appetite with of the goal of consuming 2 pizzas today. We
hope you enjoy our first Thursday in March.
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Our mess

October 18, 2016


The presidential debate is tomorrow, election day is near,
and our country is as divided as ever. A lot of us know who
we’re going to vote for, and why, but are voting for very
different reasons.

We have one candidate who is a proven liar and insider and
one with no political experience who wants to shake things
up. We have a current president who calls any question of
voter fraud ridiculous when his campaign committed voter
fraud to get him elected.

It’s been said by some that if one candidate gets elected
some are moving to another country while Russia claims it
will bomb us if the other one gets in.

We have one party who doesn’t want voter I.D. while the
other party does. One has admitted to the desire to take our
guns while the other doesn’t. And a media that couldn’t
report the news if they read the handbook.

And we have some younger voters who don’t know shit from
Shinola. While I’m sure the parents of these college kids are
proud I find it ironic that they can’t name the current vice
president yet are eligible to vote.

We are cursed to live in interesting times. For those who
intend to watch the debate tomorrow we hope your candidate
wins the debate. For those who don’t, enjoy
your Wednesday night.
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While we were sleeping

October 5, 2016


I can’t help but get the feeling that while I slumbered
through the night somebody moved my carcass to another
country. This is not the place I grew up in.

In the place that I grew up in nobody would dare step on our
flag, not stand and face that flag during our National Anthem,
and didn’t riot loot and burn our cities.

I grew up in a place where courtesy was the norm, morals were
above reproach, and people had common sense. A place where if
somebody hurt your feelings the fight was on. This place I
came from didn’t coddle the underachievers nor tell us what
we think. We paid a hell of lot fewer taxes and got more in

In that place, at that time, we believed in God, family, and
that you had to believe in something or you’d fall for
anything. Today, people are falling for everything while
wanting to be paid for doing nothing.

Our government is corrupt, the media is one-sided, the work
force is low, and the world is thinking we have all gone
crazy. Some in our government are pushing gun control like it
is the answer to all our problems. We know some of the
current bunch don’t believe in our Constitution, but they
should at least know what is in it.

It is really quite simple; what part of shall not be
infringed don’t you understand? According to Webster’s New
World Dictionary infringe means to break (a law or pact),
to encroach on (the rights of others).

We need to get back on the right track before we pass the
point of no return.
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Stormy weather

August 31, 2016

1 016

Things are getting a little crazy here on the east coast
of Iowa, and the rest of the state for that matter. Yes
our little slice of Heaven is being threatened by those
who want to take our guns.

I’m sure Democrat Senator Matt McCoy would be the first
to argue they don’t want our guns, they just think that
we don’t need to have a semi-automatic assault-style
weapon. To that we say, it is the Bill of Rights not the
Bill of Suggestions.

Senator McCoy believes we should have a national ban on
the semi-automatic weapons like those used to kill people
in a night club not long ago. Just because Democrats have
26 of the 50 seats in our state senate these types of
ideas come spewing forth.

We do not condone the bull you’re shipping and the
number of seats in the Senate could change in November. If
Democrats lose 4 contested seats there will be no majority.
The politically correct crowd may opine that the ban of
semi-automatic weapons is a public safety issue and we
citizens have no reason to own them.

Here’s the deal, we don’t need or ask your permission. We
have the rights given us. And we did notice, Senator McCoy,
that you try to ram this bill through in a year you are
not up for re-election. We have a better idea, pass
Constitutional carry.

I don’t believe this bill has a chance of passing, but it
does show the lengths Democrats are willing to go in their
quest to micro-manage our lives. Now I’m going to take
some pictures and round up a pizza. Enjoy your Wednesday
and smile. It takes less muscles than frowning and people
will wonder what you’re up to.
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Who cloned the Three Stooges?

August 4, 2016


Since I did yesterdays post, while carefully considering
what has been happening, the only obvious answer left is
that somebody cloned the Three Stooges and that is also
part of the problem. If you’re wondering what that has to
do with our current politically correct society,
I will explain.

I now am convinced that whoever did said cloning has a
devious mind. Just think, they clone thousands of copies
and place them where the most harm can be done to our
country. Thank God they didn’t clone Moe; just Larry,
Curly, and Shemp.

One set had to be programed for politics. That’s obvious.
With catch phrases like “we have to pass the bill to see
what’s in it” and “we need stricter gun control laws” this
should be obvious.

Another set was thrust upon the unsuspecting public for
the purpose of actually believing the bull the politicians
were shipping. You have to admit this would explain how
Obama got elected twice.

The final set, which we think was Curleys’, went to the
Judicial Branch. How can this be you ask? All one has to
do is look at some of the rulings since the head clone got
elected and again the answer is obvious.

After much investigation we still cannot say who was
behind this insidious plot and don’t wish to speculate. We
do believe it was not someone in the infiltrated groups
mentioned because none of them are smart enough to figure
it out to begin with.

So the next time you hear anyone, in any of these groups
say something that strikes you as odd, remember this
theory. What else could explain so many people thinking
the rights given in our Constitution are only suggestions?

And now a pizza is calling my name as it tries to escape
from the box it came in and I have to help. Have a great day.
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