Today is our youngest sons birthday, and the day of the funeral services for my mother-in-law. Happy Birthday Kenny! The picture above was taken from the wife’s hospital room in one of her many stays and has a church steeple in the background. In a few short hours we’ll cruise to the mortuary and after a short visitation, the services will begin.

I’m still getting over last night’s burrito dinner as I think I overdone it a bit. I keep forgetting I got older and my cast iron stomach has turned to tin. Too bad Vi, my mother-in-law, couldn’t be there to join in on the fun. I’m sure she would have smiled when I ordered the burritos as it amused her that I always ordered the same thing. Burritos in a Mexican restaurant, a cheeseburger everywhere else, and biscuits and gravy at breakfast.

According to the people who guess the weather on TV it’s supposed to be a fairly nice day, and one of the warmer ones for a while. We’ll see how things work out. Enjoy our Tuesday since we can’t return it for a refund anyway.


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