Did it again

For most of the day it was decent but hot. Later it started looking like the picture above along with thunder and lightning, but no rain. So I decided to cruise out to the farm supply store and get some things I needed to keep the car looking nice. Found all the supplies needed to wash and wax the car so decided to mosey over and look at boots.

My boots are no longer waterproof, and the non-slip sole is smoother than some tires from back in the day. The wife was wanting me to look online then she would buy them, but there’s something about seeing the boot, feeling the balance and weight, and checking out the stitching. I found the perfect pair of boots, at a reasonable price and was ready to get a pair in my size.

Then I looked down at my feet and realized I was wearing the exact same pair of boots! Granted, the new ones would be waterproof, yet I laughed. The idea of picking out the same boots was funny. So, I put the boot back on display and walked away to pay for my other purchases. I’ll look another day. Enjoy our Wednesday as we’ll be out of town for part of the day.

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