Just another day

Looks like Ukraine has been invaded, snow is on the way here, the TV news still isn’t news, Trudeau has lifted the emergency orders, and we’ve all gotten a day older. Yeah, it’s just another day in paradise. Kind of makes one wonder when the worlds governments were filled with nutbars.

Went outside to have a smoke and found it quiet in our little portion of the east coast of Iowa and was thankful for that. The same can’t be said for the other night though. Some idiot decided 2 am was a good time to get in a shouting match and we could hear him a block and a half away. Not sure what it was about but did hear him call somebody a word that rhymes with ‘witch’ about 30 times.

Went out a little later and all was quiet so figured the guy had wore himself out. Oh no, even later when I went back out the guy was yelling at somebody to get out of his yard. As a card carrying Oldfart I see the need at times to keep people off the grass. The wee hours of the morning isn’t one of those times. Got to love city life.

The icing on the cake happened yesterday when the wayward dog made its way into our yard again and emptied both bowls of cat food then drank all their water. The pellet gun isn’t working out as the moment he hears the door open he is on the run. If it wouldn’t drive the neighbors nuts, I’d rig an electric motor to the door to open and close it all day.

Enjoy our Thursday as it means there’s a party somewhere only a dream away. Now for some coffee.

2 Responses to Just another day

  1. Shabonee says:

    Time to call the Scott County Animal Control Officer.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    think you’re right.

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